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so we do that in less than 2 weeks, so it big. and also it brings a lot of positive energy for the travel restrictions mean some film stalls and visitors has fade away for those attending special measures to replace including on flight cooper, testing. nevertheless, in such unusual and unpredictable times, a generous dose of glamour, infant, captivating films, certainly offer some welcome escape, isn't natasha butler al jazeera can. ah, hello. this is al jazeera and these are the headlines. the biden administration has defended the u. s. military withdrawal from afghanistan as taliban fighters continued to claim more territory. washington says it to draw down, not a treat and as pledging to support the afghan government from a distance. it is not just the government us can stand. it is not just the united
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states, it's not just a broad swath of the international community that recognizes that there is no military solution to this conflict. the fact that the taliban continues to engage in doha to engage in intra ask in dialogue is itself most likely a reflection of the fact that the taliban to understands that only through diplomacy, can they garner any sort of legitimacy. saudi arabia is back in egypt and to dawn and their dispute with a theory over its controversial giant hydropower. them, the kingdom says it supports the countries in preserving the legitimate water rights. meanwhile, ethiopia says it started the 2nd phase of filling them on the blue nile. tropical storm elsa has been upgraded to a hurricane as at barrels towards the u. s. station, florida. the national hurricane center is warning of damaging winds and heavy rain
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is expected to make land fall on wednesday. a drone attack has hit the international airport in the northern iraqi city of a bill. explosives were aimed at the us based on its outskirts, but no casualties were reported. there's been an increase in rocket attacks on us troops, which washington blames on iranian back to musicians. columbia special peace court has a huge military personnel muttering 120 civilians between 20072008 says they were falsely presented as rebel fighters who died in combat. this is the 1st time the tribunal has accused members of the army in connection with the so called false positive scandal. canada is getting its fast indigenous governor general. mary, simon, isn't anyone from northern quebec and she says her appointment is a sign of progress towards a more inclusive society. well, those are the headlines. i'll be more news here on al jazeera after football rebels . honey italy j. stay with us. talk to al jazeera, we roam,
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did you want the us to take and who stopped you? we listen, see the whole infrastructure and being totally destroyed. we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on our sierra. i guess i'm going to be on a month on because i'm interested in washington bundles jew body to give me the i i
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i and this so this is going to be 1000 tele. so i suppose we bought any data. i'll tell me if you didn't us, you'll just tell me there's young to the country also, but companies to new families to the actual the about to meet the cost is for today also la hotel deb. excuse me, the
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me ah ah ah about tony. is that all that sort of thing in the news?
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i have numbers the i started football and then mcclintic the final could be could all power my love to see how my bod that's what i'm going to the other me. how can i to 10, nick and then my bob and diamond, i'm sick, i got all the hot out and then didn't shut it today. miss gyla and home in home. it's been to them like in the oil in the back home in a new shop when i was home and you can look at them
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show out in the, in the best in the hoping for them. and i got them even in the, in the fall, been immune a sho, get them back. i i oh oh, the shop ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, the father danny against the valet and the about access any can he be that i see in the middle high school, if moderate to be in your can see of
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a little bit it was awful of the need for the full of the station and hospital behind me, still my head to my head bill has been his name was i had a scarlet analysis to cut the lucius the mar them. how did that matthew? matthew should have been messing on. shit, hold on, my sure old number, the, the financial a fault any. and i should be alarm with the call into my shop window. how to i was very difficult today's, you know, when we had the face not the from the gulf views. and when we start spinning, we stop for maybe another or 2 months without going out to the home. and we
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once during our playground at the university, we got some sorts from the dealer. it's a testament behind the him, there's a thread until now we still had, you know, the back of this. so that's make the scene in more difficult life for them. but because we like to live, so we don't care about anything. this is the natural of the, to the scene. if we don't have peace, we can fight for our land. i mean, oh, the me fan about his dea, a baby,
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much of the nothing the model. oh fuck. fuck that in. the sam may i run it in on? i mean, she couldn't put them, couldn't be had math with him. that's what our style line kind of had to put the status some of the need in shop for, you know, so we could have a little been that could look at them. but no matter what the did, and i didn't know, i know, well, let's do it. she know this good. see, i wonder how because she was playing with the boys at the 3 with the neighborhood with her brothers. so the coach said, you are better than me in the beginning, the girl never learned how to play football in school. and when she came to the reading, she inspired me and the course maybe she came from there. so we started together step by step. we were only 3 goes for guess,
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playing football and dos for guess we both from different areas when we hear that they would like to play football and there were also like me, they have the same story or even more the and then we had to convince now the process started to convince the whole society that we want to play football and to go and present palestine in and out. the news, the news, the yes for me it was
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beginning but not because of my not because of the crazy. we are the 1st the 1st yes, i played football in palestine. so we were the one who had to be thinking at the beginning. we were the ones who fights for like good things. we did it. we had some restrictions from the seventy's and some religious restrictions because they thought that if gary goes to play and with sort it's no, it's not our traditional and for especially for it was in good. so what i told them you can say with those with the long see shirt and then you, your parents will agree and we had christian and was them girls in the same team and we practiced together. yes, it was a fight. you know, even
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a little boys laughing, the society is there for 3 talent. the people saying that women should only stay at home. cook mary early to the father's brother, and that's why it was difficult for joy. then i didn't get to know this guy. you're going to get in the matter or something, but look, and we do it. this is the mind of the lab. and the though little of it was ever been from a see,
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it might not be a lot to be checked and i'm stuck off a lot of the benefits and i put them in the business and i put one big bench. i'm sure i feel like i'm in been it. guess i don't have that. i had to be in the in the, at the lab joe was going to have the i had the school in one and yet on you give it colored la football. added the look it up it had the joe was the one the loot that his union look them all the least know. you know that he's going to read that it's 40 that way grew less. i'm seeing an
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uncle of his, of the law when there's a whole to draw the police as a full full the clock who know city every be are there and they get it in a on the news. ah ah ah, the ah, the
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just got a lot of the coma some not a lot of upside. i'm not gonna nor the the reason i don't know the number here, the chicken, the the, the little come get them on the proposal and seek that necessarily. because that, that you could put them, let them know that about the committees to wait for. we'll be if you do any of that
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and i feel like we're just getting them to what it can limit the use. i will never forget that it was, you know, our 1st game and we get good results because we played with a famous gloves in our mine and for our girls, the 1st time they play with that all enthusiasm, when i entered the fit, i was like, wow, i see it for the 1st time because we used to play on concrete branches. you know, the, i saw the grass and i saw
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a huge and i always strain on the, on the small beaches like the one maybe you will see at bethlehem university. this is where we started, so i was on it. i said it's ok. it's not a problem because our, our main mission at the beginning was to present palestine and to be present and wearing our palestinian uniform with our flags was the 1st time to to be seen playing the games as i love the spies of everything we last night because it was i was we were happy actually after work. okay. it was tough but happy because we made it faster. we went from side to good. and you know, when i say this,
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it's not on the 7 meters away. it is 7 kilometers away. but it's not actually have all the borders for the city in one and then for anyone where we ours and then we pass through the gym to make it happen. was the biggest achievement. ah, my name is jimmy jimmy with the the the
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hustle been bid buddy, but i could see how he had help with a quick shout full of the knee he had with them and to show you on as a number be been funded and the whole world will be one of those ideas, certainly in a checkpoint on tell me to have a blessed all the new looking for a new pres all to phone with you have done for us, your dix,
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professional that efficiency to do that as fast as a company. don't you say what it's giving me freedom, you know if it, if i can to take tickets from my life for the sun, because whatever you go, you can see this, this but it's a lift him to this really unit is literally delicious, little, or cooperation. i think to go through national teams, men, and we can convince that the tooth in a different way could me towards, even though the neighborhood friendship between him this side does not even the very existence of listing in this
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product. in the book, we're for a senior local, new dance at us, and then i got an opinion to the gentleman, some county to talk to you. but a senior rep pressed the qual, i'm photos do that? no, you don't have to do the i
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don't want to engine this is always that goes all explain that because when i got in 2 weeks before the international national woman football game in palestine where i was waiting for so long and it was my dream to be playing in this pitch, surrounded by all people who just came to watch the customer and how i started. i believe that this was my way, my hardwig 15000 people attended this game and there were some all around palestine. the
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i tried to convince my says it's going to be okay, i have the game 2 weeks. but then they said no, we hear what's happened to your new sellers just because of the month. so i quite love to be honest. and after this training session, there were a press conference, i didn't want to go. and the coach came to my room. i was crying badly. it's rita moment. but then he said, okay, it's fine. let's go to the press conference. he would talk and then i went normally, you know, because i want to talk about this important defend, but it was a bad moment. i was i was pushing them to win, but then if you don't when at least like play i play great. and so house counsel we are and because the people we come and judge it was okay,
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we are waiting for the woman football team. look how they look how they can. yeah, i was supporting them in every minute. the coach is ok. maybe you just go the last 2 minutes because it's important that i can do this grade to him when i'd be both who had the same time that everything happens for a reason. i believe that if i did playing and this didn't happen to me, maybe i wouldn't go international and be the champion for peace. i worked at sea far because then i would just limit myself with tang and palestine and just in the surrounding areas. so that's why there's a reason behind everything the
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behind of 15 football and behind just following the ball. i wanted to follow my dreams as well. i tries to be a full packet in order to fight. this was and to be a great example. and just to show the others or around the word that nothing can stop to to go forward. it just like a football game. yeah. me me. i would just say that leave your doses to decide on how they want to achieve the dream. if they have the skills and if they have the talent, they can make a huge difference. one story can influence millions. it's
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not, it's not about just the game, it's about. it's more beyond that, it's beyond. beyond fun it's, it's about values, it's about responsibility. it's about team way, so if you don't want to to golf way, then just leave them because it's nothing because it's nothing cut off with with the girl girl playing football and yourself. but you can just, you can do sophie army going to the pretty much stuff cloth swap model on the when i would love to me. and i hope that he's going to be soon. i know he's very supportive to time and palestinian people would be great opportunity for him to come here and see and share the story about the posting in people. and how great we are.
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the football from spain trading battling opponents on the fighting fascism at home and abroad. footballing legend edit canton introduces stuff the nino in the battle a wanting to use the beloved game to help himself and others survive the horrors of a natural concentration. i was born rebels on al jazeera, offered to happen, one of the world's most famous film festivals, is back with love landa, tree, and doors the social distance thing in place. in some countries, unable to attend the camera 3 pieces, recreate the magic y coverage just the council festival. well now frank
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assessments, schools and shelters of been reduced to rubble. how do you think the shapes of generation and their politics and satellite has been shipped by vitamin some inside story on our jazeera award winning programming from international? so make it one quick. so it's straight on the back of the global discussion. what guaranteed to be the right, typically life giving voice to the voice here in california. it almost everybody's a paycheck away from being on house program that opened your eyes to view. well today this is what the picture looks like. the, the world from a different perspective on houses here we town the untold story. ah, we speak when others don't. ah, we cover all sides no matter where it takes a police fin here,
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guys my i empower impulsion. we tell your story. we are your voice, your new, your neck out here. ah . dennis sounds therefore sits back against caliban. advances is the us says it's true withdrawal is nearly 90 percent complete. ah. hello, i'm down. jordan, this is out. is there a lie from coming up? you know, just like you guys are the parents please the hell a part of the latest mass kid. nothing from a school in north western nigeria. queuing for fuel is part of the daily.


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