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tv   [untitled]    July 7, 2021 9:30am-10:01am +03

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to reconnect mix the misinformation. the latest developments. what's going on here is very different for a stop. the back thing comes in the form of a nasal spray. special coverage of the corona virus pandemic on a jessina. oh, hello, i'm darn john. in delicate reminder of the headlines here on out 0, indonesia is expanding cobra 19 restrictions nationwide. as the highly contagious delta very and continues to spread. the countries now importing emergency oxygen supplies from singapore to treat the rising number of patients. on tuesday, indonesia report at its highest daily infection, right, more than 31000. the biden administration has defended the us military withdrawal from a dentist on as taliban fighters claim or territory. it says it's a draw down and not a retreat. i'm just pledging to support the afghan government from
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a distance. it is not just the government, afghanistan, it is not just the united states, it's not just a broad swath of the international community that recognizes that there is no military solution to this conflict. the fact that the taliban continues to engage in doha to engage in intra ask in dialogue is itself most likely a reflection of the fact that the taliban to understands that only through diplomacy? can they garner any sort of legitimacy. john attack has hit the international airport in the northern iraq. if you have a bill, explosives were aimed at the u. s. space and it's outskirts, but no casualties are reported. there's been an increase in rocket attacks on us troops, which washington blames on iranian back to malicious. columbia is a special piece court that use a general 9 soldiers and a civilian of murdering
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a $120.00 people between 20072008 says the victims were full to presented as rebel fighters who died in combat. it's the 1st time the tribunal as implicated members of the army over the so called false poverty scandals. canada is getting at 1st indigenous governor general. mary simon, isn't anyone from northern quebec? her appointment follows a scandal. every discovery of unmarked graves of indigenous children were forced into residential schools. on one of india's most well known and respected actors, philip coma has died. the 98 year old bollywood star was nicknamed. the tragedy king had been ill for some time. it was one of the 3 big names who dominated the golden age of indian cinema from the 1940 to the mansion sixty's. among his most remembered rolls was in the lavish historical romance, most galleys, based on the life of one of india's great move, the princess. that was the headline. that's now back to witness. thank you. thanks for watching. the july on just the can film festival return to the
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delight of fans and an industry hit hard by curve at one team will travel restrictions and social distances off the shadow on the glitz and glamour across the globe generation change with young activists fighting injustices and demanding radical change after a year long delay japan hospital and unlike any the world has seen before. my son, bob way, showcase his personal story, offering a fresh look at the changes and challenges. but the bob way face today, just by growing tension with egypt and sudan, e p o p, or is that for the next phase of filling it down on the blue nile? july on i'll just eat up. oh i i
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don't usually stop what i get from another group on group. he ended up the big today because he said there wasn't any of it just given it a lot of qualities, a suited to it to a to watch as he can. so did he go on the edge ok link is still on buffer. good to do, but it gives you more detail about concerns on the go back home community division if i'm feeling a little feel about competitive and you can move that also that way . but he just knew, well what i'm, if you call somebody, you know, you've never asked them what you would love
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to defeated. what you mean. my number one of the, one of my what am i supposed to get it to give you the been minus on was on just on the board of an in the guys got the learning about the one i remember when i was under i bought a bunk fund my mom really wasn't ready to go to the level of the grow, the money to pay me just get into the shock. right. the gaining
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the burning down health center doesn't helps know we bring it up. ment appear silly. the see, the local me until you've got a little of i kid to little going and then i shall not at o. m s m s. if you combine you from the little 40. see now, camino de luca in a little of them. you know that unless you're not indifferent public or not, she will get a camino unless they full of them. no, they don't come up with no con money 5th. is that even? you know 100 the buller suppose kids you suppose guess you don't want so much but she wasn't supposed guess. you don't focus in any case you know the marsh there, but i learned that it did sticky. sometimes it is
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i might be doing 15 people. i pretty much done that i'm doing well my actually what s good look for blender. foster mom at 11. is it
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a meant to be exact? it is? yeah. coffee or not? do i have a list and why pool the patio coffee? that both 2 done and one kid could this to me or my pets house leased out because at least the best because if you feel that daniel does any and if you call it could be you do do rickety, buddy, do you have it on file? yeah. there it was cancelled by by. yes, i seen it here to see the group on the mouth. brevity appreciate that. just got the nice me to keep enough for service was a very critique, said beth, go we lose it. so colanda voted video, not though much, but a lot of military mach in a minute. they did the, the, what to get a magic on fire,
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move it up front, and i'm going to be voted on fund. i'm not really said that in a low c. m. i a but then it in the peninsula least in about 2 minutes. because bhaskar on a vehicle, valid quote on a senior lumina can see oh, come us, not that much difficult. my knowledge shows panell issues. i'll come up with that and i, yeah. both l a d b the ah, it says mucky. las rather than the in the midst the inside of mere
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inside of mississippi. it's a self because even that i co medina, dorchence of us, inhaled lamb, losing a lot more place from when they stopped to hook up the hillman for shall day. and you can hold in flute, have a dinner to fill out the m a market adopters and deals of the old glossy, dotted oak a room please. thank you for those very debatable obeys, are under divers o'neil to mark on the scene. this was oak, the white savior you had that he meant to ask for help and made it open of his yolanda and you look in is you need to course for you know, for like say nay. it for many our own part, aiden, aim into police to track if any kinda he sent it in the video and
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then florida. your kid just came in open. interesting. and maybe some major mock of hold to follow the call to he cases key it at the healing boone. and i'm going to look at them and see if we can get done a lot more new school ac gamma. and then as soon as you need to, to, to get me the key for that money daily, give with the swimming equal, make sure you got to show this fancy to show the get it to show the complete the feed. usually you should, they leave should all the and joseph you and leave these to come in a bit, bye me, let's do a version gone new, let biblical new laziness, new zone at the see the not proper of new gonzalez. this is bob. buck is
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still did, you know, can make it, but i think we should put a protocol contest. the gallery, you know, they're going to see if there distribution should be fed. i think the lease is up for me. they don't do news or the notice that you go near the bluff, but if you don't know it's going to play the last part of the on, i was pretty good. who does your african easy going to feel me? a fan of feeling your laughing is go there. so it shows that you don't we you let us be less men who got the name to learn we,
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you know, you know and sort of fall in dance. don't doctors and sit up buffy need do vision before you finish your movie. the now you stay i would say go, if we need you, we will call you but no go, we have to do jack. who can do that? i'm only on but we have a clear question. yeah. actually talking about whether i should make a film enough that you should i should go home. that was really shocked. why, why did you arrive? it's not that i have you. but if you have to know the truth and i'm not saying nobody should come and do anything about this country. but it's a question of a whole system. the system that led to you being here and
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making this question by making it are you playing? i mean, are you trying to solve the issue or are you getting fooled yourself? i don't know the question. what i hope i can do is create a little tiny bit of awareness in western audience. good god. but then if it does crash deep and then you attack that, then you create this and then watch people come rushing thinking the problem is here. but actually the problem is, but here the problem isn't is to them, but is trying to be unplugged beer. that's what i'm like. let's see. you see, let, let's see, the end of, let's see the end result. the thing is what,
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what is so difficult? of course you have a good point by saying, why don't you give the money to a local director because he's better suitable than you to make the film? it's a good point, practically. it's impossible, but there's a possibility is because of the system. the system doesn't allow this and that makes it a bit difficult discussion. not really. so what are you saying? not to redo them to do the things you show and you do it every one and you get the same thing to look. you will see the difference. let's do that. let's, let's, let's both make seen about the same thing. same thing. do they
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double i'm in a little system in i think we can wait. that's just me. if the answer on the package you want up, i see you that global watch. yeah. for one of you done. so let me in the
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you must be sure don't but to the rule, but to me give it to me. praise him. she is she he'll probably go much more like yo the
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bog share this good you follow the rest of this trail? that's what i could use to to show that how he went to show he's a, he's a community example when we, when we saw your book, i don't money school. there it's, it's nice clean. good. don't we don't go to be really. if it's not clear, let's people be before me.
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but then again, to be honest, there was also a lot of problems that people shouting at us. somebody maybe phone rock, the fighting to fighting was really incense. it wasn't one of the novel for what we want about the the the way the
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why do they beat them like this? it will go, this is miss and yeah it, because it happened right in front of me. i was quite shocked. it just seemed to say, but i thought if i don't do much much, it wasn't coming from some medical release before i came up with this. i'm at a level yourself lucid theory or list it's going to shows was because you see going to give all the link or if it's linear thing in my near the record exists and they kill him. said buckroe geno coding in a minute issue. in particular, the for illusion. they've been a proxy. give me the free. we're going to call it. we need to book colonial folk,
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the king lou looking look, but he's not pretty crappy. she did go to configure shows on the school day side, easy to compel him and if we don't sense the grid, so saying good or no, no, no man stop doing it's in europe. no, no, no messed and messed up. so break it sentences but, but i make like you can see what they're much larger. the 2nd was she points on one moment. let me. ah, once we get butler,
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my gosh boscus. because one in the area the default him i mean fuck on it. but i don't quite me me what i
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me thank you everybody for being here. and i'm really curious to know what, what you think of the film, major willis or what? what can i tell him what you've done for the local visit premier projects? you know, it kill up look premier to it if you leave. the screening is here because of the light. this the question of why it's here. because the screening place that you lay your son, the film is very dark. i just saw this place yesterday, and for me it's easy to film so it could have maybe been done at your late. but for me, the difference is not so big, but can be my perspective. and it gives you that was all fall under the us on the bus while the call the bus and the difference it
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in the country for people who are going to in projection initially populates differently. and initially there are no, we don't have it, but they wanted to know material. no, no, no. they don't know corgan is it my mom. i want to see guess you know your question. you want to massage? see meadows a little me much. but don't, i'm a projects don't you know, work a, we only knew me a question that i did and i was going to kill a sequel google mac numbers and not because up because it was quite easy and google, she's still a much mike and joe come in grow my go, ma'am, he said a walk and you know you've been taught and you know you've gone above the new equal course, 3 appropriate then you call it to negative positive buskey let's it can watch him in that if you do that to seek it when it but novit pub, political, mom, gwinnett, gwinnett,
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that com can get you a study. we're learning from them, dunc. yeah, mr. love, we were on the phone. but if you move there is a deal with him to come in juvenile cooper. he would need to speak to a one foot boy, clarissa, 15 lucky, last visit, but on site for billing of the public support, read you down to rolla and also push it by a message. if it's, if the volume will typically ever been able to handle bloody me, it might have been going to sort of get you a vague you don't pay a bill for them. they don't figure solice on them one back into the bill. one minute don't mind, love beer who to cover assume
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when it the new book called the new join in media into mama because you who love official where you, where you live free jim and i was i e and you are the d. c. d who later find your projects, your monkeys, when it moves all the work, i don't there much for 21 dollars thought you don't enjoy it or not. when i'm we ended up was it? is that that busy that met me study well, how you with german georgia you work on it projects at the club. i don't want to ship it because in the universe, you to employ more than i should pick it up to take. you're going to put the call and he's a member, a lead to fish on the bill of bush capital to w for whiskey buddy. to know if you go, if you remove the thunder hooks up to think it will put them in medical mc through bus dot, i meant thought to it before accepted on it. did it miss you will it will decrease in both your book because the book is cottage is done with that and the fact you
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thought duly system on the phone. so some of the women. ok. i don't watch a book. you feel so blue. a claim of the takes a lot, deal to blow it, quite want to feel a field packets. if you click the little cover to fill out the filter cause i want to pittsburgh. yes. the tooth did. he was killed but cannot if she should, i should i do that. i stay there should i am the i. ready ready people from the u. k. and dr. nate to buy some money as how can a young man disillusion by violence rebuild his life? are they going to make a mistake and re unite? it's common africa. no,
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not for me. also my kids last warrior witness documentary on a day. hello, hot and dry sound. the weather across the middle east, just about a be saw of the year as to be said, very much the case at the moment. temperature is about where they should be by and large. we have got some showers longest, both the brain a little further north, around the caucasus, just into parts of russia. $81.00 millimeters, the right amount of months worth of rain falling in 24 hours. this is not too far from salt. she actually, you say the conditions that we have here with that very heavy down pause, causing widespread disruption across a good part of that region very close to the black sea. then there will be further showers here as we go one through the next style. so you can see have a shower, linger through georgia, armenia as a bus. yon could catch a shower rod. let's take
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a look further south because the temperature bag that 49 celsius could touch 52 and q a is on the hot side here. and 4 or 5 celsius about average temperature is about where they should be here in doha delightful 40 celsius for us. then as we go through thursday, a little sticky in the mornings it has to be said, shall as long as both of right now rolling off the therapy in highlands pulse from the wife of the west was with those easterly waste. and quite nicely, we have got some wet weather making its way to south africa over the next day or so . cape town, teddy, particularly wet and windy for thursday. the be part of the debate itself does seem to end in the us or in the u. k. because it will just come back again when no topic is off the table. what we wanted to talk about were these men with white men talking loud and clear. where at global
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audience becomes a global community, jumping to the comment section. and part of those discussion there are like kinetic efforts to silence fell opinions on the online based on al jazeera. ah, it's hospital star of the oxygen and covered 1900. that's raising engine easier warns the worse the fits outbreak might be to come. i watching all 0 my for my headquarters and i'm getting navigator also coming up. the us faces more pressure about the speed. if it's afghan, withdraw the taliban gaining ground and local forces struggling canada.


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