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could be a test case. what works, and perhaps what doesn't. gabriel's dondo, i'll just say to new york, ah, this is al jazeera and fees of the headlines. the world health organization has wound governments against even call the 1900 restrictions to soon several countries in europe are relaxing rules, despite concerns that the highly contagious delta variance all of the countries of the america. we still have nearly 1000000 cases. week 1000000 a week hooked up, it is an over am and the same in europe, in europe, in region. we've half a 1000000 cases week like this thing has gone away. so i sometimes have this sense that everyone thinks it's all over. and we're just getting on and to an extent, i understand the sentiment, understand why people want to feel that way. but for
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a lot of the world, unfortunately this thing is only getting started. we just need to be a little more patient. remember last summer where we had everything got good and then everyone kind of relaxed and then we kind of arrived in september or october and ended up in huge trouble. i think that's where we're going again with a much more transmissible variant. this time around lebanon's care, take a prime minister's warning, his country as days away from what he colfey social explosion hasn't been appealing for international help to resolve the economic crisis. levance economic crisis, the pandemic, and a port explosion last year have sent thousands into poverty is heals, governments is narrowly lost. the votes and parliament reason does viability from the coalition. it failed to review a contentious law that bars palestinians in the occupied territory from spectrum permanently. with s spaces in israel. a virtual court hearing us on the way in south africa were former president,
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jacob summa is fighting against the prison sentence. sim has been ordered to spend 15 months in jail for failure to appear at a corruption inquiry. 150 young students have been kidnapped from school in northwestern. nigeria attack has rated the boarding school in kaduna state and what's the 10th such abduction in this part of nigeria since late last year? who say they're pursuing those responsible alongside the military? as far as the past 6 factor entire lands that kills at least one firefighter and injured more than 30, has re ignited the cause of that blas started, the fire is still unknown. the public counseling was to stay out of a 10 kilometer exclusion zone. and those, all the headlines stay with us and i'll just 0 stream is next. on the 10th anniversary, we look at the situation in the will young country of the civil war and the displacement of millions. can you have a list in government, secure stability or with the violence of the past fell into the future. oil,
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which nathan, south, sudan, can you better coverage or is there the actually okay, are you watching the stream today? we are focusing on child in the united states. i know the summer, he did a double take flight nash. it is an issue that is persisting in united states, despite the us being a rigs, beads eloped, country dest, you are about to me, will explain why i know you are going to have questions. so if you're on youtube, you can jump into the comments section and you can be part of this discussion as well as share your questions or thoughts with i guess i was headed to the guess to guess what introduce himself to you. and i don't upgrade to happy tell everybody who you are. thank you so much. my name is donna pollard, and i am the founder of survivors warner. that's
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a nonprofit that i started back in 2018 to empower and where survivors the various forms of trauma will bring an end to psycho to the b as in families, including cases or child parents. thanks for being with us, sarah. welcome back to the stream in line to odeon to day. thank you so much for having me. my name is laura top, a name, and i publicly advocate here in the united states to end the practice of child marriage. i was forced that at 15 years old to marry a complete stranger. and so now i use my experience to advocate against the practice of very harmful practice that exists here in the us and worldwide and hello max. welcome to the st. helen. hi, my name is max robins. i'm the founder and executive director of students. again, child marriage, where the 1st student lead non crop in the united states that the voted to and then the american child marriage crisis get to have you get. i'm going to start with
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a conscious of a controversial unicef and teen marriage ad campaign that made some people really upset. have a look. ah
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. so that campaign was company against child marriage and you could see the response on line. it doesn't happen to white children. it doesn't happen in the developing. well people who was really, really surprised. sorry, i'm getting the same response back here on our twitter feed for the stream. and we were talking about children. i was telling people about this program. and then b, d, b, let me just scroll up here shocking in the land of the freeney tolerating child marriage this entire conversation. why in america, in 2020, will there be children who have been married off this year and will be married off next year. and they are on the age economy results that they can get married. why
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exactly, and unfortunately the laws in the us allow the child marriage to happen legally. right now in 46 states, child marriage is legal. we have made progress in 2017 and there have been 2 states that have led the charge, pennsylvania and delaware, and then followed by pennsylvania and minnesota. so those state now back and marriage under the age of 18. but in all other 46 states child marriage, it's usually allowed. and the reason is because these laws are based in old, patriarchal value that no longer apply to our societies norms. and it's, it's a shame that this is still continuing and 2020 and it has to change. i want to give people an example of what that must be, like a documentary series called frontline. and just a couple of years ago, they did
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a comprehensive report about child might in the united states and also elsewhere around the world. and they could out with a delaware court clerk called ken bolden. he's can story. i recall specifically a young girl who was terrified, literally scared to death. good, hardly speak was coming into our married to get a marriage license. she was 14 years old and she was applying her mother was coming in to sign to get permission for her to be married. and she was there with a male who was 27 years old. applying to be the groom. and what i was statutorily required to do was since from there was there to sign and give them permission. i was supposed to grant them my marriage license and perform the ceremony. as kim was talking on cassy, donna nodding donna,
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this, this was resonate with you. i have got a wedding picture of yours and you are 16. so in the right terrified little girl you, you also know what that like. can you share some of those thoughts with us because that's how you became an advocate because you were surviving. the child manage lately, i was 16 years old when i was married off to a man that was 15 years furnishing one at the times at the wedding occurred. i was taken from the pigeon forge, tennessee, which is very well known for by fair shot gun weddings occur each year. and i remember for the 1st time a after having been grand for 2 years by the man. i actually met him when i was 14, and i was a patient at behavioral health facility where he worked as a mental health technician and he use his possession to crate upon my owner
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abilities. and the fact that i was growing, and he perpetuated the piper abuse. well, we went to the court clerk for them to give us the marriage license with my mother's consent. the clerk didn't even look at me. she actually asked which one is the minor without even looking at from the computer, and noticing help hold and transactional, that. that's when i really start until in that see or, and i realize this was going to be a very dangerous situation. that the laws were allowing me to get into max. i want to show you some of the initial thoughts are coming from out you cheap commenters that say off the prize. this is carrie. yes, this, i'm 63 years old and have lived all of the usa and i am not familiar with sis. and then i anything america the most developed country, but still it has child marriage. you and our whole educating journey is to become
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an advocate. what surprised you the most when you started looking into childs mario and why did you say ok now? now i have to see if i can help stop it in america. yeah, child marriage is a modern human right. the news happening right here in american backyard. and i 1st learned about this from a very so i started very similar to this. i read it in the new york time. and i learned just now problematic. this is i learned about the countless salaries in don age that are here every year being forced into abuse and married it. and they weren't this exist because people don't know what exist. tom hours in the united states, the leader of the free world. it happens because the public isn't aware of it and it happens because lawmakers, they don't think that their constituents are aware of this abuse, not the result. they don't think anything's gonna happen to them as elected officials, if they don't act on that. and what that led to has been arcade laws and the legal
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loopholes which would allow those transactional type court clerk events, which haven't, can donna and they can happen every year. nothing stopping them by raising awareness with conversations like these where i would find you couldn't enter that . i have to share this with you. i guess you would know this, but i'm going to share with global audience. this is the state department in united states and they, they, they share some traveling troubling issues globally. one of them is for the marriage, u. s. department of state views for marriage as a human rights abuse. and in the case of mine as a form of child, a piece, if you are us citizen and the victim of a 4th marriage overseas, you get a whole lot of advice about what happens if you see side overseas. meanwhile, at home, there is a major issue. yeah. now let me bring in, let me bring in eunice act because unicef is working on this,
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as i guess are 2. and this is how the units that framed the challenge i have with child marriage in the us unit call child marriage, a helpful packet and a violation of child rights. and believe that marriage under the age of 18 should be prohibited in all circumstances. yet here in the united states, there's actually no federal law around child marriage. rather each individual state is responsible for sending their own requirements. this is why units that usa as a member of the national coalition to in child marriage, working alongside in g o partners in order to help repeal harmful loopholes or exceptions that may promote the practice of the state level. so when he issues so many of the issues about child care, which is what happens to the survivors. and we already have that we know how young people who are girls mostly who are in child
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marriages. they don't strive your website is trying to push back on that sliding off. the surviving is one of the stories that you share. i'm going to share. i'm going to share some pictures of you if you babies. this was you when you were married off and you love a girl and then your baby. so basically a baby having babies. what was the impact on you being married? that young? yeah. well the biggest impact for me was on my education. at 15 years old, i had a desire to put a law school to an air force and then go to law school and become a lawyer. those were my dream that 15 years old and on the day of my wedding, when i was forced to marry a complete stranger, who i had just met that very morning who was 28 years older than took away all my credence. not just my education because i wasn't allowed to go back to school after
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that point, i gave up ownership over my body. i gave up everything. it was simply to be abused by another human being. and that just shouldn't be allowed to happen here in the state. it's going to be allowed to happen anywhere. and in fact i'm, i really shocked at some of those comments that i had seen on the twitter feed, talking about how this doesn't affect white people. well, i don't think that's the issue here. i think the real issue is that there's child abuse happening here and it's completely legal. so it's shocking to me that you know that people would say that this isn't happening to white people. i don't think it's a white issue. i don't think it's the brown issue. i think it's a worldwide human rights abuse issue. absolutely. and if i could just jump in and piggy back off, what are i just shared as well? because if you look at the data in the state of kentucky, you know,
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here in kentucky we are a predominantly white state. and since the year 2000, 2002017, there were a $10000.00 cases, a child marriage that occurred. and there is no typical profile, it's not tied to specific religion, it's not tied to specific grades. and the majority of those cases verbiage in a child and a person that was already legally an adult. the youngest was 30, she was made to the 3 year old man, and the way that was worth in kentucky prior to receiving the legislative change in 2018. if you were under the age of 6, you could be married if there was a pregnancy involved and a judge would sign off on that and we hear that we think will surely a judge and their right mind were not authorized. aaron with a child, but in that case that that 13 year old girl that was married after the 33 year old
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man, she was pregnant, a 15 year old, married off to a 52 year old who was pregnant. i mean, these are basically archaic walls that often legitimize them legalize tennessee. that's exactly what's happening. i think there is no typical profile where it, right, right. i would have to agree with you, donna, and not only does but in the state of california days to legally consent to having that is 18 years old. so the act of child marriage create a loo hall in our statutory rape live here in california. and there is a reason that we have to re, re protect miners from child and sexual abuse. and so why are we, you know, protecting the abusers when we really should be protecting the children from the horrific heretic form of abuse and math. i'm sure that you know, you and your studies have,
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have seen the statutory rape lot circumvented in many states. oh, absolutely. marriage in the united states is nothing short of a, in a way of legalizing rate between legalizing abuse and we have legalizing human trafficking. that's our set of legal and 46 days, which is just absurd and surprising in 2020 and in some of the laughable. and i just want to go back to what sar was mentioning before about the loss of education as a survival, child survivor, me a child marriage. that's one of the reasons why i think we've been able to see stuff, great momentum and bring students into this fight into really invigorating our younger generations and working to combat marriage. and it's because we're fighting for on. when i 1st learned about this issue, i was only 17 of the vast majority of child survivors were my age when i learned about, well, i'm very privilege to identify now to, to not be slated to be
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a survivor child marriage. i was mobilized, i was, i was energized to fight for my own. and that's why all these students who i spoken to about this, you know, idea that this was happening just as so many of the viewers today were unaware of this. that's why upon learning about it, they taught, you know, they went up in arms and they joined this fights with, with such passion and such an eagerness to, to end this abuse. let me just bring in, it has about heather age from human rights. what she kind of frames, what is going on here? you've already done that. you've been very, very specific about her 15 child apiece. had looked ahead to now, how did he sleep set? what do we do about this in united states? he, she is. the main reason kept marriage happen in the u. s. and everywhere else that it happened, gender inequality, girls are seen as not as valuable as boys girls sexuality. you've seen this something that has to be feared and controlled,
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including by forcing girls into marriage. and in terms of when child marriage will end in the us, it's amazing. the activists have gotten 4 days to change their laws. but that leaves 40 things left to go. so there's a long fight ahead on the issue. yeah, i don't, i'm sorry, you've been doing this like taking it to the courts because every state has different rules. so it's going to take 50 different legal battles, some of which is already been one. so every state to say that child, now it should be illegal and you should only married a minor when they get to the age of consent. for example, donna, can i give you this question? and this is from in the future comments. not my passport. password is the handle. what about parental consent? can there be any think donna and punishment to parents? this is something you know, a lot about the content from kentucky. go ahead. that's
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a very great question. and you know, i will say that well, we often can use that or parental consent is most often parental coersion as in the case with my own mother. you know, my mother was very abused, growing that she herself had been a child, cried married off at the age of 13 to my father who is older than she was and already had 2 sons from a previous relationship. and you know, this is something that i can trace all the way back to the 1814, every generation on my end, i had a case as an under age marriage that occurred. and so, you know, when you grow up and you normalize. and then you know, k, she carry that into the abuse with me because she had suffered trauma herself when she was young and ended up abusing me. and you know, was very eager to marry me off when i turned 16, which is how i ended up in
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a situation that i was. and so you know, parental consent itself has to be looked at in a different way. now i will say that i think at the end of the day, all of us have the same goal to end child marriage before the age of 18. and where as there is only been 4, said here in the united states that have actually set that high bar at the age of 18. i will say that i'm hopeful by the progress that we have been making and other states to at least increase the minimum age. and you know, in the state of kentucky as an example, we did away with parental consent and we required to show approval raising the age to age 17 requiring t approval. that where the stablish clear criteria that the judge has to assess before authorizing the marriage, such as the person that the minor was married, could not be greater than 4 years older than them. the miner would have to be in
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the judge's chambers talking about how they met. so the judge would have the opportunity to identify a coercive relationship versus you know, that type situation. and again, i'm not advocating for children to marry at the age of 17. but what i'm saying is that in my personal advocacy, i've had reached the point where i can't let good be the and me as perfect. and when i'm covering statistics showing that 13 year old girls are being married off to men in their thirty's. then that says to me, i am willing to at least make them progress and protect those young children and do the next best thing and make sure that, you know, children that may be, are married at 17, are also as best as they possibly can be. before we achieve that priority, goal of 18, i'm going to bring one more to our conversation and this is case he's voice. i'm
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going to get you to listen to cases, right, sorry. and then just come right off the back of it. he's casey swiping. one thing that's always weighed on me as an advocate is the way in which child marriage often leads to severe isolation from friends from community. and also often result in a girl being entirely cut off from her education. survivors i've worked with will share that while eventually they have been able to leave their marriages as adults . and many have achieved a great deal. they wonder often just how much farther along they might be, how much more they might have been able to achieve if they hadn't been married as children. right. and that's exactly why i advocate for bright line of 18 legislation. i just think it's so important because you share what they call the age of majority. you can enter into a lease agreement. for example, you can go to a shelter,
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you share the rights as an adult. and unfortunately, you know, by setting the bar a little bit lower than that, you're still exposing children to your arms of abuse. and unfortunately on that abuse has already started to occur. there's not much that you could do at that point that the person has been traumatized. you're now trapped in a relationship that you cannot often see a way out. and that is so true for myself. along with many of the survivors that i've worked with, and the treatment is so severe that you often it's years of therapy, it takes, you know, years of working to get back to where you possibly could have been to even be able to actually speak about abuse that occurred when you were younger. i'm so that's
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why it's so important to protect our children under the age of 18, from this horrific form of abuse and from not being able to leave that relationship . so we do a few new houses a show about 3 years ago. how is the child marriage situation, the united states now, would you say it's going in the right direction? were fewer and fewer child managers right now cuz of the work that you're doing, an advocate for doing you know, i wish i could say that with, you know, 100 percent. you know, clarity that child marriage is, is lowering, but we don't know that that's true. and especially with co, with 19 and the locked down happening across the world. it's unfortunately exactly bating domestic violence situations, including the child abuse including child marriage and then you want to f p a actually. and there was a recent report named that child marriage is one of the 3 abuse against
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women and girls world. why? so unfortunately, you know, and in the u. s. while have 4 states that have banned child marriage, i am not sure if that has decreased the number of child managers that are happening . i can only hope that it has, but we have seen, exacerbated so her and donna max. thank you very much for talking to us about the work that you're doing to make child niger close the united states, illegal cause off the united states. really appreciate your help today and i need to come in to as well. this conversation is going to continue on in scum. let me show you what we're doing on my computer here. charge mileage in the united states at 2030 g m t. starting from wednesday. we will be having this conversation with an sprinkle talking about child marriage, the impact of it,
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and also taking that conversation internationally. i know and motor a commenting on child knowledge around the world as well. but for now, thanks for watching a scene. it's time lead your company onto the pitch is a special moment for any football to do it is a palestinian woman is a remarkable achievement. footballing legend added count annella introduces honey, who broke through social and political barriers to inspire a generation of female players across the middle east. football rebels. let's do it on algae 0. the corona virus pandemic has altered modern society as governments have grappled with soaring cases, contact, tracing, and huge data collections are causing concern amongst civil rights activists.
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people in power investigates the ever increasing powers of governments and businesses as they access peoples most personal data and asks what is being done to regulate the flow of sensitive information under the cover of cove it on jessie it's the you case, biggest hospital with eventual capacity for 4000 covet 19 patients built inside a london conference center, it took just 9 days to construct with the help of army engineers dramatically expanding the critical care bed count and other similar sites are under way the actual london numbers could be much higher than advertised researches say that huge gaps in testing capacity that the government is now trying to close. extrapolate that across the country. and the spread of corona virus appears far wider than any one thought. understand the
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differences and similarities of culture across the world. and so, no matter how you take it will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. the, the this is al jazeera. ah, hello, i'm sorry. say, dan, this is the news i live from doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes, 11 days away from a social explosion. take a prime minister worn as the appeals for international health. the world health organization alarms the pandemic is far from over the countries to re.


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