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as a pandemic think millions into prophecy fuel prices and they're trying to call the fruits. whereas the lease next tech unicorn can see the cost on all to 0. the use. ready a warning against corona virus complacency, a world health organization expert says, countries are opening up way too quickly. you've made a very premature run, rush back to full normality and i think we're going to pay a price for that. ah, hello, i'm darren jordan. this is out of the line from deb, also coming up, increasing concerns about the advance is made by taliban fighters. enough gonna
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start off to foreign troops, pull out the therapy as prime minister defends launching a military campaign and to grow where hundreds of thousands are now enduring families and sport climbing is set to make it stay due at the tokyo olympics will meet one of the contenders for the goal the world health organization has worn governments against eating cobra, $900.00 restrictions to soon criticizing what it calls a premature rushed back to full normality. several countries in europe are relaxing rules, despite concerns about the highly contagious delta variant. but the w h o says the pandemic isn't over yet. and further waves of infection could arrive later in the, in all of the countries of the america. we still have nearly 1000000 cases. week 1000000 a week up it is an over am and the same in europe,
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in europe, in region. we've half a 1000000 cases week like this thing has gone away. so i summers of the sense that everyone thinks it's all over. and we're just getting on and to an extent, i understand the sentiment, understand why people want to feel that way. but for a lot of the world, unfortunately this thing is only getting started. we just need to be a little more patient. remember last summer where we had everything got good and then everyone kind of relaxed and then we kind of arrived in september or october and ended up in huge trouble. what i think that's where we're going again with a much more transmissible variant this time around. well that morning came on the same day, the u. k. as prime minister confirmed most kind of 19 restrictions in england will be lifted in 2 weeks. people won't have to wear face masks in most places or maintain social distance thing, or it's johnston missed the move, could drive up infections, but says, people have to learn to live with the virus. some of the reports from london on
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monday, a solemn start to the day for the prime minister, commemorating the 73rd birthday. if you case national health service, i'm an event honoring the organization and the efforts of its workers during the pandemic. that always took the prime minister's life nearly a year and a half since cove. it arrived here, the locked downs and restrictions that was since put in place had become part of daily life. but the time to discuss those protections is close by. according to the government, because of the u. k. successful vaccination program, we must be honest with ourselves that if we can't reopen our society in the next few weeks when we will be helped by the arrival of summer and by the school holidays, then massage ourselves. when will we be able to return to normal? well, the government has said that where mosque would be a question of personal responsibility. the drastic human cost has left some
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reticent to quit wearing them altogether. for the foreseeable future person, i'm probably going to keep it on because from kind of mind, more about protecting and looking off the others that might be more vulnerable with it. it is good that i put it in the power of the people in a way, but i personally think they should still be on. now if a country braces itself to repulse the last and social distance thing, questions remain over really what's best the sake of public health. and the prime minister himself has been under pressure by members of his own party and the restrictions as quickly as possible. make of the economy. he's prepared to do that despite a 74 percent rise and infections in the last week alone. the increasing pace numbers has had many of the medical community worried about the outcome of on blocking later this month. especially as hospitalizations have also been rising. we are an experiment in itself of how do we live with high vaccination rate, a new barrier delta, lots of children who are unvaccinated under the age of 18,
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and case numbers increasing, as well as a significant unlocking. there are lots of things happening right now that make it difficult to attack. so far, children have mostly escaped, the more severe forms of the disease, but they are unvaccinated and more at risk of a new delta variant that is currently dominant. the problem that we have right now is that this government is allowing the virus loose literally on to the general to do whatever it wants. they're just letting the virus, this is, this is hurting unity by the by go the other course. the concern is that the u. k. could become a petri dish and you very and that would potentially be more resistant to the current crop of vaccines. but now the vaccination campaign has been a success, the worry, or the progress coming undone while the pandemic is still very much with us. so need i? yeah, go, i'll just, there are london. large parts of malaysia are under a severe lockdown as it battles a new wave of coven 19 about $6000.00 cases,
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and not being reported daily. but now a new online campaign is helping those who are struggling. people have been hanging white flags outside their homes as a sign they're running out of food or rather necessities. neighbors in business is offering help using the hash tag, a white flag on social media. i've got this downs government is sending reinforcements to the north of the country where taliban fighters forced more than a 1000 troops to flee across the border. their advance is raising fears. the military will collapse once foreign force is complete, they withdraw. in september, when the group has been gaining ground across afghan, it's done. district shaded in orange on government controlled, contested districts are in green and the areas in purple are no taliban control. this means taliban fighters may have surrounded population centers, including strategically important cities. the number of districts and who controls them is still disputed. under chappelle reports,
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things are quiet at bagram air base. once the nerve center of americas longest running war, 100000 us troops were here during the course of the past 20 years. the final ones leading quietly on friday. the atkins are in charge now. but the question is, which haskins and for how long shopkeepers nearby are worried about more than their source of income for the pollution with those who love europe, issues, ethics or sales. it's not a problem for us if there are 4 enforces here or if they leave. but the fact that the tele bender taking over the district at any moment affects our work now was on . if i set up sales on very good i, most shopkeepers won't invest in these shops because they are worried about the countries future and don't know what will happen. they are also worried that wall will break out. other shops in the southern province of kandahar are closing in families, leaving as the front line approaches. and what is now more clearly a war between the afghan government and the taliban. taliban fighters are making inroads in kandahar after taking over abandon outposts the fighters share their
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spoils. elsewhere in cobble province, us armored vehicles and weapons which could potentially be used in the fight against the afghan government forces. founded by our capitalizing over that vacuum which has been created by the redraw. so that is why we have intensified the, the conflict and are having fast battle field games, particularly in the north of atlanta. done this with these battlefield games will definitely strengthen the taliban position. in any coming negotiations, if that is to happen and as well as this has thinned, shock waves from the moral perspective within the government, rank and file across the north of us can a stand government troops of surrender districts without a fight more than $1000.00 fled to neighboring to jacob stand on monday that prompted touch at president m. o. molly ross,
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man to call up 20000 reserve troops to the border with afghan. a stand. it is quite quite remarkable. the collapse that we have seen during june and now into july. beyond, beyond this of their the either the best expectations of the taliban or the worst expectations of the afghan government under the here. and the americans, the tele bonds making gains every day. so where does that leave afghanistan in the post us era and chappelle al jazeera, an industry group that includes facebook, twitter, and google says tech johns could stop offering their services in hong kong. a proposed changes to data privacy laws. the amendments target the militia sharing of people's information known as doc thing. but the asia internet coalition says, well it's, it's against doc. seeing the drop load, vague wording could leave local staff open to face criminal investigations and prosecution, hong kong chief executive, kerry lamb says the territory is willing to listen to the concerns of the tech
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companies face thought, get hate. i like the amendment exercise, needs to address the issue of doc, saying the privacy commissioner has the power to take action and carry out investigation. if online companies express their concern, i'm sure that the privacy commissioner is happy to meet with them and listen to their concerns. now, china's cyberspace regulator has ordered the removal of the nation's leading ride, hailing up from online stores, duties accused of illegally collecting and using personal data. is the latest moved by the government to curve the growing influence, a big tank. katrina, you report from beijing for millions of people in china. there's only one way to book a cab using the smartphone up known locally as dd. but the app has become the latest target of the chinese government crackdown or technology companies. the country cyberspace regulator says d. d violated personal data laws and chinese app stores has been ordered to remove it. the announcement came days after parent company dd global listed shares on the
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new york stock exchange. the 2nd largest initial public offering by a chinese company in the us. it's big, it's bigger than hoover, it's one of a dominant player. and it looks like the valuation that was placed on the company was reasonable. i think investors are a little worried about regulatory crackdowns. the company raised almost $4500000000.00 on wednesday, but the share price has since dropped d. d operates in china, and in more than 15 other countries, existing users can continue to use the app. so far they drink has been clamping down on technology companies over anti trust and data security concerns. last october, regulators quashed the public share offering of ad financial, the largest financial technology company in the world. in april ads, parent company, alibaba was find a record to point $8000000000.00 for anti trust violations. the moves have been
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seen as the chinese government asset terrain and power and influence of founded jack mark, who openly criticized paging economic policies, describing them as restrictive the brilliant entrepreneur has retired from money companies he started and for months has practically disappeared from public view. the crackdown follow a period of unexpected growth. we're trying to technology industry and it has invested increasingly worried about the risk of getting on the wrong side of the chinese government authority, say the moves unnecessary for reducing risks and protecting consumers. supporters of compared them to efforts to regulate technology giant facebook and google in the us and europe. trade is moving from being one of the least regulated cyberspace. countries in the world to one of the most that just be most regulated under the most effective dd says it's working with the government to address its concerns and will listen to its guidance. whether or not the move is about tightening. posey or
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controlling power. the tech giant has little choice but to comply. katrina, you al jazeera paging time for a short break here. and just here, when we come back up toxic fire and thailand's capital has been contained, but people having to keep well clean and scorching heat and rolling blackouts, iraq's failing power grid, makes public as a boy over onto the streets, mana state. i ah, it's time for the journey to winter sponsored by kettle airways. hello, we got the burning. continuing across the middle east, we got lost the clear skies, but notice some storms rumbling away just around the black sea. we'll still see some showers there into northern parts of turkey, just want to shout soon to northern areas of afghanistan,
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$33.00 celsius. the in couple temperatures have been done about where they should be around $42.00 sales has been look a little further north and we're not too far off at 50 degree, month, q weight and foot bag that over the next day or so. pretty much dry. wherever you are, but there will be some showers just around the caucuses. georgia, i mean as a, by john cassie, a shower or 2 as we go into the middle part of the week. just wanted to shower just around the southern end of the red sea. as well as she was just gathering now around the opium highlands as they should pulsing their way quite nicely across south sudan, pushing over towards the gulf of guinea. some shop down pools, just coming through here. as a result of that, we'll see some wet weather to enter the democratic republic of congo, some showers just the round, the rift valley south of that it is looking generally dry and fine, pleasant sunshine coming through. for the most part, that sunshine standing all the way down because much of south africa. but as we go into the 2nd half of the week, a chance of rain,
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the cake town sponsored call cut on airways. ah, i'll just the world need to, are they going to let the middle east and build remarkable life finding stuff in germany of the united states. yet never forgetting that homeland of iraq and palestine. inspiring human story abroad. the designer of the atomic science analogy here. oh, the me talk about time for a quick check on the top stories here. the world health organization has born
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governments against easing cobra, 900 restrictions to soon criticizing what it calls a chemistry rushed back to full normality. it says the damage isn't over yet. and further waves of infection could arrive later in the year. well, the warning came as the u. k. prime minister confirmed most cobit 19 restrictions in england will be lifted in 2 weeks. people won't have to wear face masks in most places or maintain social distance is always jones. but mich, the mood could drive up infection. afghanistan's government is spending reinforcements to the north on for thousands of troops fled across the border to to just on taliban fighters have been getting territory, raising concerns of a security. once foreign troops compete. there was role in september. now a fire at a plastics factory and thailand has finally been extinguished nearly 20 hours after unexposed, and at least one person died and dozens are injured in the blaze. on the outskirts of bangkok, tony chambers for through curity cameras recalled the
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impact of a sudden explosion in a residential neighborhood. just outside bangkok. the ground shook, just like an earthquake, said residents shattering windows all around the source, a huge chemical factor. in summit return on the outskirts of the ty, capital, highly flammable materials used to make phone packaging quickly and gulf the complex in flames. the firefighters struggled to contain the we are trying to look for the injured, however, the flames are quite high. so it takes quite an effort to look at people. rescue is almost spitting out because we receive calls for people who have injuries from the explosions from the extended area, one or 2 streets away. from here. there are reports of falling debris, injuries from debbie impacts and faces, and hence, the damage caused by the explosion was considerable. it's estimated the century alone has suffered more than $20000000.00 us dollars worth. 70 homes are also
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seriously affected, and thousands of people have been evacuated from within a wide radius of the factory. firefighters struggled throughout the day to bring the blaze under control. but the flammable nature of the chemicals made it a complicated and dangerous task. at times the flames taking of areas in the firefight they had under control. the day went on a huge plume of smoke rose across the area, described by some witnesses as toxic and visible across bangkok beyond. when that finally clears, they'll be questions to answer about the failure to control such dangerous chemicals. tony chang, l to 0, bank of the number of people missing on accounted for from mudslide and central. japan has risen to more than 80 rescue crews, and tommy are taking advantage of a break in the rain 2 days after the disaster. japan's prime minister says the focus is still on finding people alive. 1500 emergency workers and soldiers are there. there are fears of more month slides in the region. thousands of people have
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been advised to evacuate. armed men of kidnapped 150 school students in northwestern nigeria, witness to say the attack took place overnight at the high school and they could do the city in a separate incident. 8 people are abducted from a hospital and nearby the real city has been an increase in mascot. nothings for ransom in the region. the therapy as prime minister abbey aman has defended the decision to fight rebels in the northern to grow region. speaking to parliament, he described to ground forces as a danger to the rest of the country leaders into gray se then willing to accept a federal government ceasefire if certain demands are meant conference or reports. now from addis ababa yeah, i got up because the prime minister be responding to questions from members of parliament in the session was mainly about his power on economic development. but the crisis in t grey was all to be called their gender. and what's the future relationship
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between the federal government and the t p. alas, can there be sustainable peace and to growing up and is there the possibility of to ground forces taking their flight beyond the grain borders? the prime minister gave more reasons why the military was deployed to the region last november, saying that the grand forces had an expansionist agenda to destabilize the country . with the good to go to his plan, they prepared an army, but they didn't stop there. they started encroaching on the rest of a t o p and started to destabilize the entire nation in all sorts of ways. this is quite dangerous, and at the end of the day, it would endanger the existence of the nation. it's considered as a threat. the government declared the war over in late november, but things have changed. the rebels have taken the capital macalester and other areas in the region. so i think with less expected was the speed with which the t. d. f transformed itself. from
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a mo bile disbursed gorilla force into almost a conventional army that just marched and not only on the humanitarian situation is dire. the un says more than 400000 to grands and now suffering from farming electricity and telephone lines have been cut. the air space is closed and infrastructure including important bridges, have been destroyed. families say a political dialogue is necessary, but does not appear possible just now. the government doesn't recognize the t, d. f, as the legitimate authority into gray doesn't even seem to accept that it exists. and the t d f says it doesn't want bilateral talks with the government. it believes that a national dialogue is necessary to save ethiopia. so i think we're far from anything beyond immediate humanitarian troops, if that that the grand leadership and its political party, p, p l, f. have given a list of demands for these via it. once, among other things,
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the federal government to recognize it as the legitimately elected regional government of the guy that may be difficult, that ministration of prime minister has already labels dpi left and it forces a terrorist organization. catherine's lawyer, all the 0. i the saba, the u. s. embassy in the iraq capital bank data shut down a drone near the heavily fortified green zone. its defense system 54 bursts of high powered rounds. as it approached the compound earlier, at least 3 rockets hit us based on the west of the country. no casualties were reported. now anger at frequent power cuts just spilling onto the streets of iraq as some a temperatures saw corruption and mismanagement by successive governments. since the us led invasion in 2003 a blame for the crisis. critic say as much as $80000000000.00 has been wasted in the electricity sector. would have to live reports from back that this is
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a familiar sound at home, the streets of baghdad, and many other towns and cities across generators to provide a tricity with power outages from the national grid. all to combine iraq is, are desperate for alternative sources specially in the heat of summer. for some owning generators and hiring, then our to neighbors has become a profitable business venture. but not all families can afford the costs involved. the n jose's are suffering as temperature, sor, there are power black outs almost every day and for a very long periods a my plasma liquid why no one is so poor. we don't have cold water to drink. our children cannot bear the heat. they splash each other with water to cool off. we use hand fans to provide ventilation for them, said he can sleep until i get up,
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but have been angry demonstrations in many cities. protesters are furious at what they see as the corruption and mismanagement of consecutive governments. mac, do. we are in an open strike. we want to terminal solution. we don't want temporary solutions. iraq needs about 30000 me go once a day to overcome this crisis. the professors are blaming consecutive authorities for appealing, not only to create more how lot of generating projects, but also to protect existing power in a police power facilities have been frequently attacked and have been fewer shortages for power stations. a prime minister most coldly me blamed his predecessors and said iraq should diversify its resources to operate power plants instead of relying on gas from iran. that supply has also been suspended
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because iraq hasn't paid its bills. length of the political elite are unable to face electricity challenges because the lack strategic planning, they only care about the interests of their regional backers. and therefore, your rocky citizen, be the primary. the in her scenes are not aware or even interested in the political rivalries and conflicts of thought and the oil rich country apart all the wanted, some cold air to cape the scorching temperatures for a peaceful night. sleep would have drew. i had to al jazeera though, the brazil president jab both an arrow has been implicated in another corruption scandal. the brazilian news website you well says he was involved in hiring close associates as employees and then receiving a cut of f salaries. it allegedly happened during his time as
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a member of the lower house of congress, both and i was already being investigated over a scandal involving his government's attempts to procure vaccines from india. more bodies have been found in the rubble of a collapse building in the us state of florida, after officials resumed a search and recovery operation, it had been paused on sunday, while engineers demolished what was left of the apartment blocking side. the control explosion opened up new areas to rescue 28 people and entered died. well, a $117.00 now there's just 17 days to go until the opening ceremony of the tokyo olympic games delayed by year because of the pandemic . not meant a long wait for 5 sports to make that 1st appearance of the games among them is sport climbing. showing a copy from the u. k. is one of the climate hoping to win that historic 1st ever gold. the bulk of trouble to sheffield, to me to my name is shawna cox. and i am a special climate and i'll be competing in sport climbing for the 1st time climbing
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1st time in the tokyo fun front again, was full climbing makes its limpid debut this summer. so in a cooksey will be reaching for gold. the 2 time world champions being competing since the age of 7 climbing the gains is called climbing and a combination of 3 different disciplines which speak. i'm in south like monetary. how fast will bouldering, which you can see a little bit behind us and not too high off the ground of math. and then also leave climbing, which is clipping a rope in as you climb up. and it's who gets the highest the overall when it's based on who performs best in 3 discipline. it's a full body support, legs, core, fingers, everything needs to be strong. but this isn't just about punishing routine. team, great britain's approach before they even get to the war is about fun.
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if your in a joyful place and you're happy to just let go and have a goes, i guess going to help you on. because if you're comfortable with pushing your boundaries a little bit on the floor and learning on the math, you'll be able to do the final pay behind all it is about training through play stuffy training with the body and he's happy mildly for happy athletes. strengthen agility are only half the story climb as also need a strategic mind to tackle any configuration of war. one of the competitions for athletes are only given a matter of minutes. insulation to work out how to plan that re submit their bodies and their mind working in this house. of course,
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the mental news you will hear with athletes for many sports having to adopt the training routines. during the pandemic coming centers close, shawna use especially bill was in her own placement. and just thing is something we're familiar with. we adjust to injury, we're just the changes in advance and that's part of our lives. so anyway, yes, it was some real to have to adjust, but it's also something that is familiar. i the sport all about the athletes, personal interaction with the wall. there's a collective deal amongst these climbers, a sporting euphoria, even when things go wrong. oh, the getting a competitive edge over her rival games where the margins between athletes a minuscule take shawna away from the wall to an ice cold river in the english
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countryside. after being indoors in a car all day to come out and feel connected with the outdoors again is important. this is the athletes place to unwind focus and prepare body in mind for the lofty heights, the olympic games. giving the less athletic amongst a moment to cool off limbs. fall couches era, sheffield, ah, i forget check of the headlines here on, i'll just see over the world health organization as warn governments against easing cobra. 900 restrictions to soon criticizing what it calls that premature rush back to full. no mandate. it says the pandemic isn't over yet, and further waves of infection could arrive later in the year. we just need to be a little more patient. remember last summer where we had everything got good and then everyone kind of relaxed and then we kind.


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