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place to make sure that i'm going to bring it's taking on the arms trade in his fight for justice, for innocent palestinians, and their families made in france on all disease. the play again, i'm fully back to boy, until how would the headlines on al jazeera security forces in haiti say the va, arrested to people in connection with the assassination of president juvenile. mcgee's for other suspects were killed in a gun battle. japan has declared a state of emergency in an effort to slow 30 uncovered 19 infections. the rise in cases is being blamed on the delta vary and that comes just 2 weeks before the opening of the tokyo olympics organizers will be meeting shortly and are expected to decide on whether to allow spectators that the games several countries in asia
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is struggling to cope with a record number of call, the 1900 infections. it's believe that the highly transmissible delta varied is responsible for a spike. in cases the government says crumbling to secure and distribute vaccines. the africa cdc is warning of rising cope in 1900 cases across the continent. very 14 infections are up by 22 percent compared to a week ago. nicholas hark has more from synagogue capital the car. this is the worst week since the beginning of the pandemic for africa. there's more cases than the peak of the 2nd wave, a quarter and a quarter of a 1000000 people have been infected in just last week alone and a half of those inspections are taking place in south africa. but that's just the tip of the iceberg. there are many more undetected cases or people who are carrying the virus, the virus without knowing it. in other regions. south africa, the former president, jacob's humor is in police custody after attorney himself. in late wednesday night,
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the court sentence who might have 15 months in jail for failing to show up, but a correction inquiry last week. un security council is set to discuss ethiopia as grand renaissance. later on thursday, the project has trained ties with egypt and sudan. those countries fear it will greatly reduce your access to supplies of fresh water from the nile. in hong kong, 47 pro democracy activist george under china's national security law have been back in court. the challenge is related to their roles in organizing elections last july . and in the us emergency workers in florida say there is 0 chance of finding survivors after building partially collapsed last month rescue as i spent 2 weeks searching through the rebel. but haven't found anyone alive him soon after the apartment block felt 54 people. i confirm dead. those are the headlines on al jazeera witness continues next day with this. i
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had it on you on it. i want you to still go with that. it was on one second and again, it was going to be susan. susan, susan, susan got caught up with a little game, a local,
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get them. i got a half an hour. i said, if i said i forgot to instantly, i couldn't figure out what was going on. so when i was open from what that's what i was, i mean what's the one that's going into the sun and i went down mediterranean sea vessel. the
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deal had it will show an increase left to mid or negative out my back to you and let them as well if you will do it in for like because you are going to give us good luck in the world. the b o y a my why, why? well, bye bye bye. by the way,
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i do other month has to be well, okay. and then i have to look up to the bottom because we'll do the seo because just like a cup, can i have to come in and look at the oh well you know, what i will do to do this kind of do we do all the current job don't know, you always love me. no, i don't like okay too hard for me to say well listen, listen,
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i know you're the call. i know the father of my kid. yeah, but i wouldn't i call there too. i love you. i love you, but i know what happened. i thought things changed. my said firm and things changed my mind. well, i don't know. i'm not pushing, i'm pushing. you can live. ok if you want to be in who's like you could being like bomb saying me, i knew that i don't think nothing's gonna happen for them. if you want to call you all i do want to take care of you all. you think? i think it was jackie. well, well, i'm 31 think you could one away from him or someone else. another kid you deduct your lives by now mom is like, you know,
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you got to the right well, i'm not off the last and i maybe i'm going to go and i'm going to send in. but you know, you're well ok to get to listen. i told him animal i did that. did you have the last time you and his voice? me
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in the month and took off. i went to a new all night and i have to walk. how can i imagine she was? okay. i didn't look because look what i love it, that it among the minute. jeremy june, june, think it's jamie, i'm calling to know why why not id be due to a plane and they couldn't a lead. did you need not allowing them to and i
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haven't had a little know how you thought hey, an employee inquiry. well, i will blow up that cup when i had done on on a more holy i will. fantasy would let you know. well somebody could go. i think it was, it was for me oh honey, i've been trying to call you on your messages. i know you said you've been a citizen. i just wanted to talk to
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you. yeah. i oh yeah. oh, i would love to get to the rope. if i am going to and i'm doing my summer, i want you to company ruby and i will need to bring justice in yet. and you know, i'm just being a business. i'm just thinking it's really important that we try. i best to make sure it doesn't go well, what do we watch?
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i'm just like together. that's what, that's why i'm making me a big the you know what is going round? i the with the the
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news . the news the news. the
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news them have started haven't met because you know the have be some were you looking to see actually i think a lot and middle school. so we're going to get out of me finally go and you find true to make sure you put your possible, you know what i'm going to say the why do that?
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what we've been bringing back for us to do a nice leaf and he's been sleeping ever since this jenny you go for the mom all the.
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2 me know, you may look so on the phone, you know, doesn't hello you don't pick muslim families are going to take for him to get you know you look it out but just look up a box. 2 okay, okay. 2
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okay, we'll go, go, okay. okay. me time . me. me do just all right. you don't want this going to get somebody come going
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in the in the morning. news. wish wish but a pink all the vital tab named just say the why way of sending it to one to join your band parents in the u. k. for
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your oil palm you can apply for a british passport. if you are a citizen, riches subject. british national over the which is protect earth and then where do i don't know said mama, you don't know where oh god, i think i have this great british overseas paris citizen the
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issue. they went to somebody mc possible today with integration to team didn't even get up and this is costing money. where am i going to get the chance to do this again? and how long can i continue knocking on that? don't help me. i
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me ah ah ah, who the the the, the oh the the the the who's working for and how do we get out?
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how do i go out and how do we become a family in the u. k. plan a application that don't work. just plan me plenty invent something to get myself to you. oh, you could also make a big make might work which might work. and if that don't work, we as plan was plenty, then you can see that you guys move to african come again. there's no way i'm going to do that. i'm going to come in. uh huh. how to do that. take pleasure to be on my way. plenty. i don't know. i guess a hard time. they know because please take no knife for me all for my kid.
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do go online. i don't understand was comes to us and i can't get mad at that stage collectible you and him combine. i just can't see myself being africa again. i don't know. you can. isn't your blood stained africa for so long? do you think because i'm here i actually like been that way because i mean, worst comes to us. i guess the future for my son feel me
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me a little money in our lives done this before was low and i'm just improvising i think someone referred me to me and me. how are you doing? i'm going to read beyond that. i know
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what you do, you know, i like the all the way me
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when you get me to discover
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a world of difference determination. i'm coming down. we are moving freedom. we plan on the 16th of corruption and compassion. the l just 0 world, a selection of the best films from across our network of channels. news news, news. ah, it's time for the journey. the winter sponsored by cattle airways. hello, the weather is very much on the warm side for central parts of south america lost
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the clear skies here, but further south dakota fair, but a cloud, some wet weather coming into central and southern parts of chile santiago, 20 celsius 19 celsius. therefore, one service point of service turns a little warmer as we go through friday, turning cooler therefore santiago. suddenly we'll just bring some snow up over the and is a point of service turning woman normally winds warm. normally winds here when you push further north, still the showers once again looking rather live across the northern parts of brazil into columbia, into venezuela. pushing up towards the caribbean and west side of the caribbean, seeing the worst of the showers still some heavy showers there into nicaragua, pushing across panama, scattering showers there for central america lousy dry quasi on those lovely weather. here i see one or 2 showers into trinidad and tobago, but i think too much to worry about war in the west. sunshine van showers. could there was a bit more of the sunshine across the east side of the us with the tropical storm elson. now bringing some really heavy rainfall up across the carolinas. and that's
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going to continue drifting further north over the next couple of days. so some really wet weather coming into new york into new england into that eastern side of canada. heavy rain continues across the deep south, but hot and dry for the west. ah, sponsored cattle airways. the story is bob way in her what? she is always told from the perspective of the great me, whether it's even new robot mccardie. my responsibility is to tell, is involved with the story in a way that it hasn't really been told before the ordinary. everyday life was involved with the people. i'm writing about patina. got out of darkness, mice and bob way on algebra. we town the untold story. ah speak when others don't. ah, we cover all sides. no matter where it takes
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a police fin, your guys my power and passion. we tell your story. we are your voice, your new, your neck out here. ah, this is al jazeera. ah, this is a news our on alger 0, fully back, people live from our world headquarters in bill coming up in the next 60 minutes. a state of emergency declared in japan, capital westcove in 1900 cases rise. the new restrictions will last throughout the upcoming olympic games. police and atc, the arrested suspects linked to the fascination of president.


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