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and i pulled money together to help and soon customers started contributing as well . some have created apps to link people who need assistance with those who can provide it. there are donation drives online to help people pay rent and other bills. but the white flag campaign has also started another trend directed at those in power. the economic district and desperation has fuels resentment towards the government. as social media campaign is calling on people to fly a black flag as a symbol of the anger that calls for the prime minister and we didn't. yes, in to resign. his biggest coalition partner a party known as i'm no, says it's withdrawing support for him. we'd in leadership cannot be tested until parliament resumed later this month. but for those trying to survive from day to day, politics is the last thing on their mind. florence louis al jazeera carla can
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ahead on the news. our india is controversial. anti terrorism law is in the spotlight after the death of an activists behind by a moment of silence to mock, the end of the search for providers to a building collapse in florida is now a recovery. se, and roger federer has run at wimbledon, comes to a whole. people have that story coming up, stay with us. we're back up to a hello for. he continues across eastern parts of year. further west, we have got cooler weather with some showers and in between quite a bit of clout and sundry down pools developing across central parts of here we have the weather system making its way through so could see some flash flooding as the heavy rain sets in here we'll see some wet weather anywhere from around the
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outs. so switzerland, southern part of france over towards selim, areas of germany, into poland and over towards the baltic states. and that's going to linger. there we go on 3, friday, some heavy rain just coming back into that eastern side of germany. as i said, it could cause some disrupt, disruptive weather possibility of some localized flooding. still some showers further west temperatures starting to nudge up going in the right direction. but they are going to see some wet weather from time to time by the south is hot, dry and sunny across the mediterranean. hot and getting hotter across the good parts of spain. actually madrid, for example, average temperature, 32 celsius, 34 on friday, we getting up to 40. by the time we come to sunday, some parts of the southern spain could get into the mid forties temperatures on the rise to cross northern parts of africa. she was doing quite nicely cross the central belt. was he plenty of shabby with some thunder into nigeria all the way to west africa? the, who's the author to yeah.
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one of the world's most famous film festivals is back with love mandatory and doors, the social distance thing in place. in some countries unable to attend the camera, the very piece of it recreate the magic y self reaches the council festival now to the covey. 1910 is threatening one of singapore, my blood tradition. it's famous straight to the fragile use on $1.00 0, $1.00 east investigate it. poker can innovate to survive on al jazeera departed from the u. k. indoctrinated by somali as and how can a young man disillusion by 5 and we build as light. okay, i'm going to make a mistake and re unite it's family advocate for me also. my kids last warrior witness documentary on
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a jazz ah, ah ah, you're watching the news out on al jazeera, i reminder of our top story security forces in haiti say they arrested 2 people in connection with the assassination of president, driven on leave for the suspects were killed in a gun battle, south africa, the former president, jacob's whom i is in police custody after turning himself in late wednesday night at port sent in my to 15 months in jail or failing to show our fatty correction inquiry last week. and in hong kong, $47.00 pro democracy activists charged under national security. non, i've been back in port charges are related to the roles in the pro democracy
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primary elections in july last year to the us now, where emergency workers in florida say there is 0 chance of finding survivors after building partially last, last month. rescue is have spent 2 weeks searching through the rubble, but haven't found anyone alive. in soon after the apartment block fell. 54 people confirm dead, but 86 others remain on accounted for. officials have promised to continue recovery efforts until all the remain found. at this point, we have truly exhausted, every option available to us in the search and rescue mission for today is about beginning the transition to recovery so that we can help to bring closure to the families. you've been suffering and waiting for you. nothing we can do can bring back those, we've lost, but we can and we will do everything in our power possible to identify all of the
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victims and to offer closure to the families in this time of an imaginable grief and new un resolution has been put forward to extend a mandate for a delivery to northern syria, nearly a 1000 trunk scary supplies from turkey every month, but the program set to expire on saturday. if russia refuses to approve it for extension the you and has one that could lead to a humanitarian catastrophe, resource adar reports. this is one of the biggest mandatory in 8 operations in the world. at the us senior cross border center, turkeys hot a provence freight trucks are loaded with critical aid including food, medical supplies, and shelter materials. but this may be one of the last shipments to northern syria when it's been an okay device. what you see behind me is the last delivery from us to the north of syria. through the years we've tried to provide basic conditions
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for the displace civilians and the standards of living by providing aid. if the site stops, we were turn to 0. trucks have carried critical aid into the regents is 2014 most of the 4000000 people in syria as northwest, including the 2600000, eternally displeased. depend on mentality and 8 delivered to the only un authorized border crossing bible. however, the aid is white or for millions of people devastated by a decade or for most of my money. if we don't receive the aid we aren't able to survive. can anyone survive without water and food? i lost my husband in the war and i am looking after 7 kids 8 group say last year the u. s. found the $200.00 for humanitarian programs in northwest syria, worth $300000000.00. if the cross border a mechanism is not a need $90000000.00 of funding because the law but syrian president specialist says
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main. russia is indicating it won't work to renew the program after it expires on july 10th. most will save us 8 should be delivered to the government in damascus, nevada city. the regime will use the 8 as a weapon against people in northern syria. if it's distributed through damascus. we've seen the regime act that way in the past, and we demand the international community act. do you see some serious, most well known people leaving the province and the failure to extend authorization for the delivery of a to them? we have the recitative consecutive millions of people are gathered across hundreds of similar camp with limited access to water, food, electricity, and medical care. they say they're afraid of what could happen if the growth was 8 they. so that's what it will need, isn't the need that fear it,
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heightened by the government, continue that tax insult and it live, forced in many more civilians, to flee the camps like this, where they may find how is no longer on the way rescue side of the edge of the, or it live syria, there's been a big explosion and fire at the middle east, says largest sport. officials say the blast was in a container on a ship at devise, jebel, on the port, and was thrown by people leading 25 kilometers away. the authorities see the fire has been brought under control and there were no deaths or injury gunmen who abducted more than 120 calls students in northern nigeria have demanded food for their hostages. while they wait for ransom to be paid, the children were taken on monday from a boarding school in northern kaduna state is the latest in a string of mass abductions in the region around a 1000 students and staff have been kidnapped since december. to shoot lankin, i wear another member of the roger packs. the family has been shown into cabinets
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by 0, roger pack size. now the finance minister is brother, our prime minister and president, while his nephew is also in the cabinet. the family is dominated lanchen politics for 2 decades now. for 9 days has more from colombo bass and roger pock. say the latest roger box to enter the sri lankan parliament. that takes the total number of family members to 7 in the legislature of this country. now, bustle, roger pox have for a long time being known as a brains on the strategist behind the roger box, the machine. he's kind of the midst of fix it, if you like, who does all the sort of deal the in the go see ations the wrangling and chops out the strategy. all the raj blocks the machine and that's what. 7 we have heard in the previous years, and now he's been brought into parliament, sort of a friendly mc resigning to make way for his entrance into parliament. mind the
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round part of the prime minister and form a president. obviously, switching portfolios with his younger brother. he will become and has also taken as the minister of planning of policy and planning implementation. so this basically comes at a time when felucca is facing very see jessica nomic challenges. so, roger will have his work cut out for him part in reserves that will pretty much all time low. there's a huge amount of debt commitments that she has to meet. i mean, there's literally a challenge on a day to day basis of running the country and the government. i'm a man who don't talk about plans and the things only the size. so if you saw the results, i mean the very fact that the large boxes chose for him to take was before president, go top roger box after 2nd period. but before going to him and, and taking, he's always as an m b a is a bit of an indicator of the importance or the priority. if you like. there's
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nothing wrong with it. but that all of us who said the connecting might have been to 1st take it as an empty and then do the minister sorta ship. but then we, his will cut out is one thing that many people say the death of a well known catholic priests in an indian prison has highlighted the use of controversial anti terrorism law. 84 year old stand swami was jails last year accused of supporting outlawed communist rebels. he was imprisoned without charge or trial and denied bill despite his ailing health. as if random, half a story from new delhi mourners gathered at stan swami's funeral in the city of mon by on tuesday after his death for the heart attack, they held up signs. reading stan swami didn't die. he was killed. so the thank you lot for the, the catholic priest was present deductible last year and denied a bay despite his aiding health due to advanced parkinson's disease. he was the
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oldest of a group of 16 human life activists accused of instigating violence during march by disadvantage hindus. it mod austria state in 2018. none of the 16 have so far been charged or faced trials. no excuse for many who knew stan swami says he didn't commit any crime that was actually very committed, especially in the last 2 years to the right of the under trials. and he was trying to help people who had been treated in his mind. and then he said i needed india and he became another child. and the same kind of persecution, swami's imprisonment, was condemned by both the un and use human rights reporters. we are deeply saddened and disturbed by the death of 84 year old father stand swami. while mom buys hello ger central jail, he's health deteriorated, and he reportedly contracted cobit 19. his repeated applications for bare were
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rejected. so there is a politic one of india's most senior lawyer says the government is misusing anti terror legislation called the unlawful activities prevention act, or u a. p. a. this, you will be a law and the case has been used to after target prominent human ride defenders and activists. and to put them away because they are raising questions whether and organizing people and protests had said trying. this is the way the status of responding and retaliating the governments release to statements defending the case . it's taking against the activists and the decision to imprison swami and these external affairs. spokespersons is the government as following due process in the case and that authorities act against violations of law and not against the legitimate exercise of rides. the human rights activists say the fact that only 2.2 percent of everyone held under the anti terrorism legislation over the past 5 years
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has been convicted, means the law must change. elizabeth koran and algebra new delhi. for me, us present, donald trump has filed a class action lawsuit against facebook, twitter and google, that tech giant suspended him from their platforms after his supporters to the capital building. in january. the company cited concerns that he would incite further violence with his claims that the democrats stole the election. but trump said he was wrongfully centered and he is throwing the company's chief executive. there is no better evidence that big tech is out of control than the fact that they banned the sitting president of the united states. earlier this year, a band that continues to this day were demanding and to the shadow banning a stop to the silencing and a stop to the blacklisting, banishing and canceling that you know so well our case will prove this.
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censorship is unlawful, it's unconstitutional and it's completely an american. now once again, the cannes film festival has bought films from streaming giant, including netflix from it's for just competition. organizers say the festival must support and protect the city my experience, but questions are being raised by critics as to whether they are out of touch and fighting a losing battle. natasha. but larry, for some cass, this is what you will see in can films out by netflix. the us streaming giant has produced award winning movies. but because netflix refuses to show its films in french cinemas, it is bought from the festival competitions. totally, but forms on all platforms are invited to can amazon co producer opening film net and accepted that the film must have a french release in competition. films must be shown in french cinemas and the day that netflix accepts this we will be delighted to have them the route between the
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film festival and netflix began in 2018. when can change the competition we're. this is what can organize as want to protect french cinema and the experience of watching a film on the big screen. but this, in a more manager says he doesn't regard streaming platforms as a threat of edits. but it's much more in the end of the public, the decides the states, everyone has a netflix or amazon subscription, that people still love coming to the cinema. most of you shared by us director spike li, the head to this you can jury cinema and screaming platforms can coexist. at one time there was a thinking that tv was going to kill cinema. so this stuff is not new french lebanese actress to rena agenda has worked on netflix productions for her.
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it's important that can take a stand in front, really protect if artists and electrolyte and the call to ask the country. and sometimes there are friends or work that really deserves to be watched on big screen. can organize the say they talk to netflix executive regulate bought. they've been the breakthroughs, though for another year the feud has been in the spotlight, but then can wouldn't be can without some control vesee. natasha butler, i'll just 0 can still ahead on al jazeera action from the euros as england reached at the 1st major final in 55 years. that's coming up next with a with a news
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news news with me. ah ah
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ah ah. now thank you very much just over 2 weeks until the lympics and it looks increasingly likely that fans will be banned after the city was placed into a fresh cove at 19 state of emergency. the president of the international olympic committee, thomas buck arrived in turkey, just as it was announced the games will be held in highly under emergency measures . he is now isolating for 3 days at the i o. c. hotel. foreign friends have already been blocked from attending, but organizing had hoped to allow 50 percent capacity crowds for domestic supporters. this is now expected to change though with an announcement expected. later on thursday. i
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to the euro's and we now know it's going to be england who play italy in sunday's final. garrett southgate side for from a gold down to be denmark and extra time to reach the 1st major final in 55 youths . david stokes reports the 66000 friends were wembley, most of them hoping to see england reach that 1st major final since winning the world cup in 966. they were the favorites against the denmark side who had powered their way to the tournament impressively, despite the trauma of christie and ericsson suffering a cardiac arrest during their opening game. england did not conceited any goes in that 1st 5 matches. but that changed in the 30 minute courtesy of michel dams. god just got the 1st shot to be durham pickford. and the 1st direct free kicked to be scored in this is championship england of last the
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last 4 semi finals. but they didn't panic and hit back quickly. re sterling was somehow denied by caspar. she miko. however, 45 seconds later the dane could do nothing about this. so i'm in here sending the ball into his own net for what was the 11th and goal of the tournament. and england were level headed here. keepers were tested as the teams pushed for a winter in normal time. but they were still locked together as the clock tick past 90 minutes. but it wasn't until went into extra time. the only safe moment arrived started. sterling awarded a questionable penalty which stood up to a v i o review. i left captain harry kane with a chance to win it for his country up
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to 26 world cups in european championships. england were at last through to a final. i've not heard this new wembley like that ever. and to be able to share that with everybody and share it with everybody at home is very special. we know we have one, nothing yet, but yet you enjoy that get to enjoy when in which we've done well in this tournament. but of course, there's always that fit in the back of your mind that we've got one more to go. for . the final, the biggest test is yet to come on sunday. again, it's really a team unbeaten in 33 games. but the stage is set for england who will be back at wembley again, the scene is only of a triumph 55 years ago. they stokes outages era now to some big club football johnson. you suit your ramos, that's fun for the french champions. paras, benjamin the defendant,
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left round madrid last month after failing to agree a contract extension which ended he's 16 years at the club during which he won 4 champions, league and spanish legal title. you now joined p. s g on a 2 year deal. the tampa bay lightning. i've made it back to back stanley come victories off the scene of the material canadians one nothing in game 5 on wednesday. the lightning going the only goal of the game, courtesy of ross colson, 13 minutes into the 2nd period consecutive championships are not that uncommon lately with the penguins having done so. as recently as 20162017. this is temple a 3rd stanley cup having also won in 2004 to be a part of this. and to be able to do it. you know, 2 years in a row, like you've heard me to your 2nd a face saying, oh, you know, are we full and let's be honest,
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we've been knocking at the door for so many years and now to be able to do it back to back it kind of cement says, group is whilst they're special. and these were the things that the emily arena in temper after the lightning clench victory. it was $17000.00 fans present to celebrate a team winning the stanley cup for the 2nd straight year. because of kind of 19 a year ago though, they were no fans to see the action live. well, number one and 2 feed ashley body will headline, is the women semi finals at wimbledon. the australian will face a former champion in angelie curb and later. meanwhile, in the men's court, finally, roger federer was eliminated. on wednesday, the 1st was beaten, a straight face by her catch of poland, including a 6 love sweep in the 3rd. federal did receive a standing ovation from the crowd, but fully aware that this could be the last time they see him. vacation
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center sick, you know, look, i love it. that's why i play and that was still play. now i'm actually very happy. i made it as far as i did here. and i actually was able to play wimbledon at the level that i did after everything that i went through. so of course i would like to play it again, you know, but at my age who just never sure what's, what's around the corner, a roger was, was congratulating me and then to wish you good luck for their, for their, for the next matches. so, so i was out of the desk discussion after, i mean, obviously walking out of the car, they're realizing that the, that i, one against roger, i mean to say it's kind of dream come true, especially here on the, on the grass in wimbledon. so, so, so the best way with the crowd there and as well. so it would be the federal joke of the final of many and hoped for the will member one, the other welding favorite to win a food consecutive wimbledon title. now he put in another solid performance to be
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hungry marks on fish, which leads to semi final job which winning and strikes it for the 4th match in a row and a pod to see who will stop him. claiming a record equaling 20th. the grand slam title, i'm not chasing anybody, i'm making my own path in my own journey and you know, my own history. so i'm privileged to be part of history of this for today that i love makes up for jock bitches. canada's dennis shop of all of the 22 year old book, the spots in the semi finals of a grand slam for the 1st time. he defeated russian cutting the hutch after being down to say it's the one so puddle of has lost all 6 previous encounters. the joke of which and that is we will leave it for now. most fulton is on the way again a little bit later falling be to thank you very much for that. that's it for this news. our on our just there for me fully back to the whole news our team. thank you very much for watching and don't forget there's more news on our sites. al jazeera
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dot com, the very late if and all of our top stories on there. i'll just hear a dot com down in jordan news. where do you next with more of the day? seems thanks for watching. ah ah ah, ah ah, ah welcome to portal your gateway to the very best of onto there an online content that you may have met. a new program the 5th through our platforms makes a connection and presents a digestible scene. each the award winning online content
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on their audience portal with me, sandra, gotten on to 0. me the story as bob way in her words. she is always told from the perspective of the great man, whether it's even livingston the robot. my responsibility to tell is involved with the story in a way that it hasn't really been told before the ordinary. everyday life was involved with the people. i'm writing about patina. got out of darkness, mice and bob way on algebra. i was welcome for iran, a president elect in his hometown of masha at the mom or the shrine, crowd had gathered to hear what their newly elected leader abraham, right. you have to say on the issues that affect the job shuttle in domestic politics, domestic policy and foreign policy. the focus should be on the dignity of this nation. and the focus should be on the fact that in any negotiation,
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the dignity of this nation should not be hers is already made large with promises including fighting corruption, improving the country's economy and maintaining your own best interest in negotiations. but it's not clear yet if you will be able to deliver on his promises . ah, elise and hate say that killed for suspects linked to this estimation of president jovan illinois to others have been arrested. ah, hello, jordan, this is al jazeera allies and also coming up for my son, african president, jacob's duma turned himself in to begin serving a 15 month jail term for not showing up. but a corruption here. parts of asia struggled to control a surge and curve at 900 in.


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