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understand the differences and similarities of culture across the world. no matter why you call, i'll just bring you the news and current affairs. ah ah . hello, i'm down, jordan and joe hall with the headlines here on our 0. the world health organization has worn governments against using cobra, 900 restrictions to soon criticizing what it called a premature rush back to full normality. several countries in europe are relaxing rule despite concerned over the highly contagious delta various that the w h. o says the pandemic isn't over yet, and further waves of infection could arrive later in the year. we just need to be a little more patient. remember last summer when we had everything got good and
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then everyone kind of relaxed and then we kind of arrived in september, october and ended up in huge trouble. but i think that's where we're going again with a much more transmissible variant this time around. well, the warning came as the u. k, as prime minister confirmed most kind of at 900 restrictions in england will be lifted in 2 weeks. people won't have to wear face masks in most places or maintain social distance thing, or us johnson mit the move could drive up infections, but says, people muslim to live with the virus. we must be honest with ourselves. that if we can't reopen our society in the next few weeks, when we will be helped by the arrival of summer and by the school holidays, then we massage ourselves. when will we be able to return to normal doctor dennis nash as a professor of epidemiology at the city university of new york. he says the u. k. should vaccinate at least 70 percent of its population before lifting restrictions
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. well, last i looked, i think the u. k is gotten to about 50 percent coverage with and thinking about fully covered with 2 doses of vaccine or one dose of, of a single those back seen. i think that clearly we're seeing a search in cases in the u. k. and that suggest to me it's not enough. and while we haven't yet seen surges and death rates there, we're beginning to see increases in the death rates while they're still very low. they've probably increased 2 or 3 fold over the last few weeks. and to me that's something to watch. and i know they've said a deadline of july 19th to to fully reopen a lot can happen in 2 weeks. a lot of people could be vaccinated between now and then i would really like to see rather than set an arbitrary date. you know, forrest johnson to say, if we can achieve, say 70 percent coverage between now and then. then we can begin to think about opening up israel. the new government has failed and the test stopped. it was
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unable to get m p 's to extend the controversial law. the legislation prevents palestinians who marries railways from settling permanently in israel or occupied east jerusalem. the party coalition was unable to muster enough votes, often all night session of parliament. a law was 1st passed in 2003, and requires annual renewal and industry group that includes facebook, which one google says tech johns could stop offering their services and hong kong of oppose changes to privacy laws. amendments target the militia sharing of people's information known as doc thing. but the asia internet coalition says, well it's, it's against doc thing. the drop laws, vague wording could leave local stuff open to face criminal investigations and prosecution. on comes chief executive carol, lamb says the territory is willing to listen to the concerns of big tech for you for your hate. i like the amendment exercise, needs to address the issue of doc, saying that the privacy commissioner has the power to take action and carry out
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investigation. if online companies express their concern, i'm sure that the privacy commissioner is happy to meet with them and listen to their concerns. canister on government to sending reinforcements to the north opera . thousands its troops fed across the border to tickets done. taliban fighters have been gaining territory, raising concerns about security once foreign troops complete their withdrawals in september. and i'm a people missing after a mudslide and central japan has risen to more than 80 rescue crews. and tommy are taking advantage of the weather 2 days after the disaster ablaze, the plastic stuttering thailand that killed at least one fire fight and injured more than 30 others has been contained. residents have been told to stay out of a 10 kilometer exclusion zone. on the outskirts of bangkok, those are the headlines and he continues here now to 0 after the 0 world. thank you for watching bye, for now. ah
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ah ah, added the migration has rarely been out of the headlines in recent years. whether the story is about the journey or the destination. there are as many reasons for edits to leave their homelands as the individuals, some to escape persecution. others for cation are those who want to new life in a different country. iraqi born professor, right?
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yeah, not the last lives in german you where he designs his goals for major companies. he's also a professor of design and type program feet at the academy of fine arts, and like dick ah, would it went to medina morrison min? i could be in that kind of 1st house and of above stimulus of the i need forklift that i learn more, my hair the and, and if that year with, and we kind of travel with, you know, kinda diminished. and then we'll kind of want to how and headed to the what was that within a we have the wireless wireless lab. how long i thought when i'm on
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medicine is any minister any point can couldn't the young use in medina, would you my journal so helpful could have been less than a source of either one measure less or couldn't a problem with a lot of can be in or new flat and i mean he neck but that, you know, i mean i'm not the man how to wind up with him. i can email. i look at him. i figure when he can be there in medicine, if he can with that woman. danny, haven't had any one and evac or some kind of therapy, but that one cont, behalf of the of or bursam while we are lead. how can the holy me unless monahan might have mac allays?
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ah, but then it can be so our cabinet and no human lamb at the level it is what the mean? and i'm only the rest of sin, the paper fi matina for most of us and what was the value of the and then kind of have that on vocal for that. and as i am evac and yami hicks domain, real banana, whether you're mia amena, tomatoes, the cinema, or could've sworn been about why had mina iraq and the cinema. she'll fin, we had a j, kim that sort of could listen in the mackenzie and the pseudo malia and inadequate monopoly for this one. i sure group and women why divide can the can that would be in cinema and hasn't have the can for him. it's more to
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have a belief, confirm grossi when i shifted, fin will shift. so i'm a min with the has been put. there's him, i sure finding with him or by valid lists in money by more sell it money, shot at the edge in a choice of, of the, of, of you could come from the point, photo jama when melissa, on hazardous liquid. oh, and i'm a cheek when they should. i mean, if you want to call be there like a whole because i'm i look, i can in the men can be and i am in that them a call hazardous mit mit the edict a or total of the nation thought
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of a 1000000000 salary. and i can last out part of a clean conferred only jimmy fever, lee and candace color have so many and also thought many another mouth could open. i near. well job how to be young beer. charlotte to be be in garcia when was young and was told me, you wanted to be in football. helena, johanna, me ah. later radio, not de la font success as a world class logo designer. he builds the visual identity for a range of the blue chip companies and 4 national institutions
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alarm or the chevy mark kimbrough shereka. so if you've been woken, indignant those, but the local, no one behind him. oh, be not how it shotuko my sister. oh, hello here. what could be only him which had been be not how we it, homer zone them. but this is and this and min michelle utley, lambert shar, severely medina, 3 of them in medina classic you have a really sharp t o k fee it to see him shot for fagen disorders, either live in federal occurrence and i use fear somebody, me a circuit 1st i can walk home to head in my mouth in the keys where she seems sharp. always she circle it every dog, kabir men, 1st of all or for the day. and i, when i had
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a friend in the he is shanika for wagon the see out of the shop. one more him, phenomenal of me and half of them a little house. i hadn't had them with the p y. they had to list out and got the shower we got, if you mesa chavira and who are just lee and me, so if you know my source, we have the casa, well, i have a home she, if you have a shower in the house, we're not for our model. so it is that man a 1000000 lumps really have no, ma'am. have a li hayman. medina. but me, and then what about us with, i mean, does to me me one of the corporate side that told me that hertz was she
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with the common man? no, much that happened is the one when that bus got a renewal. so the biggest thing since the last ones, so we worked on it for half in years, was a american university, and then it backed up and it was very deep a learn from him to go very deep to sink more than to create the image. because we go into the history from it when we created a lot of solutions for the local and so on. i what can you plug shahan nathan la, money mechanic can be at o as he's going to be. what each of them will the young hor min more for my mean and missile the money module when this tag
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have whole about when f. s. a. however, some are showing some money from facility and i allow people on the door as yellow with them and with some money or fear, min on money, she slumbered for her la la shabba, much more, a lot of money, a house of electric anna would be cooler miley, while homes yeah, maybe we could help her. then i thought he just said, min her, we have, you shall see the over 30 phenomenal damon and house i'm house. i'll give you an a mission. so he had the no can be, i knew i had the ended but but do sharman and be less modified the condition. i shen the the head than i'm a cato and they say hale family for those mean computer or family
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members. and then i will call her for the us and in my family to my ticket. mm. i prefer set up both a commercial designer and a teacher of the same. he passes on his expertise in good faith to a new generation of students with an interest in how the shape of letters can convey a message from holly in fear academy, it does mean we're funded team medina, lab, 60 manya, in heavy academia highly. and she was the one here on line. yeah. what are my of them i, i don't have
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a little bit that was been huts know like is the case can be em and went to lunch. and then a couple of men to each which is why should they should hook it up? leave nancy, we're not going home. why that her of age men my around is and i always love nano, new records i have while a be now while i mean why as hardy be my pub had that a corn will they fail to while the how, why i'm going to other how of the next door or fee is $100.00 man with a common awe lan. the excellent luscious suff. how of gemini effie on monday, the, or someone who waited them will the lab with animals,
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he has stuff and how to for let me one, i'll be way time a whole we have, we have that. how much am i to lace? what should suffer? how to follow them with alex? alex covers and the hello for me. i the washer. why am i gonna need washer? was seneca message that hudson will let you know how much it can be or to them that the lab nissan. lemme half an hour to be here to help the better thing about the upper lower classes that we have our own space experiment a lot. and that is giving us a playful approach to deal with new things. and it's also nice that you know, knows a lot about the arabic progress here, which is nice into and i guess i
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n as a colleague, he shows a great deal of respect and interest for the very different sorts of work that other colleagues at the school do, and between my department, which is painting in between typography department where diane works. interesting synergy and mutual respect. and that he understands very well you, michelle, maybe her or says i left him out for lobby. i wish he left in san year. rested. ok. he said we can move one day when a wreck is local in 70 and in total plan of who was in the lady when had a death, couldn't fossil the si, fi our, the own, the receipt be for thought to bought out of the of a company which has all,
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all of us i know for mama center in spanish was malone legit, min a considerable amount of money, a few min alleging few michelle. i mean waterfront, a bottle from the high of the lab and i only have a 10000000 act. better particular t c's, academia, there, jam. i looked at the south will fi bay from love. i didn't perform with some other stuff if i'm at 90 live sick kind of funny computer mesh about a lot of for 911. which bureau neutral, cool? beloved home the lead to the stablish her or what the feel feel or to me?
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sure will have it for 9 to allow money or casual le mconnell we home one. how about and i was brought and the federal on the 5 or one i didn't side and i had we had it for the last. if you money a few lives is just me mr. g. been there just terrible with the me. thick the bane of mind, the wire, but i thought of you sent lp and hums toilet. i need more assistance, could lead to me in jama money if i her why the she and of a whole be did then and then the list of our cars and i'm in my system and i mean that was heavy and caliah was an upper or have the has
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it could be behind but like have, you know, had to is if the, you know what i have is digital way below that will be when in a lot of difficult to know unconnected vehicle. i hate them there hockey, the man item and video to morphin where has to be and medina was only adult and home with that i can meet them for a few medina t y be now question to me and he will have this year the that he had the and be good to over the kevin and when the man come in and the cooling sand, he had to walk in a corner and cut them off to be that the only man could be fickle, who are a levy. yes,
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it will have your call is not for home. i don't want it one omen and no have one out of you will. can you help me in i say as well as the lemonade which was in a b and not a terrier could last month. and i saw the class and i am not in min by that, but this valley management within fell on them. i laughed at the fear for to be the
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kind of laugh at that here. when alicia on having medina marvey had jimmy and i nor i shall know. i've been a human a need. and when i have official nursing, how late will be plenty of law over me and we'll just choose any work modern feed. my chad, if you buy that chat with an a be what haven't or must have had to put have still had the couldn't you had to have a shout? i dish and a few my have mom law much hon. my advocate are much home bill. her all for the month and the path and why that will as human mac,
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i man couldn't buy them. she me tend to sell my neck. we say like, might have said, we are a thought on like on of a whole didn't did then. and i and medina, but i knew the fee to $1000000.00 of his or i'm going to be not that the bill for and min hell enough ally in the faith was the was use the banner mark as is more mark as a talk with jed the, the see, but that when i look at the slow but i had then still wouldn't know how that was not krisha or more or a can. how la, i laugh. i mean, bill parker was listed. well, how well it's out about the la beaman border j,
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the murphy t t m s t y. how, what are to, what had the sort of it's a little more proficient up, the less success allowed him to travel extensively to have hewlett africa and asia from the creative journeys you return to germany with the new influences i days and inspirations. ah carnita miller. he could even min medina when means of the middle of the monroe. the secular n me my mix of tea. well mine for me. i jamila, or mal had or ah,
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the un helen of fear, talley, me me mia marie do enjoy time. i've got enough and i know what the senate and joy is with decree. mad. a kaffir ally. and i've been fair like to see. i don't feel feel, well he just min had tea at me or for korea or jazz him in on monday from hello. oh my mom was in the in joyce yami alicia and he'd be so the why i'm a camel to come and mr. ok. yeah, i need to be in jazz as a whole bus. it or wonderland move can just
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work to fuck then she will be and get her. would you d v a. mccann, nana a c. and i thought that we just have the home and been sick and by the way, i had had the lemme emma come. i'm the one that can be of list of annella him list. mckennan was had an omen a know a know a regular if he, her job her can be a min minimum or minutes about that. i know what i mean. what mccannen could fee, what i need one, my kindly fee, or let them know how to fix with iraqi born designer, professor. right? yeah, not de la was a creative drive, has placed him on the world. the stage coming up,
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the palestinian physicists earned a gilbert petition for his pioneering work in the united states. ah, the covey. 1910. brittany, one of singapore, the most love tradition, its famous straits, told the fragile youth on $1.00 0, and 8th investigate it poker. ringback can innovate to survive on how to 0 july on the can to the civil return to the delight of fans and an industry hit hard by curve at 19, but will travel restrictions and social distance in the shadow on the glitz and glamour across the globe generation change we young activists, spicing injustices and demanding radical change. after a year long delay japan, hospital and picks unlike any the world has seen before. my son bob way, showcase his personal story, offering a fresh look at the changes and challenges. but the bob way face today,
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despite going tension with agency dance, e p, o p, or is that for the next phase of filling them on the blue nile july on a just when a war crime is committed, who is it kind of just follows a garzon human rights investigator, on his unprecedented journey to the french high court, i says it every place to make sure that the information to bring its context, taking on the arms trade in his fight for justice, for innocent palestinians, and their families. made in france on all disease just the right here to report on the people often ignored, but who must be heard? how many other channels can you say? we'll take the time and put extensive thought into reporting from under reported areas. of course, we cover major global events that are passionate lives and making sure that you're hearing the stories from people in places like how was fine libya and her region.
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and so many others. we go to them, you make the effort. we care ah i'm down jordan down the headlines here on the world health organization has worn governments against eating cobra, 900 restrictions to soon criticizing what it calls a premature rush back to full normality. several countries in europe are relaxing rule just by concerned over the highly contagious delta variant. but the devil h o says the pandemic isn't over yet. further waves infection could arrive late in the year. you just need to be a little more patient. remember last summer when we had everything got good.


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