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tv   [untitled]    July 6, 2021 9:30am-10:01am +03

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the stories from people in places like how was fine libya and her region, and so many other, we go to them, you make the effort, we care ah, i'm down, jordan, down the headlines here on out 0, the world health organization has worn governments against eating cobit 900 restrictions to soon criticizing what it calls a premature rush back to full normality. several countries in europe are relaxing rule despite concerns over the highly contagious delta variant. but the devil h o says the pandemic isn't over yet. further waves infection could arrive late in the year you just need to be a little more patient. remember last summer when we had everything got good and
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then everyone kind of relaxed. and then we kind of arrived in september, october and ended up in huge trouble. i think that's where we're going again with a much more transmissible variant this time around. while the warning came as the u . k as prime minister confirmed most cove at 19 restrictions in england to be lifted in 2 weeks. people won't have to wear face month in most places will maintain social distance thing. or as johnston mich, though, the move could drive up infections, but says people must learn to live with the virus. we must be honest with ourselves that if we can't reopen our society in the next few weeks when we will be helped by the arrival of summer and by the school holidays, then we massage ourselves. when will we be able to return to normal? israel's new government has failed an early test off, it was unable to get m p 's to extend the controversial law legislation. prevent palestinians were married israelis from settling permanently. israel occupied east
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jerusalem. the party coalition was unable to muster enough boats on all night session of parliament with boston, 2003, and requires annual renewal and industry group that includes facebook, which when google says tech johns could stop offering their services and hong kong over proposed changes to data privacy laws, amendments target, the malicious sharing of people's information known as doc thing. but asia, internet coalition says, well, it's against doc saying the drop, lowest vague wording could leave local, stop, open to face criminal investigations and prosecution. i've got sounds, government is sending reinforcements to the north after thousands of it's true fed across the buddha to to she has done. taliban fighters have been gaining territory, raising concerns not security at once. foreign troops complete withdrawal in september. those were the headlines. the news continues, hey, and i'll just era after i was there. well, thanks for watching bye. for now in
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there is a long tradition of era leaving their homeland to complete the application or to pursue special studies as some of the most prestigious universities in europe. and america ah, i 19 seventies palestinian boone on you in the middle east and enrolled as a student in california. stanford university. the transition from the middle east to american west coast was not an easy one for the young physicist. night admits that the outside tending reputation of the diversity and its award winning the professor's nest, him an o. and he 1st challenge was coming to terms with the setting. one of his early men
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twos was arthur al shallow bell, nor yet in physics, who get credit for my help on jemma, which is over my. she's told him that he does not have issues or he quit another he alon, which we're had, we're looking in concert religion. if he sit there noble prize went oh, net again. you know, love, you know? so one i should give the holly horn. shannon warden has a lot of sci fi mine with her minute gemma. from that uncle, danny, and my circle tool. ok, either for kelly her the media human can take emery can wreak landmark while stan we still have people who would circuit always nearer. yes. and when right, when jamie leaning shipped down the street so short in him,
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we met for this last little yellow statue, distillate. he shook them through a paddock instead of did if he was lion or the whole of that up as slipped. sorry. joe madden annisa. you lift that or buy power loose blaine for jack unusual. miller surgery done or less done mostly in sure. hello, ms. smith, magic ala for us news, the credit's not so not a combo unity in the final. so can i,
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i mean my movie channels man roger hickey, wish you were in the can. can she, linda medina? shane hon. so she, me a, been in that by the, in the shaft allan, let them go one more walk. i'm sure. will extend more credit. why 12, homo question. k 25 k 25 feet sleep. okay, why 12? nissan elk on average. what exten pattern was and when tony clearance, i'll extend all of the senate for bad miles. so little occasion akhil. we'll get that doubled up later robin and i can you again italy phone only kind of in the fema locked up. well not, and i left the i furbished kayla unless i learn when to more of his dea,
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a duel i knew who was in the sky when i had got the whole you bought all of me. i called a she, i knew when the machine shall be in the car is an issue. the order had been long to bring in when you nice has doctors pieces at stanford university was well received and academic circles, the young atomic physicist who had honed his cones at oak ridge, national laboratory in tennessee had under reputation as a leader in his field. nice next move west of the universe city on elena, only south of chicago. i
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d, tyler in only the health most of our, our lives in children. fishy had the fat of you cut the love all when and g b, kerosene, g, v power lot. nadia had a big hand on you done and i thought for the for the hedge the fool i'm a her last photo miss will eat it and an active in my area are while a washing firm was either through so sure i would follow him or sucked well, tyler can tell miss roy on the quiz. the need to eleanor edge really has some malia for oakridge in get about an hour or so mature. 5, marolla, washington dc. just need one at the other than the needs of our who can diffuse all of this in
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the me ah, dr. mayer ne for who is one of the faculty members here. he was on the fact the, i think when i came here 35 years ago. so he and i have kind of grown up in the department together, started his career, working on optical properties, optical spectroscopy of materials. he was more of an atomic physicist. i would say, and about 15 or so years ago he, like many people discovered the potential of nano technology. and he started to work on water called nano particles and no science. and his interest is in actually learning how to make very high quality nano particles. to uses for various applications. he's really an interesting physicist in our department because he made this transition from fund sending fundamental physics to application. i think
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people referred this now as translational research. and he's really been one of the leaders in doing that in our department. so, so he learned, discovered some techniques came out of his research group as bond off a company that he has who make commercial nanoparticles and he sells them to many places for almost any application you can think of. nanotechnology is the use of small scale motor on an atomic or molecular level for larger industrial uses. the variety of applications of this technology is vast, and includes the storage of energy engineering uses and in health care. me to jeff illema, now. i'm a huff, hell heavy and hope a bad homeland meant which will learn a little minor role. murphy euro belie rather
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then dark light. if after that it remember that dorothy and when the new clues. oh, there will be more than that. we had to tell you and then almost rule in the field conseula and my wife banana. we live here. i felt like who will be an appointment to come in and look at the house and will be a probably just be on the edge. his wife doesn't profit. mckennon won't acid. you'll fall in love with the laser over here in profound hope in the home. and i'm a little happen. i can, he can meet with feet though he had though it still helpful for him. when i had them him, his chemo therapy photography has several thought to read and talk to him that we
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feel what, what i'm wondering if you could just wait with a shot, or for the me, in my opinion, professors, i'm amazed by him. honestly. his passion for physics has never died, in fact that he still goes to a company every day comes into here every day. the amount of time he put the 1st talks we have the amount of information he passes. i'm just working every time i talk with them, they just how back to knowledge and he seems to know something about everything. and yet he still knows the bus details and the most details about every single subject relative to these nano particles,
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to just the amount of energy puts in. and his love for physics just astonishes me. i just got in jama with him and me, you should be in and out of the whole matter, month on there any benefit in the bell any and carried them. and then when i level i tell it in me for home at home, sick and federally old jana medina danville thought to sit down with the other girl for the modem rental, i forget, my initial jama through teacher. he had this. marla is jim in little naji and jam out of on people that what he and the article gave me . i have emory.
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ah, i see the boy and that was what time they met him. murphy, i am in the city in turn, a model number and you and your sophia, and yet the phoenix sort of a few more, there are 2 what the name is, why and why nothing. earlier? them them behave in english, he heard them again. and what does that mean? mean, allied them. curry, also looking at the loan, pierre heard dounia. ah
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. oh, the details of the new nascar new lease in the country. i wish we had landing in the dallas. nice. come in and shop. have a karate on it. we do not can get us. we want to i wanted to speak with him and he kind of my fell and there are stan. i'm about to crow
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with a took. i'm a didn't, i can fill out the damage to the owner that can, can them. and he did this and when will least only medical lethargy this up in your system says the polio was field family. it was so we haven't got any kind of you know, shots he us for the love in sure. sure. the chicago london or the hell him can come fish. can the food will be n o t sir lewis, one commercial not sure. and my number is actually the special for the money she didn't come in to see to her bill. you had let us hello, i'm muscle on my screen shot
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100 professor knife as a studies continued. and he attended the american university of payments where he achieved a master's degree in 1970. his ambition was took further his studies main stage, but was hampered by his failure to secure the necessary troubles visa knew he was going on with a visa, fish, fish. the telephone em ricky measured in modern fear for wrestler. see now you are by alfred sir me, you sabine cut but to console he is confident and recall. he said 80 try him from high can ship only one sheet because of the sally. but rather than for poly, well nobody surely far if had been a mother in law,
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the resentment and re key up opinion v as in the suburban what only as was talking to you. it was a hit on any rec. 3 nicely found a great success in the united states. however, he never forgot his middle each when roots and made regular trips back to the region to connect with a scientists. professor ny did not act alone in this regards. that came a group of successful at scientists in north america joint forces to strengthen the earth, scientific community in the united states. and he said to him, if he newly was lemme and shady,
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nominal shape to demand and jeremiah stanley was thrown on the san francisco mon canada gather system was says he is not sure because a lola met with technology and i was not sure i'm had that one ad that lab bus, the men in the nation. let me year in maturity measure left me and with the hostile command natasha. i know much more men, but i did. i don't the year in the so she let shock at them being jam. illinois. mom was beneath the danny media daddy fever and my daughter will be in. let me jan. if you will let my boss had a question, when can when can yes little one left the late fee. you know, i'm the one ah,
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ah, ah, when you nice family live has palestinian out of a traditions at its heart. his wife and there are grown up children keeping constant contact both with each other and we get extended ceremonies in the middle east. i miss i had a i need, does that feel more that way of getting out of those see, but as mckesson mostly lack or give blue or not a problem, a lot of that would be used for the sonata and it was that was new. but as glad and oh young level looking through
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bad mac and that's and then as well. and i can let my boss natural says about us at the get it cuz i left him a lot can on weekends either saturday or sunday, after most all of your grandmother. she said john land would have been at home. you took lucy, barometer really and don't work for all for her to get home from helen, into sub for her basketball, our baseball, our football wear and tear the honey. i know right now home mich, fuck up your mobile number. if it did reap for anna, lily mo, i'd like to read and then them her death,
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with whom i was going to need room. my name is going to read about the model, but sucker concent jammah had fears. the physics or the current bobbo mom can sad me for had problem for the sat sat then to lead out of by and the bus has a so i'll go ahead for an a basketball by any answer you attended and served. and then did that. isabelle crow, this who kid behavior any who? back with what took the in oh yeah, any experience so how do and if, and that asi and if it wasn't for them me on the, i would not be where i am today. in interview would be the by the news will american in that was dialing dana. but the mother of some of the alley i'll event will hold them in his denial. let them be learn with the band it next. i
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had michelle. oh no. do i live like in the fee for his jet in doing that? do i leave for not a cousin either in a lot fall. you go down as some busied, mother's talk will be her origin, and re can one of the car from ah, [000:00:00;00] the
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so many can with love had to live today had did it says the date of leman o. kennedy stepped to a 100 minutes south and came to cleveland. where can move them little beloved nic amount, beloved mister hagan, out of the lobby for the number of her pain. hello, call jani. and community dialing one moment. and then you go to his house and one of what he said suddenly my job in
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going to the golden gate bridge going through the island near grove for he she will iowa miller? sure. yeah. anymore. no other one minute, please call me back when you can, if you miss in sort of thing out of the me. ah, well yes. really burning the creative achievements of iraqi designer. right? yeah. not de la are seen by millions throughout the world. by contrast, when your knife as work with nano technology is largely invisible to the naked eye, yet is of a great benefit to humanity at large. and quite different ways. both have enriched
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menu nice. i an extra judicial killing and a north african capital. i had someone breaking into our house, i heard people shouting so full masked men, but not only the eyes and hair was showing al jazeera world, his red eye, witness accounts of the dramatic story of the assassination of major p l. o. figure kelly was here in a secret israeli operation. assassination in tunis on al jazeera. ah, hello, we got the burning re continuing across the middle east. we got lost the clear skies, but notice some storm rumbling away just around the black sea. we'll still see some showers there into northern paths of turkey,
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just one or 2 showers students in northern areas of afghanistan, $33.00 celsius, the in couple temperatures have doha about where they should be around $42.00 sales has been look a little further north and not too far off at 50 degree month, q weight and foot bag that over the next day or so. pretty much dry wherever you are, but there will be some showers just around the caucuses, georgia. i mean, as a bizarre, could see a shower or 2 as we go into the middle part of the week. just want to to shower, just around the southern end of the red sea, as well as she was just gathering now around the european highlands as they should pulsing their way quite nicely across south sudan, pushing over towards the gulf of guinea. some shop at downpours just coming through here. as a result of that, we'll see some wet weather to enter the democratic republic of congo, some showers just around the rift valley. south of that, it is looking generally dry and fine, pleasant sunshine coming through for the most part. that sunshine standing all the way down because much of south africa. but as we go into the 2nd half of the week,
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a chance of rain, the cake town, the across the world young actually based and organize their own. the move to the day. we do the work in the 1st of a new series to people in new york city use different to me to fight institutional racism and police brutality. this is indeed a problem that wires a systemic felicity generally can change on you gave me the conflict between the if you can government and the regional take. great people with origin front has skills. thousands and internally displaced more than 2000000 over the past 7 months. 350000 people in the region are facing famine, according to the united nation, which says that star ration is being used as
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a weapon or for those who managed to cross the border, say it's not because they have improved back home. they say to continue to be targeted because the family and many properties are being reported and all becomes taken refuge conditions. here are some ideas the reason preventable disease that children to be the production channels didn't take
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me ah ah ah, you've made a very premature run russian back to full normality in the world health organization and just country to be more careful and easy. restriction panoramic is far from over a other i'm can vanelle, this is elders are from go ha, also coming up israel,


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