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from so the prosecution from arrest saying they wouldn't accept it. and so the african national congress, the part to he belongs to the governing party. and so that's because also issued a statement saying those kind of scenes was unacceptable, especially during a level for locked out in south africa where we are not supposed to have gatherings of a large amount of people know gatherings a tool in fact. so they are a couple of issues at play in terms of the response by his supporters and how far they might take those threats of war and violence. that is a concern. and we know it's one that's faced by the police as well as the government. and at the same time, balancing that with respecting the rule of law and whatever the courts outcomes might be. ok for me to measure their life. or as i said, that chords, thank you very much in feeds for the weather night. here's kara. hello there. let scott in central america and tropical storm ausa has worked its way north over cuba, its now headed for the us. we think flooding rains in southern florida as it makes
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its way to the keys where we are expecting the weather and windy weather. we could see flash floods, power outages, and one or 2 tornadoes as it works its way further inland. and over the coming days it's expected to take that wet weather to georgia and the carolinas, as it heads to the north east. elsewhere in central america, there's lots of rain on the car from mexico, particularly heavy storms across the northeast and the pacific coast can cool feeling rather hot and humid with plenty of cloud cover. and the rains are continuing from costa rica and into panama. and if we follow those rains down to the north of south america, within heavy showers across colombia, ranging all the way through the guy. and as for the down in the south, that is looking a lot more settled, lots of sunshine coming through a few showers along the coast and things that can warm across paraguay, and uruguay as a north wind kicks in. but there's a lot of wet and windy weather to be found as weather systems continue to pound.
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patagonia with a lot of those wintery conditions being felt in chile. so come on, i'll just sarah, one of the most prominent politicians and suspension since he years from child support snacks from protest. movements and austria is form. the vice chancellor goes on trial is part of the beaver gait scandal that led to the previous government. ah allen flores is a crazy canadian hockey fan. ferrara will tell you why lisa, in the show, ah, across the world, young actually basement organizer there on the move. the day we do the work in the 1st of a new theory to people in new york city use different to me to fight institutional
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racism and police brutality. this is indeed a wide problem that wires a systemic solution generally can change on one of the boston growing nations in the world. ah, the country needed to open and develop it back into national shipping company to become a team, middle east, and tough or trade in money, skillfully enough out 3 key areas up to about filling up from the connecting the world connecting the future got cut to gateway to whoa trade. oh,
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a. this is on to the real quick commands, are all the top stories. this are the world health organization as well and governments against ease and corporate restriction to seeing several countries in europe are relaxing. rules just like concerns for the highly contagious film for variance. governance care take a prime minister's warning. his country is days away from what he calls a social exclusion. as appealing for international help to resolve the economic crisis. anniversary course begun hearing south africans, former president, jacob, for his fighting against the prison sentence, has been ordered, spent 15 months in jail. failing to appear at a corruption inquiry. nearly 150 school students are messing in northwest nigeria after attackers res. it's a boarding school is the latest in a recent wave of mass abductions,
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julian wolf has more distraught parents gather the school compound consoling one another as a way to your use of their missing ripped sandals and empty beds are all that remain after attackers rated the battle baptists boring school in northwest nigeria, while students slept. talk this morning about 6 maybe have inside of school given up on moonlight shooting. i'll talk, including my police, say the assailants overpowered security guards and took the victims into a nearby forest. more than 2 dozen students have been rescued. this is the regions 10th my school kidnapping since december a day earlier in a separate attack on a health center north of cad do not city about a dozen people were abducted,
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including children as young as 3 minor owners. many in northern nigeria live in poverty and don't have jobs. the region has seen a rising kidnappings for ransom in recent years, which is having a devastating impact on education. in 2014 the world watched an outrage as the rom fighters kidnapped 276, google from chip secondary school. president mohammed, who bo harry, his face mounting criticism about his government, struggle to tackle the crisis with families calling on the international community for help. we standing one point on down about that. i just want, you know, to tell you guys but for this community, fear has spread that no school anywhere seems showing move out 0 release in hong kong, arrested 9 people suspected of involvement in
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a bomb plot. their keys of making explosives supplant multiple sites across the 56 secondary school students are among the suspect. adrian bryan reports. hong kong police presented the media with evidence of what they say was a plot to make and plant bombs across the city. helmet shield their guns walkie talkies and chemicals, and a list of targets. cooling thee across about tunnel where ways caught rooms and even they wanted to lay the bomb in the, in the rubbish been on the streets with a to, to maximize the damage caused you to do society. 6 of those arrested all secondary school students. it is a 10th time in hong kong. you are you're, it's almost a week since a man died after stopping a police officer and then him. so security officials classified it as a lone wolf terrorist attack messages on social media. later,
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up at condolences to the assailants family, the events of the past few days demonstrate that the anti government protest movement may not have been entirely extinguished. and that se analyst may lead to a new and wide campaign against percent. it's a years since a sweeping national security law was imposed on hong kong. now the government is proposing legislation to amend the privacy law response to the protests in 2019, when private details of police charges and journalists were disclosed on line. a practice known as boxing, but tech companies like google, twitter, and facebook. a worried the proposed changes could lead to local employees being fined or jailed. if they refuse to hand over the data to the hong kong government. as a consequence, they've warned they might quit the territory one of the world's leading financial centers. hong kong chief executive says that only illegal behavior is being
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targeted. her law at the old trellis. as we all know, many people in hong kong have been traumatized by doc thing on the internet for a long time. this brought support in society and to solve the problem. at this time, the amendment of the legislation is to solve this problem. experts say the proposed changes add to the mood of uncertainty among foreign investors. this could have a very negative impact on business climate, on his reputation for the free flow of information. now for some, the territory reputation for safety is also being questioned. adrian brown, al jazeera hong kong of course, and bell, or sentence, the former presidential contender to 14 years in prison on corruption charges. victor barbary call has been convicted of money laundering, bribery, and tax evasion. he was arrested last year when he tried to register his candidacy
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against president of extender shanker, a correct and on anti government protests followed the votes and has led to sanction. so peter is on my of is executive director of the eurasia democracy initiative. he joined us by skype form kids in ukraine. i could you have thought of explaining to our international viewers or perhaps not familiar with the man who is victor, bob rita, mister bob rica was, in fact, a business man. you know, he was in charge of a bank, a subsidiary of a gas from bank, russian gas from bank in bella. luce and he was really outside of politics. up until as you said last year, when he decided to throw his log with the opposition declared his presidential candidacy and was arrested last june on the way in fact to register his candidacy. you know, and what distinguishes this situation from previous elections,
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where lucas, president bush and one was that this time, our candidate, his opponent, was arrested before not after the elections, which is showing you that no matter who runs against the question, guys long as he is genuine or she is genuine opposition. people will vote for him or her simply because they're very tired of a guy who's been in charge of bella luce for over 25 years. well, are you saying that he was jailed for being opposed to the cushion? cor, was he jailed for being grubbs? i mean, that's what the court said. he was jailed for corruption taxation to can we don't accept that. i will not accept that simply because it's, it's a playbook we have seen once time and again, it's a playbook used by putting over in russia as you know, mr. up all the was charged with very similar crimes just recently and showcase heavily borrowing from putting a playbook and i think is under his dictates. in fact,
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that's 2 how to proceed to try to clean the political space for himself. so these charges are, have very, very little credibility and evidence of that mister bob erico has already been proclaimed as a recognized as a political prisoner. and he joins over 400 such political prisoners who are languishing in jail in bellows as we speak. how have a reason for this because we have a political candidate say you say being thrown into jail, we've got planes being forced to lands in men's so that people, the president doesn't like, can get thrown into jail as well. i mean, is this a sign that a president shank of fuels at court in bold and she can do whatever he likes me? must not forget. he is under sanctions while i don't think that he feels like he
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can do whatever he likes. i think what we're seeing is the final chapter, you're sort of in this go 25 year kind of attempt to portray bella versus that democracy. however, perfect, i think that has been has ended with the hijacking, which you mentioned, and this really the longest such a prison term ever handed out and post in the political era. it signifies that bella roost is widely cut off from the rest of the european community. it's a final korea state. europe will have nothing to do with bella, and that has put lucas should go further into put into the embrace bladder report. and it's really angling at gobbling off bella roof. i think within a year or 2 years, we will see bell or was disappearing from the political map of the world and becoming a part of russia. ok, peters. i'm i have from the ration didn't because the initiative. thank you so much
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for joining us. an al jazeera, the trial of austria is former vice chancellor hines, kristian star, and corruption charges has begun in vienna. star, hers is also the ex leader of the right when freedom party is accused of offering to change a law to help a party to secure public funding for his private hospital as part of what's known as b a. b for gate scandal. well, holmes christian shocker. was secretly films with a woman posing as a wealthy russian well holiday on the islands of the b. 5 in 2017, he offered her state contracts and exchange financing his election campaign show her also made a pitch to sell or foster as most read top boys and change its editorial lines to support him. while the video was linked to 2019 bringing down the coalition government and entering his stance as vice chancellor, overt reisinger. as
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a journalist, some correspondent for the german daily, i'll spool girth the speaker algamite. he says several investigations, and i look against the wider issue of corruption in austria 1st, or we have to say this is just the 1st trial that came out of the famous or i'm famous if it's a video that you just mentioned and of course, traffic is the main protagonist of this video, as you might know, it's an app to his resignation. he was excluded from the party and this freedom party is now under new management. and of course, he could face up to 5 years in prison if there is a verdict on friday, which we still don't know. but i think it's important to see that it's just one of the aspects that came out of this video. it's just one of the, of several investigations that took place afterwards and, and since the video came out, actually the focus that, you know,
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both the criminal investigations, the state of turn, the investigations as well as the investigations of the opposition parties and the parliament in austria. here into what have been said and this meeting has shifted. it's no longer about time system slacker and the freedom party. but it's more about, you know, the allegations of bribery of corruption that, that, you know, mr. clips the still chancellor, who has now a clinician with the green tardy, has to face. so it's about basically one sentence that 1st set him this video. it's a privately on casino company. that should, he said was paying money to almost every political party here. not true. in order to get access to our majors, to change laws in their favor. and so this is what has been looked into now, both by the criminal investigators, as well as the by the opposition carson parliament. the surgeon sees
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a forest and russia for plain that's gone. missing with almost 30 people on board. the turbo prop post contact with air traffic control and filter land and shield on the cum shatka peninsula and 26 plains manufactured until 18. 1900. 86 have been involved in several accidents in recent years. is it governance is not really lost the vote in parliament's recent votes? that viability of the u. collision fell to renew contentious law that bars palestinians, not my territory for settling permanently with faces in israel. 59 members voted in favor and the equal number, which is against it after an old night message session. israel's foreign minister le pete has taken his 1st international trip. the destination, the united arab emirates, the country's established ties last year under deal brokered by the trump
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administration of that deal with an all contract that we'll see tankers, dock in israel, southern port of area. i left you a oil will be sent through the pipeline to ask alone in the north, then loaded on the tankers for europe. now that's causing concern among environmentalists, stephanie decker reports. so cause like this actually is 5000 the old ever seen the me to seen the different kingdom it took thousands of years to create but so fragile. it can be instantly killed, which is why environmentalists sounding the alarm about an oil deal between israel and the united arab emirates that will soon see huge tankers deliver oil to israel, southern port of a lot from the u, a. e. just one of the pipes actually post somebody isn't putting that into the water or if you have what happened? yeah. why?
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maybe somebody did not close devolved your magic bug is not working. something technically you're going to have an oil which can be 1000, go, benito. i not coral reef extends for around 11 kilometers along the coast. and just over kilometer that falls under a protected nature, reserve created to protect it and the marine life which flourishes around it. but it won't be able to protect it from the many oil tankers expected to pass through here under this deal, talking here, but we understand what we're told, just around 300 meters away from the precious coral b. last reef special. the curls are known to withstand large ranges of changes in temperature, making them potentially crucial in the survival of our reefs in the future by transplanting them to less resistant areas. a large red sea coast and it's under water life is also a major source of attraction for tourists. this mesmerizing underwater world artificially sustained in the local aquarium for all to see
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a reminder of how important it is to protect it in our natural waters. all these economy with that because stories are coming for the c 2 is coming to see fish to see to cause. and without these there's no reason why should people come to the desert? smolik tiger is an environmentalist. he in other groups of petition the supreme court to stop this oil deal and say they're still waiting for a response. we approach the israeli owned europe, asia pipeline company for comment. they issued a statement saying they're committed to maintaining the safety of the residence and protecting the values of the environment that they operate using the latest equipment, meeting strict international standards. but that doesn't appear to convince anyone here. this all the fast prophy is for the goal of a lot. the goal for voc up. we're talking about the place where full countries are leaving around it. we have jordan, salazar,
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abs egypt. and these were all 4 countries leaving from toys of any potential oil spill here and the inevitable gradual pollution because of the increased flow of mega oil tankers will be felt by stephanie decker, ultra 0, and that in southern israel, coming up after the break law before for you in england, cricket steamer hit by a covert of 19 ice breaks bar will be here. this morning. i use use
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use with me. ah ah ah, this board here as far as holla,
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thank you so much. roger federer is age defying efforts when another ground, some title is still alive, be 39 year old has become the oldest man to reach the quarter finals at wimbledon and richardson reports, roger cetera, turns 40 next month. the may not be many more chances for the wimbledon crowds watch. one of the games all time great veterans taking on italy's lorenzo said you go in this full throne match that he has barely played over the last year. after coming through to neo opperation for the a time wimbledon winner, once again starting to look like a realistic title contender. federal has 20 grand slam titles to his name, a record who he shares with roughly on the down to one more at this stage of his career would surely be his greatest achievement. for now,
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he has to content himself with becoming the oldest man to reach a wimbledon quarter final. when you're young, you don't ask yourself the question, but when you're me with the year that i had, it's all question marks all over the place and you have to prove it again to yourself that you can actually do it. no joke of it is the seemingly immovable object standing in the way of federer the well number one was a straight sets went up against chillies, christian garron. he's aiming for his 3rd major title of the year. a when that would take him level with the korea, totals of federal and again, it's a privilege to, to break records in the sport. and i truly love him. devoted to this port has as much as i think anybody out there on the torso and i try, i just tried to do my best. then of course, they are motivating factor. i am aware that there are many records on the line
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to canadians all through to the quarter finals. felix oj aaliyah sim, joining dennis shap of all of in the last 820 year old elliot sim, beating alexander's there, of in find sits. this is already a career best performance. the him at a grand slam events. and the richardson you cope with 19 o brigands had england's one day cricket team, 7 members of the original squad has impulse. they're forcing all players and coaching staff into isolation. ben stokes has been called up to captain, a team of inexperienced replacements, for the series against pockets on the news comes just a day after you came prime minister boris johnson ounce. the final lifting of covey restrictions from july, the 19th pretty mad. 24 hours, to be honest, since we got the news yesterday morning that we had 2 positive lateral flows
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amongst the management team. we also took the right precautions then to keep everyone in one place and isolate them. i guess them, we had the news last night that way that we see it, the biggest spread amongst the groups. and then the last 12 hours has been a bit of a black brazil or through to the final of the copa america, the host country beating peru one know in their semi final paras centureman striker name or setting up the only goal of the game for lucas has had brazil will play either argentina or colombia and the title decider. italy play spain in the semifinals of footballs european championship later this tuesday, a crowd of $60000.00 will be at london, wembley stadium for the encounter. spain are aiming when this title for the 3rd time. the mature canadians are still alive in the stanley cup finals, they beat the tampa bay lightning to stay in the series. josh anderson scored his
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2nd goal of the night early 4 minutes into overtime to lift the canadians to 3 to win avoiding a very sweet, it's been a champion building the final 3 games to one. game 5 is wednesday in tampa bay. the national hockey league family moines the tragic fencing of columbus, blue jackets, gold, tender, motley, steve lennox. we extend our deepest sympathies for the family before that game. tribute paid any child gold my piece. give lennox who died on sunday. the columbus blue jacket player was killed in a fireworks accident. he was 24 years old. and a woman has been arrested for firing a water pistol at the olympic torch. the woman could be heard shouting, extinguish the torch. i'm against the tokyo olympics. the relay had been making its way through eastern japan. ok, and that is all useful now back to you. thank you very much to the far
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a day stay where those here on al jazeera. i'll be back with you after this is very short break. more of the latest from around the world. ah, challenging the way mainstream media record, the news stories like these should be easy pickings for political reporters out of power to account how it is in journalism is breaking the destruction of civilian property. this is all evident for what firm tries and the re speaking now. we've been getting stories all john taken from the house in the middle of the night and tortured the listening post covers the way the news is covered out his era. can an image represent a truth or merely mimic the perception of the beholder behind the camera? preconceptions, one sided imagery, reclaiming narrative,
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and the trauma of colonialism ation, and it lingering legacy, delicately addressed as a weapon to make a scene in the democratic republic of congo. built film and a witness documentary on out to me each and every one of us have a lot of responsibility to change our personal space for the better the way we could do this experiment, many of us could increase just a little bit that wouldn't be worth doing but he had any idea that it would become a magnet is incredibly rough. they're asking women to get 50 percent representation in the constituency assembly here in getting this pick up to collect the segregate, to say, the reason this extremely important service they provide to the city.
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we need to take america to try to bring people together trying to deal with people who left behind me. ah, the world health organization wants to pandemic a far from over. there are just countries to rethink easing their virus restrictions. ah, tell them how am i being and this is al jazeera life and go home. also coming up lebanon's caretaker prime minister says it days away from social exclusion. and that's the world steps in the financial rest.


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