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ground over night to help to bring you more award winning documentaries. i'm like need on they're and online part of the time. so we are the ones rambling the extra mile where all the media don't go. we go there and we give them a chance to tell their story. ah, this is al jazeera. ah, hello, i'm sammy. say, dan, this is the news out live from coming up in the next 60 minutes. the president of hey t shot dead at his home by an unknown group of attackers. world leaders condemn the assassination and appeal for calm with fears of more political instability. scramble far oxygen indonesia struggles to treat patients with the number of run
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a virus cases, searches. playing catch up as americans, longest war comes to an end and its troops, depart. afghan forces on left to pick up the pieces. and in thought england and denmark kick off and, and now and there you are a semi final class that roger federal news is in straight sets, a wimbledon. and it's looking more likely the lympics will be held behind closed doors, with tokyo set to be placed under another state of emergency. ah, the president job envoy has been assassinated. the inter and prime minister has announced a state of emergency for 2 weeks. cloud. joseph is now in charge of the country until the election of a new president, the bali. the assailants spoke english and spanish as head of the government still
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in charge, i have gathered superior council of the national police in the strict application of the constitution. i've presided an extraordinary council of ministers in which we have declared a state of siege. i call for the respect of the democratic principles. i urge all the nation stakeholders to help us in the battle for the continuity of the states. this country is hurt, this nation is hurst. the perpetrators will be taken to justice. let's keep our can . the situation is under control. there are 10 scenes in the capsule pull to friends. the police have sealed off the president's residence where the attack took place. neighboring dominican republic has shot its borders with haiti, columbia, as president, is urging the organization of american states to send admission to haiti, president joe biden of the us while he condemns the attack and says, is ready to help you out more information, but it is very worried about, do i have a role?
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your credit will happening. i was going to the united states was fine and take action. what you, what i was, what i was your briefing today. of haitians woke up to the shocking news of the assassination of their president. his was all of them had to say or see, he's got with this shocked me a lot. imagine the live in this area close to the precedent. even when we have problem to the preston, we can't imagine. they will kill him like this. you need to buy heard something, go blue like an earthquake and i thought something under the soil had been turning . we thought about is live for a symbol on the cyrus is all the regional development. kimberly how kit is in washington dc for more on the u. s response and the galaxy is in a haitian neighborhood in miami, florida with reaction from there. but 1st his, andrew chappelle taking a look back at the life of juvenile moiz. at one point, java,
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no movies offered a glimmer of hope for haiti at a time of numerous crises, a former businessman who wanted to lift people out of poverty in the poorest country in the america. last time we need to believe we needed the political stability is the 1st public resource in no country on earth. is it possible to talk about development unless there is political stability unless there is social peace? but his years in office were challenging and he faced allegations of money laundering and corruption. maurice became president of haiti and 2017 after being chosen by the former leader michelle martelli to become his successor of the center . right patient had kill a party. 2015 election was the 1st to declare him winter, but the boat was overturned after allegations of fraud and violent st. protel. the re run was den delayed by hurricane matthew, which caused widespread destruction in the south. then came to disagreements about
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when mo, eastern term would at after legislative elections were delayed and $29.00 teams. he stayed on to rule by decree without a parliament. luis tried to reassure haitians, even as things deteriorated around him. you're lost by marcia development, need more violence, does not work with development and democracy. we have to cut bridges with these old practices that are putting the country behind despite his calls for calm, the protests against him and his government got worse. he was accused of inaction. in the face of increasing violence, a surgeon kidnappings for ransom, and the growth of armed gangs. in march, he declared some forms of protest as acts of terrorism. before his assassination luis announced a new prime minister to tackle criminal violence. would have been his 7th and 4 years. not long after a group of attackers broke into his home in the capital port prince and shot him dead. janelle maurice was 53 years old. and then
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let's go now to andy galico. he joins us now live from miami, and let's start with what you're hearing about the situation in haiti as the new prime minister, been able to fill the power vacuum so far, at least while the new prime minister was appointed but not hasn't gone through the official process of becoming the new prime minister. that's why this political vacuum is so potentially dangerous, but well, i want to talk for a 2nd about some video that is doing the rounds on social media. this is not authenticated. we don't know if this is real video, but it appears to show a group of mass men walking towards the home. then you have shots ringing out. and at one point you actually hear someone thinking an english. this is drug enforcement agency which is an american agency to tackle the drug problems. but this video. 6 is being seen as authentic by the hate. he's us back to the
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let's say what he had to say about it. speaking spanish and presented him. so i'd be and as we know, this is not the way the it's and haiti, whenever there was an operations, were playing with the us and russian station police, ah, to fit the evidence and speaking french. and it was a well of history. and those are petitioners, they were saw, the video edition, it's, it's into the doors i work, carry out. those are the games as obviously ongoing. but i think the priority now is to try to fill that political vacuum left by shop. now my weeds because this is a nation that really is teetering on the edge right now, i'm always has been ruling by decrease in 2019. he's been accused of trying to become an auto crop. remember, this is a nationwide 60 percent of the population lives on less than $2.00 a day. there are extreme food shortages, they're dealing with cove at 19. this is the thanks. the last thing they need.
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people here in little haiti and miami, there's about 50000 nations. they are very muted at the moment because mostly that got it around the radios, listening for news of what is happening in haiti, and simply hoping for the best or i will leave it then. thanks so much and the galaxy. let's go over to our white house correspondent, kimberly how it is live for us from washington dc. kimberly, as i said earlier, that the us offering help, what kind of assistance is the job ministration considering right now, the white house has not specified since the assassination of president, luis, what additional assistance might be provided the white house, in fact, given very few details, it also is not commented on that video that we circulated social media that ad gallagher was talking about their instead, what we know is that they are expressing concern about what has happened. in fact,
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the latest statement coming from the u. s. congress from the house speaker, nancy pelosi, calling the assassination a barbaric act, and echoing the sentiments of the white house that is 1000 solidarity. that is the u. s. congress with the people of havi. now to that end, we should point out that the united states has been the top donor to haiti for quite some time. since certainly, since the earthquake that took place 11 years ago, not only in reconstruction funds but also in humanitarian assistance that is not expected to change. in addition, we should also point out to the bible ministration. more recently, in recent months, has extended temporary protective status more than 100000 individuals, allowing them potentially a path to legally stay in the country if they choose to do so. so this is just some of the assistance that has been provided and is expected to continue if not grow in light of the recent assassination. and kimberly the, by the ministrations policy was kind of going a rethink of not
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a turnaround towards moiz where the things stand in terms of policy. yeah, a lot of pressure on this administration, particularly in the early days it appeared it was wavering, not clarify where it stood on its doubts with regard to the future of haiti and the planned by the now as fascinated president louise to essentially put in place a constitution hold a referendum, something that the united states seem to be supporting. but more recently what we saw is because of concerns by members of congress and haitian americans that the most fascinating president was simply taking an authoritarian bed to governing. but this was really concerning to the buyer and ministration was watching sort of the spiral and escalation of violence in haiti. and as a result, we saw a shift in the position. what we saw was the secretary of saint anthony blink. and
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speaking before congress, more recently saying that what the united states from the, by the ministration now endorsed was that there be elections that be something that could be put into the hands of the people of haiti. and this really was seen as an effort to put increased pressure on president luis to potentially step down. now of course, all of this is changing and in flux we know the white house watching the situation very carefully. it says it's still gathering information and we expect there will be more details statements further from this white house as that becomes available . i think so much kimberly how can there as talk now to, to raise a boast, joins us live from one a cyrus. he was a very controversial figure of the president of the ways how people across latin america reflecting on his demise now while love america received the news in shock. most latin american leaders have
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expressed their concerns about the situation happening and have the 1st president to refer to what's happening because it's a neighboring country. the president of the dominican republic, reese, i mean that he shut down the border between both countries. he's also declared that he was holding a meeting with high military commands in order to evaluate the situation. we just heard, for example, that there announcing what they called operation got to be on, which is to preserve the security of the dominican republic. it's an operation that will happen in the land, the air and sea in order to protect their country. they're also offering to evacuate citizens from dominican republic to 8th. and we also heard the statement from even the columbia president even duke, who said that the act of what happens in port a prince, the killing of president jovan, and more. he was barbaric and he was demanding the intervention of the organization of american states to preserve democracy in haiti. and we've also heard from him,
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but in manuel lopper code or from mexico. giving his condolences to the haitian people to my champion, yet from the president vertical for members demanded a return to the rule of law immediately in hate. we know that the organization of american states is planning to meet later today to start discussing the situation in haiti in june. the oil yes, already visited porter prince. after what we have seen, what's been happening in this past year, and i have massive protests on the tucson tide government protests on the suite with people demanding i meant to corruption to poverty. among so many other things and also demanding elections off official leaders in port prints have been very critical of the organization of american states that were saying that this organization was not pushing germany more enough to call for action. this has been an enormous issue in the haiti press and we've had been ruling by decree for the
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past year and a half. he has failed to call legislative elections. and that's why people have been taken to the streets massively and best back years and have we have seen a rising balance for both by guns. and this is also been a major concern for the organization of american states. and that's why we'll be following their coverage at their meeting. that is expected to happen this wednesday during the day. all right, teresa bow there from one to cyrus for join not by stefan yardage. the spokesman for the un secretary general, he joins us live from the united nations headquarters in new york. good to have you with us. does the un secretary general see a nation of the haitian president as a threat to the country stability? well, it clearly doesn't help the stability of haiti in any way. we are condemning in the strongest possible term, this abhorrent crime, this assassination of the president this attempted assassination of the 1st lady,
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i think moving forward. what is very important is that the haitian people stay united, reject violence, help keep the calm. and we are also obviously remaining close, close touch with the acting prime minister. another authorities in port a prince. does the secretary general is the secretary general worried about violence? you see the potential for violence to now escalate? yes, we're very concerned about the risk for violence, and that's why it's important for all political actors in haiti to reject violence and to ensure that they put the interest of the haitian people as a whole before before any other per personal interests. in some countries, latin american countries are also concerned about the potential for violence. the
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threat to democracy is they put it and they calling on regional organizations like the o. s to intervene. does the secretary general think the international community should intervene now in haiti in order to protect democracy? it's very important for the international community to support the haitian people. the united nation has been there for decades, helping the haitian people helping support or haiti. we ex, they will likely be a security council meeting tomorrow. at some point. we are ready, but we should have some kind of some of the countries calling for. do you think there's a need for some time we have, you know, in terms of the united nations, we already have a mission. we have a political mission. we have a mission that has about 30 police advisors already in place or try to support their national authorities. if there is to be an expansion of the un mandate,
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that will be up to the security council to decide what does the secretary secretary general think though does, does he call for an expansion of that mandate? look, i think what we need to do is to 1st of all, ensure that the situation remains calm, doesn't spiral out of control. in the next few days. it is important that everyone who has an influence worked towards that goal. what happens next, we will have to see, but we have some immediate concerns which we're working on at this time. among those immediate concerns, is it the humanitarian situation? a lot of haitians are reliant on aid and the situation is getting worse, frankly. does the secretary general think the world has to perhaps that humanitarian, of course, or humanitarian program, certainly in haiti are critically underfunded. haiti suffers from a number of ills,
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notably linked to, to climate change to deforestation to health issues. we are providing help to about a 1000000 haitians. about 4400000 patients actually need humanitarian humanitarian health. so that's a huge number. any political instability can only lead to more a greater humanitarian crisis. and that's why we real, really need to avoid any further deterioration of the political situation. how confident is the secretary general that they can be a real serious, transparent investigation to establish what happened in this attack and who stands behind the assassination of president? first and foremost, that responsibility lies with the haitian government. as the national government, we are of course, ready to help and assist in any way. but as you say,
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it is very important for the haitian people themselves to have answers and credible answers to what happened today. or i will leave it there. thanks so much. stefan diaz. it's good to talk to you. so thank you. coming . thank you. more still ahead on the news out, including india's 5 minutes and then under modi's biggest overall of the cabinet, off the coming on the 5 route handling of the pandemic. american bases in iraq and syria come under attack where lives in baghdad with reaction from bad this is what it means to reach your 1st grand slam semi final, more later in sport. indonesia is imposing tough. new current of virus restrictions to contain is deadliest wave of a pandemic. another record of more than 34000 new infections were reported on wednesday
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. and for the 1st time, there were over $1000.00 deaths about 7 times the daily rate. a month ago, the government says it's only going to get worse, johns hopkins university track. it shows over all about 2400000 cases, nearly 63000 lives lost. since the pandemic began, the government is importing emergency oxygen supplies for hospital filled and overflowing with sick patients. the more contagious delta various 1st swept through indonesia is densely populated java, and is now spreading through its many island. jessica washington reports from the cassie east of jakarta, to go to hospitals and job as hospitals in general are under unprecedented pressure . and this is why you can see the results of that. this is one of the new coven 19 burial side, in because see on the outskirts of to caught her. and as hospitals are on the increasing pressure during the 2nd wave infections here in indonesia,
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many patients, many sick people have been turned away from hospital and force to isolate at home no matter how sick they are. does hospitals are forced to turn away patients because they are already at 90 percent or 100 percent capacity. people have to stay home and it's up to their families to do whatever they can to keep them alive. and in many instances, they're unsuccessful. as doing that, some are trying to buy oxygen tanks or medication to keep their loved ones alive, but the death toll is increasing because of this crisis. these graves, you could have been working non stop. we've been observing the situation here for the past few hours and the bodies never stop coming. these men never stop working. such is the situation. the scale of the crisis here in indonesia. the indonesian government says it is working to try to rectify the crisis in some ways, including trying to source more oxygen for those in critical need that it includes
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trying to source oxygen from neighboring singapore. the health ministry also says it is attempting to add more beds to hospitals, as well as increase the number of isolation facilities. but health care workers say that they are overwhelmed and overrun, and that no matter how many beds they're all in these hospitals. simple reality is, is that there is not enough health care stuff to cater for the demand. right now, there are far too many people, falling critically ill in indonesia for doctors to take care of all of them. and this is the result. bangladesh is also battling a surgeon cases led by the delta vary and it's prompted the government to extend the nationwide locked down until july. the 14th and the streets of doco soldiers were seen directing traffic and the specialized police unit administering hand sanitizer on another areas. people have been lining up for essential goods in food
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handouts. elsewhere in asia, south korea is reporting its highest daily current of virus counts since late december. more than 1200 infections were recorded on wednesday, forcing a delay in plans to use restrictions. the lockdown in australia's biggest city has been extended by away because sidney tries to stamp out infections driven by the delta very. and it's reported more than 350 cases in the past 3 weeks. a significant jump in a city where there had been barely any infections for months. the largest party in malaysia, the ruling alliance says it'll withdraw support for prime minister my head, the scene, the united malays national organization is urging in to make way for a new leader. if he refuses, it could spunk a general election and the collapse of my headings. government, news of the withdraw comes just al is also a cabinet re shuffle, which the prime minister said was aimed at strengthening the coalitions unity. india's health minister is among 12 cabinet members who quit the resignations,
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a part of a re shuffle by prime minister that ends remotely after the catastrophic spike in covey. 19 infections and deaths during april. and may. the prime minister's government has been criticized for the way hospitals ran out of beds, oxygen, drugs, and staff. elizabeth fraud and reports from new delhi. this is a cabinet we shuffle that we have been expecting for about a year now. so it's not surprising, but it is big and there are many changes. the health minister resignation is the most significant. he is one of a dozen ministers, including education environment and also the i t, the law, electronics, and minister. that's all knowledge because the indian government relationship of social media companies, especially twitter, has never been worse, and it's been my it and legal battles this year. but yes, the health minister, the government faced a lot of criticism. prime minister modi faced the most criticism for the government's handling of the 2nd wave, also providing
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a virus where people in india and abroad, so that images every day of people dying because of the lack of hospital beds and oxygen. the images of the math, chrome nations, and burials the hundreds if not more bodies washing up in the ganges. but what is interesting here is that walla health minister, formal health minister, now hush both and has resigned problem isn't that in the morning is known for leadership style, where he makes all the decisions he makes all the cold. and so this is being seen especially by his critics as a prime minister, moody making these ministers who have resigned the scapegoat. and another important point to make is about at the edge of the party of prime minister in the moti is getting ready for elections. and she states the largest state for the prominence and that in the motor home state ross next year. and this is also being seen in the context of course correction before very important election. i was
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still, i had an al jazeera, 2 years in the making. one of mexico's most well known artist is honored in a new exhibition. and kick off is fast approaching at wembley way. england play denmark for a place on the euro. 2020 final. we'll look ahead to that one in this book. the ah, well, i once again welcome to look at the international forecast. whether it's logic want to cross much of the middle east, i said largely because we have seen some lively storms just around northern parts of mon recently has caused some traffic disruption as the heavy down pause in quite a gusty wind has rattle in across the northern parts of the region so. so pretty nasty weather there at present on an off showers these by the way, don't use a hazard lights when you're driving. should only be doing that when you are
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stationary. that's not the way to go further. sharon, to cropping up here because northern parts of manas we go on through thursday to friday by and large, it does look dry. the wet weather will be up around the caucus if we see some heavy rain he recently just between the black sea and the caspian sea, and that will linger on as we go on 3 friday may be thinking a little further south was by friday winds picking up how to iraq, q 8, coming down across us here in doha with wesley wind, shamal, when picking temperatures up to run 44 celsius in doha. meanwhile, we got some lobby showers across the heart of africa. the season raise the toy about seeing the heavy rain southern parts of chat, seeing some big samples all the way across towards the gulf of guinea. southern parts of africa are generally try, but turning wet and windy, the cape town. the when a war crime is committed, who is it kind of follows
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a garzon human rights investigator. on his unprecedented journey to the french high court, i says, every place to make sure that the information that i'm going to bring it's taking on the arms trade in his fight for justice, for innocent palestinians, and their families made in france on all disease. when the news break, allison journalists complain that they are systematically harassed and the story needs to be told we watched the last helicopter, leave the roof, the embassy with exclusive interviews, and in depth report. if purple is your thing, this is the place al jazeera has teens on the ground over night to bring you more award winning documentaries and life need on air and online. ah,
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a welcome back here watching out just 0 time to recap headlines now patient president, jovan envoys has been assassinated on identify the attack as rabid his home overnight pace. he's interim prime ministers declared a state of emergency to 2 weeks called joseph says he's taken charge of the country and will guarantee continuity of the state. wes's assassination has sparked fears a succession crisis, complete the violence. dominican republic is shopping its borders with hasty, columbia. the president is called the organization of american states descendant urgent mission that us president joe biden says. america is ready to help.
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taliban fighters have continued their offensive in northern afghanistan, making their 1st assault on a provincial capital since the us and nato draw down began to bon says, it briefly took control of color. now in, but both of these for the 1st time since 2001 i've gone to fans, ministry of defense says it's forces of killed more than 2000 ton of on fighters this week. yes, it's still losing significant territory. charlotte, but us reports. the taliban fighters rolling through color, you know, the capital of the province in north western afghan stone, they claimed to have briefly taken control of the town. the 1st provincial capital of attempted to overrun since the us and nato withdrawals again, was my bag diesel governess whose government forces pushed the fight is out of the city. although not before they broke into the regions central prison.


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