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energy and change to every part of our universe. or small. to continue the change all around the shape by technology and human ingenuity. we can make it work for you and your business. on the 10th anniversary, we look at the situation in the will young get country off the civil war and the displacement to 1000000 have a you have a listen government, secure stability or will the violence of the past will into the future of this oil, which nathan south sudan, 10 years better coverage on al jazeera. ah, ah, ah,
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watching, i'll just time to recap those headlines. haitian president. job in any ways has been assassinated by identify the attackers. the intern prime minister declared the state of emergency world leaders are expressing outrage warning of a dangerous crisis. indonesia is expanding nationwide restrictions is the delta very and trigger a 3rd trigger. the surgeon cove is 19 infections and death. daily number of cases is his another record hive. more than 34000. and for the 1st time, though, over $1000.00 death. that's returned to our top story in the assassination of haiti's leader on juvenile wise had been routing by decree after legislative elections in 2018 was delayed following disagreements over term limits . myers had wanted to change the constitution to strengthen the presidency. a
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referendum on a draft that was delayed last month was going to be held in september along with national elections. although i have been regular and often violent protest against his rule since the start of the year in recent weeks, the security situation deteriorated to what the un calls unprecedented levels. much of that is being driven by gangs fighting each other or the police. one of haiti's most powerful gang lead is warmed in june. it was launching a revolution against the business and political relief. the un says more than 18000 people are currently displaced by violence. let's talk now to michael de bird journalist and author of haiti will not perish. you joins us live from philadelphia . good to have you with us. so 1st, all looking at what we know of this attack, how well planned coordinated and executed was it? it seems like it was an extremely well ordinated shit. basically,
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there's video holding around that shows the attackers rolling up to the private residence of job noise in place and you know, entering and then fleeing. and it seems certainly like there was somebody who was very targeted, very coordinate. do we know who the authority is looking at as possible suspects for this? well, one of the strange things is the record minister has said that the attackers were, were speaking spanish and english, which obviously the language crockett 80 is asian creole, and french and some of the, some of the images that we've seen of that they look certainly quite light skin more, more latino than say, your, your average asian. so there's a lot of speculation putting about as this was some sort of outside job contracted to, to foreigners who are not asian. what does this mean for political transition plans? elections referendum. in some ways,
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i guess you could say that the murder of a head of state which had happened to 915 was the last tab who to be broken. and now it has been, i mean, you have, you know, various factions, of political actors and economic actors in the control armed groups in various parts of the country. you know, you have a discourse where, where violence often seems to be the, the 1st record at hand rather than the last. and now you have a head of state, you know, murdered in his bed, so to speak. so i think it's, it just marks a real, a really great pass for the country. and on that point, how much overlapping is there between some of the criminal gangs and security forces? i mean, i would say certainly in terms of the criminal gangs and political actors and economic doctors and 80 there is extensive overlap. you know that the guys who are
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running these groups in the slum areas supported friends, especially while they are, are rulers of their fights of they're also in away kind of prisoners. those neighbor, you know, you, you have a guy who is the chain of a couple blocks. he can't really go outside of that zone because his rivals will, will try and kill him. and many of these historically, at least for the last 20 years, you know, they've had patrons in the, in the political and economic sector that have kept them free and kept them power. who fills the vacuum? now, can the prime minister do it? that's a big, that's a big question. i think because there was already really serious split within the police themselves within the police force. and there was already already, you know, we have a nascent, the army that was kind of re, re, instituted by, by no more use 2017. but they're not supposed to be tasked with daily law. and we're still duties. basically, it sounds like there's an extreme call tense called and buy it in 80 right now the
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people i did some acts of looting and vandalism. generally this 3 sound very, very deserted. so i think there's another shooter drop. this is the way most people analyze it. there i thank you for your analysis of that. thank you. for my south african president, jacob zoom has hours left before learning whether he'll go to jail. he was sentenced to 15 months in jail last week for failing to show up. at a corruption inquiry, police have until midnight, wednesday to arrest him. but do most foot forward to legal challenges attempting to block the move. go live now for me to miller in candler outside. zoom as home so big question. will police move to arrest him? by midnight on on well, that's certainly the expectation because police are obliged to arrest the form of
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president. they have been some confusion in the last few days given the statements and the political maneuvering made. and in the, over the since, since the president was due to have had that himself over that was by a sunday deadline. we know that he is not prepared to do that. and since then, the police are likely to get a warrant of arrest to arrest him by midnight tonight. but it's also a very difficult and somewhat tin situation for them. the police and minister becky, they had previously written to the commission where the former president was supposed to have testified. and that's why he was found in contempt of court, saying that he didn't present himself that commission after constitutional court order compelling him to do so. but he had said that, given the litigation that's still going on, there's uncertainty around the role police should play and he was seeking clarity on what happens. but there is
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a standing order by the constitutional court saying that the former president should be arrested 3 days off the dead line by which he had to hand himself over. not yet in candle outside his homestead they. it's been rather quiet throughout the day compared to the weekend where we saw hundreds of protesters supporters coming off to say that they were prepared to protect the former president. they wouldn't allow any sort of arrest. they also, members of the african national congress is a military association which has been disbanded. they are still standing guard outside the former president's house. but we've also seen the african national congress try to manage this situation as far as they possibly can of suspended the spokes person of that association. they say for inflammatory remarks may need in the last couple of days. and it's because it's people like that to have said that they prepared to go to wal, they'll be
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a blood boss if the former president is arrested. now in the last few minutes, we've also had a statement come out from the former president's foundation, saying they're concerned by developments that they're speaking to zoom, a legal team, and they're going to speak to media at some points about the way forwards. now, all right, thanks so much for me. the miller, a base fused by us troops in iraq has been attacked. at least 14 rockets landed on the asset base and another bar province. 3 missiles were also fired towards this. on monday, us president joe biden ordered air strikes against the wrong back groups last week . with the wind joins us now live from baghdad. so it seems my mood like those us strikes on on groups, have done nothing to restrain them. will attacks and counter attack, sami, this is the result. and as you know,
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that this attack, today's at tech has been cleaned by a group anonymous group called i don't want this revenge. that's named after a bomb i didn't want is the popular mobilization forces commander that was killed in an american, a strike in january last year alongside the iranian commander. some silly menu, this attack according to military sources, was launched by miss missile launchers from all about the district about providence . and talk to daniel as had to military base is, you know, and i said, does not include only a us personnel, but also includes collision forces and iraqi army soldiers. now, the prime minister officer prime minister of most of us called me, should the statement condemning the attack and it calls, these are with groups the enemies of iraq. in fact, it says that it's going to change them and bring them to justice. it has been warning against what it calls using gay wreck as zune. to settle scores between him
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is, as you know, that there has been going on for a while. attacks and counter attacks, eroni or iran affiliated on with groups in, in iraq. they're trying to attack us military facilities, us diplomatic mission, headquarters like it the day before yesterday trying to attack the american embassy and the greens on here in iraq. but that with the drawings, they're trying to put pressure when the american personnel to force a withdrawal from iraq. meanwhile, the cause of government is being embarrassed by such as tax because as you know, that it has been involved in what is called strategic dialogue with the american side in order to guarantee a scheduled or planned withdrawal or deployment of the american personnel from iraq. now, this attack after the following this attack according to sources in the body
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district, the iraqi army has caught on the area and impose a current view in the area which has turn it currently into a war zone. as you know, because that have been multiple attacks launched from that area targeting as a military base. this attack comes only 9 days after the strike by the american fighter jets on a district on the borders between the city and iraq, which killed for popular mobilization forces. and that was as you know, the time that was in retaliation. according to the pentagon, to the joint tax that was long, should launch it by iranian affiliated groups against american military facilities . all right, hold on. belie had there now dodge farmers have been protesting against government efforts to reduce the countries nitrogen emissions a policy note about the plan was leak. last week, it shows a number of farms will have to close down in order for the targets to be reached.
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the netherlands is the world's 5th largest exporter of dairy, and the 2nd largest exporter of food by value off to the us. the vast and reports from the hague, where the protests have been taking place. climate deny is also have to eat. that's what this science as a bit of a clinical sign here at the fama protest in the hague, in the government, where thousands of pharmacists taking their practice all the way through the city. some of them are blocked by police, but many has managed to gather here to fight for their survival. the main theme here is nitrogen emission reduction, and that's something that government has. it has to do to protect the country ecosystems and nature. also according to your p and standards, but the government plan to reduce emissions of nitrogen costs by incense fami. it's not going far enough according to climate groups and via mental groups even has to
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go much further. more farms have to be close out. more capital has to be reduced, so the promise are uncertain about the future. so a lot of young farmers are here fighting also for their survival. they want to know what the government is going to do with the farming industry in the not on which you can import and export. and they want to know if they have to close down, if they will be compensated. there are warnings of response trio and this is among children near tar volcano in the philippines. most of the people near the 7 kilometer dangers and been moved elsewhere. but those display still worried about more than just the russian demo. allen, jovan explained, we visited a good c u a week after the awful quino sent plumes of black smoke and nash into the town. it is mostly empty now. to our volcano is spewing a record to high amount of sulfur dioxide and the philippine government says another eruption is eminent. those previously moved elsewhere are not allowed to
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return just yet. they've been staying in temporary shelters, like these in batangas bravo and i phone them and we are okay here we are not hungry. oh, there is aid. we would like to go home if possible. once allowed, the government has assured defected communities. that assistance is being given and more aid will come in the coming. but the threat, of course 19 is a major concern here. we were here last week and there were more than 800 residents taking shelter. here with the government has done over the past few days, was to move half of them in several different locations. this is a requirement by the national government to implement the minimum health protocol required when there is a panoramic maxima 1st being. now we are defining those for file being. we
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have our swamps here. we also check those who are pregnant. so far we have 7 here, went to ali ruptured last years. it displays more than 100000 people for weeks. it was followed by the global pandemic. and the month long locked down, that her business is here, which are dependent on fishing and tourism. people here see the understand the threats they face, but the fear this could be a repeat of what happened last year. jamila, in doug and al jazeera all batangas province northern philippines. phil, i had an al jazeera, i catch to remember in major league baseball that's coming up in for peter ah, brought to you by accenture. let there be change the
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news me brought to you by extension that there'll be change. oh,
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i catch up for the game with peter. thank you very much. sammy will start in japan where that's okay. well lympics is almost certain to take place a minute kind of at 900 state of emergency. the game started just over 2 weeks on july 23 and run august 8th, but covered 900 numbers or on the rising. so you're hitting a 2 month high on wednesday, which is expected to see the government announced a new state of emergency. this could lead to a ban on local fans attending the gangs of the decision expected on friday. foreign supporters have already been blocked. japan top health adviser still says the few people in attendance. the better with us, you know, go, might go to more so much if we're having the olympics then as much as possible, we have to do it on a smaller scale. i think there's
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a need to allow those involved with the games to enter the venues, but much fewer than would normally be allowed. this is extremely important, mixed messages and not sensitive spencer should carry. richardson will miss out on the olympics altogether off. having left off the u. s. team, she was one of the gold medal favorites for the 100 me his but loss of the spot in the race off the testing process of cannabis. in the wake of her mother's death. it was still the chance she'd compete in the re lay off her one month band. but despite having to discretionary picks, us officials of decided not to take richardson to japan. the us team says rules around cannabis need re evaluating but said all athletes must adhere to the current anti doping code and our credibility would be lost. the rules were only enforced under certain circumstances, while our heartfelt understanding lives. with sher carrie, we must also maintain famous for all of the athletes. the british and irish lions
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rugby to south africa is in jeopardy of the code. 19 cases were reported in both camps. first, south africa council, they will map test against georgia because of 12 infections among plays and management stuff for the full cases reported by the georgians. and then the lions announced 2 of the players are isolating off the one of the management team says the positive the rest of the touring party has been p. c or tasted. and if they come back positive, tonight's to match against the shocks is likely to be called off. well then, another chunk of which is moved into the wimbledon semi final, the, the chases, the record equaling 20th. the grand slam title. the 3rd with up against hungry, the martin fish, which on since the cold joke of which winning in straight fits here, 63646 for mixed up for the top feed is the final full fixture against canadian. dennis ship of the with italy coach
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a bertha mancini has warned the players that the job is not over yet of the beat spain to reach the final bureaus. it was a threatening semi final match up at london's wembley stadium. despite spain dominating position. it was literally who scored 1st on the counter attack, cuz the over federico key a stuff with 10 minutes left substitutes. a lot of them are equalized for spain, which took it the extra time and then penalties. but what i thought was one of the spanish plays missed in the shoots out, which opened the door for joe gino to win it for italy. and he did it's, it's really into the final for the full time looking for when a for a 2nd time off to $968.00. they are now unbeaten in $53.00 games under menchie. we need to get, i mean if it is unique we're still we're very happy. and i think the play is they
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believed right from day one that we can produce something incredible. but we haven't yet done everything. we need to the still one step to go, and now we have to rest up later on when say england, and then mark who meeting the 2nd semi final, also taking place at wembley england have reached the final fall for the 2nd consecutive 2 months. and what's more, garrett south gates may have yet to concede a goal of these euro's denmark last, the last or the 1st 2 games off the star play christian ericsson stuff, the cardiac arrest in the opening match. since then, the panes have recovered 2 in 3 in a row while scoring 10 goals in the process with the quality we have with the results, we have been there and we have been haven't the way we play. we tried to take an initiative in the matches, whoever is on the other side of the pitch and we will, we will try to be proactive. we'll try to play with the courage and we always do that and play forward and try to school. the next goal,
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we've never been to the final so the pressure is what you choose it to be really. i think it's a motivating thing. it's a challenge for us. if we were a country that at 15 titles and you know, we had to match what have gone before might feel differently, but we're not brazil. and argentina meeting the copper america final on saturday. that's also the origin ton saw of colombia in the semi finals and sees de la thought martinez school the opening goal of this and council after just 6 minutes. but the colombians would equalize courtesy of louis just after the hour mark. and so the match headed to penalties and goalkeeper emiliano. nothing is saved 3 spot cakes, virgin seen and now go in search of a food piece of sober waste. since 993, the phoenix sons of struck the 1st blow in the n. b, a finals against the milwaukee bucks yana fence. the combo was back for the box up
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the missing 2 games. and then when i saw that he injury when he left ties to deny the sons what looked like a susan, 2 points in the 2nd quarter with me, with her look at the replay in cleveland again. but chris pool was the star in game one with 32 points and 9 assist leading phoenix to a 13 point victory. there are 3 winds away from the 1st n b a title. it's finished with an amazing catch. in major league baseball, things were pretty tight between the los angeles angels and boston red sox. when this happened, a 11 guy said, well head out to right center be look, go. or if i can buy one or 2 for them to see ron, i'm on for the reds off. it kicked the angels ahead and they went on to win the game. 53, that's all the both the sammy, thanks so much. peter. now one of volley woods most respected starz dillard camara
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as passed away aged 98. he was one of the 3 big names who dominated the golden age of indian cinema. he received the highest acting and civilian honors from both india and pakistan during his 5 decades on screen india correspondent elizabeth for on them for the coma began his career and the hindi film industry. in the 1940s, decades before it was known as bollywood. and just a few years before the partition of british india borne mohammed uses khan and charlotte in modern day pakistan, he was asked to change his name to the diploma. when he began acting in films in the city of bombay. you could get them here. come out of ocean, his biography, that the owner of production company, bombay, talkies wanted him to have a name that would be suitable for his audience. and so mohammed uses con, became philip komatt on screen, but remained uses to those close to him. come odd,
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went on to be known by other names, tragedy, king for his roles and melancholic, love story such as dave, das and d as best method actor for his sincere performances. and the 1st con, particular godly subsequent and which it was hardly a reference to his real surname. and the 3 com i made some mod, and shadow qu bollywood, the biggest dollars for 3 decades from the 1990s. i know it can be bigger than the substance, richie portrays, i mean, the character, the story, the screen play and for any good and enduring performance shadow, you have to have a good story. come on one the indian film industries award for best actor a record 8 times including in its inaugural year. 1956 about cleaning his $960.00 historical bio pic,
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mogley asms where he played mogul emperor john deed is the highest grossing indian film of all time. when adjusted for inflation, his talents were noticed outside india, but he turned down the role of sheriff ali and the 1960 to blockbuster lawrence of arabia, which went to egyptian actor omar sharif. this command retired from acting in 1998, but not from public life. he was an advocate for the rights of disadvantage, muslims. he travelled to pakistan to receive its highest civilian honor, the masonic empty as the only indian to have done so. he served on the upper house of india's parliament and the early 2, thousands and received the country, 2nd highest, civilian honor for his contribution to end the and cinema in 2015 with his passing and dea has lost the last actor from the era of hindi cinema which produced the 1st dogs. elizabeth brought him al jazeera new daddy and then say
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from me, sammy, a van back in a moment, those ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, across the world, young activation organizes are on the move. today we do the work heard in the 1st of a new series to people in new york city use different to me to fight institutional racism and police brutality. this is indeed
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a nation wide problem that wires a systemic felicity generally contains on the corona virus pandemic has altered modern society as governments have grappled with soaring cases, contact, tracing, and huge data collections are causing concern amongst civil rights activists. people in power investigates the ever increasing powers of governments and businesses as they access peoples most personal data and asks, what has been done to regulate the flow of sensitive information under the cover of cove it on a jazzy july on the can film festival return to the delight of fans and an industry hit hard by curve at 19, but will travel restrictions and social distance in the shadow on the glitz and glamour across the globe generation change, we young activists fighting justices and demanding radical change. after
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a year long delay japan hospital in picks, unlike any the world has seen before. mice and bob way showcases personal story, offering a fresh look at the changes and challenges that the bob way face today. by going tension to the kitchen, sudan, ethiopia, reset. so the next phase of filling them on the blue nile july on i just i have been trying to juvenile moiz is assassinated in his home by a group of unknown attackers. ah, i'm sorry. say that this is al jazeera alive from the hall. so coming up, playing catch up with america as long as war comes to an end and its troops, depart, african forces are left to pick up the pieces. the scramble for oxygen indonesia.


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