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corona virus appears far wider than any one thought. ah, holding the powerful to account as we examine the us, his role in the world on al jazeera. ah, the former south african president jacob humor is defiant as a deadline. foster approaches van to surrender himself to police. ah, hello, i'm sorry, i'm noisy in london, you're watching al jazeera also coming up on the program. hope and expectation is a diverse coalition of july and need to begin the task of rewriting the country's
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constitution. to grind forces, se they'll consider a sci fi was government, but only if certain conditions, a man and the charity comic books that reflects the graphic reality faced by thousands of young refugees from central america. ah, ah, hello, welcome to the program book 3 years after a series of corruption, scandal mismanagement and multiple charges of graft ended, his presidency. jacob zoom has continued to defy the authorities in south africa. as a deadline, approaches him to surrender to police. he joined support, says he would rallied outside his home in a candle, vowing to resist any attempt to detain him. him has been found guilty of contempt of court failing to appear before a corruption inquiry faces 50 moms in prison and on friday apply to the court for
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this sentence to be a no citing medical reasons. speaking a short time ago, you choose a judge of bias. the effect of that i was busted with a punitive jail sentence without fire in something which should in induce a sense of, sup, to all those who cherish they don't ended. the rule of south africa is fast lighting bag to big tide. rule out there's a meat miller is in a candle with more on the story. it appears the the form of president is that we know is not happy with that outcome. and he says he's been treated unfairly. he also said that he's not afraid to go to jail. he said that many times before,
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that's despite these new court applications to stay out of jail. but he says it's about his age, his health, and that he doesn't operate as an individual. he's taking the advice of his comrades and family. and it's also about again the rule of law wanting consistency and fairness. so he's use this opportunity to try and spell out exactly why he's not handed himself over to police, and why he is been going to the high court to try and get an interdict against any arrest. but it doesn't come as any surprise to many south africans who know that the former president has used any means possible to not answer questions necessarily or be held accountable. the former president is going to the high court on tuesday to try and get a stay of imprisonment to try and prevent police from arresting him to prevent having him hands himself over ordinarily prior to these court birds. the
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constitutional court in this week had said, you've got 5 days, former president obama, to hand yourself over. if you don't, police will arrest you anytime 3 days after that. so it is a little uncertain what happens next. but the understanding is that he will go to court on tuesday if he's granted that interdicted by the high court, which is also questionable because this is a lower court to the constitutional court. and the constitutional court is the highest land in the country and can't be appealed. but if the high court says it has to restriction and it can issue that interdict the president, the former president will then return to the constitutional court on the 12th of july to try and get this judgment and sentence reviewed. of course, moving to another story, been following very closely off the month of conflict in northern ethiopia to rise . regional government says it's ready for a cease fire, but it has to be certain conditions and place fast and advise it to the president
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of take ry state. released a statement on twitter demanding a full withdrawal of foreign troops from the region as supplies to forces from neighboring eritrea as well. but also the e. c. o. p, in military and regional forces from m hora to guys. government is also calling on the united nations to investigate ethiopia and eritrea for what it describes as war crimes and crimes against humanity against the crime people. and now the demand is the unemployed delivery of humanitarian aid and help to repatriate people have been displaced by the conflict. and the regional leaders are also saying that if you are, if you need to restore electricity and internet to the region and release or political prisoners with full legal rights, catherine soy is in the european capital, addis ababa with more on these sci fi demands placement by the grand forces has, is very strongly wooded, and a lot of the field is, are high about cautiously hopeful that these open a window to
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a political dialogue. the whole thing that both sides, the federal government's administration of our be prime minister. i'll be on that. and the t p last leadership are going to set aside their hotline position and seat and agree to the buyer so that at least humanitarian aid can get to those who need it most. so what the t p leadership is demanding. apart from the role of retrans true. and if your forces, if you appeal of fighters from the neighboring, i'm higher region that you know, the t p, i think also demanding that the government recognize leadership as a truly lead you to make a left said original government of the right. and they're also demanding that apart from the you, when forming this investigative, to investigate atrocities that have been committed in these conflicts started in
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november, there should be another body international body formed to really truck and make sure that this demands this issues are implemented. now we haven't had any response from the government. prime minister, i'll be on that is going to be addressing parliament tomorrow monday to discuss national issues. he may also be discussing a t grew mater. parliamentarians are going to be asking questions by so difficult to see how the government is going to accept some of this month. for example, it has already labels p, p alas, and it's horses, terrorist organizations. so for the government to come back and legitimize d. p. last and the leadership of the guy is basically admitting defeat orleans extra general antennae. the terrace is as already said, that except nothing less than full humanitarian access to all. together i am deeply
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concerned with the present situation in the great it is essential to have real, she's fire and the real fire painting the way for a dialogue able to bring the political solution to today. the presence of foreign troops is an aggravating factor of confrontation and at the same time, full human italian excess and restrictive human italian excess must be getting to the whole territory. ah, now in chile, a newly elected body is meeting for the 1st time to draft a replacement for the constitution written under dictator augusta finish k, the $155.00 member assembly, which was elected in may, is meeting in santiago. the constitution is widely blamed for deep social inequality, triggered deadly protests in 2019 confrontations between police and protectors.
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briefly delayed the start of sundays meeting with daniel shine. the joins us live now from one as iris and neighboring argentina. and daniel, this is a historic event in chile, though it was to be postponed by at least a few hours it was, it is unprecedented, but it shouldn't have been surprising that there were protests inside the convention center on clashes between police and some demonstrators outside the constitution you mentioned that was implemented in 1980, was implemented by a military government working with economists. it was mostly men serving the interests of a small elite of middle aged men. this is a new constitution, 155 members who rep who were trying to overcome the divisions in july and society, but also in many ways represent those divisions. 155 members,
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half of them are women. 17 of the seats have been designated for indigenous communities to the l g b t community as represented people with disabilities. so they are trying to heal the divisions by being represented by the very the district state of, of july and society to the fact that we're classes perhaps shouldn't be a surprise. they now have 9 months to a year to try to come up with the new constitution. there will be further debates for the clashes arguments. there is no one group that dominates 65 members of the, of the assembly and not representatives of any of the major political conventional policies. in chile, we don't know what kind of coalitions they'll be forming, what kind of debates they're going to be having. so it's unprecedented, it's very exciting yet. there's a place on known that people are going into here. right. it's a massive political change unfolding in the country that would see it pops, adore a line in some ways on the one chapter of its history. could we see similar calls
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elsewhere in, in all the countries in the region then? well, i think we already, i mean many of the divisions we see in july and society as one of the worst income distribution anywhere in latin america. we, these are the divisions that came to be highlighted during those demonstrations. we saw from 2019 onwards. they are very similar to the divisions elsewhere in latin america. we've already seen protests across colombia that lead to the copper america football tournament being taken away from them last month. we've seen similar demonstrations across brazil, which also has huge inequalities and the distribution of wealth and people across latin america are watching very closely. i think to see how this towns out in chile, seeing what the lessons they can learn is also a great solidarity between the social movements women's movements. the indigenous groups across latin america. they do talk to each other,
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thanks to those things. so that one does a social media, they do know what's going on and they will be watching developments in santiago very, very closely. ok, daniel, thanks very much out as they are ally from london. philip on the program. looking at the elaborate lamb post shining a light on the problem of corruption in thailand. and. and now the giant step for china space ambitions. after all, carry out space, walk outside the country, space nation. ah hello there. the weather is looking rather mixed over europe for the next few days . we've got wet or more unsettled weather in the east and the west, but for the north in the south, it is looking dry and more settled. we've got
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a weather system working its way into the north west, and that's bringing wet and windy weather to the british shells and to front. and those storms are going to work their way all the way up to denmark as we get into tuesday. but most century things are looking clear at the sunshine is coming through for austria. if we look at the temperature for vienna, we're going to hit the early thirty's. by the time we get to choose day. but to the east of this, there is more wet weather. we've got a swirling weather system dumping some of that heavy rain on ukraine mode dover. and we could see coast larrys of turkey being inundated with rain. so the north of this high pressure is keeping things fine and dry for western russia. we've also got a heat wave warning for finland as temperatures pick up. and as we move to southern areas of europe, the iberian peninsula continuing to see those hot conditions, the temperature rising up to mercy, we're going to see it touching 40. by the time we get into tuesday. but a lot of the heat across northern africa has subsided. pictures are coming down slightly, cairo coming in at 38 degrees celsius. the
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most people will never know what's beyond these doors, the deafening silence of 100000 how it feels to touch danger. every day, most people will never know what it's like to work with. every breath is precious, with fear is not an option. but when most people oh a
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welcome back to main stories. now, a deadline for the former south african president, jacob zoom to hand himself over to police is approaching. but instead, the former leader has been with support his outside his home. in the candler, summa has been sentenced to 15 months in prison for contempt of court that has applied for the sentence to be and now he's made it clear that he will not turn himself into a r c to grind defense or to say they're ready for these 5 talks with the government as long as foreign troops withdraw from the region. they also want us to investigate ethiopian in eritrea and leaders, natural crimes and crimes against humanity and and chiles. new elective elected constitutional assembly, started the process of writing a new constitution. the constitution is why the blame for deep social inequality that triggered daddy protest in 2019 now the philippines,
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my rescuers are searching for 5 people. still missing off to a military plane, crashed killing at least $45.00 soldiers. former u. s. air force, c, 130 craft went down as it was landing an airport on shallow island in sooner province. it was carrying soldiers to reinforce positions against abu sayyaf. that's an arm group that's been fighting the government in the south for decades. defense ministry says the plane missed the runway and the investigation will begin after recovery efforts have finished. jamil alan doug has more from the capital manella, while it's easily now slowly being seen as one of the worst cases of military accidents or crashes. in recent philippine history, there have been around 3 c, 130 accidents based on available data. but what we know at this point is that there around 11 30 am local time. this c $130.00, which was commissioned and was handed over to the philippine air force in february
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took off from the airports of the and the order, which is one of the biggest cities also in mindanao, carrying about 92 people. 85 of them were soldiers. it landed, but it has been described as the aeroplane it figured in a landing mishap in whole lot. according to the secretary of defense rescue operations rescue and retrieval operations are under way. we've been c, terrible pictures of the crash site, but the government is still hopeful that there will still be more survivors that need be pulled out from the wreckage. at this point, according to also the government rescue rescue planes are now well on their way. and those who have been received, i'm taken to the most, are the closest military station hospital in law. those who are believed to be more critical will be taken to the $1.00 to $50.00. now for those who do not understand
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this, hello, it's actually area. this is the most militarized area. in the southern philippines, there are thousands of troops rotated, they're constantly, it may be as small runway, but c, $130.00 is constantly land here for supplies and true rotations from yes, from iraq now for says as have said that they've disabled 3 bombs that are intended to blow up electricity towers outside the city of low. so i've been several attacks on power plants across iraq in recent days. at least 7 people have been killed. i'm going to have the wind reports from baghdad. attacks on tricity facilities in many areas of iraq has increased at recently, dozens of public us operations have been reported in the beginning of this year. and especially recently with the heat wave hitting in many areas, especially in central and southern provinces of iraq. the problem is accepted basic and no group has claimed responsibility yet over the
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recent attacks. but last week i still, according to the popular mobilization courses, icing claimed responsibility for an attack. i think the some of our power plants notice that now the electricity crisis in iraq has triggered a demonstration and anger in many areas and in many govern rate. angry with us have been taken to st dino and things. and through deciding the government, in fact, they say that the government is not doing enough to provide electricity for the people. on the other hand, the ministry of interior, it's conducting operation using ruins, to protect our facilities and to prevent any possible sabotaged operations. a demolition team is preparing to bring down the remaining structure of
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a collapse building in the florida town of south side. the demolition plans were brought forward as the city braces for tropical storm l, so which is expected to reach the florida coast. on tuesday, miami beach has cancelled its independence day celebration scheduled for sunday out of respect for the victims 21. people have been confirmed dead. and 121. people are still missing. go to japan now more than a 1000 emergency officers have been wading through the remnants of a giant mudslide. searching for 20 people still missing in the coastal city of a tommy. at least 2 people are known to have died. the regions governess as a land development upstream might have played a role in the disaster when large amounts of soil heaped up in the area, then wash towards autonomy, $130.00 homes and other buildings have been completely destroyed or badly damaged in the city. now the installation of elaborate new street lamps in
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thailand has prompted a corruption investigation. some local councils of spend millions of dollars on the lamp post, which critics say a waste of money. tiny chem reports from sandwich pecan. it's douglas falls in a small residential neighborhood, street lamps, flicker on to light the gloom. the street lamps have popped up all over the neighborhoods in the tie province of summer con. each one is adorned with a mythical, being the cannery half woman, half beast. all has been living here all his life. he's thrilled, the narrow path beside his house on the canal is now well lit, but he's concerned about the expense. each lampposts is reported to have cost more than $3000.00 us dollars. back. to be honest, i think it's a bit pricey. i think it will be nice if we can take some of the budget they spent on the lights and spend it on something more useful. put them on the back streets close to bank cox, international airport. the lights have an a v,
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a sion thing. these lamps are reported to cost even more. the mobile airplanes alone costing nearly a $1000.00 an extravagance for a small rural road. the local governments currently under investigation and had concerns about kickbacks in the procurement process. they've spent more than 10 percent of their annual budget on st. lights alone. outside the district office sits the mess convertible sports cur, which he says here. and before he got the job, he says he has nothing to hide money god about. we are more than happy to help facilitate the investigation. we took the investigators to see the lights. they already checked every single light and they are looking into the procurement process. and i think that my office followed every guideline in the book that maybe you know, if you don't when you host the satirical new show called shallow news in depth of like the corruption scandals are common theme for women. valencia,
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i think it's very sad. the news about the corruption has become something so common in this country, reports about officials picking, bribed, and money. it's not something new for tie people anymore. down here they recently installed $35.00 of these shiny new lamp posts at a conservative cost estimate of $3000.00 a piece. that means the local government has spent a $105000.00 us dollars on lighting a dead end. single tract road with thailand experiencing its worst economic downturns of 30 years. it seems strange to be investing so much in st lives. but at least the birds now have someone to perch in a light to guide them home. tony cheng al jazeera, some pecan thailand, 2 of the 3 man crew on china's new space station ventured outside into space for the 1st time sunday. the 2nd space walk by chinese astronauts known as taken notes . and it's the 1st in 13 years. ownership all brings us the story. now. the push,
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when it comes to photo friendly moments in space, china is on a roll. taken out, slow booming, and tang home bo have completed the 1st space walk from the new station being built in low earth orbit. on a car is a construction site with a view. the mission is the 1st of 11 needed to finish construction of the station phone out for a call. as one of the taken out that went out of the core module for the 1st time, i wanted to thank all the scientists involved and thank all chinese people for your support. there will be more space walks and the space station will keep growing. thank you. lou got around on mechanical arm, which took him where he needed to go. robotic arms are key to future plans for smart manufacturing and space. tang honk boat. took a more traditional route along the guard rails. the space walks last about 7 hours . it's only the 2nd time a chinese crew has entered the vacuum of space. the last space walk in 2008 lasted
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just 20 minutes. that young her station should be completed next year. cool that the, the crew members will spend 3 months helping build the station, conducting experiments small at the same time, maintaining their fitness. they'll also be capturing views that chinese astronauts have been unable to see for themselves since the us lock them out of the international space station 10 years ago. and are chappelle al jazeera. now it's being described as a game changer for babies and the infant living with h i v agencies distributing a strawberry flavor tablet for children in 6 african countries on the pricing agreement between the united nations and generic drug makers. combination therapy will cost $120.00 for each child annually. that's down from $480.00 right now. only half the estimated 1800000 children with h i v get treatment is often hard to administer to to the bitter taste or incorrect doses from crushed adult pills. we spoke to janet canard about this. she said the
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director of strategy at united aden. the global health agency, she explains why this initiative is so important. this is a really a tremendous breakthrough. it's a new child friendly h i v medicine. it's going to be reaching countries where it's going to be making a tremendous difference about one point. 8000000 children are living with h. i v worldwide, but only half of them receive treatment. so we still see $100000.00 children dying of aids each year. so this is really a game changer. we're very excited with kate and the clinton health access foundation tied to be working together and seeing 1st delivery of this new, groundbreaking medication in nigeria and allow li uganda, kenya, and bob lam building. but we really think that it will drive down mortality rates significantly. the earlier children get on treatment, the greater their chances of survival. so as i mentioned,
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$100000.00 kids dying from h, i v aids related illnesses each year. we really see an opportunity to drive that down dramatically. but then another thing you mentioned with the cost reductions, it's a 75 percent cost reduction. that will really liberate the resources to get more children on treatment, more people on treatment. and really save a lot of lives. now the struggle and the journey of a fictional child refugee from central america is the story told in a newly released charity sponsored comic book. save the children. hope that will help people relate the plight of younger migrant traveling to the united states. money rocket ports from t o one out on the mexico us border once in all to real story for thousands of children. ana is the story of the young girl, forced to migrate from central america. while this comic book sponsored by the nonprofit groups save the children, tells of fictional tale of a young migrant child and her mother. on his experiences like running away from
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gang violence, or joining a migrant caravan reflect, a vivid reality endured by thousands of children. every year. speaking to al jazeera through a social worker, 7 year old, he bonnie recalls hauntingly similar experience that forced her and her mother to flee domestic violence in her home country of honduras, leaving everything and everyone they knew behind. that one time my father was drinking at home and he hit my mother with a beer bottle. and it got to here. he, when he tells us she felt fear as she and her mother travelled through mexico during cold dark nights. her story is reminiscent of a scene in the comic book where ana and her mother climb aboard a freight train along with dozens of other central american migrants. they may be illustrations, but these pages accurately depict many dangers migrant children face when making the life or death journey toward the u. s. on the border. humanitarian workers from
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see the children see they hope the message laid out in comic book form will reach. people were unaware of the plight of young asylum seekers living in mexico. really sad as we hope the comic book brings visibility to the needs of migrant children unto the entire process of migration. we hope it makes people more empathetic, because these are stories that are not easy to tell, but to this comic book, which is based on real stories, maybe that can affect the change. the representatives from saved the children are caring for more than 400 under age migrants at this shelter alone. though this is only one of many safe spaces for children sponsored by the organization, your mexico's border with the united states. children's rights groups estimate that one out of every 3 migrants that come to mexico from central america are children and teenagers. the vast majority from countries like 100, guatemala,
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and solve it or the humanitarian workers, c migrant children, continue to arrive here every day. and due to border restrictions linked to the pandemic, many are finding themselves stuck in mexico, stretching the limits of the services humanitarian organizations are able to author . manuel up a little al jazeera, he want to mexico. ah, look, main stories this allen now a former south african president jacob zoom, says he will not surrender to police as a deadline. approaches him to hand himself in earlier, he rallied with his supporters outside his home. in the candler boomer has been sentenced to 15 months in prison. the contempt of court the fact that i was busted with a punitive jail sentence without fire in something which
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should in induce a sense of.


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