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hotel, and many of the story is mentioned we were saying was from the caravel. ah, i've got to phones air force hit back against the taliban advances as the us says, it's true with roll is now nearly 90 percent complete. ah, there i'm to start the attain, this is out of their life and also coming, you know, do you think the parents please for help after the laces? math kid? nothing from a school in northwest and nigeria during for fuel as part of their daily struggle
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of warning, the 11 on is edging closer to economic ruin. the get some glamour of can the world's most famous film festival. make the come back after break because of the kind of a while the bite in administration is defending the u. s. military withdrawal from afghanistan as advancing taliban sizes. claim more territory. washington says it's a draw down a novel retreat and pledging to support the afghan government from a distance. the taliban of stepped up their campaign ahead of the full withdrawal of us forces, which the defense department says is now already 90 percent complete. andrew chappelle hon on the ground taliban fighters have been taking one district after another. they now control canister the northern border, which has he could stand the african governments as a counter offensive his on the way and will include soldiers who fled from the
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border. this week of our way mother may have one son. even the african people expected that after the withdrawal of american forces in other countries, there would be no excuse for the tele bond to continue the war. and they should cease and resolve their problem through negotiations in peace. but unfortunately, you see that instead they started an undeclared war and intensified it in the skies . the african air force is hitting back carrying out air strikes on tele bon gatherings. it may not have the latest equipment, but the afghan air force is trained and capable. its attack helicopters and planes are equipped with laser guided bombs. you know, if we compared our cell with american is the big difference. the new afghan commander bathroom air base knows they may not have as much firepower, but he says they're ready for what comes. everybody knows we are living in a country for the kid for to continue. so in this case, some, some time we go for some sometime we, we fit back. this is war in a combat,
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everything is possible. and nothing is stable for the internationally backed government to retake northern areas and keep its capital secure. it must hold on to barbara. the americans left the base last week. but there's a prison at the site holding $5000.00 taliban fighters, raphael, or private in the afghan national army believes an attack is coming to freedom. what model has it is? you know, we haven't come here to sleep. everybody here is prepared to secure bed. graham, a morale is high bomber, but morale may not be high for long with the taliban. intensifying its attack. it's really the taliban having leverage having the upper hand. and i think there's a snowball effect. once you start seeing that various provinces throughout the country can become very hard to reverse, particularly with now let's not forget without robust u. s. military backing and support. you know, it's in the interest of the united states in the interests of countries in the
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region to ensure that the afghan government does not collapse. but we're heading to a pretty dark place at the moment. the pentagon says the us withdrawal is more than 90 percent complete. a lot can happen on the battlefield between now and then. and her chappelle al jazeera. and that's kim when i was rather rosalyn jordan. she joins us from washington. d. c. rosa. how is washington dealing with all this backlash? well, the bind administration is essentially defending. it's moved saying that this was all pre planned and that really what needs to be the focus needs to be the behavior of the taller bond. that price is the state department spokes person. it is not just the government, afghanistan, it is not just the united states, it's not just a broad swath of the international community that recognizes that there is no military solution to this conflict. the fact that the taliban continues to engage
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in doha to engage in intra ask and dialogue is itself most likely a reflection of the fact that the taliban to understands that only through diplomacy, can they garner any sort of legitimacy. now the us is continuing to lend its support to the intra afghan piece talk that are taking place in doha. and officials here have also said that they're trying to get enough staff at the state department to process visas for those afghans who assisted the u . s. military and other coalition forces by working as translators during the 20 year long war from san jordan with all the latest for us from washington d. c. thank you so much, ross. meanwhile, the afghan government says territory captured by the taliban will soon be retaken
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and a counter offensive. and national security adviser has hundreds of security personnel who fled to to jacob stone will be brought back to rejoin the fight. the taliban have taken control of another 36 districts or 10 percent of the country. and just the past 6 days, they've doubled the number of districts they control since may the fast. when u. s. a. nature forces started, their final withdrawal will fall on them is a spokesman for africa, stones, ministry of defense. and he says the taliban took advantage of the government's failure to deploy forces in rural areas. unfortunately, we're all affected. the forces efficient in our up if you to draw up, you might get, we could have the wire in hulu, aria ruler. that's why he told him to take over and capture it was ruling. where are we from the capital
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june crap. you can do both mountain and country. so we were trying to get in greedy and we are trying to talk why i wanted to talk to you on or be fine. but the situation will lock into you and to talk on are not able to reject it. or did to be taken over by game and we are getting busy and we will watch operations and we will capture there's been a drone attack on the international airport in the northern iraqi city of our bill cutters, security forces, se explosives were aimed at the u. s space on the outskirts of the airport, prompting the suspension of flights, no casualties or major damage will reported. but as far as
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a rocket and drone attack on an air base housing, us troops near baghdad. now, saudi arabia is throwing its weight behind egypt and sir john over their concerns with each year appears controversial hydropower, down the kingdom says it supports the countries in preserving the legitimate water rights and efforts to bring a binding solution to the crisis. if you would be, it says it's now started the 2nd phase of filling the dam on the blue nile. it says it's essential for the countries development, but you're not in egypt say it puts their water supplies at risk, strongly support the role currently played by the african union chairperson and facilitating the negotiations between the 3 countries. we again call on them to work with those 3 countries. what is also important that there be no unilateral action that would undermine any search for for solutions. so it's important that people re commit to themselves to engage in good faith in a,
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in a genuine process. a humanitarian agents have a warning that arise and school kidnappings and northwest and niger area is disrupting the education of hundreds of thousands of children around a 1000 students and staff has now been abducted since december. the latest attack took place on monday as a boarding school in kaduna state. nearly a 150 students are missing. fidelis from bar reports now from boucher print. gotta disco compound, consoling one another. as the week to hear news of the missing children. reaped fond of an empty beds are all there remained after a pack of radiate dip battelle baptist boarding school in not with my dear, where students slept, talk this morning about 6 maybe have
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given up. i know like children are pack including my police. see the feeling overpowered security girls and to be victims into a nearby forest. more than 2 dozen students have been rescued it earlier in a separate park on the health center. not of cut, you know, city about a dozen people where deducted, including children, younger 3. this is, it turns my kid not being in niger us northern region since december, for those abductions hop on the same page. if i sponsored, they said government to order the closure of schools in rural areas that are born rebel 2 attacks, many of my dear leaving poverty and don't have jobs. the region have been arise and kidnapping for ransom in recent years, which is having a different dating impact on indication. and 2014. the world watched in outreach
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book with her on friday, kidnapped 276 school children from t book secondary school president moore hammer. boy harry has faced mounting criticism about his government. struggle to tackle the crisis with families calling on international community for health. we found one voice, we got that i just want you know, to tell you guys, but for the community here who spread that new school anywhere in faith in ellison by our booth. jeff? well, still ahead here on out of hearing me on my doctor, say the military has come into criminals over night fronting a deadly crime. and getting inside the work of mexico's most famous office, we visit an exhibition that brings free to color,
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painting for life. ah . hello we got good news and bad news for north america at the moment. some place to say it somewhat cool up to was that western side of canada across the western areas of western parts of the united states and sharon, a possibility here further south. this very active weather system still brings some very heavy rain into the deep south of the us. and of course elsa now making its way up towards the florida panhandle, rolling into georgia as we go through wednesday into thursday, winds waiting on the storm. it will be a tropical depression by the state, but some very heavy, right, murat, across the carolinas. as it pushes out into the mid atlantic states, a lot of heavy rain coming free with the likelihood of flooding, possibility of the tornado coming through as well. further north we got some wet
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enough whether they're just around the sea up towards new york, pennsylvania, that east side of the lakes. nothing into the east side of canada. further west will look at this calgary police. she was around here, temperatures no higher than around 17 celsius. it is $24.00 for seattle. more likely here it should be largely dry. so much dryer across the caribbean, now that elses made its way out of the way. nothing further north was running up across the florida panhandle, sunshine, his showers across the caribbean, and looking a little wet for the windward on its the weather bag. energy and change to every part of our universe. or small to continue the change all around the shape,
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my technology and human ingenuity we can make it work for you and your business. ah ah ah, again, i'm sorry you're paying extra mind you've on top stories this out. the biden administration has defended the us military withdrawal from afghanistan. taliban fighters came more territory and says it's a drop down and not retreat. and this pledging to support the afghan government from a distance. a drone attack has hit the international airport in the northern iraqi city. of our bill. explosives were aimed at the us based on us outskirts,
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but no casualties were reported. has been an increase in rocket attacks on us troops, which washington blames on iranian back to militia. saudi arabia is back in egypt and sir john over their concerns with controversial giant hydropower. them. the kingdom says it supports the countries in preserving data, just that was right. but if you says it's stones of the 2nd phase of filling the dam on the lebanon is paying for international help with the can't take a prime minister wanting the country is just days away from a social explosion has. and he says, help is urgently needed to prevent outright economic ruin. inflation is soaring as the currency hit, you lose pushing thousands more people into poverty. and when ashley, though i reckon my plate today to all the king's princesses, presidents, leaders and ally and friendly nations, and i call on the united nations and all international agencies in public opinion,
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to help save the live in a people from death and prevent the destruction of the country leaping on is it a short distance from a social explosion and the liberties are facing the stock site on their own? well, there's a shortage of basic goods, like medicines and fuel. santa clutter reports now from a petrol station in bay rooms. the country is in crisis, it has been in crisis for more than a year. the state is near nearly bankrupt and it's just a daily struggle for every lebanese. we're outside one of the gas stations here and you see the long lines, people wait for hours just to fill up one 3rd of their fuel time. there is a fuel crisis just as there is a lack of medicine after people fill up their cars with gas, they go to pharmacy to start looking for medicines, which more often than not, they do not find. and then there's hyper inflation, the price of food. it has more than tripled in recent months. yet the minimum wage
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remains the same. and the majority of 11 people turn in the local currency, which is now worth less than $50.00. and the reason is if i were to destroy and got without throwing up, we have money, we're going to buy anything. we have money really. we have money about going to buy anything that's not there goes on. there are those people who fill earnest salary, but unemployment is on the rise. it's now 35 percent and research institute say it is going to increase to 40 percent of the. this is a country which is starving for dollars for hard currency. the central bank mandatory reserve is drying out and the central bank was giving importers dollars in order to buy fuel medicine at affordable price to subsidize these goods. and like i mentioned, it's running out fuel prices have increased by, by 50,
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by 50 percent. so has the price of bread, so people are struggling and you just heard. a that man, there are those who have money, who are able to buy something, just can't because they cannot find it in the country which import to almost everything that it needs. now attacks on doctors by me and laws, military are threatening the country's fight against coven 19 adrian. a health care work as if faced violence, arrests, and even killings by security forces since protest against february, the crew began. the june time is accused of targeting them to undermine this of what the anti croup protested. forcing next to operate underground speaking anonymously one, dr. described his ordeal with a security force and all the medical equipment needed. and michael leech and odd for doctors and enough on the scene depletion,
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public call, adulthood, huge fuels due to all actions in the ear. but we have become criminal overnight by the military. army in law is now one of the most dangerous places on earth for health care workers. there were $240.00 attacks on that. it's just this year. that's nearly half of the $508.00 attacks track globally by the world health organization. the military has now issued arrest one to 400 doctors and a 180 nurses. they're charged with supporting civil disobedience. 12 health care workers have been killed and 32 wounded since those protests began according to monitoring group insecurity. insight on sandra, mom is a senior at bridget, epidemiological research, johns hopkins, bring back school of public health and she explains the ramifications of targeting medical workers because medics were one of the 1st civil society groups,
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community groups to stand up against the coup in protest that the qu, they galvanized the civil disobedience movement and really let the charge on, you know, against the military through cdm, and for that they have been deemed enemies of the state and incite inciting, fomenting defense against the military. and that's why they are now under attack mass. the ramifications are, you know, cross cutting. first of all, we're looking at a mass human resource, short shortage of medical personnel. not just in response to the code that had to make but for normal things like providing dialysis care or treatments for dental and malaria. preventable diseases that are a mainstay in a country like me and me are. and when we put the coo and the code that situation together, we're looking at a collision of emergencies where there is not only
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a human resource shortage, we're not able to appropriately distance people quarantine. people provide treatment where there can be treatment and also testing. there's very little disease surveillance capacity in me. i'm all right now that could inform not just, you know, health security measures and containment in the country, but also regionally and globally on to the pandemic now. and indonesia, government says it's bracing for another surge in cases while hospitals buckle under the waste of current of virus infections. emergency oxygen supplies are being floating from singapore to treat patients. the government says daily infections could soon reach at least 50000 hospitals. and so by turning away patients and your cancer health care system is now 90 capacity. meanwhile, get nom has hold her dozens of fries in and out of human city to try to contain the
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spread of coven. 19. the countries reported more than 1000 new cases for the 2nd day running. now, union city itself accounts for more than 2 thirds of those infections getting on has reported just $22000.00 infections since the start of the pandemic and $97.00 deaths. that amongst the lowest figures in asia or india has now wanted citizens to strictly observe cove in 1900 protocols. after tourists were seen without loss and flouting social distancing norms. tens of thousands flocked to the northern hill station of missouri on tuesday, india. meanwhile, as relaxing current of virus rules after a 2nd wave that so an unprecedented spike and death and infection. the appropriate believe it is absolutely essential. the pictures that he has seen today are frightening, and we have to be very, very careful, very, very responsible and very, very cautious. spanish says he pan plan is famous for its annual bull running
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festival. but for the 2nd he entered the city's usual celebrations, had been suspended because of the pandemic. as more groups still gathered up the town square either where the thousands would usually watch a rocket being fired to mark the beginning of the festival. while the cannes film festival failed or is back after taking an enforced break last year for the pandemic, international stars and film lovers have returned to the south of france for one of the world's most glamorous events. natasha. but there was, after the grand reopening. this sweeping bay shimmering mediterranean sea, red carpet and of course movie dolls. the cannes film festival is back after one year break because of the covey pandemic american director. spike lee is the head to the jury. this year, as he arrived just before the cost of the opening film and met the excitement was palpable. the annette is one of 24 films in competition for the prestigious palm dual prize, the musical comedy by french american director,
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los correct dom mario court. yeah. and adam driver is my favorite festival can. i've always before i came here, we looked at it as a marker of great film. festivals. director says its return is cause for celebration which are due in january and even february we have no idea if the festival would be possible because last year we had to cancel it or into the demick. so it's usually satisfying to be buying such a pleasure under relief. it's not any the movie industry, i'm fine for the delighted by the return of the festival attract tens of thousands of visitors and after very difficult year for the tourism sector, there are many in the city that are very happy to be back in business. lack of tour it forth this luxury hotel to close the 6 months last year. the manager says the festival will help the local economy. it were present actually approximately 15
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percent of our yearly rooms revenue. so we do that in less than 2 weeks. so it big and also it brings a lot of positive energy for the travel restrictions mean some film stalls and visitors has stayed away for those attending special measures to replace, including on flight cofi testing. nevertheless, in such unusual and unpredictable times, a generous dose of glamour and some captivating films, certainly offer some welcome escape. his him, natasha butler, al jazeera. can one of europe's most high profile, far rightly this has gone on trial. so corruption from the austrian vice johnson hines christian, strong pleaded not guilty. the freedom party that is accused of trying to change laws to help a party don't secure public funding for a private hospital strong who was forced to resign back in 2019 campaign finance scandal. that brought down the coalition government on tropical storm elsa is
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gaining strength and could become a hurricane before making landfall in florida. not complicating such efforts of the size of the collapse department building the miami, the official death toll there has risen to 36 with 4 more bodies found in the rubble. nearly 2 weeks after the building collapsed in the town of south side. more than 100 people are still missing. emergency crews already battling high winds and heavy rain. active search and rescue continue throughout the night, and these teams continue through extremely adverse and challenging conditions through the rain and through the wind. they have continued searching. they pause only briefly for lightning, which is legally required, or canada is all set for its fast indigenous governor general to be merry simon as an in unit from northern quebec. she said her appointment was
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a sign of progress towards a more inclusive society. there is a new spotlight on historical abuses against indigenous people in canada. after the discovery of more than a 1000 unmarked graves of children who are forced into residential schools, the governor general represents britain's reigning monarch in canada. i can confidently say that my appointment is the historic and if inspirational, moment for canada, and an important step forward on the long path towards reconciliation. now a one of a kind of cancellation in mexico city promised and thus visitors in the mind of artist, free to color this week would have marked colors 100 and 14th birthday. and while retrospective exhibit exhibitions are being featured in cities around the wild event organizes in the mexican capital, say none feature this level of sensory experience, nor powder reports from the exhibition. the,
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this is not your average art show. it's a new exhibit to honor mexican painter, frida kahlo, ah, event developers call it a sensory journey into the world of one of mexico's most iconic artists making everything fully immersive. it's like you're, you're in a space where you don't see no boundaries where there is no limits. ah, while the music animations are captivating, the exhibit is another experience altogether. okay. i recommend that even visit walk around, make your way, cross the curtains, come here and dance across the way and paint it took event organizers to years to bring the artwork to life. it's the result of the lack of almost 900 people working the night and solve for thousands of hours, the signing composing music and creating the some eating visuals that we see today . the music original score. it was composed of mexican composer and it's
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interpreted by abandon and musicians, ah, more than $140.00 paintings by frida kahlo, $55.00 are self portraits. often depicting whimsical settings representing the many hardships carlo faced in life. ah, such as overcoming childhood polio, surviving a dead bus accident in her teenage years and enduring more than 30 surgeries throughout her life. ready some of colors, contemporaries characterized her artistic style as surreal as a label she rejected. pre decarlo one said she painted neither nightmares or dreams, but rather her own reality. the free to exhibit in mexico city opened its doors on july 6th to coincide with colors birthday. strict sanitation measures against colbert 19 have been taken to keep the experience safe. the organizers
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say this underscores another reason why the free to exhibit is so relevant today. oh, apart from being remembered as an icon of mexican culture fried his message of resilience and times of adversity is perhaps what resonates most among her fans. in fried his own words, at the end of the day we can endure much more than we think we can maneuver up a little al jazeera mexico city. ready ah, hello there, this is algebra, and these are the headlines. the biden administration has defended the u. s. military withdrawal from afghanistan as taliban fighters claim more territory and says it's a draw down a national retreat and dispatching support to the african government from a distance. it is not just the government.


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