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out of darkness miser bob way on al jazeera. ah, you've made a very trimming run rush back to full normality. health organization urges countries to be more careful than anything restrictions consisting. the pandemic is far from over. ah. hello again. i'm kimbell. this is al jazeera law from dell ha. also coming up on kong leader brushes off threats from tech giants, about abandoning the city to propose changes to privacy laws. israel's new government's office, its 1st big parliamentary defeat. failing to extend the controversial citizenship
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law and the ancient coral thousands of years old and environmentalists say could be why felt because of an oil field in the world health organization has ward governments against easing covered 19 restrictions to soon criticizing what it calls a premature rush. back to full morality. several countries in europe are relaxing rules, despite concerns about the highly contagious delta. various of the w. h. o says the pandemic isn't over yet. and further waves of infection could arrive later in the year. all of the countries of the america, we still have nearly 1000000 cases. week 1000000 a week in the hook up. it is an over am and the same in europe, in europe, in region. we've half a 1000000 cases week like this thing has gone away. so i sometimes have this sense
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that everyone thinks it's all over and we're just getting on. and to an extent, i understand the sentiment. understand why people want to feel that way. but for a lot of the world, unfortunately this thing is only getting started. we just need to be a little more patient. remember last summer where we had everything got good and then everyone kind of relaxed. and then we kind of arrived in september, october and ended up in huge trouble. but i think that's where we're going again with a much more transmissible, very at this time around on the same day that warning was delivered, the british prime minister announced that most of 19 restrictions in england will be gone in 2 weeks or stones and acknowledge there will probably be more infections that people have to learn to live with the virus from gay g reports from london. on monday, a solemn start to the day for the prime minister, commemorating the 73rd birthday. if you case national health service, i'm in the event honoring the organization and the efforts of its workers during
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the pandemic. that always took the prime minister's life nearly a year and a half since cove. it arrived, the locked downs and restrictions that was since put in place had become part of daily life. but the time to discuss those protections is close by, according to the government. because of the u. k. successful vaccination program, we must be honest with ourselves that if we can't reopen our society in the next few weeks when we will be helped by the arrival of summer and by the the school holidays, then miss ourselves. when will we be able to return to normal? well, the government has said that where mosque would be a question of personal responsibility. the drastic human cost has left some records sent to quit wearing them altogether. for the foreseeable future person, i'm probably going to keep it on from kind of mind, sometimes more about protecting and looking off the others that might be more
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vulnerable with it. it is good that i put it in the power of the people in a way, but i personally think they should still be on the country braces itself to repulse the last and social distance. thing. questions remain over really what's best the sake of public health and the prime minister himself has been under pressure by members of his own party and the restrictions as quickly as possible make of the economy. he's prepared to do that despite a 74 percent rise and infections in the last week alone. the increasing pace numbers have had many of the medical community worried about the outcome of on blocking later this month, especially as hospitalizations have also been rising. we are an experiment in itself of how do we live with high vaccination rate, a new barrier delta, lots of children who are unvaccinated under the age of 18, and case numbers increasing, as well as a significant unlocking. there are lots of things happening right now that make it
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difficult to attack. so far, children have mostly escaped, the more severe forms of the disease, but they are unvaccinated and more at risk of a new delta variant that is currently dominant. the problem that we have right now is that this government is allowing the virus lose literally lives on the jungle to do whatever it wants. they're just letting the virus. so this is, this is hurting unity by the by go the other course. the concern is that the u. k. could become a petri dish and you very and that would potentially be more resistant to the current crop of vaccines. but now the vaccination campaign has been a success, the worry, or the progress coming undone while the pandemic is still very much with us. so need al jazeera london, like luxemburg prime minister is in a serious but stable condition in hospital, where he's being treated for covert 19 savior battelle tested positive shortly after a 2 day use summit in brussels at the end of june. he was between his 2 vaccine doses. there is a search and sees all far eastern russia for
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a plane that's gone missing with almost 30 people on board. the turbo prop lost contact with traffic control and failed to land is scheduled for on the comm shatka peninsula. a and 26 planes manufactured until 1986 have been involved in several accidents in recent years. police in hong kong have arrested 9 people suspected of a bomb plot. they're accused of making explosives to content multiple sites across the city. 6 secondary school students are among the suspects. adrian brown has moved from hong kong. the police addressed the media several hours ago saying they had floated, what they believe was a campaign to carry out a series of bombings in hong kong. the targets, including the cross harbor tunnel, as well as course. what makes it so shocking though, is that some of those arrested are just 15 years old, 6 teenagers, 15 years old,
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as well as the secondary school teacher. now the police say that during the raid, they seized a number of bomb making chemicals. they've also frozen the assets of the group that amounts to about $70000.00 us dollars. now they didn't go into a great deal of information in detail about how they found out about this group. but it's quite clear they be monitoring this group for a number of weeks, if not months. they say that the school children were recruited because it's, believe they and their families. would you to leave hong kong in the next few months. now why this is important, is it just a few days ago, a police officer was stopped by an assailant who then killed himself in an operation that police described as a lone wolf terrorist act. i'm not really upset the hong kong government as well as the police, as it a lot of people oper, condolences to the attacker, and that prompted carrie lamb on tuesday to issue
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a warning to people not to support acts of violence. the security key here in hong kong, they said that people who show sympathy the terrorism then become supporters of terrorism. staying in hong kong and an industry group that includes facebook, twitter and google says tech giant's could stop offering services there because of proposed changes to dos, of privacy laws. the changes the said to target what's called doc thing, where people's information and data shared online. the asia internet coalition says, while it's against the sorts of malicious activities, the draft floors to vague hong kong leaders is lower binding citizens will have nothing to worry about for you for your hate. i like the amendment exercise, needs to address the issue of doc, saying that the privacy commissioner has the power to take action and carry out investigation. if online companies express their concern, i'm sure that the privacy commissioner is happy to meet with them and listen to
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their concerns. the lebanon's caretaker is warning his country is days away from what he says will be a social explosion. prime minister has on the up as appealing for help to resolve the economic crisis. inflation is storing and the car is getting new lows, pushing thousands into poverty. the album system, he doesn't have the mandate to resume negotiations with the i m f. he says the international community must step in and out when ashley though i reckon my plate today to all the king's princes, presidents, leaders and ally and friendly nations. and i call on the united nations and all international agencies in public opinion to help save to live in a people from death and prevent the destruction of our country. leaping on is it a short distance from a social explosion, and the liberties are facing the stock site on their own. 150 young students have been kidnapped from a school and northwest, and jerry attack has rated the boarding school and could do mistakes in what is the
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tempt such abduction in this part of the area. since late last year, the stroll parents have been gathering at the school awaiting news for the say that the feeling both responsible alongside the military gangs of so called bandits have been kidnapping students for ransom. a virtual court hearing this due to start soon and south africa where the former president jacob zoom. it is fighting against a prison sentence. soon has been ordered to spend 15 months in jail for failing to appear at a corruption inquiry. he's defied a 5 day deadline to hand himself in an accused judges of bias. it's go live out to for me to miller. who is where the court hearing is due to take place for me to tell us when will we find out is zoom. is heading to j will likely to know more about that as soon as the so called process is over. it's
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due to start in the next half an hour or so. the former president, of course, will be, as you said, it is virtual. and once proceedings begin, will have an indication of what happens next. have been a number of questions around the jurisdiction of the high court. because we look back over the last few days. that judgement was given by the constitutional court, which ordered the former president an imprisonment of 1515 months and there was for contempt of court. now, the constitutional court is the highest court in the land and it can't be appealed . so if the high court and peter merits, but to hear this application by the former president for a stay of that imprisonment order, it really would be unprecedented in that the high court potentially doesn't have to do jewess diction to make a judgement in this particular matter. but if that process goes ahead and the former president gets an interdict against that constitutional court judgement until he returns they apply to the constitutional court to have he's
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imprisonment, we seen that at least reconsidered. he said because of his age and he's on, well, if the high court rules in his favor, we know the arrest won't take place anytime between now and when the former president returns to the constitutional court specifically. however, if he doesn't get that into date, he could face arrest. we do know, according to that constitutional court order, the police commission as what someone has to police have orders to arrest. the former president veda says a lot of musing, moving parts jacobs. him has also, as we said, accused judges of bias with all of this, what message does that send about south africa's justice system? well, that's precisely why the constitutional court was quite clear in its judgement, saying that the former president has
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a significant presence in the country. and he and the position that he's held is one way he shouldn't be sending out that kind of message. this is about the rule of law and the supremacy of the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary. the former president has accused judge under whose overseeing a corruption, the inquiry. he's the chairman of that inquiry. he's accused him of bias is also been critical of the constitutional court as well, saying that he's been sentenced without trial. and this is exactly what the judiciary is trying to put across, that they're independent. that the former president has provided no evidence of any type of manipulation to florence. and that this is important to send the message to south africans that the courts, the independence they are justified in that decision. and the president, the former president shouldn't be saying the things he's saying because criticism is unwarranted and it's sending the wrong message to south africans. all right, thank you for that. they have made a miller live for us,
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and peter merit book and the use ahead. tropical storm also has cuba testing all buildings and infrastructure. we'll have a report from havana and you oil between the united arab emirates and israel is causing concern among environmental. i'm stephanie decker on the waters of a latch. we'll have that story coming up a hello there. let's begin in south east asia and that tropical depression has now cleared the north of the philippines. it's moved south of taiwan and it's bringing a lot of the wet weather to southern areas of china. we've also got a swirling weather system developing in the south china sea. and that's bringing wet and windy weather to high 9 island as well as to northern parts of cambodia and
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vietnam. we are going to see a lot more wet weather across indo china. as the monsoon, rain intensifies particularly over thursday, northern areas of thailand, seeing a lot of heavy rain, but for malaysia and indonesia, it is looking slightly dryer. the silhouette, he is expecting to see some heavy showers on thursday. we could see more flooding here. and as we move down under, it's still a wet picture for west in australia, but the wind has died down in perth. we are expecting that rain to continue through to the weekend. elsewhere looking rather fine and why we've got high pressure keeping things, rather sunny. but we do have a few showers across north eastern areas of queensland and a week cold front keeping things chileya in tasmania with some light rain. but much of the unsettled weather can be found in new zealand. we've got a weather system working its way rather quickly through the north island, the
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bank energy and change to every part of our universe. or small to continue the change all around the shape by technology and human ingenuity. we can make it work for you and your business the the me he watching al jazeera reminder of our top story. this all the world health organization has warned golf much against ease and covert 19 restrictions to soon
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several countries in europe relaxing rules, despite concerns about the highly contagious delta. various police in hong kong have arrested 9 people suspected of being involved in a bomb class. they're accused of making explosives planned to multiple sites across the city. 6 secondary school students are among the south africa as high court as judy here in appeal by former president jacob zoom. he's challenging a 15 month prison sentence for failing to appear at a corruption inquiry of course, and better. rousseau sentenced to form a better rouge in presidential contender to 14 years in prison on corruption charges, victim of rico has been convicted for money laundering, bribery, and tax evasion. he was arrested last june when he tried registering his candidacy against alexander lucas shanker. a crackdown on anti government protest followed the vote and it's led to sanctions against israel. government has narrowly lost the
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vote in parliament rising doubts about the new coalition. it failed to renew a contentious law which fall, palestinians in the occupied territory, settling permanently with their spouses and israel. 59 members voted in favor and an equal number voted against it. after an all night connected session. israel's new foreign minister, ayala pete 1st international trip was to the united arab emirates, the country's established ties last year under a deal broken by the trumpet, ministration. part of that deal is an oil contracts that will see tank is dark and israel southern ports if i lance you eat way, it will be central pipeline to ask alone in the north. then loaded on the tank is bound for europe. that's causing concern among environmentalists, stephanie dec reports from i don't so cause like this actually is 5000 years old. ever seen that be them seen the different kingdom it took thousands of years to
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create but so fragile. it can be instantly killed. which is why environmentalists sounding the alarm about an oil deal between israel and the united arab emirates that will soon see huge tankers deliver oil to israel, southern port of a lot from the u. e. just over the pipe actually. or somebody isn't putting that into the water. ok. if you have one of the name happened. yeah. one minute somebody did not. close devolved your method is not working. something technically, you're going to have an oil spill which can be 1000, go benito, not coral reef extends for around 11 kilometers along the coast. and just over kilometer that falls under a protected nature reserve created to protect it and the marine life which flourishes around it. but it won't be able to protect it from the many oil tankers expected to pass through here under this deal, talking here, but we understand what we're told,
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just around 300 meters away from the precious carl relax reef special. the carls are known to withstand large ranges of changes in temperature, making them potentially crucial in the survival of our reefs in the future by transplanting them to less resistance areas. a large red sea coast and it's under water life is also a major source of attraction for tourists. this mesmerizing underwater world artificially sustained in the local aquarium for all to see a reminder of how important it is to protect it in our natural waters. all these economy with that because stories are coming for the c 2 is coming to see fish to see to cause. and without these there's no reason why should people come to the desert? smolik tiger is an environmentalist. he in other groups of petition the supreme court to stop this oil deal and say they're still waiting for a response. we approach the israeli owned europe,
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asia pipeline company for comment. they issued a statement saying they're committed to maintaining the safety of the residents and protecting the values of the environment that they operate using the latest equipment, meeting strict international standards. but that doesn't appear to convince anyone here. this all the best prophy is for the go over that. the goal for voc up we're talking about the place where full countries are leaving around it. we have jordan salad, all right, be egypt and he's right or focus. he's leaving from to reason any potential oil spill here and the inevitable gradual pollution because of the increased flow of mega oil tankers will be felt by stephanie decker, ultra 0, and that in southern israel. the u. s. embassy and the iraqi capital baghdad has shot down a drone now the heavily fortified green zone. its defense system 5 full bursts of high powered bullets. as it approached the compound earlier,
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at least 3 rockets hit us base in the west of the country. no casualties were reported. tropical storm elsa is on its way to the us state of florida after bringing havoc to the caribbean. more than 100000 people have had to leave flood prone areas into unsafe housing and cuba. a heavy rain and strong winds persist it august and reports from havana. the storm outside made it so felt as it cut its way through. central cuba. local authorities had already moved a 180000 people from its path to safety. and also i'm out of you don't know of the winds will take the roof or not, but it's better to be here. sheltered in a place we can take care of your children. the storm slowly move north towards the capital, where preparations were on the way. back in our way of stored up water and prepared food. i've got lanterns and a becca cook, in case the gas goes. and i also have my neighbors were willing to help me if i
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have any problems. ahead of storm searches, others improvised solutions. if you move but i get what this wall is for the water . sometimes when the sea overflows the water can come up many blocks and get into the houses, the stops of water getting in many living by the capital c walk moved out for the night. i'm one of the ones that i'm, that we're moving because the building is falling. we need to move now because with the storm, it's coming things to grim as a cube and say you need to move. and that's how we keep on going with many of his buildings now old and in need of repair. tropical storms in cuba can often be fatal . the government on site is to focus on prevention, moving those and structurally unsound accommodation into relatives houses or to state shelters. it's this level of planning that has helped keep deaths from storms in cuba to a minimum. and the government will be keen to avoid significant material damage. it simply cannot afford to replace at augusta and al jazeera of anna. that rain is
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president has accused the un back vaccine sharing scheme. cova acts of failing his country is designed to help poor nations obtained jobs. but nicholas madeau says venezuela hasn't received any of the doses paid for teddy's a boat reports ah, surviving in venezuela has been a challenge for many years. really tell her gotta. she received a kidney transplant 17 years ago, but last year her kidneys began to fail again. and like thousands of other high risk patients in the country, she's hoping to get her 2nd covered 19 vaccine doth soon. so another man, it's been a week since i was supposed to get my 2nd dose. i have no clue what's going on. i don't know why they didn't do everything right. why can't they do it right once? the same thing with transplants for years without a transplant for all patients like me or in the hands of god, i need $42.02 pay for medications and my pension is $1.00. and i need to have 2
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jobs going to get it. venezuela struggling with us sanctions and an economic crisis that is impacting its ability to fight against the deceive. the south american nation is part of the kovak system, which is a collaborative effort designed to help countries like venezuela get access to axioms. but that's proving to be a challenge. so far, it has only received around $3500000.00 doses from china and russia. and the countries currently testing thousands of dollars of vaccines from cuba. 2 months ago. callbacks announce payments made to the system by venice which had been blocked by the swiss bank u b. s. even though the biden registration said all related go with purchases were exempted from the sanctions. on sunday president, my daughter said the callback system has failed venezuela. not a company more asset. we fulfilled our promises 2 months ago, we gave them all our money by doing magic to liberate funds that were blocked. the
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government to the united states, then unblocked more money for us. and that money is there in an account on the co vaccines failed. the people that his way let about either you give us the vaccines will return all money at your earlier this year when he will reject it around 2000000 after authentic vaccines from callbacks due to safety concerns. but a proficient figure say, when will i could be accessing vaccines for free? miguel p. sarah, who's currently on excel, say, nicole, my ludo is to blame, let us on. but i can also don't know the name of the in the future benefits of the reasons why we don't have access to free vaccines like countries like syria sit down or yemen. countries that humanitarian emergency knowledge by the united nations. reason is the obscurity of statistics of numbers in front of the world bank, a numbers that show when banners, wherein jordan o bonanza. and that's not the case anymore. but i mean, as politicians bigger over who is to blame for the hardships in the country. millions of venezuelans are impatiently waiting for an opportunity to get the
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vaccine. people like mighty as a gotta struggling with a life threatening the see says, it's her only chance of surviving call with 19. that is, i will, and defeated yesterday, and grand prix has been cancelled for a 2nd year because of the pandemic. the rice and melbourne had already been pushed back to november from its usual march date. the motor g. p is also being cold off australia government earlier announced a 50 percent reduction in the camp for returning overseas. travelers that lead to quarantine for 2 weeks more than a year and a half into the pandemic. companies are feeling more confident about bringing employees back into offices in the u. s. though some who have refused to get vaccinated risk losing their jobs. gabriel elizondo reports in new york city with coven well under control, and more than 50 percent of the population fully vaccinated. workers are slowly beginning to return to the office, but was study showing as many as 25 percent of american saying they have no plans
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to get the jap can employers demanded. the short answer is yes. employers have a lot of freedom. employers in the u. s. can demand records of vaccination of proof of vaccination. they can of course ask employees if they've been vaccinated. employers can even go one step further and, and require vaccination of their employees. the hospital in houston did just that. he backseat mandate for employees over a $150.00 health care workers are refused, were fired or resigned. iep client has been practicing labor and employment law for over 30 years. she tells me there are only 3 groups of people that cannot be fired from their job for refusing the vaccine. someone with a disability. for example, somebody who is immunocompromised may not be able to get back to native, or if they get vaccinated, it, they may not have the anti bodies that are necessary to keep them likely to be covered free. let's say somebody on chemotherapy. so that might be somebody who
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can't be ex, native, or vaccinated, but still needs precautions. they might be out of the workplace. the others protected from firing or not getting vaccinated, or pregnant women. and anybody who's religious belief prevents vaccines for now, u. s. companies are still trading carefully. delta airlines is requiring new hires get vaccinated, but not explicitly demanding it of current employees. mcdonalds is offering for hours of paid time off for employees to get the jan new hires, and amazon are given a $100.00 bonus on their 1st day after showing proof of explanation. complicating matters further that delta variant, the highly infectious strain, now accounts for a quarter of all new cobra cases in the us and has seen some countries holt or even reverse their reopening plants. there is no one size fits all approach. of course labor laws differ country by country. but with the majority of us companies
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planning to call back employees to the office in the coming weeks. the us could be a test case on what works. and perhaps what doesn't. gabriel's dondo, i would use either new york. ah, this is alger there, and these are the top stories. the world health organization has one government against easing coven, 9 to restrict private 19 raw, the restrictions to soon several countries in europe, a relaxing rules, despite concerns about the highly contagious delta variant. but the w h o says the panoramic isn't over yet. further waves of infection could arrive later in the year .


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