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which is keeping the money curse cooler also keeps the somali case cool. 26 and mortgage issue brings a little bit of re but the bigger house, or the if in highlands ah, the can an image represent a tree or merely mimic the perception of the beholder? behind the camera, preconceptions, one sided imagery, reclaiming narrative, and the trauma of colonialism station and it lingering legacy, delicately addressed as a weapon. filmmaker in the democratic republic of congo, built film and a witness documentary on our award winning programming from international. so make it one quick, so it's right on the back side of the global. that's in discussion. what guarantee it is the right to pick the 5 life giving voice the voice here in california.
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almost everybody's a paycheck away from being on house program that open your eyes to turn it to you. well, today, this is what the picture looks like the the world from a different perspective on out to the ok. welcome back here, watching out the time to recap headlines now. today has officially begun the process of writing its new constitution. $155.00 member constitutional convention is meeting to the 3rd time to draw the document, the reforms follow months of protest. but again in 2019 and last year's referendum
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to rise, regional government says it's ready for a sees fire. a foreign troops withdraw from the states. it also wants the us to investigate the c o p and an error tray and needed for the cold war crimes and crimes against humanity and c garage, former south african president and jacob zoom, a dressing supporters who are backing his challenge to a court ruling that could send him to prison, to most found guilty of contempt of court and faces 15 months in jail. but the judges agreed to hear is appeal next week. was thought to be one of the biggest ransomware cyber attacks is hit as many as $1000.00 business is worldwide. they include swedish market giant co op, which had temporarily closed $800.00 stores. hackers broke into a u. s. id company that provide system and security management services to companies. ransomware attacks involved also being locked away until money is paid
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to release it. this one is being blamed on a shadowy syndicate that false to meet supply to pay 11000000 dollars last month. another group targeted to us fuel pipeline disrupting supplies until $4400000.00 was paid. much of that money's since been recovered. catalina glenda is an assistant professor of private laura maastricht university and co manager of ma, strict law and tech lab. she says cyber attacks have increased since people started working from home during the panoramic. it is really shocking to hear that once more there is such a disruptive attack that has been really taking all of these companies by surprise . the reason why these attacks are increasing is because cyber crime is a very highly profitable and very common type of activity on the internet nowadays, especially in the light of the fact that a lot of companies have had to digitalized and further digitalized their activities
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. also due to the pandemic. so some estimates put an increase of around 15 percent every single year until perhaps we are going to reach in 2025, a market for these kind of cyber crimes of around 10 trillion dollars. so you can imagine that it is very, very profitable for, for criminals to get engaged in such activities. the problem here is to legal uncertainty. so we have to 2 considerations that we can reflect upon. so on the one hand, cyber crime has been generally considered under the ambit under the umbrella of okay, is this an act of war? is this group based on country acts that is really targeting the activities of countries a, b, c. and this is particularly important for a speaking about essential operators. so we have seen a lot of gas companies and we have seen a lot of health care institutions really be affected by this. so it is very hard to
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not talk about this particular public interest. i mention and also the serenity's implications that come with such an activity being considered an act of war. now there have been large demonstrations across brazil demanding the resignation of president gyal. both sonata corruption allegations over a vaccine deal is added to anger about the way the government is handling the pandemic. want ok on a key of reports from reposition era. tens of thousands of brazilians took to the street for the 3rd time in 5 weeks. to me, they've been calling for president jaden also now does impeachment the accused him of scorning health measures to contain the coven 19 outbreak, allowing the virus to spread and kill more than 520000 people? ah, we still have the world's 2nd largest pool with $900.00 tool after the united states, while americans have more than enough vaccines to go around. brazilians are sadly
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lacking, with less than 13 percent of its population fully inoculated. theresa, he bade, says, there are 42 year old brother would be alive if the government had not refused to buy the $70000000.00 vaccines. pfizer offered last year. i'm like, i don't know, you know, my brother step last march could have been avoided. we found that the government could have vaccinated thousands of people earlier, but chose not to because the president said the disease was a little flu. now we find out there was also corruption. for the past 2 months, a senate committee has been investigating the government's handling of the pandemic . last week, the probe took a turn for the 1st time raising suspicion. at some ball scenario allies and health ministry insiders may be involved in a corruption scheme to buy over price vaccines from india. on friday, the supreme court authorized the opening of investigation into both scenarios, response. the president is being accused of dereliction of duty since he was warned
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of a legit irregularities in the deal, but did not tell the federal police growing discontent with the government resulted in a nationwide protest calling for both so not impeachment. but this time, opponents have new ammunition until the protesters have accused president wilson out of downplaying, the virus of delaying the roll out of the sea. now they say, it's not denial. it's corruption. more than 120 impeachment requests have been submitted. none of them have moved forward because both so now it still has enough support in congress and also on the street where he has led 3 motor bike rally the president's popularity has taken a severe blow. his approval rate has fallen to record 23 percent pudding at risk, so not us hope of being reelected next year. monica not give all just 0. we
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addition narrow the future of large scale sporting events and concerts is in the spot life as nations walk out, work out rather how to stop them from becoming cobra. 19 super spread is more than 60000 fans are expected at london's wembley stadium this week. for the euro, 2020, semi final. there's already evidence of current, a virus spreading at such events. joining us from bath in the u. k. is dr. howard. i'm connie, a senior clinical lecturer at the university of absences. medical school of horace is also a specialist on emergency preparedness planning and disease control. good to have you with us. so what are these events say to us about any cobra safety measures which these events were putting in place? did they fail? whoa, they covered safety measures are the event and that is the big problems because
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there are events that lead up to coming to the stadium. and then there are events that happen after leaving the stadium for which either end the organizers are not in control. and as a result of those event, such as going to the pub, the singing and dancing in the streets before and after the crowded bus train, etc, leading up to it before and after. those are all not on the control of the organizes and infection can occur in any one of those places, including at the event and testing is a inaccurate signs. so the organizers tell off that the test and the space people out, etc, but testing is an inaccurate science. all right, there's a lot to unpack, and you're on the 1st 2. what does this tell us about what measures need to be taken? now at some of those places outside of the venue, like you said, where the gathering and trains and stations, and balls and etc. and is there any sign the authorities will actually be learning
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and implementing those lessons? the trouble is, it's very difficult to control those control measures outside of the event short of a lockdown. it is almost impossible. so what we can do is advise, inform, educate the people who wish to go to the stadium, how to keep sas. and it's not easy because a lot of them are young people and then they are dropping the god because of being with friends. and of course, uncle whole allows you to also gobeel god. so it's difficult, no matter which way we go. it's difficult. having said that, you can build a lot of education advise inflammation and stricter adherence to rules whilst you're in the stadium. but it is difficult to give another thing you said, what does this all mean for the tokyo games coming up? i am very concerned and i feel better decision would have been to say no olympics.
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regretfully, no olympics, i love the olympics, but it is with a risk. now i would hope that the japanese government will set up additional professional testing. in other words, attached to carried out a p. c. r test, which is more sensitive and more accurate carried out by a well trained person is more likely to pick up a potentially infected person than a lateral protest. so more of those tests leading up in sequence a sequence of tests. and then they are very strict with their rules and regulations so that i'm not worried about. but the gathering of people from all over the world, from all directions is a concern and relying on a test carried out by somebody is a unreliable reliance. alright, thank you so much, dr. howard. your thoughts on that? thank you. i should mention of course we will have
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a lot more on that story about your football tournament with andy later in the show . now it had an amorous sol suspending flying to saudi arabia after the kingdom imposed to travel ban between the 2 neighboring countries. saudi authorities may be announcement on saturday, fighting concerns about a new strain of corona virus. the kingdom is also ban slides to and from ethiopia, afghanistan and viet nam until further notice. now what's being described as a game changer for babies and infants living with h, i v a. the agencies are distributing a strawberry flavor tablet for youngsters. and 6 african countries under a pricing arrangement between the u. n and generic drug make his combination therapy will cost a $120.00 for each child annually down from $480.00. currently only half the estimated 1800000 children with h i v get treatment. it's often hard to administer due to the bitter taste or
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incorrect doses from crushed adult pills. janet is the director of strategy of a verbal health agency. she explains why this initiative is so important. this is really a tremendous breakthrough. it's a new child friendly h i v medicine. it's going to be reaching countries where it's going to be making a tremendous difference. as you said, about 1800000 children are living with h. i v worldwide, but only half of them receive treatment. so we still see $100000.00 children dying of aids each year. so this is really a game changer. we're very excited with kate and the clinton help access foundation, trying to be working together and seeing 1st delivery of this new, groundbreaking medication in nigeria, malawi, uganda, kenya, and bob land building. well, we really think that it will drive down mortality light rate significantly the
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earlier children get on treatment, the greater their chances of survival. so as i mentioned, 800000 kids dying from h, i v aids related illnesses each year. we really see an opportunity to drive that down dramatically. but then another thing you mentioned with the cost reductions, it's a 75 percent cost reduction. that will really liberate resources to get more children on treatment, more people on treatment, and really save a lot of lives. the struggle and journey of a young honduran refugee is the focus of a newly released comic book. charity hopes it will help people relate to the plight of migrants. when you're apollo reports from to honor. ana is the story of a young girl forced to migrate from central america. while this comic book sponsored by the nonprofit groups save the children, tells of fictional tale of a young migrant child and her mother. on his experiences like running away from gang violence, or joining a migrant caravan reflect,
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a vivid reality endured by thousands of children. every year. speaking to al jazeera through a social worker, 7 year old, he bonnie recalls hauntingly similar experience that forced her and her mother to flee domestic violence in her home country of honduras, leaving everything and everyone they knew behind. that one time my father was drinking at home and he hit my mother with a beer bottle and it got to hear. even he tells us she felt fear as she and her mother travelled through mexico during cold dark nights. her story is reminiscent of a scene in the comic book where ana and her mother climb aboard a freight train along with dozens of other central american migrants. they may be illustrations, but these pages accurately depict many dangers, migrant children's face when making the life or death journey toward the u. s. on the border. humanitarian workers from said the children say they hope the message
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laid out in comic book form will reach. people were unaware of the plight of young asylum seekers living in mexico. be really sad, as we hope the comic book brings visibility to the needs of my grandchildren and to the entire process of migration. we hope it makes people more empathetic, because these are stories that are not easy to tell, but to this comic book, which is based on real stories, maybe that can affect the change. the representatives from saved the children are caring for more than 400 under age migrants at this shelter alone. though this is only one of many safe spaces, but children sponsored by the organization, your mexico's border with the united states. children's rights groups estimate that one out of every 3 migrants that come to mexico from central america are children and teenagers. the vast majority from countries like 100, guatemala, and salvador humanitarian workers, c migrant children,
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continue to arrive here every day and due to border restrictions linked to the pandemic. many are finding themselves stuck in mexico, stretching the limits of the services humanitarian organizations are able to offer . manuel up a little al jazeera, he won a mexico candidates mer trees preparing to help evacuate areas in the past. the wildfire sweeping through the province of british columbia. more than $100.00 fires burning in an extreme heat wave. victoria gave him the reports. a forest fire that ignited after days of record breaking temperatures has destroyed most of lytton, a small town in central, british columbia. this week little broke canada's all time hottest temperature record 3 times. hitting nearly 50 degrees celsius on tuesday. local media are reporting that a couple in the 60s have died due to the fire. many others are missing a more than a 1000. people have evacuated their homes,
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the world is heard about british columbia, which birds almost essentially to the ground. and there's been multiple fatality reported there and other people not accounted for. some people are happy to go 2 to 3 hours wages to get check in with emergency social services. so this is something that we've never seen before in this province or really in this country anywhere. more than 170 wildfires burning across british columbia and western all berta. that fueled by record breaking heat wave, that in turn led to more than 700000 lightning strikes on wednesday and thursday, up tenfold from a year ago. health officials in british columbia say more than 700 deaths have been reported in the past week. nearly 3 times the usual number. the heat wave is also resulted in a rising death toll in the northwest in united states. most people don't think about heat as a killer, and it is, and we know that the numbers are fairly high. certainly the event we've seen,
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we're going to see excess deaths a lot more than we should have, because all of this stuff could have been prevented. so we have to raise awareness in oregon, governor kate brown has declared a state of emergency and in the city of portland, the fire department has found the use of fireworks for the 4th of july weekend. canada's forest by season usually starts in late july, but with more warm weather forecast over the next few days. the military's on stand by to help evacuate more towns, victoria gate and b algae 0. cypress is appealing for international help to fight a forest. fire considered the worst in decades. at least 4 people were killed as the blaze spread from the south. strong winds and high temperatures forced several villages to be evacuated. cypress has been experiencing a week long heat wave with temperatures reaching up to 40 degrees celsius. at least 3 people have been killed as tropical cyclone l. so back to the southern coast of
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haiti and the dominican republic, wind gusts of up to 110 kilometers. and now i hit the region on saturday to find clones been downgraded to a tropical storm, but is still packing strong winds. the storm is on course to hit other parts of the caribbean and the united states east coast in the coming days. will still ahead on al jazeera in sport, denmark stream run continues football, european championship. and these hit with that story. ah, an extra judicial killing and a north african capital. i heard someone breaking into a house. i heard people shouting so full masked men, but not only the eyes and hair were showing al jazeera world, his red eye, witness accounts of the dramatic story of the assassination of major p l. o. figure
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kelly was here in a secret israeli operation. assassination in tunis on al jazeera, the latest news, as it breaks the level of intimidation over the media over the last couple of days have been the most journalists have been beaten with detailed coverage. the ongoing covered 19 health emergency means the border remains, quote, disrupting the traditional us asylum profit from around the world. miami dade county officials will be inspecting it and other older high rise buildings, hoping to avoid another catastrophe on this sinking sands of miami beach. o. ok
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all right, hold find time to catch up with all the action on the track, his andy, thank you so much. sunday will much for stopping one. the austrian groom, praying the last our extended lead in the race to win the f one world championship . the dutch driver now has a 32 points advantage over time to hold lewis. hamilton hamilton finished down in 4th in this rice. this was the stuff is 1st rate victory as he stays on track. so when his 1st driver's championship altree bought us 2nd with mc clarence lando norris coming home in 3rd. the who's now england have set up a european championships semi final with denmark, england beating ukraine for now in rome to reach the semi for the 1st time in 25 years. far as small reports. yeah. yeah. yeah. the expectation and reality rarely coincide for england,
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fans. but for the 2nd street, major championship, they watch their team reach the semi final. yeah, fantastic video is amazing. good time to see this quarter, final against ukraine was in rome with england playing away from london for the 1st time in the tournaments. the change of scenery didn't seem to affect hurricane and harry kane giving his country an early leave and the false match. keep moving sure. the contest was as good as over early in the 2nd half harry mcguire made it to nil. and then cain scored the 2nd night in again. he's got to another. got it finished for new england,
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wembley stadium is the venue for both semi finals and the final. it's a challenge to make history. we've never been to european championship final, so it's not so much pressure for this team it's. it's another challenge that they, they've got the chance to take on, and at the moment they're rising slow challenges. and also the threat in the english will face denmark on wednesday, denmark for $21.00 winners against the czech republic. this danish side had to regroup. after the collapse of star player christian ericsson during their 1st group match against finland, erickson has suffered a cardiac arrest, but is now we're covering that it was in his absence, the team had moved inside of an unlikely title with a denmark of double valley. it was just unbelievable to see this team how, how the, the reaction was, how, how much compassion and love that gave each other, but also the danish population and,
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and we are just happy and proud that we can maybe, maybe just remind ourselves why we play football and what football can do in the world, he said to fans with compelling reasons to believe this could be there a year. far as smile al jazeera, if it is full teams left standing in the tournament, now all remaining much is in england. it's leaving spain coming upon, choose that it's really going into that much having won by the last 15 games. the final, that is next sunday. i little messy spot, arch insane. it's a quarter final, one of the copper america messy help set up the 1st 2 goals. and this one, i've ecuador, the 34 year old as never want to make title with his country 3 times. he's been a runner up at this tournament. a messy free kick wraps up a 3 mill when argentina will play columbia in the semi finals on tuesday. or columbia has come through a penalty sheets against year ago after the quarter. final finished goal is to spin
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a site. facebook kicks the other semi that's between host brazil and per no member service olympic growing famous, tested positive corona virus. when arrival in japan, the 3rd covered 19 infection confirmed and national team members landing in tokyo, brazilian football legend z co, taking part in sundays, like the thought truly not did take place with spectators. because that his playing curt, japanese club ship, unless the olympics thought in less than 3 weeks, it's a rest. i will get a chance for some tempered call after saturdays, late action ala from you on a bench in your line of the plank. got a bit of a falling out during their match, it full of down and the deciding set of panko called for medical timeouts. but so man of the accused her of faking the injury in an attempt to break her concentration. whether it's not that work, the form of friendship, sharp, enough to think of losing that aside, a 6 to she cannot say anything because she knows 0 about my
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injury. she doesn't know anything. first of all, and 2nd of all, in my opinion, it was very, very disrespectful from her side because every single glare who is playing tennis or any other sports can get injured. i played many people, i know when someone's injured went and when they're not. and then to top law for her to call me disrespectful. at the, under the match is just at that point, it's laughable. and i think is disgraceful behavior from someone that is, you know, is a slam champion on the milwaukee bucks. so heading to the m b a finals for the 1st time since 1974. they be the atlanta hawks in gang 6 of the eastern conference finals to get their chris middleton led the box with 32 points to carry them to a 118 to one. i 7 victory winning this series by 4 games to to ok buddies have bought is looking for thanks so much and the fact that from me for
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this news out, i'll be back in a moment with another for both. and so to stay with ah ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, collegial comes onto the pitch, is a special moment for any football to do it isn't pallets the woman is a remarkable achievement. footballing legend added canton introduces honey. who broke through social and political barriers to inspire a generation of female players across the middle east. football rebels. that's do
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it on algae 0. the story of them bob way. in her words. she is always told from the perspective of the great man, whether it's even moving all robot mcguffey. my responsibility is to tell, is involved when story in a way that it hasn't really been told before the ordinary. everyday life was involved with the people. i'm writing about patina. got out of darkness minds and bob weigh on our jazz era. this lights may look like a city from the sky, but their fishing vessels just outside origin. tina's exclusive economic zone, the united states launched operations southern cross to combat, illegal and unregulated fishing in the southern atlantic. argentina's coast guard say, the main task is to control the movements,
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so they do not cross into argentine territory. from this home argent time authorities can monitor for what's happening in economic exclusive films. but what a 40 here are saying is what's important is to regulate what's happening in international waters. the news form of south african president, jacob zoom address, these crowds of supporters outside the home of the challenges the court ruling that could send him to prison. ah, i'm stymied, say them. this is al jazeera alive from del, so coming up to the ryan leaders outline the conditions for considering the fees fall cold by his government, including a un.


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