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bob way, in her words, she is always told, from the perspective of the great man, whether it's even moving and the robot mcguffey. my responsibility is to tell, is involved with the story in a way that it hasn't really been told before the ordinary, everyday life or the people i'm writing about patina. got out of darkness, mice and bob way on algebra. me a warning against current, a virus complacency and weld health organization experts that come through the opening up way too quickly. you've made a very premature run, rush back to full normality and i think we're going to pay a price for them. but you guys for minutes as the people must learn to nip with the
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virus is to as discarding mask and lifting other restriction. ah, my money inside this is out there alive from day. so coming up, increasing concern about the advances made by taliban and vices. enough, got this down off to foreign troops, pull out your peers. prime minister defense launching a ministry campaign in t grey where hundreds of thousands and now enduring a found the world health organization has worn to governments against eas, encoded 19 restrictions too soon. criticizing what i call a premature, rushed back to full normality. several countries in europe are relaxing roles, despite concerns about the highly contagious delta variance. the w. h. o says the
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pandemic isn't yet over and further waves of infection could arrive later in the year. of the countries of the month, because we still have nearly 1000000 cases week 1000000 a week in the hook up. it is an over am and the same in europe and europe in region. we've half a 1000000 cases week like this thing has gone away. so i sometimes have this sense that everyone thinks it's all over and we're just getting on. and to an extent, i understand the sentiment. understand why people want to feel that way. but for a lot of the world, unfortunately this thing is only getting started. we just need to be a little more patient. remember last summer where we had everything got good and then everyone kind of relaxed. and then we kind of arrived in september, october and ended up in huge trouble. i think that's where we're going again with a much more transmissible variant this time around. and that's the issue. well,
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that warning came on the same day. the u. k. prime minister confirmed most cove at 19 restrictions in england will be lifted in 2 weeks. people won't have to wear face mos in most places or maintain social distance sick. or johnson to admit the move could drive up infections, but says people have to learn to live with the virus. so you guys go reports from london. on monday, a solid start to the day for the prime minister, commemorating the 73rd birthday. if you case national health service, i've been event honoring the organisation and the efforts of its workers during the pandemic. that always took the prime minister's life nearly a year. and a half since cove, it arrived the lock downs and restrictions that was since put in place have become part of daily life. but the time to discuss those protections is close by according to the government. because of the u. k. successful vaccination program, we must be honest with ourselves that if we can't reopen our society in the next
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few weeks, when we will be helped by the arrival of summer and by the school holidays, then we must ask ourselves, when will we be able to return to normal, well, the government has said that where mosque would be a question of personal responsibility. the drastic human cost has left some reticent to quit wearing them altogether. for the foreseeable future person, i'm probably going to keep it on because from kind of mind, more about protecting and looking off the others that might be more vulnerable with it. it is good that i put it in the power of the people in a way, but i personally think they should still be on. now if a country braces itself to repulse the last and social distance thing, questions remain over really what's best the sake of public health. and the prime minister himself has been under pressure by members of his own party and the restrictions as quickly as possible. make of the economy. he's prepared to do that
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despite a 74 percent rise and infections in the last week alone. the increasing pace numbers have had many of the medical community worried about the outcome of on blocking later this month, especially as hospitalizations have also been rising. we are an experiment in itself of how do we live with high vaccination rate, a new barrier delta, lots of children who are unvaccinated under the age of 18, and case numbers increasing, as well as a significant unlocking. there are lots of things happening right now that make it difficult to attack. so far, children have mostly escaped, the more severe forms of the disease, but they are unvaccinated and more at risk of a new delta variant that is currently dominant. the problem that we have right now is that this government is allowing the virus lose literally those on to the children to do whatever it wants. they're just letting the virus. so this is, this is hurting unity by the by go the other course. the concern is that the u. k.
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could become a petri dish and you very and that would potentially be more resistant to the current crop of vaccines. but now the vaccination campaign has been a success, the worry or the progress coming undone while the pandemic is still very much with us. so need i? yeah, go, i'll just, there are london a spring in doctor dennis nash. she's a distinguished professor, happened to me. ology at the 15 of us in new york, he joins a spy skype. money, thanks for joining the program. what do you make of my crimes comments? all countries making a very premature, rushed back to full normality. i agree with, with mike ryan w h o, i do think there are some situations in different places around the world that are opening up prematurely. the really important thing is to ensure that prior to opening up their high enough levels of vaccine coverage so that you can protect as many of the most vulnerable people in a given society as possible. and that,
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in my view, makes it really important to say we can, you can tie, opening up to achieving certain levels of vaccine coverage and do it in a phased way or incremental way. so for example, when 40 percent of coverage is achieved with the vaccine workplaces can reopen with certain restrictions. and when 60 percent coverage is achieved, there can be fewer workplace restrictions, or maybe we can begin to move to outdoor sporting events and things like that. so it's really important to tie, opening up to achieving, you know, high levels of coverage in the population and doing that, as opposed to just saying, you know, individuals to get back seed really makes this a challenge. and a problem of, of the collective. it makes everyone in the population think, you know, in order for us to move on, we all need to work together to achieve the high levels of vaccine coverage. so what is high enough? do you think the u. k has met bad threshold of high vaccination rates?
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because that is what bars thompson is counting on. well, last they looked, i think the u. k. is gotten to about 50 percent coverage with and thinking about fully covered with 2 doses of vaccine or one dose of a single those back seen. i think that clearly we're seeing a search in cases in the u. k. and that suggest to me it's not enough. and while we haven't yet seen surges and death rates there, we're beginning to see increases in the death rates while they're still very low. they've probably increased 2 or 3 fold over the last few weeks and to me that's something to watch. and i know they've said a deadline of july 19th to to fully reopen a lot can happen in 2 weeks. a lot of people could be vaccinated between now and then i would really like to see rather than set an arbitrary date. you know, forrest johnson to say, if we can achieve, say 70 percent coverage between now and then. then we can begin to think about
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opening up. do you think, mr. jones? not the point though, when he says at some point we've got to just live with this virus. i do, i do, we do. we all need to move on. however, it's not something you can just say in a vacuum, need to consider that and balance that against the real risk that it's posed the population where there's low levels of vaccine coverage. and you know, very infectious in transmissible variance, and some of the low levels of vaccine coverage are in vulnerable populations in the u. k. i think they've done a very good job reaching the elderly and other about owner bal populations and, and that is showing now is there they're able to absorb a fairly steep surge in cases without a comment. surge and in depth. and that's very good. but that's not to say that that there couldn't be a surge. and the only way to avert those kinds of surges in depth and
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hospitalizations is to get to a high level higher level of coverage than what they are at right now. where you get a lot of transmission happening and that could that could p keep a lot of people at risk. thank you for your time doctor dennis nash speaking to us there from new york. thank you to i've got his daughter who's government is sending reinforcements to the north of the country where taliban fighters for small than a 1000 troops to flee across the border. advance is waiting fears. the military will collapse once foreign forces complete. they withdraw in september. well, the group has been fighting and winning across afghanistan, districts shaded in this map and orange, a govern controlled contest. the districts are in green. the areas in purple are fully on the taliban control. this means taliban fighters may have surrounded population centers, including strategically important cities. the number of districts and who controls
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them is the speech of though under chappelle has this report. things are quiet at bagram air base. once the nerve center of america's longest running war, 100000 us troops were here during the course of the past 20 years. the final once leaving quietly on friday, the afghans are in charge now. but the question is, which atkins and for how long? shopkeepers nearby are worried about more than their source of income for the pollution while the thought your issues affect our sales. it's not a problem for us if there are 4 enforces here or if they leave. but the fact that the tele been taking over the district at any moment affix or work now on. if i thought of sales on very good i, most shopkeepers won't invest in these shops because they are worried about the country's future and don't know what will happen. they are also worried that wall will break out. other shops in the southern province of kandahar are closing in families, leaving as the front line approaches. and what is now more clearly
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a war between the afghan government and the taliban. taliban fighters are making inroads in kandahar after taking over abandon outposts the fighters share their spoils. elsewhere in couple province, us army vehicles and weapons, which could potentially be used in the fight against the afghan government forces. founded by our capitalizing over that vacuum which has been created by the withdrawal. so that is why we have intensified the, the conflict and are having fast battle field games, particularly in the north of a blindness done. this will. these battlefield gains will definitely strengthen the taliban position in any coming negotiations if that is to happen. and as well as this has thinned, shock waves from the morale perspective within the government, rank and file across the north of us can
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a stand government troops of surrender districts without a fight more than $1000.00 fled to neighboring ticket stand on monday that prompted touching president m o molly ross, man to call up 20000 reserved troops to the border with afghan. a stand. it is quite quite remarkable. the collapse that we have seen during june and now into july. beyond, beyond this of their the either the best expectations of the taliban or the worst expectations of the afghan government under the here. and the americans, the tele bonds making gains every day. so where does that leave afghanistan in the post us era and are chappelle elders here? the u. s. embassy in the iraq capital baghdad has shot down a drone nearby heavily fortified green zone is defense system 5 full bus of holly power, bullets as it approached the compound. elliot, nice, 3 rockets hit us base in the west of the country. no casualties are important.
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still had on the algebra long ways, the code 900 vaccines in venezuela. why the government says an international sharing scheme is failing a citizen. i'm putting the brakes on the popular ride hailing up questions surrounded by china. saw the regulator ah hello, we're hanging onto the heat across western canada or into the pacific northwest of the us. not quite as hot as it has been recently on police to say, but it is still pretty warm nevertheless. but the main weather concern over the next day will be some very wet weather, just around the northern plains. and of course, that very heavy rain that we have down towards the south and east they live the showers continue, rod across the gulf coast. much of the deep south seeing some very heavy right and
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of course, elsa will make his presence felt as we go on for tuesday, wednesday on into thursday for tuesday, some heavy rain that just around the plains towards the midwest. thinking a little further south was, as we go on through wednesday, that will ease over towards new england towards new york. that eastern side of canada comes out. so that'll run across the panhandle and push up towards the carolinas. over the next few days had already brought some very heavy writing across jamaica. now making his way towards that western side of cuba to make a sing $99.00 millimeters of rain in only $24.00 as $88.00 millimeters of that fell in the space of only 6 hours. that is around twice the july average rainfall. wet weather will continue to make us way across western cuba and up across the product, please. ah, the bank energy and say
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to every part of our universe or small to continue the change all around the shape by technology and human ingenuity. we can make it work for you and your business. ah, the me. watching out 0 mind to the top stories this our world health organization has warned government against eating, coven 19 restrictions to soon criticizing what
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a cause. a premature rushed back to full, no manatee. it says the pandemic isn't over yet. further waves of infection could arrive later in the year. while the warning came as the u. k. prime minister confirmed most kind of 19 restrictions in england will be elected in 2 weeks. people wordpress to web based mos in most places or maintain social distance thing or job for admit and they could drive off infections. i've got a strong government sending reinforcements for the north of the country off 2000 if it's troops fled across the board to touch. it's don taliban fighters have been gaining territory, raising concerns about secure seeing once foreign troops complete withdraw in september. if europe yes, prime minister i be asked net has defended the decision to cite rebels in the northern te gray region speak to parliament. he described to grand forces as a danger to the west of the country, leaders into gray,
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se they're willing to accept a federal government sees far if certain demands on it. catherine, so i reports now from this number by i got up because the prime minister be responding to questions from members of parliament in the session was mainly about his power on economic development. but the crisis in t k was also be called their gender. and what's the future relationship between the federal government and the t p. s? can there be sustainable peace and to growing up and is there the possibility of to grain forces taking their flight beyond the grain borders? the prime minister gave more reasons why the military was deployed to the region last november, saying that the grand forces had an expansionist agenda to destabilize the country . with the good to go to hell plan, they prepared an army, but they didn't stop there. they started encroaching on the rest of a t o p and started to destabilize the entire nation in all sorts of ways. this is quite dangerous, and at the end of the day,
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it would endanger the existence of the nation. it's considered as a threat to the government to declare the war over in late november. but things have changed. the rebels have taken the capital macalester and other areas in the region. so i think with less expected was the speed with which the t. d. f transformed itself from a mo bile disbursed gorilla force into almost a conventional army that just marched and not only on. the humanitarian situation is dia, the u. n says more than 400000 to grands and now suffering from farming. electricity and telephone lines have been cut. the air space is closed and infrastructure including important bridges, have been destroyed. family, say a political dialogue is necessary, but does not appear possible just now. the government doesn't recognize the t, d, f,
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as the legitimate authority into gray doesn't even seem to accept that it exists. and the t d f says it doesn't want bilateral talks with the government. it believes that a national dialogue is necessary to save ethiopia. so i think we're far from anything beyond immediate humanitarian troops, if that that the grand leadership and its political party, p l, f. have given a list of demands for these via it ones, among other things, the federal government to recognize it as the legitimately elected regional government of the guy that may be difficult, that ministration of prime minister has already labels dpi left and it forces a terrorist organization kathy employee all to 0. i dissolve of us. armed men have kidnapped a 150 school students in north west and nigeria. witnesses say the attack took place over nice at the high school near could do in a city. and a separate incident. 8 people were abducted from a hospital in nearby zaria city. that's been an increase in mass kidnappings for
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ransom in the region. tropical storm else's head cuba with fierce winds and rain and made landfall in the south and is expected to move up to the usa to florida in the next few hours. keep capital have ada with the front of the store, but nearly 200000 people have been moved from their homes because of the possibility of heavy flooding. the storm also hit several other caribbean islands killing at least 3 people at augusta has moved from havana despite the countries crumbling infrastructure when a hurricane or a storm hits cuba prides itself on disaster prevention. close to 200000 people were evacuated in the south of the island price, assume elsa making landfill. and here in the capital, people have also been getting ready. i will say come in as i live close to the see, one of the measures i've taken is to build a temporary wall to start water entering the house. i also follow the weather
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reports to see the direction hurricanes going in model him the really the cuban civil defense has alerted us. well in advance. so we prepared so we can take it on when it arrives. everybody's on the list. in a while, like we haven't, i but i of sort of water and prepared food. i've got lanterns and a backup cook. and in case the guest goes and i also have my neighbors were willing to help me if i have any problems, you know? because we're not going to evacuate, but if there is flooding, if it comes up the throat, then my neighbors come up here with me. they close everything downstairs and they come and stay with me. trees will be up rooted roofs will be thrown off. and if the pos is anything to go by, some buildings will likely collapse. yet people here feel broadly safe off the havana, the storm continue north and is expected to hit florida. on tuesday,
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brazil's president julia both nara, has been implicated in another corruption scandal, brazilian news website you well says he was involved in hiring close associates as employees, and then receiving a cotton of salaries and allegedly happened during his time as a member of the lower house of congress, both center is already being investigated of a scandal involving his government's attempts to procure vaccines from india. but his, when his president has accused the international kovak scheme of failing his country, is designed to help poor nations obtain vaccines. but nicholas madura says venezuela hasn't received doses that it's paid for. teresa po has this report me surviving in venezuela has been a challenge for many years. really tell gotta she received a kidney transplant 17 years ago. but last year her kidneys began to fail again. and like thousands of other high risk patients in the country, she's hoping to get her 2nd covered 900 vaccine dolph phone. so when i say it's
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been a week since i was supposed to get my 2nd dose. i have no clue what's going on. i don't know why they didn't do everything right. why can't they do it right? so once the same thing with transplants for years without a transplant for all patients like me are in the hands of god. i need $42.02 pay for medications and my pension is $1.00. and i need to have 2 jobs. got venezuela struggling with us sanctions and an economic crisis that is impacting its ability to fight against the disease. the south american nation is part of the kovak system, which is a collaborative effort designed to help countries like venezuela get access to axioms. but that's proving to be a challenge. so far, it has only received around $3500000.00 doses from china and russia. and the countries currently testing thousands of doses of vaccine from cuba. 2 months ago, cova announced payments made to the system by venezuela had been blocked by the
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swiss bank u. b s, even though the bite and registration said all related go with purchases were exempted from the sanctions on sunday. president, nikolai, my daughter said the callback system has failed venezuela. know through the company and asked them if we fulfilled our promises 2 months ago, we gave them all our money by doing magic to liberate funds that were blocked. the government of the united states then unblocked more money for us. and that money is there in an account, and kovacs has failed. the people that his way let about either you give us the vaccines or return or money or you are this year when he will, i rejected around 2000000 after authentic vaccines from callbacks due to safety concerns. but it proficient figures say venezuela could be accessing vaccines for free. be several who is currently on excel, say, nicole, my ludo is to blame. let us, let us know the name in the future when a piece of the reasons why we don't have access to pre vaccines like countries not serious. sit down with yemen. countries that have humanitarian emergency knowledge
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by the united nations. reason is the obscurity of statistics. numbers in front of the world bank are numbers that show when banners, wherein jordan o bonanza. and that's not the case anymore. that amino law. as politicians speaker over who is to blame for the hardships in the country. millions of venezuelans are impatiently waiting for an opportunity to get the vaccine. people like mighty as, gotta struggling with a life threatening, the c says it her only chance of surviving covered 19. that is, i will, and defeated indonesia is struggling with one of ages west corona, virus outbreaks with some hospitals facing a critical shortage of oxygen. at least 33 people died at a hospital in yoga carta where it ran out of the weekend. the government is asking supplies to send all that oxygen to hospitals and clinics. the highly contagious delta variance has led to a major increase infections,
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large parts of malaysia on the severe lockdown of it battles the new wave of code. 19 a new online campaign is helping people who are struggling. people have been hanging white flags outside their homes and assign. they are running short food or other necessities neighbors and businesses offering help using the hash tag, white flag on social media. l g b t campaign is a ga, have cooled off a pride march off to their offices were attacked in the capital tbilisi janice were also targeted ahead of the event. the prime minister warned the march risk causing public confrontation rights campaign to say that emboldened have groups on the church, which said the event had no place in georgia. john is cyberspace regulates, has ordered the removal of the nation's leading ride, hailing from online stores, dds, the keys,
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if illegally collecting on using personal data. it is the latest moved by the government to the growing influence of big tech firms. katrina, you has report from beijing for millions of people in china. there's only one way to book a cap using the smartphone up known locally as dd. but the app has become the latest target of the chinese government crackdown and technology companies. the country cyberspace regulator says d. d violated personal data laws and chinese apps. doors has been ordered to remove it. the announcement came days after parent company, d. d. global listed shares on the new york stock exchange. the 2nd largest initial public offering by a chinese company in the us. it's big, it's bigger than over. it's one of a dominant player, and it looks like the valuation that was placed on the company was reasonable. i think investors are a little worried about regulatory crackdowns. the company raised almost $4500000000.00 on wednesday, but the share price has since dropped
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d. d operates in china, and in more than 15 other countries, existing users can continue to use the app. so far, bay during has been clamping down on technology companies over anti trust and data security concerns. last october, regulators quashed the public share offering of ad financial, the largest financial technology company in the world. in april ads, parent company, alibaba was find a record to point $8000000000.00 for anti trust violations. the moves have been seen as the chinese government effort terrain in the power and influence of founder jack mark, who openly criticized paging economic policies, describing them as restrictive the brilliant entrepreneur has retired from money companies he started and for months has been practically disappeared from public view the crackdown follow a period of unexpected growth. we're trying to technology industry and it has invested increasingly worried about the risk of getting on the wrong side of the
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chinese government authority, say the moves unnecessary for reducing risks and protecting consumers. supporters of compared them to efforts to regulate technology giant facebook and google in the us and europe. trade is moving from being one of the least regulated cyberspace. countries in the world to one of the most that just be most regulated under the most effective direct dd says it's working with the government to address its concerns and will listen to its guidance. whether or not the move is about tightening policy or controlling power. the tech giant has little choice but to comply. katrina, you al, jazeera paging. ah, this is algebra. these the you are top stories. well, health organization has worn governments against even coven 19 restrictions. to
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soon criticizing what i called a premature, rushed back to full normality. says the pandemic isn't over yet. unfair, the waves of infection could arrive later in the year.


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