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the rain, forget bon and cameroon. we've also seen some flooding in sierra leone, free counseling, some of those flash floods, and the wet weather set to continue the across the world. young actually based and organize their own. the move to the day . we do the work in the 1st of a new theory to people in new york city use different to me to fight institutional racism and police brutality. this is indeed a wide problem that wires a systemic pollution generally can change on your game. we town the untold story. ah, we speak when others don't. ah, we cover all sides no matter where it takes
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a police finn and your guys are my i in power in pasha. we tell your story. we are your voice. you knew your net back out here. oh, a fall. come back. you're watching now just the time to recap our headlines now. lebanon's can't take a prime minister is warning is country is days away from what he calls a social explosion. having the ab as appealing for international help to resolve the economic crisis. the world health organization is worn. governments against easing coven 19 restrictions too soon. the u. k. is relaxing restrictions in the
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coming days, and it's reported its highest number of new infections since january. virtual court hearing is underway in south africa where the former president jacob zoom is fighting against the prison sentence in order to spend 15 months in jail for fighting to appear at the corruption inquiry. police in hong kong have arrested 9 people suspected of a bomb plot. they're accused of making explosives to plant at multiple sites across the city. 6 secondary school students are among the suspects. adrian brown reports, hong kong police presented the media with evidence of what they say was a plot to make and plant bombs across the city, helmet, shields, their guns walkie talkies and chemicals. and a list of targets cooling thee across tunnel. well, ways caught rooms and even they wanted to lay the bomb in the,
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in the rubbish been on the streets with a field to, to maximize the damage caused to the society. 6 of those arrested all secondary school students. it is a 10th time in hong kong, you know, it's almost a week since a man died after stopping a police officer and then him. so security officials classified it as a lone wolf terrorist attack messages on social media. later, up at condolences to the assailants family, the events of the past few days demonstrate that the anti government protest movement may not have been entirely extinguished. and that se analysts may lead to a new and wide campaign against percent. it's a year since a sweeping national security law was imposed on hong kong. now the government is proposing legislation to amend the privacy law. a response to the protests in 2019, when private details of police judges and journalists were disclosed on line. a
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practice known as boxing, but tech companies like google, twitter, and facebook. a worried that proposed changes could lead to local employees being fined or jailed. if they refuse to hand over the data to the hong kong government. as a consequence, they warned they might quit the territory one of the world's leading financial centers. hong kong chief executive says that only illegal behavior is being targeted. her law at the old, charlotte will know many people in hong kong have been traumatized by doc thing on the internet for a long time. this brought support and idea to solve the problem. at this time, the amendment of the legislation is to solve this problem. experts say the proposed changes add to the mood of uncertainty among foreign investors. this could have a very negative impact on the business climate, on his reputation, and for the free flow of information. now for some, the territory,
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reputation for safety is also being questioned. adrian brown, al jazeera hong kong, a fire at a plastic factory in thailand that killed at least one fire fighter, an injured molten says he is still burning the cause of the blast that started the blaze is still unknown. the public has been warm to stay out of attend columbia zone around the facility on the outskirts of bangkok, tony cheng reports from bangkok, the fire which the fire service and said was uncle was under control. her and almost extinguished much early this morning. and for am local time suddenly flared up again. we were seeing huge clouds of black smoke again with the chemicals in this plastic factory. catching fun to firemen were injured, took them by surprise, have been evacuated to local hospitals. 200 people who had been coming back
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to their residence is because they filled the area safe and quickly moved out again . it appears in the last couple of minutes that the service has. once again, got the file under control and the, the black smoke they were saying has now subsided again. but it is raining very heavily at the moment that say the point is, is actually more of a problem. this is a chemical fine and the water from the rain could, couldn't make it ignite further. but the real problem is here that there was so much of the chemicals used to make this plastic packing in this factory more than one of the home towns that they don't know how much is the off, how much still remains. and i think that the streets, the danger and the extent of the father, we've seen that it's able to him plan again so quickly. so people i think are going to be very wary of returning to their homes to my whereas a search in sees are far east and russia for
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a plane that's gone missing with almost 30 people on board. the turbo prop lost contact with and traffic control and failed to land as scheduled on the come chuck co peninsula and 26 planes manufactured until 986 have been involved in several accidents in recent years. of course, and beto says sentenced a former presidential contender to 14 years in prison on corruption charges. victoria by bodycote has been convicted of money laundering, bribery and tax evasions. he was arrested last june when he tried registering his candidacy against president alexander, look shanker, a crackdown on anti government protests followed the vote and his lead sanctions. israel's government has narrowly lost the vote in palm and raising doubts about the viability of the new coalition. failed to renew a contentious floor. but bog palestinians in the occupied territories from settling permanently with best spouses in israel. 59 members voted in favor and an equal
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number voted against it. after an all night connected session. israel's new foreign minister le p, there's taken his 1st international trip. the destination, the united arab emirates, the country's established ties last year under the broken by the trumpet administration. well, part of that deal is an oil contract that will see tank is dark in israel, southern ports of a lot. you a oil will be sent through a pipeline to ask alarm in the north, then loaded on the tank is bound for europe. that's causing concern among environmentalists is definitely decor reports from the last so cause like this actually is 5000 years old. ever seen that be the me to seen the different kingdom it took thousands of years to create but so fragile. it can be instantly killed, which is why environmentalists sounding the alarm about an oil deal between israel
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and the united arab emirates that will soon see huge tankers deliver oil to israel, southern port of a lot from the u. e. just over the pipe actually. or somebody isn't putting that into the water or if you have one of the name happened. yeah. why? maybe somebody did not close devolved your method is not working. something technically, you're going to have an oil spill which can be 1000, go benito, not coral reef extends for around 11 kilometers along the coast. and just over kilometer that falls under a protected nature reserve created to protect it and the marine life which flourishes around it. but it won't be able to protect it from the many oil tankers expected to pass through here under this deal, talking here, but we understand what we're told, just around 300 meters away from the precious carl relax reef special. the curls
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are known to withstand large ranges of changes in temperature, making them potentially crucial in the survival of our reefs in the future by transplanting them to less resistance areas. a large red sea coast and it's under water life is also a major source of attraction for tourists. this mesmerizing underwater world artificially sustained in the local aquarium for all to see a reminder of how important it is to protect it in our natural waters. all these economy with that because stories are coming for the c 2 is coming to see fish to see to cause. and without these there's no reason why should people come to the desert? smaller tiger is an environmentalist. he and other groups of petition the supreme court to stop this oil deal and say they're still waiting for a response. we approach the israeli owned europe, asia pipeline company for comment. they issued a statement saying they're committed to maintaining the safety of the residents and protecting the values of the environment that they operate using the latest
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equipment, meeting strict international standards. but that doesn't appear to convince anyone here this, all the assess prophy is for the gulf of a lot going from cover. we're talking about the place where full countries are leaving around it. we have jordan salad, all right, be egypt and he's right. or focus. he's leaving from to reason any potential oil spill here and the inevitable gradual pollution because of the increase flow of mega oil tankers will be felt by stephanie decker, ultra 0. i that in southern israel. tajikistan is deploying thousands of reserve soldiers to protect its border with afghanistan. wherever taliban has been fast capturing more territory. the government in kabul is vowed the areas recently seized by the tale all will soon be retaken. accounts are offensive. over the last 6 days to taliban took control of $36.00 districts or 10 percent of the country.
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the taliban has doubled the number of districts they control since may. the 1st, when us forces started their final withdrawal process is now 90 percent complete and chappelle reports on the ground taliban fighters have been taking one district after another. they now control of ghana stands northern border, which has she could stand the african governments as a counter offensive is on the way and will include soldiers who fled from the border this week. at the way mother may have one is on e, with the african people expected that after the withdrawal of american forces and other countries, there would be no excuse for the tele bond to continue the war. and they should cease and resolve their problem through negotiations in peace. but unfortunately, you see that instead they started an undeclared war and intensified it in the skies . the african air force is hitting back, carrying out air strikes on tolerable gatherings. may not have the latest equipment,
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but the air force is trained and capable. its attack, helicopters and planes are equipped with laser guided bombs. you know, if we compared our cell with the american, this is a big difference. the new afghan commander bathroom air base knows they may not have as much firepower, but he says they're ready for what cars. everybody knows we are living in a candidate for the k for if continue. so in this case, some sometime we go for some sometime we fit back. this is war in combat, everything is possible. and nothing in this table. for the internationally backed government to retake northern areas and keep its capital secure. it must hold on to barbara. the americans left the base last week, but there's a prison at the site holding 5000 taliban fighters, raphael, or private in the afghan national army believes an attack is coming to freedom. when mobile has it is, you know,
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we haven't come yet to sleep. everybody here is prepared to secure a bad gram. a morale is high bomber, but morale may not be high for long with the taliban. intensifying its attack. it's really the taliban having leverage, have to be upper hand. and i think there's a snowball effect. once you start seeing that in various provinces throughout the country, can become very hard to reverse, particularly with now let's not forget without robust us military backing and support. it was in the interest of the united states in the interests of countries in the region to ensure that the afghan government does not collapse, but we're heading to a pretty dark place at the moment. the pentagon says the us withdrawal should be finished in august. a lot can happen on the battlefield between now and then enter chappelle al jazeera when his wayllace president is accused the us bank vaccine sharing scheme, kovacs of failing his country, is designed to help poor nations obtain jobs. nicholas missouri says venezuela
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hasn't received any of the dos it's paid for. today's about reports, surviving in venezuela has been a challenge for many years, really tell her gotta. she received a kidney transplant 17 years ago. but last year her kidneys began to fail again. and like thousands of other high risk patients in the country, she's hoping to get her 2nd covered 19 vaccine those soon. so nathan manor, it's been a week since i was supposed to get my 2nd dose. i have no clue what's going on. i don't know why they didn't do everything right. why can't they do it right? the once the same thing with transplants for years without a transplant for all patients like me or in the hands of god, i need $42.02 pay for medications and my pension is $1.00. and i need to have 2 jobs going to go venezuela struggling with us sanctions, an economic crisis that is impacting its ability to fight against the deceive, the south. american nation is part of the kovak system, which is a collaborative effort designed to help countries like venezuela get access to
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axioms. but that's proving to be a challenge. so far, it has only received around $3500000.00 doses from china and russia. and the countries currently testing thousands of dollars of vaccines from cuba. 2 months ago callback announce payment's made to the system by venezuela had been blocked by the swiss bank u. b s, even though the biden registration said all related golwood purchases were exempted from the sanctions. on sunday, president nicholas mother would have said the callback system have failed venezuela . not a company more asset. we fulfilled our promises 2 months ago. we gave them all our money by doing magic to liberate funds that were blocked. the government to the united states, then unblocked more money for us. and that money is there in an account on the co vaccines failed. the people that his wailer either you give us the vaccines or return on monday at your earlier this year when he will reject it around 2000000
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after authentic vaccines from callbacks due to safety concerns. but a proficient figure, say if we could be accessing vaccines for free miguel p saddle, who is currently on excel, say, nicole, my ludo is to blame. let us let you know. so didn't know the name was doing the future. benefits of the reasons why we don't have access to pre vaccines like countries like syria sit down with yemen. countries that humanitarian emergency knowledge by the united nations. reason is the obscurity of statistics of numbers in front of the world bank. a numbers that show when banners, wherein jordan o bonanza, and that's not the case anymore. but i mean, as long as politicians bigger over who is to blame for the hardships in the country, millions of venezuelans are impatiently waiting for an opportunity to get the vaccine. people like mighty as gotta struggling with a life threatening, the fee says it's her only chance of surviving call with 19 that is i will and defeated tropical storm elsa is on its way to the us state of florida after its
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destructive tongue through the caribbean. more than 100000 people had to leave flood prone areas and unsafe housing in cuba. at augusta and reports from havana. the storm outside made it so felt as it cut its way through central cuba. the local authorities had already moved a 180000 people from its path to safety. and also i'm a lot of you don't know of the winds will take the roof or not, but it's better to be here. sheltered in a place where i can take care of your children. the storm slowly move north towards the capital, where preparations were on the way in a way of stored water and prepared food. i've got lanterns and a becca cooker, in case the gas goes. and i also have my neighbors were willing to help me if i have any problems. ahead of storm searches, others improvised solutions. if you move, but i guess what this wall is for the water. sometimes when the se overflows the
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water can come up many blocks and get into the houses, the stops of water getting in. many living by the capital c walk moved out for the night. i'm one of the ones that i'm, that we're moving because the building is falling. we need to move now because with the storm, it's coming things a grim as a cuban say you need to move, and that's how we keep on going with many of his buildings now old and in need of repair. tropical storms in cuba can often be fatal. the government on so is to focus on prevention, moving those and structurally unsound accommodation into relatives houses or to state shelters. it's this level of planning that has helped keep deaths from storms in cuba to a minimum. and the government will be keen to avoid significant material damage. it simply cannot afford to replace it. augustin, al jazeera, havana. instead, i had an al jazeera install thing. bins, cricket theme has been hit by cobra 19 outbreak product here with that story.
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ah, brought to you by accenture, that there be change the news. news. news with me
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duties by extension that there be change? oh. i called ban here and we know what that means. yes, we do. thank you so much family. the search continues for the 1st air player to reach the semi finals of a grand slam after tennessee as owns job or was eliminated in the quarter finals at wimbledon. by world number 4, rena lanka. meanwhile, carolina plesk of i remains on course when her 1st grand slam title. the check player is 3 to the semi that wimbledon for the 1st time playing in front of it,
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half the crowd to form a well number one record of the street that victory over victoria go bit, ship switzerland. let's go back. we'll face serena several anchor for a spot in the final shock in the man's draw with whirl. number 2 daniel met with knocked out by holland hovered hor, catch. and the 4th round to reinforce their match. be suspended. they resumed on tuesday with madame leading to set to one forecast for a decider, and then took the final set 63 to reach his 1st grand slam for the final and waiting for the catch is rodder. roger federer, the 39 year old, became the oldest man to reach the quarter finals at wimbledon in the open era, as he chases a 9th title at the all england club and b. richardson, rewards rochester, it turns faulty next month. the may not be many more chances for the wimbledon crowds watch. one of the games all time great
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veterans taking on italy's lorenzo said you go in this full throne match better. a has barely played over the last year after coming through to neo opperation for the a time wimbledon winner. once again, starting to look like a realistic title, contender federal 20 grand slam titles to his name, a record who he shares with rafael and the dal to add one more at this stage of his career, which surely be his greatest achievement. for now, he has to content himself with becoming the oldest man to reach a wimbledon quarter final. when you're young, you don't ask yourself the question, but when you're me with the year that i had, it's all question marks all over the place and you have to prove it again to yourself that you can actually do it. no joke of it is the seemingly immovable
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object standing in the way of federer the well number one was a straight sets went up against chillies, christian garron. he's aiming for his 3rd major title of the year. when that would take him level with the korea, totals of federal and again, it's a privilege to, to break records in the sport that i truly love him. devoted to this sport is as much as i think anybody out there on the torso and i try, i just tried to do my best. then of course, they are motivating factor. i am aware that there are many records on the line to canadians all through to the quarter finals. felix oj aaliyah sim, joining dennis shap of all of in the last 820 year old elliot sim, beating alexander's there, of in find sits. this is already a career best performance. the him at
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a grand slam events. and the richardson you cope with 900 pre g has had england's one day cricket team, 7 members of the original squad, tested positive for thing. all players and coaching staff entice elation. ben stokes has been called up the captain, a team of inexperience replacement for the series against pocket fund. the news comes just a day after you came prime minister board. johnson announced a final lifting of co restrictions from july. the 19th. pretty mad. 24 hours, to be honest, since we got the news yesterday morning that we had 2 positive lateral flows amongst the management team. we also took the right precautions then to keep everyone in one place and isolate them. i guess them, we had the news last night that we, that we said the biggest spread amongst the groups. and then the last 12
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hours has been a bit of a bland, to be honest, brazil or through to be final of the copa america. but house country beating a peru one know in their semi final paris management strike or name or setting up the only goal of the game. for lucas brazil will play either argentina or colombia in title. decide me italy play spain in the semifinals of football european championship later this tuesday. crowd of $60000.00 will be at london's wembley stadium for the encounter spain or amy to win this title for the 3rd time. while aly go into this game, having not lost a match for almost 3 years, denmark's coach says he's been getting help from a psychologist to deal with his emotions after what happened to star player christian ericsson. danish midfielder collapsed on the page during their opening
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game of the tournaments after having a cardiac arrest. the danes are now preparing for wednesdays, semi final against england. my trail canadians are still alive in the stanley cup finals, they beat the tampa bay lightning to stay in the series. josh anderson scored his 2nd goal of the night, nearly 4 minutes into over time to live the canadians to a 3 to win. avoiding a series sweep, defending champion still lead the final 3 games to one. game 5 is wednesday in bay . and a woman has been arrested for firing a water pistol audi olympic torch. the women could be heard shouting, extinguish the torch. i'm again, took the tokyo olympics really had been making its way through eastern japan. local media is reporting that the opening ceremony on july, the 23rd will be limited to v. i p. guess only due to coven 19 restrictions?
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ok, and that is all. yes. for now, back to you. sammy, thanks so much. well, that's it from me for this news out, but i'm back in a moment with another full of news. the news. news. news. news. news. news. motor to yeah. one of the world's most famous film festivals is back with love mandatory and doors, the social distance thing and place in some countries. unable to attend the camera . very piece of it, recreate the magic y coverage just the council festival. now frank assessments schools and tell to the been reduced to rubble. how do you think the
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shapes of generation and their politics in their life has been shipped? why vitamin inside story on our jazeera, the story of them, bob weigh in her. what she is always told from the perspective of the great man, whether it's even moving and the robot mccardie. my responsibility to tell is involved with the story in a way that it hasn't really been told before the ordinary, everyday life or the people i'm writing about patina. got out of darkness, mice and bob way on algebra award winning programming from international. so make it one quick, so it's right on the back side of the global discussion. what guaranteed to be the right, typically life giving voice the voice here in california. it almost everybody's a paycheck away from being on house program that opened your eyes to view. well,
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today, this is what the picture looks like. the the world from a different perspective analysis here with me i the world health organization was that and that make is far from over. countries to rethink easing back around the virus restrictions. ah, i'm time you say than this is al jazeera life and also coming up lebanon's can't take a prime minister, says it's days away from a social explosion and less the world. that thing with a financial rescue. hong kong police present evidence of what they say was
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a city wide bump involving 9 people.


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