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i'm sure you are never, as i can stand by the united country, not in all of its history. not in all of us history. the instrument and mission accomplished moment. what is not mission accomplish? permission was accomplished in that we get to scott a summer been widen, and terrorism is not emanating from that part of the you just said in your remark, are you satisfied with the timeline of relocating asked in national that happening quickly enough to your satisfaction? it may not happen until next month, but yes, what it was already happened, right. even people, 1000 people have gotten on aircraft and come all company states already on commercial aircraft. so as i said, there's over 2500 people that as from january to now have, have gotten those diseases and only half decided that they want to leave. the point is that i think the whole process has to be speeded up period in terms of being
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able to get these pieces. why talk to us evaluate the afghan translator to the day, to away from the, the proper thing as some immigrants, the southern border allow that to happen. and that's why we're asking the congress to consider change you love. but in the meantime, we can guarantee their safety if they wish to lay by taking the 3rd countries and or while the way it is taking place to come to to and hopefully while they're waiting there to be able to bring them back to the united states if that's what they choose to do, i have women. i mean my 1st month is what i've done more than in future because kids don't really concerned about that yet. they are very concerned with good reason. when i was in janice, dan, i've been there a number of times. i remember being in a school outside and,
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and by the way that the schools in afghanistan are not fundamental in like schools in the west coast where they have, you know, a, an area in the middle is sort of like a looks like a playground and single story buildings connect it around and i remember saying to speaking to a group of young women, i guess there are roughly on holiness they look like they be 1415 years old and they're in school. there is a tiered classroom. ready with single light bulbs hanging from the ceiling, as i know, you know? and i said, you know, the united states came here to make sure that we got this terrace of some and log in. and the terrorists didn't mass again to go after our country. and then we're going to have to leave in the young woman said, you can't leave, you can't leave. it was, it was heartbreaking. you can't leave. she said,
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i want to be a doctor. i want to be a doctor. i want to be a doctor if you leave, i'll never be able to be a doctor. well, that's why we spent so much time and money training, the afghan security forces to do the work of defending if every work, when even so. yes, i'm aware. i'm going to the, with the mr. president, i think i wanted to ask with the benefit of hindsight, you've spoken to the fact that that's all about our militarily strongest point that you've seen in 20 years. how do you feel personally about that? the benefit of hindsight, and all of the dollars and investment and america treats that were relative to the training and capacity of the n s f and the train. the federal police are not even
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close in terms of the capacity i was making the point. the point was that here we were, i was the argument is what we could stay because no was died. no americans are being shot. so why leave? once the agreement was made by the last ministration were relieved by may 1st, it was very clear that a tale bond that had always been the problem was even a more sophisticated problem than they were before, not more sophisticated, then the n s f. then government more than they were, the point being that would have increased the prospect that they would have been able to take more lives of americans if they decided we weren't going to go after that was the point i was making. thank you also very much. i u. s. president joe biden announcing that the u. s. military has achieved the goals and i've gone to stan and according to him, america's longest war is ending. he said that the military mission and i've got to
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stand will conclude on august the 31st. but he also did say that u. s. support for the afghan people will endure. he went on to say that the african leaders themselves will have to come together. and countries in the region should step up efforts to bring about a political solution for the country on the taliban. he was questions about the taliban by the reporters. and that he did say that the taliban is at its strongest militarily since 2001. but the taliban takeover of the country he believes is not inevitable in the wake of the us. true withdraw. let's bring on our white house correspondent, kimberly how can joining us from washington d. c. so the president, very much defending his withdrawal plans and i've got a son. kimberly yeah, you did that i java summing up the speech and i think i want to highlight on a couple of the points that he made because there was some news in the speech. you noted the august 31st withdrawal day. that is moving up of what he announced in
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april when he said in fact, all of the us soldiers would be out by september 11th the 20th anniversary of the september 11th attacks in not only washington, but also new york city. so that is notable. he did not give an explanation for moving up that date only that that is now the new date. some of what the president had to say is not much different than what he said in april. he certainly underscored once again why he was making the decision. he was and outlining the enormous cost that american soldiers have paid in trying to ensure that there was not another an attack on the u. s. homeland, not only the casualties that number in the thousands, but also the wounded. and those who scar as may be mental in terms of the p t s. d, that they're suffering. that is even an untold number of thanking those service members for their service. but i think some of the biggest news moments of the
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speech came and the question and answer session that the president held afterwards . because on the one hand, he talked about how his secretary of state anthony blake and will be continuing at diplomatic efforts to see that there is a negotiated peace effort in the region. but at the same time saying that one of the parties, the taliban, that is a part of that effort. the u. s. president was asked whether or not he trusted them and he was very emphatic when he said no. 6 he does not, so it almost appears as if he's undermined that process from the podium. the other big headline and all of that is that the u. s. president has been very clear that despite dire predictions from security experts, members of congress, former members of the administration passed. there have been these predict the taliban will in the light of the games that have been made take over potentially cobble other major cities. the u. s. president and fabric and saying that he does not that believe that will happen. this is because of the training that has been
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provided by the united states, the ongoing support that will be provided. and also the enormous amount of money and investment that the united states has made. so the us president, commander in chief, striking an optimistic tone even as there are grave concerns about the future of afghanistan. kimberly, how can thank you so much for that to wrap up from washington d. c. let's bring in once again, david said, who's a former deputy assistant secretary of defense for i've gone to stay focused on and central asia. thanks so much for sticking around, just to pick up on something important that kimberly was mentioning, mentioning a moment ago. why do you think the president has now said that the military mission will conclude on august 31st, as opposed to september 11th, which was the original date? but the administration has gotten a lot of criticism or the decision that process and that i and i in the end of the military mission to september 11th, which is really a blatant political ploy with no base making that gift to august 31st
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is designed to get rid of the damage that the administration caused by my cell from the foot. another binding up on that side. but otherwise it's your correspond instead present by and pretty much back to that to say i didn't change anything. i did make a number of semi promises for afghan to may have worked with us government, but he also does a lot of questions. he also found to do some bumbling and he also said that the taliban is at its strongest militarily since 2001. but then he believes that the taliban take over the country is not inevitable. i mean, what do you think he's basing that on basing it on hope he doesn't want the color on the takeover. so he's a dusting reality, trying to adjust reality to what he hopes and then there is in fact
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a lot of analytical use inside and outside the us government that the album could take over. and the biggest reason is this abandonment of the afghanistan by the united states. there's very little and what the present just that now to give hope, the book to the people who, to the military or hope to the government that the united states will be sick by the coming months. the how do you make sense of 20 years of fighting to according to the u. s. take out the taliban? that's why they went into afghanistan and then watching the taliban gain more and more ground at the end. how do you make sense of that boat course? the united states did not go in the car bomb as present by the said, the united states wouldn't. but can of stand to get some of the late right. and to stop us. the states never actually declare war on the top, they to never actually designated the call bonds as a terrorist organization. that's why it's so interesting that's present bigler. so
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in fact that he doesn't cross the column on but the same time. thank you. the agreement with the top on sign, but with the former administration. so again, this lack of fusion, i want to make one very serious correction present. buying said repeatedly f can stand, has never been unified in its entire his. that's not afghanistan as been a unified country. that's been a country that's been in the thirty's forty's, 50 before the cold war before the united states. but the soviet union started fighting over afghanistan, afghan, stm, with a small quiet people come to the united states, states and the rest of the world have a lot to do with what happened. but what present bind set about f can stand never being a unified country does not a david said he will leave it there, but we thank you very much for joining us and giving us your point of view or thank you. now on to other news and police and haiti say they've killed 4 suspects
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believe to be involved in the assassination of president job anomalies, security official say they were involved in a gun battle with an armed group. police say they've arrested for others. louise was shot during a raid on his home on wednesday. the interim prime minister, clo, joseph, has said the crime will not go unpunished. let's speak to ambassador book. she edmund who is hates. he's ambassador to the s to the us. he's running us from washington. d. c, thank you so much for speaking to us and i'll just 0 1st. can you update us on where the investigation stands right now? right now, what i can tell you does not receive the police custody. now being interrogated. and i believe to mol, where today, by the population. and then the band hall kid yesterday. and again, by the police, we are determined to hunt them down and you know, see from,
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if they are so they can be what the justice respond to their their can we expect any evidence to be released however, because authority is so far have not provided any evidence of the detainees, a legit involvement in this assassination and you know, going investigation sometime later time. but hopefully soon the police are going to share some information. what happened at the un security council just a few hours ago is that we understand that haiti has now asked for an international investigation into the death of juvenile movies. can you tell us a little bit more about that? and what does an international investigation look like? to you, what exactly are you asking for? but why do i need to go? i've been assassinated and we understand we can do there might be some local
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involved. but those global financing, and we understand what are we the expertise of some of their country and has the national police to do a deep ended investigation? what kind of a clear are you asking for? i mean, those are those going to expect an interaction? because this investigation cannot be on the local and national yesterday international because we understand about some of the nationalists involved in their resources that can help us to, to suspend i'm if you can, we are going to try to see you in the wake of the president assassination, there were reports of a power struggle that was taking place between the 2 deputy prime minister as both
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men saying that they're in charge. earlier this evening, the un special envoy and a t came out and said, well, no closures f is now in charge and he's governing until elections are to be held later this year. are you confident that's what the people of haiti wants this and i believe it's very important to understand this. given my kids being there is other younger and it was there for more than a year and they became the government because the prime minister resign. and therefore, they're placing on monday maybe you know, 5 minutes. but that means there was an unfortunate situation occurred because that was submitted and there was a political vacuum. and it was their sort of responsibility of the current government even to enter and come to i couldn't read it,
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therefore that's why we can say they carry a primary job if they want to come in, you have had, they can statistical crisis in haiti recently. and you've had a political crisis. now, of course, with this assassination, people have been suffering from that devastating earthquake 10 years ago. this is a big blow for haiti, according to many people, are you concerned for the future if your country you know, i could be any concerns, but if it's your country, if i please, i believe in the capacity of every patient national. what understand as i, as we patients we. ready and i realize that it's the time for us to put together and see how we can get this country out where it is. but
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that's why i hope that's why i believe in the future, because i believe in the young people under your haitian. certainly what is today's leaders, what they have so they have to create the have to sit down. they have to buy know between themselves and to find out to find a way forward and so they can better future for you for punching. but i didn't lose her, i said even the future of my country because we have and we do, we just have to decide to pull our together and punch it forward and bass at our book, she as well. thank you so much for speaking to us from washington d. c. a leading news website has been blocked and by the rule, send security forces rated its offices and arrested some of its journalists, nation. if i was accused of publishing information on behalf of organizations not
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registered in the country, several media organizations, critical president, alexander lucas shank, her face similar actions and last year as protests opposing election results. while the you and the united states have criticize the crackdown and they've imposed sanctions. let's bring in front of the archive who's a senior political advisor to the exiled opposition leader vet line, a chicken sky. he's joining us from valencia starts in lithuania via skype. thank you so much for speaking to us. the by the russian information ministry says that it blocked that particular website, not never after the prosecutor general's office accused of posting unspecified unlawful information. what's your reaction to that? chuck and you know this morning police and k, g b came to more than 8 officers of different outlets and minns can regions. they arrested editor in chief journalist reporters without explaining the reason that
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they arrested them like terrorist in hand, because they put in car and then in the prison. so right now, we are trying to understand how many people detained, detentions took place all over the country. there is no clear information about what are the charges. we work with international organizations. we are in contact with repeating the union with governments of between you and paul and trying to inform them about what's happening in the contra right now. and mr. atlanta is also calling on the international community. she did this via suite, she calls on the international community to provide practical support for a free media and journalists, what sort of support is she asking for? and has there been a reaction from the international community or those countries that she's pretty, she's called upon? yeah, it's critical. it's critical to support journalists and billers. right now,
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we're trying to build them north korea in the center of europe, from 50 to 100 report. they're starting to kind barts right now. some of them are facing up to 2025 years of prison. some of them accused in terrorism. and many of them needs legal, 8, some outlets they need to read location to the neighboring capital, to ukraine, to worse, so all until the 20th of illness. and also there is a big need for financial support, financial assistance. so this media because no question can after the protest last year and this spring, he realized the if you will correct down the media, no one will know the truth about what's happening and others. we know that the you in the us in particular have post sanctions on lucas shank oh, after the protests last year. but it seems to have somewhat of a limited effect according to many people because russia is a key ally and backer. so how much pressure can actually be put on like
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a shank from the international community? sanctions are the most powerful leverage and most powerful tool you us, you can canada have right now, but they must be joined, they must be carbonated, they must be substantial and comprehensive. all the locals must be eliminated from the sanctions pushing because a you sanctioned part of industry, also oil industry, but filled there a possibility for luke question because of wallets all the guards and vision people to avoid distinctions. so we ask the you and also by the ministration to close the loop coals and to maximize the pressure. if we don't want to have the tar in state in the center of europe on the border with a you, we must act now and our actions must be, must be card and needed and democratic forces. others urge and ask international community to to, to support us now. right now we'll leave it there. thank you so much for speaking to us. thank you. an exile turkish journalist has been attacked outside his
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home in berlin. police say eric, her air was attacked by 3 men on wednesday evening, who reportedly warned him to stop writing a terreros, a vocal critic of the government of president trench tabor, tuan, and writes a regular newspaper column from germany. surging numbers of current virus infections in tunisia has placed its public health care system. on the brink of collapse, health ministries appealing to the population, to help combat what is calling a thinking ship. it says hospitals are running out of oxygen supplies and beds to admit incoming patients. nearly 10000 more people tested positive on wednesday. that's a record for it's in his yes, since we started the pandemic thrilling because ruling roger fox, the family has tightened its grip on power by appointing the families brothers. the finance minister basil us citizen is set to be the brains behind the families domination in relying can politics for 2 decades. michelle fernandez reports passes
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roger passers return to power was very much a family affair. he was sworn in their should because finance minister, my older brother, president of the raj boxer as he's pretty assessor. and another brother, the former president and current prime minister, my him, the raj boxes looked on because up in the whole economy of all countries including 3 land. how changed so often? so you have to face it. so i think the president is very keen to open the foundry back and get the country moving a comically, and every emily said that would be no easy task for long term. foreign reserves are dangerously low, massive debt repayment, do an income levels have fallen during the pandemic. the government has also
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dismiss criticism regarding the printing of billions of rupees to meet its commitment. a 2nd wedding in this time as member of parliament taking the family italy involvement to 6. the strengthening of dynastic politics with the latest appointment is a concern to many. there is no getting away from the fact that this is about family rule. this is about the roger bucks regina type thing. it's strangle hold on power . so in that respect, i mean, for democracy, i don't term seaters anything that is going to strengthen democracy. on the contrary, it is going to detract from democratic institutions. speaking after he took off, his massive roger boxer was not worried about the economic challenges saying he has dealt with much, was what the country needs. he says is the support of many sectors of business and society to deal with the situation. roger papa has been
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a mr. fix it and the man strategist between the roger pox, the families rise to fall into lunch, but with the goblins, popularity falling in recent months, his families hoping he can turn things around. fernandez, lumber in hong kong, $47.00 pro democracy activists charged under china's national security law have been back in court. the charges are related to their roles and organizing elections . last july, the aim of that pool was to ensure that enough pro democracy candidates would be elected to the legislative council. because the film festival is back after taking a break last year because of the cobra, 1900 pandemic, a long running feud between the festival and netflix has not been resolved because under festival rules, only films that are distributed in french theaters are eligible to compete natasha butler reports from con this is what he was seen can films out by
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netflix. the us streaming giant has produced award winning movies. but because netflix refuses to show its films in french cinemas, it is bought from the fact of all competitions. totally but forms hold any deck any . all platforms are invited to can amazon co producer opening film net and accepted that the film must have a french release in competition. films must be shown in french cinemas. and the day that netflix except this, we will be delighted to have them the route between the film festival and netflix began in 2018. when can change the competition. this is what can organize as want to protect french cinema and the experience of watching a film on the big screen. but the cinema manager says he doesn't regard streaming platforms as a threat of edits. but it's much more in the end of the public, the decides these states everyone has a netflix or amazon subscription, that people still love coming to the cinema. most of you shared by us director
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spike li, the head to this you can jury cinema and screaming platforms can coexist. at one time, there was a thinking that tv was going to kill cinema. so this stuff is not new. french lebanese actress de rina al john d has worked on netflix productions for her. it's important that can take a stand in front, really protect artists and collect rules and the call to ask the country. and sometimes there are friends or work that really deserves to be watched on big screen. can organize the say they talk to netflix executives regularly, but they've been though breakthroughs, though for another year the feud has been in the spotlight, but then can wouldn't be can without some control fi. natasha butler,
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i'll just 0 can. thanks for watching. the news are analogy 0. we have you over to our teams in london, they'll have much more off the days news in just a minute. but bye for now. i in brought to you by accenture, that there be change the use
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me duties by extension that there would be change. oh, well, in an unconventional capital city, ever changing and yet forever defined bytes turbulent tossed, stephanie deck meets bananas and takes you want a journey. exploring the identity and legacy of europe's rebel capital took out his era. the covey 19 penned brittany, one of singapore,
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the most love tradition, its famous street told the fragile youth on $10.00 and 8th investigate it. poker can innovate to survive on algebra, ah, fear and uncertainty in haiti off to the assassination of president jovan al, noise and operation to find his killers is continuing the me mariam demising and watching al jazeera, also coming off on the program northwest in province, which is now the scene of intense fighting between afghan forces and a re.


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