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coverage world views like we do, the scale of this camp is like nothing you've ever seen access to health care. it's something well we want to know, how does these things affect people? we revisit places day, even when there are no international headline. houses there really invests in that and that's a privilege. as a journalist ah a tie factory explosion. shake bank. ok. and then people fleeing from leaking chemical ah. hello again on kim vanelle. this is there from doha. coming up, the demolition crew to bring down what was left of the collapse to us
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apartment building, clearing the way for rescuers discuss more of the role. the palestinian, israel's new political era will sell the end of a temporary door that stops families from living together. and the mobile clinic powering its own vaccine 3 and why fi that's delivering health care to the most communities the bob way? ah, the factory is up in flames on the outskirts of bangkok with thousands of his of leech chemicals opposing a nature risk. the plastics manufacturer is building near the ty capitals airport exploded early on monday. holmes within a 5 kilometer radius, have been evacuated as crew struggle to bring the fire on. the control air quality in the area is described as toxic. we're trying to look for the engine,
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but the flames are quite high. so it takes quite an effort to look the people rescue is also spreading out because we've got calls for people who have injuries from the explosion from an extended area, one or 2 streets away. from here, there are reports of falling debris and injuries from debris impacts on people's heads. plenty chang joins us now live from bangkok via skype and tony. despite best efforts, the fire is still not on the control. you know it, although we understand the last hour the farm and have managed to get back into the area. and they say that that concerns about a 20 or 20000 liter bag of chemicals. they feared it was going to explode when the, the phone got out of their control earlier today, is now no longer on the threat. nonetheless, they do appear not to fully extinguish the pictures coming life from the scene. show that it is still burning light spread across the area. still
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a huge plume of black smoke going out, obscuring a lot of the area around, including a lot of the area around. so want to boom, international banks main. but earlier in the day, they had thought they had the foreign to control. and i cause cause again, forcing them right out of the area and they were really very concerned. we've seen this, this happening several times today. i think they're not entirely sure what chemicals are. there was a of a factory that had been producing phone packing. a lot of the chemical used known to be highly inflammable. and judging by the initial explosion that took place at 3 o'clock in the morning over night, something fairly cataclysmic can happen. damage left over a wide spread area, causing damages to 70 homes nearby, injuring 29 people and causing 13 talented amongst a firefighter. and tony,
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as i've been saying this is all happening very close to the airport, isn't it a very, very busy airport. bangkok airport. has it go with any major disruption at this stage? you know, we understand that flight taking place is normal. it is normally a very, very busy at the moment it should have been much reduced because of covert, but there are still plays going in every couple in and out every couple of minutes . the board said that it wasn't disrupted. we understand that when the font sizes were forced out by the ferocity of the flames. earlier, they were sending helicopters in, taking water to drop on the fire when the firefighters couldn't get in. we believe now that things are a little more under control, the apple shouldn't be affected, but this factory is only 3 kilometers away. so it does cause potential threat particularly, is that 20000 liter bag of chemicals does come into play again. nonetheless,
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i think the final price is thinking, feeling that they are now more in control of the situation. or i, thanks for that. tony chang law from bangkok searches or trying to find the flight recorders from a philippine military transport plane that crashed, killing 47 soldiers on board. and other 3 people were killed on the ground when the c 130 over shot the runway while trying to land on long island. and she knew providence. it's the philippines, worst military ed is also in decades. the army is also working to secure the crash . i'm from local groups, jamila dog, and his monitoring the story from manila out of those who survive their actually those who are in critical condition, they are given the best possible care some of been known to the one to 50, the biggest 50 closest law. there is a military hospital in hello, which of course, one of the biggest basis of the philippine military in the southern philippines.
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you know, it is quite a nerve wracking situation for the military. because if we look at the situation starting this year, this is the 3rd case of a be asian accident for the philippine air air force. since this year. they said that today is a period of morning that all slides will be flown that have mass, but he also said that, you know, despite this period the morning that there's a full blown investigation that's on their way. investigators have already arrived this morning in law and, you know, based on the initial investigation, they said that, you know, it seems that, you know, the, the plane actually landed well within the protocols that were required. they also said it's unlikely that it's going to be pilot error, but they said they are determined to find out what's actually transpired. now because of this situation, they said they used to have 4130, the philippine military. they are grounding that one that remains in the philippines as being used and to remain under repair. in, in portugal, we were also told that, you know,
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they're doing the very best that they can to inform those families. and some of those bodies have been identified that they are going to give them the best possible honors befitting those who have died in the line of duty. p o, p as prime minister of the opposite. his answering questions from politicians and parliament, about 2 and a half hours into the session, he's been asked about the conflict into grime. problem. government has announced the sci fi there. after months of fighting with the growing forces of retaken, the regional capital un says a feminine tech is now affecting more than $400000.00 people. go live not to catherine soy. in the some of us government. these question and answers have been going on for some time now. what he said so far. yes, they have and the prime minister i'll be all made as steel. speaking on the floor parlor maid, he has been asked a question by one of the members of parliament who is concerned about the he
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married he many terry and situation in the guy. the member of parliament asked about the future relationship between the t p less leadership that, that the grant leadership and the federal government, and also about our concerns about if this grand horses can take the fight beyond the borders of p guys. so the prime minister started by talking about the reasons why the military, when seen in the 1st place, he said that the grand forces had an expansionist agenda. a saying that t p a left posed a danger to the rest of the country. that it was developing and had developed on force and was recruiting and using resources sent to the guy by the federal government. he said that this leadership and this, the grand forces wanted to cross to the rest of the country, already causing and stability in other parts. of the country, he said that the government tried to send mediators religious leaders elders. and
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so want to try and talk to the leadership that was before this conflict started in november. but left leaders, he said, did not listen to this mediation, refused to speak with the government, and that's why the government was forced to send in to them also because a t p left for his had to talk some military base. so he also spoke about what the government did after this war was declared over on the 28th of november, saying that you'd how it provided aids to the people of the guy. saying that he tried to said it's engineers and service workers to go and fix some of the installations, electricity, power lines, telephone lines that had been destroyed. but then the 2 grand forces healed. some of the service workers. he mentioned that the engineers and other work of the government have been killed in the last few months so that a lot of
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a lot of accommodations he level to is that the grand forces. so he's still speaking, like i said, it will be interesting to see if he's going to address the issue of the sci fi, and particularly the issue of the demands that have been given by but to grand leadership. in order to reset this, these via the leadership of the guy saying that it wants best for the document to recognize it to recognize a t p left leadership as a legitimately elected regional government of the guy. a very difficult to see how this is going to happen, how the government is going to accept that considering that so the government has level, has labeled that the grand leadership and it forces as a terrorist organization. thank you for that update katherine sawyer and addis ababa foremost south african president. jacob zoom are compared to south africa judges to apartheid era rulers of defying a deadline to surrender to police. he was sentenced to 15 months in prison for
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failing to appear to corruption inquiry. earlier, the 79 year old joined support is outside his home to show solidarity them is appealing against the sentence. effect of that i was lum busted to with a punitive jail sentence. without trial is something which should in induce a sense of shock to all those who cherish freedom and the rule of law. south africa is fast. slight in bag to i but said type rule. the number of people missing or unaccounted for author landslide in japan has risen to more than 80 rescue cruise and autonomy taking advantage of a break in the rain 2 days after the disaster, japanese prime minister says the focus is still on finding people alive. 1500
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emergency workers and soldiers with their body. salami has a start date from tokyo. i visited the location yesterday. you would be surprised by the use of the patient that has been caused by that on the slide. 150 houses where i thought that it destroyed, i think, got smashed into a very thin they years of metal. and they were thrown literally on the beach. that's about 2 kilometers from the starting point of that slide. the height of the month was over 30 meters in some locations and i spoke to some one of the local isn't there. although they were very much shocked by the accident. they were also angry because they didn't receive warning sort, evacuation before the before the results that happened. i know there is also confusion about the number of the people dropped under the under the other
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till yesterday we had and that number was 20. and today the mayor of 50 announced that they had been trying to contact 215 people who were thought to be there and they were able to get hold of 155. so they are still trying to contact. so no, no, wait about. so for about 80 peoples of the city itself is the resort city. so some people would have houses, there are sick and out so they would go there on the union vacations and that is not that happened on a saturday morning. so very difficult to say exactly the number of the missing now are the people under the variable and the use head tear on the on take more territory and i've gone gone, including the 1st place and full a strong moment weren't charged. but phil,
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around will tell me what's going on next for outgoing amazon ceo's phase. ah hello there. let's start in se asia and that tropical depression has intensified to the north of the philippines. that's bringing the wet and windy weather to the baton is and badly on islands as it works its way to the south of taiwan. but we've also got a swirling weather system in the south china sea, and that's going to bring wet and windy weather to the southern coast of china in particular. hey, nan island. what does that mean for indo china? well, we're going to have more wet weather, not just from the seasonal rains, but vietnam, cambodia, seen some of the rain from that system. and as we go into wednesday, we'll have some more heavy showers across the north of thailand where the wet and
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windy weather continues to wit the western coast of a strange. we've got a weather system working its way into put some heavy shot. was he a blustery winds and not wet weather is expected to last much of the week. the southern areas of australia without a cold front keeping things chilly. but the cloud is now cleared and the sunshine is coming through. but things are still cloudy for victoria and tasmania. it's up southern north that we are seeing the sunshine breakthrough for queens and things are looking rather unsettled for new zealand. we've got a weather system bringing a lot of that wet weather to the south island and we got a warning for severe gales out. and that sure weather for now. the weather bag, energy and change to every part of our universe. or small to continue the change all
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around the shape, my technology and human ingenuity. we can make it work for you and your bill. ah, the me here watching algebra reminder of our top stories this hour. emergency, teens and thailand event linked to contain a fire at a century bank of airport caused by a large explosion. at least one person was consent had been killed dolphins. if an engine says teams are trying to find the flight record is from a philippine military transport plane that crashed, killing 47 soldiers on board over shot the runway. we'll try to land on hollow
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island. here he is prime minister, i'll be off methods defending the decision to fight the rebels and the northern region. been on during questions and parliament described to crime forces as a danger to the rest of the country. hundreds of afghan troops have gone in from neighboring tissue cast on fleeing telephone advances in the north. they cost over from us, gone to stones, but auction province where local officials say soldiers and police were numbered by telephone fighters. and further south, the taliban has captured a strategic district in kandahar public. the area is symbolically important to its homeric children. abandoned and empty families have been forced to flee can to her off to face fighting between african government forces and the taliban. they say they can't defeat the armed group on their own. that there is no peace.
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if one helicopter came here, it would be enough for all of can to her. why don't they use helicopters against them? they targeted me. they tried to kill me. if they killed me and who will look after my children asset ela, a local police commander says they're under resolved and struggle in the fight against the armed group. the situation is going to be bad. police and border forces have equipment problems commandos and the national army base to bit far and we are on the front line. the advances made by the taliban in this key southern province came on the same day. the city governor was killed by a car bomb in the regional capital pan joyce, the 5th district in can to help hobbins to fall to the armed group in recent weeks . as the taliban offensive gains momentum, they came to have seized more than 100 out of nearly 400 districts in the country
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with a strong presence in the north. 100. thanks to god and this is prison before the majority of the afghan people in the previous era, june taliban rule, for more than 10 years. we are now in control board and 70 percent of the territories. it is simply because that people know us very well and the afghan people have no problem dealing with us. many afghans are frightened, that concerned the security situation in the country will only worsen once the us forces eventually leave. while not only me, but all africans are very to the palate, bond will take over kind of fun as us troops leave the country. no one and honestly is completely satisfied with the palate bond one. from the day the issue of the withdrawal, a foreign troops arose. it has had a negative impact on the deliver of people. the fall of punch, why does straight comes just days off the u. s. a native forces vacated their main by graham air base net cobble. the remaining us troops will officially leave the country and september. the 11th. a move,
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many regional experts say will only help the taliban consolidate its growing control of the country. her marriage audrey out his era around the only nuclear power plant is back in operation. the bush air plant, which we've built with help from russia, has been shut down for 2 weeks for emergency maintenance us sanctions have prevented to rob from bringing in new parts. iran is face to power blackouts, blamed on the surging electricity demand, or by heat wave sweeping the region. often numerous delays, politicians in israel are expected to vote on a controversial temporary law. it prevents palestinians in the west bank from settling permanently with their spouses, from israel or occupied east jerusalem was created in 2003. during the 2nd intifada and required the annual renewal party for civil mohammed czar tree lives a divided life dominated by the architecture and bureaucracy of occupation
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when he was born just outside jerusalem's eastern limits. so his id papers are those of the palestinian from the west bank, but he lives in occupied east jerusalem with his daughter and wife, both of whom have jerusalem. i d's mohammad has to apply for a special military permit every 12 months, just to live in his own home because of likely to at any moment them i tell you that we have to leave you a note welcome. his wife cannot. he could only wish for the chance of permanent secure status and more we would have more freedom. he could work easily movies and he travel and live daily life more easily. and when you don't have anything and you're afraid over time, get mark across. okay, pretty seriously. thousands of families have been put in this position by a temporary law that has to be renewed every 12 months. the question for them is
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whether the political shift inside israel could ease that burden on them. israel's new right wing prime minister natalie bennett, leads a government that contains left wing and palestinian israeli parties who is set against voting to extend the law. this is a trap for him because it, it's not a law which is on the books. it's emergency action that was taken in 2003 at the height of the 2nd intifada, when there was real proof that people who had use the family unification actually were engaged in terrorist activities against israel. that's not the case to date. now the new position leader benjamin netanyahu is also threatening to vote against it to deal in early defeat, to the government. all of them on the job. if they don't want to give citizenship 215000 palestinians, they have to abstain. we never had right wing national parties voting against this law. the campaign is against the law such comments reinforced of you,
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that it's about demography not security. you'll hear that the law is necessary for security and to maintain israel as a jewish demo, democratic state. so that should be suspicious to everyone. you know, when you are hearing these 2 justifications, you have to call into question. is it essential only for security reasons. mom, even if the law is prevented from lapsing containers, hope it may be amended perhaps exempting at least elderly couples. but that would still leave mohammed living a restricted life. no israeli health cover? no driving license, no real peace of mind. even at home. harris was it i'll just 0 occupied east juris norway's largest pension fund has divested acids and companies with links to israeli settlements and the occupied westbank. it has sold acids from 16 votes, including the telecom giant, most roller. you move follows the un publication in 2020,
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that listen. companies with activities links to legal settlements. 67 people have been rescued in the mediterranean sea. there is only among them more for woman. and more than 20 unaccompanied minute. they were picked up by the humanitarian ship ocean. viking healthcare is tough to get his and bob wins who live in remote areas with poor public transport. now, when you social enterprise is helping to solve the problem with a van converted into a mobile clinic and self powered by renewable energy. the term a counselor reports from god morrissey. it's bringing medical care directly to those who need it most. on the outskirts of her id is an informal settlement colon caledonia. this place used to be a commercial farm until the mid to thousands winds and bobby's government forcibly moved hundreds of families here to de congest parts of the capital in the sprawling community. an old taxi has been turned into
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a hospital on wheels put up for solar energy on top. and then we also have the wind turbines to give us power. so it's actually generates power, as you see there. so we're generating about $1000.00 watts of power. the critical part of the sort of energy source or power in the maxine feet is freeze of actually a protein there. so we notice that from, you know, depression, that comes, you know, through the 19 and trying to think, how can we help we thought of, you know, putting in a box in their mobile freeze i, in there, that's about a 190 liter storage capacity. can please control up to minus 7 degrees. it means dr. gracious 50. can do her rounds here, at least once a week. she's the only doctor on call today and dozens of patients to see knowing that i have done my best. i put my input up in the patient of, of told them what to do and the risk really is up to them as being compliant to
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their medication. but to me, knowing that i made that effort to go to a rural clinic and seeing those patients who i really need of seeing a doctor is really what i would mention as a good day on days when the doctor can come out here. nurses use, why fi from the ambulance to get medical advice from doctors outweighed in the country. it's a service by taking primary health care to remote communities. whenever people know in abilene is coming their way, it could be days or weeks before help come out here again, an average 40 percent of people in them. bobby travel more than 5 collaborative to see a doctor or a nurse for some. it's not just about finding money for public transport. there's also the pandemic. so they said home and don't get the help they need. but now ambulance on wheels, he's in a trial phase to see if it's feasible to roll them out across the country than bob . we hope to vaccinate 10000000 people or 60 percent of its population. by the,
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in of this yes, this could be a way to reach me in remote hard to reach places. harden with us alger got him on the man who started a business in his garage and went on to become the world's richest person. stepping down a, c e o is online empire. jeff phase off is not disappearing from amazon. the shepherd towns, the reports side. just those. those will remain influential and amazon all 3 steps down, a c o becoming the company's executive chair, reportedly focused on which areas amazon will move into next. be expect to see amazon to venture into businesses where they feel like they can disrupt the landscape by being more customer oriented. customer focused. so health care, education, all these things will be areas where we have lots of pain points. the world's richest man based off of estimated to make about $2300.00 per 2nd. more in one week . the median work at amazon makes in
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a year is $1.00 trillion dollar company paid no federal income tax in 2018. instead receiving a $129000000.00 tax rebate from the government pays also, and amazon has become a symbol of 21st century inequality. family teacher paid 22 percent amazon and 90 other major corporations pay 0 and federal taxes. i'm going to put in today, but i'd like companies such as facebook polls or amazon is trusted by the us public and respected for competence. even as it is accused of exploiting its workers and having too much power, not just in its ability to squelch all the competition. but as a result of all the information is able to gather about its customers habits. one commentators noted quotes, jeff diesels has one capitalism, whatever the public's feelings about based off his vision is astonishing, as is his desire for amazon to be incorporated ever more deeply into all aspects of
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society. but a key question for many has long been why, what is basis is go? what does he want? those who have started him say the answer is nothing less than the human conquest of the universe. his primary ambition since his youth, a former girlfriend once told reporters that it was this, that drove him to a mass so much wealth. his idol is captain picard of star trek bays, or had considered using because catch phrase make it so as the name for what would become amazon diesel says, decision to shave his head has been noted in this context. however, he's yet to outline an amazon prime model of human existence in future space colonies. there's a lot of one of the men ship, if you will, in those kind of super rich billionaires minds to make the next impact. so space is the next frontier. and so they've may be very honestly believing that they can make much a greater impact by exploring and contributing to the faster development of humans
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colonizing arguments, exploring and becoming less dependent on the planet and base also will suit attempt to achieve his goal of space, travel it's one earth, i want to go on this flight because it's a thing i wanted to do all my life. a petition as attracted tens of thousands of signatures pleading with him to remain there. but a more realistic goal for those concerned with his sofa unchecked power. maybe the growing body pause and congressional support in the u. s. for breaking up his empire. she advertise the al jazeera washington. ah, this is down to there and these are the top stories, emergency things in thailand, a bad thing to contain a fire at a factory near bangkok airport was caused by a large explosion. at least one person is content have been killed. dozens of being injured. tony tank has moved from bangkok,
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the fire is still raging out of the control they've been battling it now.


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