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for innocent palestinians and their families are made in france on all disease the holding the powerful to account as we examine the us, his role in the world on al jazeera ah, facing a deadline to surrender to police former south african president, jacob zoom. i refuses to back down a marion was watching out. there are also coming up on the program you story. and he shall, i, as a diverse coalition needs to begin the mama tosca rewriting the countries constitution to grind forces issue their demands for sci fi with the
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e. c o p. s. government. and when fiction meets reality, the charity comic fits raising awareness of the struggle faced by child refugees forced to leave central america. ah, i'll come to the program on top story. 3 years after a string of corruption scandals mismanagement and multiple charges of graft ended his decade long presidency. jacob zoom has continued to defy the authorities. as a deadline approaches and to surrender to police. earlier he joined a crowd of his forces, who rallied outside his home in the candler binding to resist any attempt to detain him. zoom has been found guilty of contempt of court for failing to appear before corruption inquiry. now face is 15 months in prison,
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and on friday apply to the court. this sentence to be unknown, citing medical reasons who continues to deny any wrong doing. for me, the miller has been following the latest development force from zoom at a time in the condra former south african president, jacob zoom remains adamant that has not been treated fairly by the judicial system . specifically, the constitutional court, as well as the commission of inquiry into corruption or state capture as it's known in south africa. it's after the former president refused to testify at the commission that he was taken to the constitutional court with a charge of contempt of court. the constitutional court found that he was guilty of that and sentenced him to 15 months in prison. now, the president, a former president, has gone on to say that, and he said this a number of times that he's not afraid to go to jail. he is a prisoner of conscience and that this is about the rule of law that because he's
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not been treated fairly consistently, he is challenging that again at the constitutional court. and that's why he's not handed himself in to police. and that's why it's likelihood possibly face a risk in the coming days. but this is what the president, the former president said earlier when addressing media effect that i was busted to with a punitive jail sentence without trial is something which should in induce a sense of shock to all those who cherish freedom and the rule of law south africa is fast sliding back to i, but they'd type room jacobs. duma is due in court on tuesday
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to apply for an interdict to stop police from arresting him. if that is not successful because they are questions around the jurisdiction of the high court and that it's not known. if that lower court can challenge a judgement can stuff a judgement made by the highest court in the land. the constitutional court, which usually can not be appealed. however, if the former president is successful, he will then appear at the constitutional court later in july, in mitigation of sentence, in an appeal to have the sentence changed entirely, with the very least at the very least reduced. he says he's too old and ill to go to jail. his concern about the 3rd wave of the coven, 1900 pandemic in south africa. and apart from the moral stance, he says he's taking, he's concerned saying that 15 months in jail would effectively be
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a death sentence. however, if that corporate is not successful, the former president does face a risk in the coming days, but more will be known once he appears in court on tuesday. after months of conflict in northern ethiopia to rise regional competence as it's ready for a cease fire, but with important conditions in place, a statement from a tig right from the guard people's liberation front demanded a full withdrawal. a foreign troops from the region. alas, also applies to forces from neighboring eritrea, but also the ethiopian military and the regional forces from am hora. that also cooling on the united nations to investigate ethiopia and eritrea. what they say a war crimes and crimes against humanity committed against the 2 crime people. government and take wry also says that the payments are still power and internet to the region. catherine soy is an artist. hon with more on a c. find. the moms statement by the 2 grand courses has,
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is very strongly wooded, and a lot of the fields are high above cautiously hopeful that this open a window to a political dialogue. the whole thing that both sides, the federal government and administration of our be prime minister, i'll be on that. and the last leadership are going to set aside their hotline positions and seat and agree to the fire so that at least humanitarian aid can get to those who need it most. so what the leadership is demanding apart from the role of retrans proof. and if your forces, if you appeal of fighters from the neighboring, i'm her region that you know the t p, i think also demanding that the government recognized left leadership as a to lead, lead you to make a left said original government of the gripe and they're also demanding that apart
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from that you, when forming this investigative investigate atrocities that have been committed in these conflicts started in november, there should be another body international body formed to really truck and make sure that this demands this issues are implemented. now we haven't had any response from the government, a prime minister, i'll be going to be addressing parliament tomorrow monday to discuss national issues. he may also be discussing a t grew mater parliamentarians are going to be asking questions by so it's difficult to see how the government is going to accept some of this month. for example, it has already labels p, p a laugh and it's courses, terrorist organizations. so for the government to come back and legitimize d p alas. and the leadership of the guy is basically admitting defeat or the secretary general antonio terrace has already said the helix at nothing less than
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full humanitarian access to all of take ry. i'm deeply concerned with the present situation in the great it is essential to have a real fire and the real fire paving the way for a dialogue able to bring the political solution to take away. the presence of foreign troops is a negative fighting factor of confrontation and at the same time, full human italian, excess and restrictive human italian excess must be getting teeth to the whole territory. ah, eventually a newly elected body is meeting for the 1st time to draft a replacement for the constitution that was resting on the dictator. augusta punish the 155 member assembly, which was elected in may,
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has been meeting today in santiago. the proceedings were delayed after clashes took place between police and demonstrators outside the convention center in the capitol . daniel sharp has been following the story. it took a long time and a lot of work to get this for 155 delegates representing the sectors of truly in society. this the historic moment when executive secretary of the electric commission, government glory of i should already got them in them. that you know gratian was delayed by protest inside the convention hall by those not happy with the procedure unless she's outside between police and demonstrators. this isn't assembly designed to heal the divisions until in society. the newly elected president is elisa, long gone, never poochie indigenous people. off the convention, members, a women, 17 seats,
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the phil by representatives of indigenous communities. of course, this is tory, which was one with a tough fight and a lot of pain. the t leon, people, the indigenous people, are now able to abolish shirts even constitution. this is a time of hope. the other, the other goes within the l g. b, t, q, community and those with disabilities. 65 are independence who belong to? none of these established party is not guaranteed never before. and surely. we elected people in this way. this is an unforgettable mon, its own unique for those of us representing social movements in the fight for the dignity last for more than 30 years. outside, others is still demanding justice human rights abuses committed during military rule. fidelmo government, we really hope this will bring about change in children that will see a change to day. the people want to change,
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not more of the say what the you assembly will have up to a year to draft a new constitution that will replace the one imposed in 1980 the penal shane military government. it will them have to be approved for the july and people in a mandatory vote. the new assembly came about after mass protest in 2019. the highlight is a huge inequality into land society that tens of thousands felt that were being left out of the political process. they hope they can now begin to address those divisions. the few are expecting it to be easy than swine law, l $20.00. in the philippines rescue is searching for 5 people still missing after a military playing crashed, killing at least 45 soldiers, formerly us and for c, 130 across, went down as it was landing an airport in hollow island in sooner province. and was carrying soldiers to reinforce positions against the i would say off group. they've been fighting the government in the south for decades now. the defense ministry
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says the plain missed the wrong way and an investigation will begin after recovery efforts are finished. jamila and doug has more on this from the capital manila, while it's easily now slowly being seen as one of the worst cases of military accidents or crashes. in recent philippine history, there have been around 3 c, 130 accidents based on available data. but what we know at this point is that there around 11 30 am local time. this c $130.00, which was commissioned and was handed over to the philippine air force in february took off from the airport, the guy and the order, which is one of the biggest cities also in mindanao carrying about 92 people. 85 of them were soldiers. it landed, but it has been described as the aeroplane it figured in a landing mishap in whole lot. according to the secretary of defense rescue operations rescue and retrieval operations are under way. we've been see terrible
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pictures of the crash site, but the government is still hopeful that there will still be more survivors that may be pulled out from the wreckage. at this point, according to also the government rescue rescue planes are now well on their way. and those who have been received, i'm taken to the most or the closest military station hospital in law. those who are believed to be more critical will be taken to the $1.00 to $50.00. now for those who do not understand this, hello, it's actually area. this is the most militarized area. in the southern philippines, there are thousands of troops rotated, they're constantly, it may be as small runway, but c 130 is constantly land here for supplies and through rotations to have for you on the program. we look at the situation in afghanistan, us forces moving out, having vacate the gram base recently,
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the taliban is continuing to climate territory and, and all that giant step for china as a sound patients astronaut. carry out that 1st phase 4 counts like the countries news nation. ah hello there. let's start in australia and there's more wet and windy weather on the way for the west. we've got a weather system working its way across the south west bringing with it, wet and windy weather to perth were expecting some very heavy rains from storms and some gusty winds and that'll intensify on tuesday. but the wet weather is expected to last much of the week. elsewhere for southern australia, things are feeling rather chilly. we've got some frosty starts to the morning and plenty of cloud cover. but if you go into tuesday, the sunshine will break through and things are feeling rather cold for victoria and
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southern areas of new south wales. for tasmania, we've got spotty showers and quite a bit of a brisk wind blowing in there. things are feeling chilly, but up north it's looking fine and dry. we've got high pressure keeping things nice and find the northern areas of australia. plenty of sunshine coming through for queensland and it's looking fine and wise we hope across the tasman sea to new zealand. the north island seemed quite a bit of cloud covered, but fine and dry, but have a look at this wet weather on the way for the south island. by the time we get to choose day, we will see plenty of heavy snow. so really severe gales and the wet weather will in on date the island, they're heading to the north as we go later into the week the across the world young actually based and organize their own. the move to do the work in the 1st of
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a new series to people in new york city use different to me, the fight institutional racism and police brutality. this is indeed a wide problem that wires a systemic pollution generally can change on oh a by a main stories now. former south african president jake, as soon as he will not surrender to police as a deadline, approaches him hadn't. self in humor has been sentenced to 15 months in prison for contempt of court, but as applied to sentence to be not on medical grounds,
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a grind, defend forces, say that ready to have these high talks with the government. if foreign troops withdraw from the region, they also are calling for the un to investigate, ethiopian, and our train leaders for national crimes and crimes against humanity and crime. and chinese new elected constitutional assembly has started the process of writing a new constitution. the current constitution is why the blame for deep social inequalities that triggered w protest in 2019 want to now move to the situation of galveston where in recent weeks the taliban has made major territorial gains as us forces count down to that final withdrawal from the country on sunday its alibi and captured padre in kandahar to put the birthplace and form a stronghold and is now inching closer to the regional capital kandahar city. this is just a day off to african troops abandon areas of northern by the sean province to the taliban. on friday, us and nato forces cation background and base near combo,
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which was the epi center of american operations for the past 20 years. remaining us troops will officially leave the country on september 11th, if not before in a move that many regional likes but say could cause i've got to start to spiral into civil war. the taliban claimed its already recaptured the majority of afghanistan's territories. 100. thanks to god and this is prison before that the majority of the afghan people in the previous era, june the taliban rule for more than 10 years, we are now in control board and 70 percent of the territories. it is simply because that people know us very well and the african people have no problem dealing with us. we have to main principles that we rely on when it comes to judgement versus the bless islamic faith. the 2nd is our belief in our national identity. within the framework of the 2 principles, i can assure you that we do not have any problem with anyone. we respect everyone's right. well, i spoke to half an hour boss,
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a professor of international relations at the neary south asia center for strategic studies. he questioned whether the taliban has captured as much territory as it claims. we know that out of the 421 districts and don't teach, talk about probably have control over one turn maybe at best. so it should still it, that their support based or their victories are kind of not significant in a larger picture, one total of one is on which we always taught and they have the long they have their strong presence in those areas. also what it means when we say a certain district has been taken over by taliban, do they have the infrastructure capability, or do they have the bulk or see, are they running the health care system education system? no, this is just sometimes on the weapons and retreating of enforces, of course create a scene of confusion a but it's, it's,
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it has to be seen in that global light on just a news from man, man. now, so cares. forces have killed at least $25.00 people, including anti cru, rebels and civilians. and this happened in the town of pain. and so again, region about 300 kilometers north of the capitol state, run media, that security forces were ambushed by what they're calling on terrorists. miramar. has been punched into chaos since a crew in february which ousted the civilian lead. unsung said she. now the government in cyprus is saying that a forest fire is killed for people, though it is close to being brought under control. now. fire broke out on saturday afternoon in the middle of a heat wave was described by the 4th street apartment as was still more than 60 years. for a gypsy laborers were killed and 50 homes were destroyed, as well as $55.00 square and almost a forest. and farm land or elsewhere. the canadian military is on standby. with
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evacuations after a series of wildfires that threatened towns in the west of the country at least a $178.00 separate fires burning in the state of british columbia. canada has been suffering a record heat wave recently. the temperature is coming close to 15 degrees celsius . 5, i believe to been started by lightning strikes, which are tenfold from this time last year. more than a 1000 people already evacuated their homes. now the struggle and journey of a fictional child refugee from central america is the story told in a newly released charity, spawns have comic book, say the children hope that will help people relate to the plight of young migrants traveling to the united states. i mean rapid reports from tijuana and mexico, the us border on watson all true real story for 1000 the children. ana is the story of the young girl, forced to migrate from central america. while this comic book sponsored by the nonprofit groups saved the children, tells a fictional tale of
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a young migrant child and her mother. on his experiences like running away from gang violence, or joining a migrant caravan reflect, a vivid reality endured by thousands of children. every year. speaking to al jazeera through social worker, 7 year old, he bonnie recalls hauntingly similar experience that forced her and her mother to flee domestic violence in her home country of honduras, leaving everything and everyone they knew behind. one time my father was drinking at home and he hit my mother with a beer bottle and had katara here. yvonne, he tells us she felt fear as she and her mother traveled through mexico during cold dark nights. her story is reminiscent of a scene in the comic book where ana and her mother climb aboard a freight train along with dozens of other central american migrants. they may be illustrations, but these pages accurately depict many dangers migrant children face when making
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the life or death journey toward the u. s. on the border. humanitarian workers from said the children say they hope the message laid out in comic book form will reach . people were unaware of the plight of young asylum seekers living in mexico. be really sad, as we hope the comic book brings visibility to the needs of my grandchildren and to the entire process of migration. we hope it makes people more empathetic, because these are stories that are not easy to tell. but should this comic book, which is based on real stories, maybe that can affect the change. the representatives from saved the children are caring for more than 400 under age migrants at this shelter alone. though this is only one of many safe spaces from children sponsored by the organization, your mexico's border with the united states. children's rights groups estimate that one out of every 3 migrants that come to mexico from central america are children and teenagers. the vast majority from countries like 100, guatemala,
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and salvador humanitarian workers, c migrant children, continue to arrive here every day and due to border restrictions linked to the pandemic. many are finding themselves stuck in mexico, stretching the limits of the services humanitarian organizations are able to offer . manuel up a little al jazeera, he won a mexico. now a demolition team is preparing to bring down the remaining structure of a collapse building in the florida town of south side. the plans were brought forward as the city braces for tropical storm elza, which is expected to reach the florida coast on tuesday. why on the beach has cancelled its independence base at abrasions schedule for sunday. out of respect for the victims 24 people have been confirmed dead now and a 121. people are still unaccounted for. in spain, the leaders of the cat line independence movement have been released from jail, but they are facing a new political reality. madrid is refused to allow
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a referendum on the session was now a lack of momentum from independence protested john hall visited the whole of former interior minister. why came forn? find out more about what lies ahead for the movement. after almost 4 years in the spanish jail separatist leaders among them working foreign emerged defiant and still committed to an independent apollonia and tend to move out of the month. but i feel strong, i don't regret anything, and i'm convinced that it's necessary to keep fighting, and that we will manage to get what we want. the former catlin interior minister under still exile president carlos please. demo form said the leaders had agreed on a 2 year time table for talks with central government in madrid. and then i would see should we be positive? yes, and personally, i'm not optimistic that in 2 years time there will be great results. so i think we
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have to be ready to exit negotiations in 2 years with a roadmap, decided by the pro independence parties for the way ahead. really question is why was scotland grunted referendum by the british government? and here it's impossible. while it is canada, accept a referendum over ca, becky, and here it's impossible. the answer is clear, because here there is no real democracy in the unity of spain, it above everything else. and even the courts will violate basic rights for the unity of spain because the foreign said he didn't want to see a repeat of violence. that followed catalonia is unit natural referendum and declaration of independence in 2017, because we can't get them be met. but it's true that we've learned lessons, and of course, it would make no sense to repeat the same steps. so when we say we'll do it again, it's in the sense that we feel as committed as the 1st day to allowing the catalog people to decide the future. but it's true that we'll have to find new ways. this
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is a family re united, but with a clear sense that sacrifices may need to be made again, more content that i got in today. i'm very happy and i can't quite believe that it's suddenly all over. but i'm also conscious that having him home in prison does not mean that repression has. it's hard to put the prize on being consistent or renouncing your principles. these are the values that sustain us in life. and if we are not through to them, then what is the point in living? the spanish government says it's willing to talk about other measures, greater autonomy, perhaps for capital own it, but it will never grant an independence referendum. so for the phones, another so called independent tasters, there's a calculation to be made, whether they can ever achieve everything they want or what they may be willing to settle for. instead, the price, in other words, of giving up the dream of independence. jona whole al jazeera, barcelona in japan,
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more than a 1000 emergency officers have been waiting through the remnants of the giant live side searching for 20 people. still missing in the coastal city of tommy nice to people and known to have died. regions governor says a land development up stream might have played some role in the disaster when large amounts of soil heaped up in the area with then washed towards autonomy. the container ship that blocked to suez canal in march will finally be allowed to sail on wednesday after a compensation deal was agreed to with its japanese owners. the ever given has been held by the suez canal authority for more than 3 months. after being freed, it blocked the canal, one of the walls most important waterways for 6 days. after being stuck in high winds, the details of the final deal have not been revealed. now 2 of the 3 man crew on chinese new space station ventured outside into space for the 1st time. it's only the 2nd space walk via chinese astronauts, but they're actually known as tie can watson. it's the 1st time in 13 years,
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i roll under ship allies the push when it comes to photo friendly moments in space, china is on a roll. taken out, slow booming and tang hung bo have completed the 1st space walk from the new station being built in low earth orbit. on a car is on a construction site with a view. the mission is the 1st of 11 needed to finish construction of the station. phone out for a call as one of the taken out that went out of the core module for the 1st time. i wanted to thank all the scientists involved and thank all chinese people for your support. there will be more space walks and the space station will keep growing. thank you for lou got around on and mechanical arm which took him where he needed to go. robotic arms are key to future plans for smart manufacturing and space tang honk boat. took a more traditional route along the guard rails. the space walks last about 7 hours . it's only the 2nd time a chinese crew has entered the vacuum of space. the last space walk in 2008 lasted
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just 20 minutes. that young her station should be completed next year. cool that the the crew members will spend 3 months helping build the station, conducting experiments small at the same time, maintaining their fitness. they'll also be capturing views that chinese astronauts have been unable to see for themselves. since the us lock them out of the international space station 10 years ago, and are chappelle out 0. ah, that's recount main stories now, a former south african president, jacob zoom as, as that he will not surrender to police as a deadline approaches from tandem self. in earlier he joined the crowd of his supporters who rallied outside his home in the con la murray's been found guilty of contempt, of course, of failing to appear before a collection inquiry in our faces 15 months in prison.


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