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the, the change is all around the shape by technology and human ingenuity. we can make it work for you and your bill. ah bolden unfold stories from asia and the pacific on al jazeera. oh, the me. i'll come back here watching, i'll just time to recap our headlines. the gotten totally bond is advancing in
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northern districts forcing hundreds of government soldiers to flee across the border to touch that further south. the group has taken the district in the ha if yoke his prime minister estimate is defending the decisions of fine rebels in the northern region. you described them as the dangers of the country sunday to rise regional government said it was ready for a fire, but with conditions emergency teams in time and the baffling to contain a fire at the factory nearby and called sample was caused by a large explosion at least one person is confirmed dead doesn't have been injured. indonesia is struggling with one of ages was current a virus outbreaks and there's a critical shortage of oxygen in several areas. these 33 people die. there's a hospital and you'll get caught up when it's supply ran out over the weekend. the government is asking producers to send all supplies to hospitals and clinics. the highly contagious delta variance is lead to a huge increase in infections across the country. has talked to been bang
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high of multi he's a public affairs analyst and joins us on skype from jakarta. good to have you with us. so the hospitals running out of oxygen is the health system now unable to cope well, i think we have, as you mentioned the case to swear and yeah, not a hospital. you'll just run out though it's central to get in for 8 hours and that the 3 people died. but clearly if you look around many hospital now a close because yes, so fool, they don't admit anymore patients and they are asking people to donate oxygen and the government's actually now asking people not to to buy oxygen because hospital needs them. and in fact the,
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the, the now has stated that police might have to read many places by courtesy day. ready 3 days from now, if this situation where people are lightening up to buy oxygen's and medicine and i said she'll medicine and medicine prices. i high. now, if the district we shouldn't remain there, the so let me jump in here for the medicine. prices are too high, hospitals having to close down is the situation out of control and entities here right now. ah, well some, some bitter getting out of control. so not as you know, indonesia very big. but mostly this is in gala island, which is 60 percent of the population live. so it like cases like in go yeah. also
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into the bio product in a hospital say they cannot admit anymore patients. so some patients have to go around and around the ambulance or car to find places or to get they just bear at home and some of them died at home. so water health work, good us now. they used to be the job is to bring separately people to hospital. now they're having another job. they have to worry i those who died at home. well, the president has announced a shot down of several places for 2 weeks. at least i think in java and in bali. do you think this will be enough to convey the situation where the problem is? this is not that a lot down because with the so called soft lockdown this morning for internet got the many places days a software from what we call a traffic can. so how can you have a traffic game in a lockdown?
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yeah. i don't know. you say that's a question. thanks so much by bang. hardy movie though. yeah. so it, it's effective lockdown actually basically relatively low down. all right, thank you so much for your thoughts on that. malaysians have found a new way to seek help during locked down, as it baffles its worst wave of cove in 1900 yet hanging white flags outside their homes to request food and other necessities. they say it's a way to ask for help without begging neighbors and businesses are offering help using the hash tag, white flag on social media. local media reporting hundreds of thousands of low income families are experiencing shortages. education has become one of the greatest casualties of yelman's war. according to unicef, it says more than 2000000 school age girls and boys are making it into classrooms.
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this makes them more vulnerable to early marriage, child labor, and being recruited to fight. as the impact of the war is compounded by the pandemic, eunice have says, 170000 teachers have been paid in 4 years or more. un agencies also calling for an immediate end to attacks on schools. it estimates the been more than 230 since the war escalated in early 2015 for the domain. these units have a representative to him and he says, the situation could get even worse. education is challenged in multiple ways in the complex that today the conflict is limiting access to 2 schools because of the, of the competition of the constantly happening that you can just go to school or the school cell. bye bye bye. displaced the baseball tradition. the only people who space within the school saw out a few because they have been damaged or destroyed by the company or because they
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occupied by that home school. so all these together now is making these 3 municipal you're going to accept the invitation. but one important valuable to that is to present the future food. as you mentioned, they all know how 70000 each of them in 2 days, to build up with teacher in the country who have not been paid for at least 4 years . and what they'll do in be has to do for the senate to see the income just to make a living just to careful for their families. and so the system is losing, it shows progressively and it's 6 dream, the surgeons to make sure that we found ways to focus shows to be pacesetters focus, chose to get access to financial incentives so that they can make a meeting for their families. but they can also play this crucial role in society
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and in the future for children indications system collaborative today. man, there might be $4000000.00 additional children out of school. and this is a situation no one wants to see because the system with just cookery products. for centuries, the way of life of my poor chair was dismissed as primitive by many non indigenous july ends by climate change. and even the pandemic making people rethink the beliefs of the country's original inhabitants. our latin america, the tiller, see, and human visited a community in long, kim, i to see why them up which philosophy is becoming more mainstream. we don't carry a tree, is extraordinary in many ways and not just towards enormous size or it's sharp in scale like leads. it grows very slowly and can lead for up to a 1000 years, a prehistoric species in fact. but the idea is much more a little carryover in the last year when academia is
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a sacred tree for us. it is our mother and father because it provides us when she, with our food and sustenance. my dear remitted chill, good been, isn't the winchester, the name taken by the natives? my booty who live by the end these mountains for harvesting that god has fruit called the been your and she asks which permission and give. thanks tanya. you thank you for centuries until this day the wenches have bothered or sold their bananas for survival. they're extremely nutritious. in fact, we're told the also help increase fertility. something good. you can i try once you give me like chestnuts. mama food on this day were invited to eat them for dessert. mighty elemental is a when to check for healer and explained that to be honest, are more than food. i want to my phone, them in the, at a county add the water,
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the earth, the air that we need to live don't need us. it is us who need them, that is them a put a vision remark, would you believe that man, his views of nature is causing climate change, drought and illnesses like cancer and the pandemic that we're witnessing, the indigenous people of chile realised long ago that if the over exploited their natural resources, they would die of hunger, which is what happened to the native americans in the united states when the white men exterminated the buffalo. these days, the concept of living in harmony with nature is actually becoming mainstream. so much so that many chileans who long regarded them approaching with contempt for believing that people should take from nature only one needs are beginning to understand the need for all to do the st. lucie and human al jazeera lucky my chilly health care is tough to get falls in bob wayne's who live in remote areas
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with poor public transport. now a new social enterprise is helping to solve the problem with van converted into a mobile clinic home with us reports from go to monday. it's bringing medical care directly to those who need it most. on the outskirts of her id is an informal settlement called caledonia. this place used to be a commercial farm until the mid to thousands wins in bobby's government forcibly moved hundreds of families here to d, congest parts of the capital in the sprawling community. an old taxi has been turned into a hospital on wheels top solar energy on top. and then we also have the wind turbines to give us power. so he's actually generate power as you see there. so we're generating about $1000.00 watts of power. the critical part of this one, i energy source of power in the maxine fetus. freeze of actually
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a protein there. so we notice that from, you know, depression, that comes, you know, through the 19 and trying to think, how can we help we thought of, you know, putting in a box in their mobile freeze i, in there. that's about a 190 liter storage capacity. can control up to minus 7 degrees. it means dr. gracious 50. can do her rounds here, at least once a week. she's the only doctor on call today and dozens of patients to see knowing that i have done my best. i put my input up in the patient of, of told them what to do and the risk really is up to them as being compliant to their medication. but to me, knowing that i made that effort to go to a rural clinic and seeing those patients who i really need of seeing a doctor is really what i would mention as a good day on days when the doctor con, come out here, nurses use why fi from the ambulance to get medical advice from doctors elsewhere
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in the country. it's a service that's taking primary health care to remote communities. whenever people know an abilene is coming there a way it could be days or weeks before help come out here again. an average 40 percent of people in them, bobby travel more than 5 kilometers to see a doctor or a nurse. it's not just about finding money for public transport. there's also the pandemic. so they said home and don't get the help they need. but now ambulance on wheels, he's in a trial phase to see if it's feasible to roll them out across the country than bobby hoped to vaccinate 10000000 people or 60 percent of its population. by the in of this yes, this could be a way to reach me in remote hard to reach places. harden with us alger got him on the china cyberspace regulator has ordered smart phone app store to suspend the top ride sharing app. didi officials say it's been illegally collecting and using
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personal data. katrina, you reports from beijing for millions of people in china. there's only one way to book a cab using the smartphone up known locally as dd. but the app has become the latest target of a chinese government crackdown or technology companies. the country cyberspace regulator says d. d violated personal data laws and chinese app stores has been ordered to remove it. the announcement came days after parent company, d. d. global listed shares on the new york stock exchange, the 2nd largest initial public offering by a chinese company in the us. it's big, it's bigger than over. it's one of a dominant player, and it looks like the valuation that was placed on the company was reasonable. i think investors are a little worried about regulatory crackdowns. the company raised almost $4500000000.00 on wednesday, but the share price has since dropped d. d operates in china, and in more than 15 other countries,
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existing users can continue to use the app. so far, bay during has been clamping down on technology companies over anti trust and data security concerns. last october, regulators quashed the public share offering of ad financial, the largest financial technology company in the world. in april ads, parent company, alibaba was find a record to point $8000000000.00 for anti trust violations. the moves have been seen as the chinese government. se terrain in the power and influence of founded jack mark, who openly criticized paging economic policies, describing them as restrictive the brilliant entrepreneur has retired from running companies he started and for months has been practically disappeared from public view. the crackdown follow a period of unexpected growth. we're trying to technology industry and it has invested increasingly worried about the risk of getting on the wrong side of the chinese government authority,
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say the moves unnecessary for reducing risks and protecting consumers. supporters of compared them to efforts to regulate technology giant facebook and google in the us and europe. trade is moving from being one of the least regulated cyberspace. countries in the world to one of the most that just be most regulated under the most effective dd says it's working with the government to address its concerns and will listen to its guidance. whether or not the move is about tightening policy or controlling power. the tech giant has little choice but to comply. katrina, you al, jazeera paging, the man who started a business in his garage and went on to become the world's richest person, is stepping down as theo of his online empire. but jeff bezos isn't disappearing from amazon. she have retents, he explains side just very those will remain influential in amazon all 3 steps down, a c o becoming the company's executive chair report to be focused on which areas
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amazon will move into next year. expect to see amazon to venture into businesses where they feel like they can disrupt the landscape by being more customer oriented . customer focused. so health care, education, all these things will be areas where we have lots of pain points. the world's richest man base authors estimated to make about $2300.00 per 2nd more in one week . and the median work at amazon makes in a year is one point. 6 trillion dollar company paid no federal income tax in 2018. instead receiving a $129000000.00 tax rebate from the government pays also, and amazon has become a symbol of 21st century inequality. family teacher paid 22 percent amazon and 90 other major corporations pay 0 federal taxes and we'll put in today. but i'd like companies such as facebook polls or amazon is trusted by the us
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public and respected for competence, even as it is accused of exploiting its workers and having too much power, not just in its ability to squelch all the competition. but as a result of all the information is able to gather about its customers habits, one commentators noted quotes, jeff diesels has one capitalism. whatever the public's feelings about based off his vision is astonishing, as is his desire for amazon to be incorporated ever more deeply into all aspects of society. but a key question for many as long been why, what is basis his goal? what does he want? those who have started him say the answer is nothing less than the human conquest of the universe. his primary ambition since his youth, a former girlfriend once told reporters that it was this, that drove him to a mass so much wealth. his idol is captain picard of star trek baize, or had considered using because catch phrase, make it so as the name for what would become amazon diesel says decision to shave his head has been noted in this context. however,
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he's yet to outline an amazon prime model of human existence in future space colonies. there's a lot of one of the men ship, if you will, in those kind of far super rich billionaires minds to make the next impact. so space is the next frontier, and so they've may be very honestly believing that they can make much a greater impact by exploring and contributing to the faster development of humans colonizing our humans. exploring and becoming less dependent on the planet and base also will suit attempt to achieve his goal of space travel. it's one earth. i want to go on this flight because it's a thing i wanted to do all my life. a petition as attractive, tens of thousands of signatures pleading with him to remain there. but a more realistic goal for those concerned with his sofa unchecked power. maybe the growing body pause and congressional support in the u. s. for breaking up his
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empire. she had returned the al jazeera washington. phil had on al jazeera in sport aiming for the talk to one of the new events, to make it. and then pick debut in tokyo. ah, brought to you by accenture. let there be change. the news
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me brought to you by extension that there'll be change. oh a. all right, for capital reaction at wimbledon with follow. thank you so much for me for news he has on this jabber, assert the quarter finals that wimbledon jumper beating former french open champion, eager white tech to hit a career high. at this tournament. this run equals her best several performance or
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the ground slammer than the 26 year old. as previously reached the last 8 of the 2020 australian open job r one the match against her polish opponents. in 3 facts, no other air of woman has ever reached the quarter finals and a major turnaround. it's amazing to hear that like even playing against an amazing play against ega. but most of the crowds were helping me and supporting me and i was hearing more my name. you know, it gave me a lot of confidence and honestly i appreciate it a lot and i hope they come even even more for the next much women's top seed ash bardy is also true to the quarter finals for the 1st time. yes, trillion ending french open champion. barbara frigo. 515 match, winning street. already reaching the final 8th with a 7563 victory. mens roll. number one. know that junk of edge is a step closer to ceiling. a record equaling 20th. the grand slam title. the
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defending champion had a comfortable when against christian garn of chile to reach a 50th and major quarter final. the 3rd was going for a 6 wimbledon title, which with new, the 34 year old, closer to the golden flam with the tokyo game. and us open at delta cotton, a leading contender for an olympic gold medal didn't disappoint his home crowd in the build up to the tokyo games. sweden's pull vol champion arm on. do plan p winning this diamond league. advance install comb. it once again cleared 6 meters, but failed in a bid to break his own world record american ronnie baker finished 1st in the 100 meters. he too will be targeting a metal in japan and dutch runner from k bowl. round the 4th fast, this time in history and the women's 400 meter hurdles. how sport climbing will make it full in big debut and tell you is one of the 5 new events among those going to the games is britain shawna cox. c,
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need barker reports from sheffield on what it takes to reach the top. my name is shawna cox, and i'm a special carmen, and i'll be competing in sport climbing for the 1st time climbing 1st time in the tokyo fun front again, was full climbing makes its limpid debut this summer. so in a cooksey will be reaching for gold. the to time world champion, been competing since the age of 7. climbing at the gains is called salt climbing and a combination of 3 different disciplines which speak timing sounds like monetary. how fast will bouldering, which you can see a little bit behind us and not too high off the ground of math. and then also lead climbing, which is clipping a rope in your climb up. and it's who gets the highest the overall when it's based on who performs best in all 3 disciplines. it's a full body sport, legs, core, arms, fingers. everything needs to be strong. but this isn't just about punishing re,
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teens team. great britain's approach before they even get to the war is about fun. if your in a joyful place and you're happy to just let go and have a good like it's going to help you. because if you're comfortable with pushing your boundaries and feeling good on the floor and learning on the math, you'll be able to do the final pay by and all of this is about training through plane free training recruit. we're happy body least happy miley for happy athletes. strengthen agility are only half the story. climb as also need a strategic mind to tackle any configuration of wall. i'm. one of the competitions for athletes are only given a matter of minutes. insulation to work out how to plan that re
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submit their bodies and their mind working in thinking. this has of course, been an unusual year with athletes for many sports having to adopt their training routines. during the pandemic coming centers close, shawna youth especially built wall in her own basement. they just thing is something we're familiar with. we just injury, we're just the changes and that's part of our lives. so in a way, yes, it was some real to have to adjust it, but it's also something that is familiar. i the sport all about the athletes, personal interaction with the wall. there's a collective zeal amongst these climbers, a sporting euphoria, even when things go wrong. oh, the getting a competitive edge over her rival games where the margins between athletes
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a minuscule take shawna away from the wall to an ice cold river in the english countryside. have to be an end or the car all day to come out and feel connected with the outdoors again is important. this is the athletes place to unwind, focus and prepare, body and mind for the lofty heights, the olympic gain, giving the less athletic amongst just a moment to cool off limbs, fall couches era, sheffield, and shall have tony's become the 1st player and major league baseball history to be picked for an all star game as both the header and a pitcher. the alley angels, 2 ways translation had a leaf leading 31st home runs to help us side to 6. 5, when it gets to baltimore, orioles county also tied the leak record for the most homeless board and a season by japanese born player that record with 1st sat in 2004 by new york yankees header. hi becky, my city. ok. and that is all these port went out back to you. sammy,
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thanks so much follow. well, that's it from me, sammy's a than to this new down, but i'm back in a moment with another full bulletin of new day with a noon on country with coast shaders. challenging the political establishment in latin america as a pandemic, thanks millions into prophecy fuel prices and trying of course the fruits. and whereas the least max tech unicorn can do, the cost on all to 0 collegial comes onto the pitch is
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a special moment for any football to do. it is a palace. the woman is a remarkable achievement. the footballing legend at canton introduces honey soldier who broke through social and political barriers to inspire a generation of female players across the middle east. football rebels that's do it on algae 0 for some a robot is a mechanical or even that self driving train of the but androids today can be over the humanoid. robots like me, will be everywhere. al jazeera documentaries. next lead on the weird and wonderful world of robot that learn think for you and even trust. i feel like i'm alive, but i know i am a machine origins of this species. on $20.00, me be the hero,
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the world needs right now. i was, i i i see us continues is draw down of troops in afghanistan, the bombs hold on the country grows stronger. ah, i'm sorry. say that this is al serra live from dell hall. so coming up here is lead a defends is handling of the t great conflict saying is encouraging a period of silence. so people can think.


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