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or largely they're leaving residence, wind up in their cars for food and water. president joe biden says he's clearing the entire state. the disasters out there is hope, sustain temperatures above freezing beginning saturday. the patient president jovan and he says a fascination in his home by a group of unknown attackers. ah, how am i doing? this is our life and don't also coming up playing catch up as america longer for comes to an end than its troops, depart. african forces are left to pick up the pieces. the scramble for oxygen indonesia struggles to treat patients as a number of virus cases,
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searches across the country. and a dutch journalist, a shot left fighting for his life and what's being condemned. attack own european values. ah, patient president, you're going to marie has been assassinated, dragging the caribbean nation deeper into crisis. political instability, luis is killing, was confirmed plans from prime minister closure says, who said attackers rated the late president's home. well, you have been ruined by decree over an impoverished country. this become further and gulf and poverty, fruit shortages and gang wars. and chappelle begins on coverage at one point, java no more east offered a glimmer of hope for haiti at a time of numerous crises, a former businessman who wanted to lift people out of poverty in the course country
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in the america. last time we need to believe that we needed the political stability is the 1st public resource in no country on earth. is it possible to talk about development unless there is political stability unless there is social peace? but his years in office were challenging and he faced allegations of money laundering and corruption, movies became president of haiti and 2017 after being chosen by the former leader michelle martelli to become his successor of the center. right patient had kill a party. 2015 election was the 1st to declare him winter. but the boat was overturned after allegations of fraud and violence street protests. the re run was den delayed by hurricane matthew, which caused widespread destruction in the south. but when it was finally held in 2018, it sport disagreements about when marie says term would end after legislative elections were delayed. that year marie stayed on to rule by decree. without a parliament. he tried to reassure haitians,
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even as things deteriorated around him. views by marcia development need, the more violence does not work with developments and democracy. we have to cut bridges with these old practices that are putting the country behind. despite his calls for calm, the protests against him and his government got worse. he was accused of inaction. in the face of increasing violence, a surgeon kidnappings for ransom, and the growth of armed gangs. in march, he declared some forms of protests as acts of terrorism. before his assassination luis announced a new prime minister to tackle criminal violence. would have been his 7th and 4 years now, long after a group of individuals broke into his home in the capital, puerto prince and shot him dead. janelle maurice was 53 years old and to gather her is following developments for miami. well, this is now potentially a very fragile and dangerous situation,
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the assassination of president job. now my, we says, got international leaders around the world, calling for com. but there is a good chance that things could get very dangerous and very violent very quickly. and haiti, of course, has a long history and a pretty young democracy that doesn't always function very well. the dominican republic has already closed its border with haiti, and there is no real obvious successes of no. marie, see, of course, has been ruling by decrease in 2019 constitutional scholars say he should have set down. there have been gangs on the streets and violent protests going on for the last couple of years. and there had been food shortages and of course covered 19 in recovery from the earthquake 11 years ago. now. 60 percent of patients live on less than $2.00 a day. i don't think they'll be too concerned about the assassination. but what they will be concerned about is their own safety and security. and what happens next? speaking on local news, his intern prime minister has sought to assure political stability management. for
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me as serving prime minister, i can guarantee that the political continuity of the state will be assured came ives, this journalist soneta sir with a newspaper, a t. t. he has more on who might be behind the attack and likely to happen next. what we do know is that the gangs and the killing of job now appear not to be connected. that was apparently foreigners, very well funded. they had 9 new nissan patrol, pickup trucks. they knew the layout of the president's house, they had inside information clearly. so this was a well funded operation, probably backed by some country or a very large mafia of some sort. i think. right now the opposition has been pressing to make the transitional government,
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which i think the head of the un office there, helen lee, me who is a long time career state department officer has been somewhat sympathetic to and on the fence from what my sources tell me so i think now that of nell is gone and there is no clear successor. he just announced a new prime minister on monday. doctor r e l hungry, who the radically i would have thought would have been the one speaking. but instead of the former interim prime minister club joseph, the former foreign minister, he was until his predecessor judy resigned in april. so the circle around job now was growing smaller and smaller. so i imagine now the us is which holds a predominant weight in haiti. we'll tried to bring about some kind of
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transitional government. the streets though are going to be very hot. there are neighborhood arms, neighborhood organizations formed an organization called the revolutionary forces of the g. 9 family and allies, which have called for a revolution against the system in haiti, and by that they mean the entire system, including all the power that the bush or z of haiti wields. and they want to see a change in the life of the haitian people. who live for the most part in dire poverty and misery. taliban fighters have continued their offensive in northern afghanistan, making their 1st assaults and the provincial capital since the u. s. and they to georgia and began. the taliban says briefly to control of color in now in buddies
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for the 1st time since 2001 of kind of stands ministry of defense as its forces of killed for the 2000 taliban fighters this week, yet is still losing significant territory. charlotte balice reports the taliban fighters rolling through color, you know the capital of these province in north western afghan stone, they claimed to have briefly taken control of the town. the 1st provincial capital of attempted to overrun since the un and nato withdrawals again, was beg, decent governess, his government forces pushed the fighters out of the city. although not before they broke into the regions central prison and rescued these telephone fighters over the sounds of heavy gunfire. beyond the governor had this message for asking the woman who i am, i want to assure our people that all the security forces, including the special forces a here and defending the city of color. you know,
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the enemy, who has engaged with us in some parts of the city, is facing resistance and also facing a lot of casualties and defeat. the afghan government has lost significant territory in the last 2 months. it's relying on air strikes to retake control the ministry of defenses. its troops have killed more than 2000. tell a bon fire, who's in the past week. when dumont brothers and sisters, there is no deal and no will to surrender. there are 2 choices, either to live with dignity or to live with insult. today's the day of honor, dignity and support. but if the taliban thinks that we are surrendering to them, that will never happen. not in 100 years. local militias have joined forces with the african military to bolster their ranks. this district, northern ca province fell to the taliban last week. since may 1st, the taliban has more than doubled the number of districts at control to approximately 200 or half the country with the will. you do know that the most
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afghan security forces deployed on the front line. but we militia forces also stand with them and defend in tech how most of the areas and districts who fall into the taliban. now we have created several lines to stop the taliban, reaching the city. the taliban offensive has regional allies, concerns. turkey in russia have closed the consulates in the region, while iran has restricted its consul activities. although tehran did host a meeting between taliban leaders and some senior ask and politicians beckon bag deece taliban fight. who's pushed out of color, you know, ordered to wakes at the cities gates until security forces surrendered. day after day, the pressure builds with less than 20 percent of f. ganna stand now controlled by the afghan government. charlotte bellis. out 0. a base he is by us troops in iraq has been attacked at least 14 rockets landed on the i another asset,
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air base and, and bar province. 3 missiles were also far towards that. on monday years, president barton ordered air strikes against iran bags. goods last week in indonesia is imposing tough new current restrictions. as the government warns the nation is yet to see the worst spiraling outbreak. another record of more than 34000 new infections were reported on wednesday. there were $1000.00 deaths around 7 times a daily wait a month ago. the johns hopkins university tracker shows over all around 2400000 cases. and then the 63000 lives lost to the corona virus whose the pandemic began. well, the government says enforcing emergency oxygen supplies, the hospital filled and overflowing with sick patients and will contagious delta variance 1st swept through indonesia, densely populated island of java,
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and this note spreading to the rest of the islands nation. jessica washington has more now from the coffee beasts of jakarta, to go to hospitals and java hospitals in general, are under unprecedented pressure. and this is where you can see the results of thought. this is one of the new coven 19 burial side, in because see on the outskirts of to caught her. and as hospitals are on the increasing pressure during the 2nd wave infections here in indonesia, many patients, many sick people have been turned away from hospital and force to isolate at home. no matter how sick they are and does hospitals are forced to turn away patients because they are already at 90 percent or 100 percent capacity. people have to stay home and it's up to their families to do whatever they can to keep them alive. and in many instances, they're unsuccessful at doing that, some are trying to buy oxygen tanks or medication to keep their loved ones alive,
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but the death toll is increasing because of this crisis. these great because have been working non stop, we've been observing the situation here for the past few hours and the bodies never stop coming. these men never stop working. such is the situation. the scale of the crisis here in indonesia, the indonesian government says it is working to try to rectify the crisis in some ways including trying to solve more oxygen for those in critical need. that it includes trying to source oxygen from neighboring singapore. the health ministry also says it is attempting to add more beds to hospitals, as well as increase the number of isolation facilities. but health care workers say that they are overwhelmed and overrun, and that no matter how many beds they're all in these hospitals. simple reality is, is that there is not enough health care stuff to cater for the demand. right now,
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there are far too many people, falling critically ill in indonesia for doctors to take care of all of them. and this is the result they bring. bangladesh continues to bachelor daily surge include of our cases led by the delta variance has prompted the government's extensive strict locks and until july, 14th in the streets of doctor soldiers received direct and traffic and a specialized police unit administering hand sanitizer and other areas. people to be lining up for essential goods, food, hundreds. so head on al jazeera, india's health ministers quiz. what does this mean to the countries management of the pandemic? volcano in the philippines has become rumbling again with thousands of people still low to return home. ah,
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hello the mate you france, making good progress north across parts of china. central as a china sing, the wet weather at present to matt, whether just clipping the far south self, but the korean peninsula easing across into japan is going to continue to drift across a similar area as we go on through thursday. maybe just thinking a little further south was by that day. so shanghai turning a little weather in the process and for friday, showers and longest spells afraid never really too far away from that east side of china. i'm hopeful things will dry up a little bit into southern parts of han ship, but japan will still see some very heavy rain over the next couple of days. heavy rain continue across march of indo china or tropical system. now, pushing across northern parts of vietnam that has caused some flooding here, but a crop, a very wet weather there for much of vietnam, cambodia, allows and also into thailand joining up with the monsoon ranks of southwestern monsoon range drifting across much
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a south asia. some men ma still sing some heavy downpours, far northeast of india, particularly wet bangladesh and further showers. long spells of rain pushing up into the pool. and as we go through the next couple of days at wet weather, drifting up across much of western in there as well to the north that it stays hot, much of pakistan the the story of them bob weigh in her words. she is always told, from the perspective of the great man, whether it's even robot mcguffey, my responsibility to tell is involved with the story in a way that it hasn't really been told before. the ordinary. everyday life was involved with the people. i'm writing about patina. got out of darkness, mize and bob way on algebra. oh,
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the me. this is just a quick reminder of our top stories. this are patient presidential for them. louise just being assassinated, attackers reduced his home during the middle of the night in some government and colon for com. a base he's by us troops in iraq has been attacks. at least 14 buckets landed at the i not, i said air base and onboard produce years president died and ordered air strikes against iran by groups last week. and is it easy? it's expanding nationwide restrictions as the delta variance fuels a search and cool with 1900 infections in the daily number of cases. this is another record high as more than 44 sizes and the health minister is
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among 12 cabinet members who resigns resignations, a part of the re shuffle by prime minister and arrange movie after the catastrophic spike in coal with 1900 infections and death during april and may prime minister arrangement. governments has been criticized for the way hospitals run out of beds, medical, oxygen, drugs, and stuff. let's get the latest from elizabeth perone, who's lifers in your daily lives. i was catastrophic situation in india during the months of april. and me and it seems that the health minister has paid for this for the shop. hello. hello. yes, this is the most significant of the departures. this is a cabinet re shuffle that we have been expecting for about a year now. so it's not surprising, but it is big and there are many changes. the health minister resignation is the most significant. he is one of adults and ministers, including education,
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environment, and also the i t, the law electronics and ip minister. that's all knowledge because the indian government relationship of social media companies, especially twitter, has never been worse, and it's been my it and legal battles this year. but yes, the health of the government faced a lot of criticism. prime minister modi faced the most criticism for the government's handling of the 2nd wave, also providing a virus where people in india and abroad, so that full images every day of people dying because of the lack of hospital beds and oxygen. the images of the mask formations and burials the hundreds if not more bodies washing up in the ganges. but what is interesting here is that walla health minister, formal health minister, now hush for them, has resigned. problem to let in the morning is known for a leadership style where he makes all the decisions he makes all the calls. and so this is being seen especially by his critics as of prime minister,
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moody making these ministers who have resigned the scapegoat. and another important point to make is the bottom edge of the party apartment, is that in the modi is getting ready for elections. and she states the largest state for the prominence that in the morning ton said good ross next year. and this is also being seen in the context of calls correction before very important election. okay, listen serrano lloyd from new delhi. thank you. former south african president jacobs and i could have hours left before learning whether he'll be arrested. he was sentenced to 15 munson jail last week for failing to show up at a corruption inquiry. police have until midnight when the state to arrest him, but sooner has put forward to legal challenges attempting to block the move. the ever given the container ships that block the says come out in march just finally set sail out of its ordeal. japanese owners reached
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a financial settlement with egypt. government on monday, the ever given was painted after it blocked the crucial waterway for 6 days. impacting around 10 percent of global trades. this lady had plans to build a board offense to deter migrants for mentioning the country from bella race. the governments says struggling to pope with an increase in migrant mostly from the middle east and africa after bella restarted 11 people to cross the frontier. that was in response to e. u sanctions following the force, lansing of a passenger plane in minsk the dutch prime minister is describing the shooting of a prominent crime journalist, a shocking and in comprehensive bull. peter arts of reese was seriously wounded on the street in amsterdam. he's known for his investigative work in exposing the dutch underworld that in baba reports he's a household name in the netherlands. now investigative journalist, pater the 3 is in hospital fighting for his life after being shot on this amsterdam
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street. it happened right after he made one of these regular television appearances when a current affairs program switch. from this day to the shoot, a shot peter to very close range. he was quickly assisted by bystanders and colleagues and taken to an amsterdam hospital in a serious condition. the 3 sees known for investigative work on countless cases, notably the 983 kidnapping of bay magnates. freddy heineken. he's often been threatened by figures in the criminal underworld, including the heineken kidnapper. it was well known that you received death threats and he was also on the list of crimes and across the country for a few years ago, at least about the edition. and now has left action, and to this, to this assassination at home is like instigated a short way through the members in 2008 to freeze. want to an international m e t. for a show he made about the disappearance of us teenager natalie holloway,
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on the caribbean island of aruba. the main suspect, in that case, a dutch citizen was late to convicted of murdering a peruvian students. they to air disease. it was all a mile not hated to freeze is a national hero to all of us, a rare and brave journalists tirelessly seeking justice, completely independent and free spirited. and he stands up for those in need for the parents of a murdered child. so those have been wrongly convicted who are in the european parliament. the mood was one of outrage. we might disagree with a lot we see in our media. but we have to agree that journalists investigating potential abuses of power are not a threat, but an acid to our democracies and our societies and our thoughts and saudi charity . go with the journalist, peter the fries. in these moments, the netherlands king william alexander, says the shootings shocked him deeply. calling it an attack on democracy,
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dodge police, a 2 men they arrested on a highway shortly after the attack, a still in custody. the dean barbara al jazeera, that farmers had been protesting against in governments efforts to reduce the countries nitrogen emissions. a policy notes about the plan was late last week. it shows a number of farms will have to close down in order for the targets to be breached. then that the lens is the world's 5th largest exporter of davy and the 2nd largest exporter of food by value. after the us, saudi arabia is throwing its weight behind egypt and see don about their concerns with the fuel p as controversial hydro power than the kingdom says that supports the countries in preserving but it cold, their legitimate water rights and efforts to bring a binding solution to the crisis, if you appear says that started the 2nd phase of filling it's dam on the blue nile . it says it's crucial for the countries developments, but sudan and egypt worry. it could affect water level stone stream. there are
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warning soul for spirit re illnesses among children near tall volcano, in the philippines. most of the people near the 7 kilometer dangers, all have been moved elsewhere. but those displace worried about more than just the or option jimmy. the island token has more we visited a good see you a week after the will quino sent plumes of black smoke and nash into the town. it is mostly empty now. to our volcano is spewing a record to high amount of sulfur dioxide and the philippine government says another eruption is eminent. those previously moved elsewhere are not allowed to return just yet. they've been staying in temporary shelters like these in batangas province. i phone them and we are okay here we are not hungry. oh, there is aid you'd like to go home. if possible, once allowed,
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the government has assured defected communities. that assistance is being given and more aid will come in the coming days. but the threat of coven 19 is a major concern here. we were here last week, and there were more than 800 residents taking shelter. here with the government has done over the past few days, was to move half of them in several different locations. this is a requirement by the national government to implement the minimum health protocol required when there is a pandemic map. first law being the time, and now we are defining those for funding. we have our swamps here. we also check those who are pregnant so far. we have 7 here. when to ali ruptured last years, it displaced more than 100000 people for weeks. it was followed by the global pandemic. the months long locked down. that hurt businesses here which are depended on fishing and to risen. people here see the understand the threats they face,
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but the fear this could be a repeat of what happened last year. jamila lim, dog and al jazeera, the all batangas province northern philippines. tropical storm elsa has weakened us . it makes landfall in the u. s. state of florida and the gulf coast appears to have been spared significant damage. the flood warnings are in place in several areas. the storm has already passed over several caribbean islands, killing at least 3 people. the can film festival is back counter taking in force break last year because of the pandemic. international stars and some fans of return to the south of france for one of the world's most glamorous events. natasha butler was there for the grand reopening. the sweeping bay, shimmering mediterranean sea, red carpet and of course movie dolls. the cannes film festival is back after one year break because the covey pandemic american director spike lee is the head to
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the jury. this year at the arrived just before the cost of the opening film and met the excitement was palpable. the annette is one of 24 films in competition for the prestigious palm dual prize, the musical comedy by french american director, los correct dom mario court. yeah. and adam driver is my favorite festival can. i've always before i came here, we looked at it as a marker of great films. the festivals director says it's return is cause for celebration, which are you in january and even february we have no idea if the festival would be possible. because last year we had to concentrate owing to the demick. so it's hugely satisfying to be buying such a pleasure under relief. it's not any the movie industry, i'm fine for the delighted by the return of the festival attract tens of thousands
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of visitors. and after very difficult year for the tourism sector, there are many in the city that are very happy to be back in business like a tourist for this luxury hotel to close the 6 months last year. the manager says the festival will help the local economy were present actually approximately 15 percent of our yearly rooms revenue. so we do that in less than 2 weeks. so it be. and also it brings a lot of positive energy for the travel restrictions mean some film stalls and visitors has stayed away for those attending special measures to replace, including on flight cooper, testing. nevertheless, in such unusual and unpredictable times, a generous dose of glamour and some captivating film certainly offer some welcome escape isn't natasha butler al jazeera can. and british businessmen,
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richard branson, says all boxes have been checked for his flights to the edge of space in 4 days time rental company, virgin galactic will make the trip 9 days before amazon. jeff pathos does the same thing. one of india's most famous and respected access to the kumar has dies at the age of $98.00. we would star whose nickname, the tragedy king has been sick for some time. he was one of the 3 big names who dominated the golden age of indian cinema from the 1940 s to the 1900 sixty's. his career stands one and 5 decades. nearly 60 films. ah, this is al jazeera and these are the headlines. asian presidents jovan invoice has been fascinated in fact is rated his home during the middle of the night. the interim government is.


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