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stay after showing proof of explanation. complicating matters further that delta variant, the highly infectious strain, now accounts for a quarter of all new cobra cases in the us and has seen some countries holt or even reversed their reopening plants. there is no one size fits all approach. of course labor laws differ country by country. but with the majority of us companies planning to call back employees to the office in the coming weeks. the us could be a test case on what works. and perhaps what doesn't, gabriel's dondo, i'll just say to new york. ah, this is al jazeera and these are the top stories. the world health organization has warned governments against easing coven 19 restrictions to soon several countries in europe relaxing rules, despite concerns about the highly contagious delta variant. we just need to be
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a little more patient. remember last summer where we had everything got good and then everyone kind of relaxed and then we kind of arrived in september, october and ended up in huge trouble. i think that's where we're going again with a much more transmissible variant this time around the u. k. prime minister has confirmed most cove at 900 restrictions in england will be lifted in 2 weeks. people would have to wear face masks, and most places all maintain social distancing. johnson admit the move could drive up infections, but 10 people must learn to live with the virus. we must be honest with ourselves that if we can't reopen our society in the next few weeks when we will be helped by the arrival of summer and by the school holidays, then we miss ourselves. when will we be able to return to normal? israel's new government has failed to renew
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a controversial citizenship. lauren parliament. 59 members, voted in favor and an equal number voted against it. the legislation prevented palestinians in the occupied territory from settling permanently with their spouses and israel. police in hong kong have arrested 9 people. suspected of being involved in a bomb part. are accused of making explosives to plant that multiple sites across the city. 6 secondary school students are among them. 150 students have been kidnapped and northwest and nigeria government took them from a boarding school and could do mistakes. it's the 10th function, abduction in this part of nigeria since late last year. a plane carrying 29 people has gone missing and far east and russia. local report say lost contact with air traffic control or trying to land near the cum shatka peninsula emergency teams. so they found some wreckage and received both the headlines. sub next is inside story of the soon bye bye for now. teach, you know, you can watch english streaming live and i get 2 channels. plus thousands of our
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programs award winning documentaries. and you get to choose the subscribe to you choose dot com. forward slash al jazeera english. the taliban is taking control of more of afghan and son and afghan soldiers leave the country us to also leave. how worrying all these places about men and when washington we consider a plan. this is inside so ah, ah, ah, hello and welcome to the program. i'm fully back. the ball varies growing concerned about the future of i've gotten found as a us and allied troops prepared to leave the country. i've gotten forces so
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rendering outpost cent escaping in there. 100 still a bring tajikistan. those that do face italy band put up little or no resistance, the heart of us operations in afghanistan foremost 2 decades. the background base is empty of american troops and the taliban is pressing on with its territorial campaign, making significant gains. the armed group now controls almost a 3rd of the countries, $400.00 districts, mainly in the north. it took over 13 areas on saturday alone, the biggest single day advance in the 20 year war. and it's more than doubled the number of areas it controls. since the us accelerated it's pull out in may the afghan government says it's sending reinforcement to retake the territory. it's lost. now many families have fled to fighting and now fear for their safety. i've gotten soldiers surrendered multiple posts in the northern province of barack shot at the weekend, and the taliban also captured a strategic district in con, behalf. the south. the area has been a heartland for the group,
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and it's where it's leader was born from our children has our report. abandoned and empty families have been forced to flee, can to her, off to face fighting between african government forces and the taliban. they say they can't defeat the armed group on their own. there is no peace. if one helicopter came here, it would be enough for all of can to her. why don't they use helicopters against them? they targeted me. they tried to kill me. if they killed me then who will look after my children? as de la, a local police commander says they're under resolved and struggle in the fight against the armed group. the situation is going to be bad. police and border forces have equipment problems commandos and the national army base to bit far and we're on the front line. the advances made by the taliban in this key southern province came on the same day. the city governor was killed by
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a car bomb in the regional capital pan joyce, the 5th district in can to help prevent to fall to the armed group in recent weeks . as the taliban offensive gains momentum, they claim to have seized more than $100.00 out of nearly $400.00 districts in the country with a strong presence in the north. 100. thanks to god and this is prison before that the majority of the afghan people in the previous era, june taliban rule, for more than 10 years, we are now in control board and 70 percent of the territories. it is simply because that people know us very well and the afghan people have no problem dealing with us . many afghans are frightened, their consent, the security situation in the country will only worsen once the us forces eventually lays, while not only me, but all africans are very to the palate. bond will take kind of fun as us troops leave the country. no one in atlanta sign is completely satisfied with the taliban
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. from the day the issue of the withdrawal, a foreign troops arose. it has had a negative impact on the deliver of people in the fall of punch why district comes just days off the us and nato forces vacated their main bag from air base net. cobble. the remaining us troops will officially leave the country and september, the 11th a move, many regional experts say will only help the taliban consolidate. it's growing control of the country. her marriage audrey out his era while the us agreed last year to withdraw all its troops from afghanistan in return for a commitment by the tiny, by not to allow armed globe to operate in the areas. it controls just $650.00 american troops. i stayed to secure the u. s. embassy and cobble airport and the majority of nato forces. i've also now left present. joe biden fed a deadline of the 20th anniversary of the september 11th attacks on the u. s. for american troops to fully withdraw, but the pullout has been accelerated and he's expected to end before then. the tiny
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bands military campaign could effect piece on the same that ending the countries years of conflict. the afghan government and taliban negotiators have held several runs of talks in contact capital. but little progress has been made. the lead spring in august for today's inside story in campbell, we have or by do not by here who's a lecturer of transitional justice at the american university of afghan. his son from east on both peter galbraith, former deputy un envoy to have gotten his son and also incapable phase the lands, political commentator, and professor at campbell university. gentlemen, welcome to you all. thank you for being with us on inside story phase alarm. let me start with you in couple. the tiny band claims the control 70 percent of territory enough guns found today, mainly in the north. how worrying to you all these advances and territorial gates?
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thanks for having me. my i think my the situation and i've got his son has gotten woodson since they're up. it has to withdrawal of mr. by the command. know things are not going to right direction taliban several already taken more than $124.00 districts especially not is already under the siege. some of the main prevention centers are under the c h i d p. internal displace. people are getting larger and larger in many groups. some are coming to cover. some are getting to the closer to closest, secure places. it all affects peace and enter. gone yellow, good strategy. there is no peace process, especially the doha process. seems i did look it really affects not only politically but take not mclean,
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socially. also the country. people are worried about the decided future. so worrying devout mentioned your view or by doing that by hand in capital also some 1000 and i've gotten soldiers have fled to tajikistan in the last few days. this doesn't bode very well. does it mean, how can we expect the afghan army to take over security once the americans pull out completely? do you think that even with reinforcements, they'll be able to take control? look, i think it might be unfair to take this as a generalization off the war reality. the idea is right down the pond upon are enjoying a momentum or momentum handed to them by the united states administration based on its hasty and i'm conditional withdrawal. and after that reinforcing their sense of impending victory by releasing intelligence reports that say that the government is going to collapse in 6 to 12 months. all of that haven't well with the spirit of
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the actual defense forces. and there are other strategic reasons as well, where the government has children to tactically retreat from specific districts, which has created this sense of defeatism amongst its own tropes. that is, that why gotten to sleep, to places like that jack is not yet. so that's basically one of the reasons why we have low morale and spirits, but again, this is not going to be a rule. this is not going to exist to long. eventually the fighting will die. how to a certain extent. there the heat holidays coming up as well. this has to be seen as a blit by the positive on movement. this has to be inoffensive. it is unrealistic to believe that the taliban can sustain this fighting for undefined periods of time . so this will eventually come down a little and the government and defense forces just need to hold their ground and probably interact better with their own soldiers to understand better communication
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strategies and keep morale higher. peter galbraith, are you as optimistic as obey? don't are. who says this is a blessed by the taliban at the 15 will eventually stop. do you share that? thought? i think my position would be somewhere between the positions of your or to other guess it. there is no doubt that the, that tell bon, have a demonstrated ability to control large parts of the african countryside. but they haven't demonstrated an ability to take and hold cities. ah, and so that really is what remains to be seen because that's where the, the, the, in the final analysis the, the test for control of afghanistan will, will be determined. i think it's also important to remember that the taliban is not a broad based movement within afghanistan. their large segments of the afghan population
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that regard the tell up on a well in the case of bazaars who are what? 1015 percent of the population that they had her, she, i, they see the tell up on a genocidal enemy. and that part of the country will resist to the bitter end in the tell bond, even when they were in power, never controlled all of afghanistan. there are significant parts of the touch he inhabited areas that will resist. so and i find it hard to believe that they're going to be able to take cobble they can operate inside cobble, they can so terror up. i think the americans, you know, they have 2 images of what might happen. one is gone and 1975, where the north vietnamese, where the south yet means collapse that spring. and the north vietnamese came and took saigon. but that was an organized army which the tell upon don't have. and the other image will be mosul in northern iraq in 2014 right or make 100 ice
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is fighters came and took the city from 30000 iraqis. but you, for now is the time really for the american given these advances, even if they're not in couple, yet as you say, and you don't think that they will take capital. is now the time for the us to close the book on the afghan conflict. there are some who said that this is an irresponsible exit well, i'm sure this is not actually the exit that president biden would have liked, but basically donald trump was determined to get out in a year ago. he signed what was effectively a surrender agreement. and so the choice for president biden was, do you stay with that agreement or do you break it and then renew? very sick. have very significant tell about attacks on american forces, and frankly, the president has come in the country. some massey is focused on his domestic agenda. he's on, he's got
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a number of foreign policy challenges that are very big climate nuclear nonproliferation, both north korean around and so you know, to, to be, to, to have her 1st course is not something that i think was very easy for him to do. unfortunately, as we can, the u. s. leverage in terms of negotiating a peaceful settlement between the government and the taliban. by do speaking of the negotiations, i mean the taliban you seem to be optimistic that this fighting will eventually stop. but the taliban right now are in a strong position. they believe any way that they're in a strong position having made all these territorial gains. why? why? i mean, why negotiate right now? what is the incentive for them to negotiate with the afghan government when they clearly believe that they're in a stronger position than the government in couple look initially, i never said that the fighting would stop. i'm just hyper sizing that eventually we will settle on a stalemate. so we'll have an escalade to still meet an up on time,
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but it's not going to be a total victory for either. and with regards to your question off why and negotiate . again, i think that's very clear cut for the parlor bond. the bond spent a few months trying to negotiate until their recent declaration of going to the stumble summit with a low level dedication and setting impossible conditions for participating. so it looks like the group within it. although the inter politics enter politics of the part, a bond is overwhelmingly toward the site of fighting for a total control and absolute takeover off a bundle fund. within the finest one as well. again, the political beach should not be spared any blame because and they have no vision for a unified piece proposal or roadmap. and before that, he brought himself and the u. s. administration when they find the p. steel with a pilot, bon, either they had a plan that didn't go right. or they didn't have
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a plan all together for the intro on talks. but right now, i think it's essential to forget the prospect of the stock because it takes political capital. the insurgency can both fight and negotiate. at the same time, the government cannot. the international community needs to take a cutthroat stunt on the current escalated violence within upon his bond rather than sitting and hoping that things get better or one side winds. and then they have to take a more decision on which site to support the international community needs to stop and sanction the, the violators, right? the vendors, or the insurgency. because either off them, if they want to honestly and truthfully negotiate well then good. but if that is not happening and we see it on the battlefield, then the international community really needs to pick a fight. all right,
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let me ask you face and your thoughts about the piece process and the prospects of any negotiated settlement being agreed before the complete us pull out, which is again stated for september 11th, but might happen sooner are, are you sharing the same view as or by doing, says forget about the prospects of peace talks right now. noise is very frightening . hearing and listening that to us is having 2 pictures for i've got to stop. one is the same gun with nom exempt. and the 2nd one is marcelle. i think it was not agreed what was agreed in the agreement with taliban. there were 4 elements for the points that must of been implemented. otherwise there is no agreement. it was said by mr. hutton, that nothing gets promised till everything gets promised. now we see that i've got this done is facing the insecurity, high violence collapse of districts and close to the club. so
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for prevention centers and nobody is taken care of what is going on on the ground. so it, it really depends on international community led by us to intervene in this situation and create a momentum on the piece process the piece process without and top gun piece process . there won't be any winner for the water. the water will not cover when the winner will only be those terrorist groups that they have brought in international community led by us and they to 12 going to start in a 20 years ago. it will happen again, the going to be again, my, a terrorist groups joining together and i'm going to stop. they will be terrorizing not only i've got this done, but it will rise that region and mission community. so better we manage it a piece process. we're re find a solution. peter galbraith, he's right. 5 in saying that
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a deteriorating security situation has implications not just for i've gotten found, but for the, for the whole region. and you talked about, you know, 2 possible scenario. one being saigon and the other, most of which are, frankly, not great scenarios for either of them for i can't stand. do you see the biden administration? possibly we considering its decision to completely withdraw from afghanistan. know that this decision is made and it will go forward. i want to be clear when i was describing mosul and saigon is 2 scenarios that of course, they're not scenarios that americans want to have happen. there is one there ones that americans fear, but i was starting to say, i'm not sure that either scenario is actually likely. because the search stances are so different the, the telephone are not like the north vietnamese army and organized military force. and in the case of the african army is not like the iraqi army and most of which
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was seen as an enemy occupying forced by the population and by the iraqi, those iraqi army units that were there. you know, there the, the, the african army does have a commitment to the, you know, to their home territory, i think, to the capital. so i'm not, i'm not sure there's going to be a rapid collapse, i think, which is more likely is unfortunately, that there's going to be a very long lasting civil war. right. i'm not sure that it's going to be possible to negotiate a some kind of settlement on terms that would be acceptable to both the government and the telephone. and peter galbraith is not just a taliban, is it? there are also other on the, like i saw who are, who are threatening the security of gun nissan. how does the binding ministration when it says it's not going to abandon a gun is on how exactly does the us administration planning to fulfill this pledge of preventing al qaeda i saw and these other on go from making of ghana found their
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safe haven? well, the, the, the agreement that the united states has with the taliban is, but it's the tell bonds job to prevent iceland al qaeda. and these other groups that have the have their targets not only inside afghanistan, but outside up canister. and, and so if those groups actually get a foothold there and the taliban fails to keep its commitment to, to not allow those groups to be operating from its territory. then i think you're going to see a different united states posture of part, you know, quite possibly some re introduction of courses and counterterrorism. certainly intervention from the air. the president biden is not going to tolerate afghanistan returning to be a base for either of or for the islamic state. oh, by doing your thoughts about this? what does the future hold? do you see?
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i've got to start becoming a safe haven once again for these articles. again, i highly doubt that the bye didn't administration would commit the political suicide off reversing their decision. i liked the conviction off your guest from turkey with his no, but yeah, again like there is going to be a security vacuum if there is going to be a civil war and escalate to violence, there's always going to be room for different groups to operate. it's going to spill over onto the neighboring regions again. the tyler bond have very close familial ties with groups like an insurgency and apply that bond has been very fluid in its nature. in the past 20 years, where fighters have been fighting like contractors and mercenaries rather than strictly loyal to and have allegiances to groups. that means that the same fighters and you can see this from the dose years of
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a lot of prisoners that are taken in within our plan is there a lot of talk on fighters under to see is off and by spirit science on so forth. and so the idea is that very difficult to distinguish between them and especially during an armed conflict of this escalation, trying to be very difficult for them to stay true to anything that they have promised in the peace deal of i do not the war, the u. s involvement anywhere was launch with widespread international support. but of course, over the years it became very unpopular in the same way that, you know, a forced a british to withdraw from afghanistan. and the soviets, as well, what would you say is the legacy of america's involvement? in afghanistan, did anything good come out of it? there is plenty of good. the good is the life that the cities enjoy. however, it was unfair because it created these pockets of civilization and modernity that
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never managed to seep through to the rest of honest on the united states. catastrophically failed in making sure that there was good governance within the bond. either be the corruption or just be the fraudulent elections that constantly kept happening here to the democratic process. normally in countries that haven't seen democracy improves and evolves with, i'm in abundance on it. constantly capital losing popularity. we saw a lot of policies that were culturally insensitive 1st by the united states, be it their prison, the legacy of bagram and the dark legacy that they left behind. there be the way they conduct the conducted counter insurgency and the fact that the governments of a lot of that followed after were mostly made out of the drum that came from abroad . and wanted to mimic those. so all of those were green years if it hadn't happened, the rural population of lot of fun would be standing by the government, you know. ok, fraser,
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and i'll give you the last word. what do you think is the legacy of the american involvement in afghanistan and how, how concerned and worried afghans today about what lies ahead? i think if we are explaining us legacy in the context of nation state building, it was a complete failure of free c. regarding the commitment of us, man, i've got to start bringing peace, bringing security, bringing good governance, bringing democracy, bringing people to the uproot it all failed to we today we have a failed government, we have a fail democracy. we have a fail governance which we see the results are by taking over from the taliban in more than 100 districts in a month regarding the development. yes we we do have schools. we do have clinics,
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we do have ropes, but the legacy that so yet remained in the development is far more valuable than the legacy of that us as leaving. we don't have any big hydro electric dams. we don't have any, a big national projects, which we can say that this was a legacy of us from past 20 years. but we do have such hydro electric dams, big robes, big tunnels, big transportation. it's brian big housing schemes from soviet union. so it's a big conflict think, and it is a bit that it is stable, that how can we evaluate the legacy that we are having from us? but it, is that a petition of the history and i've got no history. thank you. thank you so much. we'll leave it there because we're running out of time. thank you so much. 5, the land or by de la by hare peter galbraith. thank you for a very interesting discussion. and thank you for watching. you can always watch this program again any time by visiting our website al jazeera dot com for further
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the embassy with exclusive interviews, and in depth report. if purple is your thing, this is the place. al jazeera has teens on the ground over 90 to bring you more award winning documentaries and live need on air and online. the news a warning against corona virus complacency, the world health organization says countries are opening up far too quickly. you've made a very premature run, rush back to full normality and i think we're going to pay a price for that. ah, hi there. i'm kim vanelle versus algebra live from dell ha, also coming up hong kong for lisa.


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