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compared them to efforts to regulate technology giant facebook and google in the us and europe. trade is moving from being one of the least regulated cyberspace. countries in the world to one of the most that just be most regulated under the most effective dd says it's working with the government to address its concerns and will listen to its guidance. whether or not the move is about tightening. posey or controlling power. the tech giant has little choice but to comply. katrina, you al, jazeera paging. ah, this is algebra. these are your top stories. well, health organization has worn governments against ease, uncovered 19 restrictions too soon, criticizing what i called a premature rushed back to full normality says the pandemic isn't over yet. unfair . the waves of infection could arrive later in the year. you just need to be
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a little more patient. remember last summer where we had everything got good and then everyone kind of relaxed. and then we kind of arrived in september or october and ended up in huge trouble. but i think that's where we're going again with a much more transmissible, very at this time around. and that's the issue. the warning came as the case prime minister confirm most kind of 19 restrictions in england will be lifted in 2 weeks . people won't have to wear face mosques in most places or maintain social distance thing. or as johnson admitted, the move could drive up infections. i've got install, the government is sending reinforcements to the north of to 1000 of its troops fled across the board to touch its down. taliban fighters have been gaining territory, raising concerns about security on foreign troops complete withdrawal in september . if his prime minister be med has defended the decision to fight rebels in the northern tiguan region, saying that they were dangerous to the rest of the country. leaders into gray say
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they would accept to cease fire if certain demands were met. armed men have kidnapped a 150 students in north west nigeria. witnesses say the attack took place over night at high school near could do this city. in a separate incident, 8 people were abducted from a hospital in nearby zaria city. has been an increase in mass kidnappings for ransom in the region. tropical storm else's head cuba with face winds. rain, it may land full in the country style is expected to move up with florida. in the next few hours, the capital has added with sped from the bronze of the storm, but nearly 200000 people in cuba have been moved from their homes over the possibility of heavy smuggling. those are you headlines coming up next to the people and palace they the covey. 1910 to brittany, one of singapore,
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the most love tradition. its famous streets told the fragile youth on $10.00 and 8th investigate it. poker can innovate to survive on out to 0 me brazil's amazonian ring forest is the most precious ecosystem on the planet. vital for commenting climate change. by the time the world began to acknowledge that fact, 2 decades ago, vast tracts had been lost to legal loading, cattle, ranching and sorry farms now and brazil's right wing president job o scenario. the rain forest is again being decimated at an alarming rate. the
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the south, palo brazil by 3 pm. the city is smothered by black clouds of smoke. scientists eventually discover the course of the size raging in the far north of the country. thousands of miles away in the amazon rain forest. official figures show more than 87000 amazonian fires are recorded in brazil. these 5 destroyed 10000 square kilometers of the amazon in 2019. while the brazilian government fails to act,
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the world responds with great. the wood criticism focused on newly elected the far right. president, julia bolton. i don't know why i thought there, hey, we know today was not happened by chance. he was plan, fostered and executed by the boss on how to govern. this is a true oh, after bolt scenarios, election, preserves environmental agency, have their budget slashed. his economic policies are focused on developing the economy inside the amazon rain forest but albums investigation and a big problem. lack of implementation of brazil's forest laws. why did happen? the company looks to define fund 2 or 3000000 eyes if i a use good liars. i can the state ears in the years in
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years without pay from 1980 to 2019 penalties. book cutting trees down and protected areas total. $17000000000.00 us dollars less than 4 percent of these fines were collected. corruption and the inability to collect fines have encourage more violators to set up shop inside the amazon. there's lots of people working with the people from illegal loading the people from our business. there's a people linking to illegal gold mining, for example. there's a lot of people working with this chain off crime is in the amazon there for a station is one of the cleared land as he used to produce beef and agri products. a large portion of which is exported to parts of
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asia. people need to understand that we are all responsible for this. so even people, faraway pakistan in china, in australia are also helping with environment problems in amazon because they are consumers. mm. worldwide forests still cover about 30 percent of the planners, but they are disappearing at an alarming rate. between 19902016, the world lost 1300000 square kilometers a forest. according to the world bank that scenario larger than south africa. we arrive in the state of barbara to investigate the effects of the fires in northern brazil. burned down jungles, now resemble a was erica veranda is an environmental
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scientist who's lived in the amazon for the last 10 years. he's my study, the destructive force of the fives here. barracka takes us for a walk inside a protected area to show as the impact of buyers on the amazon. so there's one of the main difference that are going to be within a bond for as an ongoing part, you can see that we're not seeing many trees and many big trees that we are still facing the diameter of them. since the amazon rain forest has 410000000000 trees in this region alone with a total of 76000000000 tons of carbon stored in them. if we were to the forest, the whole of them is amazing. that comprises 9 country, all the emissions that are the rise from this for a station would be equivalent of a 100 years of the us pots,
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a few emissions. that's how much carbon the amazon stores, so it's a vital component to fight climate change. animals are being affected to it's believed that there are about 3000000 different species of plant and animal life from the amazon amazon. it's estimate that there is $16000.00 pieces arbitrary. unfortunately, a thing that was in my lifetime, if there is no political will. if we don't take strong positions that isn't going to be going but president bolts now wants to abolish protection for indigenous language. has called have been echoed by miners put self preservation ahead of environmental conservation. brazil is one of the biggest goal producers in the world. was also reported at 81000000 kilograms in
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2018. there is a new gold rush in brazil today. one healed by soaring unemployment in regions inside the amazon rain forest. they are evading public lance law. the trees do some gold mining and damaging these areas or do some fishing and hunting me today. my news have become more organized, create and cooperatives to hunt for gold. collectively, one such cooperative school that was founded in 28 by foremost south palo banker, gilson campbell. or the single me against you still with me just the right fit, the frame that me such gold
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mines, illegal as part of the brazilian government strategy to monetize the amazon. but drone images reveal the damage to the environment. ah, this was once a lush green forest, with flora and florida spread all across the landscape. it's been replaced by energy guzzling machines. philip barclay. l. copa, ga alone. as d far as to 3000 square kilometers of amazon rain forest. since 20 o a. gold mining and the amazon rain forest is attractive for the high yield of
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going off to extensive pattern mercury is used to extract go from the mud to process hold amalgamation just thornton of van. suffer south american institute. i think are you there for since then? since you bye,
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sheet are on the for the f one just found in the crew had coverage even work without protective equipment or procedures to help them. discard the mercury safety in circles and control k model was what we can touch currency by making the hit the the heat applied evaporates the mercury and gold left in the pack in the copper ga mind. 400 grams of gold today. people sell to $500.00 us dollars in the poor countryside. better fortune for a day's hard labor journal cars or when h revive. back? is the fin seed i years interesting. stone. nearly dear. s o putting digest by the wider legalities on,
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on your sake of india so. so the role code is sell to shops in the city to process it into gold bars. the final product is exported to countries across asia, the middle east in america, earnings billions of dollars in revenue. mines like couple even a legal and old part of president volta narrows master plan to monetize the amazon . net a ssl and go about possible. let me emphasize as least not so as you've all he, i don't believe us ones will be up for force or demand to keep them. but this is, this is what the map of my father used to. farmers are still gotten to farmer funny, the sharing big handler he gives a why you see, to come up with is a message in but on the ground. damage done by legal minds is irreversible. spacious,
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because of florida stuff bad. so the new misers by losing a fusion from us, gosh them. so school with fish, the me solve, solve have it. i don't want to function. key model is either this is book last nice, but a system me see out that i'm i by law copa g a supposed to restore the forests. once the mine is closed and you phase is about to hit. so gilson takes us to a restored part of the mine work on this course. he's turned one area into a fish father while planting trees and another you know, happy day just thought, i don't know, but you have to do those permission can serve you as soon as this,
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i just got it and i put all of them and i live on the ample rep with the volta mansell della trudy della. i don't know the destination. don't see brazzel dale and look as i put in and see if we can get one for you to keep in mind that done. that's what he is. he woke my grand process, the but the mining companies want to use indigenous lands to expand operations and make more profits. they're pushing for a change in brazilian law, allowing firms to mine inside protected land and indigenous reserves across the nation. giving a message and i got the message or no saw, why do you really actually like me? i'm out of school for the by jimmy lee, but he's on the the ancient looking cows or s masha,
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s a deficiency. if you see his process involving is, julia says, i thought i had a proportion with which most of them out of g, which is, i don't mean that our, my good angela girlfriend visible along despite having protected status, digital territories are already facing an invasion in part of the state alone, brazilian authorities estimates that 30 metric tons of illegal gold worth about one point. $1000000000.00 us dollars has been excavated, that 6 times more than the legal amount of gold traded in brazil. that she will group my just let me see much more in your morning to see share god. but in terms of their eyes on your floor asked them to see him or
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even rep with the adult guy. actually dodge through. did she lose this mining boom? could lead to the extinction of indigenous communities that have weathered centuries of calamities in brazil's rain forest. roughly 900000 indigenous people live in brazil, all the belong to 400 tribes and speak more than 270 languages. jo flores is the chief of the moon roof who drive it leads nearly 14000 members who have splintered into dozens of small villages. they've lived here for thousands of years a protest selling see my c merging to like the students. but at least you might see would almost fall almost for
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my food most could to be seen as long as i grabbed the phone, a florida flushed to the presence of florida. then you seem as it's tonya tonya being milky meals were in. sonya who mckellar he is and that's why horace has to create borders, are more commonly known as demarcation is to identify his tribes. indigenous lands, motivated by the surgeon international price of gold miners choose to prospects of gold and protected reserves to evade taxes. oh, would i? e no, he johnston that up them. i got up the not you my fudge 3 such sweet jets. but how could you got
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a good reading from soon as 1111 bought to actually meet your professor like you're like in like a prize winning each. this is permanently evicting a digital people from the land is forbidden. under article 231 of brazil's constitution, but the bolts in our government is planning to build times an infrastructure in the top of your reservation to boost the economy found with machetes. whereas in his crew ensure the conservation of 178000 hector's rain forest which isn't it has been made some good engine, the water and the key. they move
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to space. so don't fit in the leg. got incidental that they can use the white pressure because i'm not what he is. right. but if you're just moist, kayla said the problem. the flores takes us to one such illegal mining site. and i was built right on the top of the river. me know, as we reach an abandoned mining pit, the extent of the devastation can only be gauge from high above me. ah. kilometers
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a protected rain forest are now mere ditches. spun got even to get much political miss lesson from a start to focus on this and then i will feel is author, you know, i mean that us on sunday or legally legally is i've got to come when you're my case work here. you only can, but for them, you know, and for my grandson manual key. so my friend went to flourish for a c, c who thinking chica, florida, the noise, but i told the mom morris up losing vision or this but with little enforcement of the law, the destruction continues to me. a little wrangle cross country where
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it is. they seal, do you shove? i yeah. dish both. hey joyce kill is or welcome i'm going assume like i love me into han was indeed nosey. he's got on the courses either who have courses and eyes and i caught them number i was he was just army currently in brazil, mining on indigenous territories is totally prohibitive. the amazon contains about 20 percent of the world's total volume of river water, more than 80 percent of the world's food has its origins in this rain forest. apart from tearing down nature, forces and miners have also started digging for gold in the rivers contaminating these waterways. with mercury, one of us other more the only fish. because keith. well, you know she'll yeah. you fishy picardo samantha. there wash key
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is cheap chick jojo must, but i must have somebody visit then bill network a residential work in a space. ok. but modern must be badge. he broke the shot up front. he fell noise. best comes put up with this element. you list besotted us about, you know, the vice of god joe compound. you know, is that my face will not make up. so that by your eyes they will, he may be a florist, but when you get a miser meant that some whereas in his community can no longer fish in the river. they have to hunt for food on land. researchers found 92 percent of all hair and fish samples collected here at high levels of mercury, resulting and abnormalities in the central nervous system of incense. so
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hot roads is decided to take things into his own hands as they plan to invade. brazil is congress to pressure politicians to take action the bone elite for alexandra cora, and the roku indigenous activist is leading the charge. that's because i got the local schools been turned into a makeshift can ah ah, the 15 when the roku tribals down to visit brazil's congress to meet politicians and demands that the lands protected under brazil law be left alone. but it didn't,
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he didn't use for him to where he could use to me. she's talking distemper defense g, i thought i didn't a good got you put them in the coding to brazil's national institute for space research in 2018 alone, 5 square kilometers of indigenous monday routes. land was deforested in 2019. the tree massacre increased to 15 square kilometers. the next day, the tribe of prepares for battle. they believe also now rows of rhetoric has encouraged the advance of the miners deeper into indigenous territory.
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whether the moon roku arrive at brazil's congregation, the main legislative body of the country. this movement is helped by the countries only indigenous congress. women join, you know what each other she's only the 2nd inter, just woman to have ever been elected to congress. she made a little guy via the label. the spot was in jesus still jude age. he only got phone calls was to amount to more than $594.00 congress representatives. only 3 show allison dra makes and impassioned plea for the right to them. when i was in the law, it seems to me still not bad anything. i've been asked about what that's and it is
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a no, i mean that also no thank you to eat their mac up so that you know, thing that i so know as well. may be noisy to the new model as we do you, me today. the deforestation and the amazon claims an area the size of 2 football fields a minute. if consumption patterns don't change, 50 percent of the amazon may banish by 2030, destroying one of the world's largest carbon sinks, protecting existing rain forests, and aggressively planting new ones. maybe the only way forward and perhaps one of the last few ways to help save this plan and call it home. ah
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ah ah ah ah ah, one of the fastest growing nations in the way i want a car needed to open and develop it into national shipping company to become a team, middle east and trade and money still filling us out 3 key areas of filling up from the connecting the world connecting the future, you gotta come to gateway to whoa trade,
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frank assessments schools and tell to the been reduced to rubble. how do you think the shapes a generation and their politics, their life has been shipped. why vitamin them called inside story? on our jazeera, i, me a warning against crowd of ours complacency, a wells health organization next, but says countries opening up way too quickly. you've made a very premature run, rush back to full normality and i think we're going to pay a price for that. but then you guys prime minister says people must learn to live with the virus and the staff was just got a mask next section. ah.


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