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minister by the meat said the forces were obliged to defend the country from irregular groups. and if the human rights needed to be respected and that the events at the border would be investigated. ah, i'm haven't know. he didn't know how the headlines on al jazeera, katy's president, jovan and voice has been assassinated. according to the engine, prime minister coaches, as the country has suffered political turmoil and violence on rest. in recent years, a standoff over his term limits. his field protests in the capital, puerto prince and galico joins is no lie from miami and the will. can you tell us this are while we're being told that what happened in the early hours of wednesday morning was
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a gang of men broke into the president's house and assassinated him. there are some reports that some of those men was speaking spanish. some of them were disguised as department of drug agency agents from the us. but we know the 1st lady was also her. she is recovering and hospital. but as he was saying about, you know, my wheezes term. he was supposed to serve 5 years as president. he was elected in february 2017, that's around the time that i met and interviewed him. and that was basically a constitutional argument about when he should step out of office. he claimed he should carry out another year of his term. the opposition said he should step down . that's what led to these protests and the delays in the elections, which have really led to the kind of instability that we've come to know in a country like haiti. but there are now calls for com buying, but we says deputy, and he's claiming that the country is under control and the police are in place.
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but that is just one view from somebody that it remains of haiti's government. you can only think that the, the situation will become potentially more secure, and there are reports of the border with the dominican republic has now been closed again to galico. that brings us the leases from miami and the thank you in denisia is expanding nationwide restrictions as the delta ovarian fuels a search in cove with 900 infections and death. the daily number of cases has hit another record high before the 3100s. jessica washington has moved from a cemetery near jakarta. it is likely to get was, but it's hard to imagine just what that might look like because already people are struggling. whenever you open your phone, you see people looking for oxygen looking for plasma, looking for medicine, whatever they can get. and the government says that they are trying to best to relieve some of the strain on the hospitals, trying to add beds to hospital, create additional isolation facilities. but doctors say they already stretched
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beyond their limits, but there was, there are only so many health care workers. and there are fun to many patients for them to look after all of us defense department says the withdrawal from afghanistan is 90 percent complete. the afghan governments as long as the counter offensive after taliban gains across the country. of ac, used by us troops in iraq because being attacked with myself, at least 7 rockets landed on the i said air base and unbar province. 3 missiles were also far towards it. on monday, no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. the 2nd move fact volcano in the philippines is at risk of interrupting tens of thousands of people have been relocated away from high risk areas. near tall in batangas province, the ever given the container ship the block, the says can island march is finally set sail out of its ordeal. its japanese owners reach the financial settlements with egypt. government on monday. the ever given was in pounds. it's after it blocked the crucial waterway for 6 days,
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impacting around 10 percent of global trades, egypt, them on to $550000000.00 settlements. the details of the final deal haven't been revealed. candidates prime minister has businesses a site where hundreds of unmarked graves were found last month. justin to do attended a 70 at the co. s. s 1st nation in the province of scott. you and there are more than $750.00 grieves at the sites. one's home and indigenous residential school. former south african president, jacob zimmer, could have hours left before learned whether he will be arrested. he was sentenced to 15 months in jail last month for failing to show up at a corruption inquiry. police have until midnight on wednesday to arrest them. that's him has put forward to legal challenges attempting to block the move. well, those are the headlines. stay with us and i'll just 0. i'll say world is next. ah
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ah, do you. ready buried a $25.00 is her order, the killing of the pillows 2nd in come in and worth a acting a love me. i me
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ah, the story begins in 1955 when a small group of palestinians attack to target and the gaza strip. close to the border with israel that the mirror have then i was here. cannot that the it and know right. i'm in the right has a clue. montgomery for the yourself with them behind the attack was hell. he was ia as a boot he had, he would go on to become a major figure in the palestinian resistance to israeli occupation, respected by his friends, but feared by his enemies. he was one of the 700000 palestinians, forced from their homes in 1948 in what they call the neck. the catastrophe,
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the founding of israel was thorough. so we travel the can, you know, had the rule model. medina, can just me a lot of well i thought i thought it well by then i got a home computer full to tell me home and home. it was the whole less i had to fix up m more high. follow up, fall lot of my high level enjoy minutes or so love for you. i'm going to be full of activity. how long will the one well my fee for a motive for food. what free and why had from the let me know and you will be home, i will up have 2 out of all the,
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all my love the pool was equivalent typically. well, what sort of the top is i found to my rose for, for the room. this one is a mil boss or the over the love medical love him. we have the room, the i'm be, was the whole slough for the or i felt so here i love of the law next radical lover uplift matters in the from cell from a little sub what it means around it had the had is hey, i had a little of the medina, the little covering, told me after a college education in egypt, but she had moved to coo weight where he worked to the teacher. there he met yes. artifact the start of a relationship that would shape the rest of his life. together they founded the
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fetter palestinian resistance movement in 1959 that at the back of my boss and my thumbs can as well. and we'll talk on my by mater. i'd love to get him can come room with me when foot to join the palestine liberation organization. in 1967. our budget had became one of its leading figures. and for the next 2 decades, effectively the deputy to pillow chairman arafat, he set up training camps in algeria for the power of military wing of sutter that would later undertake armed operations against israeli forces. and institution.
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while we're going to pilot b tyler, bay, and liddy. any you've ever done having a lot of fun layman with them with a ribbon with a c n one moment and that's not going to be coming up and you're in during the 1970s. but she had was behind several operations against israeli target's to many palestinians. he was a hero, a leader of the palestinian resistance movement. but israel he became an increasing fret. when will my heart will not your name? michelle was with me. so
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i in june 1982, israel invaded lebanon in a confrontation, led to the pillow being expelled from the country in september and its leadership leaving the capital a route. the not be day. it's new to many and added ok may head. and then head of men had the heart of who is a bad and we'll do it for a while. yes or arafat and other leading figures regrouped. and she nicea would. she hadn't, his followers moved to the jordanian capital, a man on the 1st palestinian intifada,
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or uprising broke out. however van, haven't amanda, nor a man. and he has her her. i let the most my full of fin, when can i, will do with the new year. fell had the shop live in the, in the holding. oh, good of them again. okay. that into further ality. chevy ellerby, a jetta. i've been at a b. s, for alia. ality started here, let me in the digital
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photo. it's buffering, i'm showing it national. it's bus 25 on me. mac shit. i'm sure challenge little muslim shop. a lot of the nations shall fall over. would you division of the news in several months into the 1st intifada, flatter fighters attack to bus close to the israeli nuclear research facility near the city of demona for israelis and 3 palestinians were killed.
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do need to come not with us. how long do you actually need to be able to ship the most? listen to me. they all do need me to abandon him in order on us with an appeal and let him an mclaren, norma, to ben. see see about a bad a bad accident. and i mean,
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are you open to tickets for throw out tonight, ballard muscle ballad, csc ballad. the malay, in a c, y in a minute. c l m c, the lavelli kana. yes, i am in the process of the 20th federal man do that. oh, i see it on me . meanwhile, in cyprus, a car bomb killed 3 close associates of our booty, herd, palestinians accused israeli intelligence ma side of the murdered corporal, actual farm near 100. according to him, i was and in iraq,
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a plot against g hut was uncovered about missed one shot. now can we handle moscow? moscow than the one room near to p l i was at but by level that we're a little friend and somebody can for you. i'm in the law of dela fee but but it on a lot of the assess to follow the move and the bit of the, the kind of the back room. i'm the and i in early april 1988. i would, she had traveled from baghdad to g. nicea there he received a call from
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a close friend, a moroccan living in france, called mohammed del battery. he said he had an important security message for the fact of leadership liberty. we had the hello forum for people to send them middle bustling was still on hannah. i went to the atlanta floaters. i as well that i live at le implementors for but i had to look well, we'll have a listen jeopardy fella. let me love him when i'm her mother mostly eligible for you know how i loved? yes, sophia well look at them. i hope i will have that liquid will, if one from this number coffee group can kill him of trying to fill it. something about not going to talk has
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a tough one of the last. how would you heard of like why? because you had had a job. so you had an initial yes. and we missed and it doesn't have a bip or turn up hold on. but the 1st one is there you go. oh well no, that should be a q. do the id for listing. well man, i guess a husband handed command, you found them out in the mesa view up. awesome. now what model that it was, not all of them that ricardo and i fought for offered to know
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what the heck was tough for me on the for the left, but not italian represent fee on the news and did you did not look up on the look up the rebel. what the hell i'm the live and let me check all of it. lemon is it really is i know you've come in. seen them and then a lot for my will listen to that, ally. well know, and i have set of hope low. gotta fit, and i have to contest to our total time. have you ever listened to them in here, but i feel like i'm not satisfied with this. i forgot to look for lamar and let them comply minute and for security reasons.
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but she had rarely stayed in sheen, easier for more than a few days at a time. but on this visit he was delayed. so the days turned into weeks. ah, i kind of hung up in the car, just love the teller credit card that i was not included. and i well karen calling for patrick, you know, that doc this to who kind of thought you had said 20 was open to put up on sunday for mackenzie addicted. can you tell us about the january 11th wisdom on saturday or how well it was? one lot of some of that here was a general omi, anyone and then 7 and 7, i didn't know that j 7 j i
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the i i i i
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i, i little room for the rest of the i who was the 1st or the know the low dumber than a 1000 or the 4th and 4th, 5th about it. i believe them of all over them for them. what i will i have a little lemme i oh, i just want
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to know my mother of little me for now would i have to buy and i love them. yeah. i mean one by enough. but nobody who i love. i love the 1st now. because and a bizarre area who does not have them will have probably the one that has left left pacifica is a little left to another kind of a lot of what kind of the 1st part of what
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don't kind of what was about in high fannie here what's the order for that is that assess, have assessed with your credit or is it not just what's left and love? come on, man general health rather than what was going on on the hey, that's not that's the phillip did the out of all the
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local for to know when to if you will not recall little or the come on the service . and one of the reasons not every kind of some film of the mother is not an old, but some of them none of the one on but it is on her pillar. has it had that the landlord for what is your luck on that? i love to little metal come, subbed. i'm a little tell us, not my number. all for on 5th of every 5. when i said what happened to him in the past?
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who is it for the bomb the hospital food with that. let's see molars and what the cost to say. yeah. come on. come in. when i said home, but the look official food level. i had to come and get the mic. laurel out. everybody broken me . i bought my store and thought by the name mister
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ship, what are the command i've ever said the 2nd baton rouge were by the competitor by sir philip, how does i will hoard is just had enough left a message for oh, will mister pho fuck him. can i do. ready mm ah, what was immediately question sprang
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up, me order the killing me. carry the down or in they received departed from the u. k. indoctrinated by somali as how can a young man disillusion by violence rebuild his life? i am an excellent, but he's gonna get killed and re unite. it's common africa. no, not for me. also, my last warrior, a witness documentary on a favor with bank energy and change came to every part of our universe
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for small to continue the change all around the shape by technology and human ingenuity. we can make it work for you and your business. ah, welcome to portal your gateway to the very best to volunteer or an online content that you may have met. a new program that through our platforms makes the connections and presents a digestible, seeing each the award winning online content on their audience. portal with me founder gotten on to 0 in the us is always of interest to people around the world. this is been going on for a number of reports. so just wanted to national perspective to try to explain your
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global audience, how's it could impact your life? this is an important part of the world, and i'll be very good at bringing the news to the world from here. the i'm hello, he didn't know how the top stories on al jazeera, he's president juvenile. maurice has been assassinated. that's according to the answer. and prime minister coaches s, it's not yet known who is behind the attack on the presidential residence. the country has suffered political turmoil and violence and rest in recent years. a stand off over his term limits, a sealed protests in the capital, put a prince, and he gallagher has the latest from miami. well, it seems like an gang guarantee.


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