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defined guides, turbulent past stephanie deck meets the linen and takes you on a journey. exploring the identity and legacy of europe's rebel capital took out his era. mm. the fans are barred from the lympics and toko, after a current of iris emergency is declared for japan's capital. aah! was able to throw light from headquarters and hi daddy navigator also ahead of the taliban surrounding provincial capital. and i've done it on president biden. is due to speak about the u. s. withdraw later this our police and hey to say the rest
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of the stuff. back to the fascination of president l marie zone killed for others. i'm just actually popular in can with west of organizes are locked in around with netflix. hello, thanks for joining us. there will be no spectators at olympic events in tokyo. the organizers have made the decision just 2 weeks before the start of the gains as the city struggles to deal with co with 19. david stokes reports just hours after japan announced a fresh state of emergency in tokyo. the knock on effect on the olympics was confirmed to come back. the surgeon covered 19 cases. there will be no fence at all allowed to attend venues in tokyo, seeing that the golden that used to constant aggregate needs without the pandemic. the limpid games would be an amazing opportunity to unite people. unfortunately, the panorama could not allow us to hold events with full spectators. we are very
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sorry for the locals living near dell and fick venue. but at that, the decision about foreign fans was made months ago, but organizes had still hoped to allow 50 percent capacity to domestic crowds. although a small number of people may be allowed to attend venues outside tokyo, there's no doubt 1st, a decision has inflicted a significant blow. this was supposed to be a huge moment for, for tokyo, for japan. so much effort has gone into preparing the capital to host these games, and now it's going to be a lot of the stadium, the head of the international olympic committee. thomas bar arrived in tokyo just the new rules were announced, and he himself will now spend 3 days isolating and his hotel will support any measure which is necessary to have safe and secure will begin paralympic games. the games have now effectively been reduced to a major tv event,
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which means the i o. c will still collect around $4000000000.00 from broadcast. is that the last ticket revenue around $800000000.00 will be felt by japan's tax payers who've already been hit hard by the most expensive games in history. with some reports, putting the overall cost close to 30000000000 still around 11000 athletes from all over the world and making their way to tokyo. ready to compete in an lympics like no other minority sport. this is an oppertunity the only come once before years where they can actually compete in arenas which are compatible through oper. mason bought reality is when they get to tokyo and get to the arena and see how unusually quiet it is. i think it could affect some performances. there will be no fans in tokyo, but the delayed games are still going ahead with the opening ceremony just 2 weeks away. david stokes al jazeera while the 2021 southeast asian games due to take
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place in vietnam have been postponed until next. your deal and pick counsel malaysia, made the announcement during a meeting and column for were all members agreed. the current covered situation is not safe. enough for the games, the afghan government to send hundreds of commandos to the northwestern province of bad guests as fierce fighting with the taliban continues for a 2nd day. the battle is centered around the county and now making it the 1st provincial capital to be surrounded by the taliban since the united states stepped up its troop. redraw the taliban has captured dozens of districts since early may was the u. s. withdraw continues to impact the region other global powers are now taking the opportunity to assert their own influence. russia has offered to help to just on one of the gone, astounds neighbors deal with any follow outs. that's after hundreds of africa, national troops fled across the border into the country last week. moscow is also
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playing host to the taliban. it state media says the delegation of the groups. political office was in town on thursday. david ounce, they won't attack me. i've got in touch with border and after months of discussions and cuts are iran has now held high level peace talks between the afghan government and taliban representatives into run the 2 side degree to continue talks, but they didn't specify a time nor a place. meanwhile, the u. k. prime minister says nearly all british troops have been withdrawn from have gone to stun. it marks the end of britain official role and the to decade long conflicts after troops were 1st deployed in 2001 countries military chief is warning that have gone to stun could be on a path to civil war. the prime minister bore his johnson says, the u. k. will continue to support. i've gone to stand government in a non military capacity president, and i'm in april. the all american forces would leave by september at the latest, and the nato summit declared last month that the lancers military operations in
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afghanistan were coming to an end. as a result, all british troops assigned to make his mission and i've done this done on returning home or will the us president joe biden will be holding a news conference on the pull out from august on this hour, which we will bring to you live in the meantime, let's bring in our white house correspondent, kimberly how it gets you joining us from washington. d. c. so what can we expect the president to be saying later this hour? we're getting a clear sense of what the us president and commander in chief of the us forces will be talking about with respect to afghanistan, the white house press secretary jen saki holding her daily briefing. and we expect that what the president is going to talk about is some of the concern surrounding the uptick in violence that has been seen in afghanistan. particularly since the us forces, for the most part have withdrawn with only traces left behind. and the concern
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being that the taliban continues to make gains and will continue to make gains in advance of what is ultimately the complete withdrawal of us troops. although the white house has been careful to point out, there will still be a diplomatic, as well as a security presence that will remain indefinitely. and to that end, what we expect is that the u. s. president will make some of these remarks and bring about a personal tone in terms of delivering them. you have to remember that the u. s. president is also the father of a veteran who served and also he believes died as a result of not direct injuries and combat, but residual industry in rather injuries, burn pits that potentially caused the brain tumor that killed his son. and so what's the white house press severson harry said just moments ago is that the u. 7 s president came to the very difficult decision that he was not going to send another generation of americans to fight
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a war that he believed was not winnable at least militarily. and so that is going to be the crux of the message. so what we're expecting is the president, this our will convey to the american people about the problems he inherited and why he made a difficult decision to bring the us troops home and why he knows that it won't be easy for afghanistan. as a result of that decision and what the united states will do to support as they make that transition. so we're watching very carefully as the president set to deliver those remarks from the coming hour. ok for the time being. thank you so much. kimberly, how can police in haiti say they've killed 4 suspects, believes to be involved in the assassination of president of l. louise security. officials say they were involved in a gun battle with an armed group, so they say they have arrested for others. louise was shot during your rate on his home on wednesday, the in term prime minister closure that said the crime will not go unpunished or
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diplomatic editor james, there's a standing by for us at the you and that's where the security council has been discussing the situation in haiti, but 1st let's talk to andy gallagher and you reported extensively from haiti, and he's joining us from miami. do you have an update for us on the investigation? and what is the state of play right now in haiti? while i'm hearing in the last hour or so from the haitian police that i have in fact killed 7 of these laced assassins and captured 6 more. and in fact, this footage, coming through now from puerto prints that appears to show, to the suspected men being loaded into the back of a tow truck looking at them. they definitely don't look like they are haitian, they could be hispanic men, which would reinforce the stories were getting out of haiti that these were foreigners involved in this fascination of job. now i'm always in the early hours of wednesday morning. forensic experts are there at the home of jeff. no, marie sees body has been moved to a morgue. but there is political instability even more than that was before shop.
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nobody's was assassinated on wednesday because 2 of the deputy prime ministers and now arguing about who is actually in control of what's left of the government in haiti that doesn't send out a good message to the people of haiti hunker down in the homes, waiting for news fearful about what my next. now, according to the constitution of haiti, should be the leader of the supreme court who takes over. but he died several weeks ago from cobit 19. and now you've got 2 deputy prime ministers both saying they are in charge of the situation that doesn't send a good message out to people there who are extremely worried. all the 50000 nations that live here in miami, who are watching the situation very closely. now the 1st lady who was severely injured in this assassination on wednesday morning is blowing brought here to miami and the 3 children of you have know movies a said to be in a secure location, but the recalls now from the american press secretary, gen saki, the elections need to take place as soon as possible, and the need to be
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a peaceful transfer of power that in haiti is easier said than done. okay, and the thank you so much and reporting from miami less now cross over to the us or diplomatic get his or james base, joining us from the united nations where it is saying there is a bit of security council meeting to discuss, hey t, james, what was it take away message while the security council has been hearing from the head of the un mission in haiti, there are no more peacekeepers in haiti, but the still actually, while over a 1000 and start working for the u. n. in haiti's, they have a good picture of what's going on in the country. they were brief by helen la lee, me, who is the special representative of the secretary general from porter prince. and she afterwards briefed reporters in the last few minutes about the situation on the ground, some details that she added, which i think it worth adding to what andy said. she confirmed that there were 4 people who had been killed and 6 more in police custody. but she also said that she
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believed there were 2 buildings in port prints, which were currently being surrounded and may contain other perpetrators of this crime. among the questions she was asked at the news conference, i asked her about the criminal justice system in haiti and whether it was able to cope with this investigation or whether it needed international assistance. i had asked for assistance with the investigation. i just came out of a meeting with the security council where i, the representative behavior mentioned made a request for assistance with international invested with this investigation from the international authorities. and, and so it is important that these requests be taken seriously. we certainly are prepared as you know, with the, with the expertise that we have on board to,
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to assist this investigation into my job as a cause for further expertise as necessary. so haiti asking for international assistance with the investigation. she was also asked about the possibility of the un sending peacekeepers back to haiti, i'm told by members of the security council that's not particularly likely, but she did say that haste. haiti had also asked for security assistance at this stage, the you and making clear, but one thing they do want to see is the election continue as planned later this year. ok, thank you so much. james bass reporting from the un still ahead on al jazeera. if you guys groaned renaissance dam project, which a strange time was to don, an egypt goes up for discussion at the un security council, keeping it in the family, the president, us for lincoln named his brother as a new finance minister. ah
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hello. once again, welcome to another look at the international forecast. still get a chance. i want to shout into northern parts of a man just around straight to move. they can see a little bit of cloud cropping up much of the peninsula and dry sums it up. i'll stop here in dough harder and 46 celsius off to still further north q. wait, answer back that at around 50 degrees, the heat just pulling back a touch as we go on through saturday here in dough. hi. around 40 celsius. the winds falling a little lighter, less than the web lifted. dustin sam, more in a way of humidity, wanted to shout just around the caucasus house where it is going to be dry, hot and sunny, then dry and sunny too for somalia. all the way showers, they're just around the opium hot is pushing a little further west with macy wanted to showers just around the rift valley as well over the next day or so. but i think as far as southern africa goes,
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the majority of the shower is going to be postal, shall, is just around central and northern parts of most and be pushing up to southern areas of tenseness and showers to just around that eastern side of madagascar. but for south africa, it is generally dry and sunny over the next couple of days cooler than it has been recently temperatures in cape town at around 16 celsius, over the next day or so. and a similar temperature port elizabeth, the the corona virus pandemic has altered modern society as governments have grappled with soaring cases, contact, tracing, and huge data collections are causing concern amongst civil rights activists. people in power investigates the ever increasing powers of government and businesses as they access peoples most personal data and asks, what is being done to regulate the flow of sensitive information under the cover of
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cove it on a jazzy oh a hello again, the top floor is on al jazeera, there will be no spectators at elliptic events in tokyo. the organizing committee made the decision after japan declarative state of emergency in the capital. as current of iris cases their search. the afghan government has sent hundreds of commandos to baptist province as fighting with the taliban continues for a 2nd day. president joe biden is due to speak later this hour on the us pull out from the country. the us special envoy to have these as prime minister closures as will continue to lead the nation until the elections are held later this year.
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security forces say they've arrested 2 more people, connection with the south nation or president, john out marie un security council is set to discuss if he has ground renaissance down later on thursday. the project history ties with egypt, answer done. but for if you pins, it's a source of pride. many have contributed millions of dollars to the project by buying bonds. and is catherine, sorry, reports they hope it will change their lives. patch nurse get home issues as all she's ever used to light up her house, a bottle kerosene lamp. she lives in a village, 2 hours drive north about the starbuck who done this my good afternoon. we have many health problems. we spend more time than we should in hospitals, and i think it's linked to this lamp. next door, her brother in law is using solar energy, but only he and a few others here can afford it. theater to women, travel far with donkeys to get the most basic support. if we had
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a tricity in our village, so they wouldn't have to go far to grind mays, for example, up to $65000000.00 fuel pins. that's more than half the population are not connected. to the electricity greet many have bought government bonds for the construction of the grand renaissance, dumb africa, the largest hydro electric down about 250 philippines leave in this village. the poor farmers who raised a $1500.00 for the construction of the dumb, the passionate about the project, and eagerly waiting to be connected to the grids. if you'll be ha, started filling the down for a 2nd time, and this is causing a nice downstream egypt and done, are worried about how it could effect their own water flows. the 2 countries, one are binding agreement governing how the downward, the operated talks mediated by the african union, have failed. prime minister of the, amid recently told parliament the project will not stop. it does not intend to
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other countries or intention is to work with other countries and improve the state of moses. a term was worried about the tensions he has invested about $2000000.00 in expanding his oxygen and nitrogen energy plant in itc patient of more reliable electricity. his factory, which supplies oxygen to all of eastern the field, is facing daily and predictable power cuts. what is your life? because without telling you this country cannot progress on all being done. commodity for us. we are going to be willingly romano. we're always out of agreement. the completion of the done is imminent. and if you'd like to show me to desa his family and neighbors, back in miss rocky village are preparing for what it may bring. catherine saw all
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jazeera miss rock a few appear. a new un resolution has been put forward to extend a mandate for a deliveries to northern syria under the program, nearly a 1000 trucks spring supplies from turkey every month. but it's set to expire on saturday. if russia refuses to prove its extension, the u. s. has warned that could lead to a humanitarian catastrophe or suicide. there are reports from rebel held it live in serial. this is one of the biggest mandatory 8 operations in the world. at the us senior cross border center, turkeys hot a provence freight trucks are loaded with critical aid including food, medical supplies, and shelter materials. but this may be one of the last shipments to norton syria when it's been in a case of us, what you see behind me is the last delivery from us to the north of syria. through
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the years we've tried to provide basic conditions for the display civilians and the standards of living by providing aid. this is a stops we were turn to 0. trucks have carried critical aid into the regents in 2014 most of the 4000000 people in syria northwest including the 2600000 eternally displeased, depend on human, terry and 8 delivered to the only un authorized border crossing bible. however, the aid is white for millions of people devastated by a decade or for them all. my money. if we don't receive the aid we aren't able to survive. can anyone survive without water and food? i lost my husband in the war and i am looking after 7 kids 8 group say last year, the u. s. for the $200.00 for humanitarian programs in northwest syria, worth $300000000.00. if the cross border a mechanism is not a need $90000000.00 or funding was the law. but syrian president specialist says
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main. russia is indicating it won't work to renew the program after it expires on july. most will save you an 8 should be delivered to south government in damascus, nevada city. the regime will use the 8 as a weapon against people northern syria. if it's distributed through damascus, we've seen the regime act that way in the past, and we demand the international community act. do you see some serious, most well known people leaving the province and the failure to extend authorization for the delivery of a to them? we have the recitative consequences, millions of people are together across hundreds of similar camp with limited access to water, food, electricity, and medical care. they say they're afraid of what could happen if the growth was the 8 they. so that's what it will need, isn't the need that fear it,
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heightened by the government, continue that tax insult and it live, forced in many more civilians, to flee the camps like this, where they may find how is no longer on the way rescue side of the of the or it lip, syria, a leading news website has been blocked, and bella ru, san security forces rated its officers and the rest of some of its journalists, nation. the vas accused of publishing information on behalf of organizations not registered in the country. several media organizations, critical of president, alexander lucas jenco, a face similar actions since last year as protests opposing election results. the u on the u. s. of both criticize the crackdown and they've been post actions in hong kong. 47 pro democracy activists charge under china's national security law had been back in court. the chargers are related to their roles and organizing elections last july. the aim of that poll was to ensure that enough pro democracy
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candidates would be elected to the cities legislative council. typical paul has more from hong kong. this would be the 3rd time there appearing in court. and the session is largely procedural, more formalities to do with documentation and translation court. the court session has ended despite the very intense interest in this particular court session. not only due to the fact that the 47, we took a list of the route to hong kong democracy activism. but also due to the fact that many of them are well known international phases, like joshua, in fact there was a long q here of the public and supporters who wanted to be part or to witness this court case. and that included representatives from embassies and consulates. from various countries, but also of interest is the fact that this is the largest sweep under the national security law. and it is a test case for hong kong to this re system,
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this law and run parallel to hong kong, highly vaunted highly respected common law system. and yet, it also undermines that in many are concerned that you know, the fact that this law is, will have no jury and bail. it's not a right here. and many said that it's even presumed guilty until proven innocent instead of the way the common law system should work. so there is a great amount of interest in this case here, despite the fact that it is likely to run for a very long time, it is unprecedented. and the next session will be on september 23. another major, another member, excuse me, of the roger pox. a family has been sworn in mr. lank as parliament basil roger pox is now the finance minister. his brothers are prime minister on president, and while his nephew is also in that cabinets, the family is dominated for lincoln politics for 2 decades. when fernandez has more
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from colombo bassett, roger pox, say the latest roger pox to enter the long can parliament that takes the total number of family members to 7 in the legislature of the country. now, by roger pox, i have for a long time being known as the brains or the strategist behind the roger box, the machine. he's kind of mr. fix it if you like, who does all the sort of deals the they go see asians, the wrangling and chops out the strategy, all the roger box the machine and that's what we have heard. 2 in the previous years, and now he's been brought into parliament, sort of a friendly mc resigning to make way for his entrance into parliament. mind roger pox, the prime minister and former president, obviously, switching portfolios with his younger brother. he will become and has also taken off as the minister of planning of policy and planning implementation. so this
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basically comes at the time when sheila is facing very c, jessica nomic challenges. so roger will have his work cut out for him, part and reserves. pretty much all time low. there's a huge amount of debt commitment that your longer has to meet. i mean there's literally a challenge on a day to day basis of running the country and the government. i'm a man who don't talk about plans and other things only the size. so if you saw the results, i mean the very fact that the raj boxes chose for him to take was before president tabi, roger, talk to after secretariat. but before going to parliament and taking, he's all as a name b is a bit of money, of the importance or the priority if you like. there's nothing wrong with it. but that all of us who said the connecting might have been to 1st take, he has an m c. and then do the minister sort of ship,
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but that we up his will cut out is one thing that many people say the can film festival is back after taking a break last year. because the cove in 1900 pandemic, a long running feud between the festival and netflix has not been resolved. under festival rules, only films that are distributed in french theaters are eligible to compete. but that means movies released on netflix or excluded. critics wonder if they're out of touch and they're fighting a losing battle. natasha butler reports from con this is what he was saying can films out by netflix. the us streaming giant has produced award winning movies . but because netflix refuses to show its films in french cinemas, it is bought from the fact of all competitions totally but forms hold any deck any . all platforms are invited to can amazon co produce the opening film net and accepted that the film must have a french release in competition. films must be shown in french cinemas. and the day
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that netflix except this, we will be delighted to have them the route between the film festival and netflix began in 2018. when can change the competition. this is what can organize as want to protect french cinema and the experience of watching a film on the big screen. but this, in a more manager says he doesn't regard streaming platforms as a threat of edits. but it's much more in the end of the public, the decides these states everyone has a netflix or amazon subscription, that people still love coming to the cinema. most of you shared by us director spike li, the head to this. yes. can jury cinema and streaming platforms can coexist. at one time, there was a thinking that tv was going to kill cinema. so this stuff is not new.
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french lebanese actress de rina r john d has worked on netflix productions for her. it's important that can take the stand from really protect if artists and electrolyte and the call to ask the country. and sometimes they are friends or work that really deserves to be watched on the big screen can organize the say. they talked to netflix executives regulate, bought, they've been breakthroughs. so for another year the feud has been in the spotlight, but then can wouldn't be can without some control fi. natasha butler al jazeera can . ah, the headlines on al jazeera, there'll be no spectators at limping events in tokyo. the organizing committee made the decision after japan declared a state of emergency in the capital is kind of iris cases they're search. so you gotta go to that,
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you can think of then without the pandemic villain pick gains would be an amazing opportunity to unite people. but unfortunately, the pandemic could not allow us to hold events with full spectrum.


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