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the roof, the embassy with exclusive interviews, and in depth report. if purple is your thing, this is the place. al jazeera has teens on the ground over 90 to bring you more award winning documentaries and life need on air and online. the me a warning against corona virus complacency, the world health organization says countries are opening up far too quickly. you've made a very premature run, rush back to full normality and i think we're going to pay a price for that. ah, other can vanelle versus algebra live from dell ha. also coming up hong kong police arrest 9 people including 6 school students to the he was bomb clos,
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israel's new governments suffer the 1st big parliamentary defeat. failing to extend the culture of citizenship, nor and the long wait for coven 1900 vaccines in venezuela. the president has accused a un that game of failing his people in the world health organization has warned government against easing covered 90 restrictions to soon criticizing what it calls a premature rush back to for more malady. several countries in europe are relaxing room despite concerns about the highly contagious delta various the w. i chose, as the panoramic is not over a year, and further ways of infection could arrive major in the year. all of the countries of the america, we still have nearly 1000000 cases. week 1000000
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a week up. it is an over am and the same in europe, in europe, in region. we've half a 1000000 cases week like this thing has gone away. so i summers of the sense that everyone thinks it's all over and we're just getting on. and to an extent, i understand the sentiment, understand why people want to feel that way. but for a lot of the world, unfortunately this thing is only getting started. we just need to be a little more patient. remember last summer where we had everything got good and then everyone kind of relaxed. and then we kind of arrived in september or october and ended up in huge trouble. what i think that's where we're going again with a much more transmissible variant this time around. on the same day that warning was delivered, the british prime minister announced that most cove at $900.00 restrictions in england will be gone in 2 weeks. boss johnson acknowledge they'll probably be more infections. people have to learn to live with the virus from gay g reports from
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london. on monday, a solemn start to the day for the prime minister, commemorating the 73rd birthday. if you case national health service, i've been event honoring the organisation and the efforts of its workers during the pandemic. that always took the prime minister's life. nearly a year and a half since cove. it arrived the lock downs and restrictions that was since put in place had become part of daily life. but the time to discuss those protections is close by according to the government, because of the u. k. successful vaccination program, we must be honest with ourselves that if we can't reopen our society in the next few weeks, when we will be helped by the arrival of summer and by the school holidays, then massage ourselves. when will we be able to return to normal? well, the government has said that where mosque would be a question of personal responsibility. the drastic human cost has left some records
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sent to quit wearing them altogether. for the foreseeable future person, i'm probably going to keep it on from kind of mind, sometimes more about protecting and looking off the others that might be more vulnerable with it. it is good that i put it in the power of the people in a way, but i personally think they should still be on the country braces itself to repulse the last and social distance. thing. questions remain over really what's best the sake of public health and the prime minister himself has been under pressure by members of his own party and the restrictions as quickly as possible make of the economy. he's prepared to do that despite a 74 percent rise and infections in the last week alone. the increasing pace numbers have had many of the medical community worried about the outcome of on blocking later this month, especially as hospitalizations have also been rising. we are an experiment in itself of how do we live with high vaccination rate, a new barrier delta,
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lots of children who are undocumented under the age of 18, and case numbers increasing, as well as a significant unlocking. there are lots of things happening right now that make it difficult to attack. so far, children have mostly escaped, the more severe forms of the disease, but they are unvaccinated and more at risk of a new delta variant that is currently dominant. the problem that we have right now is that this government is allowing the virus lose literally lives on the jungle to do whatever it wants. they're just letting the virus. so this is, this is hurting unity by the by go the other course. the concern is that the u. k. could become a petri dish when you variance that would potentially be more resistant to the current crop of vaccines. but now the vaccination campaign has been a success, the worry, or the progress coming undone while the pandemic is still very much with us. so need i? yeah, go, i'll just sarah london. dr. dennis, there is a distinguished professor of epidemiology at the city university of new york. he
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believes the u. k. needs to vaccinate 70 percent of its population before any restrictions and lifted. well, last they looked, i think the u. k. is gotten to about 50 percent coverage with and thinking about fully covered with 2 doses of vaccine or one dose of, of a single those back seen. i think that clearly we're seeing a search in cases in the u. k. and that suggest to me it's not enough. and while we haven't yet seen surgeons and death rates there, we're beginning to see increases in the death rates while they're still very low. they've probably increased 2 or 3 fold over the last few weeks. and to me that's something to watch. and i know they've said a deadline of july 19th to to fully reopen a lot can happen in 2 weeks. a lot of people could be vaccinated between now and then i would really like to see rather than set an arbitrary date, forrest johnson to say, if we can achieve,
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say 70 percent coverage between now and then. then we can begin to think about opening up. fiji is struggling again. an outbreak of the delta variance leaving a health care system struggling to cope. the south pacific island nation reported a record 636 infections and 6 deaths on tuesday. since the pandemic began, fiji has recorded a total of $39.00 deaths, but most have come since the emergence of the delta variance in april. the government has resisted calls for locked down to protect its economy. a plane carrying almost 30 people has gone missing and far eastern russia. local media report, the turbo prop plane lost contact with air traffic control while trying to land near the cum chuck peninsula emergency response teams believe they found some wreckage in the see. 150 young students have been kidnapped from a school and northwest and jerry are attack is rated the boarding school and could
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do the station. what's the tent felt? chip duction in this part of nigeria. since late last year, destroy parents have been gathering at the school. awaking news. police say that pursuing those responsible alongside the military gangs of so called bandits have been kidnapping students for ransom. police in hong kong have arrested 9 people suspected of a bomb plot. they're accused of making closest to plant multiple phones across the city. 6 secondary school students are among the suspects. adrian brown joins me now live from hong kong. adrian, tell us a little bit more about this alleged plot. well the police address the media several hours ago saying they had floated, what they believe was a campaign to carry out a series of bombings in hong kong. the targets including the cross hob, a tunnel as well as course. what makes it so shocking though kim is that some of
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those arrested are just 15 years old. 6 teenagers, 15 years old, as well as a secondary school teacher. now the police say that during that raid, they seized a number of bum making chemicals. they've also frozen the assets of the group that amounts to about $70000.00 us dollars. now they didn't go into a great deal of information in detail about how they found out about this group. but it's quite clear they be monitoring this group for a number of weeks, if not months. they say that the school children were recruited because it's believed they and their families, what you to leave hong kong in the next few months. now why this is important is that just a few days ago, can a police officer was stopped by an assailant who then killed himself in an operation of police, described as a lone will terrorist act. i'm really upset the hong kong government as well as the police, a lot of people oper,
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condolences to the attacker and that from to carry on tuesday to issue a warning to people not to support acts of violence. the security chief here in hong kong is said that people who show sympathy but terrorism then become supporters of terrorism. so it's a reminder that it is a very tense time and i think we're going to see what a number of analysts i've also been pointing out on tuesday. is this the acts of the past few days? i could to make it easier for the government to justify another crack down here in hong kong, a broadening, if you like, of the national security law. adrian, separately there been some warnings from tech giants about proposed changes to privacy laws in hong kong, thomas about that well, this all goes back to the protest in 2019, when the activists from,
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from both sides actually would disclosing details on line that identified journalists enter, identified judges, and of course, identified police. this is a practice known as doc sing. and the hong kong government decided back in 2019 that they needed to be legislation to prevent that happening because of course, it was very distressing for those affected by it. but the tech giants worried because they say it puts the employees in a very difficult situation if they are told by the authorities here in hong kong. but they have to hand over data which identifies those responsible for doc. and then a warning, they might leave this financial hub. but of course the hong kong government has said that it's prepared to talk to the tech companies. it hopes they won't leave. but it will be very difficult for hong kong to maintain its position as a global financial center. if google, twitter,
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and facebook decide to leave. thanks for that. adrian brown in hong kong. israel's government has narrowly lost a vote in parliament. bracing doubts about the new coalition. it failed to renew a contentious law. the balls, palestinians, and the occupied territory from settling permanently with their houses. and israel . 59 members voted in favor and an equal number voted against it. after an all night committed session meet has more from occupied eastern there was a lot of back and forth between the government and the opposition. and when you think about the opposition and now it is benjamin nathan. yeah. the former prime minister, who is the head of the li cood. now the party and opposition who was heading the the, the effort there to stop that bill from passing. now that is a bill that has been there since 2003. it was impose at the time of the 2nd
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intifada. and at the time it was said that it was because of security reasons. israel needed to have that citizenship low and also to protect the jewish character of the nation. now that law had been renewed every year, including during the premiership of benjamin. it was happen over night that the opposition made its best to make sure that that law did not happen. you do see in the israeli media, reportedly benjamin that i know had said that as a closed door could session before this method meeting, that actually it was more important to overthrow the government than rather past the citizen as ship blow. and that is exactly what happened because something he was so adamant about doing his premier shape. well, he wasn't adamant about anymore. so as a fact,
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the result of it is no more citizenship low in israel at the moment. still head on al jazeera mall bodies, the found in the rubble of a collapse us apartment, building of the crews demolished what was left standing up and you will deal between the united arab everett and israel is causing concern among environmental. i'm stephanie decker on the waters. my latch. what have that story coming up? a ah, it's time for the journey to with sponsored by capital airways. hello there. we're seeing a lot of heat over europe at the moment, and with that, we're getting quite a few warnings up in the north for more central areas and in the south. but for the east on the west, it continues to be an unsettled picture and we've seen flooding in scotland. we could see more brought on by
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a weather system moving across the north west. that's bringing lots of wet and windy weather to the british. childs to france all the way up into western germany and we've got a wind warning out for belgian. and that what were the stretches down to the north of spain, switzerland is likely to see some of those severe storms. and we are expecting thunderstorms across the north east of italy, but most centrally, things are looking a lot finer and dry a temperature the really picking up across poland and austria and the balkans. if we have a look at serbia bell great is going to see the temperature touching up to the high thirties. by the time we get into thursday, that's about 10 degrees above average. and the heat continues up in the north for finland. we have hudson for a wild fire warnings with that. and it's a similar story for stonier latvia and list away near the heat, continuing there and for western parts of russia. but it's down by the black sea. the we are seeing a swelling weather system, bringing the wet weather with it. sponsored
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cut on airways. the corona virus pandemic has altered modern society, as governments have grappled with soaring cases, contact, tracing, and huge data collections are causing concern amongst civil rights activists. people in power investigates the ever increasing powers of governments and businesses as they access peoples most personal data and asks, what is being done to regulate the flow of sensitive information under the cover of cove it on a jazz ah the me your, what's your algebra reminder about top stories,
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both all the world health organization has warned government against even over 19 restrictions to soon several countries in europe are relaxing rules, despite concerns about the highly contagious delta. various studies in hong kong have arrested 9 people suspected of being involved in a bomb or accused of making explosives to conduct multiple sites across the city. secondary school students are among them. israel new government has failed to renew a controversial citizenship. lauren parliament and legislation prevented palestinians in the occupied territory from settling permanently with this thousands. israel israel new foreign minister yard appeared. first. international trip was to the united arab emirates, the country's establish tires last year under a deal broken by the trump administration. a part of that deal is an oil contract that will see tank is dark and israel, southern port of not u e o l will be sent through a pipeline to ask loan in the north,
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then voted on the tank is bound for europe. that's causing concern among environmentalists, stephanie dec reports from i lot. so cause like this actually is 5000 the old ever seem to be the me to seen the different kingdom. it took thousands of years to create but so fragile. it can be instantly killed, which is why environmentalist, to sounding the alarm about an oil deal between israel and the united arab emirates that will soon see huge tankers deliver oil to israel, southern part of a lot from the u, a. e. just one of the pipes actually for somebody isn't putting the all into the water. ok, if you have one of the name happened. yeah. one, maybe somebody did not. close devolved method is not working. something technically, you're going to have an oil spill which can be thousands of benito coral reef, extends for around 11 kilometers along the coast. and just over kilometer that
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falls under a protected nature, reserve created to protect it and the marine life which flourishes around it. but it won't be able to protect it from the many oil tanker is expected to pass through here under this deal talking here. but we understand what we're told just around 300 meters away from the precious coral b. last reef special. the curls are known to withstand large ranges of changes in temperature, making them potentially crucial in the survival of our reefs in the future by transplanting them to less resistant areas. a large red sea coast and it's under water life is also a major source of attraction for tourists. this mesmerizing underwater world artificially sustained in the local aquarium for all to see a reminder of how important it is to protect it in our natural waters. all these economy with that because stories are coming for the c 2 is coming to see fish to see to cause. and without these there's no reason why should people come to the
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desert? moorlick tiger is an environmentalist. he and other groups of petition the supreme court to stop this oil deal and say there are still waiting for a response. we approach the israeli owned europe, asia pipeline company for comment. they issued a statement saying they're committed to maintaining the safety of the residence and protecting the values of the environment that they operate using the latest equipment, meeting strict international standards. but that doesn't appear to convince anyone here this all prophy is for the gulf of a lot going from cover. we're talking about the place where full countries are leaving around it. we have jordan salad, all right, be egypt and he's right. or folk. he's leaving from tourism any potential oil spill here and the inevitable gradual pollution because of the increase flow of mega oil tankers will be felt by stephanie decker, ultra 0, i. lat,
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in southern israel. ethiopia says it started the 2nd phase of filling its hydro electric dam on the blue nile raising tension with egypt ahead of the un security council meeting egypt and sit down cold for the meeting. they worry that them could impact water level downstream. if the o v a says it needs the dam to provide electricity for more than half its population. a fire at a plastic factory and thailand that killed at least one firefighter and injured more than 30, has been contained. the cause of the blast that started the fire was still unknown . emergency crews took several hours to bring it under control. the public has been wont to stay out of a 10 kilometers zone around the facility on the outskirts of bangkok. to chang has more from that cock the font size has brought the blaze where they thought they brought the place under control at about 10 pm last night. there was another explosion, a little after that. but they seem to now got that under control,
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and we understand the latest from the scene is that the fires pretty much been extinguished, although they're still being very careful because there's still a lot of chemical that now for the mocking up the damage. there are thousands of people who were evacuated from the area around because of the toxic smoke that was going up. many of these plastic monomers that were being used in the factory. create a car from the genic fumes when the, when they're burned. and there's a lot of concern that has spread wide widely across the area around the factory. people in the neighbor, well to see they're wearing masks outside, but they're wearing masks in the homes as well because of concerns about those fumes. accusations coming in the government had not really done enough, a lot of praise on social media for the firefighters who went in very selflessly. you're one and date, sacrificed his life in trying to put out the fall. but,
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but i think concerns also the government didn't back them up and hasn't back them up properly with the equipment they need to fight these kinds of files. tropical storm else's hit cuba with strong winds and rain and made landfall in the south and is expected to move up toward the us state of florida. on tuesday, he was capital. havana was fed the front of the stall, but nearly 200000 people moved from the homes because of the possibility of heavy fighting. the storm had several other caribbean islands killing at least 3 people. more bodies have been found in the rubble of a collapse building and florida, taking the desktop to 28, they were discovered after officials resumed a search and rescue operation was paused on sunday, while engineers demolished what was left of the apartment block and to galico report from suicide, me. what's left of the champlain towers insist side now
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lays in yet another devastating pile of rubble. the decision to demolish. the remaining portion of the building came over face a structure was unstable, potentially putting rescue as lives in danger. official say it was a heartbreaking compromise, but they had little choice to collapse. and entire apartment building is a devastating decision. and the demolition was in no way a decision that i made lightly bringing the building down in a controlled manner was critical to expanding our scope of search. truly, we could not continue without bringing this building down. within hours of the demolition crews were back on site, continuing that painstaking search for survivors. the priority now is digging a path through the fresh rebel to reach areas that have until now not been searched . the approach of tropical storm l 3. now complicating rescue efforts, the weather system is likely to bring heavy winds and rain in the coming hours and days and other potential hazard in an already difficult situation. residents should
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avoid any unnecessary travel. a strong winds and heavy rains remake driving hazardous. on monday, more victims of the collapse were pulled from the rubble, but over a 100 people remain unaccounted for. this is something that's very traumatic, so the mental health aspects are going to be very, very important. and this is something that is going to be require long term support, but i can tell you the support is there, access to new parts of the building may bring renewed hope for those waiting for news of the loved ones. but it's been almost 2 weeks since the collapse official say the oncoming still may now skirt this area, meaning rescue efforts can continue undisturbed the investigation into how this tragedy happened. it's still on the way to gallic or august 0 south side, florida. the u. s. embassy in the iraqi capital, baghdad has shot down a drone now the heavily fortified green zone. its defense system 5 full burst of high powered bullets. as it approached the compound earlier,
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at least 3 buckets hit us air base and the west of the country, no casualties. were reported brazil's president jaya, both the nato, has been implicated in another corruption scandal. the brazilian news website u. l says he was involved in hiring close associates as employees, and then receiving a copy of the salaries of reportedly happened during his time is a member of the lower house of congress. also, and was already being investigated for a scandal involving his government's attempts to get vaccines from india. venezuela's president has accused the un bank's vaccine sharing scheme, cova acts of failing his country. it's designed to help poor nations obtain jobs. but nicholas with rural, says, venezuela hasn't received any of the doses. it's paid for. teresa boat reports surviving in venezuela has been a challenge for many years, really tell her to gotta. she received
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a kidney transplant 17 years ago. but last year, her kidneys began to fail again and like thousands of other high risk patients in the country, she's hoping to get her 2nd covered 19 vaccine those soon. so another man, it's been a week since i was supposed to get my 2nd dose. i have no clue what's going on. i don't know why they didn't do everything right. why can't they do it right once? the same thing with transplants for years without a transplant for all patients like me or in the hands of god. i need $42.02 pay for medications, and my pension is $1.00, and i need to have 2 jobs. got it then it will a struggling with us sanctions, an economic crisis that is impacting its ability to fight against the disease, the south american nation. it's part of the kovak system, which is a collaborative effort designed to help countries like venezuela get access to axioms. but that's proving to be a challenge. so far, it has only received around $3500000.00 doses from china and russia. and the
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countries currently testing thousands of doses of vaccines from cuba. 2 months ago . callbacks announce payments made to the system by venezuela had been blocked by the swiss bank u b. s. even though the bite and registration said all related golwood purchases were exempted from the sanctions. on sunday president, my daughter said the callback system has failed venezuela. not a company more asset. we fulfilled our promises 2 months ago. we gave them all our money by doing magic to liberate firms that were blocked. the government to the united states then blocked money for us. and that money is there in an account, and the co vaccines failed. the people of that is waylon. either you give us the vaccines or return on monday at your earlier this year when he will reject it around 2000000 at seneca vaccines from callbacks due to safety concerns. but a proficient figure say if we could be accessing vaccines for free. miguel beserra who is currently on excel se nicole, my ludo is to blame. let us,
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let us know the name of the in the future. benefits of the reasons why we don't have access to free vaccines like countries not serious. sit down with yemen, countries that humanitarian emergency knowledge by the united nations. the reason is the obscurity of statistics of numbers in front of the world bank. a numbers that show when banners, wherein jordan o bonanza. and that's not the case anymore. but i mean, as long as politicians bigger over who is to blame for the hardships in the country, millions of venezuelans are impatiently waiting for an opportunity to get the vaccine. people like mighty as, gotta struggling with a life threatening b. c says it's her only chance of surviving covered 19 that is i will, and defeated indonesia is struggling with one of the ages, worst karone of our assault breaks with some hospital facing a critical shortage of oxygen. at least 33 people died at a hospital and you'll get counter when it rain ran out of the weekend. the
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government is asking supplies to send all their oxygen to hospitals and clinics. the australian grand prix has been cancelled for 2nd year because of the pandemic. the race in melbourne had already been pushed back to november from its usual march date. the moto g p is also being cold off australia as government earlier announced a 50 percent reduction in the cap for returning overseas travelers. they'll need to call in team for 2 weeks. the me this is algebra and these are the top stories the world health organization has want government against ease in covert 19 restrictions to soon several countries in europe are relaxing roles, despite concerns about the highly contagious delta variant. the w i chose says the panoramic isn't over yet and further waves of infection could arrive later in the year.


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