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the forefront as a walk in a ration you must never, ever get tired of developing strategies and ignites of passion. stand up in flight generation change on al jazeera. ah ah. again, on the i'll just renew our. there will be no spectators at elliptic events in tokyo, the organizing committee made the decision after japan declared a state of emergency in the capital of our cases, their search. the government has sent hundreds of commandos to these provinces. fighting with the taliban continues for a 2nd day. comes as the case,
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prime minister says the british had joined the americans and withdrawing nearly all their troops from i've gone to sun security forces and have to say they've arrested 2 people in connection with the estimation of president juvenile movies for other suspects were killed in a gun battle south africa, the former president, jacob summa has begun serving his 15 mon jail time after turning himself in. on wednesday nights, a court handed down that sentence when he failed to show up to a corruption inquiry last week. those charges stem from his time and office police had been instructed to arrest zoom if he didn't surrender by the deadline on wednesday. on friday, a court is expected to rule on his petition, challenging. his imprisonment from miller has more from escort resume is being detained. it was shortly before midnight deadline that the former president jacob zooming foundation, announced that he had decided to comply with the incarceration order given by the
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constitutional court a week ago. until now, the former president had resisted arrest. he was supposed to have given himself in last sunday when that didn't happen. police were instructed to arrest jacob's humour. but there were concerns around safety and a potentially volatile situation around in con, blank was through natal, with a former president has a homestead and where he does enjoy significant support. now to avoid any type of confrontation between police and supporters. the former president then took a convoy with his protection service to this correctional facility and escort also inquisitive natal. he's now handed himself in, he's being processed, and it's likely this is where he will spend at least the 1st few days of the
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sentence. because once that processing is completed, authorities determine the most suitable correctional facility or accommodation for the former president, given he's age and his health. he had previously said that he shouldn't be in prison because he's 79 years old. he's unwell in south africa is currently going through a 3rd wave of the covert 19 pandemic. but you will know that you as the former president, he has and presidential protection unit and they brought him to us. but now we have to take over it to ensure that he's in custody custody, and also will have to respond to his special needs. if any happiness identified jacobs and his legal team have submitted an application to be heard by the constitutional court next week. and that's where he's hoping that either the
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judgment made that has found him guilty of contempt of court will be rescinded, or at least his sentence reduce from 15 months. but before that, he does have a pending application at the high court in pre to merits. where he had us for the arrest not to happen, but that judgement is only due on friday. and that's why the former president has been incarcerated. legal experts say the likelihood of that particular case being successful, very slim. and so the next time we could possibly hear from the former president is next week when his lawyers represent him at the constitutional court. possibly in litigation of the sentence, even though it's after the fact. either way, for many sold africans, it may be almost unbelievable that jacob's doom of the former president who hasn't been held accountable until now who faces a number of corruption charges,
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finds himself behind was un security council is set to discuss the p o. p has ground renaissance down later on thursday. the project history ties with egypt down to dawn. but for a few pins, it's a source of pride. many have contributed millions of dollars to the project by buying bonds. and catherine's story reports, they hope it will change their life patch nurse get home issues as all she's ever used to light up her house, a bottle kerosene lamp. she lives in a village, 2 hours drive north about the starbuck dumbness and my good afternoon. we have many health problems. we spend more time than we should in hospitals, and i think it's linked to this lamp. next door, her brother in law is using solar energy, but only he and a few others here can afford it. theater to women, travel far with a donkeys to get the most basic support. if we had a tricity in our village and they wouldn't have to go far to grind mays,
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for example, up to $65000000.00 fuel pins. that's more than half the population are not connected to the electricity. greed many have bought government bonds for the construction of the grand renaissance, dumb africa, the largest hydro electric down about 250 philippines leave in this village. the poor, firmer, who raised a $1500.00 for the construction of the dumb, the passionate about the project, and eagerly waiting to be connected to the grids. if you'll be ha, started feeling the damn for a 2nd time. and this is causing a nice downstream egypt and done are worried about how it could affect their own water flows. the 2 countries want a binding agreement governing how that down with the operated talks mediated by the african union have failed. prime minister, be amid recently told parliament the project will not stop. it does not
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intend to other countries or intention is to work with other countries and improve the state of moses a term was worried about the tensions. he has invested about $2000000.00 in expanding his oxygen and nitrogen energy plant in itc patient of more reliable electricity. his factory, which supplies oxygen to all of the easterly field use facing daily and predictable power cuts for life. because without tell it to fill it with this country cannot be done more due to for us. we are going to be willingly romano. we're always out of agreement. the completion of the done is imminent. and if you'd like to show met desa, his family and neighbors, back in miss rocky village are preparing for what it may bring. catherine saw all
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jazeera miss rock a few appear in europe here says it's informed through don and egypt that it has begun. the 2nd phase of filling the damn, but cairo, and courtroom se filling it without an agreement will affect the region stability and security of 0. hip morgan reports now from su dunn's blue. now state that's near the border with if you every july, all the gates of there was there is dam incidents blue. now states are opened to allow the rivers water to pass through. but this year, engineers are having to change their plans because of a new damp, 100 kilometers upstream in neighboring in europe. and in recent years, the level of the reservoir of the rose area dam used to be lower because we knew how much water was flowing in this year. we've held back more water than usual and change the release pattern so we can continue generating electricity. the dam produces nearly 15 percent up to that hydro electric power, about $280.00 megawatts in all hydropower accounts for have to dance electricity.
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but if you pay rent on them, has raise concerns about their, with their, with operation. which in addition to generating electricity, also provide water for some of to dance, largest agricultural schemes. if his dam is a point of contention with the downstream countries, sudan in egypt, is alec more thought about that to be developed without a legally binding information sharing agreement on the feeling and operation of the renee's on stem. we can't operate serious dam sedan supports ethiopia building of the dam. but with an agreement that it won't affect the reserves dam and it's operations. if you will be us, as they're in his own staff, will generate electricity for more than habits, population and lift millions out of poverty. but egypt is worried it would result in less water flowing downstream. so dan says 20000000 people could be affected by the 2nd phase of filling the reservoir of the few up in renaissance. them is supposed to hold 13500000000 cubic meters of water after the 2nd filling that's made. it was the capacity of the receiver, sam,
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that's the 2nd largest them in for them. but with no agreement between sudan, if you and egypt on how the damage to operate. they are concerned about how it will affect not only under theories, but other food in these dams along the nile, egypt. and dan said, the lack of a deal on the dam will effect the region security, while sudan has ruled out going to were over the dam, joint military drills between it and it's not the neighbor has cause. if you appear to increase its security around it's dam on the blue nile. so damn, government also says it's open to a short term agreement on filling the dam under certain conditions. some analysts say that may be necessary to insure through dan can continue generating hydro electricity. so that is going to lose huge amount of resources by reducing hydro for so this is why we can see huge power outage or out got out of the polar. so the main effect on the hydro power b b during the this period for the 15000000000 cubic meter. thank
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you for down in egypt. have turned to the un security council to provide solution as if you'll be a start at 2nd filling. if you'd be a hazard, get to the move thing, the african union should resume handling the talks. he but morgan like to 0. ruth harris, blue nile in hong kong, $47.00 pro democracy activists charge on the china is national security law. have been back in court. the charges are related to their roles and organizing elections . last july, the aim of that pole was to ensure that enough pro democracy candidates would be elected to the cities legislative council. another member of the raj pack. the family has been sworn to sterling as parliament basil roger fox. scott is now the finance minister. his brothers are prime minister and president, while his nephews also in the cabinets. the family is dominated for lincoln politics for 2 decades. now for an and this has more from colombo master roger pox
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a the latest roger pox to enter the sherlock and parliament that takes the total number of family members to 7 in the legislature of this country. now, bustle, roger, pox i have for a long time being known as a brains on the strategist behind the roger box, the machine. he's kind of the midst of fix it, if you like, who does all the sort of deals the go see ations the wrangling and chops out the strategy. all the raj blocks the machine and that's what we have heard in the previous years. and now he's been brought into parliament, sort of a friendly mc resigning to make way for his entrance into parliament. mine the round part of the prime minister and form a president. obviously, switching portfolios with his younger brother, he will become and has also taken as the minister of planning of policy and planning implementation. so this basically comes at a time when felucca is facing very c, jessica nomic challenges. so,
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roger will have his work cut out for him. part in reserves are i will pretty much all time low. there's a huge amount of debt commitments that she has to meet. i mean, there's literally a challenge on a day to day basis of running the country and the government. i'm a man who don't talk about plans and the things only the size. so if you saw the results, i mean the very fact that the raj boxes chose for him to take before president go top roger, talk to after secretariat. but before going to him and, and taking, he's always as an m, b is a bit of an indicator of the importance or the priority. if you like. there's nothing wrong with it. but that all of us who said the connecting might have been to 1st take it as an empty and then do the minister sorta ship. but that we will cut out is one thing that many people say emergency workers and florida say
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there is 0 chance of finding survivors after a building partly collapse. last month rescuers. i spent 2 weeks now searching through the rubble, but they haven't found anyone alive. since soon after the apartment block fell. 60 people now confirm dead. 8786 others excuse me, remain unaccounted for. at this point, we have truly exhausted, every option available to us in the search and rescue mission for today is about beginning the transition to recovery so that we can help to bring closure to the families. you've been suffering and waiting for nothing we can do can bring back those, we've lost. but we can and we will do everything in our power possible to identify all of the victims and to offer closure to the families in this time of an imaginable grief. the cannes film festival is back after taking
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a break last year because of the co, with 1900 pandemic. a long running feud between the festival and netflix has not been resolved. under festival rules, only films that are distributed in french theaters are eligible to compete. but that means that movies released on netflix are excluded. but critics wonder if they're out of touch and fighting a losing battle that's, that's a butler report from ken. this is what he was seen can films out by netflix. the us streaming giant has produced award winning movies. but because netflix refuses to show its films in french cinemas, it is bought from the festival competitions. totally but forms hold any deck any. all platforms are invited to can amazon co producer opening film net and accepted that the film must have a french release in competition. films must be shown in french cinemas. and the day that netflix accepts this, we will be delighted to have them the route between the film festival and netflix
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began in 2018. when can change the competition? we're. this is what can organize as want to protect french cinema and the experience of watching a film on the big screen. but this, in a more manager says he doesn't regard streaming platforms as a threat of edits. but it's much more in the end of the public, the decides the states, everyone has a netflix or amazon subscription, that people still love coming to the cinema. because most of you shared by us director spike li, the header this year. can jury cinema and streaming platforms can coexist. at one time, there was a thinking that tv was going to kill cinema. so this stuff is not new french lebanese actress to rena. i'll john d has worked on netflix productions for her. it's important that can take
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a stand in front, really protect artists and collect rules and the call to ask the country. and sometimes there are friends or work that really deserves to be watched on big screen. can organize the say they talk to netflix executive regulate, bought. they've been though breakthroughs, though for another year the feud has been in the spotlight, but then can wouldn't be can without some control vesee. natasha butler. i'll just 0 can. coming up on the news, our world number one. ashley barnes. he is one went away from winning wimbledon. peter will show you how she did, how she did in sport in just a moment. i brought to you by accenture. let there be change the
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use me duties by extension that there would be change. oh
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ok. well, peter, i'm back with more now on the decision to bar funds from the olympics and tokyo peter, that's going to drive the rain just over 2 weeks now before the olympic games and have been confirmed that we know fans allowed to attain venues in. so here the president of the international olympic committee almost arrived just as it was announced the games will be held entirely under a new state of covert 19 emergency measures. foreign fans had already been blocked and now that is the case for domestic supporters to organize this have apologize to those who bought tickets. the loss of ticket revenue is estimated to be more than $800000000.00. it's the live now to to time elim pick athlete the british ty, quando fighter lou teller mohammed luther, thank you time from
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a competitive point of view. how does the decision to block fans impact things, impacts things a lot. and i think especially for the minorities boards at the games, you've got to remember that what a minority sport is an opportunity the only come once before years where they can actually compete in arenas which are compatible to our mainstream sport. like football and basketball pack arenas is a massive part of the limpid game and it definitely give we lived. we certainly saw that last night in england football team play and at home in wembley it gives a massive lip when you have an audience. and yes, it is going to be a very different lympics for sure. there's been so much fit about these games. how is the controversial build up affected athletes in terms of preparation? would you say the build up would have affected some
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athletes? however, i think we do have to give credit back. most of the go into this a little bit. games are full time professionals. this is what they do for live in. so suddenly, a lot of the team has done a very good job of keeping the athletes in a bubble and stay focused on what they have to focus on. reality is when they get to tokyo and get to the arena's and see how unusually quiet it is, i think it could affect some performance is definitely i just want to talk a little bit about your own personal situation. you on the stand by list 14, g b, i think that you would jump at the chance to compete despite the current of our situation. absolutely, absolutely. if the options became i would certainly be 1st in line that to represent myself and my nation at the an index. so yes, but as things sound right now,
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i will be going to tokyo. so my support is behind all the things that will be making that flights and special sounds house the, the g, b, take one, those. what? well hopefully we can bring home some gold metals. all right, we'll be keeping a close eye on fortune's as well as those of all the other competitors from the various countries. let's tell him a hama. thank you so much for your time. joining us a lie from mentioned the much appreciated. thank you for having me and i hope to be on again soon. it will be our pleasure. so no offense will be in the arena to watch ashley bossy, make her and then pick day. but she has been enjoying the crowded wimbledon of reaching the final for the very 1st time. the world number one was up against 2018 champion, angelie kirby in the semi. and she took the 1st 663. cobra was 53 up in the 2nd. but bought, he battled back to win it on a time break. she's the 1st australian woman to reach the single finally 41 years. it's a female hoping to claim a 2nd grand slam title of to victory at the french open. 2 years ago,
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the former masters golf champion, unhealthy cupboard ada, has been jailed for 2 years on assaults, charges a quarter in. he's native argentina convicted, the 51 year old for assaulting, threatening and harassing his former girlfriend competitor who won the masters in 2009. and the us open in 2007 denied any wrong doing. but we'll start serving a sentence immediately. new passenger man, signing a seizure remo says he's at the best club to keep on winning trophies. the defend left for madrid last month after failing to agree a contract extension which entity 16 years in the spanish capital, in which he won for champions league some 5 legal titles, joins p s u on a 2 year deal. the news to the euros in england have been charged by us after a fan targets a denmark o keep a cast,
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push michael with the lay the pen during the defining penalty of a semi final level. as the result stands in england or through to the 1st major finally in 55 years, david's folks report the 66000 friends were wembley, most of them hoping to see england reach that 1st major final since winning the world cup in 1966, they were the favorites against the demo side who had powered the way to the tournament impressively, despite the trauma of christie and ericsson suffering a cardiac arrest during their opening game. england did not conceited any goes in that 1st 5 matches. but that changed in a 30 minute courtesy of michel dams. god god the 1st shot to be jordan picks it and the 1st direct free kick to be scored in this is championship england of last the last 4 semi finals. but they didn't panic and hit back quickly. rave sterling was somehow denied by caspar. she miko.
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however, 45 seconds later the dame could do nothing about this. so i'm sending the ball into his own net. what was the 11th goal of the toner, mintz, and england, where level period he put a lot keepers were tested as the teams pushed for a winter in normal time. but they were still locked together as the clock ticked past 90 minutes. but it wasn't until went into extra time that the moment arrived, right? started sterling, awarded a questionable penalty which stood up to a v i o review. i left captain harry cain with a chance to win it for his country. after 26 world cups in europe and championships,
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england were at last through 2 final i've not heard this new wembley like that ever . and to be able to share that with everybody and share it with everybody at home is very special. we know we have one, nothing yet, but you have to enjoy that they get to enjoy when in which we've done well in this tournament. but of course really there's always that fit in in the back of now we got one more to go. i for the final, the biggest test is yet to come on sunday against italy, a team unbeaten in 33 games. but the stage is set for england who will be back at wembley again. the scene is that only of a triumph. 55 years ago. david stokes, out his era the tampa bay lightning have made it back to back stanley comp. victories of the seeing of the montreal canadians one nothing in game 5 on wednesday, the lightnings going the only goal of the game here to see of rock colson. 13 minutes into the 2nd period consecutive championships are not that uncommon lately
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with the penguins anyone in 2016 and again in 2017. this is temple based food sam because having also one in 2000 then to be a part of this and to be able to do it. you know, 2 years in a row, like you've heard me to your 2nd a face saying, oh, you know, are we full and let's be honest, we've been knocking at the door for so many years and now to be able to do it back to back it kind of cement says group as whilst they're special. and these were the themes of the emily arena in tampa after the lightning claims to victory. it was $17000.00 fence present to celebrate 18 winning the stanley cup for the 2nd straight year. they were no friends last year to see the action live because of coven 19, and that's all the sports needs for now. more on the way again, later, the re. thank you so much, peter,
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and thanks for watching the news. our on al jazeera, we're back in just a moment, right on the other side of the break. much more of today's news that has see you in a minute by, by a news news, news, news. news. this lights may look like a city from the sky, but their fishing vessels just outside. i didn't 100 exclusive economic zone. the united states launched operations southern cross to combat illegal and unregulated fishing in the southern atlantic. argentina's coast guard say the main task is to control the movements,
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so they do not cross into argentine territory from this home argent kind authorities can money for what's happening in this economic to fit films. but what a 40 here are saying is what's important is to regulate what's happening in international waters when a war crime is committed, is it kind of just follows a garzon human rights investigator on his unprecedented journey to the french high court. i says it's a pretty place to make sure that the information that i'm going to bring it's taking on the arms trade in his fight for justice, for innocent palestinians and their families made in france on all disease departed from the u. k. indoctrinated by so molly as how can a young man this illusion by violence? we build as light. i am going to make
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a mistake and re unite its common africa. no knife for me. also my last warrior witness documentary on a favor. i fans, or borrowed from the lympics in tokyo, after court of iris emergency is declared for japan's capital. aah! was removed from a headquarters in ohio, getting obligate also ahead police and have to say they've arrested just back linked to the destination of president driven. i'm a don killed 4 others. former south african president, jacob's duma turned himself into.


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