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researches say that huge gaps in testing capacity that the government is now trying to close. extrapolate that across the country. and the spread of corona virus appears far wider than any one thought. the time the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter how you take it will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. oh, this is al jazeera. ah, hello, i'm sorry. say, dan, this is the news out, live from doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes, 11 days away from a social explosion. the can take a prime minister worn as the appeals for international health. the world health
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organization alarms the pandemic is far from over and urges countries to rethink easing restrictions. his straw parents gather at this school. what about 150 students? have been abducted in nigeria, latest math, kidnapping, hong kong police present evidence of what they say was a city wide bomb plot involving 9 people, including teenagers, uninformed carolina plesk of us based on course when her 1st grand slam title. the check player is 3 to the semi finals at wimbledon for the 1st time in her career. ah, well, we begin in lebanon, where the economic crisis is so dire. the can't take a prime minister thinks the countries just days away from
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a social explosion. and here's why the lebanese pound is last more than 90 percent of its value. and there's a shortage of foreign currency. millions of last day savings and half of the population is impulsivity with the foreign minister hudson. the ab is asking for international help to save lebanon and release financial aid. it was addressing diplomats in the capital. and when ashley, though i reckon my plate today to all the king's princes, presidents, leaders and ally and friendly nations, and i call on the united nations and all international agencies in public opinion, to help save the live in these people from death and prevent the destruction of our country, leaping on is it a short distance from a social explosion and the liberties are facing the stock site on their own? the ab resigned after last year's bay rude port explosion. politicians have since failed to agree on a new government and talks with the international monetary fund for a financial bailout has sold. the political and economic crises of less 11 is
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struggling for food power. fuel and medicine. is one of the gulf countries that are offering to help it's and it's foreign minister to a route for talks have been up to rockman. fanny will meet present. michelle, our prime minister designate saddle, had 80, as well as the commander of the lebanese army. during his last visit back in february he said, it was dependent on the formation of a new lebanese government. is then a whole now and how people in beirut coping the country is in crisis. it has been in crisis for more than a year. the state is near nearly bankrupt and it's just a daily struggle for every lebanese. we're outside one of the gas stations here and you see the long lines, people wait for hours just to fill up one 3rd of their fuel tank. there is a fuel crisis just as there is
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a lack of medicine after people fill up their cars with gas, they go to pharmacy to start looking for medicines, which more often than not, they do not find. and then there's a hyper inflation, the price of food. it has more than tripled in recent months. yet the minimum wage remains the same. and the majority of 11 people turn in the local currency, which is now worth less than $50.00. and the reason is if i am going to die destroying god without throwing up, we have money, we're gonna buy anything. we have money, really. we have money that's going to buy anything that's not there. those are those people who fill earnest salaries, but unemployment is on the rise. it's now 35 percent and research institute say it is going to increase to 40 percent of the this is a country which is starving for dollars for hard currency. the central bank
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mandatory reserve is drying out and the central bank was giving importers dollars in order to buy fuel medicine at an affordable price to subsidize these goods. and like i mentioned, it's running out fuel prices have increased by, by 50, by 50 percent. so has the price of bread so people are struggling and you just heard. a that man there, those who have money, who are able to buy something just can't because they cannot find it in the country which imports to almost everything that it needs. hi, lebanon's, elderly people have been left to fend for themselves in the economic turmoil. some are homeless, while many others are struggling to afford basic necessities. around 80 percent of the population above the age of $65.00 have no retirement benefits or health care coverage. their life savings and banks on now virtually worthless, as told now to be bought off. he's the founder of the bay root reports. he joins us
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on skype from the lebanese capital. good to have you with us. so as you, i'm sure, are aware the can take a prime minister is warning the countries just days a ways for days away from the social explosion is the right. i mean, we are living in a social explosion as it is, people are there sometimes fights and gas stations, their car accidents because there are so many cars lined up by gas stations. there's a lot of dangerous things happening. people we don't have electricity. most of the day i had to turn on the generator just to speak to you. there is water, our water tanks were empty. a few days ago we had to buy water from a water truck. so on kind of a perpetual explosion. and we never really see a kind of a solution for this country. it seems to always be hanging in limbo. should the international community give aid without seeing the formation of
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a new government without their being any reform? well, the international community is always giving money to $11.00 on, they usually give it to their political friends in the country. so the idea that the world wants to help lebanon is kind of, doesn't really match the reality that they're trying to help their own interest in the country. so the united states government, the iranian government, the french government, the saudi government, they all put a lot of money in this country and they've done so for decades. so the question is, can they, can they build them out this time as they have in the past? so it seems only logical. if you help create this mess, you should be a part of it. and the situation loving reflection of the global political situation today, we have a conflict between united states and iran that taking place. and webinar colleagues inside of any ron taking place on a waiver company between syria and other countries taking place 11 on today. so, you know, it's really a global problem that love on basis. and it's one of those countries of the world.
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it doesn't produce a lot of good, but the consumer country. and so the country really need that investment and industry and not just the handout, not just foreign aid, but really an investment in this country's future. i'm actually trying to build a state here. you can build a state, no economy, you can change whatever political forces you want be on top, but that doesn't change the fact the country has no real solid manufacturing industry or economy. that's what love and really needs to get out. as you mentioned, that the country has no real state as well. what even the formation of a new government, a new cabinet, would that solve the problem in lebanon, or is the real problem actually, with the political system, with the political class? why it's really beyond, i mean, the political class 11 on reflection of the global community supporting that class . so every country in the world has its favorite size of support. and so doesn't really exist in a vacuum. the political culture in lebanon is
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a reflection of the wars in this country. the wars that were 5 by all of the countries and the world, the major countries. so there has to be a change. also in the international level, there has to be, i think, a thong of relations between the united states and iran. that's really kind of the core thing. and up on when you have the probably running forces, any of the pro american forces, and they're always kind of fighting over who will take credit for the political situation, who will benefit from anything at all. so, i mean, it's really a global problem. there's been many government them up and on. there's been many politicians. but in the day we continue to be in a war in this country, every decade is a war. the cost of those war is not just the webinar. you know, we have israel on our border, we have still on our border. these are places that have been in war for many years . so without resolving those bigger problems, it's really hard to imagine anything different happening and love it, no matter who you put in charge. well, i could have you with a thanks so much for your thoughts on that. thank you.
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me. the world health organization is warning against these encoded 19 restrictions to soon criticize in what it calls a premature rush bank to full normality, a number of countries across europe significantly relaxing their rules. that despite rising numbers and concerns about highly contagious, delta variance w h o insist the pandemic is not over yet, and they could be further waves of infections later in the year. all of the countries of the america, we still have nearly 1000000 cases. week 1000000 a week hooked up, it is an over am and the same in europe, in the european region. we've half a 1000000 cases week like this thing has gone away. so i sometimes have this sense that everyone thinks it's all over. and we're just getting on and to an extent,
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i understand the sentiment, understand why people want to feel that way. but for a lot of the world, unfortunately this thing is only getting started. we just need to be a little more patient. remember last summer where we had everything got good and then everyone kind of relaxed and then we kind of arrived in september, october and ended up in huge trouble. i think that's where we're going again with a much more transmissible variant. this time around the delta variance is causing concern on both sides of the atlantic. surely we'll speak to our white house correspondent, kimberly how could 1st let's go over to the funny guy. go in london where almost all covey 19 restrictions are due to be gone in just 2 weeks. so sonya, when you look at what's happening in the u. k, many people feel that the actually doing what the w h o is warning against doing how to authorise these justify the easiness of restrictions. a saw me as the prime minister barak johnson said yesterday in his statement. if not now,
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then when there is pressure on the prime minister to open up the that the economy demands that restrictions be lifted because it is the success of the vaccine program here. the roll out that is doing so much of that heavy lifting to enable for there to be an opening up of the study. you've had also that doubled down by the health secretary sergeant job it. who said, reiterated that and also made a further statement on tuesday. that in fact, there would be a few isolations come august, the 19th that people would not necessarily have to isolate. just continue testing if they were found to have been in contact with someone who had that tested positive from cove at 90. nevertheless, that the conditions on best, which rest is that the continual success of the vaccine program,
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which recently has gotten down a little bit. but people still continue to turn up and have their 1st jobs, but not as much as was previously. this is what's making the medical community concerned because it's all very well opening up and calling an end to all the restrictions bots there, maintaining that this still really ought to be certain things in place. like for example, the wearing the mosques and indoor indoor places and also in crowded areas that was very much repeated and underlined by the chief medical officer and the chief scientific adviser, who was standing side, side by side, the prime minister as he gave the statement last night saying that they would still be continuing to wear mosque. and of course, making this a matter of personal responsibility. well as legislation is what the government is driving at here. but it's interesting as a snap pull that was taken straight after this announcement. it would appear that
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the public is very much on the side. all the scientific community hit more than 70 percent of them feel that they would still continue to wear masks and still perhaps even have or adopt those social distancing measures. so it's interesting to see that the public still isn't quite convinced of the message that the prime minister put out, perhaps because in the past he's had to back track on the seriousness of the pandemic. but this hopefully will be something that the public will be adopting or continuing over the summer. so the scientific community would, would approval. and then perhaps going forward into september to see the infections going down. all right, thanks so much. sunny guy goes out date house for the situation in london. that's over now to our white house correspondent, kimberly house in washington, d. c. by president joe biden is expected to meet his covey 19 task force. so as i
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was discussing with sonia, kimberly, it looks like the case marching on regardless with the eating of restrictions. how much of an audience is that in the us to clean the u. s. administration for the message of cautiousness from the w h. o. well certainly that is something that the public health officials and the buyer and coven response team take very seriously. if the same time the united states feels that it has been leading the efforts globally in terms of vaccinations. and the hope is that that trajectory will continue, but the big challenge in the united states remains vaccine hesitancy. and so that's why we're going to hear from the us president in the coming hours about how he believes he can meet that by the end of the week. the estimate is that 160000000 americans will be fully vaccinated. but of course, there are more than 350000000 americans, and so they're still
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a long way to go in terms of getting the population fully vaccinated in day bears. reminding that the white house had said a target of at least 70 percent of all americans receiving at least one backs a nation by the independence holiday, which has come and gone and they did not meet that goal. so what we're wanted to hear from the president becoming ours is how he expects to step up those back stations. effort. not only meeting people where they are in the communities, but making sure the primary care physicians and pediatricians also have access to the vaccines. so that they can get young people back today, especially because what we're seeing are some numbers going in the wrong direction, according to medical experts. in other words, more than 50 percent of us states are seeing rises in cases of covered 19 due to that delta variant. and what we're finding is 95 percent of the cases are among the backs, unaided and 90. 9 percent of the deaf are also among the vaccinate. so this is why
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the white house is making a major push to get more of the population to get to their primary care physician or to a drug store to get those back to nations. as soon as possible. right, thanks so much. kimberly how can now russia is reporting its highest number of code 19 death since the pandemic began its scaling off its vaccination acids. and so many countries around the world who's charlotte bellis vaccine drives the gathering pace and countries around the world. this is 1500000 doses of the medulla vaccine flowing into el salvador as a donation from the united states. i'll salvador has administered just under 3000000 doses, enough to fully inoculate 22 percent of its population. it's an amazon for me. so we have a special commitment to the entire region and we are not going to stop until all countries have vaccines. they require to protect older citizens in ivory coast
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housework as a visiting market to get as many people vaccinated as possible. though visit 130 in the capitol abbey, shawn in the next 2 weeks. in some countries, in africa, covered 19 case numbers, a doubling every 3 weeks. i have just received my vaccine and we were leave because i had been waiting to do it for a long time. in russia, the government has opened its largest vaccination center in moscow. russia reported a record high 737 corona virus dates on tuesday. and the last week showed a slight decrease in the incidence of covered in moscow. but nevertheless, the level of hospitalization and morbidity itself is at a very high level. but how will the delta or other mutations behave? it's a question health authorities are asking around the world. israel's health ministry really started that the 5 by and take the vaccine is just 64 percent effective
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against infections by the delta variance. it had been 94 percent effective against previous strains of the virus, although they reported it is still more than 90 percent effective. keeping people out of a hospital. there's no doubt that there is a level of escape with does have a and that means that there is, there is a level of reduction in protective immunity with this particular band, even with vaccines. the good news is that with 2 doors of vaccine, that is still of a high level of protection for individuals against severe diseases like hospitalized ations and deaths. the dose of variances accelerating the spread of outbreaks and places that had previously escaped. the pandemic. fiji winter the entire year without recording any community corona virus. cases until the new strain arrived in april. on tuesday it reported a record 636 cases and 6 deaths. it does hurt you in some way, and it does also let you know that, you know, we're not far from over the, i see you the main hospital and the capitol sousa is full. so as the cities morgue,
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10 percent of the genes are fully vaccinated. officials are hoping to increase that number to stop the spread charlotte bellis out to 0. luxembourg primary stays in a serious but stable condition in hospital ways being treated for koby 19 heavier battelle tested positive shortly after a 2 day use summit in brussels at the end of june. he was between his 2 vaccine doses. don't to say he's recovering, but of decided to keep him under observation. but the more still ahead on the news hour, including us sanctions and a crippling financial crisis, made venezuela's fight against covey 19 even harder. and supporters of south africa form of president jacob zoom. i rallied behind him in the fights against the prison sentence, and in support. brazil. one went away from another corporate america title, bought off here with that story.
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ah, a virtual court hearing is on the way in south africa where former president jacob zoom. it is fighting against the prison sentence, soon has been ordered to spend 15 months in jail for failing to appear at the corruption inquiry. is defined a 5 day deadline to hand himself in, and is accusing judges of bias. go live down to for me to mila. so for me to how things playing out in call right now. well, it's been a long day of arguments from both the advocate for the commission of inquiry into corruption. that's the commission that the former president refused to attend. and also his lawyer trying to put forward arguments around why this high court has the jurisdiction to decide whether or not to order
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a stay on that imprisonment. the police minister, the police commission of africa, well ordered by the constitutional court, once they gave that judgement to arrest the former president, if he didn't hand himself in by sunday and all that deadline has lapsed. and so the former president is facing imminent risk. so he's relying on these court proceedings to keep him out of jail, and the arguments haven't yet concluded, and we don't have a clear indication yet of what might happen next. but the scenario is all that the high court could dismiss that application saying it doesn't have the jurisdiction to make a judgement on an order issued by the highest court in the land. that's the constitutional court, which also can be appealed. it could alternatively say order that day of imprisonment, but that's very unlikely according to legal experts because of this issue of jurisdiction and the supremacy of the constitutional court in south africa. and for
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me to ultimately today's hearing, going to decide then whether or not he goes to jail, cuz i think there are other cases that the court so looking into as well. one of the reasons that he is trying to stay out to jail for the meantime is because he's also approached the constitutional court of to that judgment. asking for that order to be rescinded at the very least, to be reviewed, so that he doesn't spend 15 months in jail. he says he's too old. he says he's too sickly. and he's concerned about the 3rd wave of the call. the 1900 pandemic in south africa. apart from that, he's also due to return to the very court on the 19th of july and that's where he's ongoing corruption case. it goes back more than 2 decades. so this really is just the beginning of many legal difficulties the former president is facing. and one of
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the strongest statements that came out to court today, the advocate for the commission of inquiry and they are opposing the court having jurisdiction on this matter is that we're dealing with a repetitive, recalcitrant law breaker. and he's now come to you seeking assistance to break the law further. and i think that has been the dilemma with the former presidents in that in many instances, he's tested the law to it's absolute limits. and we're seeing that playing all to the high court today again. all right, thanks so much for me. the middle of 950 school students are missing in northwest nigeria, after attack has rated a boarding school. it's the latest in a recent wave of mass abductions, jimmy wolf reports. distraught parents gather the school compound, consoling one another as a wait to your use of their missing ripped sandals and empty beds are all
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that remain after attackers rated the battle baptist boring school in northwest nigeria, while students slept. talk this morning about 6 maybe have inside of school given up, i'm not sure. do not talk. including my police say the assailants overpowered security guards and took the victims into a nearby forest. more than 2 dozen students have been rescued. this is the regions 10th my school kidnapping since december a day earlier and a separate attack on a health center north of cad do not city about a dozen people were abducted, including children as young as 3 minor owners. many in northern nigeria live in poverty and don't have jobs. the region has seen a rise and kidnappings for ransom in recent years, which is having a devastating impact on education. in 2014 the world watched an outrage as the
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rom fighters kidnapped 276, google from chip secondary school. president mohammed, who bu, harry, his face mounting criticism about his government struggle to tackle the crisis with families calling on the international community for help. we standing one point on down about that. i just want, you know, to tell you guys, but for this community, fear has spread that no school anywhere showing move. i'll just 0 for that. somebody is live for us now in a bu, just so for that, it's now that it is clear that these attacks are multiplying and you can no longer just say they're all being done by bucko her arm is that prompting authorities to do any rethinking on strategy well,
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for the military and not security agencies, they've been overstretched in recent times because as the country battles and so i guess in the not is like you mentioned where book are these my mix data, west africa province. i slept since 2009 have killed about 40000 people in that region and then we have suspicion is engaging the security forces in the south east and west will have families and head us clashes in the southwest region of the country. so we've witnessed raising cases of insecurity across the country and the president has come under serious criticism by s spots. and also nigerians who feel that in not has not been done in tackling the case of banded because it's being one kid enough after the are the only time people more like could be than outcries. so much outcry is when busy muscle duction. beside that we have cases of people who are just been abducted while traveling our roads,
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and also people who are picking from their homes on was on weekly basis. all right, thanks so much for that. listen by still ahead on al jazeera afghan government forces intensify their offensive against the tale bond, which is seizing more territory in american forces. coal out, plus, and you oil between the united arab emirates and israel is causing concern among environmental. i'm stephanie decker on the waters off a latch. what have that story coming up? yeah. and in sport, it's a great day to be a canadian hockey fan, but i'll tell you why later in the show. ah
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hello there. it's a hot, dry picture for the levant, and middle east. the temperatures are continuing to climb across northern areas, particularly for q weight. we're going to see the temperature touch up to 50. we're expecting that to happen on wednesday. and things are going to feel really hot and dry. so similar picture for much of iraq and iran, and mercury is going to continue to rise. but further south we've got the winds going down a little. the hazy sunshine is going to ease up as that dust starts to settle. but even further south of that, we've got cooling, winds blowing into the coast of yemen and months of temperatures slightly down than where we expect them to be for this time of year. there are any showers they will be to the west of yemen, hedging up into saudi arabia, but it's a relatively hot and dry picture, and it's hot and dry across the north of africa for the wet weather, we have to move to that central area. look that the storms brewing across the open risk valley. moving into south sedan, we could see some flooding from that wet weather here. and they join up as we go
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into as a, with those storms in the gulf of guinea. we've seen some heavy rain. forget bon and cameroon. we've also seen some flooding in sierra leone, free counseling, from those flash floods, and the wet weather set to continue the across the world. young activists and organize their own, the move. okay, we do the work in the 1st of a new series to people in new york city use different to me to fight institutional racism and police brutality. this is indeed a wide problem that wires, a systemic solution generally can change on your game. we town the untold story. ah, we speak when others don't. ah, we cover all sign.


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