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ah, one of the top stories here on, on here, lebanon is pleading for international help with the catholic, a prime minister has sunday morning that the countries days away from a social explosion. currency is last about 90 percent of what it was worth in late 2019. the african government says districts recently captured by the taliban will soon be retaken in a counter offensive. around 10 percent of the country has foreign in just the past 6 days. this is the pentagon says the withdrawal of us forces is 90 percent complete and to enter an agency, the warning arise in school kidnapping in northwest nigeria is disrupting the education of hundreds of thousands of children. $150.00 students are missing off the latest attack on a boarding school. on monday. after months of criticism that covered 19 vaccines weren't reaching, developing nations, inoculation drives around the world are picking up. but the rollouts come as experts worry about the impact of the delta varied short bennett reports. vaccine
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drives a gathering pace in countries around the world. this is 1500000 doses of the medulla vac, seen flowing into el salvador as a donation from the united states. i'll, salvador has administered just under 3000000 doses, enough to fully inoculate 22 percent of its population. it's a name also called for me, so we have a special commitment to the entire region and we are not going to stop until all countries have the vaccines they require to protect older citizens in ivory coast. housework is a visiting market to get as many people vaccinated as possible. they'll visit 130 in the capital abbey shop in the next 2 weeks. in some countries in africa covered 1900 case numbers, a doubling every 3 weeks. i have just received my covered vaccine and we were leave because i had been waiting to do it for a long time and i came to the market. i saw the people in the campaign, so i took advantage of it. in russia,
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the government has opened its largest vaccination center in moscow. russia reported a record high 737 corona virus dates on tuesday. and the last week showed a slight decrease in the incidence of cove at moscow. but nevertheless, the level of hospitalization and morbidity itself is at a very high level. but how will the delta or other mutations behaves or expecting other mutations? it's a question health authorities are asking around the world. israel's health ministry really started that the 5 by and take the vaccine is just 64 percent effective against infections by the delta variance. it had been 94 percent effective against previous strains of the virus. although they reported it is still more than 90 percent effective, keeping people out of the hospital. the delta vary and his accelerating the spread of outbreaks and places that had previously escaped. the pandemic. fiji went and
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then a year without recording any community corona virus, cases until the new strain arrived in april. on tuesday it reported a record 636 cases and 6 deaths. it does hurt you in some way, and it does also let you know that, you know, we're not far from over the i see you at the main hospital and the capital sousa is full. so as the city's morg, 10 percent of the genes are fully vaccinated, officials are hoping to increase that number to stop the spread charlotte bellis out 0. indonesia government says its breaking for another surgeon crone of ours cases. its hospitals are under strain from the weight of infections. emergency, oxygen supplies are being flown in from singapore to treat patients in a wave. the government expects could reach at least 50000 new cases a day. hospitals insur, a bio having to turn away patients and counters health care system. is it 90 percent capacity yet nom has halted dozens of flights in and out of her. you mean
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city to try to contain the spread of code? 19 countries reported more than a 1000 new cases per 2nd day in a row, or 2 mean city accounts for more than 2 thirds of those infections. yet nom reportage is 97 deaths and 22000 infections since the thought of the pandemic. one of the most successful containment records in asia, but more than half of those infections feed in the last month, russia has reported its highest number of deaths since upon them. it began with another $737.00 fatalities. infections and deaths have been on the rise there for about a month with more than $23000.00 new cases in the past 24 hours. infections also on the rise in the u. k, which has reported almost 29000 new cases. its highest number of daily infections since january. it also record at $37.00 deaths, highest daily figures since april has been blamed on the far spreading delta variant. despite the search prominence devoris johnson is pushing ahead with plans
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to lift mask mandates and social distances was in england base of his modes. biden administration is launching a more targeted approach to encourage communities with low vaccine uptake. to get that job, the u. s. failed to reach its goal of giving at least one dose of a vaccine to 70 percent of its adult population by the july 4th holiday. but it's set to reach that deadline. by the end of the week, president joe biden is urging millions of unvaccinated americans to stop putting those around them. at risk. right now, as i speak to millions of americans are still unvaccinated and unprotected. and because of that, their communities are at risk, their friends are at risk. the people that they care about are at risk. this is an even bigger concern because of the delta variant seems to me it should cause everybody to think twice. and it should cause reconsideration, especially young people who may have thought that they didn't have to be that
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actually didn't worry about. it didn't have to do anything about up to the topical storm else or is on its way to florida after causing at least 3 deaths. in the caribbean, more than 100000 people in cuba had to be evacuated from flood prone areas on the safe housing. with thousands moving to government shelters, a storm also have a can parts, barbados, lucia and haiti before moving northwest rescue workers at the site of a collapsed apartment building in florida. a bracing for the storm to hit the official death toll that has risen to 36. after 8 more bodies were found in the rubble. nearly 2 weeks after the apartment building collapsed in south side. another 109 people are still missing. expert said the possibility of funding any more survivors is remote emergency crews battling high winds and heavy rain with else are expected to make land for west of the site. late on wednesday, canada has named its 1st indigenous governor general prime minister just intruder
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pointed. diplomat, mary simon, to the post and knew it from northern quebec. simon's that her appointment was a sign of progress towards a more inclusive society. coincides with a new spotlight on historical abuses against indigenous people in canada. after the discovery of more than a 1000 unmarked greys of children who were forced into residential schools, i can confidently say that my appointment is a historic and if informational moment for canada and an important step forward on the long path towards reconciliation. police in hong kong have arrested 9 people, suspected of involvement in a bomb plot that accused of making explosives to plant at multiple sites across the city. fix secondary school students are among the suspects. and adrian brown reports. it's just the latest in incident, in a turbulent year of protests,
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hong kong police presented the media with evidence of what they say was a plot to make and plant bombs across the city, helmet, shields, their guns walkie talkies and chemicals. and a list of targets cooling thee across about tunnel where ways caught rooms and even they wanted to lay the bomb in the, in the rubbish been on the streets with a 0 to, to, to maximize the damage caused the to the society. 6 of those arrested all secondary school students. it is a 10th time in hong kong, or you know, it's almost a week since a man died after stopping a police officer and then him so security officials classified it as a lone wolf terrorist attack messages on social media. later, up at condolences to the assailants family, the events of the past few days demonstrate that the anti government protest movement may not have been entirely extinguished. and that se analysts may lead to
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a new and wide campaign against descent. it's a years since a sweeping national security law was imposed on hong kong. now the government is proposing legislation to amend the privacy law or a thumbs to the protests in 2019, when private details of police charges and journalists were disclosed on line. a practice known as duck thing, but tech companies like google, twitter, and facebook. a worried the proposed changes could lead to local employees being fined or jailed. if they refuse to handle that data to the hong kong government. as a consequence, they've warned they might quit the territory one of the world's leading financial centers. hong kong chief executive says that only illegal behavior is being targeted. her law at the old chalice. as we all know, many people in hong kong have been traumatized by doc thing on the internet for a long time. this brought support in society and to solve this problem and said
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this time the amendment to the legislation is to solve this problem. experts say the proposed changes add to the mood of uncertainty among foreign investors. this could have a very negative impact on the business climate, on its reputation for the free flow of information. now for some, the territory reputation for safety is also being questioned. adrian brown, al jazeera hong kong, israel's new foreign minister, l. a. pete has taken his 1st international trip to the united arab emirates, the country's establish ties last year under deal broken by the trump administration. part of that deal is an oil contract that will see tankers dock and israel's southern port of a lot. you a oil will be sent through a pipeline to ash cologne, then loaded on to tankers bound for europe. that's causing concern among environmentalists as stephanie decker porch malott. so cause like this
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actually is 5000 years old. ever seen the peter, me to seem different kingdom. it took thousands of years to create but so fragile. it can be instantly killed. which is why environmentalist to sounding the alarm about an oil deal between israel and the united arab emirates that will soon see huge tankers deliver oil to israel, southern port of a lot from the you eat just one over the pipes actually for some reason putting the all into the water. ok, if you have what happened? yeah. one minute somebody did not close devolved to matic value is not working. something technically you're going to have an oil which can be thousands of benito, not coral reef extends for around 11 kilometers along the coast. and just over kilometer that falls under a protected nature reserve created to protect it and the marine life which
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flourishes around it. but it won't be able to protect it from the many oil tanker is expected to pass through here under this deal talking here. but we understand what we're told, just around 300 meters away from the precious coral b. last reef special. the carls are known to withstand large ranges of changes in temperature, making them potentially crucial in the survival of our reefs in the future by transplanting them to less resistant areas. a large red sea coast and it's under water life is also a major source of attraction for tourists. this mesmerizing under water world artificially sustained the local aquarium for all to see a reminder of how important it is to protect it in our natural waters. all these economy with guy because stories are coming for the c 2 is coming to see fish to see to cause. and without these there's no reason why should people come to the desert? smaller tiger is an environmentalist. he and other groups of petition the supreme
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court to stop this oil deal and say they're still waiting for a response. we approach these really own europe, asia pipeline company for comment. they issued a statement saying they're committed to maintaining the safety of the residence and protecting the values of the environment that they operate using the latest equipment, meeting strict international standards. but that doesn't appear to convince anyone here. this all the fast prophy is for the gulf of a lot of our cover. we're talking about the place where full countries living around it. we have jordan salad, all right, be egypt. and he's right. or 4 countries living from tourism. any potential will spill here and the inevitable gradual pollution because of the increase flow of mega will tankers will be felt by stephanie decor, ultra 0, not in southern israel. it can film festival is bank after taking it in force break
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last year for the panoramic international stars and film lovers. once again in the south of france for one of the world's most glamorous events. as is our correspondent, natasha butler. the sweeping bay, shimmering mediterranean sea, red carpet and of course movie stars. the can film festival is back after one year break because of the convent pandemic american director. spike lee is the head of the jury. this year at the arrived just before the cost of the opening film and met the excitement was palpable. the innate is one of $24.00 films in competition for the prestigious palm dual prize, the musical comedy by french american director, los correct mario quote. yeah. and adam driver is my favorite festival can. i've always before i came here, we looked at it as a marker of great film festivals. director says its return is cause for celebration can,
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which are you in january and even february we have no idea if the festival would be possible because last year we had to cancel it or into the demick. so it's usually satisfying to be bought. i could do such a pleasure under relief. it's not any the movie industry, i'm fine for delighted by the return of the festival, attract tens of thousands of visitors and after very difficult year for the tourism sector. there are many in the city that are very happy to be back in business, for lack of tourist, for this luxury hotel to close the 6 months last year. the manager says the festival will help the local economy were present actually approximately 15 percent of our yearly rooms revenue. so we do that in less than 2 weeks. so it big. and also it brings a lot of positive energy for the travel restrictions mean some film stalls and visitors has stayed away. so those attending special measures replace,
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including on flight kofi testing. nevertheless, in such unusual and unpredictable times, a generous dose of glamour and from captivating films certainly offer some welcome escape, his him. natasha butler jazeera can. so i had this news out highlights european championships me fall between italy and spain. me, mexico cities. it's residence a chance to match themselves in the work of iconic artist, pre to kind of ah use
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use me ah ah
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ah, gemma with the sport. thank you. lauren italy have beaten spain on penalties to reach the 1st european championship. finally, since 2012, it took until the 60th minutes. the 1st goal is the game, and they've started by its lead. goalkeeper was finished by federico k in dial out of all right. and that was dropped for the match. he came off the bench to bring fame level with 10 minutes to go. it finished one and then they went the extra time, but the slides couldn't be separated. so when the panel said, i'm around his night, took a ton for the was when he was safe in the she's out, which left georgina with the winning penalties to italy for to they want to eventually it's like not saying out of your i 2016 then i may have done it again and then now unbeaten in. * 3 games, incredible run that the cd and they have
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a chance out when they're 1st years since 1968 now denmark's coach says his side on novice about facing england in the other years 20 . 20 some we find on wednesday. gar southgate team go into the matches favorite center yet to concede a goal in the torment england fans full of hyphen once again. been singing. it's coming home in reference to a song release. you are a 96 and because the site have the chance to bring a trophy home to wembley for the 1st time since the 1966 wildcat final. but denmark's cache miko isn't paying much attention. has it ever been home? have you ever want to 66, it was well, is that all the will come? to be honest, i haven't given any thought to what it would mean to stop england more than what it would do for denmark. to be honest, on focus very little on the england national team, it doesn't really mean anything to me. it's the,
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it's what it would do for our country back home the, the joy would bring for a country of only 5 and a half 1000000 to, to be able to, to do something like that or to, to compete with the nations that we're competing with. so yeah, not really a lot of thought to to england feelings in this tennis, thou and honest above bid to become the 1st i reply to win a grand slam is over for now between his in last ho would in quarter final again number 2, seat of rena zabel anchor. it was a clash between the 2 players, just the most winds on all the seasons. and the better russian proved too strong her opponents, taking a match in straits that 6463, double. i'm going to have 1st major and final, where she will face a former while number one carleen a click of the 8 feet with a comfortable 6 to 6 to win switzerland, victoria, which make it in the 70s for the 1st time in 9 wimbledon appearances facing amazing france on may defining the usa in 2016 seed ask the bossy is in to have
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semi find. let the all england club about number one, the beat iowa told me out of it to fix, wanted fix 3 in the 1st australian women's court to find that wimbledon and 41 years before my french open champion, wrapping up victory in just over an hour to have people enjoying the tennis with me and with us on the court makes it makes it all the more fun because i think that there are memories on tennis courts some heartbreaking in some you never forget, but having, having an atmosphere really, really makes it extra special and i think sometimes winning or losing matches doesn't matter. you remember the atmosphere, you remember kind of those feelings on chord as opposed to the results. waiting for bobby and the semi this 2018 champion angela cover. the german have little trouble over coming. this is australia and let me find the car ready to move. the carbon bossy have played each other on all occasions to win each shock in the men's row
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with wild number 2, diamond medford f knocked out by paying cash in full ground after rain for them to be suspended. they resumed on tuesday with madame leading to set one full patch for the cider and the ac. leave them to the final set, fix 3 to reach his son. grandson was fine, but he will play roger federer. obviously roger's special player, i mean what his super achieved throughout his whole career. he said somebody bland and the way he plays himself. so specialist also being held there, blank where finance against him. it say 3 amazing battle. obviously am. i'm out there to to play my best center and give my son. so the best chance of winning the mass and being in the british and irish lines to match against the bulls on saturday has been postponed after several players in the south african provincial side tested positive for corona virus. and the spring box test against georgia on
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friday is also under threat with cases in both camps. a cove is 1900 outbreak has hit england one day cricket team as well, forcing them to name an entirely new score for the series against pakistan. 7 members of the original group tested positive, meaning all players and coaching staff have to go into isolation. ben stokes has been caught up to captain a team of inexperienced replacements. that could be 3 consecutive formula. one races in the middle east later this year, following the cancellation of the australian gross pre about race has been cooled off for the 2nd straight season due to current of iris. australia requires 14 days of quarantine for visitors and that restriction is likely to stay in place until the end of 2021. alright, as a possible replacement, given the final 2 races of the year, are in saudi arabian abby's abbey, the australian round of the military g. p, has also been cancelled normally small. but
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it's hard to say i'm really, really got it when i'm coming back home. it hurts. we haven't been in the house for 2 years. so look, we got to look forward and hope the 2022 works out and we can get home. so yeah, i think my thing is everyone around cases, you know, hopefully everyone stays will stay healthy. and yeah, it's, it's heartbreaking, but hopefully we can say wilson and a woman has been arrested for firing a water pistol out the olympic torch. the woman could be heard shouting, extinguished the torch. i'm against a tokyo olympics. relay had been making its way through eastern japan. local media is reporting that the opening ceremony on july, the 23rd will be limited to the v. i. p. guess i only due to coven 19 restriction that lauren is we'll vote for me. jemma thanks very much indeed. now, one of the kind ot installation in mexico city pharmacy to mass when it is in the
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mind of artist frida kahlo this week would have marked her 100 and 14th birthday. and while retrospective exhibits being featured in cities around the world event organizes in the mexican capital, say non feature this level of sensory experience. on a rapid report. the, this is not your average art show. it's a new exhibit to honor mexican painter, frida kahlo, ah. event developers call it a sensory journey into the world of one of mexico's most iconic artists making everything fully immersive. it's like you're, you're in a space where you don't see no boundaries where there is no limits. ah, while the music animations are captivating, the exhibit is another experience altogether. i recommend everyone does it look around, make your way across the curtain, come here and dance all go across the way and paint. it took event organizers to
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years to bring the artwork to life. it's the result of the lack of almost 900 people working the night and solve for thousands of hours, the signing composing music and creating the some eating visuals that we see today . the music original score. it was composed of mexican composer and it's interpreted by abandon and musicians, ah, more than $140.00 paintings by frida kahlo, $55.00 are self portraits. often depicting whimsical settings representing the many hardships carlo faced in life. ah, such as overcoming childhood polio, surviving a deadly bus accident in her teenage years and enduring more than 30 surgeries throughout her life. some of carlos contempt varies, characterized her artistic style as surreal as a label she rejected. pre decarlo,
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one said she painted neither nightmares or dreams, but rather her own reality. the free to exhibit in mexico city opened its doors on july 6th to coincide with carlos birthday. strict sanitation measures against colbert 19 have been taken to keep the experience safe. the organizers say this underscores another reason why the free to exhibit is so relevant today. oh, apart from being remembered as an icon of mexican culture, freed message of resilience and times of adversity is perhaps what resonates most among her fans. in fried his own words, at the end of the day we can endure much more than we think we can monumental up a little al jazeera, mexico city, commanding catch up anytime with our website address that is out here dot com and the fit for me. and title for this news. i'll be here with another full run for
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days news. thanks very much watching question. ah. mm. news. news and energy to every part of our universe. more small. to continue the change all around shape my technology and human ingenuity.
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we can make it work for you and your business. the corona virus pandemic has altered modern society as governments have grappled with soaring cases, contact, tracing, and huge data collections are causing concern amongst civil rights activists. people in power investigates the ever increasing powers of government and businesses as they access peoples most personal data and asks what has been done to regulate the flow of sensitive information. under the cover of cove it on jessie ramirez since i molina families, the pain is unbearable. 4 of their relatives were killed last week, doing a military operation ordered by the venezuelan government. security forces accused him of being part of a colombian rebel group and said they died in calm, but the neighbors and family members in session. they were innocent,
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taken from their homes and executed under pressure, venezuela's, defense minister, everybody, me to the, you know, said the forces were obliged to the friends that come through from irregular groups that added the human rights needed to be respected. and that the events at the border would be investigated. the news a plea for help from lebanon's care take a prime minister, who says his country is days from a social explosion. ah, i'm no retaining this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up i've got a song says it's not.


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