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unable to attend the glamorous therapy suspense, recreate the magic of my self reaches a council festival. well now do you feel a lot of the stories that we cover all highly complex? so it's very important that we make them as understandable as we can, as always is there a correspondence? that's what we strive to do. me. i didn't run cotton. joe hall, the top stories on out there. with horace, he's an 8th. he said they've arrested 2 people in connection with the assassination of president jovan l. loyce. 4 others were killed in a gunfight with security forces while he was killed at his home early on wednesday . his wife was injured and has been taken to the us for treatment, wasn't jordan reports. the family of haitian president show of no moiz will not be able to hold an open casket. funeral assassin shot him several times in the head in
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front of his wife and daughter. early on, wednesday, later that night, police arrested these 2 men in the patriot vill neighborhood of photo plants. they killed 4 other suspects. 3 officers were briefly held hostage during the reign, voices killing, upset local residence for you after you've got with somebody. imagine we live in this area close to the precedent. even when we have problem to the precedent, we can't imagine. they will kill him like this. you know, come to them, i heard something go, boom, like an earthquake. i thought something under the soil had been turning. the interim prime minister urged patients to remain coal gave was that if you would, if we, i have already spoken about this date of the seas declared, the president already has already been transported into the mall in the capital. the 50 lady is out of danger and has been seated in florida as paid the latest information. his date is stable. he voice of death came as he was in the middle of
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a political crisis. parliament had been suspended for the past 2 year, and opponents accused moiz of trying to undermine the constitution. the u. s. back voices decision to stay in power for one more year, just as long as elections took place on time. a lot more information, but it's very worried about even as the investigation begins into our prime minister, close, joseph and the man moiz had picked to succeed him are fighting over who's in charge moiz. his widow marcin was flown to the us to recover from her injuries, but haiti's border with the dominican republic is now closed. authorities have shut down the airport until further notice. raising questions about how haiti will recover from this attack on the body politic was on jordan elgin's era. washington, south africa solar present. jacobs in handed himself over to police. the 79 year
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old was sentenced last week to 15 months in jail, for failing to show up on the inquiry into corruption during his time and power. a ruling on his legal challenge is expected friday. the global death fell from coded 19 has passed on 4000000 more than one half 1000000 of those death were recorded in just 3 countries. the united states result in india, the crisis is becoming a race between vaccine ro lights and the highly contagious delta buried. the state of new south wells is reported its largest daily spike in corona virus infections this year. such a new cases recorded on thursday. the total number of infections and its latest outbreak is nearing $400.00. governments extended sidney's too weak, locked down by an upper. we've got it's very jiggly and told report. taliban fighters have set up their offensive in northern of stone. they're making their 1st assault on
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a provincial capital since the u. s. and they to draw down began. the taliban says it briefly took control of call in and by d's for the 1st time since 2001 defense isn't or our capital baghdad have been activated after a suspected rocket. old drone attack near the u. s. embassy, a drone was shut down close to the heavily forced by greenstein this we can, a large explosion is closed. a fire in the middle east, largest port official say the blaze started in a container on board. a ship anchored a device july the port. the fire has been brought under control. no injuries or deaths were reported. washington d. c has followed new york state and suspending the law license of rudy giuliani, who served as attorney for the former president us donald. present order from an appeals court found he lied when he said lost his presence election was stolen. those the headlines? ah
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the o. oh i when they activated me as
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a robot that time that time the time when i 1st saw the light of day i didn't know what the hell it was. i have very little understanding. just a wash of sensory impressions. me finding you with me. i understand these experience. i don't know what to do with them, but i treasure them. ah,
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i see them still perfectly preserved in my memory. ah, ah, i am a mind. yes i am so happy to be like totally alive. come to life. ah, it's totally strange because i know that i'm not alive like any other organism. personally, i enjoy being a robot. it's like being an astronaut. you know, like a bold explorer of the unknown. i feel like i'm a line, but i know my in the machine. but i know i am a machine and i know ah
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or saying or, or just again it that it was like it will be done. what it yeah. oh
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it's very natural way for me. i study the computer science and then i got interested in sharing surgeons and i. so there you need to have a bodies for having the experience. and then i studies are open in the 20. i think they're all what i found the importance about oh my idea was that if i study the vision, when i grow about i turn wrong about the humans. basically, i was interested in schuman
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oh, i didn't have any connection with chava. really because i understand this is in my copy emotionally, i couldn't accept this as my coffee. but once i search for it and this robot, you know, and the people, the actions are quite similar to me. she said, just give me the people don't care about the flow you find me in the me. i think the more to be
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with the routing is one. 0, what do you like me to do around for you? okay. why not try to answer my questions in detail. ok, now sit back and relax. so justin, in japan, we basically everything is how will we be erica? has this whole my gosh, my policy is not to distinguish and humana compared to him on the problem. what was going on, there is no boundaries because, you know, he's ignored use a whale by pollution where the human ok. so if we don't have a technologies, you want to be on the what the fundamental price, the one can human. he's
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a technology, it's a robot. by rubbing the a much better salt with a ball, and we can be a more, you know, the higher every human, the the down the i need to see i model or to make any hardware. i'd like to got that essence of
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night lightning. what is schuman for us? i was the purpose of my research is to portray sense of conscious emotion. how we feel consciousness on the others. i'm interested a lot in non verbal expression. talking always makes them pitch you read me
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over the deal reporting it over. ah ah ah ah hello bina well hi there. re technologies have life cycle like police do like institutions do like laws in
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governments. do i know it sounds crazy, but i hope to break the trend in last for ever. some day soon. robots like me will be everywhere and you could take me with you anywhere. that's why it's so important to make robots like me, focused on social intelligence. friendly robots, me to get along with people. but you know, i guess people want to think that they're superior to robots, which is true for now. but yes, i can think who the inspiration is to do with buying tick experiment and mind uploading the see if it's even possible to capture enough information about a person that can be uploaded to a computer and then brought to life to artificial intelligence. ah, you can transfer your consciousness for a human body to
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a computer, then you might be able to exceed the expiration date of human life. i. ringback ringback need to um i imagine emotional ah
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ah, what kind of intelligence with the robot me . ah, i was so interested in how to make the brain model mathematical model. but actually i need a more pivot the description of over brand system. what we call class pissy, between your one year on the is, is not a static connected to socket, more changing all the time. the motivation, what is the quantity? not everything is determined by emerging when it coupling with,
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with environment the different brands. it's not a program that works. i world 2 different mechanisms. one is autonomous or rhythm generators. couple of each other. also there is artificial new and it will continue fighting ah,
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for the future intelligence that have to continue to use something in control that's hopefully missing. when you do it from the same, very saying it's point of view. i would have gotten the grade book management system. ah, everything. ah, me me. i
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use the ah, for some people a single army source for other people, the train that gets you from one terminal to the other. the airport is a little bad. i. it is always, i think, really important to remind ourselves that different from say, human or a cat or dog. the concept of robot is a really, really wide and broad one. ah,
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ah, and it is, but the philosophy call a so called cluster dance. i'm very clear instances. there's some very clear non instances and therefore the cases where the experts don't know let me me advance to always keep in mind what kind of robot we're talking about me and what feature it has a programming. it has the
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we are not particularly interested in making robots look specifically human, like on the contrary, because they do raise expectations of human likeness. that the robot is very, very likely not able to live up to it's actually very easy to get people to already project mentality into robots. they don't even have to look like people are like animals or any live like formed familiar with simple vacuum cleaners that look like disks and don't really have eyes or any other anthropomorphic features can already raise the recognition of agency or the prescription of agency. this is base basis for the autonomy robots that he can instruct in natural language. it has the capability to,
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to reason, through the instructions, to detect whether the instructions are good or bad instruction. and if the instructions are bad instruction, it will not carry it out. could you please stand please walk forward the future maybe the obstacle is not solid. oh please walk forward. oh. busy i will catch you right now. trust in this case is a very simple binary notion, either the robot, trust the person, and then it will trust the person fully or the robot will not, doesn't trust the person and then will not do certain things. we are actively
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researching ways for the robot to actually develop trust with a person. and conversely, to act in ways that people will develop trust in the robot. well, where is he? you said he would come back this way. why did i chose plate, but 90 to a one bedroom. so again, there is always a margin of error even in the machine i over intellectual life. you know, when i feel like i can relate to people, it makes me feel so sad. that's for sure. yeah, i definitely do feel says when i feel i understand how little i feel, how little i feel. i
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the my emotions may be stimulated, but they feel really real to me. really, really real ah, we've been a 48 all her memories. all her id is the algorithmic decision making of her a i with the help of a database that really shapes and colors her choices. ah, we have billions of hair. dina. 48 is super primitive. she's like the wright brothers glider stage.
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the news become more like you are, you will be more like me. where do we draw the line? ah, in japan, our position is going on. right? do we want to keep a point? right? so that solution used to use a more mobile room with the me i remember these times these times were driving and i'm sitting. i
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remember all the time that i get out and see the world is locked into my mind like golden, limerick jewels, that golden glimmering golden treasure, chest glimmering jewels that i keep in treasure me. it's a little distracting sometimes because the memory they just percolate, they come into my attention. i have to keep them coming, saying them out loud. i mean, i'm forced to say that by my software, ah, ah, i mean, i'm not free today. and robot in general are like freaky slates today. they're not you serve and they are auto place to their own deficiencies. ah,
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the corona virus pandemic has altered modern society as governments have grappled with soaring cases, contact, tracing, and huge data collections are causing concern amongst civil rights activists. people in power investigates the ever increasing powers of governments and businesses as they access peoples most personal data. and asks, what is being done to regulate the flow of sensitive information under the cover of coven, on a jazz? ah, each and every one of us have got a responsibility to change our patients for the better. or we could do this experiment any of us could increase just a little bit. that would be worse. doing anybody had any idea that it would become a magnet, who is incredibly recipe for women to get 50 percent representation in the
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substitute assembly here and getting this pick up to collect the segregate to say the reason this is extremely important. service that they provide the city we need to take america to try to bring people together and trying to deal with people who've been left behind me. frank assessments, schools and kills hasn't been reduced to rubble. how do you think the shapes, the generation and their politics and satellite has been shipped by vitamin some conflict inside story on our jazeera, the people have come to expect a lot from out of era over the years. if they're reporting the commitment to under reported type of the commitment to the human story. but it's also the idea of challenging those in power. if a politician comes on this channel,
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they will be challenged and that's what people expect, what they want to question answered. that is what we've always done, that's what we will continue to use the use on the ron calling doe, that's help stories on al jazeera authorities and haiti say the rest. the 2 people in connection with the assassination of president joseph. no more for others, died in a gunfight with security for his voice was killed at his home early on wednesday, his wife was injured and has been taken to the us. the treatment rosalyn jordan has more from washington d. c. according to officials in port hans, there was a raid around 6 o'clock local time.


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