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and quick want to catch up anytime with all the stories recovering on our website. the address with us it algebra dot com. and you can also watch us live by clicking on the orange line icon details of the iran uranium metal decision. ah, stories on how to do it. lebanon is pleading for international help with the catch, a prime minister, a warning. the country is just days away from a social explosion. the currency has last about 90 percent of what it was worth in late 2019 medical supplies are being rationed and fights are breaking out of petrol stations. as pumps run dry, as sandy up says, global help is urgently needed to prevent outright economic ruin. and when actually the article by play today to all the king's princes,
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presidents leaders and ally and friendly nations, and i call on the united nations and all international agencies in public opinion, to help save to live in a people from teeth and prevent the destruction of the country leaping on is it a short distance from a social explosion, and the liberties are facing the stock site on their own? the afghan government says areas recently captured by the taliban will soon be retaken in a counter offensive. its national security adviser says, hundreds of security personnel who fled into tajikistan will be brought back to rejoin the fight. taliban have taken control of another 36 districts or 10 percent of the country in just the past 6 days. well, this is the pentagon said the withdrew of us forces is 90 percent complete your military and agencies. a warning arise in school kidnappings. in northwestern nigeria is disrupting 100. hundreds of thousands of children's education around a 1000 students have been abducted since december. the latest attack took place on
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monday at a boarding school, with nearly a $150.00 students still missing. indonesia government says it's bracing for another surgeon current of ours cases. one, it's hospitals, a crumbling under the weight of infections. emergency oxygen supplies are being flown in from singapore to treat patients. in a way the government expects could reach at least 50000 new cases. a day. ospital is in sewer by having to turn away. patients under conscious health care system is at 90 percent capacity, indonesian airlines. as you're spending all flights for a month to support efforts to contain the virus. to stay with us, my zimbabwe is up next. we'll news for you after that. thanks for watching to. yeah. one of the world's most famous film festivals is back with love mandatory and doors, the social distance thing in place in some countries unable to attend the glamorous
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pieces, recreate the magic of coverage through the council festival. now to me, my name is christina. i am a writer and a great lawyer, special crate. i am very lucky to be able to do 2 things that i love. at the same level of intensity, my son baldwin is greatly misunderstood. my son baldwin is full of hope, is full of broken, sad people, but also full of happy, industrious, resilient people, involved with stories. and those are the stories that i want to tell with
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. i love the archives because the kind of stories i write a sit in the past and because i'm a writer of really fiction. i want my story to reflect accurate facts, for example, activities in my most recent novel. out of darkness shining light is the story of the african companions of david livingston, and the journey that the maids carrying his body for over 9 months from what is now northern ambia, to what is now the east coast of tens. a near i wanted to flip the story, returned the gaze, and tell the story from the perspective of the africans, and not the story of the white explorer,
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the missionary david livingston. so i had to spend a lot of time at indifferent archives around the world. and i found an incredible amount of treasure here in the national archives, yet street is always told from the perspective of the great man, whether it's david livingstone or civil john rose orbital gabby. i feel that my responsibility as, as well when writer is to tell them well when story in a way that it hasn't fully been told before. and i plan to do that with every book that i write me. we're going to, we're going to the high 14. yeah. i'm setting up an entry office because i can write it whole, but i like the illusion of having a job to go to,
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especially when i'm writing and right now i'm facing as self imposed deadline. i need to finish my new school by the end of the year. ah, i decided on that i wanted to be a writer, but i couldn't see how. it's only when i read to sit under him was book nervous condition. when there was already in law school, that i realize that a black and white woman could raise an oval in english because she was the 1st person to do it. so by the time i read her and for getting other, you know, 20 morrison alice walker and other black, a female or i was already in law school and loving my subjects of law. so i thought to myself, i can always be riser. but as to want to be a lawyer at the time i wanted to solve, solve the middle east crisis. when i was in 40, i fell in love with international trade, little back. it's not a great background. i have a conference call, it's
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a panel discussion for the international bar association with us. we're discussing the major trade just shoot that has been going on in the world between the us and china. ok. hello, how are you? hi, can you hear me that to jeff? in this conference call, i'm worrying my head as international trade lawyer. there's also a prize winning playwright. she's one of the passions that the theme of my conversation. my part of the conversation is that african thing. when the innocent fight, if the graph means to be the don't develop them and round, but only very few areas have been agreed on. and we are feeling the effect in the developing countries. because the attention is focused on the trade to
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the if it's a good thing to believing that everything is normal, you know, people have their puffy morning, she had to do that kind of thing, but was across the road life just changing the with the so this is somebody is the largest festival market in the country. it's also the place that is for many people who come to the city from elsewhere, the 1st point of contact for me, it was many, many years ago. i think it was about 4 years old when i 1st came, somebody and the bus terminal from rural village and to live in
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a township called glenora. and probably nora within most of the said, that's all the independent. i did tell you i the same my level is okay. cool. thing about gordon. delicious. anybody? the $1.00 coaches got just talking to my apple the with my 1st chemo. it was received negatively by the media is above way. i had people article in the harold and the headline was
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2 days. judith is courier. it's in augusta. it created the impression that i was and anti government in the fall, and he's been bubbly writer. once you read my worst, you realize that i'm just talking about the ordinary everyday life worth. and bob is influenced by x m d 's and one of the great men for example, in my food protein row, i deliberately did not mention the president name one because i wanted to say he doesn't, that is the people i'm writing about the vendor. you know, the magistrate police moment. so i'm standing at the top and on roxanne rule, which is one of my favorite is the road that connect to the famous people fighting. and because that is written, that's what you see with memory. it's
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a 1000 wish the pardon me, a call came and talked to the flag of the united kingdom. we have the subtlety of headquarters. we have the magistrate court and it's actually for that reason that i wrote a book called rock and roll, which looked at how important this is and all the different issues that are on the me . so the history of the city is imbedded in the scene. so the roadway on is actually talk to linda, but the pavement to say good never, you know what i find so fascinating because it's such a young country only 40 years old. so we keep flashing into history. everywhere we turn the syllabus.
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what, what do you have in the field? yes. go to cape all, my gosh. kind of got wind up call river. boy told his shoulders was interesting. the law from onto chris. chris went to the deja in 1911 of the only one before i was 8 years also at independence. and so i have very strong memories. awful, deja and i went to school 1st. deja in a segregated school and then we'll move to disturbance after independence. i louise long standing customer. sure. sure. our, it's okay. my memory of an independence but with a child i largely have p one. but of course i recognize that not everybody has those memories because
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a lot of very dark things are happening in the country. many of which we as children were simply not aware of. and it was really that was the period way this authoritarian treat that in. but you know, when you're busy swimming in your swimming pool or, you know, going to the library reading and writing, you're aware of all these development. so my name is something i realized only when i went to law school and we were reading judgment about the whole dividend would be interested in much and then also. so how long was what was happening here? the in november 2017. there was a what is called isn't by a military assisted transition from the government, him to watch,
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we hope to be in you a dispensation. and this was one of many times, not the 1st time that the military has directly intervened in, involved in politics. and in retrospect, we should all have been very worried as such as such a direct intervention, a budget after decades of august rule, after 37 years, people had just had enough and were desperate to believe in change the ah, on paper, it seemed like we're taking you derek in for the 1st time in many years would have an election that was internationally observed. the circumstances was extraordinary, and really involved the whole nation. people marched on the t. it was such a moment of happiness. they'll probably re engagement with formally hostile nations
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. and that's what got me excited because i am passionate about open trade and investment. ah, i got the sense that maybe this wasn't watching him from early on, but you kept thinking, oh no, it will get better. we'll get face will get better. but i think by about one all the, one of the soldiers shot people on the street. that's when i realized that this might actually not go anywhere because. ready to very willing to use the course is element of the into the personal garbage and the real central trail is that to feel and to experience because we had a really wonderful opportunity to move our country in
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a different direction. and i'm very fearful that we have missed that chunk oxtail honda, nero drug, no beans in my boarding school, think we can to be any more wonderful formated with i'm very well, i'm a journalist, he's the best and publish writer is involved. but why does that mean? it's like roger federer before he won a grand slam. he was the best player not to win a grand slam. and that's you you are the fit, raja federal and well being writing all of that really focuses on the economy. so there is no way you can write about economies are writing about the politics in the world when writing about politics. mean 2 things that you get arrested or you have to send for yourself as and been any big change. all the change that we want to see about what that was, what that's cool was,
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was just sore throat nerdy. we only imagine that there was a real shift in policy in just the way government, you know, treat people. those people were part of that transition to those, those marches industry without a fellow stakeholder in our thing, you know, people have every reason to be angry because no one wants to feel used. you know, no one wants to feel that they were simply instrumental in a power attention game between fractions. so we're going to do the 1st official table or even a minute play, which is called black satellites. say about the very controversial than what we write a number in the number is just returned from echo instead of 8 years in england and just come home
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independence and bob way. but unfortunately, is to very much looks like deja i think we would just, oh, good god gosh, you know, great. the, the money to liberal diction doesn't fit in, in england, doesn't fit in, in baldwin. he's a young man who wants to fight off off of colonialism, but he kind of has this belief such as culture is somehow inferior. okay. and legal flex time last plays react by. it's not god x one, lean one. so the international airport isn't bob. good morning, ladies and gentlemen. did he him? it was like you him 7 or 7 from london getting his landed up stage. right? stumbled a young man of about 34 all you mock did appearance. he's nonetheless something
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disheveled in his appearance. this is done with the manager. wow. wow. i don't believe it. i just don't believe it sold very. i'm told by that you know, the 1st thing i did when i got off the plane was to keep the ground just as uncomfortable as you would expect. not so easy on the lips, but still i want to do it again. it is not for me to find that they, it's a lot better to care for grown me when he comes home. the very 1st thing that you encounter these are, this is not allowed, this is not allowed. this is not allowed. you're not allowed to smile. you know that to be happy yet. but it's like living in a cage of some thought, you know, and then 542 is involved with 2020, almost like that. believe me, limitations off that of like $40.00, freedom of expression for them of thought into more movement. freedom of question. you know, like you just everything is booked books,
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books book. ah, oh oh, oh, oh oh okay. thank you so much. so i am going to see can i do to is highly regarded from baldwin lawyer. he's also the vice president of the bug with main opposition party. the in the library. the. the 1st thing he did when you 1st of the office was to order the book for the 1st the book and then the
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funny room. i'll probably do this book and the last class then what i see the one way i did the introduction. i want to find it. yes. yeah, and i and i have known each other since i was a law student because there was a lot of my tutors in contract law. he was very fierce and we were all afraid that you were going to fail us. but we became very good friends with a big man. yeah, he blew me up. but he why aren't you a writer? i think, i mean, lawyer, you know, that's what i do. and that's my 5th love. nothing could give me a gift, but you know, i would love to write in waco fiction. what i d, as my main character will be, will be a woman. and up with this totally in my head or for get to the deliberative tuggle is not fully told is but fully told. and i think one of the thing that estimates me what the woman in the full parish in psycho, i think she what's several was in him was no just him smith's. i think
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partly i key triple approach abuse person 10 o'clock. yeah. yeah. yeah. and then when she gets into independence and she was an outsider, i, you all committed or you pissing mistake about the solution. i have to do to nice to have to do music because there's no cases that has been and my only worry is that we normally that normal. so we don't need any more when, except we don't, we don't panic anymore. i think that we may talk moment people one change in i'm afraid to say that in my opinion, if we continue when to go know sure. we have people come but he's even people in the room back. even people in the i think we have another project. and for me, what makes me sad is that to establish this economy to turn around this, he couldn't get it. yeah. i would think it is not the actual issues,
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which i believe it's not keep growth rate because we can out it's not even trusting much more than what it was we can do closer than that because we have the culture and we don't have that good as we would do we have our own as well as to do the institution to education or social services to, to, to rebuild our cultural. don't find that it would take generations to oh, oh i i library is one of my favorite spaces and because it's associated so close to with my childhood. i don't believe you can be right on without being
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a reader. and my part to being both a lawyer and a writer, but especially in this library, the books i read, the child will book that children in england, whatever it. and it was then that i started actually, right when i was about 10 years old, 11 years old is all about ballet and writing and having a true orchard because i have no conception of them. bob, we and this as an identity or even african. so i had to make the transition, what i call my own footnote equal my vision from being a story maker as a child to being as involved in riper as an adult. so i'm preparing lunch for a small family bry and a bright is watch in other parts of the world is known as
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a father. you and then i have some friends coming over as well. and also some of my colleagues very well you. i tend to hang out with a little creative, disruptive ah ah, ah ah. ready ah, ah ah
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ah, by the time i started to write my 1st book and energy for me, i had a fairly good idea of the kind of stories i wanted to tell about the bobo. i know there's a level of yuma, of laughter, of waging with dramatic things happened. funeral with my sick things happen. just people falling in love having babies in the background of the difficult political and economic situation. yeah. blended. the patriotism is loving your country in a way that allows you to be truthful about it and sometimes it needs to be pretty good. i just want my country to do well. i want my country to prosper, and i want my men to do better to honor the founding documentary ordination,
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which the constitutional i want to maintain her dignity on the stage. but when it's going to get to that place and we put ourselves out and until we take our responsibility to our own people, with our, my i my mother in the 4th of my information. my son by way is book myself. always music wise and bob way is art. my son, both ways laughter. it's humor it's enterprise. and by way, is there any the i
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be part of the debate itself defeated to end closing in the us or in the u. k. because it will just come back again when no topic is off the table, but we wanted to talk about where these men is. white men impacting our lives. your dream, where at global audience becomes a global community, jumping to the comment section. and part of those discussion there are like kinetic efforts to silence fell opinions on the online based on al jazeera of football from spain, trading, battling opponents on the fighting fascism at home and abroad. the footballing legend edit canton introduces stuff the nino in the battle a wanting to use the beloved game to help himself and others survive the horrors of a natural concentration. i was on al jazeera. ah,
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me hold him in the city in vietnam once. so i gone the old capital of san vietnam at its heart, his lamb, so square were journalists, diplomats, military staff and spies, rubbed shoulders in its famous hotels during the vietnam war. i was assigned to yet not by the associated press, and i arrived june at 1962. the caravel hotel burst under the headlines in november, 1963. when there was a number to recruit. which led to the assassination of the president and his brother. in over 24 hour period, the center of saigon was zone. the press retreated in effect that the caravel hotel. and many of the story is mentioned we were seeing was from the caravel.
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ah, the kind of phones therefore it hits back against the taliban. advances as the us says, it's trip with roll is now nearly 90 percent complete. ah, there i missed the attain. this is out of your life and also coming like, you know, your parents plead for help after the laces. math kid, nothing from school and northwest and nigeria during for fuel as part of their daily struggle. a warning, the 11 on is edging closer to economic ruin. and get some glamour. can the world's most famous.


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