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who sign a no matter where it takes a police fin here, guys? empowering impulsion. we tell your story. we are your voice, your new york net back out here. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm sorry to say that this is the news our live from coming up in the next 60 minutes . hundreds of afghan government troops, fleet, and neighboring to jacob. as taliban fighters capture more districts across the country. of his prime minister blames to grier rebels for the conflict to the day after they show readiness to talk thick talk. 6 black smoke drift towards highlands
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cameras. after a factory explosion near bangkok airport and the u. k. prime minister says this country will learn to live with cove. it the unveiled plans to lift restrictions in 2 weeks. devon ash with sport and joke of it is a step closer to a record equaling 20 grams on title. but if funding jump in into the quarter final, after convincing when, as christian gary ah, hundreds of afghan government troops have fled across the border into tajikistan. as the taliban captures more territory. taliban and finances took several districts in the northern province by the sean this weekend after afghan soldiers fled their posts. the afghan government says it's now sending reinforcements. well,
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since america's draw down of troops gained pace in may, the tale bomb has doubled, the number of districts it holds. as many afghans now live under county bon rule. as those in government control areas, 13 districts fell to the group on saturday, the most in 20 years. 100. thanks to god and this is prison for the majority of the afghan people in the previous era, june taliban rule, for more than 10 years. we are now in control of board and 70 percent of the territories. it's empty because the people know us very well and the afghan people have no problem dealing with us. we have to main principles that we rely on when it comes to judgement versus the blessing this faith. the 2nd is our belief in our national identity within the framework of the 2 principles. i can assure you that we do not have any problem with anyone. we respect everyone's right. the majority
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of us and nato forces have now left afghan this time ahead of a september 11th departure deadline. just 650 american troops is staying back to secure the u. s. embassy and cobble app port was got a sense of who controls was in afghanistan. as we mentioned, taliban is seizing districts across the north of been fighting and winning across the country. districts shaded here in orange, a government controlled areas contested districts are in green. that means taliban fighters may have surrounded population centers, main cities or villages and districts in purple or firmly under time. the bomb control the number of districts and who controls them is of course, disputed the fame. sounds odd to the head of the international relations department at cardon university. he says the afghan government needs to show it's still in control. their intensification of violence is because offered the security withdrawal of the coalition forces from
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a blind is done as security vacuum has been created and time had been r capitalizing over that vacuum which has been created by the redraw. so that is why we have intensified the conflict and are having fast battlefield games, particularly in the north of atlantis. done this with these battlefield games will definitely strengthen the taliban position in any coming negotiations if that is to happen. and as well as this has sent shock waves from the morale perspective within the government rank and file it is of the same time to the government to prove the doubters wrong and strike back and show they ability and as well as the cap ability of re taking the last territories or
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districts to the taliban. so that it make sure that it has the ability to keep the population safe. i think that will help with, with the neighboring countries to, to regain the lost confidence in his prime minister abbey or defending the decision to fight rebels in the northern to grow region. lead is into gr, i say they'll accept. so the federal government sees 5. if certain demands the met speaking in parliament monday, the prime minister described to grind forces as the dangers of the rest of the country. catherine saw holds now from addis ababa i got up because the prime minister be responding to questions from members of parliament in the session was mainly about his power on economic development. but the crisis in t grey was all to be called their gender. and what's the future relationship between the federal government and the t p. s? can there be sustainable peace and to growing up and is there the possibility of to
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grain forces taking their flight beyond the grain borders? the prime minister gave more reasons why the military was deployed to the region last november, saying that the grand forces had an expansionist agenda to destabilize the country with the significant tied flood. they prepared an army, but they didn't stop there. they started encroaching on the rest of the year and started to destabilize the entire nation in all sorts of ways. this is quite dangerous, and at the end of the day, it would endanger the existence of the nation. it's considered as a threat to the government to declare the war over in late november. but things have changed. the rebels have taken the capital macalester and other areas in the region. i think with less expected was the speed with which the t. d. f transformed itself. from a mo bile dispersed, gorilla, forced into alma to conventional army that just marched and not only on the las,
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the humanitarian situation is dire. the un says more than 400002 grands are now suffering from farming electricity and telephone lines have been cut. the air space is closed and infrastructure including important bridges, have been destroyed. family, say a political dialogue is necessary, but does not appear possible just now. that government doesn't recognize the t d f as a legitimate authority into gray. doesn't even seem to accept that it exists. and the t d f says it doesn't want bilateral talks with the government. it believes that a national dialogue is necessary to save e c o b. so i think we're far from anything beyond, in immediate humanitarian troops, if that that the grand leadership and its political party, p, p l, f. have given a list of demands for these via it. once, among other things, the federal government to recognize it as the legitimately elected regional
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government of the guy that may be difficult, that ministration of prime minister has already labeled dpi left and it forces a terrorist organization. kathy, employee all to 0. i be saba. neither have kidnapped a 150 school students in northwest in nigeria. witnesses say the attack took place overnight at the high school, near kaduna city. in a separate incident day people were abducted from the hospital in nearby exotic city. the region has seen an increase in mass kidnappings for ransom by armed groups known locally as bandit. for the more still ahead on the news hour including struggling to breathe, indonesia faces a catastrophic shortage of oxygen while struggling to maintain the deadly cobra 19 outbreak. major blow for china's biggest ryan sharing company is part of a broader crime down aging regulations in tech platform and the highest rank, our player and tennis continues her impressive run the wimbledon action on the way
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for ah, 5, she was in flames on the outskirts of bangkok now been doused the building near the high capital airport exploded early on monday morning. air quality in the area is described as toxic. tony chang reports from bangkok, security cameras recalled the impact of a sudden explosion in a residential neighborhood just outside bangkok. the ground shook, just like an earthquake, said residence, shattering windows all round the source, a huge chemical factor in summit baton. on the outskirts of the ty, capital, highly flammable materials used to make phone packaging quickly and gulf the complex and flames. the firefighters struggle to contain the we are trying to look
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for the injured. however, the flames are quite high. so it takes quite an effort to look at people. rescue is almost spitting out because we receive calls for people who have injuries from explosions from the extended area, one or 2 streets away from here. there are reports of falling debris, injuries when debbie impacts on faces and hence the damage caused by the explosion was considerable. its estimated the century alone has suffered more than $20000000.00 us dollars worth. 70 homes are also seriously affected, and thousands of people have been evacuated from within wide radius of the factory . firefighters struggled throughout the day to bring the blaze under control. but the flammable nature of the chemicals made it a complicated and dangerous task. at times the flames taking of areas in the firefight they had the control is the day went on a huge plume of smoke rose across the area described by some witnesses as toxic, invisible across bangkok beyond. when that finally clears,
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they'll be questions to answer about the failure to control such dangerous chemicals. tony ching al jazeera, bank of search and rescue teams, and florida are still searching for survivors hours after the remains of a possibly come out. apartment building was demolished. the 3 more deaths have been confirmed, bringing the total 271-0900 people remain missing. the government says the demolition of the apartment, blocking sides will help efforts now in the 12th day, plans to destroy what remained of the building were brought forward as the region braces for tropical storm alpha and the galico is live for us in serve 5, florida. let's start with the storm. how's that shaping up? well, if there is any good news to come out of what is a very tragic situation? it is that that storm seems to be tracking westwood away from us up towards the
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florida panhandle. nevertheless, local officials, the saying that people should be warned that that will be high winds and rain, but they also say that the weather we will get in the next few hours and days shouldn't stop those rescue efforts. now of course, sunday nights demolition of the remainder of those the tower has shut. plain towers was plat, because essentially the engineer said that the remaining part of the building was being held up by rubble. it was just given an added sense of urgency as that storm was approaching at the southern part of florida. but the demolition in essence is giving the rescue as more chances to get into parts of the building. they haven't been to before. whether that bleeds to renewed hope for the families is another matter because it's almost 2 weeks now. since this building collapse and talking about the building collapse, i now been able to reach some of the areas like gala juice. all they
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have essentially the demolition happened at around $1030.00. it was a highly controlled demolition process and the rescue workers were back on site within 20 minutes. now, what they want to do 1st is start digging through that fresh rebel to make a path to parts of the building that haven't been able to get to before, including the garages where that may be survivors. so that is essentially what they're doing right now. and of course as this, whether it closes in on the barrier side, they do intend to continue that rescue and search operation. they say the weather shouldn't stop that unless there is lightning. but only about a 3rd of about a 3rd of the rubble pile hasn't been sick so far and what all so they are doing is recovering people's personal possessions because remember they left and couldn't go back to file them and then give them to them later. but this, i think, does offer some renewed hope, but at the time goes by as the days now is go by that hope it's faded. all right,
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thanks so much. and the galico of their british prime minister boss johnson has unveiled plans to lift most cove 19 restrictions in 2 weeks. people in england will not be legally required to wear face masks all maintain social distancing from july the 19th. the rules do not affect scotland, wales, and northern ireland, which have own health guidelines. a prime minister says the country will learn to live with the virus highly contagious. delta variances lead to a spike in infections in recent weeks despite the high vaccination rates. right? so as we come to the 4th step, we have to balance the risks, the risks of the disease, which the vaccines have reduced, but very far from eliminated. and the risk of continuing with legally enforced restrictions that inevitably take their toe on people's lives and livelihoods on, on people's health and mental health. and we must be honest with ourselves that if
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we can't reopen our society in the next few weeks when we will be helped by the arrival of summer and by the school holidays, then we massage ourselves. when will we be able to return to normal? so now it's a funny guy ago she lived from london, how people reacting then to this news of listing of restrictions coming when it's interesting saw me because when i was out talking to people just today, asking about the points of view what they feel comfortable with a lot of people, in fact, more often than not, will actually bit reticent to get rid of the masks so soon. feeling perhaps a little uncomfortable with the idea of that after nearly a year and a half of having to live with these restrictions. because of course, as you mentioned, the delta various cases are rising,
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they risen by some 74 percent in the last week alone. that have been also some gradual rise in hospitalizations as well. certainly not to the extent that we saw earlier on in the year, but nevertheless, figures troubling enough for the british medical association and all the people in the medical community to question the decision that prime minister barak johnson it is making. but to be to underline what he said though, the final go. 6 ahead will take place on the 12th of july and of course, taking into consideration all the information that will be available at that point . but for a prime minister that us, that who would always be driven by the day turn and not dates. this is quite troubling. for the medical community, because of course the one sexual society that is going to be most affected by this as well as children. now children have not been vaccinated and also people who are immunocompromised as well have,
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but also not been able to take advantage of the vaccine program as well. they are the ones that are most at risk is also where the delta variant is sweeping, fastest among that group as well. so in all considerations taken place, they have to through question exactly why the prime minister is moving ahead. so foster, perhaps what's needed really is caution at this stage not to throw away all the good work of the vaccination program and avoid britain or england becoming somewhat of a petri dish when you variance to pop up and therefore complicating any possible way that could take place as well as the influenza stage, as well later on in the year. all right, thanks so much sunny guy go there. the reopening had been pushed back a month from the 18th of june because of that rise in cases. let's take a closer look at the situation since then. on the 5th of june, the u. k. recorded almost 6000 cases. that compared to more than $27000.00. this
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monday, the prime minister says a could hit 50000 today by the reopening on the 19th. and as we mentioned that when be a legal requirement to wear a mask in doors in england from the 19th, that's the spine studies showing. wearing a mask protects all the people greatly and reduces the risk of passing on the virus . the w h o is advised even fully vaccinated people to keep wearing them to prevent a chain of transmission. but the u. k has been ramping off its vaccination efforts . about 86 percent of had 1st dose and 64 percent of had both jobs. the governments medical advisors say vaccines weakened the link between infections and hospitalization. and talked to dr. bahati tom connie, he's a senior clinical lecturer. the university of ext is medical school and an experts in infectious disease control joins us on skype from boss. good to have you with us
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. so is the u. k. rushing things, lifting restrictions too soon? what do you think? i think so, and as your previous report clearly indicated that there is a following of that date rather than the data, which is very unfortunate. so we have a del cover which is much more infectious. and we've got evidence from israel, indicating that the delta vary and efficacy against the vaccine is decreasing little bit. and therefore, we need to continue with precautions, especially in indoor crowded places where we need to wear masks to protect ourselves and protect others, and to remove its restriction, i think is a mistake. so why is the u. k. government following this path than them. is there any scientific basis for this thinking say hey, let's even get rid of face mask while cases going up. i can't
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see of any reason, especially as we've got to admit and accept that this is aerosol spread. and as it is aerosol spread, we've got to have better ventilation, better protection off that wire is coming and hitting us in the infecting us and we where it to protect others as well. so it doesn't make sense. and the other element that doesn't make sense also covered in your report just now was immunization of the younger age group. because we all know the infections. start in that younger school colleges, age group and then go on to be older age groups. and then the older people who are not immune of partially immune and hospitals. so we're entering tricky territory. time will tell how this plans out how effective our vaccines administers, administered in the u. k. proving against the new variance. so at the moment, the hospital admissions are not in proportion to the rising number of cases,
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which is a good thing. so that's clearly indicating that the vaccines are protected. but what we want to know is, are they truly protected against also a delay in ending up in hospitals. so we normally look at the 3 week delay. and because we've got a delta, very slightly different variant, we need to look at may be a 6 which interval, which we will know very soon whether the vaccines are truly protecting against being admitted to hospital and being seriously ill. all right, thank you very much for your thoughts doctor heart. thank you. i n denisia is struggling with one of age is no worse current a virus outbreaks and there's a critical shortage of oxygen in several areas. at least 33 people died at a hospital in yogi county. when it's apply ran out over the weekend. the government is asking produces to send all it supplies the hospitals and clinics. the highly contagious delta vary and has led to
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a huge increase in infections across the country and bang bang. how removed is a public affairs analyst in jakarta. he says the situation on the ground is getting worse. really if you look around many hospital are now a close because yes, so fool they don't admit anymore patients and they are asking people to donate oxygen and the government's actually now asking people not to to buy oxygen because hospital needs them. and in fact the there are 30 now has they did that police might have to late many places by during the day. ready 3 days from now, if this is we can where people are lightening up to buy oxygen and madison essential medicine and medicine price is high high. now,
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if the distribution remain there, the government said we will send the malaysians a found a new way to seek help during lockdown, as it baffled its worst wave of coven 19. yet the hanging white flags outside their homes to request food and other necessities. they say it's a way to ask for help without begging neighbors and businesses are offering help using the hash tag. white flag on social media. local media are reporting hundreds of thousands of lower income families are experiencing shortages. 18 people are still unaccounted for. after a mudslide swept away buildings in the town in japan, search and rescue teams or working to find anyone who might be trapped in utter me . 3 people have been confirmed dead. 23 people have been rescued. the disaster was triggered by days of trying to rain in the seaside resort town. find the sell. i'm
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a reports from tokyo. i visited the location yesterday that you would be surprised by the use the station that has been caused by that on the slide. 150 houses where totally destroyed, i think, got smashed into a very thin years of metal. and they were thrown literally on the beach. that's about took it from the starting point of that slide. the height of the month was over 30 meters and some cation and i spoke to some one of the local isn't there. and although they were very much struck by the accident, they were also angry because they didn't receive warning vacuum ration before the before the results. that happened and now there is also confusion about the number of the people dropped under the under the other till yesterday we had and
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that number was 20. and today the mayor of 50 announced that they had been trying to contact a 115 people who went to the there and they were able to get a hold of 155. so they are still trying to contact to know the weight about so for about 80 people of the city itself is a resort city. so some people would have house a very sick and out so they would go there on the union vacations and that is not that happened on the saturday morning. so very difficult to say exactly the number of the missing now or the people under the variable security forces in the philippines as searching for flight data boxes officer, military transport plane crashed on a remote island on sunday. 52 people were killed in the countries worse military disaster and decades. gemini island and reports from manila. the answered the call
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to serve their country, but for many that service was cut tragically short. 96 people were on board, the sea was 30 aircraft when it crashed in her law. more than 80 of them were newly trained soldiers about to report further to her duty in one of the most militarized areas. in the southern philippines. the aircraft landed on sunday afternoon, the videos show crushed seconds later, the villagers race to the scene and helped to pull survivors from the burning wreckage. more than 50 people died and 40 others were injured making it was the worst, the military accidents. in recent times, we are determined to find out what really transpired, according to available information. the aircraft followed the specified protocol approach to speed. the landing spot,
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it followed all those protocol. the military says the pilots were very experienced and well rated and the aircraft still had 11000 and flying hours left before it would have been retired. so what caused the plane to overshoot the runway remains for now a mystery. a select group of seasoned pilots will help investigators determine the cause. the philippine melacy had for the $130.00 that is this so so before the crash, 2 of these are undergoing repairs abroad. while the remaining one in manila has been grounded spending further investigation. but the process of identifying all those who died may take a few days. the airstrip in the law is relatively small compared to other domestic . when we see 113 safely landed to your for decades and south play has been moved out. it has been a trying time for the philippine military. there has been 9 recorded crashes in the
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last year, many of them fatal, but it appears. this is a country that doesn't have time to grieve before being hit. with another disaster jamal in dog and on jazeera manila. so ahead and i'll just sarah how the beliefs of indigenous children's ones dismissed as primitive becoming mainstream. and will tell, he was next for jeff pays off off the navy 3 decades as amazon and it's for denmark's coach opens up on the emotional rollercoaster. his plans have been on at euro 2020 ah, the hello there. it's a hot, dry picture across the levant and the middle east. we are going to see temperatures
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continue to climb. the mercury is expected to rise across q weight and into iran, as well as in iraq. if we look at the 3 day for baghdad, we could see a challenge to a record set last week, wednesday, we are likely to see 50 degrees celsius. so the heats continuing to build. but for the south, that is looking slightly cooler. we've got to southwest any wind bringing temperatures down for yemen. animal as well as the u. a. and cook top. we could see if you charlotte, wells, western areas of yemen, hedging up into saudi arabia. but for the very wet weather, we need to move to central africa, the horn of africa. we've got those storms pulsing across the open rift valley and some really heavy rain expected in south sudan over the next few days. those storms are going to rumble across at equitorial belt, joining up with storms brewing in the gulf of guinea. by the time we go to wednesday, we'll have heavy showers for gabon and camera. roon, things are looking a lot finer and dryer. as we move to southern africa,
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a few showers across southern areas of mozambique and edging down into eastern areas of south africa, but plenty of sunshine in johannesburg and cape town to choose a faith kimberly story without uttering a single word. no english can guide a simple touch informa the convent manatee, of life. witness through the limbs of the human eye. it's what inspires the witness. documentaries, on out there, most people will never know what's beyond these. the deafening silence of 100000.


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