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ah, ah ah, 9 stories now the former south african president jacob's do my says he will not surrender to police as a deadline. approaches for him to hand himself in zoom or has been sentenced to 15 months in prison for contempt of court, but has applied for the sentence to be a no. b to gran events forces are saying that they're ready for c slide talks with governments as long as foreign troops withdraw from the region. they also want us to investigate in your, in our trained lead alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity. and chinese newly elected constitutional assembly is down to the process of writing
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a new constitution. the current constitution has wide, inflamed for deep social inequalities that triggered w protest in 2019 the pakistan democratic movement and alliance of different opposition parties has been holding a mass, riley against the prime minister and wrong con. they accused him of failing to deliver on promises and allege his 2016 election victory was rigged by the military . come on, hider has more progress on democratic line, holdings riley, hair, and squad. now for the last few months, doors rallies were on hold, particularly after a different case. within the 2 major parties have already parted ways. but the demand of the combined opposition party, the government of iran, hon. her parents are deliver on his promise to complain of pride and say that
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people across the country are suffering because of the filing prices over essential order date, dated, the government has failed. so the, the way why did you do? because you are only demand for him or unkindness to resign as he isn't capable of running the government. there isn't any relief to the poor people at all. the prices of goods have skyrocketed new era now unable even to afford living for the family. however, the government, on the other hand said that the country is beginning to take some financial recovery the next few years will be better. however, it might be under start that they didn't align which started off or delivered political party. it is now down to 9 political parties, 2 major political parties. i've already parted ways, did a budget on people's party, reland, the army national party. the opposition leaders of course, will be trying to convince that supported or did there's time for the wrong cons.
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government to go on the other hand, people who have been claiming that this is going to be a large rally, really predict appointed because the leadership read said that this will be a madman rally. richard, i'm calling to do a position job in so glad to get on is a big failure and i hope for our position all parties there people of hybrid but to quality checks, politics of investors, politics of negativity and bought a dish of corruption. however, the opposition same division within it says it is unable to much kind of support from the people that i brought pressure on him on the government that are dying, body opposition remain alderman. despite the fact that several major parties have already bought good red red line, it will be important to see whether the opposition party will be able to bring
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pressure on him wrong on to go. on the other hand, the government remains one for despite the difficult date, it will be able to carry on. we're going to by now the leaders of the outline independence movement has been released from jail, but they're facing a new political reality. now, madrid is refused to allow referendum on secession, and there's a lack of amend him from independence, protested john hall visited the home of the former interior minister. came for him to find out why they had for the movements after almost 4 years in the spanish jail separatist leaders among them working foreign emerged defiant and still committed to an independent apollonia and tend to move out of them. but i feel strong. i don't regret anything and i'm convinced that it's necessary to keep fighting and that we will manage to get what we want. the former capital and interior minister under still exile president carlos please. demo form said the
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leaders had agreed on a 2 year time table for talks with central government in madrid. and then i would see should we be positive? yes. and personally, i'm not optimistic that in 2 years time, that will be great results. so i think we have to be ready to exit negotiations in 2 years with a roadmap, decided by the pro independence parties for the way ahead of our question is why was scotland grunted referendum by the british government? and here it's impossible. why did canada accept a referendum over quebec? and here it's impossible. the answer is clear, because here there is no real democracy for the unity of spain and above everything else. and even the courts will violate basically right for the unity of spain, because the foreign said he didn't want to see a repeat of violence. that followed catalonia is unit natural referendum and declaration of independence in 2017, because we got to be met. but as you know,
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it's true that we've learned lessons, and of course, it would make no sense to repeat the same steps. so when we say we'll do it again. it's in the sense that we feel as committed as the 1st day to allowing the catalog people to decide the future. but it's true that we'll have to find new ways. this is a family re united, but with a clear sense that sacrifices may need to be made again, more content that got me in today. i'm very happy and i can quite believe that it suddenly all over. but i'm also conscious that having him home and for prison does not mean that repression has. it's hard to put the price on being consistent or renouncing your principles. these are the values that sustain us in life. and if we are not true to them, then what is the point in living? the spanish government says it's willing to talk about other measures greater autonomy, perhaps for catalonia, but it will never grant an independence referendum. so for the phones and other so
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called independent tasters, there's a calculation to be made, whether they can ever achieve everything they want or what they may be willing to settle for. instead the price, in other words, of giving up the dream of independence. jonah, how al jazeera barcelona, common inside press, is saying that a forest fire is killed for people, but it is close to being brought under control. now the fire broke out on saturday afternoon in the middle of a heat wave. was described by the forestry department is the worst in more than 60 years. for egyptian laborers were killed and 50 homes were destroyed, as well as 55 square kilometers the forest and farmland. well, they've also been 5 in canada. the military is now on standby to help with an accusation. there is a series of wildfires threatened towns in the west of the country. at least 178 separate fires are burning in the states of british columbia. canada has been suffering a record heat way with temperatures coming close to 50 degrees celsius. 5 at least
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2 and started by lightning strikes, which are up 10 fold from this time last year. more than a 1000 people of already been evacuated from their homes. we know what developments indigenous leaders in canada are calling on catholics to boycott sunday mass until the church takes responsibility for abuses at catholic run schools. they are also demanding the catholic church with these documents relating to the schools and pay survivors. the $20000000.00 compensation promised in 2000. and 5 more anger has been directed at the residential schools as well since the recent discovery of unmarked children's graves at the sites around 150000 indigenous children, canada were forced into boarding schools until as recently as the 191990 were abused and thousands died of disease and neglect. struggle and journey of a fictional child refugee from central america is the story told and a newly released charity sponsored comic book,
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saying that children hopes that will help people relate to the plight of young migrants traveling to the united states. manual rapid reports from towana on the mexico us border on what's in all to real story for thousands of children. ana is the story of a young girl forced to migrate from central america. while this comic book sponsored by the nonprofit groups save the children, tells of fictional tale of a young migrant child and her mother. on his experiences like running away from gang violence, or joining a migrant caravan reflect, a vivid reality endured by thousands of children. every year. speaking to al jazeera through a social worker, 7 year old, he bonnie recalls hauntingly similar experience that forced her and her mother to flee domestic violence in her home country of honduras, leaving everything and everyone they knew behind. that one time my father was drinking at home and he hit my mother with
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a beer bottle and it got to hear. even he tells us she felt fear as she and her mother travelled through mexico during cold dark nights. her story is reminiscent of a scene in the comic book where ana and her mother climb aboard a freight train along with dozens of other central american migrants. they may be illustrations, but these pages accurately depict many dangers migrant children face when making the life or death journey toward the u. s. on the border. humanitarian workers from see the children see they hope the message laid out in comic book form will reach. people were unaware of the plight of young asylum seekers living in mexico. be really sad as we hope the comic book brings visibility to the needs of migrant children unto the entire process of migration. we hope it makes people more empathetic, because these are stories that are not easy to tell, but to this comic book, which is based on real stories, maybe that can affect the change. the representatives from saved the children are
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caring for more than 400 under age migrants at this shelter alone. though this is only one of many safe spaces for children sponsored by the organization, your mexico border with the united states. children's rights groups estimate that one out of every 3 migrants that come to mexico from central america are children and teenagers. the vast majority from countries like 100, guatemala, and it'll solve a door the humanitarian workers, c migrant children, continue to arrive here every day. and due to border restrictions linked to the pandemic, many are finding themselves stuck in mexico, stretching the limits of the services humanitarian organizations are able to author manuel up a little al jazeera, he wanna mexico. so i want to focus now on something that could be a game changer for babies and infants living with h. i v agencies and distributing
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a strawberry flavor tablet for children and 6 african countries under a pricing agreement between the u. n. and generic drug makers. the combination therapy will cost $220.00 each child annually. that's down from $480.00 right now and a half. the estimated 1800000 children with h i v have access to treatment. it's often hard to administer to to the bitter taste or incorrect doses from crushed adult pills. won't jeanette, skinner does the director of strategy at unite aid, and that's a global agency. she explains why this initiative is so important. this is really a tremendous breakthrough. it's a new child friendly h i v madison. it's going to be reaching countries where it's going to be making a tremendous difference about one point. 8000000 children are living with h. i v worldwide, but only half of them receive treatment. so we still see $100000.00 children dying of aids each year. so this is really
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a game changer. we're very excited with cade and the clinton hall access foundation tied to be working together and seeing 1st delivery of this new, groundbreaking medication in nigeria and allow li, uganda, kenya, sim, bob lambert. but we really think that it will drive down mortality rate significantly the earlier children get on treatment, the greater their chances of survival. so as i mentioned, $100000.00 kids dying from h, i v aids related illnesses each year. we really see an opportunity to drive that down dramatically. but then another thing you mentioned with the cost reductions, it's a 75 percent cost reduction. that will really liberate resources to get more children on treatment, more people on treatment and really save a lot of lives. a demolition team is prepared to bring down the remaining structure of a collapse building in the florida town of south side. pines were brought forward as
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this as he braces a tropical storm. also, which is expected to reach the florida coast. on tuesday, miami beach has cancelled its independence day celebrations, scheduled for sunday out of respect for the victims. 24 people have been confirmed dead. on 121 people are on accounted for a container ship that blocked the suez canal in march will finally be allowed to sail on wednesday after a compensation deal was agreed to with its japanese owners. the ever given has been held by the suez canal authority for more than 3 months. now, after being freed, it blocked the canal, one of the world's most important waterways for 6 days after being stuck in high winds. if dorsey was asking for a settlement of $550000000.00, but the details of the final deal hadn't been revealed. adam was once a bustling city and as by john hunter, 40000 people before armenian forces took it over 993. it was then part of
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a buffer zone 3 decades later, when as a by johnny forces ended down, they found it deserted. and as resource said, our reports, our plans to revive it. a region in rinse them was once a prosperity city. now it's badly recognizable, and most of it is in ruins. although the machine gun was one of the most advanced provinces of either by john, it was such a green city with fresh water from the surrounding mountains. it had a peculiar way of life, even had the theatre drama, whole back in the 930. it was the home town of world famous callers. you could find anything and it's bustling grand bizarre. there were 10 big schools in the city, whereas by johnny and our new teachers were working together than the war started. i went armenian army kept them 3 decades ago. the heaviest fight in force, the local population to fully east armenian forces destroyed some of its fraud. and
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buildings and use it as a buffer zone on because they lost control of the city to be john in november last year. but as they retreated, they left behind more than a 100000 landlines. shortly after seizing control of their b jump began a major clean up operation with the goal of making them inhabitable again. but that could take years. further them eula bus about a shot america much do we, constructing a road from the town of thought to the road is 45 kilometers long. will be full bridges over it. and also the pipelines which will carry the water to them will be laid alongside the road. now we're flattening the road and sing. we will stop pouring cement despite all, if it's the work goes on slowly because this region is heavily mind. it's now a long and complex vote economy covered, but those are b jones gum and says it is determined to transform again territories like them into
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areas of high tech, the allotment, based on what is called the smart city concept. we have the master plan which was adopted, where, according to this plan, we're going to implement the a lot of the project concerning the construction cost funding to the utilities and also the here where to use the green energy where use the contemporary real technologist here like the, the width of technologies. so all this work, what are the planning to do here? but that could be easier said than done with no basic facilities in police. it will remain a challenge for the government to attract people to come back. this city may be deserted, but it's not forgotten. and while and might not be inside for the 1st time in decades, oregon has hope. bristol sat there by john patching
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out with all a sport in just a minute or 2. then another disappointing day on the track, while champion louis hamilton, action from the austrian groan, paint on prima's jealous. ah, challenging the way mainstream media report, the news stories like these should be easy pickings for political reporters out to hold power to account how it is in journalism is breaking among the destruction of civilian property. this is all evidence for what form tries and the re speaking. we've been getting stories of john taken from the houses in the middle of the night and tortured the listening post covers the way the news is covered on his era. when the news breaks, pinion, journalist complain that there systematically and the story needs to be told we watched the last helicopter, leave the roof, the embassy with exclusive interviews,
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and in depth report. if purple is your thing, this is the place al jazeera has teens on the ground over 19. now to bring you more award winning documentaries and live need on air and online. ah ah 2 in the 3 man crew on china's new space station ventured outside into space for the 1st time. it's only the 2nd space school by chinese astronauts who are known as ty, canada. and it's the 1st in 13 years under chappelle as long was,
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it was when it comes to photo friendly moments in space. china is on a roll. taken out, slow booming, and tang home bo have completed the 1st space walk from the new station being built in low earth orbit. on a car is a construction site with a view. the mission is the 1st of 11 needed to finish construction of the station phone out for a call. as one of the taken out that went out of the core module for the 1st time, i wanted to thank all the scientists involved and thank all chinese people for your support. there will be more space walks and the space station will keep growing. thank you. lou got around on and mechanical arm, which took him where he needed to go. robotic arms are key to future plans for smart manufacturing and space tongue honk boe. took a more traditional route along the guard rails. the space walks last about 7 hours . it's only the 2nd time a chinese crew has entered the vacuum of space. the last space walk in 2008 lasted just 20 minutes. that young her station should be completed next year. the crew
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members will spend 3 months helping build the station, conducting experiments small at the same time, maintaining their fitness. they'll also be capturing views that chinese astronauts had been unable to see for themselves since the us lock them out of the international space station 10 years ago. and her chappelle, i'll to 0 on the spot now with jammah. thank you. mariam radicals. max us up and has one of the austrian growing prey to extend his lead in the form of one well championship writing champion. and it was how much it was in 2nd. but he went wide on a ton, hit the cup and damaged his cough and withdraw to 4th. he's now 32 points behind the staff and who led from start to finish back a 3rd victory in a row and 4 in 5 braces. it keeps him on track when his 1st drive is championship. how much in the say the teammate disaster, we bought her with 2nd with mclaren lander north inside the college on rail. i mean, on every fires that we put on the it was really enjoyable to drive and yeah,
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pretty insane. i'm a bit to me. it's my cell power today, wednesday, i didn't expect to be like this incredible job by everyone. i would say the past 5 raises have been or 4 or 5 races have been so difficult and is this right on the ground of these off for racism? so it's been pretty painful. a member of service l mpeg rowing team has tested positive for corona virus on arrival in japan. it's the fed cobra. 19 infection confirmed in national team members landing and take off the saturdays of the torch relay was reduced to a stage ceremony to try and limit the spread the virus. it was back on the streets with spectators present on sunday brazilian football legend and the co taking part here. he ended his playing career at japanese club cash, my analyst and went on to coach japan's national team, leading them to the 2006 world cup in gemini, swedish po,
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voter and dupont. it was 20 twenty's male wild athletes of the year. and surprisingly is expected to be one of the stalls of the tokyo games, the 21 year old to get out for the olympics for the when i'm home so you can play at 6.02 meters. so the experience talk came from diamond, make me think he didn't lay managed to better his world record mark 6.18 meters balls clock the full sauces time ever in the women's 400 meters. hurdle record was broken a week ago by the usa sydney middle mclaughlin. savannah, have qualified for the men's olympics off. it will torment for the 1st time and largely the thanks to dom kit, the dallas mavericks and b a player with 31.13 assist and 11 rebound or a triple double to guide you seem to victory ivan is doing. yeah. i think kind one of the final thoughts, the take year 20 twenty's, now sunday with a rest day at wimbledon and when the players return to action, they can look forward to bigger crowds for the 2nd week of the tournament. if roger
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federer comes through his full round tie on mondays, i will be an even better atmosphere for his next match. the 2 biggest court center, a number one will increase to 100 percent capacity for the single, the quarter finals. up until the end of the championship will be the 1st full outdoor stadiums after sporting events in britain since the stopped at the curtain of our time demick. well now in french wild cup, when a patrick vieira is the new manager of english premier league side crystal palace, he signed a 3 a deal and replaces voice. and he stepped down in may pierre, at once 3 primarily titles and for a couple other player with off though. he's also coached at manchester city and been in charge of major league soccer side, new york city, the and most recently nice little messy if she wins away from lifting his 1st major trophy with argentina after he inspired his country to a quarter final victory at the copper america massey set up the 1st 2 goals in a 3 know in against ecuador, the 34. we wrote a 3 times, been
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a runner up. it is torment. but he looked at time and took one better. this year he got a free kick that was his $76.00 fraction tina taking him with him. one of the south american record to be you know, put him into the truth is what a voice said individual awards secondary. we are here for something else that i, i congratulate our group for the work we've been doing. we are far away from our family, from our homes. and i believe we're the only team that have broken the bubble at any moment. now we have a goal and we will fight for our team and we'll face columbia in the semi final. they have to come through a penalty shoot out against you or go after that was a final finish solis. go key pads, evidence fina celebrated becoming colombia. most catch player by saving to fix the other semi between brazil,
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perri who's england manager gar southgate is cooling on his players to make history as they try to reach the 1st european championship final. his side were convincing for the win is against ukraine. and that sort of final, any right, captain harry came with 2 of that gold. england has now kept 7 consecutive clean sheets for the 1st time ever, but standing in the way of a 1st major final since the 1966 world cup is denmark. england was too much. we had 2 games with denmark in the autumn. and, you know, i knew a good side they were before and they proved that again in this tournament, they're obviously riding away of emotion after what happened with christian as well . and that's, that's understandable. so it's, it's going to be
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a fantastic game to be a part of south gate mentioned ericsson baron, denmark of made it all the way to the semi without, lest all player clap softer having a cardiac arrest during the opening matching the dames ferry retail story continued they were to one when, as a check for public in that quarter final, in back a couple journey it was just unbelievable to see this team how, how the, the reaction was, how, how much compassion and love they gave each other, but also the danish population. and, and we are just happy and proud that we can maybe, maybe just remind ourselves why we play football and what football can do in the world. i think a lot of non neutral football fans are going to be rating for denmark. thing is they what happened with eric's in the neutral ok. maybe wednesday. everyone's looking forward to that hearing on the master show. ok. thank you very watch, jama. thanks for that. that's it for the news out, but i'll be back with war. the days news, and
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a couple of minutes of the lesson coming up at $2200.00 jam t ah . news news. news. news. news with energy to every part of our universe. for small to continue the chain all around the shape, my technology and human ingenuity. we can make it work for you,
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and yours is an extra judicial killing and a north african capital. i had someone breaking into our house. i heard people shouting so full masked men, but not only the eyes and hair were showing al jazeera world, his red eye, witness accounts of the dramatic story of the assassination of major p l. o. figure kelly was here in a secret israeli operation. assassination in tunis on al jazeera when a war crime is committed, who is it kind of, how does it follows that garzon human rights investigator, on his unprecedented journey to the french high court? i said, every place to make sure that the information to bring that's taking on the arms trade in his fight for justice, for innocence,
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palestinians and their families made in france on all disease the holding the powerful to account as we examine the us, his role in the world on al jazeera ah, facing a deadline to surrender to police former south african president, jacob zoom. i refuses to back down a low on my, on the was a and then watching out there are also coming up on the program.


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