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that in any negotiation, the dignity of this nation should not be hers, is already made large promises including fighting corruption, improving the country's economy and maintaining your own best interest in negotiations the wes. but it's not clear yet if you will be able to deliver on his promises the. ready news shock and condemnation after have he's president jovan and marie says assassinated an attack on his home. his wife was also injured. the me. hello barbara, are you watching al jazeera life from london also coming up? taliban fighters launch their 1st provincial capital in their own. going advanced the course of a long way for oxygen in indonesia,
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as supplies run low. and cobit 19 cases for new york holes, ticker tape parade, the owner, the front line workers who got the city through the corona virus. ah, hey t, as has declared a state of siege and closed its international airport after the assassination of the president, juvenile marie said his home in the early hours of wednesday, the 1st lady was wounded in the attack. well, the interim prime minister called the shooting by on identify gunman or barbaric act. and his asked the un security council for an urgent meeting. he has seen a rise in anti government protests and gang violence in recent months. neighboring dominican republic has already shot its borders. fearing a developing humanitarian crisis could spread across the region,
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nearly 60 percent of patients that live in poverty. and there are crippling food shortages or leaders have expressed outrage the president joe biden that says the u . s. is ready to help. and columbia, as president, has asked the organization of american states to send an urgent commission to haiti and to chicago, looks back now at moist his presidency. at one point, java know movies offered a glimmer of hope for haiti at a time of numerous crises, a former businessman who wanted to lift people out of poverty in the poor country in the america last time we need to believe we needed the political stability is the 1st public resource in no country on earth. is it possible to talk about development unless there is political stability unless there is social peace? but his years in office were challenging and he faced allegations of money laundering and corruption. maurice became president of haiti and 2017 after being
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chosen by the former leader michelle martelli to become his successor of the center . right patient had calais party, 2015 election was the 1st to declare him winner. but the vote was overturned after allegations of fraud and violence street protests. the re run was den delayed by hurricane matthew, which caused widespread destruction in the south. then came to disagreements about when marie says term would at after legislative elections were delayed and $29.00 teams. he stayed on to rule by decree without a parliament luis tried to reassure haitians, even as things deteriorated around him. useless by marcia develop when need the more violence does not work with developments and democracy, we have to cut bridges with these old practices that are putting the country behind . despite his calls for calm, the protests against him and his government got worse. he was accused of inaction in the face of increasing violence, a surgeon kidnappings for ransom,
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and the growth of armed gangs. in march, he declared some forms of protests as acts of terrorism. before his assassination luis announced a new prime minister to tackle criminal violence. would have been his 7th and 4 years. not long after a group of attackers broke into his home in the capital port, a prince, and shot him dead. janelle maurice was 53 years old. the haitians have expressed shock over the president, assassination, boise johnson. you got with this shocked me a lot. imagine live in this area close to the precedent. even when we have problem to the preston. we can't imagine. they will kill him like this. unique because i heard something go, boom, like an earthquake. i thought something under the soil had been turning, we on the gallagher joins us live now from a little hazy in miami. so 1st of all, what do we know of the situation on the ground in haiti itself?
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while talking to contacts in port princes seems that things are pretty quiet on the streets of puerto prince. i think essentially because people are hunkering down in the homes listening to reports and wondering what will happen next. i mean haitian is more than any will know that these things can turn sour very quickly. this is a nation that's already dealing with extreme poverty, food shortages ramp and gang violence over the past week. so i think for haiti is very essential that they appoint a new president as soon as possible, but that's all in question. there is a, a new prime minister who should take over according to the constitution, but he hasn't been sworn in yet. so this is a political vacuum that could really mean this nation slides into even more violence so that it's something out of the people. haiti do not want to see you remember that democracy in this country is only about 35 years old before that. it was autocrats and dictators and who killed tens of thousands of patients. so stability, knowing who is the leader and security. i think all the main issues now for
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ordinary haitians. absolutely. you mentioned the worry in the country about things deteriorating. i mean, their neighbors as well. the dominican republic has already shut its borders because they fear that a human and humanitarian crisis could actually end up spreading across the region. how much fear is that? do you think? come on haiti's direct and indirect neighbors? well i don't think this is the 1st time the dominican republic is close that border over concerns about people trying to escape that country into the dominican republic. if i remember correctly a couple of years ago. but this is a far more serious situation. dominican republic knows the history of haiti as well as anyone else. they know how fast this could go very, very bad indeed. so i think to keep their own nation safe. they close that border. although i have to say it's a pretty forest board. it will be pretty difficult to tell people if they were heading there on mass, but it gives you a sense of just how potentially catastrophic the situation is. now. i mean,
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if patients didn't like, you know, but that's one thing. but his assassination is something entirely different. i don't think people certainly not hearing little care so much about the assassination, and i'm not being flippant with that remark. i think they care more about what will happen next. how safe they will be and who will be the new leadership? because remember, the united nations pulled out of haiti in 2017 and the gallagher with the latest on that to from little haiti in miami. and the thing a taliban fighters have launched their 1st assault on a provincial capital in northern afghanistan. since the us and natal withdraw began, the taliban says they briefly took control of callian all in bag. these for the 1st
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time since 2001 of kenneth stands, defense ministry says its forces have killed more than 2000 taliban fighters this week. but as charlotte bellis reports, government troops are still losing territory. the taliban fighters rolling through color, you know, the capital of these province in north western afghan stone, they claimed to have briefly taken control of the town. the 1st provincial capital of attempted to overrun since the us and nato withdrawals again, was my bag diesel governess whose government forces pushed the fighters out of the city. although not before they broke into the regions central prison and rescued these telephone fighters over the sounds of heavy gunfire. beyond governor, had this message for afghans was a woman who i am that i want to assure our people that all the security forces, including the special forces a here and defending the city of color in on the enemy who has engaged with us in
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some parts of the city is facing resistance and also facing a lot of casualties and to fate. the afghan government has lost significant territory in the last 2 months. it's relying on air strikes to retake control. the ministry of defense is its troops have killed more than 2000. tell a bon fire, who's in the past week. why do not brothers and sisters? there is no deal and no will to surrender. there are 2 choices, either to live with dignity or to live with insult. today's the day of honor, dignity and support. but if the taliban thinks that we are surrendering to them, that will never happen. not in 100 years. local militias have joined forces with the african military to bolster their ranks. this district northern to car province fell to the taliban last week since may 1st, the taliban is more than doubled. the number of districts, it controls to approximately 200 or half the country with the will in you know, that the most afghan security forces deployed on the front line. but we militia
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forces also stand with them and defend in tech how most of the areas and districts who fall into the taliban. now we have created several lines to stop the taliban, reaching the city. the taliban offensive has regional allies concerned turkey in russia have closed the consulates in the region while iran has restricted its consul activities. although tehran did host a meeting between taliban leaders and some senior african politicians beckon bag deece taliban fight. who's pushed out of color. you know, ordered to wakes at the cities gates until security forces surrendered day after day. the pressure boats with less than 20 percent of afghan stan now controlled by the afghan government charlotte bellis out to 0. while another base used by us troops in iraq has been attacked, at least 14 rockets landed on the i in alice. they are based in unbar province. 3
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minor injuries have been reported. 3 miss falls were also fired towards the bass. on monday, the attacks are believed to be in response to the air strikes against the round back. the groups ordered by us president joe biden. last week. the way any plans to build the border fence to stop refugees and migrants entering from neighboring bella. ruth, it says it's struggling to cope with a sharp increase in arrival, mostly people who have come from the middle east and africa after bill of ruth relaxed efforts to stop them from crossing the border. the bell of ruffian president, alexander lucas shanker, has been accused of weaponized migrants by allowing them across the border so they can access the european union will look, shan't go, said he would no longer stop my grants crossing bella luce, his western border into the e. u. in may, excuse me, this was in response to sanctions imposed by the block. after a ryan airplane with
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a dissident journalist on board was diverted. kaminsky so that he could be arrested . now, la swain here is accusing look, a shank of offering flights to migrants. most people are thought to have flown to bella ruth, from baghdad, or a symbol. well, the number of illegal migrants crossing intellectual pena has spiked in recent weeks in the 1st week of july, 779. a arrived from bill of ruth, that's in comparison to $636.00 migrants from the 1st 6 months of the year, and just $81.00 for the whole of last year. the deal is mostly junior, miss min dunker boot, and that to our knowledge. a large part of these people arrived by a turkish airports and turkish organized flights. we are convinced that turkey has knowledge about the identities that those people identify and people is one of the great challenges that the lithuanian government has. these people have no documents if we cannot determine where they came from and we cannot begin to return them. the
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information is available to turkey because before boarding, they have to give their passport that visa, the biometric data. in cooperation with turkey, we could quickly determine their identity demand. they are accepted by the states. they originate from the kidnappers, who, abducted more than 120 children in northern nigeria have demanded food for their hostages. this the security forces step up efforts to free the students. they were taken by a packers on monday from a boarding school in northern could do the state. a local official says he spoken with the students who confirmed that they were okay. it's the latest in a string of last abductions for ransom in the region around a 1000 pupils and stuff have been kidnapped since december. the former south african president, jacob zoom. i will find out in the next couple of hours whether he is going to be arrested. he was sentenced to 15 months in jail last week for failing to show up at a corruption inquiry by the constitutional court police 7 till midnight on
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wednesday to arrest them. but soon has put forward to legal challenges attempting to block the move. the column in this half hour, a prominent dutch crime reporter is left fighting for his life to be shot multiple times in a central amsterdam street. and the india mourns of volley. would legend the lives komatt has died at the age of 19? ah hello, we've got sizes some slightly quiet weather pushing into western europe over the next couple of days. i say slightly because it's not going to be water both sunshine, hopefully fewer showers down a flight. we're still going to areas of low pressure swelling away, bringing cloud and rain in across the british. charles wet weather into central parts, still dry, hot and sunny. over tours at a southerly wind,
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still picking those temperatures up into the far east of here pushing up into scandinavia. but a change is on the way. central air, as you can see, temperatures getting it to mid thirty's been graded around 35 celsius on wednesday 1st. they've warm a still. so we go on into friday. we hanging on to the mid 30 say a cooler weather over towards the west, but not too bad. 22 celsius. 23. that's about where it should be. last you try for the pretty shells on thursday, but a few showers cropping up from time to time. the wet weather will be costello countries into germany central and eastern parts of jeremy, said some particularly wet weather that could cause some disruption pattern. right . stretching its way up into check republic into the baltic states and sitting there as you go on through friday. so, flooding problems, certainly a possibility. southern areas of europe find dry, warm, and sunny. lots of glorious sunshine here. centralize of africa sinks and lived showers all the way to the gulf. guinea the
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departed from the u. k. indoctrinated by somali as how can a young man disillusion by 5 and we build as light. okay, i'm going to make a mistake and re unite. it's common africa. no knife for me also. my kids, last warrior witness documentary on a oh i come back as a reminder of the top stories on al jazeera, he's, he's president of an invoice,
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has been assassinated at his home in port au prince. the attacker is also injured, his wife martinez. taliban fighters have launched their 1st fault on a provincial capital in northern afghanistan. since the u. s. and nato forces began withdrawing. the provincial governor says government forces push them out of color . no and back this, but not before they broke other fights was out of a prison and lithuania plans to build a border fence to stop. refugees and migrants entering from neighboring bella roof is struggling to cope with a sharp increase in arrivals. most people from the middle east and africa after a bill of ruth relax, efforts to stop them. crossing the border. a veteran crime reporter in the netherlands is fighting for his life after being shot multiple times, including in the head in central amsterdam, peter the free says that known for reporting on the dutch underworld. the attack has shocked the country with the dutch prime minister, calling it inconceivable. nadine barbara reports, he's
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a household name in the netherlands. now investigative journalist, pater the phrase, is in hospital fighting. go with a journalist, peter the fries. in these moments. the netherlands king william alexander, says the shooting shocked him deeply, calling it an attack on democracy, dodge police, a tomb, and they arrested on a highway shortly after the attack. a still in custody. the dean baba al jazeera in southeast asia, the most populous country is battling a devastating corona virus surge in the easiest hospitals are beyond the capacity and desperate people are hunting for oxygen. for 6 sick family members, as supplies and medical facilities run out, wednesday was the country is the deadliest day of the pandemic with 1000 been 40 death hospital's simple reality is,
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is that there is not enough health care stuff to cater for the demand right now. there are far too many people, falling critically ill in indonesia for doctors to take care of all of them. and this is the result. india's prime minister has replaced the 12 members of his cabinet and the pointed dozens more as he tries to stem criticism of his government's response to the corona virus pandemic. the health minister hush for done who was the face of the government fight against colbert 19, is among those who have announced their resignation. prime minister in their, in their modi now has 77 ministers. nearly half of them knew more than half of india's reported. $400.00, was the 1st coven at the center in the us, you cases are now down to around $300.00 a day, think wide, that's the lowest since the pandemic began. gabriella is on the has more now from the parade. the celebration of stores here in downtown new york city,
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normally parade like this car for athletes after winning a major championship. but this is a celebration of honoring essential workers firefighters, nurse doctors, any sort of 1st responders, even delivery people didn't got new york through the dark days of the go visit and janet and those were dark days. early last year, new york city was the center for the over 10000 people were dying almost by the day and up to now 33000 new york city residents died from corona virus. but how time changed now? almost every day. there's no one. the guy wrote a virus in new york city and he infection rate is below one percent. so this is really a celebration here in the city banking, all of those 1st responders,
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all those i sense your workers that gotten your your service. and there are some people, of course that are saying, well, new york is celebrating much of the rest of the world is not that it's still need for the depth of the throat. a virus pandemic with mary a few vaccination like here in new york city where the back the thousands of people a day. but bottom line is the city right now. there is celebration and gratitude for all of the people that got this getting through this all kind of thing in the us, the confirmed the best toll from a high rise apartment building that collapsed. and florida, last one says no reason to 4610 more bodies were found on wednesday. 94 people are still missing. search and rescue workers have been sifting through the rubble in the town of surf side in florida for 14 days. now. no one has been rescued alive from the site since the 1st few hours after the building fell on the 24th of june.
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former us president donald trump has filed the class action lawsuit against facebook, twitter and google. the tech giant suspended him from their platforms after his followers stormed the capital building. in january, the companies cited concerns that he would inside further violence with his claims that the democrats stole the election. but come says he was wrongfully censored and is even suing the companies ceos a bollywood legend who was part of what's called the the owner of production company and they talk, he's wanted him to have a name that would be suitable for his audience. and so mohammed uses con, became that it's come out on the screen, but remained uses to those close to him. come od went on to be known by other names, tragedy, king, for his roles and melancholic, love story such as dave, das and d as best method actor for his sincere performances. and the 1st con,
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particle of bhillips subsequent, which was hardly a reference to his real surname. and the 3 com i made some mod and shadow clue. bollywood biggest stars for 3 decades from the 990. no, it can be bigger than the substance which he portrays. i mean, the character, the story, this green play. and for any good and enduring performance shadow, you have to have a good story. come on one the indian film industries award for best actor a record 8 times including in it's in nor her 1956 about cleaning. his 1960 historical bio pic, mogley asms, where he played mogul emperor john deed is the highest grossing indian film of all time. when adjusted for inflation. his talents were noticed outside india,
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but he turned down the role of sheriff ali the 1960 to blockbuster lawrence of arabia, which went to egypt, an actor or much at ease. this command retired from acting in 1998, but not from public life. he was an advocate for the rights of disadvantage muslims . he travelled to pakistan to receive its highest civilly and honor the masonic empty as the only indian to have done. so. he served on the upper house of india's parliament in early 2, thousands and received the country, 2nd highest, civilian honor for his contribution to indian cinema in 2015 with his passing and dea has lost the last actor from the era of hindi cinema. which produced the 1st dogs. elizabeth brought him al jazeera new daddy. ah,
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and now the top stories on al jazeera, hey, she's present driven in marie se has been assassinated at his home in puerto prince, the attacker is also injured. his wife martine, the president's killing plunges the caribbean country into even more chaos.


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