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after a year long delay japan hostem, and unlike any the world have seen before. my eyes and bob re showcase his personal story, offering a fresh look at the changes and challenges. but the bob way face today, just by growing tension with egypt and sudan, ethiopia reset. so the next phase of filling it down on the blue nile july on i'll just eat up. the kind of fill in the air force hits back against the taliban advances. the us says it's true. patrol is now nearly 90 percent complete. ah hello there. i'm just, i'll get hey, this is out there life. and also coming up, you can't, you know, just like you think the parents need for help. also the nation must get nothing from the school in northwest and nigeria during for fuel as part of their daily
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struggle. a warning that leather known as edging closer to economic ruin get some glamour of can much famous film festival makes a come back after break because of the corona violence. ah, well, the biden administration is defending the us military withdrawal from afghanistan as advancing taliban fighters claim even more territory. washington says it's a draw down and not a retreat and is pledging to support the african government from a distance. the taliban have stepped up their campaign ahead of the full withdrawal of us forces, which the defense department says is now 90 percent complete. andrew chappelle report on the ground taliban fighters have been taking one district after another. they now control of ghana stands northern border with had she could stand the african governments as a counter offensive is on the way and will include soldiers who fled from the
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border this week. at the way mother may have one is on even the african people expected that after the withdrawal of american forces in other countries, there would be no excuse for the tele bond to continue the war. and they should cease and resolve their problem through negotiations and peace. but unfortunately, you see that instead they started an undeclared war and intensified it in the skies, the african air force is hitting back carrying out air strikes on taliban gatherings. it may not have the latest equipment, but the afghan air force is trained and capable. its attack, helicopters and planes are equipped with laser guided bombs. you know, if we compared our self with the american, is the big difference. the new afghan commander, bathroom air base knows they may not have as much firepower, but he says they're ready for what comes. everybody knows we are living in a country for the kid for to continue. so in this case, some sometime we go for some sometime week we fit back. this is war in
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a combat, everything is possible. and nothing in this table. for the internationally backed government to retake northern areas and keep its capital secure. it must hold on to barbara. the americans left the base last week. but there's a prison at the site holding $5000.00 taliban fighters, raphael, or private in the afghan national army believes and attack is coming to freedom. when mobile has it is, you know, we haven't come yet to sleep. everybody here is prepared to secure a bad gram. a morale is high bomb, but morale may not be high for long with the taliban. intensifying its attack. it's really the taliban having leverage having the upper hand. and i think there's a snowball effect. once you start seeing that various provinces throughout the country can become very hard to reverse, particularly with now, let's not forget without robust us military backing and support. it was in the interest of the united states in the interests of countries in the region to ensure
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that the afghan government is not collapse, but we're heading to a pretty dark place at the moment. the pentagon says the u. s. withdrawal is more than 90 percent complete. a lot can happen on the battlefield between now and then . and her chappelle al jazeera. well let's get the laser with rosalind jordan. she joins us from washington. d. c rose. how is washington dealing with all the backlash here? well, it wasn't expecting the backlash, but there's been a pretty unified message from the bike to ministration. they made the decision to pull us forces out of afghanistan. they have kept afghan officials in the loop and ultimately the future really rest, not just on the civilian, la government, and cobble, but also on the taliban as well. this is no price, the state department, spokes person. it is not just the government can stand. it is not just the united states, it's not just a broad swath of the international community that recognizes that there is no
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military solution to this conflict. the fact that the taliban continues to engage in doha to engage in intra ask and dialogue is itself most likely a reflection of the fact that the tall onto understands that only through diplomacy can they garner any sort of legitimacy or other here. what net is saying they're but given the at the taliban advancer were saying, do you get the sense that officials actually feel like this is going to plan? well, if they don't think that things are going to plan, they are not saying so. but a number of political and security analysts are suggesting that this is not what the united states, whether it's the bide administration or any other administration for that matter would want to see. but one thing was clear on tuesday officials who were speaking
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on behalf of president joe biden. we're all insisting that he had taken a hard look at how these issues were with possibly play out if us forces loved afghan a scam. and it was ultimately the president's judgment that keeping us forces in significant numbers inside that country would not do the role of really stabilizing it or making it possible for the afghan people to actually engage in self rule. and so he made that determination. and that it's what the us is going to stick with ross and jordan with all the latest for us from the u. s. capital, thank you so much home. meanwhile, the afghan government says the territory that's been captured by the taliban will soon be taken and accounted offensive. and national security adviser says hundreds of security personnel who fled to jacob done will be brought back to rejoin the 5. the taliban have since taken control of another 36 districts or 10 percent of the country just in the past 6 days. they've doubled the number of districts they
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control since may the 1st when u. s. nature 4th started that final withdrawal. well, if i would allman is the spokesman for afghanistan's ministry of defense, and he says that taliban took advantage of the government's failure to deploy forces in rural areas. unfortunately, we're all affected forces efficiently in hulu is due to the united states. we couldn't the wire opposed to in hulu, aria ruler. that's why the total take over the capture effects was ruling. where are we from the capital and you know, you graph you can think jubal complicated margin. you can please. so we were trying to get in greedy and we are trying to talk wire
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unruly earlier when to talk to abrasion on or be on our checkpoint. but the situation will not continue to talk on are not able to reject the audio or did to be taken over by game. we're getting be the and we will watch or operate and so on. and we will capture there's been a drone attack on the international airport in the northern iraqi city of bill curtis security for so say explosives were aimed at the u. s. space on the outskirts of the airport fronting the suspension flights there no casualties or major damage were reported there. this follows a rocket, andrew, an attack on a base housing us troops near baghdad. while saudi arabia is now throwing its weight behind egypt and sudan over their concerns with europe is controversial. hydropower them. the kingdom now says it supports the countries in preserving debt
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and adjustment water rights and efforts to bring a binding solution to the crisis. meanwhile, if you abuse as it started the 2nd phase of filling the dam on the blue nile, it says it's essential for the countries developments, but you dont need to say it puts their water supplies at risk. meanwhile, the u. n. is urging all sides to hold off for making any unilateral moves until the african union has mediation the negotiations. strongly support the role currently played by the african union chairperson and facilitating the negotiations between the 3 countries. we again call on them to work with those 3 countries. what is also important that there be no unilateral action that would undermine any search for for solutions. so it's important that people re commit to themselves to engage in good faith in a, in a genuine process. aid worker, say, the humanitarian situation is rapidly deteriorating in northern mozambique,
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where more than 800000 people have been displaced. the warning from the international committee of the red cross follows an increase in violence by iceland vices. an attack in the town of palmer back in march forced 60000 people from their homes and thousands of still unaccounted for or humanitarian agency is also wanting that arise in school kidnappings in northwest and nigeria is disrupting the education of hundreds of thousands of children around a 1000 students and staff has now been abducted just since december. the latest attack took place on monday at a boarding school in kaduna state. nearly 150 students are missing. fidelis and ball has this report from the region parent. gather the school compound, consoling one another as the week to hear news of the missing children. reaped fond of an empty beds all there remained after
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a pack of radiate. d battelle baptist boarding school in not with my dear, where students slept, talk this morning about 6, maybe have inside of school given up, i'm not sure do not talk. including my police cb, fealand overpowered security girls and to be victims into a nearby forest. more than 2 dozen students have been rescued it earlier in a separate park on the health center not of cut, you know, city about a dozen people where the doctor, including children, younger 3, this is a 10th must kick not being in nigeria, northern region. since december fall does abductions pop in cardenas speech, it has prompted the state government to order the closure of schools in rural areas
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that are born rebel 2 attacks, many in northern, my dear leaving poverty and don't have jobs. the region has been arise and keep nothing for ransom in recent years, which is having a different impact only because in 2014. the world watched in outreach book with her on friday, kidnapped 276 school children from key book secondary school. president mohammed harry has faced mounting criticism about his government. struggle to tackle the crisis with families calling on the international community for health. we stand in one voice. we don't want you know, to want to lock you guys out, but for the community fear spread that no school anywhere in faith to their listen by our booth. jeff,
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stella had here on out of there in the prime minister, calling it a historic step for canada. we have what reaction to the appointment of its fast indigenous governance general and millionaire richard branson says it's all systems go for his own plan flights to the edge of space later this i i, it's time for the perfect journey to with sponsored by capital airways. hello. once again, welcome to look at the international forecast. lots of rain in the forecasts across central parts of china and see there's a long line of plant there, the seasonal rains. my front plum raves that pulsing the way out of central china across south korea. and on into japan, it's made its way of fairway north. it'll slip further south as we go through the
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next day or so. it's like dragging a rope of rain right across that same area. so we are likely to see some flooding into south korea. southern parts of japan still sing some rather wet weather over the next couple of days. and there you go is still in place as we go on through thursday, but i think just notice how it slide a little further south was. so shanghai, seeing some rather wet weather from time to time to the south of that dry than of light. and we'll see some showers into south western china. and we will see some very heavy right into a good part of a nolan, vietnam, if that much event. now we'll see some very heavy rain over the next couple of days . it'll circulation, burring in the south. china sea may develop into a tropical depression. maybe a tropical storm, bring some very heavy right into high man. so some really wet weather coming across a good part of indo china joining up with the monsoon rains, more big down pools, coming into the northeast of india for me and my pushing up at the bank with that. and looking pretty wet with western gas sponsored cut on
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airways for some robot is a mechanical or even that self driving train of the apple. but androids today can be ever the humanoid robots like me, will be everywhere else. 0 documentaries. next lead on the weird and wonderful world of robot that learn think for you and even trust. i feel like i'm alive, but i know i am a machine origins of this species on alger 0. 0, a hello again, i'm just talking to remind you about top stories here. the sound, the biden administration has defended the u. s. military withdrawal from
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afghanistan as taliban fighters claim even more territory. it says that the drop down and also retreats and is pledging. it will be asked the government from a distance. a drone attack has hit the international airport and the northern iraq, the city of explosives were aimed at the us based on its outskirts that no casualties were reported. there has been an increase in rocket attacks on us troops, which washington claims on iranian back to munition. saudi arabia is back in egypt and to dawn over their concerns with controversial giant hydropower, down the kingdom says it supports for countries and preserving data just met water rights. and meanwhile, ethiopia says it starts at the 2nd phase of killing the dam on the blue nile. lebanon is pleading for international health with the can't take a prime minister warning that the country is just days away from a social explosion house. and he says, help is urgently needed to prevent outright economic ruin. inflation is storing as
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the country has new lows, pushing thousands more people into poverty. and when ashley to come by play today to all the king's princesses, presidents leaders and ally and friendly nations. and i call on the united nations and all international agencies in public opinion to help save to live in these people from death and prevent the destruction of our country. leaping on is it a short distance from a social explosion and the liberties are facing the stock site on their own? well, there is currently a shortage of basic goods, like medicines and fuel. how's and hot reports now from the petrol station and the capital barriers? the country is in crisis, it has been in crisis for more than a year. the state is near nearly bankrupt and it's just a daily struggle for every lebanese. we're outside one of the gas stations here and you see the long lines, people wait for hours just to fill up one 3rd of their fuel tank. there is
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a fuel crisis just there is a lack of medicine after people fill up their cars with gas, they go to pharmacy to start looking for medicines, which more often than not, they do not find. and then there's a hyper inflation, the price of food. it has more than tripled in recent months, yet the minimum wage remains the same. and the majority of the lebanese people turn in the local currency, which is now worth less than $50.00. and the reason is if i am going to die destroying god without throwing up, we have money, we're gonna buy anything. we have money, really. we have money that's going to buy anything that's not there. those are those people who fill earnest salaries, but unemployment is on the rise. it's now 35 percent and research institute say it is going to increase to 40 percent of the this is
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a country which is starving for dollars for hard currency. the central bank mandatory research is drying out and the central bank was giving importers dollars in order to buy fuel medicine at an affordable price to subsidize these goods. and like i mentioned, it's running out fuel prices have increased by, by 50, by 50 percent. so has the price of bread, so people are struggling and you just heard. a that man, there are those who have money, who are able to buy something, just can't because they cannot find it in the country which imports to almost everything that it needs. now moving on and canada is getting its 1st indigenous governor general diplomat. mary simon isn't in us from the province of quebec. she says her appointment is a sign of progress towards the more inclusive society. there is a fresh spotlight on historical abuses against indigenous people in canada. after the discovery of more than a 1000 unmarked graves of children who were forced into residential schools,
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the governor general represents persons reigning monarch in canada. i can confidently say that my appointment is a historic and if inspirational, moment for canada, and an important step forward on the long path towards reconciliation. well, let's bring in, bring, let's, he joins us from vancouver, british columbia. he's a lawyer and also a former counsel for the national inquiry into missing and mounted indigenous women and girls breeding. thank you for your time today as we were hearing that from mary simon. she says, this is progress. is this symbolism or real attempt to change? do you think well, when i listen to her, say an important step forward on the long path towards reconciliation to me and to many ambitious people. this signal that we should expect from her the same slow
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pace of successive canadian governments over many decades, including the current government. to me, it's very troubling in this context, but you know, a country that is being accused of genocide by its own federal commission. the national inquiry intimacy, murdered, business, women and girls is still signaling to us that it's going to take a slow measured approach. i do not believe that genocide is a crime that should be tolerated for any amount of time. let alone belong path towards reconciliation alluded to by the new governor general. i think that it deserves immediate attention. breen, i do want to ask you though, because change is sometimes iterative. and even if this is a symbolic, this is surely a step that speaks to a broad will be it flow as you're saying shift and kind of the thinking about it. so an identity well, it's a, it's a, it's a, it's
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a symbolic change and you're right, more people are becoming aware. the canada has a history of genocide. but many are still refusing to acknowledge that it has a current and ongoing genocide against indigenous peoples. and that was the allegation of the national inquiries, not just that it's historical, but that is current and ongoing. and i also alleged that the canadian government has enshrined apartheid in the constitution act of 867. and as long as apartheid is at the core of this country's laws, we will not feel real change. we have really need the international criminal court to come in and investigate the ongoing genocide and apartheid in canada. well, there are clearly some questions, ongoing questions around accountability, but just turning back to miss simon's role. i mean,
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i understand it's primarily ceremonial, but she has previously taken some fairly strong storm. says on big political issues like arctic drilling, for instance. now, given the conversation that you and i and people around the world, having around to digital issues in canada, at the moment, do you think because she's taking this, this row, she could have some real political influence here. well, as someone who's also formerly worked in indigenous governance, i know that indigenous governments like the i c k of which she was president and the m n. c. and the fan are heavily dependent on the canadian government for their funding. and canada uses that dependency to coerce indigenous governments to do work is canada sees fit. so it's my belief that the selection of ms simon by prime minister trudeau is likely because he's comfortable with her past track record that that she will rock the boat very much and that she will
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tow the line and protect the government of canada. we need something more courageous than that right now. brain. i understand miss simon herself has come under fire for not speaking french, but i understand that also because she wasn't actually allowed to learn it at the day school she attended not dissimilar to some of the residential schools that we've been talking about. i know you've raised these questions of accountability, but given that she now has a higher profile, is that likely to create more of a conversation around that at least it may and it may not you know, the language is, has been denied a lot of indigenous people including people, but haven't attended at residential schools, but generations ago like my grandparents they didn't teach my
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father are indigenous languages because they were afraid. but doing so would cause him to be taken to residential schools. so they, they undertook to keep that from him to protect him from being physically taken. a lot of horrible things has been done by the government of canada beyond residential schools. and we need to look at residential schools. but we also need to look at the, the current problems with child apprehensions by governments in canada. indigenous children currently represent roughly how the children in foster care and that is specifically anomalous. given that the population is 5 to 7 percent of canada, kelly and incredibly, incredibly long way to go brand new. let's there a form, a council for the national inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women and girls in canada. thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with us on their brain.
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thank you very much. i'm moving on and tropical storm elsa has now been upgraded to a hurricane as a barrels towards the u. s. state of florida. the national hurricane centers now warning of damaging winds and heavy rain elsa is expected to make land for on wednesday. the storm has already passed over several caribbean islands, killing at least 3 people. and it's already complicating such efforts of the size of that collapsed apartment building in the florida town. south side, emergency crews already backlink strong winds and rain. the official death toll has risen to 36 with 4 more bodies found in the rubble nearly 2 weeks. now, after the collapse, more than a 100 people are still missing. active search and rescue continue throughout the night. and these teams continue through extremely adverse and challenging conditions through the rain and through the when they have continued searching. they caused only briefly for lightning,
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which is legally required. on the can, the film festival is back after taking an enforced break last year for the pandemic . international stars and film lovers have returned to the south of france. one of the world's most glamorous events, natasha butler was there for the grand reopening. the sweeping bay, shimmering mediterranean sea, red carpet and of course movies dolls. the cannes film festival is back after one year break because of the covey pandemic american director. spike lee is the head of the jury this year at the arrived just before the cost of the opening film and met the excitement was palpable. the innate is one of $24.00 films in competition for the prestigious palm dual prize. the musical comedy by french american director, los correct stock mario court. yeah. and adam driver is my favorite festival can. i've always before i came here,
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we looked at it as a marker upgrade film festivals. director says its return is cause for celebration can, which are you in january and even february we have no idea if the festival would be possible because last year we have to cancel it. we have to demick. so it's usually satisfying to be buying such a pleasure under relief. it's not any the movie industry, i'm fine for delighted by the return of can the festival attracts tens of thousands of businesses and after very difficult year for the tourism sector. there are many in the city that a very happy to be back in business. lack of tourists for this luxury hotel to close the 6 months last year. the manager says the festival will help the local economy were present actually approximately 15 percent of our yearly rooms revenue . so we do that in less than 2 weeks. so it be and also it brings
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a lot of positive energy for the travel restrictions mean some film stalls and visitors have fade away for those attending special measures to replace, including on flight kofi testing. nevertheless, in such unusual and unpredictable time, a generous dose of glamour, infant, captivating films, certainly offer some welcome escape isn't natasha butler al jazeera. can. no british businessman richard branson says all the boxes have been take for his flight to the edge of space. and just for days, branson's company, virgin galactic will make the trip 9 days before amazon jeff fizzle. does the same . brands and embezzle have been developing and testing rockets to take wealthy tourists sort flights in 0 gravity. in an interview, branson did say his upcoming trip there was making his wife robin up. i live in the past who would repair a fight on a, on a budget for a plan or
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a budget to try and see if the last person i want to do something like this. i won't be getting sooner on the kind of lady she is. the person to do these wonderful things that you can do it on what you guys, you know, if you know, ah, other than you are watching out there and these are the headlines. the biden administration has defended to the u. s. military withdrawal from afghanistan as taliban fighters claim even more territory. the u. s. says this is a draw down and also retreat and is pledging to support the african government from a distance. it is not just the government can stand. it is not just the united states, it's not just a broad swath of the international community that recognizes.


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