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it will destroy thousands of acres of arable land, will increase diversification and degrade the right period eco system. and it will increase vulnerability to the effects of climate change. this is a situation that egypt cannot and will not tolerate. it is therefore imperative that for the international community to exert every effort, including by acting through the security council to preem this eventually ality and prevent the girl from becoming a threat to the very existence of egypt. this requires the cow so to unequivocally call upon the parties to reach an equitable agreement on the girl within a defined timeline, and to encourage them to work diligently and with earnestness to achieve that objective forthwith. otherwise, if it's ripe, perry and rights are jeopardized, or if it's survival is imperiled, egypt will be left with no alternative but to uphold and protect its inherent right
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to life. that is guaranteed by the laws and customs of nations and the imperatives of nature. mister president, the fact that egypt has robbed. busy this matter which is of the greatest consequence to the attention of the security council for the 2nd time, is a testament to our unshakable faith and the idea of the charter of this organization. as expressed in its preamble, which affirms our collective commitment to practice tolerance and live together in peace with one another as good neighbors. and to unite our strength to maintain international peace and security. we come here in search for a viable path towards a peaceful emir, amicable and negotiated solution to this crisis, and to avert the dire consequences of our inability to reach a settlement to this matter. our hope is that the security council will recognize
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the gravity of the situation and fulfill its responsibility to maintain international peace and security. our expectation is that this council will take the necessary measures to ensure that the parties engage in an effective process of negotiation that could yield an agreement that serves our collective interests. indeed, the people of egypt and the peoples throughout the region are watching the deliberations of the security council the day with great interest and high hope. and they look to the united nations into this council. as the guarantors of peace and the custodians of the collective will of our human human family and are confident that you will not fail in the discharge of your responsibility. in this regard, it is in this spirit that i wish to underscore that in executing the unique responsibility confirm the conferred upon the security council to maintain international peace and security. the members of this council are instructed,
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pursuant to article 24 of the charter to act on behalf of the general membership of the united nations. and in further ends of the noble purposes for which this organization was established. and the principal, the guide and inspired its work. and therefore, it behooves the hon. members of this council to consider the matter that is before us today. not from the narrow lands of your respective national interests, but in light of your collective responsibility to act on behalf of the international community. to preserve the peace and pulled the principles of justice and equity. accordingly, egypt calls upon the security council to adopt the draft resolution of the question of the girl that was circulated by the republic of geneva. as evident from the text of this draft resolution. we do not expect the council to formulate solutions to the outstanding legal and technical issues. nor do we request that the council
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imposed the terms of a settlement of a right perry in dispute on the parties. rather, this resolution is political in nature and its purpose, which we believe is eminently balanced and constructive. as story launch negotiations, according to an augmented format that retains and enhances the leadership of the chairperson of the african union. and that enables our international partners, including the united nations, do use that expertise in this area to aid our 3 countries and their quest to conclude within a reasonable timeframe and equitable agreement on the gird. indeed, if anything, this resolution aims at implementing an effect, you eating the outcomes of the 2 meetings of abuse of the african union assembly that were held on this matter, which instructed the parties to expeditiously finalize with the assistance of our partners at ending the stalks. observers the text of and legally binding agreement
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on the feeling on operation of the goods and called upon them not to take unilateral measures that could jeopardize this process. adopting the solution would reaffirm the security council resolved to upholding its responsibility to maintaining the international peace and security, and would send an unequivocal signal of reassurance that the remains committed to the peace and prosperity of the african continent. while failure to take effect of action on the question of the girl would be a disheartening the election of duty. finally, i assure you mister president, then members of the council that egypt will exert every effort to reach an agreement on the girl that oppose the unbreakable bond. the brotherhood between our countries and that reflects of the limit timeless kinship among the people living along the banks. of the nile river, and i call upon my colleagues,
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brothers and sisters and so down, and if the be up to embrace the spirit and redouble our efforts to secure the future of peace and prosperity for our countries and peoples. i thank you. sure he thinks it all, i think his excellent mister shook re for his statement and then i'll give the floor to her and see miss mariam. acetic. almighty minister of foreign affairs of sudan, who ledesmond raheem of good the most full of compassionate president. i should like at the outset and to congratulate you that your accession to the presidency of the count soldier in july and wish you every success in your work. we extend doc regulations to the distinguished permit
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representative of estonia for remarkable with the presidency of the council last month. and i would also like to thank the distinguished members of the council and friends in particular for having accepted the request as to organize this meeting on with the grand ethiopia when they sent them. which is of great importance to my country. and it, when i'm it underscores the interest of the security council to the partnership with african unit to promote international peace and security, both in africa and across the world. i also thank mister on behalf and miss understanding before the enlightening briefing. yeah. but then some of heidi, but i thank for preventative, off the d. c. in addition,
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speaking on behalf of the chair of the african union, unless you would also like to thank all members of the council for their statement and the exchange and sharing of experiences with you on the functioning and filling of them with the. i would also like to pay tribute to my colleagues, his excellency, the gyptian, foreign affairs minister was dining and the if you can minister of irrigation be as well as my colleague, the minister litigation with the company. mean, i'm interested student pretty much welcomes the role and efforts of the african union since it took the negotiation process with the 3 states concerned on the when they sent them. my country reaffirms the need for this process to continue under the auspices of the african union. and the need to continue cooperation with it.
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so us to reach adjust, equitable acceptable solution for all the parties. we address ourselves to you today to ask for your support and to call upon you to play a positive role in resolving this thorny dispute sudan. above all reaffirms, we've always admitted and recognize the rights of our neighbor here to fix it now and in the future, the waters of banal didn't feel that we have for supported the construction of the stem knowing very well that its of its advantages would not be restricted to ethiopia allowed upon the condition that its filling and functioning happened according to a legally binding agreement which was which takes into account the principles of equitable reasonable use and exploitation of cross border water resources without inflicting significant tom on downstream state. and in such
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a way as to respect the human rights foundations and to promote good neighborhood, good neighbor, the relations between states, we are aware of the usefulness of the stuff to prevent drought and ensure regular water flow throughout the year. these advantages would be achieved if the grand dam is filled and functions in such a way that we are informed of it and understand it. this is indeed one of the principles of sci juice and right and lot across the world. in this regard, in africa, we have a number of successful examples which contributed to the stability of states sharing cross border rivers. by way of example, it's important to get for west african states which continued to manage in cooperation. the synagogue river since 1972. and i just,
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another example is that of 8 african states who have continued to manage jointly, the nysha river, and a legally binding agreement concluded in 1980. nevertheless, in the absence of an agreement on the filling and functioning of the gun, it's the advantages with them in a sense that could become true threat for half of the sudanese population and for the inhabitants of egypt. and when they sent his gigantic african project could be a living example of fruit for cooperation, for over 250000000 african citizens, as long as it is used with full awareness and founded upon cooperation in complementarity, sudan, huge areas of vertex, arable land, which could provide mean to the 3 countries of the region even to the whole world.
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high level sustainable food security, electricity would be provided by the few peer, whilst egypt would provide the annual capacity regarding processing industries. and the 3 countries could also ensure qualified labor on the dumb road in that way, be an enlightening example of regional corporations lead president sudan underscore the importance of the legally binding agreement regarding the filling and functioning of them for the following reasons. one, protection of human security into them to protection of sudanese dams, 3 protection of strategic strategic security of sudan, blue media. the existence of an enormous such as the nation with 74000000000 cubic meter capacity. and said, just a few kilometers from the sudanese board and and in the absence of coordination
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which communities put you down stream of this river food. i mean regarding safety measures could transfer me into direct danger for these communities regarding human security for millenia. the ways of life of millions of these people consists of living alongside the nile. it's actually in these communities live essentially from river agriculture, but they're in a sense could modify the way of life of these millions of people and cause a 50 percent reduction in the river land which is usable. this is a preferred price that we could pay as long as these communities could then benefit from regular flow often was also being protected against the devastating effects of floods. however,
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what we could in no way i would be for the filling and functioning techniques of the dam, adopting unilaterally be a way of arising the citizens of sweeping aside the dignity violating this human rights of created a few months ago by invoking if individual right to decide unilaterally, upon the modalities for the functioning of the dam, is c o, p a has industry, unilaterally close the test, case them on the steep roof. if you appear this, lead to the drought will be full of how the over a large area of water down stream of the rhythm. and again, last june, again, you need actually, if you appeal in unity, notified the student integration ministry that it's intended to open the to the allowed 2500000000 cubic meters to pass in just 2 weeks. which caused the ministry through the media to inform those living along for the state of the river
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. them a sucking because of the need to evacuate the homes if any he puts it up in 72, just 72. when the when i can need it to you to imagine the panic and tara which such a patient decision cause amongst the people i'll be, i mean the, if you appeal. moreover, last july, when she comes to the media, you appear also filled the renaissance dam month during the 1st year to 5000000 cubic meters without prior notification, which caused a drug in the water level in the blue nile asked him quite suddenly and the total
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of 3 of the water stations for over 3 days in the town of cartoon, cartoon not to mention the economic and political consequences which were considerable this decision was which the whole world bore witness turban. finally, the issue, opinion irrigation minister, on the 5th of july and sent a letter to us either affirming his determination or a letter to carry out the 2nd the filling of the done for the 2nd consecutive year . this causes and well caused considerable damage to sudan. if you have this clearly shown
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on demonstrated its behavior with regard to the sudanese citizens in the absence of an equally binding agreement by sleeping aside the neighborhood labor li, i'm right, unilaterally using its capacity to manage the dam in this country. thus, imperiling, please come on. the peace and security of sudanese citizens regarding the protection of the sudanese me of the research. this is 100 kilometers from the renaissance stem measure is less than a 10 of the size of the renaissance mean in terms of its capacity is water capacity. so we have, this will be the re gates almost 70 percent of the irrigated
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agricultural project in the sudan. why do you do much with the other dumbs generating almost 40 percent of electricity incidence. and therefore, that's the result of a regular flow of information on the modalities of filling and functioning of the renaissance. the safety security of the reserve system will be seriously threatened. moreover, the capacity of the 10 dams to generate electricity and provide the necessary water for strategic projects. a part of our al jazeera project and other projects which to done depends upon for its food security and cultural investment would be doomed to failure in the somebody regarding that, the protection of a strategic security obviously done as we have already underlined 70 percent of
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irrigated agricultural projects in the current which currently exist dependent upon mal, built in the sudan on the blue now base. and therefore it is crucial for us to be kept abreast of the filling and functioning methods of them. and so that sudan can done your plans now and in the future. it's agriculture projects. and everybody is aware that mr. dunn is now open to the world after the success of our glorious revolution. and thanks to the huge sacrifices made by the sudanese use and the leading of the revolution by sudanese women and men with courage and perseverance
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and its name. the school that has 1st been removed from the list of countries advocating to them. well, i'm terrorism. and this has been done in a dazzling way for the whole world. the sudanese people have managed to free themselves to tell terry and regime which terrorized them and which targeted the communities of dar from the east of sid. this criminal, sped, none of the sydney's provinces and the whole world celebrated. this glorious revolution was conducted to a civilian and military partnership, which is a unique sudanese model and the assets move on with those to achieve peace. i'm going to done in which it was successful by the finding of the juba agreement, sudan is resolved to continue with its action to peace.
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the from a prime minister, abdullah hum duke is currently sharing the summer parties where we are working to preserve regional stability in the east of africa and neighboring countries in west africa. sudan has carried out to the deep comic reform based upon its faith in cooperation with the rest of the world. indeed, insuring the paris conference france celebrated the return of the sudan to the international community and into back into the fold by underscoring the opening of the sudan to the world. and we'll put, and it's our luck. i was interested to build and found intelligent, but not partnerships in all areas where agriculture investment would when the pungent and rule making half of them. therefore,
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it by, if you appear to impose their germany in the unit lateral amanda with regard to the filling and functioning of the renaissance. and now mom is extremely serious. he threatens to undermine the summer. we want study progress and to undermine the promising future which is beginning to appear on the horizon for the city. and also, you see appear has been all neighbor for better for worse. and we linked by a relationship throughout his train of cooperation, solidarity and consent to safeguard a common interest and by the strengthening of brotherly relations between our 2 people's fee, the lease which means that we wish to continue down the same path so as to
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achieve a solution which will preserve the lasting link between our 2 countries. list based upon our faith in regional cooperation. this system has dissipated in good faith and effectively in all the bounds of tripartite negotiation on the p. renee sons since the beginning in 2011. and until today, i wish to underscore here the can also efforts made by the sudan to persuade its neighbors, egypt 20 pm. what you said was, are you for the to sign you the declaration of principles in cartoon, in march 2015. and we also wish to underline the initiative of prime minister hum took in june 2020 which came to continue negotiations on the pending
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questions. we do what you said in the washington round, in 2020, and june, 2020 sudan gets responded to the initiative of his excellency, the presidency south africa and of the african union in the 2020 session. so as to find an internal solution to this dispute. sudan has also participated and i'm very effectively in all the negotiating rounds of the model for over 6 months. however, the failure of improvement in the negotiating mechanism by confirming a greater role to experts once again. and has resulted in the failure of agreement at the moreover sudan continued its positive commitment
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by participating in the last round. we called by the president of the d. c. and president who is currently chevy, person of the african union. and in this regard, sudan submitted a proposal to both to the african negotiation mechanism by transforming, transforming into mediation under the auspices of the african union, under the african union leadership with a bucket patient of the u. n. u because south africa and the much the latter having been observers 2 preceding negotiations. however, for the same reasons, relative to each you can intransigence and it's rejection of all proposals. put forward be shuttling with early because these must have this round was also unsuccessful. i'm the president,
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we nearly hope that the council will assume its responsibilities in maintaining regional peace and security in a preventative way by strengthening a stepping up negotiations under the auspices of the african union in the following ways. with calling upon the parties concerned to resume negotiations under the auspices of the african union. allowing international mediators and observers to assume as i rose so as to facilitate negotiations and reach an agreement to corn upon if you appear to abstain from any unilateral measure without prior mama with the agreement, which would constitute a threat for millions of inhabitants. he's behind the renaissance.
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before i conclude, i should like to say unequivocally with her that this issue is just cause you will call later. when to promote a process which continues to meet up to calls and you can help. this process isn't really, really freeing the courageous people of saddam from their current suffering by ensuring that the filling and functioning of the when a sounds happened pursuant to a legally binding agreement. and will there be, however, violence from the council would send the wrong message, and would mean would, mima would signify a tacit approval of the fact as the unilateral filling was acceptable in
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well done with all that this would imply in terms of very serious consequences and very harmful consequences for the interest to sit down with the idea. excellencies members of the come to conclude will insomnia. having who seized your focused council office question with all its various implications for sovereignty in washington security and for the humanitarian dimension. the sovereignty dimensions of the fact that this jeopardize is international insecurity constituted, direct challenge to your counselors mandate under the charter, the united nation that you can have by doing this, we have given the council the opportunity to take an anticipatory measures of a red and historic nature visit the council, does it assume its responsibilities in the various ways it has available to do so?
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notably through preventative diplomacy, so as to bring the parties back to negotiation with them and promote african action which all parties had agreed upon by conferring a greater wrote to upon international observers to help the work of the african union, the united nation to conclude, we confirm sedans, attachment, and its commitment to participate in good faith in all efforts which will allow the parties to achieve an agreement which respect the interest of all the parties. i thank you. i miss. i think her accident, madame. musty for her statement, not know us when the signals that he will and i'm not sure to know if it makes sense. you mr. celeste. but kelly, i will let you minister water irrigation and if you have the
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thank you mister president. mr. president, please accept to my best wishes i few astir the work of the security council for the month of july. my respect for grating for members. so security council. my head fell to gratings through my browser, mr. spanish creek. and my sister minister miriam al sadi i also recognize in the punk, his excellency her excellency in get anderson and the special invoice profit jeffrey for their participation. and also i appreciate the representative of the chair addressing this august because its.


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