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because of sign, the no matter where it takes a police, we are fin your guys. my empower in pasha. we tell your story. we are your voice, your new, your neck out here. ah, hi. this is al jazeera. ah. so this is a news our on our jersey are fully back. people live from our world headquarters is coming up in the next 60 minutes, a state of emergency declared in japan's capital was covered 900 cases rise. the new restrictions will last throughout the upcoming olympic games. police in haiti, arrested prospects linked to the assassination of president juvenile louise and
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care for was also the fowler for my south african president, jacob, whom i turned himself into police to begin serving a 15 month jail sentence after failing to show up by the corruption here when the fashion part like in can with west the organizes are locked in around with netflix in thank you very much for joining us. 2 weeks before the start of the lympics in tokyo, the city has declared a state of emergency in an effort to stop the spread of the current of eyes. the japanese capital has seen a spike in cases which is being blamed on the highly contagious delta vary and the new restrictions include a ban on alcohol, at restaurants and bars and limits on the number of people who can attend an event organizes a currently meeting to discuss whether to allow spectators at the games. we
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continue to be committed to our principle of organizing safe olympic and paralympic games that together with you. and we have shown, you know, this responsibility seen the day of the postponement until today. and we will also show it today and will support any measure which is necessary to have safe and secure will begin. paralympic games were expecting a news conference. the fire of the tokyo 2020 a lamp big cur. organizing committee, during which they are expected to announce whether or not they will band spectators at the games. let's speak to don, always to battle. this is a sports writer where the japan times and he's joining us via skype from tokyo. good. have you with his dad, a lot of chatter that japan may be on the verge of banning all spectators from the
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tokyo olympics. how big of a disappointment would that be for athletes and fans? it would be a disappointment, just across the board. diesel and picks were done. i'm sorry to interrupt you dan, let me interrupt you because we're going to listening now to the tokyo olympic news conference. oh my, we got to include in to the representatives from municipal government and more 2nd, i'm not so including them. a discussion will be a had later today. i mean it's i'm, i combine that no take, good evening mother. stay most. thank you very much for waiting. so she and i know you said she must be going. thank you very much for your cooperation and understanding. a a your business, you organize, you send you the most authority and what they call the thing the most important
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thing on citi medic. so we have to pay $3.00 guys in she already bands in the for the sick. so the in know that i make the current of virus damages as an, in some of the possible we had the maybe had, i never go to go to that. and if everybody has been very cooperative, thank you that nobody has got so much that we don't have many days left before the beginning of things going well. take your take them. i don't give. a them in, it's going to be under the state of emergency. so don't go side them out. i'm kind of a prefix just lucy, did they tell me if you want me to the emergency? just extend it so that be design done. the situation is quite serious. you got to need you back, you need to equal the starting from the july in both. so do things with the state
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of emergency. a some folks this, the extension of time me a my name is jesse said it will be enforced tonight that you see to so those. a this is discussed and i said it may seem that based on the discussion over the 5 discussion we've just had this and i would like to report to joe, they don't session. you see that also the news outside of tokyo will be on this guy that you got one by one, kiki spokesman scott old. you considered methods all night without without the fun to make games, we have very paternity to unite to us a good result. however,
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unfortunately, the time then it wouldn't allow you to access. i got that. i'm also yodi to hold them and us pay him most yes. event with cool. spec day that we are very sorry for the local people surrounding pick venue suite guys. you know what, i don't know. i would like to get with them as the people all over the world to enjoy the only thing about it in a very host it in a very safe and secure way to get to that was i must conclude this is if. 6 you already have, so if you're just joining us on knowledge, there are some breaking news out of tokyo, where japan for lympics minister has announced that organizes of the 2021 empty games in t. okay. which are due to beginning about 2 weeks while they've agreed on holding the games with no spectators in japan's capital till q. this was somewhat expected
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no word yet on whether spectators will be allowed at other venues. the olympics minister is saying that restrictions venues outside of tokyo will be discussed one by one. so the new sign right now is that no spectators, even local spectators, which was what had been agreed on a few weeks ago, will not be allowed at the tokyo games. in about 2 weeks, we were speaking to don all or wait for battle. this was a sportswriter with the japan times joining via skype from tokyo. so we kind of expected this. the announcement is now official. no spectator is at the games in tokyo. how disappointing will this be for fans, local fans, and the athletes who are competing in this case? yes, expected as developments changed over the last few days and disappointing. this was supposed to be our shining moment. this was supposed to be a huge moment for, for tokyo, for japan. so much effort has gone into preparing the capital to host these games,
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the infrastructure, the emphasis on improving service, fir, inbound tourists. everything that has changed in the city over the last decade has been in anticipation of diesel and picks. and now it's going to be a lot of the stadiums and make no mistake. i think that the discussions in the next hour are going to conclude with most of the venues outside of tokyo, also being close off to fans as well, because it's unclear right now whether those venues will be close off. i mean, the minister saying that this will be discussed one by one, the president of tokyo, 2020, saying that it's regrettable that the olympics will be held in a very limited format. apologizing. also hash moto to find who already bought tickets. what impact dan is going to have, you know, how much revenue will be lost as a result of fans not being able to attend in terms of just pure ticketing revenue.
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i believe that they now have a whole of about $90000000000.00 the n roughly $850000000.00 . my math advisor exchange rates are correct that they need to refund. and of course, there was the added economic benefit that these games were supposed to bring, because all of those fans were supposed to buy a merchandise stay at hotels, either restaurant, does it taurus go out, drink, be merry, enjoy themselves, and now that's all gone. yeah. and some sponsors had already even began pulling out of these games. what's the mood like now then in tokyo done ahead of the game 2 weeks from now? is there any sense of excitement at all, or do people just want this to be cancelled altogether? i don't think that people want this to be, i shouldn't say that people want this to be over. i think that holding this
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without holding the games about fans is the easiest way for organizers to get this event across. finished fine. just like the runners, just like every other competitor at the games with minimal risk to the health and safety of the athletes and all other kids by taking away the fans, you're reducing the need for staffing or reducing the number of volunteers who need to be on site and you're reducing the strain on the public transit system. it makes sense just turn the logistical perspective, but obviously these aren't going to be a game that are, it's not going to create a sense of excitement. you're not going to have the festival atmosphere that we've seen in rio in london in engaging it happens before that, so it is really disappointing. so the mode now in japan is just, let's just get it over where thank you so much don. always for talking to us donald, which is from the japan times and peter smith, smith, spanish, sorry,
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i was forced to enter his also with us to talk about this story breaking news. so we were expecting this. i mean, it doesn't really come as a surprise, but that, but what impact is it going to have peter on athletes who are going to be performing at the games and their performance is not to have fans and crowds inside the venues? yeah, for the i think it kinda goes both ways because some sports are so small and so nice that not having a crowd or having a tiny crowd is kinda what they used to. anyway. you pick something like say searching, for example, where it's almost made for television. it doesn't matter that there isn't a crowd right. oh, in faint thing, a good example with a crowd action needs to keep quiet while the athletes are busy. but then you look at the blockbuster events, the pinnacle events, the flagship events like athletic swimming athletics, the other one, those are the 2 big ones swimming in athletics. and often you'll hear that athletes will say things like the crowds, through the bond to do better. i'm seeing image is in my, in my head right now of, of a long jump or perhaps trying to get the crowd going, getting clapping, hands to motivate, going for a world record and be great,
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whatever it might be. first place the gold medal and that elements is completely lost now. right. and dan, from the japan times who was speaking to just a moment ago said people just want to get it over with now in japan, just because this has been going on for 2 years. now, since it was last year, this year, no spectators, local spectators only, but now no spectators at all. what kind of games are we going to be seeing? it's going to be very different from what we've experienced. and i mean very different. but again, you know, from a tv point of view, because you all are going to watch on tv, right? we're not going to be in. so, okay. so again, certainly veins is kinda kind of look a little bit like it looked like anyway. and you remember last year when the panoramic 1st hit struck the world, a lot of food substituted. the lack of audio from fans with manufactured audience is kind of create the fake idea. oh, fake. i thought it was fake. of course, it will affect my mom and say not to say, but i tried to create that atmosphere and i foresee that kind of thing that they
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might try to do, especially when it comes to things like hockey and football. for example, tennis maybe another example, definitely the athletics and the swimming. but again, you, you just think again from a tv point of view, maybe not as much of an impact, but from the athlete perspective. absolutely. because isn't that the idea is the pinnacle of somebody's career to be in that lympics stadium with $890000.00. whatever it is, people cheering that is gone. but what about from a financial point of view, as we've heard some sponsors pulling out these games? that's going to have to begin back. well someone has to pay, but that's how it will be. things were so the ticket revenues that they've lost the estimates go anywhere between $3900000000.00. ok. that unfortunately is going to be painful. but the japanese tax per the i o c has nothing to do with the international olympic committee, but where they make their money is with the broadcasting rights. and they, for this event, has to go ahead so that something on t v, they for the i see get their money. and here we're talking about $15000000000.00. so from that point of view,
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these games were never going to get canceled. all right, thank you so much for being with us and talking to us about this breaking news story out of japan. and of course you'll be joining us later on the news our for most for speed, a stomach, my pleasure. now the 2021 southeast asian game due to take place to get ma'am, have been postponed until next year. the lamp counsel of malaysia made the announcement during a meeting. and marla or, well members agreed. the current corporate situation is not safe enough for the games to go ahead. once several countries in asia have reported record numbers of infections in recent days, the region appears to be a 4th wave of the panoramic. it's believe that the highly transmissible delta vary in this partly to blame. the surge is stretching medical resources to their limits . tony chain has report deserted streets in the city of re lee of the chinese authorities imposed a lockdown. the city on the border with me and my has seen a sudden rise in cases in recent days. mass testing is down
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a way to try and hold the spread, which is thought to originate across the border. inside me mar itself. the current situation is deteriorating quickly, but instability following the military coup has meant testing and treatment have almost ground to a halt. medics have been targeted by the military because their role in the civil disobedience movement and many have been forced into hiding all huge eagles due to all actions in the ear. but we have to can criminals overnight by a military in indonesia greater transparency. but that has only revealed tens of thousands of daily infections. oxygen supplies have run so low that many hospitals have had to suspend admissions. some patients now relying on private supplies, the film much needed canisters to who care. we need oxygen because one of our
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family members is experiencing breathing difficulties and we are running out of it . that's why i have to cue, we need it badly. even in south korea, the country noted for its effective response to cove at 19 infections or reaching record levels. the government will hold existing social distracting rules for next week and do our best to stop the spread by taking extra disinfection measures. new supplies of vaccine arriving in the capital, sol, sent from israel across asia. there's a rush to secure and distribute vaccines as quickly as possible. but with supplies limited, it feels like a race against time cove with 19th delta variance, swamp asia in a both way. so to change else, is there a bank up to the u. k. now where the government is easing restrictions for people who are fully vaccinated. those restrictions are due to come into effect july 19th. let's go to poll brennan,
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who is ly forest in london. so full talk us through some of the restrictions being nice. yeah, it's a big change this to the government's previous policy. what in existence at the moment is that if you return to the u. k, from an amber less country. you have to 1st of all test negative before you get on the plane at your departure points a spain. and then you have to test again within 2 days of arriving in the u. k. and again, after 8 days of arriving within the u. k, if you test negative to day 2, you could have a test to release after day 5. so theoretically for tests which are expensive. and during the course of that, you have to stay at home and isolates for a maximum of 10 days. now that's causing real problems. first of all, for the travel industry who have been complaining bitterly about this, given the fact that the case vaccination program has been so widespread and successful. and then the 65 percent of u. k. adults are now fully vaccinated with both doses of the relevant random virus
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faxing. so there's been massive pressure on the government to actually start relaxing those restrictions. and that's what the transport secretary, the government minister responsible for this transport as announced today. what he said is that from july 19th, u k. residents who are returning to the u. k to england, specifically, will not have to isolate upon their return. they'll still have to test before they depart from spain or portugal. they will have to fill out the passenger locator forms and they will still have to test within 2 days of arriving back at home. but they will not crucially, they will not have to stay at home and unself isolate. and not that was seen as a major deterrent the transport secretary also said that it will not apply to international arrivals into the u. k. let's listen to that clarification. the change amounting to day will prioritize those vaccinated in the united kingdom. however, as i make clear last week,
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we want to welcome international. this is back to the new k and a working to extend our approach to vaccinated passengers from important markets of holes that hold a destination. lay through the summer, such as the united states and the e u, and i'll update the house in due course on how we approach vaccinated individuals from other countries. and so what have been the reaction to these changes fall? well the fact that for example, united states is not yet included in this relaxation scheme, has been a disappointment within the industry. i'll run you through some of the reactions longer. and the chief executive, easyjet said unnecessary testing, still in place and more needs to be done. we won't, we don't want to see the return of flying being the present of rich. i'm pretty sure was chief executive, sean doyle said the government to quickly extend this to all vaccinated passengers and agree a reciprocal deal with the united states and the heathrow boss, john holland kay said that the case should open up fully to vaccinated people from
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more countries particularly our key partners in the u. s. so the fact that this is just u. k. residents returning home is a source of some asked. there's also about the potential cues that are going to build up with this extra paperwork necessary. the passenger locates a form for example, and now that the need to prove negative passport states as vaccination, passport there's already been big cues at u. k. airports. the fear is that they could, they could be extended and become really quite serious and burdensome. and the other thing is the possibility that a variance may be created essentially a new variance as yet discovered by allowing people to mix in this way. so those are off. it's not an unbridled welcome. there are still a few concerns out that whole brandon in london. thank you. morehead on the news hour, including a moment of silence, the mark, the end of the search for survivors. after building labs in florida, it's not a recovery efforts. if you're p as
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a grand renaissance dam projects which has drained ties with don and egypt goes up for discussion at the un security council and in tampa bay make it to family cup. when people have all the actions coming out, ah, police in haiti, state of care for suspects, believe to be involved in the association of president juvenile. we've security official say they were involved in a gun battle with an armed group. police also arrested 2 other men, but did not provide any information about those in custody. movies was shot during a raid on his home. on wednesday, the entering prime minister joseph has said the crime will not go unpunished. ross in jordan has our report. the family of haitian president jovan moiz will not be able to hold an open casket. funeral assassins shot him several times in the head
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in front of his wife and daughter. early on one day, later that night, police arrested these 2 men in the patriot vill neighborhood of photo plants. they killed 4 other suspects. 3 officers were briefly held hostage during the raid voices killing, upset local resident, voice. if you've got with somebody, imagine we live in this area close to the precedent even when we have problems with the precedent, we can't imagine they will kill him like this. then i heard something go, boom, like an earthquake. i thought something under the soil had been turning. the interim prime minister urged patients to remain coal. it was telling you pictures that i have already spoken about the state of the seas declared. the president's body has already been transported into the mog in the capital. the 1st lady is out of danger and is being seated in florida as pitt, the latest information. his date is stable. voice of death came as he was in the
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middle of a political crisis. parliament had been suspended for the past 2 year. and opponents accused moiz of trying to undermine the constitution. the u. s. back voice is decision to stay in power for one more year. just as long as elections took place on time. a lot more information, but it's very worried about the state. even as the investigation begins into our prime minister, close, joseph and the man moiz had picked to succeed him are fighting over who's in charge moiz, his widow marcin was flown to the us to recover from her injuries. but haiti's border with the dominican republic is now closed. the authorities have shut down the airport until further notice raising questions about how haiti will recover from this attack on the body politic was on jordan elgin's era. washington and i speak to alan fisher in washington for he says,
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a meeting on haiti expected of the un today on haiti island. what should we expect from that? well, that was going to give a briefing behind closed doors about the assassination of the president. it's likely to include the developments overnight when we were told that 4 gunmen were killed after they took a number of police officers hostage. and 2 people were arrested, described in haiti as foreigners, that the haitian authorities believe were responsible for the assassination of the president. now the un has already expressed consent. 50 members of the security council said that they were worried about the situation. they appealed for a calm. you remember that the un has been involved in haiti before the senate stabilization force in 22004 and stayed there till 2017. that was pretty controversial, and the u. n. would be reluctant to get involved again, but they would certainly want to see some sort of stability in haiti sooner rather
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than later. and the ability while there isn't any right now and tensions between politicians in haiti, alan exactly which doesn't help the situation on the ground. you have ariel henry, who was due to be sworn n as prime minister on wednesday morning by the president. he was replacing claud joseph, who still says that he is the prime minister of course ariel henry hasn't been sworn in, but he says, while the situation is confused, he is in the prime minister's office. perhaps an indication of how the international community is dealing with this comes in a phone call from the secretary of state, tony blinking to he t on wednesday. and he made that phone call to express his condolences and express the support for the haitian people to call joseph. so it seems at the moment the u . s. is regarding claud joseph as the interim president. but of course, the whole situation still very much confused. the un will be hoping for clarity the
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us will be hoping for clarity, and the rest of the world will be hoping for clarity, at least in the next 2448 hours. thank you for alan fisher live in washington. in south africa, former president, jacob summa has began serving his 15 month jail time after turning himself in. on wednesday night, a court handed down that sentence when he fails to show up to a corruption inquiry last week. those charges him from his timing of in office police had been instructed to arrest him if he didn't surrender by the deadline. on wednesday, on friday, a course is expected to go on his petition, challenging his imprisonment family. the miller has more from, as or where human being detained it shortly before midnight deadline that the former president jacob zoom a foundation announced that he had decided to comply with the incarceration order given by the constitutional court a week ago. until now,
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the former president had resisted arrest. he was supposed to have given himself in last sunday. when that didn't happen, police were instructed to arrest jacob's humour. but there were concerns around safety and potentially volatile situation around and con, blanket through natal, with a former president has a homestead and where he does enjoy significant support. now to avoid any type of confrontation between police and supporters. the former president then took a convoy with his protection service to this correctional facility in escort, also inquisitive natal. he's now handed himself in, he's being processed and it's likely this is where he will spend at least the 1st few days of the sentence. because once that processing is completed, authorities determine the most suitable correctional facility or accommodation for
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the former president, given his age and his health. he had previously said that he shouldn't be in prison because he's 79 years old. is unwell in south africa is currently going through a 3rd wave of the covert 19 pandemic. but you will know that you as the former president, he has and presidential protection unit and they brought him to us. but now we have to take over it to ensure that he's in customer safe custody. and also we'll have to respond to his special needs. if any happiness identified, take him through my and his legal team have submitted an application to be heard by the constitutional court next week. and that's where he's hoping that either the judgment made that has found him guilty of contempt of court will be rescinded. or
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at least his sentence reduced from 15 months. but before that he does have a pending application at the high court in 3 to merits. where he had asked for the arrest, not to happen, but that judgement is only due on friday. and that's why the former president has been incarcerated. legal experts say the likelihood of that particular case being successful, very slim. and so the next time we could possibly hear from the former president is next week when his lawyers represent him at the constitutional court. possibly in litigation of the sentence, even though it's after the fact either way, for many south africans, it may be almost unbelievable that jacob's duma, the former president who hasn't been held accountable until now who faces a number of corruption charges, finds himself behind was the un security council is fed to discuss
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a few p as ground renaissance dam later thursday. the project has trained ties with each of tends to don bye for a few p, and it's a source of pride when he has contributed millions of dollars to the project by buying bonds. then as catherine story report say, hope it will change her life patch nurse, get home issues as all she's ever used to light up her house, a bottle kerosene lamp. she lives in a village, 2 hours drive north about the saba who down there is a my good afternoon. you know, we have many health problems. we spend more time than we should in hospitals, and i think it's linked to this lamp next door. her brother in law is using solar energy, but only he and a few others here can afford it. theater to women, travel far with a donkeys to get the most basic support. if we had our tricity in our village so they wouldn't have to go far to grind maze, for example, up to 65000000.


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