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thank you mister president. mr. president, please accept to my best wishes as you steer the work of the security council for the month of july. my respect for grating for members, so security council. my head fell for gratings to my brother. mister spanish agree and my sister minister, miriam al sadi i also recognize in the tank his excellency are excellently in get anderson and the special invoice profit jeffrey for their participation. and also i appreciate the representative of the chair addressing this august because in
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this meeting and the deliberation of the council where i hydro electric dime is under the scrutiny and unprecedented manner. i'm not sure if i'm not the 1st with the minister addressing this content. it kept the i believe it is unfitting use of the time in the source. so the unification counseling to discuss the ground, it up the fence for them. having said that is the president. it is an honor for me to speak before this august, the body voicing their concerns and the just the causes of my country therapy area go on 29th, june 2020 and the presidency council members encouraged with the gift and so done to continue negotiations to resolve this outstanding issues and
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expressed support for the african union lead process to facilitate further pulse. he took the i took partings. integration was renewed, commitment in good faith to reach miss raleigh. acceptable negotiated outcome under a specious of the african union or leg to pose to give the republic of south africa. especially recognition and our thanks for effectively facilitating the negotiation under the end of its african union. i had my shipping february 20 similarly, you took the command center standard with democrats, republic of congo, the current 2 percent of the african union for its lynn christopher tendered trying circumstances. including repeated the disruption of the negotiations.
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this the president, we are dealing with hydro electric don project, which is not the 1st of its kind in africa orange or what we are building is that of where to start with or is that will generate electricity by hitting banks for you to formation the go to the reserve wire is 2 and a half times smaller than that of us. one you need perhaps what puts the good in distinction from other project fees, the extent of hope and desperation. that generated for 65000000 it, her plans that have no access to electricity. it is also unique because the construction of this $5000000000.00 done is fine acid by the blood pearson, the sweet of ordinary. copious there, get this done,
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built at the right place for the betterment of people in a broader region. our unfortunate inability to utilize and reverse so far. it is deeply embedded in the psychology of our people to finish it up and provide of underscore to this point go want to be shown case abled or yeah, by leakage. what was roughly translates to the reading of the 3 relations of her porterman, whose food in the middle of the river and the lamented about experiencing extreme paris. to change this generation lament, we have no hair to look, but they are by ordinarily busy in which to saturday. so he took us with the
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resources found in this mighty river, which we share with our neighbors or people so hope to extricate themselves of darkness. and america toward the seat by building the garden, the dom huh. the finger prints of it up then it appears farmers. but for at least the laborers, the students, business women and men. and that yes for us around the world. who it out of. he who eric out leaving in extremely difficult circumstances, inequality if not exceeding, determines that your parents have best wishes and never li care for their competitors in egypt. and so that we have all the intention to live together in peace and to corporate for our mutual benefit. the good did you want to fritz
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this court principle of collective well being in the prosperity. that is why they're going to do one of the regional integration projects under pita, the program for infrastructure development in africa. mister president, africa, the curdle of mankind is currently the youngest continent in awarded africa, head to reap the margaret. be more graphic dividend by investing in its use. similarly, my country has 70 percent of its population. under the age of 30 more than 100000. your parents are graduated from higher education every year. not only that, about 15000000 meet up 10000 in the schools at various levels of education. catering to the needs of this growing population is an imperative and existing
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shall matter for my country. villa so depends at languish on the days are attempting to cross into europe. the migrant since the middle east is that sacrifice if they're used to bring a better day for their families. the young boys and girls in migrant prison in africa and beyond the beautiful to the migrant that you are right. you see returning to their homeland in march, the partition from the middle east deserve a dignified life. they've got these project people, the project and our humbler, came to realize this dream against all odds. we chose to act in the actor in spite of the audio so stuck and so we fist instead of quality. in this challenge, we struggled to prevail. little by little over con is the president.
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unfortunately, you are here because you give them the most recently so done. have expressed a position to the side, the really tricky down. it is important to note that our 2 neighbors have large and small guns and the canals they have constructed with absolute disregard to the right of our report in countries and rejecting utopia with repeated plea for consultation. after a series of initiating progress, the concerns of our neighbors in good faith were compelled to conclude that there, yes, she is not a french directed at the good, but rather to stop in you what might be the fact of the matter is we have no rabble alternative a lucky gift and so done it up there has no considerable ground reserve. we also
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don't have few. what are to the shell in it? nearly 70 percent of my country's what are even an hourly basis even if we want to, even if we try, we cannot avoid utilizing and in fact constructing dance is only part of our focus or men are projective, is maximizing our skills. so the resource by heavily catering in nature and preventing for their depletion through our grid legacy initiative. a prominent initiative of my prime minister doctor b on it was an overall goal of planting between p bill in 20000000000 increase in 5 years time were planted cable increase in the last 2 years. this is this initiative which also consists of the siblings sharing outreach with our neighbor is part of the green belt initiative was african union. we
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call a pony and so done to join yourself for fish in program that improve resilience and increase. what availability, mister president? it their belief is that an agreement is we reach, given jennifer free political will and commitment to negotiate in good faith. we have already reached an understanding on a considerable number of the issues that the union is seized of the matter. and is emily facilitating our negotiation? that is why it is regrettable is that are she steadily countries of the to bring the matter to the security comes are noted. there are due to a discussion of issues on my, my usual disposition to explain technical details on dance and the dollars you are
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over. i want us to truly appreciate the subject matter. we are compelled to discuss . and we are speaking of hydro electric done for the 1st time since it's establishment is constantly being asked to pronounce itself and what our development project. the security concern is a political and security organ that is unhelpful and misguided to present and issues that requires a hydro technical solution to this global security body. mr. president, it must be clear that the underlying problem for the difference between the 3 countries is the quest to preserve colonial in the motor politic status call over the next. the approach of trying to solve problems using their mind fits that credit is in is what blocks are consensus on the security council is faced with the
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question to determine whether or not you took dance, have the right to tell us. and i read on behalf of already coping i am lor, our friend, this is this council, and in this was why the international community? to answer this question, though it has the right to drink from the now mr. president, us a point of information allow me to share with you the latest the status of the african union lead the negotiation on 24 hours, june 2022 and they will be off. assembly convened a meeting to discuss various issues, including the good the president of the democratic republic of congo, his excellency philip,
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to see katy briefed the beetle and produced his plans for the upcoming the negotiations. unfortunately, the republican sudan didn't attend this high level meeting with our friends of down in the bureau meeting. the 2 countries have blocked the 9 meetings since june 2020. we should learn by now. it doesn't respond well to undo political pressure and interference it up. there will continue to accept 1st, a maximum restraint and showcase corporation because we are forever lincoln by this majestic or whether we like it or not. we will continue to do drink from the ham river and mr. learned to live together us and never i read it. they took as long standing commitment to the lead process and then
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pinged by their believe that african has the wisdom, the clinical expertise. and the most importantly, the agency to address their challenge. we believe the 1st approach proposed by president. hello. this kid in the 3rd person saw that you're a person of the african union could help us work at work. this resolving the quagmire created by the colonial heritage on the album that the defense done out of the government to preserve mister president, allow me or so to address that might talk about secondary feeling of the good. the 2nd, the feeling of the good happens in july and august of this year. we have productively provided the necessary data on the modalities for the feeling of the let me be clear, the feeling goes are going to be part of the construction process. this is clearly
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plated in the declaration of principle, our free hits of the find in march 2015. the feeling goes down. mr. president is pure physics. and once the dam concrete re, a certain height is what the eyes are flows through about about like over or overflows, the concrete them as design williston, whatever, until it reese the 13500000 cubic meters indicated in the feelings schedule agreed to by egypt and so that it is only fair that country that generates 77000000000 meter cube of water impound. this is more fraction of the oil for all the while for inflow, 40 hydrophilic taken down. you can do not need any convincing as to the for
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choose. they will acquire upon the completion of the down in the why would it be so, so that is officials, they're going to be an instrument of regional integration. the good for so done is what the us one is for digit here. i'm going out of my way to explain to use our sense of any credit caused by a good however, we shouldn't even have to litigate benefit give 10. so don't we require acquired from that? got to argue for our legitimate share from the not all of us now reporting countries are here to share both the bone key and the 59. 05. 02 times. kirsty watching as a drink, sir. all the good you took days summoning this common sense to prevail in janelle
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busy. therefore this council should not be dragged into a guard negotiation in the expedient pursuit of domestic political. i'm just an example. mister president, is a concern consul consent to the pass preferred by egypt and sudan. it will certainly be entangled with resolving disputes on all translate and reverse interestingly as other than one island steadily country of our older members. so is this council have transponder with the courses you have dealt with? and the continued to are, there is differences bilaterally and through basically why the, for the good, the talks in the process, we have and go to go and see in 2011, gave us
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a major lesson. hopefully, this process will make just work toward this, our regional mechanism on an elevation in this regard, it will be regrettable for the council to circumvent this hope by unhelpful president, whereby the member states impose through a council was issued acquired by good faith negotiation. the council should resist the concert, took the foot concert to the 1st to turn it into a plate body on translation, the reverse or negotiation. mister president, colonialism and colonial treaties toward the prior to the african ability to utilize a natural resource for the benefit of its people than albert's in countries have come to this problem. and what could part of this rate seeing it in addressing it 1999. we stablished an initiative and in 2010 we
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adopted the cope pretty framework agreement, or cfc on july, the 13 yourself negotiation in the framework agreement, which many of you in the council have financially and taken and supported than alleging countries. i read to share that with him in i'm it could have been and reasonable manner. we replaced the colonial and went to police. the claim was accepted principal of international law. this is for me and is now awaiting to more retrogression for entry into force the in, in a fashionable demand. so forgive them the most recently should i know about the most issue of the good, but about the future development projects in, in the report in countries without any 50 c, s a and the regional mechanism. similar application. we inevitably come to this
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conference today to come tomorrow will be any one of the albums in countries the now belongs to all the people of the big countries. all the have a 1000000000 or fashion 11 or put it in countries. and what are easy enough for all of us in this regard? we average our if she and so then his brother and sister to understand that there is a leash and personnel issue will not come from the security council. it can only come from good faith negotiations with your care for the well being and development of each other. it has it up there. look forward to continuing that. you laid the letter and negotiation on the good. we have the solution at hand and we can have all the good news to the word led by concluding
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a majority acceptable outcome. finally, mister president, allow me to respectfully request the council to return his monitor to bill and delivered him a leadership of the african union in ending courage, egypt, and so darn too seriously. and faithfully negotiate storage and negotiated settlement on the 1st feeling and oppression of the good will sort of course the constant to make this meeting the last of deliberation on the ground it up there. any friends down there is no subject matter as far from the mandate of the council as this one. i thank you. sure, let me see. i thank you. so we were listening to a meeting. there are security council members talking about if you are to dam construction, which are very strong language from egypt describing as an existential threat to
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survival. in light of the implication of efforts was his security. and really that the filling of the dams reservoir will happen in july and august this year that was just confirmed by ethiopia in that meeting back to you, the process has already started out. diplomatic added to james bays has been following all of this. and james, i suppose the fact that the dam is already being filled. that's really increase the, the urgency of finding some sort of agreement. because as, as we're hearing in that meeting, i mean egypt is, is really infuriated that if you appears taking what it's describing as this unilateral. busy action in the absence of any legally binding agreement of the allocation of these waters it certainly really increased the tension in the situation and the tension behind the scenes at this council meeting you had there. and you heard the c a p and water minister using the word
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existential, about the damn. you had the egyptian saying, the word existential, of the threat to egypt from the damn. the fact that this word is being invoked by 2 countries with populations of 100000000 people. and remember sedans involved and it's not, it's not a small country either a population of 40000000, i think, shows you what is at stake here. there is a disagreement, i think on whether the should be a security council issue. ethiopia, making it very clear that water minister was a, i think very clear they had there was an immigration and irrigation minister here, not there. foreign minister. they don't believe this is a massive for the security council. they believe it should be back at the african union. but you heard the position from egypt and sudan. they've done the african union and they've got to absolutely nowhere. and you heard the very strong comments of the egyptian foreign minister. some shook re that there was bad faith and irresponsibility from the e. c. o. p. and side,
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very strong comments from him and very clear who his audience was. are because an official language of the security council. he could have spoken his speech in arabic, he didn't, he did the whole speech in english. i think he was aiming at an international audience. make it clear that egypt cannot and will not tolerate the current situation. just gonna ask you very quickly, james, un security council, permanent members seem to be in read agreement, that parties of the conflict should really try and resolve it themselves. but that was really shot down by egypt who is now calling for urgent international intervention. is that likely to happen? i don't think the security council are going to get involved in terms of a resolution that's my feeling from, from, from speaking to several ambassadors in the last few hours. they feel that there's a bit of a precedent set that if they were going to put a resolution down on this, they get all sorts of other issues concerning water resources all around the world
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. and they don't believe that the security council is the body to deal with the details of all this. they do believe the security council perhaps can give everyone a nudge and get the negotiations. the a you lead negotiations back on track. thank you very much. al diplomatic editor james base. alright, well, just wanted when you one other story, a headline story coming out says hey, team will bring you more coverage of that in the coming hall fowler, but police are saying they've killed 7 suspects eva arrested 6. others believes to be involved in the assassination of president joe val louise. now authority is saying they are still hunting the perpetrators behind the operation. several of those arrest took place following a gun fight and the capitol porter. friends, crowds have built outside the police station where the suspects were being held. we was shot dead during a raid at his home on wednesday. the interim prime minister closures if is urging
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citizens to handle the suspects to the police without the use of any violence or do you any special envoy. haiti is saying that the nation's leaders of reached out to the international community for help. i just came out of a meeting with the security council where the permanent representative may have mentioned made a request for assistance with traditional invested with this investigation from the international authorities. and it is important that these requests be taken seriously. we certainly are prepared as you know, with the, with the expertise that we have on board to, to assist this investigation into my job as a cause for further expertise as necessary. are the top story that's out of the afghan government sending in hundreds of forces to the northwestern province of bad use, where fierce fighting with the taliban is continuing for. second day battle is centered
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on call and no making it the 1st provincial capital to be surrounded by the taliban . since the us accelerated its withdrawal, the group is reported also taking control of a border crossing with iran, a 3rd seized by the taliban in the past. week, yes, president joe biden insisted the u. s. at achieved its objectives in the country. as i said in april, the united states did what we want to do in the canister. to get the terrors to attack this 911 and deliver justice to some of the lawn and a degrade the terrorist threat to keep aft can stand from becoming a base merchant. attacks could be continued against the united states. we achieved those objectives. that's why we, when we did not go to afghanistan to nation bill, and it's the right and the responsibility of afghan people alone to decide their future. bring him all those latest development. and i've got
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a song on the situation in haiti and just a couple of minutes to stay with al jazeera bye for now. ah, ah, ah. ah, energy to every part of our universe. or small to continue the change all around and shape my technology and human ingenuity.
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we can make it work for you and your business july on just the can festival return to the delight of fans and an industry hit hard by curve at 19. but will travel restrictions and social distance in off the shadow on the glitz and glamour across the globe generation change. we young activists, spicing injustices and demanding radical change. after a year long delay, japan, hudson. and unlike any the world has seen before. my son bob way, showcase his personal story, offering the fresh look at the changes and challenges that bob way face today. despite going tension with agency dance, e p o p, a reset for the next phase of filling them on the blue nile. july on i just a new generation of young people are more politically engaged than the one that came before. welcome to generation change
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a global feeling that attempts to challenge and understand the ideas that mobilize youth around the world. in south africa, women who are at the forefront, the walk in a race and never ever gets hired of developing resistance and ignite the passion stand up and flight generation change on al jazeera ah fear and uncertainty in haiti on to the assassination of president avail. louise and operation to find his killers is continuing. ah, hello, i'm marianne demise in london. you're watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program. you went, security council has been meeting to regional concerns over if your grand renee sounds damn made. a dispute over its.


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