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reverse their reopening plans. there is no one size fits all approach. of course labor laws differ country by country. but with the majority of us companies planning to call back employees to the office in the coming weeks. the us could be a test case on what works. and perhaps what doesn't. gabriel's dondo, i'll just say to new york. ah, let's take you through some of the headlines here now, just the are now. the world health organization is worn, governments against easing covey. 19 restrictions to soon, several countries in europe are relaxing rules, despite concerns about the highly contagious delta varian. all of the countries of the america, we still have nearly 1000000 cases. week 1000000 a week hooked up, it is an over am and the same in europe, in europe, in region. we've half
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a 1000000 cases week like this thing has gone away. so i sometimes have this sense that everyone thinks it's all over. and we're just getting on and to an extent, i understand the sentiment, understand why people want to feel that way. but for a lot of the world, unfortunately this thing is only getting started. we just need to be a little more patient. remember last summer where we had everything got good and then everyone kind of relaxed and then we kind of arrived in september or october and ended up in huge trouble. i think that's where we're going again with a much more transmissible variant this time around lebanon's caretaker prime minister, his warning, his country is days away from what he calls a social explosion. hasn't the ab is appealing for international help to resolve the economic crisis? israel's government is naturally lost to vote in parliament raising doubts about the viability of the new coalition. it failed to renew
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a contentious law that balls, palestinians in the occupied territory from settling permanently with their spouses in israel. the afghan therefore says it has killed $261.00 time the bond fighters and is preparing a counter offensive to retake areas that have been captured. the u. s. withdrawal is more than 90 percent complete. now. a virtual court hearing is wrapped up in south africa where form of president jacob zoom is fighting against a prison sentence. a judgment over whether or not he'll be arrested will be delivered on friday. sume has been ordered to spend 15 months in jail failing to appear at the corruption inquiry. 150 young students have been kidnapped from a school in northwest in nigeria. attack has rated the boarding school and could do an estate in watts the 10th such abduction in this part of nigeria since late last year. its football rebels. now stay with me.
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i guess i'm going to be on a month on the foot in washington bundles. jewel body to give me the i, i i
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and this so this is going to sleep out until he for a 2nd, but then it didn't tell me that you didn't us, you'll to the processor. tell me the shot, record, yasser bob. but if you knew of families the what about to me because she also is sort of also law. how does she deb, excuse me, that applied to the
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me ah ah ah about tony is that all know that sort of thing in the news?
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i have numbers the i started football and then mcclintic the final equal power my lead to see how my bod that's what i'm going to the house said 10 nick and then my boss. so diamond, i'm sick, i got all the hot out and then didn't shatter. we'll see you today. miss kayla and home in home has been caught up, caught them. no lack in the oil in the back because i'm not home in a new shop when i was home and you can look at
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them show at the american academy and the given the best in helping them. and i got them even in the fall elimination bus. and then i got them back germany i i oh, oh, the shop ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, be father danny again. bob beside the valet and going about access any can he be that are the in high school? moderate to be any kind of
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a little bit. it was not the shuffle of the need for the fall of the need of a ship and hospital china, because in my head, to a famous man, it was a head full scale in more analysis, lucius, tomorrow, or how did that marquee should have been after you know she's on my and show old number financial a fault in the alarm was the call into my shop window. i was very difficult to days, you know, when we had the face not the from the gulf views. and when we started winning, we stopped for maybe another or 2 months without going out the home. and we
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once during our playground at the university, we got some sorts from the dealer. it's a settlement behind the him that there's a threat until now. we still had, you know, the impact of this so that make the biggest thing in more difficult life for them. but because we like to live. so we don't care about anything. this is the natural of the, to the scene. if we don't have peace, we can fight for our land. i owe the fan about his dea,
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a baby the much just nothing the model or fuck fuck that in. the sam may i read it in she couldn't put them, couldn't be had math with him. that's what i style kind of had to put some of the need in shop for, you know, so we could little been that could look at them for an a matter of the did. and i know, well, let's do it. she know this good. see, i wonder how because she was playing with the boys at the street with the neighborhood with her brothers. so the coach said, you are better than me. in the beginning, the girl never learned how to play football in school. and when she came to the reading, she inspired me and the thought maybe she came from there. so we started together step by step. we were only 3 goes for guess,
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playing football and dos for guess we both from different areas. when we hear that they would like to play football and there were also like me, they have the same story or even more the and then we had to convince. now the process started to convince the whole society that we want to play football. and to go and present palestine in the the yes for me it was the
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beginning but not because of my band. now because of the we are the 1st the 1st played football in palestine. so we were the one who had to be thinking at the beginning, we were the ones who fights for like good things. and we did it. we had some restrictions from the seventy's and some religious to the restrictions because they thought that if you go to play and with sort it's no, it's not our traditional and for this any form was good. so what i thought then you can stay with that with the long see shirt and then you, your parents will agree and we had christian and muslim girls in the same team. and we practiced together. yes, it was a fight, you know, even
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a little boys laughing at the society is there for 3 pallets. the people think that women should only stay at home. cook mary early to the father's brother and that's why it was difficult then i didn't get i didn't know i can get in the matter or something. but what can we do? this is mind the lab and the the though little of it
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was of been promised the martian. i've been a lot of the check and i'm stuck off a lot of the the board and the benefits and i put them in the business and i'm put one big bank. i'm sure a problem, but i feel like i'm in business because i don't have i had a policy in the event in look at the lab. joe was going to have the i had the school lindsay randle g on. yeah. give it color last what we're allowed to look it up. it had the joe was the for, but it won't. dawn. luther is seen in not the least know. you know that he's going to read letters for either way
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through, left. seeing in the face of the law was at home to draw the police as a football clock who knows every be there and they get it in a on the ah ah ah, the ah, the
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just got a lot of them not a lot of stuff and can you call me a flash? manuel, the gentlemen are. listen, i'm some chicken. didn't use them as a little. come get them on disco. be probably in the necessary look room. because that, that you'd be looking at about the the media committed to wait for. we'll be if you do any of them
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we're just getting them to you what it can limit the use. i will never forget. it was, you know, i was this game and we get good results because we played with a famous clubs in mine and for our girls, the 1st time to play, they play with that all enthusiasm. when i entered the fits, i was like, wow, i see it for the 1st time because we used to play on concrete branches. you know, the, i saw the grass and i saw
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a huge and i always straight on the, on the small beaches like the one. maybe you will see me diversity. this is where we started. so i was on and i said it's ok. it's not a problem because our, our main mission at the beginning was to present palestine and to be present that and wearing our palestinian uniform with our flags was the 1st time to to be seen playing the games as i love everything we last night because it was i was we were happy actually after work. okay. it was stuff but happy because we made it . we passed the board. you went from palestine. jordan and you know,
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when i say this, it's not on the 7 meters away. it is 7 kilometers away. but it's not actually have to pass on the borders the for the city in one and then or any one where we hours. and then we pass through the to damian to make it happen was the biggest achievement for awe. is jimmy jimmy. i wanted to make sure that the the
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been busy body of the brain, the how he had had a quick shout full of cleaning. he had no, they meant to show you on as a number be been the fun and for the work will be one of those certainly in a checkpoint on film club, national news, looking for a new pres all to phone with y'all done for us. you did for us,
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you'll see should do that as fast as a company. don't you say what? it's giving me freedom. you know if it, if i can take tickets from my life here and by this time, because whatever you go, you can see this. this is where live tim's for this really unit is literally a delicious unit. lord corporation. i think, to go through national teams, men, and we can convince that the, the tooth and the different could me towards, even though good neighborhood friendship between him. this side doesn't even the very existence of this thing and brought
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a lot of what we're for a new dentist and then i got out of him to the gentleman. sometimes peter is to give that a senior presque qual, i'm photos. you know, you don't often, you know, the i
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don't know what to engine. this is always, that goes all explain that because when i got injured to leave before the international national woman football games in palestine where i was waiting for so long. and it was my dream to be playing in this pitch surrounded by all people who just came to watch the catherine and how i thought i believe that it was my way, my hard work. 15000 people attended to this game and there were some all around palestine. the
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i tried to convince my says, says it's going to be okay, i have the game 2 weeks. but then they said no, we hear what's happened to you and we saw it just because of the month. so i quite love to be honest. and after this training session, there were a press conference. i didn't want to go. and the coach came to my room, i was crying badly, it's rita moment. but then he said, okay, it's fine. it's go to the press conference, he would talk. and then i went normally, you know, because i want to talk about this important event. but it was a bad moment. was too much of books. i was pushing them to when but then when i leave like play i play great. and so house counsel we are and because the people would
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come and judge it was okay. we are waiting for the woman football team. look how they run, look how they can. yeah, i was forcing them and every minute the coach is okay, maybe you just go the last 2 minutes because it's important that i send the grades to when i go to the same time that everything happens for a reason. i believe that if i did playing and this didn't happen to me, maybe i wouldn't go international and be the champion for peace. i worked at sea far because then i would just limit myself with tang and palestine and just in the surrounding areas. so that's why there's a reason behind everything the
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behind thing, football and behind just following the ball. i wanted to follow my dreams as well. i tries to be a full package in order to fight this and to be a great example. and just to show the others or around the word that nothing can stop to go forward. it just like a football game. yeah, yes. mm mm. mm. i would just say that leave your daughters to decide on how they want to achieve the dream if they have the skills. and if they have the talent, they can make a huge difference. one story can influence millions. it's
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not, it's not about just the game. it's about, it's more beyond that, it's beyond that, it's beyond fun. it's. it's about values, it's about responsibility. it's about team way. so if you don't want to to golf way, then just leave them because it's nothing because it's nothing cut off with with the girl girl playing football and yourself can just you can do sophie, ami, quincy, pretty much stuff. class one model on the when i would love to me and i hope that he's going to be soon. i know he's very supportive to time and to me and people would be crazy for tuesday for him to come here and see and always
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share the story. about supposed to new people and how great we are. the of football from spain traded, battling opponents on the big fighting fascism at home and abroad. the footballing legend at hampton introduces stuff in the loan. the battle was used to beloved games to help himself and others survived the horrors of a natural concentration. i what bald rebels on al jazeera. ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, for some, a little boat is
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a mechanical or even that self driving train of the apple. but androids today can be really humanoid. robots, like me, will be everywhere else. 0 documentaries. next lead on the weird and wonderful world of robot that learn think, feel, and even trust me. i feel like i'm alive, but i know i am a machine origins of this species on out to 0. the july on the can film festival return to the delight of fans and an industry hit hard by curve at 19, but will travel restrictions and social distance in the shadow on the glitz and glamour across the globe generation change with young activists fighting injustices and demanding radical change after a year long delay japan host and the lympics, unlike any the world have seen before. mice and bob way showcases personal story,
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offering a fresh look at the changes and challenges. but the way they did by growing tensions with egypt and sudan, ethiopia reset. so the next phase of filling them on the blue nile july on i just i i've gotten government forces intensify their offensive again. so totally bond with you seizing more territory as american forces leave. ah, my family, this is i'll just hear ally from the hall. so coming up the world health organization warns the pandemic is far from over. and urges countries to rethink easing restrictions.


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