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off will into the oil which nathan, south sudan, can you better coverage, or is there a this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm not trying to, this is the out there. news i live from london coming up the account down to a final withdrawal of us forces from i got this done for taliban fighters, a gaining new ground. if you promise to defense his decision to launch a military campaign into cry, hundreds of thousands and now living in famine. 3 more bodies are discovered as a search and rescue mission resumes. victims of the find building collapse in florida, scorching heat and rolling blackouts, iraq failing bridge,
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i think probably can go boil over into the streets. and i'm devin ash, with fort novak joke of it to the step close. that's a record equalling 20 grand slam title. the defending champion is in the window didn't final. after convincing when i was city christian gary ah, the price isn't gonna stone, is already spinning over its borders. more than a 1000 african forces in the north of fled to, to just on as a ton of bands. he's his control of district after district. the president has ordered 20000 military reservists to bolster his countries. frontier with afghanistan. and his government is reported looking to set up camps for refugees. but as the us and its allies in closer to withdrawing their troops completely, taliban advance has been relentless. and they've been fighting and winning across.
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i've got a strong districts that are shaded in orange. our government controlled contested districts are in green. and the areas in pap or family on the taliban control. this means taliban fighters may have surrounded population centers, main cities and villages. the number of districts and who controls them is disputed under a found report. things are quiet at bagram air base. once the nerve center of america's longest running war, 100000 us troops were here during the course of the past 20 years. the final once leaving quietly on friday, the afghans are in charge now. but the question is, which atkins and for how long shopkeepers nearby are worried about more than their source of income for the pollution while with us, your issues epic or sales. it's not a problem for us. if there are 4 enforces here or if they leave. but the fact that the tele been are taking over the district at any moment affects our work. now, i was on, if i thought up sales on very good i,
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most shopkeepers won't invest in these shops because they are worried about the country's future. and don't know what will happen. they are also worried that wall will break out. other shops in the southern province of kandahar are closing in families, leaving as the front line approaches. and what is now more clearly a war between the afghan government and the telephone taliban fighters are making inroads in kandahar after taking over abandon outposts the fighters share their spoils. elsewhere in couple province, u. s. armored vehicles and weapons which could potentially be used in the fight against the afghan government forces. founded by our capitalizing over that vacuum which has been created by the withdrawal. so that is why we have intensified the, the, the conflict and are having fast battlefield games, particularly in the north of atlantis. done this with these battlefield gains will definitely strengthen the taliban position in any coming negotiations if that
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is to happen. and as well as this has thinned, shock waves from the morale perspective within the government, rank and file across the north of us can a stand government troops of surrender districts without a fight more than $1000.00 fled to neighboring to g. g. a. stand on monday that prompted touching president m. o. molly ross, man, to call up 20000 reserve troops to the border with afghan. a stand. it is quite quite remarkable. the collapse that we have seen during june and now into july. beyond, beyond this of their the either the best expectations of the taliban or the worst expectations of the afghan government under the here. and the americans, the tele bonds making gains every day. so where does that leave afghanistan in the post us era and are chappelle elders here? i've kind of sounds leader a shotgun. he met to us president joe biden just
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a few weeks ago and said it was his own government job to manage the consequences of america's trip. withdraw with soda, surrendering their posts, or being defeated by the taliban. relentless advance can african troops defend the government from paper i've got a strong has around 300000 forces. but the true number is thought to be significantly smaller because of corruption, desertion, and bad management. and the loss over 20 years of war has been staggering. or the 64000 african soldiers and police officers, a thought to have been killed since 2001. the u. s. will support more than $18000000000.00 into the security forces, but some of it has been lost. a waste and fraud. soldiers pay very badly on some report having to buy their own weapons. those injured attacks also receive inferior medical treatment compared to foreign troops, or not joined by colon p, clark, the director of policy and research. these 2 found group. a strategy center is dedicated to global security issues to join us by skype from pittsburgh. thanks very much for being with us on the program. just wanted to go back to that 1st
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point about the defection related defection of soldiers to get on. what did prompted that particular incident? well, i think morale is quite low and what we're seeing right now are the cascading effects of you know, really the past several months. this is a build up after president biden's announcement of the u. s. withdrawal. we're seeing the taliban press, it's offensive throughout large parts of afghanistan. and it's early, reminiscent of what we saw in iraq in the, in the lead up to the rise. the slavic state were soldiers abandoning their positions and leaving weapons and vehicles behind and can, i mean, what can the african army do or the government do about it can regroup and retake any of these areas or think? i think it will be a slog. you know, it will be kind of tit for tat and probably more of the same a bit of a stalemate. but from, you know, from what i'm seeing on the ground, it's really the taliban having leverage, have to offer hand. and i think there's
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a snowball effect once you start seeing that in various provinces throughout the country, can become very hard to reverse, particularly with now let's not forget without robust u. s. military backing in support. is there any provision for training to continue with any kind of bolstering from the u. s. or others? well, what the u. s. is essentially going to be doing is fighting the counter terrorism fight from across the border, whether that ends up being in pakistan or a central asian state. so it's kind of fighting with one hand tied behind our backs . the only difference is the president will be able to say that he ended endless wars. i think somewhat of a political talking point, but the objectives remain the same. i think it's in the interest of the united states in the interests of countries in the region to ensure that the afghan government does not collapse. but we're heading to a pretty dark place at the moment. and how quickly do you see it deterioration? well, general austin says he thinks 2 years, a us intelligence community assessment said 6 months. it could be half that we
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could be looking at, you know, by the end of the summer, early fall, a very different situation on the ground and afghan. and then how much of this is to do with we mentioned the issue of corruption and so on. how much is that a problem? do you think and what's, what the situation is with the african army? look, it's a massive problem. i spent time and i've got to send back in 2011, working on a counter corruption task force under the direction of then one star general, a charm a master. and it's a huge problem. it was a huge problem then and nothing has changed. in fact, it's like we've gotten worse. why do you think that is, i mean what, what's that, what are the networks behind it to make it so difficult to tackle? it's just an insidious problem. we've never had a real strategy for dealing with it and enough canister, you've got individuals that can be part of the government that are, you know, working hand in glove with the taliban that are also working with economic power, brokers and warlords. and there's a real decentralization and fragmentation of power, and everybody's in it for themselves, a bit of a cash grab, and without
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a centralizing authority to, to settle things and know strategy. this is what you get. if it doesn't ra, unravel as quickly as you suggested, might you see kind of some becoming a potential source of international terrorism again? well, that's my big fear. i've been writing about that and speaking about this for, you know, since the president made the announcement, i'm very concerned that afghan stan could become a hub or a magnet for foreign fighters from throughout the region. and so that's a major concern at the moment. it could lead to the revitalization of not just archived, but also the islamic state. thank you very much indeed calling because your time. thank you. i have his prime minister. i met is defending the decision to fight rebels in the northern dry region. and he does integrate, so they would accept a federal government sci fi if certain demands were met. speaking in parliament on monday, the prime minister described to go in forces as a danger to the rest of the country. it's catherine, sorry,
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reports from us have about yeah, i got up because the prime minister be responding to questions from members of parliament at the session was mainly about his power on economic development. but the crisis in t clay was also be called the agenda. what's the future relationship between the federal government and the t p. s? can there be sustainable peace and to growing? and is there the possibility of to grain forces taking their flight beyond the grain borders? the prime minister gave more reasons why the military was deployed to the region last november, saying that the grand forces had an expansionist agenda to destabilize the country . we've got to have fun. they prepared an army, but they didn't stop there. they started encroaching on the rest of the year and started to destabilize the entire nation in all sorts of ways. this is quite dangerous, and at the end of the day, it would endanger the existence of the nation. it's considered as a threat. the government declared the war over in late november. but things have
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changed. the rebels have we taken the capital macalester and other areas in the region? i think with less expected was the speed with which the t. d. f transformed itself . from a mo bile dispersed guerrilla forced into almost a conventional army that just marched. not only on the humanitarian situation is dire. the un says more than 400000 to grands, and now suffering from farming electricity and telephone lines have been cut. the air space is closed and infrastructure including important bridges, have been destroyed. family, say a political dialogue is necessary, but does not appear possible just now. that government doesn't recognize the t d f, as the legitimate authority into gray doesn't even seem to accept that it exists. and the t d f says it doesn't want bilateral talks with the government. it believes
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that a national dialogue is necessary to save it. so i think we're far from anything beyond immediate humanitarian troops, if that that the grand leadership and its political party, p l, f. have given a list of demands for these fire it ones, among other things, the federal government to recognize it as the legitimately elected regional government of the guy that may be difficult, that ministration of prime minister has already labeled dpi left and it forces a terrorist organization kathy employ all to 0. i the sogba. there are fought for armed men of kidnapped around $150.00 school students in northwest and nigeria. witnesses say the attack took place at a high school in the town of the machine kaduna state. in a separate incident, 8 people were abducted from a hospital in nearby is area. city being 10 last school can nothing's in northwest nigeria. since december,
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dozens of students are still missing as much more handle now, their news are including firefighters battle for hours to bring a massive chemical under control in bangkok, there will mosques and those social distance thing, british prime minister, reveals plans to lift nearly all current of ours restrictions in england to the highest rank era in tennis, continues her impressive running action on the way ah, 3 more victims have been found dead in the rubble of a collapse building in florida. they would discover on monday, after officials resumed a search and rescue operation. it had been paused on sunday, while engineers demolished what was left to the apartment blog, and he got her reports from south side. me. what's left of the champlain towers insist side now lays in yet and of
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a devastating pile of rubble. the decision to demolish the remaining portion of the building came over face a structure was unstable, potentially putting rescue as lives endanger. official say it was a heartbreaking compromise. but they had little choice to collapse. an entire apartment building is a devastating decision. and the demolition was in no way a decision that i made lightly bringing the building down in a controlled manner was critical to expanding our scope of search. truly, we could not continue without bringing this building down. within hours of the demolition crews were back on site, continuing that painstaking search for survivors. the priority now is digging a path through the fresh rebel to reach areas that have until now not been searched . the approach of tropical storm l 3 now complicating rescue efforts, the weather system is likely to bring heavy winds and rain in the coming hours and days and other potential hazard in an already difficult situation. residents should
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avoid any unnecessary travel. a strong winds and heavy rains remake, driving hazardous. on monday more victims of the collapse were pulled from the rubble, but over a 100 people remain unaccounted for. this is something that's very traumatic. so the mental health aspects are going to be very, very important. and this is something that is going to be require long term support, but i can tell you the support is there, access to new parts of the building may bring renewed hope for those waiting for news of the loved ones. but it's been almost 2 weeks since the collapse official say the oncoming still may now skip this area, meaning rescue efforts can continue undisturbed the investigation into how this tragedy happened. it's still on the way the gallic or i'll just 0 side florida. about 880000 people have been evacuated in central cuba. a storm elson is landfill also is bringing winds of up to a 100 kilometers an hour and is expected to cause heavy flooding. storm was already
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damaged parts of barbados, lucia haiti, jamaica, and the dominican republic. the fire to factory on the outskirts of bangkok has finally been extinguished nearly 20 hours after an explosion. thousands of liters of linked chemicals had posed a major risk of more options. homes with an attend can a meter radius were evacuated as far as a struggle to bring it under control. tony chang report through curity cameras recalled the impact of a sudden explosion in a residential neighborhood. just outside bangkok. the ground shook, just like an earthquake, said residents shattering windows all round the source, a huge chemical. thank trying someone for con, on the outskirts of the ty, capital, highly flammable materials used to make phone packaging quickly and gulf the complex and flames. the firefighters struggle to contain the we are trying to look
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for the injured. however, the flames are quite high. so it takes quite an effort to look at people. rescue is also spreading out because we receive calls for people who have injuries from explosions from the extended area, one or 2 streets away. from here. there are reports of falling debris, injuries from debbie impacts on faces, and hence, the damage caused by the explosion was considerable. it's estimated the century alone has suffered more than $20000000.00 us dollars worth. 70 homes are also seriously affected, and thousands of people have been evacuated from within a wide radius of the factory. firefight struggled throughout the day to bring the blaze under control. but the flammable nature of the chemicals made it a complicated and dangerous task. at times the flames taking of areas in the fall they had the control is the day went on, a huge plume of smoke rose across the area described by some witnesses as toxic, invisible across bangkok beyond. when that finally clears,
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they'll be questions to answer about the failure to control such dangerous chemicals. tony ching, al jazeera, bangkok, rescuers in the philippines found the final 5 bodies from the wreckage of a military plane crashed on sunday. it means 52 people are now confirmed dead 49 soldiers and 3 civilians. in one of the nations worst ever added asters. an investigation is now under way trimming. linda got reports from the capital manila . the answered the call to serve their country. as per many, that service was cut tragically short, $96.00 people were on board the c $130.00 aircraft when it crashed in her law. more than 80 of them were newly trained soldiers about to report for their to her duty in one of the most militarized areas. in the southern philippines. the aircraft landed on sunday afternoon, the videos show crushed seconds later,
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the villagers race to the scene and help to pull survivors from the burning wreckage. more than 50 people died and 40 others were injured, making it was the worst military accidents. in recent times. we are determined to find out what really transpired, according to available information. the aircraft followed the specified, brought the approach to speed, the landing spot. it followed all those protocol. the military says the pilots were very experienced and well rated and the aircraft still had 11000 flying hours left before it would have been retired. so what caused the plane to overshoot the runway remains for now a mystery. a select group of season pilots will help investigators determine the cause. the philippine military had for c 130 that it says so as though before the
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crash. 2 of these are undergoing repairs abroad. while the remaining one in manila has been grounded spending further investigation. but the process of identifying all those who died may take a few days or a trip in hello is relatively small compared to other domestic ways. but c, 130 is up safely, landed to your for decades. and south play has been moved out. it has been a trying time for the philippine military. there has been 9 recorded crashes in the last year, many of them fatal. but it appears that this is a country that doesn't have time to grieve before being hit with another disaster. jim l as in dog n g 0 manila, u k. as promised, her has not plans to lift most cobit 19 restrictions in england in 2 weeks. while acknowledging that it could drive up infections, people weren't have to wear faced masks in most places, or maintain social distances from july 19th, for, as johnson says,
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the country will have to learn to live with the virus, trying to get a reports from london. on monday, a solemn start to the day for the prime minister, commemorating the 73rd birthday. if you case national health service, i've been event honoring the organisation and the efforts of its workers during the pandemic. that always took the prime minister's life nearly a year. and a half since cove, it arrived the lock downs and restrictions that was since put in place have become part of daily life. but the time to discuss those protections is close by according to the government. because of the u. k. successful vaccination program, we must be honest with ourselves that if we can't reopen our society in the next few weeks, when we will be helped by the arrival of summer and by the school holidays, then we massage ourselves. when will we be able to return to normal?
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well, the government has said that where mosque would be a question of personal responsibility. the drastic human cost has left some records sent to quit wearing them altogether. for the foreseeable future person, i'm probably going to keep it on from kind of mind, sometimes more about protecting and looking off the others that might be more vulnerable with it. it is good that i put it in the power of the people in a way, but i personally think they should still be on the country braces itself to repulse the last and social distance. thing. questions remain over really what's best the sake of public health and the prime minister himself has been under pressure by members of his own party and the restrictions as quickly as possible make of the economy. he's prepared to do that despite a 74 percent rise and infections. in the last week alone. the increasing pace numbers has had many of the medical community worried about the outcome of on blocking later this month,
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especially as hospitalizations have also been rising. we are an experiment in itself of how do we live with high vaccination rate, a new barrier delta, lots of children who are unvaccinated under the age of 18, and case numbers increasing, as well as a significant unlocking. there are lots of things happening right now that make it difficult to attack. so far, children have mostly escaped, the more severe forms of the disease, but they are unvaccinated and more at risk of a new delta variant that is currently dominant. the other course, the concern is that the u. k. could become a petri dish when you variance that would potentially be more resistant to the current crop of vaccines. but now the vaccination campaign has been a success, the worry or the progress coming undone while the pandemic is still very much with us. so need i? yeah, go, i'll just sarah london. and his when his president of accused international kovak scheme of failing his country. it's designed to help poor nations obtain that vaccines. but new cross madura says venezuela haven't received doses,
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but it's painful, terrible as well. the surviving in venezuela has been a challenge for many years, really tell it about a she received a kidney transplant 17 years ago. but last year her kidneys began to fail again. and like thousands of other high with patients in the country, she's hoping to get her 2nd covey. 900 vaccine. those soon possible. nathan manor. it's been a week since i was supposed to get my 2nd dose. i have no clue what's going on. i don't know why they didn't do everything right. why can't they do it right for once? the same thing with transplants for years without a transplant for all patients like me or in the hands of god, i need $42.02 pay for medications and my pension is $1.00, and i need to have 2 jobs. hello. hey ben, it's really struggling with us sanctions and an economic crisis that is impacting its ability to fight against the disease, the south american nation. it's part of the cova system, which is
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a collaborative effort designed to help countries like venezuela get access to axioms. but that's proving to be a challenge. so far, it has only received around $3500000.00 doses from china and russia. and the countries currently testing thousands of dollars of vaccines from cuba. 2 months ago. cool, that's announced payments made to the system by venezuela had been blocked by the swiss bank u b f. even though the bite and registration said all related golwood purchases were exempted from the sanctions. on sunday president, my daughter said the callback system has failed when it's not a complete asset miss. we fulfilled our promises 2 months ago, we gave them all our money by doing magic to liberate funds that were blocked. the government of the united states then unblocked more money for us, and that money is there in an account on the co vaccines failed. the people of that is way let about either you give us the vaccines or return on monday at your
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earlier this year. when it will reject it around 2000000 after authentic vaccines from call. that's due to safety concerns. but it proficient figures say venezuela could be accessing vaccines for free. miguel p several who is currently on excel se nicole, my ludo is to blame. let us, let us know the name in the future when a piece of the reasons why we don't have access to pre vaccines like countries like syria sit down with yemen. countries that have humanitarian emergency knowledge by the united nations. reason is the obscurity of statistics. numbers in front of the world bank are numbers that show when banners, wherein jordan o bonanza. and that's not the case anymore. but i mean, low as politicians, bigger over who is to blame for the hardships in the country. millions venezuelans are impatiently waiting for an opportunity to get the vaccine. people like mighty as, gotta struggling with a life threatening the see says, it's her only chance of surviving call with 19. that is,
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i will defeat watching owners. they are alive from london still ahead. indigenous police once dismissed as primitive. now popular trillions are britain bracing approaches, self made billionaire or symbol of global inequality. we know what's next to the planet. richest man. as he steps down the box. and in sport, denmark coach, open emotional ride, his being on. you are 2020 ah how we got plenty of hot sunshine. it's a ne, in part sophia, please guys here. the big area of high pressure on that heat extending right up into the arctic circle courtesy of this area of high pressure. so little west of the south 1st and naughty storms rumbling away just around the black sea. cool room
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wet further west. we got some wet weather that just rolling in northwest and passive here, once again. so we are going to see further shelves just around to france through germany. of course, a low countries into were denmark. we'll see that wet weather just running right round across a good pass off the british shells. tosses and showers suspect interruptions in the play. the tennis at wimbledon might still see a shower too for the, the semifinal football at wembley, on tuesday evening. and you might just still see wanna to shalysea as we go on into were the latter part of the day for the england game on wednesday. actually a chance wanted to share was here. still some show was around for the tennis, but i think as we go through the week, it should turn dry and brighter. wanted to give you some good news there still rather wet, just around the alps. we're going to see more heavy rain coming through. but across the med, hot, dry and sunny some sit out because the equitorial showers rumbling away, rod across the heart of africa. and they're pushing right up into santa goal and the gant via the,
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with a faith compelling story, without uttering a single word, liam, conventionality of life. witness through the lens of the human eye analysis era. july on the can film festival return to the delight of fans and an industry hit hard by curve at 19, but will travel restrictions and social distance in off the shadow on the glitz and glamour across the globe generation change. we young activists, spicing injustices and demanding radical change after a year long delay, japan, hudson. and unlike any the world has seen before, my son, bob way, showcase his personal story, offering the fresh look at the changes and challenges that bob way face today. despite going tension with agency dance, e p o p,
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or is that for the next phase of filling them on the blue nile. july on the a one of the top stories 0 taliban is continuous advance draft got us on as the us and allied troops move closer to a.


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