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ah, ah, i don't says it's launching a counter offensive to take back the district seized by the taliban. ah, i'm not trying to mrs. al jazeera live from london, also coming up. a plea for help from lebanon's can't take a prime minister because his country is hurtling toward a social explosion. parents praise they wait for news. part of the latest school kidnapping and nigeria is a growing last generation of students. and he was seen as a better russian and president main election rival. now victor rico has been jailed
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for 14 years. ah, the government says areas recently captured by the taliban will soon be retaken in a counter offensive. its national security advisor says hundreds of security personnel who fled into tajikistan will be brought back to rejoined the fight. this is the pentagon says the withdrawal of us forces is 90 percent complete. the taliban have taken control of another 36 districts or 10 percent of the country in just the past 6 days. this was the picture on monday and more areas have been captured in the past day. the taliban have doubled the number of districts they control since may. the 1st, when us and nato forces started their final withdraw. but in the last 24 hours, the african air force says it's killed. $261.00 taliban fighters, an injured hundreds more. under chappelle report. on the ground taliban fighters
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have been taking one district after another. they now control canister the northern border, which has he could stand the african governments as a counter offensive is on the way and will include soldiers who fled from the border this week. at the way mother may have one son. even the african people expected that after the withdrawal of american forces in other countries, there would be no excuse for the tele bond to continue the war. and they should cease and resolve their problem through negotiations in peace. but unfortunately, you see that instead they started an undeclared war and intensified it in the skies . the african air force is hitting back carrying out air strikes until a bon gatherings. it may not have the latest equipment, but the afghan air force is trained and capable. its attack helicopters and planes are equipped with laser guided bombs. you know, if we compared our cell with the american, it's a big difference. the new afghan commander bathroom air base knows they may not have as much firepower, but he says they're ready for what comes. everybody knows we are living in
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a country for the kid for to continue. so in this case, some sometime we go for some sometime we, we fit back. this is war in combat, everything is possible and nothing is stable for the internationally backed government to retake northern areas and keep its capital secure. it must hold on to barbara. the americans left the base last week, but there's a prison at the site holding $5000.00 taliban fighters, raphael law private, and the afghan national army believes an attack is coming to freedom. what model has it is? you know, we haven't come here to sleep. everybody here is prepared to secure a bad graham. a morale is high bomber, but morale may not be high for long with the taliban. intensifying its attack. it's really the taliban having leverage, have to be upper hand. and i think there's a snowball effect. once you start seeing that various provinces throughout the country can become very hard to reverse,
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particularly with now let's not forget without robust u. s. military backing and support. you know, it's in the interest of the united states in the interests of countries in the region to ensure that the afghan government does not collapse. but we're heading to a pretty dark place at the moment. the pentagon says the us withdrawal is more than 90 percent complete. a lot can happen on the battlefield between now and then. and her chappelle al jazeera as close to and fishers in washington, d. c. eleanor. so they just from the state department, while they're still continuing their regular briefing, we have had from the state department talking about what's going on in afghanistan and really nothing and whitening from them. they continue to part of the lines essentially, that they are committed to the afghan government. we've also had from the pentagon in the last hour saying that the decision to pillow to buy graham was passed to the afghan authorities if it was not sent down the line to local commanders. that isn't really something that the us can do anything about. we have also had from the state
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department saying that they are going to continue to keep troops in the country. and we know that that's going to be somewhere between 652002 protect the compound there at the american embassy and also the international airport. but the also reiterated that they are constantly reviewing security. should the taliban make such swift gains? that cabal falls to them. they are talking about negotiated settlement, but certainly what we've had from joe biden, over the last week or so from the state department, is that look, we are committed to the afghan government. but once we pull out, it is really up to the afghan government to fend for themselves. they have left some support there. there is certainly capacity in the region to help the afghan government, if required. but essentially what the, by the ministration is saying is that we are not going to fight this battle for the
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afghan government. it is up to them to defeat the taliban if they can't come to some sort of negotiated settlement. and have you had any sense for many us officials that this isn't going according to the us withdraw planet all while at the moment they say they are 90 percent withdrawn and they will not be given a more updates because that could compromise operational security. it seems that they are well on the way to getting out by the end of august. you remember that you're biting, said a deadline of september. the 11th gen saki said the briefing on friday. i would say that the white house, when you said, we hope we get them all over by the end of august. that certainly seems to be the target at the moment. perhaps what they didn't factor in, although they said they ran all sorts of scenarios that aware of all the things that could possibly happen that the taliban would make such extensive gains in such a short period of time. and this seems to be a slight disconnect and this was raised that the state department briefing,
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that on one hand, the state department is saying there needs to be a just and durable solution which is negotiated, that the taliban cannot take power at the end of a gun, they have to continue the discussions in doha. and while from do hard, they're getting statement saying, yeah, we're going to continue these talks. the taliban on the ground in afghanistan are making significant and important gains that the afghan government seems to think they can turn these back. but of course, that becomes harder when momentum switches to one side rather than the other. so it seems that the u. s. is continuing with the planet has it says it has contingency plans, but it seems that on the face of it at least, and maybe they're talking about this by the scenes, but not publicly. the taliban is making more inroads than we expected. the vitamin ministration said it would be difficult to get support in the wider international
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community. if the taliban were to take power at the point of a gun. so important to remember, the last columbine gun was only recognized by 3 governments in the world. and they sustain themselves for quite a significant of time until the u. s. decided to go in after 91120 years ago. a return is not something that the bite administration is planning for. alan fisher. thank you very much indeed. ah, never in his pleading for international help with the catholic, a prime minister, warning the country is just days away from social explosion. how sandy says global help is urgently needed to prevent outright economic ruin. evidence currency has fallen through the floor. it's not last about 90 percent of what it was worth in late 2019 blackouts. a common because of a dilapidated power grid. some areas only getting 2 hours of electricity
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a day while drastic fuel shortages mean even private generators failing. hospitals have dropped elective procedures and rationing medical supplies. and the lack of fuel has led to fights at petrol stations with the worn beloved nice people are running out of patience. and i will ask you though, i back on my plate today to all the king's princesses, presidents, leaders and ally and friendly nations. and i call on the united nations and all international agencies and public opinion to help save the live in a people from teeth and prevent the destruction of the country. leave it on, is it a short distance from a social explosion? and the liberties are facing the stock site on their own and say no holder has more from beirut. the country is in crisis, it has been in crisis for more than a year. the state is near nearly bankrupt and it's just a daily struggle for every lebanese. we're outside one of the gas stations here and
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you see the long lines, people wait for hours just to fill up one 3rd of their fuel tank. there is a fuel crisis just as there is a lack of medicine after people fill up their cars with gas, they go to pharmacy to start looking for medicines, which more often than not, they do not find. and then there's hyper inflation, the price of food. it has more than tripled in recent months, yet the minimum wage remains the same. and the majority of the lebanese people turn in the local currency, which is now worth less than $50.00. and the reason is if i were to destroy god without throwing up, we have money, we're going to buy anything. we have money, really. we have money about going to buy anything. that's not there goes on. there are those people who fill earnest salary, but unemployment is on the rise. it's now 35 percent and research institute say it
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is going to increase to 40 percent of the. this is a country which is starving for dollars for hard currency. and the central bank mandatory reserve is drawing out and the central bank was giving importers dollars in order to buy fuel medicine as an affordable price to subsidize these goods. and like i mentioned, it's running out fuel prices have increased by by 50, by 50 percent. so has the price of bread, so people are struggling and you just heard. a that man, there are those who have money, who are able to buy something, just can't because they cannot find it in the country which imports almost everything that it needs to be. but is founder of the bay route report. he says lebanon has already reached breaking point. i mean, we are living in a social explosion, as it is, people are there sometimes fights and gas stations?
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they're a car accidents because there are so many cars lined up a gas station. there's a lot of dangerous things happening. people we don't have electricity. most of the day. i had to turn on a generator just to speak to you. there's water, our water tanks were empty. a few days ago we have to buy water from a water truck. so on kind of a perpetual explosion and we never really see a kind of a solution for this country. it seems to always be hanging in limbo. the international community is always giving money to $11.00 on, they usually give it to their political friends in the country. so the idea that the world wants to help lebanon is kind of, doesn't really match the reality that they're trying to help their own interest in the country. so, united states government, the iranian government with the french government, the saudi government, they all put a lot of money in this country and they've done so for decades. so the question is,
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can they and they build them out this time as they have in the past? well, it seems only logical. if you help create this mess, you should be a part of it. and the situation love the reflection of the global political situation today. we have a conflict between united states and iran that taking place 11 on inside are ava and iran taking place on a waiver company between syria and other countries taking place 11 on today. so you know, it's really a global problem. your mentor in agencies, a warning arise in school could nothing's in northwestern. nigeria is disrupting 400000 children's education around a 1000 students have been abducted since december. the latest attack took place on monday at a boarding school with nearly $150.00 students missing. we did as bar reports from a boucher district to gather at the school compound, consulting one another week. to hear news of the missing children
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reaped fond of an empty bed. all the remain after a pack of radiate the baton baptist boarding school in not with my dear, where students slept this morning. the 6, the report that we have inside of school given up, i'm not sure to talk, including my police cb phillips overpowered security girls and to be victims into a nearby forest. more than 2 dozen students have been rescued earlier in a separate health center not of cut you know city about a dozen people where the doctor including children. younger 3. this is it turns my school kid not being in nigeria. northern region. since december fall does abductions, pop one in cardenas speech. if i sponsored the fed government there to order the
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closure of schools in rural areas that are born rebel 2 attacks. many of my dear leaving poverty and don't have jobs. the region has been the rise of kidnapping for ransom in recent years, which is having a different impact on the dictation and 2014 the world watch the outreach book of her. i'm for kidnapped 276 school children. from the book secondary school, president more comfortable hurry has faced mounting criticism about his government . struggle to tackle the crisis with families calling on the international community for health. we stand in one voice. we don't want you know to you guys but for the community here spread that no school anywhere in the city listen to 0,
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a boucher filled to come on the program fix. secondary school students are among 9 people. arrested in hong kong for allegedly plotting to set off her made bonus. after a root of ours and frost intermission. the curtain finally rises on the can. i hello, we've got signs of some quiet weather pushing into western parts of europe at long last, but we'll have to wait a little bit for that makes its way through. still got this area clap, swirling away. nasty little area of low pressure, more showers coming in as we go on through the next day or so for central air. so you can see lost quite fine. and dr. still with some showers just around the black sea. fine and try their with high pressure dominating the weather in moscow and temperatures here getting up to 28 celsius. not warmth, of course,
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extending up into parts of northern scandinavia, famed in still very much on the warm side part of finland and nor the sweet and touching 30 degrees celsius. over the next couple of days, it'll be a while before they see those temperatures into western parts. we're still struggling to get to around 21 in london for where to stay child. so some showers coming through, i think for the other the football at wembley. i think it should be dry by that statement and may well be in some interruptions in the tennis through the course of the day. the show was never really too far away. we pushed out into thursday, i ridge of high pressure to start some not to sway and still some showers around, but the wet weather will be down as a central pass if you are by that stage eating over towards the baltic states. we'll see some wet weather coming through here. still very warm into our moscow. still very warm, i'm sunny for the met, the an extra judicial killing and a north african capital. i had someone breaking into our house.
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i heard people shouting so full masked men for not only the eyes and hair was showing al jazeera world, his red eye, witness accounts of the dramatic story of the assassination of major p l. o. figure kelly was here in a secret israeli operation. assassination in tunis on al jazeera. oh, the top stories yolanda 0 african government says areas recently captured by the taliban will soon be retaken in a counter offensive. around 10 percent of the country has fallen in just past 6
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days. this is the pentagon, said the withdrawal of us horses is 90 percent complete. lebanon is pleading for international health with a catholic, a prime minister, warning the country is just days away from a social explosion. current is lost about 90 percent of what it was worth in late 2019 humanitarian agencies. a warning arise in school kidnappings. in northwest nigeria is disrupting 400000 children's education. the latest attack took place on monday at a boarding school with nearly $150.00 students missing. in an easy government says it's bracing for another surgeon, correct of ours cases. while its hospitals are already crumbling, under the weight of infections, emergency oxygen supplies are being flown in from singapore to treat patients. in a way the government expects could reach at least 50000 new cases a day. hospitals and sewer buyer having to turn away patients and cost us health care system is at 90 percent capacity. indonesian airline erasures spending all
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flights for a month to support efforts to contain the spread of the virus. russia has reported its highest number of deaths since the pandemic began with 737 crew of ours fatalities on tuesday. infections and deaths have been on the rise there for about a month with more than $23000.00 new cases in the past 24 hours. and infections are on the rise in the u. k. britain has reported almost 29000 new cases. the highest number of new data infections since january, with 37 new deaths. it's been blamed on a foss burning delta variant. surgeon infections comes as british from mr. burse. johnson announced england is set to lift mask mandates and social distance ingles of this month. the biden administration is launching a more targeted approach to encourage communities with low vaccine uptake. to get that job, the u. s. fail to reach its goal of having 70 percent of it. i don't population to
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receive at least one dose of a vaccine by the july 4th holiday. let's go to our white house correspondent can be how kitchen, kimberly law. american simply don't want to get vaccinations. what, what's the strategy to change that that well the us president, addressing those concerns, he just wrapped up his speech here at the white house, where he unveiled the previous a 5 point plan in order to try and boost the vaccine rate in the united states by the end of the week, the white house hoping that there will be at least 160000000 americans vaccinated. but to put that into context, that's not even half of the u. s. population, and that's the big concern here. so as a result, the white house is pretty together kind of what they call a strike force. in other words, what this will be doing is it will be teams of officials that will not only deal with outbreaks among the vaccinated that they anticipate in the future. particularly because of this very contagious delta variant, but also that there will be
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a renewed push to go door to door and meet people where they are as the white house says. in other words, where they still see a lot of hesitancy is among parents wanting to get their children vaccinated. that 12 to 18 year old age group. so we know that there will be teams of workers that will be going not just door to door, but also seeing that vaccine supplies are given to primary health care providers and also pediatricians in order to get that vaccine rate up higher than it is currently. and you mentioned the delta variance, what, how concerned are they in the us about it? gravely concerned, because not only do we know it's contagious, but what the white house is seeing is in fact that the 95 percent of hospitalizations and 99 percent of deaths are among the unvaccinated. increasingly it's that delta vary that seems to be the concern. and as we just wrapped up this independence holiday weekend in the united states,
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we've seen record numbers of americans traveling for the 1st time and well over a year. and also the social gatherings have been on the rise. people really eager to get back to normal, even ignoring the warnings from public health officials about this delta. very append. how contagious it might be. so the white house is really putting together a multi pronged approach, working with state and also local governments to try and combat the spike in cases that they anticipate could occur as a result of these holiday celebrations. kimberly, how can thank you very much. a former presidential hopeful in bella, ruth has been sentenced to 14 years in prison on corruption charges. victor rico was convicted of money laundering, bribery, and tax evasion. he was arrested last june when he tried to register his candidacy against president alexander lucas shanker, who went on to claim a landslide victory and the august election opposition and western governments say
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the election was ringed a result, sparked monks or protests against lucca shanker, with around 35000 by the russians detained. soon the out defendant is deprived of the possibility to appeal against the verdict and the sentence will be appealed in the order of supervision as soon as possible. we're also going to raise the question of the violation of the rights of victor about rica to the committee for human rights of the united nation. police in hong kong have arrested 9 people suspected of involvement in a bomb plot. they are accused of making explosives to plant at multiple sites across the city. fix, secondary school students are among the suspect. and adrian brown reports is just the latest incident in a turbulent year of purchase. hong kong police presented the media with evidence of what they say was a plot to make and plant bombs across the city, helmet, shields,
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their guns walkie talkies and chemicals. and a list of targets cooling thee across tunnel. well, ways caught rooms and even they want to lay the bomb in the, in the rubbish, when on the streets with a video to, to, to maximize the damage cost to the society. 6 of those arrested all secondary school students. it is a 10th time in hong kong. it's almost a week since a man died after stopping a police officer and then him so security officials classified it as a lone wolf terrorist attack messages on social media. later, up at condolences to the assailants family, the events of the past few days demonstrate that the anti government protest movement may not have been entirely extinguished. and that se analysts may lead to a new and wide campaign against percent. it's a years since a sweeping national security law was imposed on hong kong. now the government is
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proposing legislation to amend the privacy law or a thumbs to the protests in 2019, when private details of police judges and journalists were disclosed on line. a practice known as doc thing, but tech companies like google, twitter, and facebook. a worried the proposed changes could lead to local employees being find or jailed. if they refuse to handle that data to the hong kong government. as a consequence, they walled a might quit the territory, one of the world's leading financial centers. hong kong chief executive says that only illegal behavior is being targeted. her law at the old charlotte. as we all know, many people in hong kong have been traumatized by doc thing on the internet for a long time. this brought support in society and to solve the problem. at this time, the amendment of the legislation is to solve this problem. experts save the proposed changes,
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add to the mood of uncertainty among foreign investors. this could have a very negative impact on the business climate, on its reputation and for the free flow of information. now for some, the territory reputation for safety is also being questioned. adrian brown, al jazeera hong kong firefighters in thailand are expecting further flare ups of the factory fire started by an explosion on monday. the fall, the plastics factory close to the capital, bangkok, briefly re ignited in nature. afternoon 12 hours otter appeared to be brought under control. factory managers. as more flammable chemicals could be trapped in the wreckage. one firefighter was killed and 33 more people were injured. the can from the film festival is back after taking enforce brighton last year for the pandemic international stars and film lovers. i once again in the south of france for one of the world's most glamorous events. as is all correspondent natasha
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butter. this sweeping bay, shimmering mediterranean sea, red carpet, and of course movies dolls. the cannes film festival is back after one year break because of the covey pandemic american director. spike lee is the head of the jury . this year at the arrived just before the cost of the opening film and that the excitement was palpable. the innate is one of $24.00 films in competition for the prestigious palm dual prize, the musical comedy by french american director, los correct mario quote. yeah. and adam driver is my favorite festival can. i've always before i came here, we looked at it as a marker of great film festivals. director says its return is cause for celebration can, which are you in january and even february we have no idea if the festival would be possible because last year we have to constantly be demick. so it's hugely
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satisfying to be bought. i could do such a pleasure under relief. it's not any the movie industry, i'm fine for delighted by the return of the festival, attract tens of thousands of visitors and after very difficult year for the tourism sector. there are many in the city that are very happy to be back in business, for lack of tourist, for this luxury hotel to close the 6 months last year. the manager says the festival will help the local economy were present actually approximately 15 percent of our yearly rooms revenue. so we do that in less than 2 weeks. so it's big. and also it brings a lot of positive energy for the travel restrictions mean some film stalls and visitors have stayed away for those attending special measures to replace, including on flight cofi testing. nevertheless, in such unusual and unpredictable times,
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a generous dose of glamour and some captivating films, certainly offer some welcome escape, isn't natasha butler al jazeera can amply more few anytime on our website. interest that is out 0 dot com. ah, i wonder the top stories are now 0. the afghan government says areas recently captured by the taliban will soon be retaken in a counter offensive. its national security adviser says hundreds of security personnel who fled to tajikistan will be brought back to rejoined the fight. taliban have taken control of another 36 districts or 10 percent of the country in just the past 6 days. this is.


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