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our network of channels ah, you want to help save the world, needs into your own. ah, ah. pick events in till care will be held without supporters because of the price of colbert $19.00. ah, they're watching al jazeera ally from do with me for lead back. also ahead police in haiti, arrested aspects linked to the assassination of president juvenile marie and killed 4 others for my south african president jacobs, who my turns himself into police to begin serving
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a 15 month jail sentence after failing to show up buddy corruption. harry, i'm just not sure. butler in quest of organizing on locked know how with netflix so there'll be no spectators barrel. mpic events in tokyo, of the organizing committee made the decision to japan declared a state of emergency in the capital as cone of cases. urge the policy for venues outside tokyo will be decided on a case by case basis. medical as experts have criticized france to go ahead with the games. the government in organizes say they're doing everything they can to ensure a safe olympic and paralympic game. she never called, or not used to consider that without the pandemic villain pick gains would be an amazing opportunity to unite people. but unfortunately, the pandemic could not allow us to hold events with full spectators. we are very sorry for the locals living near delane picked venues. peters 10 passports
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presented joins us now on the program. 2 weeks ago before the olympics thought this was kind of expected. what impact is it going to have on athletes and their performances? yeah, so the quality product was expected. i think we all saw this coming. impact is going to have well i think from athletes point of view, consider that they train not just for 4 years between olympics but many of them. they've been training the whole lives for this moment. and you would want to think that winning a middle, whether it be gold, silver, bronze, if the kind of thing that you, you enjoy in front of a crowd, especially in athletics and swimming, some of the other schools well, but especially those 2, those are the 2 flagship events at the olympic games. 80000 people in the swimming arena, maybe 15000 people cheering your name perhaps. and that is gone. that will not be at tokyo. 2020. but for some of the event it doesn't really make a difference. that events like fencing. yeah, exactly. i mean they all certain sports which are a lot smaller, more nice. you know,
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the kind of things that only really get attention every 4 years and in between. i don't want to say nobody caves, but it doesn't get the kind of attention that, that, that it would perhaps like i've been seen being a very good example of that. and in both cases, while the athletes are actually playing or competing, the crowd is expected to keep quiet. so, you know, from an atmosphere point of view doesn't really make a difference. but again, once a full done and medals are being handed out, you'd like to get an applause from, from the car that's not going to be happening in the japanese. because committee president has apologized to to people who have bought their tickets already. what impact is this going to have financially on revenue? i imagine it's going to be costly for sure. well, it's gonna hit them. it's not going to hit the international olympic committee because the i a see already has its money from broadcasting and sponsorships between the $2.00 of them you're looking at around $15.00 to $18000000000.00. however, the ticket sales, that is where the japanese organizing committee loses its money, you looking at anything up through around $800.00 to $900000000.00. and that
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unfortunately is going to have to be paid by the japanese taxpayer. peter, thank you very much for that. not earlier i spoke to dan always who's a sportswriter with the japan times. he says the announcement is hugely disappointing for olympic fun. then for japan as a whole this was supposed to be our shining moment. this was supposed to be a huge moment for, for tokyo, for japan. so much effort has gone into preparing the capital to host these games, the infrastructure, the emphasis on improving service, fir, inbound tourists. everything that has changed in the city over the last decade has been in anticipation of diesel and picks. and now it's going to be a lot of them t stadium. i think that holding this without holding to games, that is the easiest way for organizers to get this event across the finish line. just like the runners,
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just like every other competitor at the games with minimal risk to the health and safety of the athletes and all other kids. parents, by taking away the fans, you're reducing the need for staffing or reducing the number of volunteers who need to be on site. and you're reducing the strain on the public transit system. it makes sense just turn the logistical perspective, but obviously these aren't going to be a game that are, it's not going to create a sense of excitement. you're not going to have the festival atmosphere that we've seen in rio in london in engaging in athens before that. so it is really disappointing. several countries in asia have reported record numbers, of course, 19 infections in recent days. the region appears to be in a 4th wave of the pandemic. it's believe that the highly transmissible delta vary and just to blame the surgeon straining medical resources across the region to their limits. tony chang reports deserted streets in the city of ray lee. of the
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chinese authorities imposed a lockdown. the city on the border with me and my has seen a sudden rising cases in recent days. mass testing is down a way to try and hold the spread, which is thought to originate across the border. inside me on mar itself, the current situation is deteriorating quickly. but instability following the military coup has meant testing and treatment have almost ground to a halt. medics have been targeted by the military because their role in the civil disobedience movement and many have been forced into hiding all, all the huge eagles due to all actions in the ear. but we have to can criminal overnight by the military in indonesia greater transparency. but that has only revealed tens of thousands of daily infections. oxygen supplies of runs so low that many hospitals have had to
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suspend admissions. some patients now relying on private supplies, the film much needed canisters, the hotel. we need oxygen because one of our family members is experiencing breathing difficulties and we are running out of it. that's why i have to queue. we need it badly. even in south korea, the country noted for its effective response to cove at 19 infections, or reaching record levels. the government will uphold existing social distancing rules for next week and do our best to stop to spread by taking extra disinfection measures. new supplies of vaccine arriving in the capital, sol, sent from israel across asia. there's a rush to secure and distribute vaccines as quickly as possible. but with supplies limited, it feels like a race against time. as cove 19th, delta variance swamped asia in a both way. so the change else is there a bank up in the u. k, the government is eating restrictions for people who are fully vaccinated and those
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returning from countries are made medium risk. amber less will no longer be required to quarantine in a hotel upon the rival, a sole part of the u. k. 's easing of koby 19 restrictions for brandon has the latest london given the fact that the you case vaccination program has been so widespread and successful. and then the 65 percent of u. k. adults are now fully vaccinated with both doses of the relevant corona, virus vaccine. so there's been massive pressure on the government to actually start relaxing those restrictions. and that's what the transport secretary, the government minister responsible for the transport has announced today. what he said is that from july 19th, u k. residents who are returning to the u. k to england, specifically, will not have to isolate upon their return. they'll still have to test before they depart from spain or portugal. they will have to fill out the passenger locator forms and they will still have to test within 2 days of arriving back at home. but
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they will not crucially, they will not have to stay at home and, and self isolate. and that was seen that the major deterrent the transport secretary also said that it will not apply to international arrivals into the u. k . let's have a listen to the clarification. the change i'm announcing today will prioritize those vaccinated in the united kingdom. however, as i make clear last week, we want to welcome international. this is back to the new k and a working to extend our approach to vaccinate passengers from important markets and also holding estimation later to summer, such as the united states and the e u. and i'll update the house in due course on how we approach vaccinated individuals from other countries to the fact that this is just u. k. residents returning home is a source of some ice. there's also about the potential cues that are going to build up with this extra paperwork necessary. the passenger locates the form for example, and now the need to prove negative and passport status vaccination. passport that
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already been big cues at u. k. airports. the fear is that they could, they could be extended and become really quite serious and burdensome. and the other thing is the possibility that a variance may be created essentially a new variance as yet discovered by allowing people to mix in this way. so there's the ross, it's not an unbridled well can. there are still a few concerns out that and avenues felice in haiti say they've killed 4 suspects believe to be involved in the assassination of president, given animal ease security official said they were involved in a gun battle with an armed group. police also arrested 2 other men, but did not provide any information about those in cassidy ways was shot during a raid on his home. on wednesday, the trim prime minister closures f. a said the crime will not go unpunished. last in jordan has our report. the family of haitian president shows no moiz will not be able to hold an open casket. funeral assassin shot him several times in the head in
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front of his wife and daughter. early on. one day, later that night, police arrested these 2 men in the patriot vill neighborhood of photo plants. they killed 4 other suspects. 3 officers were briefly held hostage during the reign boys his killing upset local residence for you after you've got with somebody. imagine we live in this area close to the precedent, even when we have problem to the preston. because imagine that will kill him like this. unique because then i heard something go, boom, like an earthquake. i thought something under the soil had been turning. the interim prime minister urged patients to remain call. it was telling you pictures. i have already spoken about this date of the siege declared. the president's body has already been transported into the mog in the copy, told the 1st lady is out of danger and is being seated in florida. as for the
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latest information, his date is stable, he voices, death came as he was in the middle of a political crisis. parliament had been suspended for the past 2 years. and opponents accused moyes of trying to undermine the constitution of the us back boys as decision to stay in power for one more year, just as long as elections took place on time a lot more information, but it's very worried about the state, even as the investigation begins into our prime minister close joseph and the man moiz had picked to succeed him are fighting over who's in charge moiz, his widow marcin was flown to the us to recover from her injuries. but haiti's border with the dominican republic is now closed. the authorities have shut down the airport until further notice raising questions about how haiti will recover from this attack on the body politic was on jordan elgin's era. washington and alan
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fisher joined us from washington allen. there's going to be a you and meeting on haiti later. thursday, what can we expect from that? all the ice and moral capitals are on hey t at the moment. certainly there's going to be a behind closed doors briefing at the united nations in the next couple of hours that was planned. on wednesday, they will be updated no doubt about the events overnight with 4 gunman being killed to being arrested after that stand off with on police and haiti. the what coming from haiti is that the 2 people arrested where to use their words, foreigners. now the united nations could possibly get involved in haiti, they did it before. there was an intervention force there to try to bring come to the country between 20042017. that was controversial than the certainly would be reluctant to get involved again, but they might well be forced to now the united nations, along with a number of other heads of government have said that the appealing for com, the one wise head to prevail. but of course,
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there's the difficulty there. we are seeing a power struggle already. on one hand, you have ariel henry, who was due to be sworn in by the president on wednesday morning. that didn't happen. and claude joseph, who was the prime minister, who was essentially fired by the president. i was due to be placed on wednesday morning now ariel. henry says that it is an extraordinary situation, but he is in the prime minister's office at the moment. what is interesting is that when tony blink and who is the us, secretary of state made his call to haiti to express his condolences for the death of the president. but also to our com and suggest the elections due to go ahead lead to the she should go ahead the person he called with claude joseph. so it seems that the international community for the moment regard claude joseph as the acting prime minister. but of course, everyone is waiting to see how things develop over the next 24 hours the united states, the united nations. and of course mainly the people in alan. thank you. alan fisher live in washington. still ahead on al jazeera,
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ethiopia grand. brandon found that goes out for discussion at the un security council, the project test rating ties with food on a chip, a moment of finance to mark the end of the search was survivors opt a building, collapsing shorda, if now a recovery. yes. ah . hello we got more heavy rain across central parts of china and wet weather getting pushed across towards japan. yet again, we have seen flooding here, courtesy of the may you front, lo, seasonal dam, pause and just to the west, over soccer. in her smell, we saw 198 millimeters afraid in 24 hours could see the same again over the next 24 to 48 hours. very heavy downpours coming through. that's around a month's worth. so we have seen flash flooding as
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a result of that and that wet weather across a similar area as we go on through the weekend is dryer to the south. but it is some, a wetter across the good part of the korean peninsula. we've got some wet weather to particularly wet weather across the endo china and presently could see the south west the monsoon that's driving big down palsy and across much of thailand into cambodia into a good part of vietnam. elsewhere across the region, the philippines, malaysia, indonesia, the usual seasonal range coming in over the next day or so. another seasonal rates are safe. no downpours to southwest the monsoon, driving very heavy right across the piping goal to me on mar, pushing up into bangladesh. a final taste of india, much of india now starting to see the southwesterly rains now pushing all the way because much of the country actually, but even it's more than parts of focused on turning cooler and twitter full of whole this weekend. the who's joined the debate, do not have vaccines reaching those who are most of the needs and amplify your
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voice. it allows a diverse community and how an array of different story know topic is off the table . it's such a tough ethical debate where there is obvious discrimination and systematic discrimination of the place. people are thursdays for new boys. the stream where a global audience becomes a global community on al jazeera. ah, the me a recap of i top stories on 0, they will be no spectators at olympic events in tokyo, the organizing committee made the decision after japan declared
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a state of emergency in the capital afco and virus cases. their search. the u. k. government is easing restrictions for people who are fully vaccinated against over 19 those returning from countries on its medium risk, amber less will no longer be required to current teen hotel arrival. and security forces in haiti arrested 2 people in connection with the assassination of president, driven on luis, for other suspects, were killed in a gun. battle avenue, south africa, the former president jacob zoom is in police cassidy. after turning himself in late on wednesday nights of course sent in so much a 15 months in jail for failing to show up at a corruption inquiry last week. those charges him from his timing office. police had been instructed to read through my if he didn't turn himself in by the deadline . on wednesday, his challenge is imprisonment of ruling is expected on friday for me to mila has moved from escort. where's room has been detained? it was shortly before midnight deadline that the form of president jacob zoom as
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foundation announced that he had decided to comply with the incarceration order given by the constitutional court a week ago. until now, the former president had resisted arrest. he was supposed to have given himself in last sunday when that didn't happen. police were instructed to arrest jacob's humour. but there were concerns around safety and potentially volatile situation around and con, blanket through natal, with a former president has a homestead and where he does enjoy significant support. now to avoid any type of confrontation between police and supporters. the former president then took a convoy with his protection service to this correctional facility and escort also inquisitive natal. he's now handed himself in,
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he's being processed and it's likely this is where he will spend at least the 1st few days of the sentence. because once that processing is completed, authorities determine the most suitable correctional facility or commendation for the former president, given he's age and his health. he had previously said that he shouldn't be in prison because he's 79 years old. he's unwell and south africa is currently going through a 3rd wave of the covered 19 pandemic. you will know that you as the former president, he has a presidential protection unit and they brought him to us. but now we have to take over it to ensure that he's in custody safe custody, and also will have to respond to his special needs. if any happiness identified, take him through my and his legal team have submitted an application to be heard by
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the constitutional court next week. and that's where he's hoping that either the judgment made that has found him guilty of contempt of court will be rescinded. or at least his sentence reduce from 15 month. but before that he does have a pending application at the high court in pre to merits where he had us for the arrest not to happen, but that judgement is only due on friday. and that's why the former president has been incarcerated. legal experts say the likelihood of that particular case being successful, very slim. and so the next time we could, blue hill from the former president is next week when his lawyers represent him at the constitutional court. possibly in litigation of the sentence, even though it's after the fact either way for many solve africans, it may be almost unbelievable that jacob's doom of the former president who hasn't
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been held accountable until now who faces a number of corruption charges. find himself behind was the un security council is said to discuss, he feel p as grand renaissance dam later thursday. the project history ties with egypt tends to don. but we feel pins, it's a source of pride. many have contributed millions of dollars to the projects by buying bonds. and as catherine, sorry reports, they're looking forward to how it will change their life. patch nurse, get home issues as all she's ever used to light up her house, a bottle kerosene lamp. she lives in a village, 2 hours drive north about the starbuck dumbness and my good afternoon. we have many health problems. we spend more time than we should in hospitals, and i think it's linked to this lamp. next door, her brother in law is using solar energy, but only he and
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a few others here can afford it. theater to women, travel far with a donkeys to get the most basic support. if we had our tricity in our village, so they wouldn't have to go far to grind maze, for example, up to 65000000 fuel pins. that's more than half the population are not connected to the electricity. greed. many have bought government bonds for the construction of the grand renaissance dom africa's largest hydro electric down. about 250 philippines leave in this village. the poor, firmer who raised a $1500.00 for the construction of the dumb. the passionate about the project, and eagerly waiting to be connected to the grids. if you'll be a ha started filling the down for a 2nd time, and this is causing a nice downstream egypt and so done, are worried about how it could affect their own water flows. the 2 countries want a binding agreement governing how that down with the operated talks mediated by the african union have failed. prime minister of the med recently told parliament the
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project will not stop. it does not intend to other countries or intention is to work with other countries and improve the state of moses a tim was worried about the tensions he has invested about $2000000.00 in expanding his oxygen and nitrogen energy plant in itc patient of more reliable electricity, his factory, which supplies oxygen to all of eastern the field, use facing daily and predictable power cuts. what is your life? because without the little enough fill it to this country cannot be done more due to for us. we are going to be willingly romano. we're always out of agreement. the completion of the done is imminent. and if you'd like to show met desa, his family and neighbors,
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back in miss rocky village are preparing for what it may bring. catherine saw all jazeera miss rock a few appear in the us emergency workers in florida say there is 0 chance of finding survivors option. building partially collapsed last month. rescuers have spent 2 weeks searching through the rubble in 1st side, but haven't found anyone alive in soon after the apartment block fell. 60 people, i confirm dead back. 86 others remain unaccounted for. a defense is in iraqi capital bank that has been activated after a suspected rocket o drone attack near the u. s. embassy, and drone targeting, the embassy was shot down close to the heavily fortified greenville. and this week there's been a big explosion and fire at the middle east largest port official say, a blast was in a container, ship on, on a ship at devise joe allen port and was found by people living 25 kilometers away.
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if already said the fire has been brought under control and there were no deaths or injury fuse fighting is continuing between afghan forces and taliban fighters in the north western province of 5 days. the afghan government has now sent hundreds of commandos to the area of taliban launch. a major assault on the provincial capital kalokie now and briefly took control of it on wednesday. a group has been on a blistering campaign to capture territory as us forces continue to pull out of a country. mark came. it was a brigadier general in the u. s. army. he believes despite the taliban advance, the afghan government is a long way from collapsing. i think everybody realizes the taliban have a marvellous strategic communications plan. they are going to pick off these targets. they're going to advertise that heavily. social media is going to pick it up. the wordpress is going to pick it up and they're going to turn it into a story about the fall of math canister in. but i think that there's
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a lot of fight left in the national security forces. and this fight has got a long way to go, and hopefully there will be a piece resolution before the situation gets so dire as to perhaps threaten cobble for the u. s. and the coalition in the middle east is going to be to try to support over the horizon, not actually put boots on the ground. but i think the analogy is rac in 2014, it was clear that the iraqi government was falling to a very small but determined group of vices. they invited the united states back in the united states forces are still there. i don't think the president biden wants to be known as the president. the last stuff can a stand. so i'm, i strongly believe that if, if there was a request that came from the government, the binding ministration would probably look at that favorably, maybe not give the afghans everything they want, but would certainly get the americans back in to help out. the canfield festival is
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back after taking a break last year because of the kona virus pandemic. a long running feud between the festival and netflix has not been resolved under festival walls. only films that are distributed in french theaters are eligible to compete. but that means movies release on netflix are excluded. natasha about the reports from cam. this is what you will see in can films out by netflix. the us streaming giant has produced award winning movies. but because netflix refuses to show its films in french cinemas, it is bought from the festival competitions totally. but from fulton county. all platforms are invited to can amazon co producer opening film net and accepted that the film must have a french release in competition. films must be shown in french cinemas and the day that netflix accepts this we will be delighted to have them the route between the film festival and netflix began in 2018. when can change the competition we're.
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this is what can organize as want to protect french cinema and the experience of watching a film on the big screen. but this, in a more manager says he doesn't regard streaming platforms as a threat of edits. but it's much more in the end of the public, the decides the states, everyone has a netflix or amazon subscription, that people still love coming to the cinema. because most of you shared by us director spike li, the head to this you can jury cinema and streaming platforms can coexist. at one time, there was a thinking that tv was going to kill cinema. so this stuff is not new french lebanese actress to rena alexander has worked on netflix productions for her . it's important that can take a stand in front, really protect artists and collect rules and the call to ask the country. and
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sometimes there are friends or work that really deserves to be watched on big screen. can organize the say they talk to netflix executive regulate bought. they've been the breakthroughs, though for another year the feud has been in the spotlight, but then can wouldn't be can without some control vesee. natasha butler. i'll just, sarah can. ah, logan. i'm fully battle with the headlines on ology 0. they'll be no spectators olympic events in tokyo, in 2 weeks, the organizing committee made the decision after japan decay the state imagined seeing the capital as cone of eyes cases edge. you know, that go to not used to constant got good news without the pandemic. the pick gains would be an amazing opportunity to unite people, but unfortunately the pandemic could not allow.


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