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every place to make sure that i'm going to bring it's taking on the arms trade in his fight for justice, for innocent palestinians, and their families made in france on all disease. the news? hey, t. police say they show that full suspected killers of president giovano might say, and captured another 2. ah, i mean, ron calling there a life and joe, coming up the global desktop from 900 tops, a full 1000000 as countries struggle with a highly infectious variance. south africa, pover president, jacob zillow,
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has turned himself into police to serve a jail sentence for contempt of court telephone fight to try to take control of a provincial capital the northwest of got his phone. but the governor says that they've been pushed back. ah well for it isn't a hate to say they've arrested 2 police or 2 people in connection with the assassination of president. jovan might say 4 others were killed in a gunfight with security forces. why say, was killed at his home in the early hours of wednesday morning, is wife was injured and has been taken to the us for treatment. the assassination has happened is haiti grapples with gang violence. soaring, inflation and antique of the process will get an update to the rosalie jordan shortly, but 1st and he got his report. the home of the haitian president job, now luis is now sealed off the scene of an assassination that shop the
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international community. the nation's deputy prime minister says, armed men speaking english and spanish storm the house in the early hours of wednesday, killing the 53 year old and badly injuring his wife. street protests calling from always to step down have been a regular occurrence in hating the repairs. his death and the political vacuum leaves were plunged this nation into crisis. i called for the respect of the democratic principles. i urged all the nation stakeholders to help us in the battle for the continuity of the state. this country is hurt. this nation is hurst. the perpetrators will be taken to justice. let's keep our can. the situation is under control. now marie has been ruling by decree of the parliamentary elections were delayed in 2019 that led to his ations. he was trying to cling to power, but those living close to his home. horrified, always he's,
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he's got with somebody. imagine live in this area close to the precedent even when we have problem to the preston. because imagine that will kill him like this. unique. i heard something go, boom, like an earthquake. i thought something under the soil had been turning the world leaders were quick to condemn the killing, offering their support for the people of haiti. algo. i would also like to refer to something that stick in the world to day the crew, via and cowardly. assassination of the president of 80, a friend of a country, a defender of freedom. a state of emergency has been declared with a newly appointed prime minister yet to be sworn in. there's uncertainty about the path forward here in miami, home to around 50000 haitians. the reaction is muted. those with family and haiti listening to reports closely and bracing themselves for the worst haiti's recent history. a scene who is political instability and widespread gang violence or haitians can do here is watch and hope for the best. officials in the neighboring dominican republic afforded the immediate closure of the border with haiti. un
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troops stationed in haiti left in 2017, leaving an already fragile democracy exposed. and it's people afraid of what may happen next. and kalika al jazeera. rosalind jordan is in washington dc with the latest on how the operation by security forces unfolded. according to officials in port hans, there was a raid around 6 o'clock local time on wednesday, and that is where police got into a fire fight with the suspects in the assassination of no moiz. 4 of the suspects were killed according to local police. 2 of them were arrested, there are now photos of their arrest circulating on social media and in the local press. we don't know, however, whether there are other people involved in the plot to kill the late haitian president. as we have been reporting his wife on my voice who was shot
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during the incident early on wednesday has been flown to fort lauderdale, just north of miami, for medical treatment. she said to be in critical, but stable condition. we also don't know whether or not they're going to be any quick resolution to the political law situation. the man who is now the interim prime minister close joseph was supposed to be stopping aside because juvenile boys had named a new man to take his place. and so even as they're trying to investigate this assassination, there's already a very public fight about who is in charge of the haitian government, a 14 day curve you has been put into place in order to try to calm the situation and sensibly make it easier for investigators to do their work, but there's already some criticism about the crackdown, notably from human rights organizations. still that is going to be the situation
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until the interim prime minister changes his mind. kiddos is a journalist with a liberal say he believes the f f nation could be linked to the country's political . a leads are working, hypothesis is that it is sector of the bush was the maybe one or 2 or 3 combined. who hired these mercenaries to come in and do the job because they are terrified? absolutely. they have the daylight scared out of them by the uprising that's happening in haiti. vast shantytown it is lumping proletariat has been forged into a revolutionary course by jimmy barbecue share. and he said, we're going to go into your supermarket, your car dealership, your banks, and we're going to take our money, food and cars. and we're going to start to live like people, and they had to get a job nail out of the way. we think in order to be able
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to have the authority of the state to try to camp down crush, destroy this uprising which is happening from the shady towns and armed uprising. i should say, no more than a year and a half off dakota 19 began his relentless march across the globe. the total number of deaths is the past 4000000. that's according to this, the johns hopkins university cove in 19 trucker among the 4000000 more than one and a half 1000000 of the deaths recorded in just 3 countries. the united states, brazil, and india. the australian state of new south wells is reported. it reported its largest daily spike in current of virus infections this year. so it's a new cases recorded on thursday. the total number of infections in its latest outbreak is nearing $400.00. the government has extended sidney's too weak,
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locked out by another week, and the states premier says new cases are expected to rise to to the delta variance . south korea is recorded its highest number of daily infections on thursday. what doesn't turn in terms 5 cases reported over the last 24 hours. the prime minister says a 4th wave of the virus is spreading rapidly, especially amongst unvaccinated people in the twenties and thirties, in an easier hospitals or beyond capacity and desperate people hunting for oxygen, for sick family members, supplies and medical facilities run out. when they was in the country's deadly estate, the pandemic was just over a 1000 deaths. despite new lockdown measures, there's no indication of the outbreak. slowing down. spain's government is wanting young people to take precautions to avoid coven 19 after infections more than
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doubled in a week. the surge is largely being blamed on the more contagious delta various cases among people in the twenties and out 3 times the national average. spain health minister has warned that young people can also develop survey infections and said recent outbreaks have been traced into end of term student policies. into cpanel level, i get them, i mean, either right now with such a high increase, drastic measures must be taken on and i know that they're working with a nice tech to do it. but there are also other unregulated, outdoor activities, such as drinking out tools, which are also worrying interactions among young people have multiplied. it seems very important to us and for responsibility, but not to hold them responsible. but he never. cuba is deploying more medical work is to it's western provinces matter and us where the health system is on the brink of collapse. the highly contagious state, delta veterans, has filled hospitals and led to a shortage of medical supplies. now, wednesday,
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cuba posted a record of 3600 infections in just a single day. we have been forced to create hospitalization, areas and unthinkable places. we put beds in corridors near bathrooms where there is good ventilation. we hope that the crisis we are going through in the health system, just as in the rest of the world, will be solved soon. as the case is, wayne stopped coming in. people with respiratory problems are arriving. the few doctors here are working at full capacity to parents reported the considering bonding all spectators from the olympics for just 2 weeks until the games begin. now, the capital is racing to contain a serge and current of virus infections. authorities in tokyo are expected to declare a state of emergency. yoshi they should go says the government will decide on new measures. on thursday. south africa for the present,
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jacob's dealer is in police custody. the 79 year old handed himself over to officials. he was sentence last week, 15 months in jail, for failing to show an inquiry into corruption during his time and power. his legal challenge to last week sentence will be heard in court on friday for me to mila has more from the town of school. much of that not also remained uncertain, given the resistance of, from the former president to hand in self, although certainly be arrested. and towards the end of that deadline, midnight in south africa, his foundation issued a statement saying that he had decided to comply with the incarceration order and would be reporting to a correctional correctional facility, inquisitive natal. and we understand that currently the former president is being processed and it will also be decided what kind of detail me, what kind of prisoner he will be or classified based on his health concerns,
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which he cited as a reason for not being in prison. now he does expect to get judgement from the high court in consume to tell in peter merits book on friday, where he had tried to stop the arrest. that clearly wasn't possible, given the constitutional court judgement. that said, if he didn't hand himself in by last sunday, he would then be arrested. the former president has tried a number of ways to avoid accountability. and i think for many south africans, it's almost under unbelievable that the former president jacob zoom is now behind bars. inquisitive natal there's been a big explosion. the middle east, largest port causing a fire. official say the blaze started and a container aboard a ship anchored in devise joel ali port. the blash ship buildings across the city residence as far as 25 kilometers away felt the explosion,
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which happened just before midnight. the authorities say the fire has been brought under control, and the widow dest, so injuries and finances, and the rocky capital baghdad had been activated after a suspected rocket, or drone attack, made the u. s. embassy, adroit and talk to the embassy resort. darn close to the heavily falsified greens i this week so that when i was 0 taking the grievance, this capital does fall to say that governance climate change policy is putting their livelihoods at risk and plus the front of the new york, one of the cities and i thought i
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had once again mo, tropical storm l sir has now made land full across that northeast corner of the gulf of mexico just pushing up around the floor, pan handle weakening in the process. it is tropical storm, now downgraded from a hurricane. it will continue to make its way further northwards. nice was over the next few days away from here. the stories about the heat down towards the south west of the us once again getting into the mid forties. therefore, phoenix temperatures picking up the southern parts of california, frankly around the pacific northwest western areas of canada, temperatures on, on the fall, over the next day or so. so not causing too many problems. the problems are going to be across at east side of the us. more weather coming through here, just around the carolinas, towards mid atlantic states as alpha punches out into the open waters drifting up towards newfoundland, just passing new york as we go on 3 fridays or some very wet weather coming through here. that could cause localized flooding across a good part that eastern side of the u. s. right through new england. sherry rain
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coming back into behind, full central areas. still some pretty heavy right into the deep south because we're looking around the mexico at the moment. that's the part of also making his way away from the caribbean. quieting down nicely here now with sunshine and showers the the story of them bob weigh. in her words. she is always told, from the perspective of the great man, whether it's even moving on robot mcguffey, my responsibility to tell is involved with the story in a way that it hasn't really been told before the ordinary, everyday life or the people i'm writing about patina. got out of darkness, mice and bob way on algebra. ah
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ah, you're watching out, is there a reminder of all top stories authorities and a t said of arrested to people in connection with the assassination of president sherman, illinois for others were killed and it gunfights with security forces. morris was killed at his home in the early hours of wednesday morning. south africa, the former president jacob zimmer, has handed himself to police. he was sent in last week to 15 months in jail for failing to show up an inquiry into corruption during italian power. the global death for coven 19 has surpassed that 4000000 more than one and a half 1000000 of those that were recorded in job 3 countries. the united states,
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brazil, and india. the crisis is becoming a race between vaccine rollers and the highly contagious delta. very well, some of the worst hit countries have seen a decline in infections. many countries in asia, dealing with a search in cases for more or less a tony chang joins us live from bangkok. tony, there are 3 main countries that are affected by this, but all those 3 countries, i'm sure you're going to tell us about those of a struggling to cope or are they failing to cope was at this stage in some of them it's very hard to tell one of those countries is mamma, which has been in absolute chaos since february, when a military coup effectively knocked out the government. we've seen doctors joining the anti coo movement. and since then,
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been targeted by the military as they tried to crack down, that has effectively annihilated mammals covered response. both the head of the coven response team, and the head of the vaccination teams have both been arrested and charged with treason. it's very difficult to know how widespread, as we understand this morning at a partial lockdown is going to be imposed in yang go on. but again, it's very difficult to know who's going to be able to impose that with the sort of civil disruption we've seen on the streets since the coo. i've spoken to people in mandalay who say that on the street alone, they've seen a number of cases. people who passed away with respect that she problems they haven't been able to diagnose whether it was covered or not. but it seems now it's very wines for the chinese authorities have just locked down the city of re lee on the border with man mob because they say so many people are coming across. who are cobra positive in indonesia, they're saying 30000 cases
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a day. one minister has warned that that could jump up to 70000. they are suffering critical acts of oxygen hospital beds. even cemetery is hugely overcrowded with the fatalities the 1700 a day at the moment. and unfortunately, the doctor who is in charge of checking the sign, evac administrations, indonesia has relied as much of southeast asia has on the sign of vaccine that seems to be particularly vulnerable to, to the delta very. and she herself, passed away over night, many fear the that was it was a coven related death, because she also didn't have the immunity that sign of vaccines off here in thailand. where the vaccination program has also very heavily relied on sign. and they were increasing concerns. the delta vary and rips through the country. and now
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more than 50 percent of coven infections we're seeing from the dover. and that, that sign of vaccine wouldn't provide much protection to. but also in places like south korea, as you mentioned in japan, where they had a variety of different vaccines. the delta veteran is also a real concern and south career at the moment is looking at imposing strict level for social distances, highest level. and that's the worst it's been since the outbreak began in march last year. thank you. tony chang la joining us live there from bangkok. attackers who abducted more than 120 school pupils in northern virginia, demanded food for their hostages. while they wait for i ransom, the children were taken on monday for boarding school and no that could do no state . it's the latest and a string of math abductions for ransom in the region around. 2 a 1000 people have
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been and stuff have been kidnapped since december. taliban fighters have launched their 1st assault on a provincial capital in northern afghanistan. since the us and nato withdrawal began. now the taliban says a briefly took control of call and now in bees for the 1st time since 2001 has gotten installed. as defense, ministry says it's full series of killed, more than 2000 and taliban fighters this week. but as a fence in more than a 100 reports, government troops are still using territory. the taliban fighters rolling through college, you know the capital about these province in northwestern kenneth. they claim to briefly taken control of the town. the 1st provincial capital they've attempted to overrun to the us and nato withdraw again. was bad cases. governor says government forces pushed the fighters out of the city, although not before they broke into the regions central prison and rescued the
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youth taliban fighters over the sounds of heavy gunfire. the armed governor had this message for afghan. a woman who i am that i want to assure our people that all the security forces, including the special forces a here and defending the city of color in on the enemy who has engaged with us in some parts of the city is facing resistance. and also facing a lot of casualties and to fate. the afghan government has lost significant territory in the last 2 months. it's rely on air strikes to retake control. the ministry of defense says its troops have killed more than 2000 taliban fighters in the past week. why do not brothers and sisters? there is no deal and no will to surrender. there are 2 choices, either to live with dignity or to live with insult. today's the day of honor, dignity and support. but if the taliban thinks that we are surrendering to them, that will never happen. not in 100 years. local militias of joined forces with the
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ap down military to bolster their ranks. this district in northern tac, our province felt the taliban last week. since may 1st, the taliban has more than doubled the number of districts. it controls to approximately $200.00 or half the country. what do you do? i know that the most afghan security forces deployed on the front line, the way militia forces, also stand with them and defend in tech. most of the areas and districts have fallen to the taliban. now we have created several lines to stop the taliban reaching the city. the town offensive has regional allies concerned. turkey and russia have closed their calls, bullets in the region, while iran has restricted its counselor activities. although tara did host a meeting between telephone leaders and some senior afghan politicians in phoenix back in bad geese, taliban fighters pushed out of cal ignore were ordered to wait at the city gate
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until security forces surrendered. day after day, the pressure builds with less than 20 percent of the f. kennedy. now controlled by the afghan government in benton monahan al jazeera was soon d. c has followed new york state in suspending the law license of rudy giuliani, the man who was served as the attorney, a former us president donald trump. a us appeals court has issued an order preventing juliani from practicing. the court found he lied when he said that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from trump lithuania plans to build a board offense to stop refugees and migrants from entering from neighboring bella . ruth, it says it struck him to cope with a sharp increase in arrivals. after bella ruth relaxed efforts to stop them, crossing the border by the recent present. alexander lucas shanker has been accused of weaponized migrants by allowing them to lie, allowing them to cross the border so they can access the european union and
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thousands. a dutch farm is a protested against the government initiative to cut a nitrogen emissions. the gas is a major contributor to global warming, intensive agriculture, and fertilize the use of made the netherlands, one of europe's largest emitters. severson has more from a g. i not an unusual sight in the netherlands these days, practise on the streets of the hague, joining a protest as the police try to block them. it becomes clear that stopping a tractor isn't easy. we hope that the government will understand that the netherlands can't exist without farmers, the netherlands need. farmers. we are producing the most sustainable food bill. right. so without us, i don't know who will feed all these people after milking his cows. dairy farmer, young phone live in left his farm to get some answers from the government for generations. his family as farmed in an area where experts now say there's no
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future for large farms. it's just not sustainable. if a government target of nitrogen emission reduction is to be met via the board of the most. so don't want the environment to people use it. there is no debate about dots, but not the netherlands wants to take drastic steps, and farmers are 1st to be targeted. and i am concerned that in 10 years when funds are gone, we will regret this. like more than 50000 dutch farmers, his 17 year old son, tom was keen to continue to farm has no idea what lies ahead. this young farmer driving for hours on the track to the certainty about their future. if it colleges imply a man to girls and increasingly for teachers have their way farming as we know it, and then that sounds exist any longer. a message many here i'm not ready to hear. and here you see a lot of dead trees and dying trees with fairly low fidelity. with fairly low leaves an expert on the effects of night. jan emissions researcher roland bobbing,
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wrote an alarming report for greenpeace. his conclusion, large part of the dutch ecosystem have been so badly affected, that they will be lost if the government does not act. now. i think it fairly urgent and i, meaning you can do it in one or 2 years. you need maybe 5 to 10 years, a really high reduction of their nights and their position, maybe 50 to 70 percent. and therefore you need to different echoes or system in the netherlands, greenpeace, have threatened to take the dutch stay to court for violating european regulations . if the government does not produce nitrogen emissions much further amidst all the pressure, some farmers are starting to realize that business as usual, will be an option for much longer farmers organizations. billions of years needed to save dutch farms and made them environmental friendly step. fasten al jazeera
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bake, new york held a prey to honoring its essential workers. the man says the city is well on its way out of the pandemic with a low infection rate and many of its residents vaccinated. it's a remarkable turn around for a city that was the episode of the u. s. outbreak last year. gabriel, others on the reports. it was a parade to downtown to honor heroes. but instead of celebrating championship victory, it was essential workers being honored for bringing new york city out from a pandemic. all the nurses and doctors and everybody got this got my god. 2 got within a cron. i got a guy in
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the room carrying nearly 250 types of essential workers. anyone who helped the city get through. it's dark his days and dark days they were in march and april last year, the new york city was the global epicenter. the new needs of residents fled. in a matter of days in all over 33000 new york city residents died from cold. now how times have changed. the city is now one of the safest places in the world when it comes to avoiding the virus. on most days, not a single person dies from cove. it. thanks to a massive vaccination effort that to date has administered 4600000 jabs to residents. but not everyone. if we, with the timing of this celebration, the union represents new york city firefighters, emergency medical technician, ambulance drivers, hold on their members to boycott, just to bring attend,
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hello way here was a say, then no salary increases for over 3 years. the 15 that he's also committed time with the most do the rest of the world is still in the depth of the pandemic. that was something that was not lost upon spectators. i feel for the country that is suffering right now. but in that same sense we had mentioned, but we still have to celebrate for the live i in the city that suffered badly. but all through in this now saying, thank you to all those who make it happen. gabriel was condo, disease your. ah, and these are the top stories authorities in the haiti side of arrested to people in connection with the assassination of.


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