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tv   [untitled]    July 5, 2021 10:30am-11:01am +03

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chinese people for your support, there will be more space walks and the space station will keep growing. thank you. probably. lou got around on a mechanical arm which took him where he needed to go. robotic arms are key to future plans for smart manufacturing and space. tongue hunk boat took a more traditional route along the guard rails. the space walks last about 7 hours . it's only the 2nd time a chinese crew has entered the vacuum of space. the last space walk in 2008 lasted just 20 minutes. that young her station should be completed next year. cool that the the crew members will spend 3 months helping build the station, conducting experiments small at the same time, maintaining their fitness. they'll also be capturing views that chinese astronauts have been unable to see for themselves. since the us locked them out of the international space station 10 years ago and are chappelle al jazeera ah, there at the top stories, ty, emergency crews are trying to contain a fire at
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a factory net bangkok, airport. it exploded early on monday, leaked chemical as opposed to risk for bold laugh. at least one person has died and many more injured. tony chang has more. from bangkok, the fight is still raging out of the control. they've been battling it now. for more than 10 hours, and it doesn't seem to be diminished in any way. indeed, there's a large plume of black smoke that's visible all across the gulf from thailand at the moment. when we've seen reports to 29, people were injured in the initial explosion. one fire fighter has unfortunately been killed the authorities to move back to back to the 5 kilometer radius. if he over his prime minister, i'll be on that is expected to address the crisis in his country's north. he's been taking questions in parliament following months of conflict and to grow on sunday to guys regional government said it was ready for 65,
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but with key conditions include a full withdrawal of foreign troops and for the un to investigate what it says. war crimes committed in to cry. demolition inclusive brought down the remaining part of the collapse apartment block in florida. it was destroyed for safety reasons. 11 days after the 1st the number of people missing after a landside in japan has risen to more than 80 rescue crews in a town may a taking advantage of a break in the rain. 2 days after the disaster, japanese prime minister said the focus is still on finding people alive, such as the trying to find the flight record is from a philippine military transport plane. the crushed killing $47.00 soldiers on board . and other 3 people were killed on the ground when the c 130 over shot the runway while trying to land on hello island. and superman was headlines. they'll have more news for you here on al jazeera right off the inside story. we'll see you soon. bye . bye for now. after a year absence,
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one of the world's most famous film festivals, in fact, with math, mandatory for all social distance thing in place. and some countries found from attending all together. can the glamorous p event recreate the magic of the knife coverage of the cannes film festival on al jazeera? it will be one of the largest dams in the world when complete, providing water for millions of ethiopian downstream egypt into dan say they'll suffer. and this by talks the 3 countries can't agree on a deal. so what next? a military confrontation, this is inside story. ah, ah, hello and welcome to the program. i'm having jim, jim. the african union has 4 months trying to mediate between ethiopia, egypt,
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and sudan. but despite its efforts, the dispute about artist about construction of a giant hydro electric dam on the blue nile remains unresolved, downstream cairo. and her tone, say the issue could threaten peace and security and the region and ask the un security council to intervene before the situation escalades. but the french envoy to the un says the world body lacks the legal expertise and there is little it can do. he's called on the 3 countries to go back to the negotiating table. so the security council does plan to meet next week to discuss the crisis. egypt relies and then i offer up to 90 percent of its fresh water supply and fears. the dam could affect the flow while sudan is worried. the multi $1000000000.00 project could damage its own reservoirs and water stations. if the o p s, as the dam is crucial to its economic development, and will provide electricity to millions of ethiopian se, egypt and sudan are seeking a binding agreement on the fire, on the filling of the dam and its operations. well, if you will be plans to go forward with the 2nd filling of the reservoirs before any deal is reached, the dispute centers mainly on how quickly if the
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o p i should fill the dam and how much water it would release cairo and her to them have called on the u. s. and you to intervene and last month rallied, arab countries to support their bid at the un at a saba has rejected the involvement of mediators outside the african union. and it was concerned about joint military drills carried out by egypt and sudan in may. the dispute between egypt, sudan, and if you appear dates back to 2011. when if the o p started building the damn, the 3 countries signed the declaration of principles in 2015. that takes into consideration concerns of the parties involved. but differences remain on technical . ready issues despite several rounds of talks, the african union got involved last year after you started the 1st phase of filling the damn. the latest a you led talks between egypt, if you will be answered in, in april ended with no progress made last month, cairo, and her to me called on the international community to intervene ahead of if you hope your 2nd filling of the damn the.
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all right. let's bring in our guess. joining us on zoom from swindon, u. k. mohammed derma, a visiting lecturer at the university of ro, hampton, in cairo. now the noted dean, professor of soil sciences and water resources at cairo university. i didn't have a slide, the sharpie, professor of engineering faculty at the university of hawthorne, a warm welcome to you all. now did let me start with you today. so egypt and sudan of both asked the un security council to take up the issue of the grand, if the o, p, and renaissance, damn. what is the likelihood at this stage that the un security council will actually be able to resolve this dispute? how do they greetings, what is their number one in the international law of the united nation for ranks about your versus belongs to the ignition? not tuesday, then union and number one easy then. so then go to the un security
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council. now, who are these many? are any good at it is from if you will be in the international law of the wrong surround us. and also, you can see a cause all the hot, i'm not cause of the significant harm if you will be both easy and today. and this is why easy to ask you to be able to be counted to discuss the believe about would you be in charge to them about with regularity from the international law, or use that on to the us? how much let me ask you if it's well known, has not been too keen on the involvement of the un security council. they've
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rejected calls from either from sudan to involve mediators outside of the african union. what is the reason for that stance? first of all, thank you for your invitation. one of the reason is we are at this stage where the african union is common edge and the maturity in mediating and being the african. so i think there is no for the u. n or not african edges at this moment to inject themselves or to impose themselves on this issue both. and they are located in africa and they are, they share the union so that you should be given a charge in order to be able to do this problem. that is good for the entity that is good. also, the african need us to come up with an african solution. a saw the why have african union sponsored talks failed to produce results so far?
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or would like to give you the least station if you see along which these negotiations when they get to the african union, we're not the whole there was never before asians, the african union, wild lot leaves and they were not having any plan. so can they, we added sitting on african union launch isn't take any decisions for any amount. so this why we've got africa is sending
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me that thing is that the you asking? so the academics in the meetings love. so give any opinion all comments on so you can say, i mean anything and african williams isn't installed. so you all african union is not and will not be not carried out. neither egyptian president, for his cc has warned that all options are open when it comes to the dispute over the renaissance. damn, how likely is it that egypt would exercise a military option? it's very easy to insist as though it's hard to tuition about 14 years. it will not
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if i'm willing to continue and confusion whatever, and so far we have more than that. so the theme, the negotiation, and it may take so to me, develop, well, thought conflict could be a what the war this is will be the fed as to what the warrant in the water is because it doesn't want to give any guarantee or guarantee any amount of water, what you're going to then we will ask if you get the read the show in you know, i and by 50 cubic meter a year. what's after the construction over some to them. busy or how much you will, or you can get on the for each then from this is what the mind you need. or if you say nothing, you can afford even
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a 40 fire the think nothing and the system. with that, that means if you wanted to go out and under control everything with the blue line or thought, i'm not guaranteed for egypt for a moment or a war thought. or if you would show her all the sick that needs to walk in each different bus city and also, and so many problem between the channel and so then in one, sorry, and you've been in other sites. no, no guarantee money. amount of water, no. of the rain to for or how much water you may feel. and how many are we? we may also make a dealing with that and how much you will thought a we will deduct
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a lot or we don't know anything. you want to control everything. how much is there any chance at this stage that some kind of a roadmap for further negotiations could be drawn up before if you opiate goes ahead and fills the reservoir for the 2nd time? first of all, let me address this is a military comment. my quota says, nate, i think both you and don, i should be wise enough to avoid that kind of military vision to that because it is very unlikely that anybody would get something that they did not get through negotiation by military innovation. as far as the position is going to 7 days, your government has pirate again, i mention that this project does not hire the the, the other countries who are sharing the night, including the issue. so if you're p,
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i also the country that produces a more than 85 percent of the night water has the right to, to work to, to development and to different these down. so that then any kind of roadmap dot could be a draw. and depending on the political real, from the, from these 3 countries, basically, i think that needs to be kind of openness rather than enough stretching the argument, especially in the conversation to a different kind of extreme would not end. and he put the delivery that a saw the if the o, p, and officials have said that they are in full accordance with the 2015 declaration of principles when it comes to the damn. one of its terms. is that any call for 3 international players are sorry for international players to mediate that that would have to be agreed to by all 3 countries. in that sense,
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when you factor that into consideration, doesn't that sort of become pointless to involve the un security council at this stage. i would like to say that for me should say putting that association in this then if it was a share in that sense they if you look at them over all racial scheme, if you did not meet any obligations concerning the study for the safety or any study concerning things and the over ration of love lane since you might be getting light starting from but let me
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see you still, they love alone me and then why, where the boundary the other thing is that you don't lie when they say so that any conceal all the state of the fact it has 100 to be the number of month more than 1000000. as you can generally do so they use one from now ration with all the from actually what remains from the rainfall to so that so why they don't
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lie you. busy love having any ship unless you want to come this amount of the used to come. you give you all that so they should i think, all right, so taking the negotiation was what the share share and i guess you guys are ready or any i want to keep this in the african union and they don't like any of these other african union we, we have seen, so i'm sorry to, i'm sorry to interrupt you, let me get back to you about that point that you're starting to make about the
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african union because we are starting to run out of time. i wanted to ask, not there, because you had expressed in your last answer, you know, concern, which is the egyptian point of view of you know, how quickly the dam will be filled and how that would affect egypt. so, you know, without a binding agreement on filling an offer on, on filling and operating the damn with sudan and egypt. if, if you will be a, goes ahead and fill the damn for a 2nd time. what happens next? bill for the 2nd, sheila was the only one from the office on side only. you could even do egypt. and so then for example, a desire to feel about 17500000000 cubic meter. this is enough that they did a bird. so the 1000000 in carbon easier, and that means that 1000000 acre of cultivated land will be out. and about $15000000.00,
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some work in the media and it will be affected also. and this is what, what we'll call this is a southern need. it was a good evening because the make sure that easy to have another source to are in the state of the point 5 of the 2nd to feel of the been shown to them or not. if we have enough who are in 100, them will be good but, but she doesn't know that. and that's what we say. we should have an agreement with each other. you feel and it is not likely to, to be nice to be on site design. and only back we should have an agreement and the what the so then also it, we will have much luck. a bulls are moving to do or
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higher mileage over the water. some point 5000000000 cubic meter and eating is a lot of them so much you got to be more exam, but if you take i thought a key 1031 he'll be i believe in so much. oh, my god, that the need them is a citizen of what is only 48 b and the another one in a nice you damn in your body is only b and but if you have plenty to store 75000000000 cubic meter in been shown to them as a watt on the to so much and then to, to, to be fully on to end the, the data we should make these along the thigh and for any more example. and we
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should also make an agreement and we should listen to that and how much water you need during the years and how much of the water will fit. and so then, but that he knows this is not someone did very well. and if you and it is only need to be in the fall, or this is john. and he said this year we will meet the storage of the team. won't fire the the, the pipe was was that would be the any agreement. now that you're not, i'm sorry to interrupt you as well. but i do want to throw a question how much way, how much, you know, i want to talk for a 2nd about some of the complicating factors for ethiopian prime minister obey me. because you know, things seem to be further complicated by all the international pressure that he's under because of the conflict in, decry. how much more difficult does that make all of this?
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does that make this dispute over the renaissance? damn the fact that this conflict is going on and the fact that he's under so much pressure the problem. 3 they enlist them, problem and in europe. yeah. and then the addition on fisher that is timing for the international community. also the negotiation of the dom pas are kind of devilish take the probably sometimes opposite effects on the local. if you have be on politics, especially with regards to the prime minister for one year on our united when it comes to the dom. regardless of the domestic politics, which is very much polarized in park, that the more pressure comes from the international community from jeff for my other policy on that does it is sort of pocket that drives more support don't
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support the ballistic i lead to the european prime minister, so i think the, the problem is that is that what is from the population that you might use they into not afraid julie t for it's on advantage by sort of supporting the rebellious element within the politics. that is what that is. no kind of tangible, concrete evidence for the other done dots. yes, they did. the pleasure that these come in from the, from denial of politics might a little bit, but it hasn't got also its own advantage. as something, let me ask you, what about the, this border dispute between sudan and how much is that complicating the overall situation when it comes to negotiations over the damn thing. this is the issue that they have some few last to be
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it's you know, trying to keep all by controlling the fact that they're not even he's old very close the size of them using any formation in the month or the remark, what they have been last year when they kept these last 5 because it was a locked in for an addition. and now because we had, we don't know, what did you get going to do on the wall. so then, so i don't know what she's in love that i think is,
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is love giving the chain. hi, this important information about the and that the amount of gaining any negotiation meaning concerning your other question. i think that was, you remember? and if it's you, yes please. and when we can in the media, we should all be boundaries from the colonial as elias we have shown that the rate i will be longing to so them so if you're,
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if you don't month. busy i think that it's, that it's not much used to prompt and we used to ring based on that. and then later on after the, when there was a huge amount of people can say, i mean it's still social that was welcoming all these people. and then these people were installed and then sometimes they said they were the guy who used to see what they were. they find they want to leave most of the long i guess. so my
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largest feels about so who we use this use, this is what happened in industry and the used to it by now they want to ship. all right, we run our time to going to have to leave our conversation there. thanks so much to all of our guessing have gramma now the noted dean and i saw the sharpie and thank you to for watching. you can see the program again any time visiting our website, delta 0 dot com and for further discussion, go to our facebook page at facebook dot com forward slash ha. inside story. you can also join the conversation on twitter. handle is add a j inside story for me, how much i'm doing the whole team here, bye for now. the
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across the world. young activation organizes are on the move. the day we do the work in the 1st of a new series to people in new york city use different to me, the fight institutional racism and police brutality. this is indeed a wide problem that wires a systemic pollution generally can change on something was going to change anything really change. this is systemic violin that needs to be addressed at its core. we are in a race against that barrier. know what to say. we are also looking at the world as it is right now, not the world. we like it to be. the devil is always going to be in the details. the bottom line, when i was just there on the story of them, bob way, in her words, she is always told from the perspective of the great man, whether it's even moving all robot from my responsibility to tell this story in
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a way that it hasn't really been told before the ordinary, everyday life or the people i'm writing about patina. got out of darkness, mice and bob way on algebra. the news the news
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with me ah, a tiny factory explosion shakes, bang, call. portion. and then people fleeing from leaking chemicals. ah, hi there, i'm kimberly this is laura from coming up. the demolition cruise bring down what was left of us.


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