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in effect that the caravel hotel, and many of the story is mentioned we was saying was from the care of me. ah, afghanistan's effort hits back against taliban advances as the us says, it's true. patrol is now nearly 90 percent complete. ah, hello there. i'm associate a and this is out of their life and also coming, you know, just like you guys out and plead for help after the latest math kid. nothing from the school in northwestern nigeria. a storm has been upgraded to a hurricane,
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as it bears down on the u. s. stage of florida. and the glitz and glamour of the world's most famous film festival makes it come back after break because of the current of ah, now the biden administration is defending the u. s. military withdrawal from afghanistan as advancing taliban fighters claim even more territory. washington says it's draw down and not retreat. and as pledging to support the afghan government from a distance, the taliban have stepped up their campaign. meanwhile, ahead of the full withdraw of us forces, which the defense department says is now 90 percent complete. rosalyn jordan reports now from washington, d. c, or, or on the streets of bog room. some optimism about like after the us military departure. we should not worry about the us withdraw. we are muslim,
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depend on our god. we cannot rely on the u. s. as there were russians here in the past, now americans, we should not wait for another superpower to come and help us. and we should not worry about them anymore. as he is on race, dream of self reliance may not be shared by many within the afghan government. they're accusing us of leaving the bog warm air base last week without advanced. notice something the americans have been quick to deny. i can tell you that afghan leaders, civilian and military were appropriately coordinated with and briefed about the turnover of bottom airbase. in fact, the us central command set on tuesday, the ballroom was the 7th and final military base and turned over to afghan control . they said the hand overtook several weeks and that the u. s. isn't abandoning up again to stamp. we have every intention of continuing an ongoing president presence and cobble which is continue even after we bring our military who are serving
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a home by the end of august. but other images from the provinces tell a different story. afghan soldiers have either deserted their posts and fled. or as taliban media puts it, decided to join the opposition. but the afghan government says this is a temporary setback. situation will not continue and to talk on are not able to reject the audio or the defects which be taken over by game. we are getting busy and we will watch operations. and we will capture if the by ministration is worried about these developments. and the taller bonds commitment to a peaceful future. it's not saying so. analysts say there is reason to be concerned said the interest of the united states in the interests of countries in the region to ensure that the afghan government does not collapse. but we're heading to a pretty dark place at the moment. some on the street. barbara already think the
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dark place as iran. i'm you a little bit. you can see now a lot of districts have surrendered to the taliban. even some afghan forces have fled to tajikistan and i'm telling you that afghan forces will not be able to secure our country if there will be no foreign support. we witness once again, civil war here. a pedestal or perhaps inevitable moment for the afghan people. after 20 years of the us led war. rosalind jordan al jazeera washington will. meanwhile, the afghan government says territory captured by the taliban will soon be retaken in a counter offensive. it's national security adviser says hundreds of security personnel who said to to jacob st on, we'll be brought back to rejoin the 5. well, by now the taliban have taken control of another 36 district seen here in gray. that's 10 percent of the country and just for the past 6 days, that means they've doubled the number of districts they control since may the 1st when us and nature for so started that final withdraw. my thought i'm on is the
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spokesman. fast kind of stones ministry of defense and he says the taliban took advantage of the government's failure to deploy forces in some of those rural areas . unfortunately, we're all affected our forces efficiently. and who are you to draw up your mind? we couldn't the wire in hulu, aria ruler. that's why you told him take over the capture effects was running away from the graph. you can think jubal complicated margin. you can please. so we were trying to getting greedy and we are trying to talk wire on earlier when to talk talk to abrasion on our or be on
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our chick line. but the situation will not continue to talk on are not able to reject the audio or did to be taken over by game. we are getting the, the and we will watch opperation soon and we will capture aria less than a drone attack on the international airport. and the northern iraq, a city, if a bill cut is security forces, a explosives were aimed at the us based on the outskirts of that airport, prompting the suspension of flights. there no casualties or major damage were reported though. but this does follow a rocket and drone attack on an air base housing us troops near baghdad. humanitarian agencies are wanting that arise in school can nothing's in northwest and nigeria is disrupting the education of hundreds of thousands of children around a 1000 students and staff have been abducted only since december. the latest attack
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took place on monday at a boarding school in kaduna state, nearly 150 students are still missing. fidel from bar reports now from boucher print, gotta disco compound, consoling one another. as the week to hear news of the meeting children reaped fond of an empty beds are all there remained after a pack of rated d battelle baptist boarding school in not with my dear, where students slept, talk this morning about the report that we have inside of school given up, i'm not sure do not talk, including my police cb, fealand overpowered, security guard and to be victims into a nearby forest. more than 2 dozen students have been rescued it earlier in a separate park on the health center not of cut, you know, city about
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a dozen people where the doctor, including children, younger 3, this is a 10th must kick not being in nigeria, northern region. since december fall does abductions pop in cardenas, speech in front of the state government to order the closure of schools in rural areas that are born rebel 2 attacks, many in northern, my dear leaving poverty and don't have jobs. the region has been the rise of kidnapping for ransom in recent years, which is having a different date in impact on indication. and 2014. the world watched in outreach as book with her on friday, kidnapped 276 school children. from the book, secondary school, president mohammed harry has faced mounting criticism about his government. struggle to tackle the crisis with families calling on the international community
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for help. with standing one voice, we don't want, you know, to want to love you guys, but for the community fear spread that no school anywhere in faith. fidelis number r 0 a booth. jeff, now saudi arabia is throwing its weight behind egypt and sudan over their concerns with each of these controversial hydropower. them. the kingdom says it supports the countries in preserving their legitimate water rights and efforts to spring a binding solution to the crisis. meanwhile, ethiopia says it started the 2nd phase of filling their dam on the blue nile and says it's essential for the countries development, but should, on an egypt says it puts their water supplies at risk. the u. n. is urging all sides to hold off for making any unilateral moves until the african union has
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mediated negotiations. strongly support the role currently played by the african union chairperson. in facilitating the negotiations between the 3 countries. we again call on them to work with those 3 countries. what is also important that there be no unilateral action that would undermine any search for for solutions. so it's important that people re commit to themselves to engage in good faith in a, in a genuine process. tropical storm elsa has been upgraded to a hurricane as its barrels towards the u. s. stage of florida. the national hurricane center is warning of damaging winds and heavy rain. it's expected to make landfall on wednesday. that storm has already passed over several caribbean islands, killing at least 3 people, and is already complicating such efforts at the size of that collapsed apartment building in the florida town of south side. emergency crews there have been
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battling strong winds and rain. the official death toll has risen to 36 with 4 more bodies found in the rubble nearly 2 weeks now after the collapse, more than 100 people are still missing. active search and rescue continue throughout the night. and these teams continue through extremely adverse and challenging conditions through the rain and through the wind, they have continued searching. they paused only briefly for lightning, which is legally required, and still ahead here on altos air. a colombian cause accuses military personnel of killing civilians during the war and presenting them as did rebel fighters, and prime ministers. calling it a historic step to canada. he felt the reaction to the appointment of its 1st indigenous governor general. ah, ah,
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it's time for the perfect journey to winter sponsored by cut on airways. how i once again welcome to look at the international forecast, lots of rain in the forecasts across central parts of china. to see there's a long line of flat there. the seasonal rains, my front plum rains that pulsing the way out to central china across south korea and on into japan, it made its way of fairway north. it'll slip for the south as we go through the next day or so. like dragging a rope of rain right across that same area. so we are likely to see some flooding into south korea, southern parts of japan still saying some rather, wet weather over the next couple of days. and there you go is still in place as we go on through thursday by thursday. just notice how it slot a little further south was. so shanghai seeing some rather wet weather from time to time, to the south of that driving of light. and we'll see some showers into southwestern china, and we will see some very heavy right into a good part of a nolan. vietnam, in fact, much of vietnam will see some very heavy right over the next couple of days. little
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circulation, burring in the south, china sea may develop into a tropical depression. maybe a tropical storm, bring some very heavy right into high man. so some really wet weather coming across a good part of indo china joining up with the monsoon rains, more big down pools, coming into the northeast of india through me and my pushing up at the bangladesh and looking pretty wet with western gas sponsor cut on airways be part of the debate itself defeated and closing in the us or in the u. k. because it will just come back again when no topic is off the table. but we wanted to talk about these learn white man touching aloud dream, where a global audience becomes a global community, jumping to the comment, fraction, and part of the discussion. there are, like i said, the metric efforts to silence fell opinions on the online, based on al jazeera. ah,
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ah, ah, kind of a watching al jazeera, let's remind you about top story of the sound. the biden administration has defended the u. s. military withdrawal from afghanistan as taliban fighters continue to claim more territory. washington says it's a draw down also retreat and is pledging to support the african government from saudi arabia is backing egypt and don over their concerns with peers, controversial giant hydropower, down the kingdom says support. so countries and preserving the water right. if you up here. meanwhile, says it started the 2nd phase of filling that on the blue nile. tropical storm elsa has been upgraded to
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a hurricane as it barrels towards the u. s. station. florida. the national hurricane centers warning of damaging winds and heavy rain expected to make land fall on wednesday. now columbia special peace court has accused general 9 military personnel and the civilian of murdering 120 civilians between 20072008. and says they were falsely presented as a rebel fighters who died in combat. now this is the 1st time the tribunal has accused members of the army in connection with this so called a false positive scandal. or the law here lie you in. the evidence indicates that the 11 accused a criminally responsible for the war crime, homicide, and a protected person and crimes against humanity, murder and false disappearance. according to both the colombian penal code and the rome statute of the international criminal court, the 120 victims, identified by the tribunal for peace were assassinated in a defenceless state by members of the security forces,
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with no actual combat involved. well, let's be adolfo franco. he joins us from alexandria in virginia. he's a lawyer and also a former assistant administrator of latin america and the caribbean for usa id. mr . frankly, thank you for your time with us today. i believe you weren't in columbia during this period and i gather you are not surprised by these charges. i'm not surprised . quite frankly, i was in columbia was such an administrator for 6 years from the take take over the re big government to its 1st term. so i visited the area and visited north descent and there and good to my own. and i'm not surprised for this reason. this is a very brutal, ambitious civil war. both sides commit atrocities. we tried to investigate these matters. it was very difficult, but i can tell you just as an aside, for example, as i visited these, these war zones, we would have to fly in the morning and fly out in the late afternoon because they're surrounded by guerrillas. so it was
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a very tense situation where unfortunately, the rule laws were thinking for both sides. talking about the government very difficult to enforce. well, we're talking 11 people being charged here, but i know that some human rights groups estimate something like 5000 or more were killed as part of the so called false positives. do you have a sense of how wide spread this was? and are you confident that this process will actually result in accountability? well, i personally raise the issue, and presently we read at the time at the request of senator leahy and others in our congress and with the columbia basket. the u. s. at the time, luis moreno, they rigorously denied these things. i don't think these were killings that were order from the top, but significant individuals and higher ranking offices, including a general apparently were involved in us. again, one of the difficulties in this conflict is that many of these zones were far removed from this government. and many of these individuals who probably died were
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suspected act of us left just not combatants. so they were really we are, they are or crimes. but i believe that probably the number is far in excess. so with the charges we see today there's just no question. it was such a long prolong conflict involving really half the country in a very, very vicious war. you say the conflict was prolonged. i mean, the reconciliation process itself has been incredibly difficult and complex. what does this now mean for columbia as all me and how they're regarded? i know there are some very high profile heroes you've been involved implicated here . i think it's quite mixed. so of course, the conflict to columbia as it was decades in the making from the 1915, but to far cuz at least 20 years old and the land in terms of the, the colombian army and, and it's, it's role in the government. i think it's quite mixed. a lot of people do believe in columbia that there had to be a very strong government response,
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particularly in 2002 when really took over to stem the tide at one point in the park with when large parts of the country, it's in the south much its own state. so there are still ways we're respect with the military's role in columbia by the vast majority. but this will questionably a road that confidence. there is no question about it, especially when you're talking about high ranking military officers and others that might be implicated including members of the government that was empower at the time. then i think it would be a very devastating blow to democracy in columbia. adolfo franco. they're speaking to us from alexandria in virginia, a former assistant administrative for latin america and the caribbean, who worked in columbia during that time. thanks so much for joining us, mr. franklin. thank you. now, canada is getting it 1st. indigenous governor general. so if you're not marry, simon, isn't anyone from the province of quebec? she says her appointment is a sign of progress towards
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a more inclusive society. there's currently a fresh spotlight on historical abuses against indigenous people in canada. after the discovery of more than a 1000 unmarked graves of children who were forced into residential schools, the governor general's position represents britain's reigning monarch in canada. i can confidently say that my appointment is a historic and if in inspiration, a moment for canada and an important step forward on the long path towards reconciliation. well, i spoke to brain we. yes, he is a lawyer and a former counsel for the national inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women and girls. he told me this appointment doesn't necessarily actually signal any meaningful change when i listen to her, say, an important step forward on the long path towards reconciliation to me and to many ambitious people. this signal that we should expect from her the same slow pace
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of successive canadian governments over many decades, including the current government. and the to me is very troubling. in this context . you know, a country that's being accused of genocide by its own federal commission. the national inquiry and timothy and murdered business women and girls confidently is still signaling to us that it's going to take a slow measured approach. i do not believe that genocide is a crime, but should be tolerated for any amount of time, let alone the long path towards reconciliation alluded to by the new governor general. i think that it deserves immediate attention because well, as someone who's also formerly worked in indigenous governance, i know that indigenous government like the i t k of which she was president and the m n. c, a f and are heavily dependent on the canadian government for their funding. and
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candidate uses that dependency to coerce indigenous governments to do work as canada sees fit. so it's my belief that the selection of simon by prime minister trudeau is likely because he's comfortable with her past track record that that she won't rock the boat very much and that she will tow the line and protect the government of canada. we need something more courageous than that right now. former us police, captain eric adams, has won the democratic primary vote for the mayor of new york city. he defeated his rival, catherine garcia, and a head to head poll. adams is now favored to win november's election against republican nominee to please, if elected, he'll become the 2nd black man to lead america's largest se lebanon is pleading for international help with the can't take a prime minister warning. it's just days away from the social explosion. husband,
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he says, help is urgently needed to prevent outright economic ruin. inflation is soaring, as the currency hits new lows, pushing thousands more people into poverty. and when ashley though abra, come by plead today to all the king's princesses, presidents lead as an ally and friendly nations. and i call on the united nations and all international agencies and public opinion to help save the live in a people from death and prevent the destruction of our country. leave it on a short distance from a social explosion. and the liberties are facing the stock site on their own on hold. a 2nd most active volcano in the philippines is currently on the verge of another option. natal volcano in batangas province, has been spearing large volumes of gas and steam since last week. thousands of residents from high risk areas have already fled their homes, that speak to jamal alan jogan. she is near the volcano in town for us to millet the last time you and i spoke,
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the government was attempting these massive accusations once a situation like that. now while this, the situation unfortunately is still the same, 1000 are still in temporary shelter, is coming from 2 towns, the area of a good seeing you and that, and the row, which is well within the 7 kilometer danger zone of now, you know, but the situation is particularly more difficult this time, of course, behind me is the greater it does a very unique set up. it is a boy came within the lake and it may look very peaceful, but actually the government that's recorded very high levels of sulfur dioxide. and it's warned that basically the russian is eminent anytime within the next few weeks . now, the concerned here really is the safety and security of those living within these danger zones. unicef issued a statement, you know, basically voicing out concerns about children living in the back. elation centers
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with respiratory problems that over the past few days, the government has been vaccinated. people in evacuation centers trying to make sure that the small, the minimum house protocols are so very much in place. of course that is a concern. the long term concern is not just the safety, but also the economic situation of many people here who are dependent on agriculture and tourism for their livelihood. an area up robin teach us to read the bit. dealt with so many problems since last here it's 1st eruption in january, january 12, 2020, a couple of by epidemic. and, you know, lastly they said they're just slowly recovering and then this erupt shouldn't happen again. and they're hoping that basically the recovery won't take. so long and they'll be able to get back on their feet again because they can't afford another closure. of course to melinda. again, they're on the ground for us and tall in the philippines. thank you so much. 7. now moving on and attacks on dr. bye man was military or threatening the country is
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fight against. could the 19 a group say health care work as a face to violence? arrests, even killings by security forces. since those protests against february's crib again, the jonah is use of targeting them to undermine the support for anti cree protested, forcing new clinics to then operate on the ground. speaking anonymously one, dr. described his ordeal with the security force and all the medical equipment and michael leach and on for doctors and enough to warranty a theme. depletion of public call on adulthood. a huge, huge due to all actions in the damage. but we have become criminals overnight. find a military home in law, indonesia, government says it's pressing for another surge in current of virus cases. well, hospital said buckle under the waste of infections. emergency oxygen supplies are
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now being flown in from singapore to treat patients. the governments has daily infections could soon reach at least 50000 hospitals and through bio already turning away patients and jakarta health care system is that 90 percent capacity and india is wanting it citizens to strictly observe curve in 1900 protocol is after tourists was seen without loss and flouting social distancing norms, tens of thousands for up to the northern hill station of missouri on tuesday. india though is relaxing current of virus roles after 2nd wave that so an unprecedented spike in death and infection. appropriate behavior, it is absolutely essential. the pictures that we have seen today are frightening and we have to be very, very careful, very, very responsible and very, very cautious. while the spanish city, pamplona, you'll recall is famous for its annual bull running festival. but for the 2nd year in a row, the cities usual celebrations, have been suspended because of this pandemic. a small group though,
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still gathered up the towns square, where thousands would usually watch a rocket being 5 to mark the beginning of that festival. while all of that cancellations the cannes film festival though is back after taking an enforced break last year for the pandemic, international stars and film lovers have returned to the south of france for one of the world's most glamorous events. natasha butler was there for the grand re opening the sweeping bay, shimmering mediterranean sea, red carpet and of course movies dolls. the cannes film festival is back after one year break because of the covey pandemic american director. spike lee is the head of the jury. this year at the arrived just before the cost of the opening film and met the excitement was palpable. the innate is one of $24.00 films in competition for the prestigious palm dual prize, the musical comedy by french american director, los correct mario quote. yeah. and adam driver is my favorite festival can. i've
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always before i came here, we looked at it as a marker of great film festivals. director says its return is cause for celebration which are due in january and even february we have no idea if the festival would be possible because last year we had to cancel it or into the demick. so it's usually satisfying to be buying such a pleasure under relief. it's not any the movie industry, i'm fine for delighted by the return of can the festival attract tens of thousands of visitors and after very difficult year for the tourism sector, there are many in the city that are very happy to be back in business. lack of tour it forth this luxury hotel to close for 6 months last year. the manager says the festival will help the local economy. it were present actually african with the 15 percent of our yearly rooms revenue. so we do that in less than 2 weeks.
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so it big and also it brings a lot of positive energy for the travel restrictions mean some film stalls and visitors has fade away for those attending special measures to replace, including on flight cofi testing. nevertheless, in such unusual and unpredictable times, a generous day for glamour, infant captivating film certainly offer some welcome escape isn't natasha butler al jazeera can. ah, hello. this is al jazeera and these are the headlines. the biden administration has defended the u. s. military withdrawal from afghanistan as taliban fighters continue to claim more territory. washington says it to draw down not retreats, and is pledging to support the afghan government from a distance. it is not just.


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