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think and even trust me, i feel like i'm alive, but i know i am a machine origins of this species analogy 0. the holding the powerful to account. as we examined the us, his role in the world on al jazeera, ah hundreds of afghan government, true fleet to neighboring tajikistan, and taught a bon fight, this capture more districts across the country. ah, i'm sammy's a than this is i'll just there live from south hall. so coming up, if he has prime minister blames that the grey and rebels for the conflict in the region just a day after they showed readiness to talk. fake toxic black smoke drift towards
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tylen capital after a factory explosion, the bangkok airport. how the beliefs of indigenous july and once dismissed this primitive are becoming mainstream. ah, hundreds of afghan government troops fled across the border into to jacob's stand. as the tale bond captures, more territory caught upon fighters took several districts in the northern province of buckshot this weekend after afghan soldiers fled their posts. the afghan government says it sending reinforcements. now, since america's draw down of troops gained pace in may, the tale bond has doubled, the number of districts it holds. as many afghans now live on the taliban rule, as those in government control areas, 13 districts fell to the group on saturday,
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the most in 20 years. 100, thanks to god and this is prison before that the majority of the africa, people in the previous era, june taliban rule, for more than 10 years. we are now in control board and 70 percent of the territories. it is simply because that people know us very well, and the african people have no problem dealing with us. we have to main principles that we rely on when it comes to judgement versus the placid islamic faith. the 2nd is now belief in our national identity. within the framework of these 2 principles, i can assure you that we do not have any problem with anyone. we respect everyone's right. the majority of us and nato forces have now left afghanistan ahead of september. 11th the departure deadline. just 650 american troops, the staying back to secure the u. s. embassy in cobble airport and get a sense of who controls was in afghanistan. as we mentioned, the taliban is seizing districts across the north,
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but they've been fighting and winning across the country. districts that are shaded in orange, our government controlled contested districts are in green. that means taliban fighters may have surrounded population centers. main cities, or villages of districts in purple are firmly on the tardy bomb control. the number of districts and who controls them is disputed, though. michael sample is a professor at queen's university served as the deputy use special representative to afghanistan. he says the tale bonds gains don't bode well for the post us era. it is quite, quite remarkable. the collapse that we have seen during june and now into july. beyond, beyond this of their either the best expectations of the taliban or the worst expectations of the afghan government under the here and the americans. there's this, i mean there's a set of reasons. first of all, you'd expect some kind of,
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you know, adjustment with the removal of the ad, the military assets and the backing at the time that the americans have provided. but this goes well beyond it. i think some of it is this kind of the narrative that to the, the taliban have relentlessly pushed over the past 3 years. that they inevitably would take over soon after the withdrawal of the americans. and that they're at the moment there's, they're succeeding in turning that into a kind of self fulfilling prophecy. but also there's clearly disorganisation inside the afghan security forces, the real problems of morale. there is a broad consensus that people really fear the return of the taliban. but out that there is no effective organisation of the resistance to their return. if he of his prime minister, abby is defending the decision to fight rebels in the northern te gray region,
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leaders into grey say they would accept the federal government sees far is certain demands a met speaking in parliament on monday, the prime minister described to grind forces as the dangers of the rest of the country. catherine sawyer reports now from addis ababa i got up because the prime minister be responding to questions from members of parliament at the session was mainly about his power. it is on economic development. but the crisis in t grey was all to be called the agenda. and what's the future relationship between the federal government and the t p. s? can there be sustainable peace and to growing up and is there the possibility of to grain forces taking their flight beyond the grain borders? the prime minister gave more reasons why the military was deployed to the region last november, saying that the grand forces had an expansionist agenda to destabilize the country with the significance to have land. they prepared an army that they didn't stop
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there. they started encroaching on the rest of the year and started to destabilize the entire nation in all sorts of ways. this is quite dangerous, and at the end of the day, it would endanger the existence of the nation. it's considered as a threat. the government declared the war over in late november, but things have changed. the rebels have we taken the capital macalester and other areas in the region? i think with less expected was the speed with which the t. d. f transformed itself . from a mo bile dispersed gorilla force into almost a conventional army that just marched and not only on the humanitarian situation is dire. the un says more than 400000 to grands and now suffering from farming electricity and telephone lines have been cut. the air space is closed and infrastructure including important bridges, have been destroyed. families say
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a political dialogue is necessary, but does not appear possible just now. the government doesn't recognize the t, d. f, as the legitimate authority into gray doesn't even seem to accept that it exists. and the t d f says it doesn't want bilateral talks with the government. it believes that a national dialogue is necessary to save e c o b a. so i think we're far from anything beyond immediate humanitarian troops, if that that the grand leadership and its political party, p, p l, f. have given a list of demands for these via it. once among other things, the federal government recognize it as the legitimately elected regional government of the guy that may be difficult, that ministration of prime minister has already labeled t p l f. and it forces a terrorist organization, kathy, employee all to 0. i do saba. now the robert ford, some men of kidnapped a 150 school students in northwest in nigeria. witnesses say the attack took place
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overnight at the high school near could do in a city in a separate incident. 8 people were abducted from a hospital and nearby as abi, a city. the region has seen an increase in mass kidnappings for ransom by om groups known locally as bandits. factory was in flames. on the outskirts of bangkok, it's now been doused the building near the tide. capital example exploded early on monday morning, and quality in the area is described as toxic. tony chang reports from bangkok, security cameras recalled the impact of a sudden explosion in a residential neighborhood. just outside bangkok, the ground shook just like an earthquake, said residents shattering windows all around the source, a huge chemical factor in summit return on the outskirts of the ty, capital, highly flammable materials used to make phone packaging quickly and gulf the
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complex and flames. the firefighters. struggle to contain the we are trying to look for the injured. however, the flames are quite high. so it takes quite an effort to look at people. rescue is almost spreading out because we receive calls for people who have injuries from explosions from the extended area. one or 2 streets away from here, there are reports of falling debris, injuries from debbie impacts on faces, and hence, the damage caused by the explosion was considerable. it's estimated the factory alone has suffered more than $20000000.00 us dollars worth. 70 homes are also seriously affected, and thousands of people have been evacuated from within a wide radius of the factory. firefighters struggled throughout the day to bring the plays under control, but the flexible nature of the chemicals made it a complicated and dangerous task. at times the flames taking of areas in the firefight, they had the control. the day went on a huge plume of smoke rows across the area described by some witnesses as toxic and
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visible across bangkok beyond. when that finally clears, there'll be questions to answer about the failure to control such dangerous chemicals. tony ching al jazeera, bank of search and rescue teams in florida, still searching for survival hours after the remains of a partially collapsed apartment building was demolished, the renewal deaths have been confirmed, bringing the total to 2700. 900 people remain missing. the government says the demolition of the apartment block in sir. science will help efforts now in the 12th day, plans to destroy what remained of the building or brought forward as the region. braces for tropical storm alpha or and galico is live for us in science, florida. so 1st of all, let's start with the storm and the people ready for it. well,
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it seems that the light is forecasts have this storm tracking west of water. now here in miami dade county, so that is potentially good news. the storm of course, will still bring some high winds and heavy rainfalls, but officials in the latest briefing say that that should not stop rescue efforts from continuing. so some good news and what is a very tragic situation, but that demolition that took place on sunday night was really because the remaining part of champlain towers is essentially being held up by a pile of rubble and was causing danger to that ongoing rescue effort. so they made the very difficult decision to demolish what remains of those towers so that they can then get access to parts of the building. they haven't been able to search before official se, about a 3rd of the rebel as so far not being searched and with that demolition allowing more access. 3 more bodies have been recovered in the last few hours, 118 people remain unaccounted for. and what's happening
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now with the now that the remains of that building has been torn down and the are they the search and rescue people being able to get into areas any hopes left on day 12 and they might still find people? well i just heard from officials that within 20 minutes about demolition happening and it was a very highly controlled demolition, rescues were able to get back on site. now that priority at the moment is to start digging new paths into places like the carriages which were below all those residences. which would i, i would guess give some of the families waiting for news. the loved ones, some hope, but we are approaching now 2 weeks since this collapse. and essentially at the moment what they are doing is recovering people's possessions and then falling them away so i can get them back again. but seeing this building collapse, the remaining part of this building collapse is just simply heartbreaking for all
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the people that lived there for generations that had that lives. there had children and families that but it was a decision that they say was a devastating one, but necessary to increase that scope of work and allow these rescue crews that have been working non stop around the clock and to get into those areas of the building that may still hold survivors, but as each hour passes, those hopes i have to say a fading. thanks so much and the galico. the storm is soon going to make landfall in central cuba forcing thousands of people the fleet path, 180000 have been moved to say for areas as the country braces for heavy flooding. elsa is bringing winds peaking at 100 kilometers per hour, weakening as it moves across cuba. it's expected to make landfall in florida on tuesday. still ahead on al jazeera, the u. k. prepared to live with the virus, the prime minister announces lifting of mandatory mosque rules in england.
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ah hello there. it's a hot dry picture across the levant and the middle east. we are going to see temperatures continue to climb. the mercury is expected to rise across q 8 and into iran as well as in iraq. if we look at the 3 day for baghdad, we could see a challenge to a record set last week, wednesday, we are likely to see 50 degrees celsius. so the heat continuing to build, but for the south it is looking slightly cooler. we've got to southwest any wind, bring temperatures down for yemen on oman as well as the u. a and cook top. we could see if you showers as well to the western areas of yemen, hedging up into saudi arabia. but for the very wet weather, we need to move to central africa, the horn of africa. we've got those storms pulsing across the open rift valley. and
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some really heavy rain expected in south sudan over the next few days. those storms are going to rumble across that equitorial belt joining up with storms brewing in the gulf of guinea. by the time we go to wednesday, we'll have heavy showers for gabon and camera roon. things looking a lot finer and dry as we move to southern africa. a few showers across southern areas of mozambique and edging down into eastern areas of south africa. but plenty of sunshine in johannesburg and cape town to the weather bag energy and change to every part of our universe or small to continue the change all around the shape, my technology and human ingenuity,
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we can make it work for you and your business. oh the the me back you're watching out, is there a time to recap those headlines the i can tell the bomb is advancing in northern districts forcing hundreds of governments soldiers to flee across the border to stand for the south. the group taking the district in the high yoke, his prime minister is defending the decision to fight rebels in the northern region . he described him as a danger to the country sunday to rise regional government said it was ready for these 5, but with key conditions. emergency teams in thailand have contained the fire at the
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factory near bangkok, sample called by a large explosion. at least one person is confirmed being killed. doesn't have been injured. ran public rift is opened up between saudi arabia and it's m r t allies over a crucial oil deal. the opec plus alliance of oil producing countries were meeting, but it's not been postponed. the u. e. a poses a pushed by others to raise output production's been the inching up since being slashed last year when the pandemic crushed demand. saudi arabia is called for rationality and compromise. while the u i. e insist has been patient enough. british prime minister boss johnson has unveiled plans to lift most coven 19 restrictions in 2 weeks. people that england will not be legally required to wear face masks, or maintain social distances from july. the 19th. the rules do not affect scotland,
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wales, and northern ireland, which have their own health guidelines. the prime minister says the country will learn to live with the virus highly contagious. delta variance is led to a spike infections in recent weeks despite the high vaccination rate. so as we come to the 4th step, we have to balance the risks, the risks of the disease, which the vaccines have reduced, but very far from eliminated. and the risk of continuing with illegally enforced restrictions that inevitably take their toll on people's lives. livelihoods on, on people's health and mental health, and we must be honest with ourselves that if we can't reopen our society in the next few weeks when we will be helped by the arrival of summer and by the school holidays, then massage ourselves. when will we be able to return to normal indonesia struggling with one of ages? worse corona virus outbreaks?
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and there's a critical shortage of oxygen in several areas. at least 33 people die of the hospital and you'll get cognitive when it's supply ran out over the weekend. the government is asking produce is to send all supplies to hospitals and clinics. a highly contagious delta variances lead to a huge increase in infections across the country. malaysians have found the new way to seek help during lockdown as it battled its worst wave of covey 19, yet the hanging white flags outside their homes to request food and other necessities. they say it's a way to ask for help without begging neighbors and businesses are offering help using the hash tag, white flag on social media. local media reporting hundreds of thousands of lower income families are experiencing shortages. education has become one of the greatest casualties of yemen war, according to unicef,
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more than 2000000 school age girls and boys are making it into the classrooms. this makes them more vulnerable to early marriage, child labor being recruited to fight. unicef says 170000 teachers haven't been paid in 4 years or more. the pandemic is already making things worse. the un agencies also calling for an immediate end to attacks on schools. it estimates there have been more than 230 since the war escalated in early 2015. when felipe to mary is eunice, after representative to yemen, he says, the situation could get even worse. education is challenging, multiple ways in the complex that today the conflict is limiting access to 2 schools because of the of the competition of the constantly happening out. you can just go to school or the school cell. bye bye bye. displaced the baseball tradition
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in their home. and people who space within the school saw out a few because they have been damaged or destroyed by the company or because they occupied by that home. so all these together is making these 3 municipal, you're going to accept the invitation, but one important valuable to that is to present the future food. as you mentioned, they all know how 70000 each o m in 2 days to build up with teacher in the country who have not been paid for at least 4 years. and what it shows all doing the has to do for the income just to make a living just to be careful for their families. and so the system is losing teacher progressively. and it's 6 dream need to make sure that we found ways to focus sure to be paid for could chose to get access to financial impact him so
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that they can make a meeting for their families. but they can also play this crucial role in society. and in the future for children indications system classes today in yemen, there might be $4000000.00 additional children out of school. and this is a situation no one wants to see because the cookery collapse. security forces in the philippines is searching for flying down to boxes. after military transport plane crashed on a remote island on sunday, 52 people were killed in the countries worse military disaster and decades. gemini, alan, doug reports from manila. the answer, the call to serve their country was for many that service was cut tragically short, 96 people were on board. the c 130 aircraft when it crashed in her law. more than 80 of them were newly trained soldiers about to report for their to her duty in one
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of the most militarized areas. in the southern philippines. the aircraft landed on sunday afternoon. the video show crashed seconds later. the one. 0, one of the villagers raised the scene and helped to pull survivors from the burning wreckage. more than 50 people died and 40 others were injured, making it was the worst, the military accidents. in recent times, we are determined to find out what really transpired, according to available information. the aircraft followed the specified, brought the approach to speed, the landing spot. it followed all those protocol. the military says the pilots were very experienced and well rated and the aircraft still had 11000 flying hours left before it would have been retired. so what caused the plane to overshoot the runway
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remains for now a mystery. a select group of season pilots will help investigators determine the cause. the philippine military had for c 130 that is disposal before the crash. 2 of these are undergoing repairs abroad while the remaining one in manila has been grounded spending further investigation. but the process of identifying all those who died may take a few days. the airstrip in the law is relatively small compared to other domestic waves. but see 130 is up safely, landed to your for decades. and south play has been moved out. it has been a trying time for the philippine military. there has been 9 recorded crashes in the last year, many of them fatal. but it appears that this is a country that doesn't have time to grieve before being hit with another disaster jamal in dog and on jazeera manila. now for centuries,
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the way of life of the my poochie was dismissed as primitive by many non indigenous to lands. but climate change and even the pandemic making people rethink the beliefs of the country's original inhabitants. our latin america, fillasy and human visited the community in long k to see why them up with a philosophy is becoming more mainstream. the other guy, the a tree is extraordinary in many ways and not just for the normal size or it's sharp and scale like leads. it grows very slowly and can live for up to a 1000 years, a prehistoric species in fact. but the idea is much more a little carryover an out academia is a sacred tree for us. it is our mother and father because it provides us when she with our food and sustenance. my dear remitted chill could be, is it the when she the name taken by the native butcher who live by the end these mountains for harvesting that god has fruit called the noon. she asks which
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permission and give thanks a 10 year you thank you for centuries until this day. winches have bartered or sold their bananas for survival. they're extremely nutritious. in fact, we're told they also help increase fertility. it's something you can put other you can i try once you give me like chestnuts with my food out on this day were invited to eat them for desert by the middle is a when to check for healer and explained that to be honest, are more than food, i want to my phone, them in the county, the water, the earth, the air that we need to live, don't need us. it is us who need them. that is them a push of vision? remember, would you believe that man, his views of nature is causing climate change,
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drought and illnesses like cancer. and the pandemic that we're witnessing. the indigenous people of chile realized long ago that if they over exploited their natural resources, they would die of hunger, which is what happened to the native americans in the united states when the white men exterminated the buffalo. these days, the concept of living in harmony with nature is actually becoming mainstream. so much so many trillions who long regarded them. i put you with content for believing that people should take from nature only one needs are beginning to understand the need for all to do the same. she and human al jazeera loki, my chile, china cyberspace regulator has ordered smartphone app stores to suspend the top right. sharing app, d d official say it's been illegally collecting and using personal data. katrina, you reports from bay jane for millions of people in china. there's only one way to
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book a cab using the smartphone up known locally as dd. but the app has become the latest target of a chinese government crackdown and technology companies. the country cyberspace regulator says d. d violated personal data laws. and chinese app stores has been ordered to remove it. the announcement came days after parent company, d. d global listed shares on the new york stock exchange. the 2nd largest initial public offering by a chinese company in the us. it's big, it's bigger than over. it's one of a dominant player, and it looks like the valuation that was placed on the company was reasonable. i think investors are a little worried about regulatory crackdowns. the company raised almost $4500000000.00 on wednesday, but the share price has since dropped d. d operates in china and in more than 15 other countries, existing uses can continue to use the app. so far, bay during has been clamping down on technology companies over anti trust and data
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security concerns. last october, regulators quashed the public share offering of ad financial, the largest financial technology company in the world. in april ads, parent company, alibaba was find a record to point $8000000000.00 for anti trust violations. the moves have been seen as the chinese government s terrain in the power and influence of founded jack mark, who openly criticized paging economic policies, describing them as restrictive the brilliant entrepreneur has retired from running companies. he started and for months has been practically disappeared from public view. the crackdown follow a period of unexpected growth. we're trying to technology industry and it has invested increasingly worried about the risk of getting on the wrong side of the chinese government. authority, say the moves unnecessary for reducing risks and protecting consumers. supporters of compared them to efforts to regulate technology giant facebook and google in the
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us and europe. trade is moving from being one of the least regulated cyberspace. countries in the world to one of the most that just be most regulated under the most effective dd says it's working with the government to address its concerns and will listen to its guidance. whether or not the move is about tightening policy or controlling power. the tech giant has little choice but to comply. katrina, you al jazeera paging. ah, welcome back time to recap our headlines now. the afghan totty, bob is advancing in northern districts forcing hundreds of government soldiers to flee across the border to texas. then further south, the group has taken a district in the con the heart if he has prime minister abbey and is defending the decision to fight rebels in the northern to grow region, you described them as
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a dangerous.


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