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like the city we say we need to take america to try to bring people together trying to deal with people who've been left behind. the hospital starves of oxygen uncovered 1900, just raising indonesia warns the worse if it's outbreak might be to come the me this is out there like for my headquarters and i'm getting navigator also heads the us faces more pressure about the speed if it's got withdraw with the taliban, gaining ground and local forces struggling a jackson journalist,
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shots and left fighting for his life. and what's being condemned as an attack on european values. canada, a name that 1st indigenous governor, general a ceremonial, but important role at a time of national reckoning. hello, indonesia is imposing tough new corona virus restrictions. as the government warns the nation is yet to see the worst of a spiraling outbreak. another record of more than 31000 new infections are reported on tuesday. there were nearly $730.00 deaths about 7 times the daily rate a month ago. the johns hopkins university tracker shows overall 2300000 cases and almost 62000 lives loss since the pandemic began. well, the government is importing emergency oxygen supplies for hospitals filled and overflowing with sick patients. the more contagious delta variance 1st swept her
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and denise as densely populated java and is now spreading through its many islands . jessica washington has more from because east of jakarta, to cut us hospitals and java hospitals in general, are under unprecedented pressure. and this is where you can see the results of thought. this is one of the new coven 19 burial side, in because see on the outskirts of chicago. and as hospitals are on the increasing pressure during the 2nd wave infections here in indonesia. many patients, many sick people have been turned away from hospital and forth to isolate at home no matter how sick they are and does hospitals are forced to turn away patients because they are already at 90 percent or 100 percent capacity. people have to stay home and it's up to their families to do whatever they can to keep them alive. and in many instances, they're unsuccessful at doing that. some are trying to buy oxygen tanks or medication to keep their loved ones alive, but the death toll is increasing because of this crisis. these great because have
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been working non stop, we've been observing the situation here for the past few hours and the bodies never stop coming. these men never stop working. such is the situation. the scale of the crisis here in indonesia. the indonesian government says it is working to try to, to rectify the crisis in some ways, including trying to source more oxygen for those in critical need. that it includes trying to source oxygen from neighboring singapore. the health ministry also says it is attempting to add more beds to hospitals, as well as increase the number of isolation facilities. but health care workers say that they are overwhelmed and overrun, and that no matter how many beds they're all in these hospitals. simple reality is, is that there is not enough health care stuff to cater for the demand right now
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there are far too many people, falling critically ill in indonesia for doctors to take care of all of them. and this is the result. elsewhere in asia, south korea is reporting its highest daily current of iris counts and sleet. december, more than a 1200 infections were recorded on wednesday, forcing a delay and planned for eas restrictions. the government may, in fact introduce tougher measures. the locked down in australia's biggest city has been extended by weak as sidney tries to stamp out infections driven by the delta vary and it's reported more than 350 cases in the past 3 weeks. that's a significant jump in a city where there had been barely any infections for months. the us census, the withdrawal from of gone to son is a drop down and not a retreat as it again pledge to support the afghan government from a distance. the taliban has stepped up its campaign ahead of the full withdrawal of us forces raising doubts about how local forces will cope. rosalind jordan reports
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from washington, d. c. on the streets of bog room. some optimism about life after the us military departure. we should not worry about the u. s. withdraw. we are muslims and depend on our god. we cannot rely on the u. s. as they were russians here in the past. now, americans, we should not wait for another superpower to come and help us. and we should not worry about them anymore. as he's armories, dream of self reliance may not be shared by many within the afghan government. they're accusing the us of leaving the bog warm air base last week without advance notice something. the americans have been quick to deny. i can tell you that afghan leaders, civilian and military were appropriately coordinated with and briefed about the turnover of bottom air base. in fact, the us central command set on tuesday, the ballroom was the 7th and final military base. i turned over to afghan control,
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they said the hand overtook several weeks and that the u. s. isn't abandoning afghanistan. we have every intention of continuing an ongoing president presence in cobble, which is continually even after we bring our military who are serving a home by the end of august. but other images from the provinces tell a different story. afghan soldiers have either deserted their posts and fled. or as taliban media puts it, decided to join the opposition. but the afghan government says this is a temporary setback. situation will not continue and it's all on are not able to reject the audio or did the will be taken over by disney. and we are getting busy and we will watch them on the phone. and we will capture aria, if the by net ministration is worried about these developments, and the taller bonds commitment to a peaceful future. it's not saying so. analysts say there is reason to be concerned
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said the interest of the united states in the interests of countries in the region to ensure that the afghan government does not collapse. but we're heading to a pretty dark place at the moment. some on the streets of bathrooms, already think the dark plate as a rhyme. i'm pulling in. if you can see now a lot of districts have surrendered to the taliban. even some afghan forces have fled to tajikistan. and i'm telling you that afghan forces will not be able to secure our country if there will be no foreign support. we will witness once again, civil war here. a pedestal or perhaps inevitable moment for the afghan people after 20 years of the us led war. rosalyn jordan al jazeera washington, a parents in nigeria, northern nigeria, that is a, they've made contact with kidnappers, who took their children on monday. attackers rated the boarding school in kaduna state during the 9th 2 days ago. this is the 10th abduction in that part of the country since late last year by groups of armed men,
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described as bandits by degrees of gotten the higher the call from the actual doctrine bill privilege of speaking. with few of them, they counted them. the jungle was information one to one. the dutch prime minister is describing the shooting of a prominent crime, journalists as shocking and in comprehensible peter r. devries with seriously wounded on a street in amsterdam. he's known for his investigative work in exposing the dutch underworld. the breeze had police protection in the past after receiving threats for his involvement in criminal cases. let's cross over to amsterdam via skype joining us, a psychological psychologist, young william van pre, and he's a senior researcher at the netherlands institutes for the study of crime and law enforcement. thanks for speaking to us on al jazeera. so obviously shock and
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condemnation coming out of the netherlands today. what is your reaction to the shooting? what are your thoughts? yeah, the shame i think is an unprecedented event. what makes this case unique a force or i would appreciate the most well known crime, a journalist in the netherlands who dealt with high profile cases or criminal events in the internet and published a role cost about them. it was well known that you received death threats and he was also on the definition of crimes and caution to report a few years ago, at least about the edition, and now has led to action. and to this, to this assassination of them from his life instigated a short way through the members we had he been receiving police protection at this time because we know that he had in the past. yeah. the police yesterday
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made a statement about that that they were willing to provide any details about this to, to assure you also in the future. so yeah, that's, that's not abided here at the moment. and also unclear is the motive of this attack . no reason yes. being given, but what do you think the message is behind it? well, we know the apprehensive respects among them, the likely shooter and so they were in a car, stopped in the car on the freeway. so this suggested this really was familiar, organized assassination of them. a horse, it remains at this point, speculative with the exact motives and reasons behind this. this was the way it looks like based on the information there is publicly available right now, it looks like an organized starter. this attempt to assess nathan and the for those who perhaps may not be familiar with the reasons work just to talk to us
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a little about a little bit about the work that he did and particularly in the dutch, under world. yeah. well, he did a lot of different things really, so he needs help. he investigated crime syndicate so high profile from crime syndicates like for instance, later and also recently in my trial which in which the market branch you get the sending private also other things. so we also help the parents who are child screaming since his prince is missing or has been murdered. so different crime cases in amendments that receives a lot of media attention and investigated them. and also we are regularly health to to solve them rate. so yeah, you made him a really well known figure in the netherlands and many people also mark experience rate. ok,
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we thank you very much for joining us from amsterdam and i'll just hear your philippine 2nd most active volcanoes on the verge of another erection. the tal volcano in batangas province has been spewing large volumes of gas and steam since last week. thousands of people from high risk areas have had to flee their homes. the volcano last rusted in january of last year. here is jamilla and doug. she's in the area monitoring evacuation efforts. behind me is actually the creator of the volcano. it's quite sunny here and it looks quite peaceful, but whether experts and the government, this issue, the warning that it has been emitting a significant amount of sulfur dioxide, which means interruption could happen anytime this week or over the next few weeks . that means those who have been displaced over the past few days will remain in evacuation cent centers, the thousands of them coming from the sound of the red and celia. the government also said that there have been around 40 bo county for
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a place that i've been identified tremors, the last sometimes up to 5 minutes. but the major concern at this point is really the safety and security of so many civilians live within the core. so coming around because they are info, so communities around the lake, for example, you in this stuff also issued a statement yesterday basically warning that silver and are at risk of rep respiratory diseases and many civilians who also they hope that they won't have to see any back to ation centers for too long because of the fear of the pandemic. the government then assures the public, though, that they're doing their best to impose the, the, the minimum required to house protocol that is in place in order to assure that there won't be any outbreak in these. if speculation centers, new footage has revealed the extensive destruction in a western canadian town ravaged by wildfires. most homes on buildings and little british columbia were destroyed by fire during last week's record, heat wave local media report the towns,
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1000 residents were given just minutes to flee after an evacuation order. 2 people were killed and several others were injured. tropical storm elsa has been upgraded to a hurricane as it skirts because of the us state of florida. the national hurricane center is warning of damaging winds and heavy rain. it's expected to make landfall on wednesday. the storm has already passed over several caribbean islands, killing at least 3 people will have a check of the weather up next. the men why these farms are feeling the heat from efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions, columbia and military leaders, or choose a killing civilians in the civil war. and lying that the victims were rebel fighters, details coming ah,
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hello, the monsoon rays are being producing some really heavy downpours across parts of indo china recently. some very, very a wet weather. this is in the southern parts of vietnam, 113 millimeters of rain, but it was even west as you make it a little further south on the right, chasing some very heavy rain. $237.00 millimeters of rain in 24 hours. and over the last couple of days, a whopping 364 millimeters of right. and that's going to be the main focus for the heavier right across the regions. we go through the next dial. so vietnam allows cambodia thailand or seeing some very big down pools and wet weather, still continuing their across northern parts of sumatra. let me go. some really wet weather continuing. therefore friday, malaysia, sunshine and showers is still a few showers there into indonesia that we will see some showers developing across east and possible strayer, over the next day or so. but for the time being the wet or whether it's the west, forgot this cold front, making its way across the way. so we will see some wet weather sliding through
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perth, wet and windy weather, running through the bites, nudging his way towards adelaide towards the southeast corner. there we go with some showers. coming into queensland for thursday by friday ran becoming more expansive, much of new south wales, including sydney tele, very went. the wizard, bank energy to every part of our universe. or small to continue the change all around the shape by technology and human ingenuity. we can make it work for you and your ah
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the gun, the headlines on algebra indonesia is expanding nationwide restrictions as the delta vary and shoulder surgeon covered 19 infections and the daily number of cases has had another record high of more than 31000. the u. s. defense department says the withdrawal from us on a sun is 90 percent complete. the african government launched the counter offensive after taliban games across the country. and the 2nd most active volcano in the philippines is at risk of for uptake. tens of thousands of people have been relocated away from high risk areas near town. and i guess problem canada is getting its 1st indigenous governor general diplomat. mary simon is in any way from
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the province of quebec. she said her appointment is a sign of progress towards a more inclusive society. there have been protests and recent months after the discovery of hundreds of unmarked graves of indigenous children who were forced into residential schools beginning in the 1900 century. breen, who were left is a lawyer and a former counsel for the national inquiry into missing. and murdered indigenous women and girls. she says the appointment doesn't necessarily signal any meaningful change. when i listen to her, say, an important step forward on the long path towards reconciliation to me and to many ambitious people. this signal that we should expect from her the same slow pace of successive canadian government over many decades, including the current government. to me is very troubling in this context that you know, a country that's being accused of genocide by its own federal commission. the
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national inquiry, intimacy and murdered vision of women and girls confidently is still signaling to us that it's going to take a slow measured approach. i do not believe that genocide is a crime that should be tolerated for any amount of time. let alone belong passed towards reconciliation alluded to by the new governor general. i think that it deserves immediate attention because well, as someone who's also formerly worked in ambitious governance, i know that indigenous government, like the i t k of which she was president and the mc and the a f and are heavily dependent on the canadian government for their funding and kennedy uses that dependency to coerce indigenous governments to do work as candidates. so it's my belief that the selection of simon by prime minister trudeau is likely because he's comfortable with her
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pass track record that, that she won't rock the boat very much. and that she will toll the line and protect the government of canada. we need something more courageous than that right now. dutch farmers are protesting against government efforts to reduce the countries nitrogen emissions. a policy note about the plan was late last week and it shows a number of farms will have to close down in order for the targets to be reached. the netherlands is the world's 5th largest export of dairy and a 2nd large order of food by value after the u. s. let's cross this a pass and joining us from the netherlands. so it's not the 1st time that the farmers are protesting. step tell us what they're most concerned about. the know this is not the 1st time, but they're getting more and more desperate here in abilene state. truffles, as you can see, what the tractors to the have to the government sample to make their voice heard
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lots of tractors are still on the way police are trying to stop them from answering just feel here, close to the government building, but they are promising. they will arrive at them. main concern here is that they will have no future. that's basically what it comes down to. that has been some recent reports publish that if the madeline wants to achieve this nitrogen reduction, this is very much needed to protect the countries nature. than this farmington incense of farming is not possible any longer than that. let's, as you say, is one of the largest exports of diaries. we have very large problems here. they have thrown over the years and the 197098 and lots of large problems started to arise lots of subsidies for this. and now these farmers are faced with a very uncertain future. they will have to close down, they might have to move from green areas to more,
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less taxes areas. but their main question is, what is going to be our future? and what will the government do to compensate off rates and how much pressure is this actually putting on the government to scrap this new policy or what's been the government's response? well, there is a very delicate balance at the moment. the farmers afford strong lobby, also within political parties, but very interesting. the only yesterday, one of the main part is the christian part to it's always support of the fact that there is no more defending bombs as they are existing at the moment. they will have to reduce significantly. so that's a very interesting sign that the government, the really going away from protecting the farmers which they have been doing for very long time. i'm listening to environmental groups and the government is actually bound by european rules. they have find these agreements that this nitrogen reduction has to be implemented. so there's
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a lot of pressure on all sides on the governments right now. so we'll have to see what comes out of this process on protests that will come up in the next week. how the government is going to react. ok, thank you so much. is the boss and reporting from the hague. saudi arabia is throwing its weight behind egypt on sir don over their concerns with a few years controversial, giant hydro power down the kingdom says it supports the countries in preserving their legitimate water rights and efforts to bring a binding solution to the crisis. it says it started the 2nd phase of filling the dam on the blue nile. it says it's essential for the country's development, but to don, an egypt say it puts their water supplies at risk, strongly support the role currently played by the african union chairperson. and facilitating the negotiations between the 3 countries, we again call on them to work with those 3 countries. what is also important that
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there would be no unilateral action that would undermine any search for, for solutions. so it's important that people re commit to themselves to engage in good faith in a, in a genuine process. columbia special piece court has accused the general 9 soldiers and the civilian of murdering a 120 people between 20072000 8th. it says they were falsely presented as rebels fighters who died in combat. it's the 1st time the tribunal has accused members of the army in connection with the so called false positive scandal, or they live in san diego. the evidence indicates that the 11 accused a criminally responsible for the war crime, homicide, and a protected person and crimes against humanity, murder and force disappearance. according to both the colombian penal code and the room statute of the international criminal court, the 120 victims identified by the tribunal for peace were assassinated in
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a defenceless state by members of the security forces, with no actual combat involved. and also franko was a lawyer and also a former assistant administrator for latin america and the caribbean. for u. s. a. id, he says, these charges should not come as a shock. i'm not surprised, quite frankly, i was in columbia was an administrator for 6 years from the take take over the rebate government to its 1st term. so i visited the area i visited not just sat down there and put my own. and i'm not surprised for this reason. this is a very brutal, ambitious civil war. both sides commit atrocities. we tried to investigate these matters. it was very difficult, but i can tell you just as an aside, for example, as i visited these, these war zones, we would have to fly in the morning, fly out in the late afternoon because they're surrounded by guerrillas. so it was
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a very tense situation where unfortunately the rules laws were thinking for both sides were talking about the government very difficult to enforce. i personally raised the issue with president to leave it at the time at the request of senator leahy and others. and our congress and with the columbia basket, the u. s. at the time luis moreno, they vigorously denied these things. i don't think these were killings that were order from the top, but significant individuals and high ranking officers, including a general apparently, were involved in this. again, one of the difficulties in this conflict is that many of these zones were far removed from the government. and many of these individuals who probably died were suspected act of us and left us not combatants. so they were really read, they are or crimes, but i believe that probably the number is far in excess. so with the charges we see today, there's just no question that was such a long, long conflict involving really half the country in a very, very vicious war. when
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a bollywood most respected star is deli, kumar has passed away age 98. he was one of the 3 big names who dominated the golden age of indian cinema. she received the highest, acting in civilian honors from both india and pakistan during his 5 decades on screen. elizabeth brought him, looks back at his life. the comma began his career and the hindi film industry in the 1940s, decades before it was known as bollywood. and just a few years before the partition of british india borne mohammed uses khan and charlotte in modern day pakistan, he was asked to change his name to the comma when he began acting in films in the city of bombay. maybe he could get them here. come out of ocean, his biography, that the owner of production company, bombay, talkies wanted him to have a name that would be suitable for his audience. and so mohammed uses con,
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became philip komatt on screen, but remained uses to those close to him. come odd, went on to be known by other names, tragedy, king for his roles and melancholic. love story, such as dave das, india's best method actor for his sincere performances, and the 1st con, particle of godly bhillips subsequent and which it was hardly a reference to his real surname. and the 3 com i made some mod, and shadow qu bollywood, the biggest dollars for 3 decades from the 1990s. no, it can be bigger than the substance which he portrays. i mean, the character, the story, the screen play. and for any good and enduring performance shadow, you have to have a good story. come on one the indian film industries award for best actor a record 8 times including in its inaugural year. 1956 about cleaning
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his 1960 historical bio pic, mogley asms, where he played mogul emperor john gade is the highest grossing indian film of all time. when adjusted for inflation. his talents were noticed outside india, but he turned down the role of sheriff ali the 1960 to blockbuster lawrence of arabia, which went to egypt, an actor almost sharif. this command retired from acting in 1998, but not from public life. he was an advocate for the rights of disadvantage muslims . he travelled to pakistan to receive its highest civilly and honor the masonic empty as the only indian to have done. so. he served on the upper house of india's parliament in early 2, thousands and received the country, 2nd highest, civilian honor for his contribution to indian cinema in 2015 with his passing and dea has lost the last actor from the era of hindi cinema. which produced the 1st
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dogs. elizabeth brought him al jazeera new daddy, the spanish city. pamplona is known for its annual bull running festival, but it's been called off for a 2nd year because of the pandemic. some people still gathered in the town square where a rocket would normally be fires to start the event. the last time it was cancelled 2 years in a row during the spanish civil war and the 1930. i hello. the headlines on al jazeera, indonesia is expanding. nationwide restrictions is the delta vary and fuels a surgeon code 1900 infections and deaths to daily number of cases is that another record high of more than 34000 government expect that number could juggle just washington has more from a cemetery near jakarta.


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