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artists and the to lecture tools and the call to ask the country, and sometimes they are friends or work that really deserves to be watched on the big screen. can organize the say they talk to netflix executives regulate bought, they've been breakthroughs. so for another year, the feud has been in the spotlight, but then can wouldn't be can. without some control fi. natasha butler al jazeera can. ah, hello. the headlines on al jazeera, there will be no spectators at elliptic events in tokyo. the organizing committee made the decision after japan declared a state of emergency in the capital as current of virus cases, their search. she does not use to consent with you. without the pandemic villain, play games would be an amazing opportunity to unite people. but unfortunately, the pandemic could not allow us to hold events with full spectators. we are very
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sorry for the locals living near delane picked venues. be 2021 south east asian gain due to take place in vietnam had been postponed until next year. the olympic council, malaysia, made the announcement during a meeting and qual, i'm for. we're all members agreed. the current covered situation is not safe enough for the games. police and haiti say they've killed 4 suspects, believes to be involved in the assassination of president john m. o. e 's police also arrested other suspects but does not provide any information about those in custody. the afghan government has sent hundreds of commandos to the northwestern province of batteries as fierce fighting with the taliban continues for a 2nd day. the battle is centered around color. you know, making it the 1st provincial capital to be surrounded by the taliban since the united states stepped up its true withdrawal. the taliban. his captured dozens of district since early may. south africa was former president, jacob's humor, as in police custody after turning himself in late on wednesday nights
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a court sentence 10 to 15 months in jail for failing to show up at a corruption inquiry last week. you want security council is set to discuss if you appears ground renaissance down later on thursday. the project history and time with egypt on to dawn, they fear or greatly reduced their access to supplies of fresh water from the nile . emergency workers in florida say there is 0 chance of finding survivors after a building partly collapse. last month. rescuers suspend 2 weeks. searching through the rubble. 60 people are confirmed, dent. another member of the roger pox. a family has been sworn inch, rank as cabinets. basil rather pac sir is now the finance minister. his brothers are prime minister on presidents, while his nephew is also in the cabinet. family is dominated for lankin politics for 2 decades. headlines witness is up next. me. ah,
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ringback yeah, why don't you know yeah, yeah, yeah, you want to know if you had some little tune tranquil, could you, can she when
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a scene team who tends on our full data pinball, usually women that don't yield. so. passion tinted on a tank or okay. but anyway, i will kind of comment on guys what a link meal, what us porsha to listen downtime you and jude cassia to chance for big creature me ah ah, ah sure. $100.00 in chinese teacher interest. now i also call your bullshit or just have a question now come back, man, going to judge. if you play the me going to do this already. mean what
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a he has had to pay off the fool. what kind of like, how about the whole thing? that is, what was that it's, it's also i turned in my mind and there's no way to only charlotte. she had told me that the whole i've had to do that. yeah. i mean sure. yeah, he just got, you know i don't need on whether you
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form with john ash and my in time usually i reaction time who will ship on your vehicle or not? yeah, i thought i i i had to go to the car. oh oh. ready no, no, no, no, no. we bought black. follow up
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with you one the changes you want to do. you like to join the team q i use for many terms. anyway.
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thank you very much by gentlemen or not in your area will always our bodies you help us you big on live with me about the the me ah, you don't you was the for marie she's you know, so he said junior,
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wait to hear. when hearing me yeah, i ah hold for more you can remember that the woman that we yeah. you're not kidding you. me. will you to you in? yeah, you will have you if you will have never put it on the so not the aden tunnel. you
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mainly need, you need us to the end. do you mean you are you are, you are who are i know how can you, i hope you are can you leave a show motto. 8 shante the lot on this for me or the lot i want to lay hire really tight on
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the union you are using yeah. tuition walk the past when i get some good. good. ha. some kid has a made system that says he won. yeah. he's healing and i feel like you did, your heart was not home. you know, y'all do my, you know that you are you. are you thinking? you absolutely love to hear what you want. we'll walk through thought was also we had you have, do you have to send in your policy which you offering or something or you buy it in
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your house after some jana. good susan, playing in a house on the on that hundreds drama. yes. just down to putting got the told me i me you will. sure. yeah, yeah. well you know, he want, you know, i should know what my should do a fascist taylor. i'm not sure how to do a lot in which sounds like that's my issue on
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the knowledge exiting and then one of the only a couple of what i what i how you put it up and then when i you can agree that yeah, forgot to tell me, i'm on high and he was on the hold on one moment. i
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could i need to get him paid there. yeah. law in kentucky. amazing. any off that off and a hotel going so far you've been young had come up with some of the last thing i wanted to talk to you about somehow was on the pass on our la la when i leave from there should i will meeting you soon starting fatima, what is the thing about him? a bundle that with how much of her arm and joshua had since had him in which the girl was locked. the door was going to live on an affair when the
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time of day and i saw your picture of me me. ah and then in a while i thought it me the
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mama, i'm not going to the in the home the one of the guns now when i was sure
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that you need me or your your my the john that for for him it was
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yeah. miss farmer i knew him in the morning. i am quite sure of them allow you a long i . ready thought you well
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well the do you i did what you say that was you going? are you yeah. hi. duties. savannah, georgia to junior what you want us for that when you go to a wedding bleeding by phone, can you can you call me liable for you? and you can call me or natalie mitch of the
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machine such if i need to get a key, let them kill you. that's all it comes with. forget to tell you guys had a bad concussion. i don't have retainers, you've got to pull that up. now again, you can select and yeah, that will know for the family how much you can make you make it sound favorable. ah . so she knew me going to at yahoo or to hook you up with me. yeah, you just watch the
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news the way you are still with me, you know, because you know, you guys got a new one gone. i can give you a call to kinda
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didn't know what to do. you know, so you did that team for jose . jose, what he told me, i with you for that you sang a doing. you know me was a jody issue. what do you know? what you see on a mama, g e d i
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yeah. my mom. my mom called jona. i'm with a lot of it is not a novel we'll we're going to go
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over the limit. so now what i'm showing is it's the crew up top me oh my you to a local agent what, but i just bought some kind on mobile. hi. sure. my shipper number should sound too hard to look. look with a ha, ha ha, gonna see, you know what, we're not sure what happened to me about you can probably give them a list of questions, which i'm not sure what you said. i mean, the system should be, wasn't there isn't anything came to the why,
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why? according to the law, what can you yeah . yeah. well, why? yeah. on that. well, yeah. well yeah. i mean, yeah, or do you know what you mean. ready when you shut down choir, what do you mean? you can what huh. well you know what's actually shown,
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no young sharma you you felt funny? he should not the only me. oh i do not any more. i use hum. passion. okay. i her how i can i was a young kid harder. which will come on on the phone for my crashing you and you
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track international shipping company to become a team, middle east, and tough or trade and money skillfully enough out 3 key areas up to about filling a promise of connecting the world, connecting the future on a cut, cut to gateway to whoa trade the story is them bob way, in her words, she is always told from the perspective of the great man, whether it's even moving on robot mccardie. my responsibility is to tell, is involved with the story in a way that it hasn't really been told before. the ordinary everyday life was involved with the people. i'm writing about patina, got out of darkness, minds and bub way on algebra. i live in an unconventional capital city ever changing and yet forever to find guides. turbulent past stephanie
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deck meets the linens and takes you on a journey. exploring the identity and legacy of europe's rebel capital took out his era. when the fans are barred from the lympics and tokyo, after a current of iris emergency is declared for japan's capital. aah! wants to throw light from a headquarters in time navigator also heads the taliban surrounding provincial capital and i'm going to stun president. biden is due to speak about the u. s. withdraw later in our.


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