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can't see how he came to school just after 4 minute time. and it was too nearly early in the 2nd hall when louis shows freak. it was headed by defender hurry, mcguire. 4 minutes placing came got his 2nd of the night to put to sign firmly in control. he's got to it, but they will finish the substitute jordan henderson had it in his 1st goal for england to make it for an ill england goal to play denmark in wembley on wednesday . that aims beat the check for public to want in the matter. earlier in the evening . the, i mean, the whole rahman and hall, reminder of all new stories. tens of thousands of protest is in brazil have returned to the streets, demanding the impeachment of president john bolts. nora, the angry evers, handling of the crowd of iris pandemic. monica has moved from we're just an area where there's an arrow. 2 was not the only city where there were protests,
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protest. 2 are all over brazil. 2 some are starting later, i can so follow and people have come to the streets for the 3rd time. since may basically dave, they are very angry at the way the government has handled the pandemic over 500000 and people have lost their life is the 2nd largest death toll after the united states. with the difference that in brazil, vaccine roll out is not as fast as in the united states, and that is another station they accuse the government of having all delayed the rollout. kennedy military is preparing for evacuations as well. spread across british columbia. more than $100.00 funds are burning as a record breaking heat wave grips the province. around a 1000 people have fled their homes. the little former african press south african president, jacob zima has been delayed, answered. the constitutional court agreed to hear with challenge to
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a 15 month jail sentence he received last week. the fence he could be exposed to 19 in prison. such risky crews in japan are looking for 20 people missing. after mudslide struck the coastal town of atomic, southwest of tokyo, at least 2 people. and in to have died. it's fair that could be more heavy rainfall in the days has thousands of joy nationwide protests and became a fan. so again, so going a tank by root demonstrates a say the government has failed to stop the violence and politicians to be held accountable. and the vatican's accusing 10 people, financial crimes including fraud, extortion, abuse of office. the group includes italian, cardinal angela, but better to as well as the heads of the roman catholic church. its financial intelligence unit pay francis 5 better to last year. those were the headlines, more news and half now with darren jord, but next on out there it's the listening post. do stay with us. bye for now.
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did you know you can watch or english dreaming live and i do channels plus thousands of our programs. award winning documentaries and debt need to describe to you choose dot com forward slash al jazeera english, the hello. i'm richard gifford, and you're watching a special edition of the listening post this week. we are focusing on hong kong, the city, and it's transformation. july 1st marked 24 years since the united kingdom handed its commonly back to china. with that hand over came a set of promises. beijing would stay out of hong kong, internal affairs keep its hands off its freedoms, including its free press. but for many hong callers, the question was not if, but when china's communist party leaders would break that promise and the answer
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appears to be. now, over the past 2 years, bay gene has intensified the stamping out of political descent in hong kong through new laws drawn up in the name of security, the jailing of critics and the reigning in of the news media. in the 2nd half of this program, we speak to 3 hong congress whose work and life have been severely affected by the cities, loss of autonomy. but 1st joanna, who's on how hong kong got here, from a city of liberty's to one that's under a song the. 2 in the home can always enjoyed the most open, liberal, pressed in the region. well, what we're seeing over the last year or 2 has been more like a death by a 1000 cuts on young. why you got hydro targeting all organ. why?
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joy target would love to we all know even the most optimistic to this find it difficult to have reason for optimism. now, journalist may have to pay a price for the editors to seek the truth. come a place on known for its openness and civil liberties. now a place of political persecution in a corrected free speech. a city that in the last few years alone has seen more than 10000 protesters arrested, and dozens of dissident jail. the result of the transformation that's been 24 years in the making since july, the 1st 1997. today, the united kingdom, which had ruled and come for more than 150 years, returned its colony to china. handing hong kong back to
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china was weird. construct you had this kind of free open capitalist city this enclave. and so you're handing it back to a country that's controlled by authoritarian communist party. and the way that the 2 sides, the british and the chinese side were able to make it work because they came up with this amazing formula and said, we'll have one country. but it will be 2 systems. i got by the way, co op or something, but in some case a hunger and we could have gone along. so i got, hey, when you see it say, hey, monique, somebody in john l d p and i hung gone home. all of them case i got that you can use so much money. so you, while you recall that guy we met from china did not become like hong kong. if anything in the 24 year since the hand over it's hong kong that's become
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more like mainland china. under british rule, the city didn't have a democracy, but it did have robust civil liberties are well functioning, justice system. and one of the free is media environments in the region. the one country to systems agreement was supposed to safeguard this, at least until 2047. and in the initial years after the handover, beijing held up its end of the bargain. that was at least partly because china was unwilling to kill the goose that laid the golden eggs. as a british colony, i'm calling it grown into a global financial hub and its thriving port, air links and axes to for an investment enabled china to generate about 20 percent of its g d p to the city. it made economic sense for beijing to be relatively hands off. however, as china grew into an economic superpower in the early 2000 pages started to rethink. it's hong kong strategy. the beginning,
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perhaps from 20 or 3 when there's mark change or tactic of a change was towards hong kong, more control, more innovations and more presence in the way we've gotten to media, not in meal to those strange of strategy. so beginning from that, we've seen the media and dumble direct and indirect pressure because we got that pilot. see, we have to hung on stop fun and i will enjoy all home from people in current one. sometimes i think they told topic on what you go home again, and i tell my certainly with my mike in the or the me, me being china's tougher approach to hong kong was solidified in 2012. when cj in ping was appointed general secretary of the communist party
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in 2014 c, radically changed the election process for the cities. my senior political representative, the chief executive jungle june, figured out what if i bought your gun term that? sure, sure. so we shut down the push to enable sure, sure, don't go and they don't change. infuriated hong kong and for $79.00 days, mass protest caught the umbrella movement paralyzed the city. beijing responded by registering up its crick down on the since the morning. a 1000 people were arrested for their ruined demonstrations and at least 127 were convicted. china also intensified its assault on hong kong media since 2014, at least 5 major mainstream media outlets got new probation owners, including hong kong, dominant broadcaster t v
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b. and it's leading english newspaper, the south china morning post for those outlet of minutes to hold out against a pressure facing wielded a considerable commercial muscle boycotting advertisements and pro democracy tabloids like apple daily. regardless, holden cho, the vice chairman of the largest probation party in hong kong government, denies any crack down on the cities, media freedoms. i think it's time for me to build these. i'm recruit and unwarranted accusation. the media enjoy all the freedom of press, nothing less than before is all vibrant and very diverse people with me or ongoing by saying, wow, all the past few years is seems that there are some sort of crack down on the sand and stuff like that of course they smearing i think those confluence of
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events here that made this crack down kind of inevitable here in hong kong. she didn't think came into power with a very hard line attitude. and then you have people here start pushing for more democracy that really got to ship them up in beijing. they realize that hong kong suddenly was a problem. and then along comes the 2019 protests and that's where i think china last, it's patients. those 2019 protests were the biggest in hong kong history. more than 2000000 people about a quarter of the population took to the streets risking arrest for 10 consecutive months. the police tried hard to quell the protests at times with brutal force. the beijing seized on the year long unrest to introduce legislation. a strict new national security law designed to curb dissent in hong kong once and 4 implemented in june 2020
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the law outlaw, succession subversion, and collusion with foreign forces. eagerly to find offences that carried maximum sentences of life imprisonment. the new law has proven effective at silence and critics. so for $54.00 people have been charged including jimmy ly, the owner of the apple daily newspaper. the paper has been repeatedly targeted by the authorities. the final straw came on june 17th, when its officers were rated. the editor in chief was arrested, and the company's assets are frozen. within a week of that rate, apple daily published its last and final edition. all right, so i think they told me multi all got you boy code only a lot for money. got thing. how could you call you when we want a hey thing and then come via for me that you joy thomas. i'm going to have more
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seattle game we'll be may we both have employee both eager. got all dog coco, coco back the house number. they feel her casey. john, i'll like why? i think as long as you are bader law, you don't coco against national security. i see nothing that they need to feel very let me take an example. apple daily is not only a pap roy, but it's also a prop, again, the done against the central government. so if you are running a media with an agenda to sort of and danger ring a country's national security, there's something wrong, isn't it? the social alterations or the top odl on the we're see how are both her to be on bush all at your conference. you can leave his lease on her phone, you want to go home, see him, how legal haunts id or something you don't see,
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or they can hold all on paper. and you're saying, i'm such, all you know, your thought on godaddy. com. yeah, hold on the word tom. something which on the chewy speak from experience as a freelance producer for hong kong public broadcaster radio television, hong kong or r t h k. she's become a target for her reporting hgtv online footage. last year she was arrested for her investigation into white police, didn't intervene in a violent move attack on pro democracy protest. her new 2019. she was attacked by a group of white men. we reckon 6, she looked through publicly available vehicle registration databases to track down the attacker a practice that the prosecution seized on alleging that by failing to declare that her search was returned the listing purposes, joy knowingly made
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a false statement. she was to find nearly $800.00 to us dollars and co autopay. she shouldn't stop him. we don't get yelled in either. hi, good morning. hi my shot and see her hotel on the hiking and the towel cold. a heard on both come, let's just started her height from with a call go, someone's yelled. it's no longer just a shame that coming for hong kong media, the city chief executive, kerry lamb, and will many of called her pro china rubber stamp. governments are cracking down to take bow choice employer, rti hage. k, the public broadcast that used to have a reputation for its critical journalism. following its coverage of the 2019 protest including police violence, the hong kong government conducted a far reaching review of r t h. case management,
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and editorial direction. it has since replaced its director with a probation bureaucrat and ext various of its programs. all they say the goal that i love to be if he comes on he said things will option high things like homes . i see her home, you know, the thing i'm, we got a high, high full moving full height height on jack on the heck are they supposed to be on ball 2nd go for we go to me on the scenes, the royal back in 2019 o d h k, have told you some program reporting for suits being very much bias. the government, if they see something wrong done by all j h k o they, they are simply crossing the right line, going against a charge of they must, that being is their responsibility to regulate, to make sure that our t h k will be back on the right track ah, going by, it's new as political show,
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a program hosted by the chief executive herself. so there is little doubt as to which direction r t h k headed in. but even with so much of hong kong media and a stranglehold and the political opposition silenced beijing was done in march this year, the communist party rewrote the rules of home comes electoral system. ensuring only patriots can now run for government. i could well prove the final nail in the coffin of the one country to see stems agreement trial what i'm and i'm going take long bossing, not to see how you got hung on gums or hey leo on the coping cycle. when things come. so you gotta see how you go by her. so she'll come by honda. how old is your highest goal?
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a whole my call said awesome and they phone height would be half full. done some work. i do see some ongoing job, 60 white and over the phone have a high or they like so long capital is joe, you're report documents. the way china is crack down on hong kong, effects journalism there. but the impact these changes have on freedom of expression. they go way beyond news organizations will absolutely take, for example, hong kong publishing industry. and the chinese government owns nearly as 30 publishing houses in the city. and it also controls the majority of the booksellers . there. they only print and sell books that so the official line, they've also made changes to school books, which now teach that at hong kong legislature and this year, every ultimately answer to beijing. then there's of course, the new national security law,
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which could be used to target anyone that expresses undesirable views. for example, filmmakers in june this year, the hong kong government announced that it was going to block the distribution of any movie that is deemed to undermine national security. and they're also going to vet art exhibitions and galleries and to really cement their control over hong kong narrative. china is reportedly setting up what they call propaganda departments in the city tasked with controlling media organizations, but also public opinion. so we'll keep an eye on that. these attempts to control what people read, right, say what they teach. how are citizens peep? who have opinions dealing with that? are they going silent? finance. 3 on congress. that exact question, and none of them journalist in a traditional sense, but old people who fallen victim to these new restrictions on freedom of speech. the 1st is li young. he is the founder of the june 4th museum,
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which is an exhibition in hong kong, which is dedicated entirely to telling the truth about the $19809.00 chinaman square massacre. a topic that is completely off limits in china. lee has become a target for his work. just weeks after we interviewed him, he was arrested and sentenced to 20 months in prison for what the authorities call organizing unauthorized protest. then there is a one cake, one better known under his 10 name, lindsey he is a long time political cartoonist who has been forced to navigate these new editorial red lines in his drawings. and then also, i also spoke to nathan law, a former protest leader and democracy activist who was forced to flee hong kong to go into exile in london. because the authorities back home were going out of their way to silence in all i thought to the idea of this dream for museum during the 20th anniversary of the tenants square moscow.
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because in china, everyone is being told a lie about $9089.00 is a complete black out of $89.00 history. so we want the truth to come out. the april 15th 1989, the previous general secretary of the congress body. bon die. and he was a very popular reformer. and so i problem a lot to go and more in depth. and then the morning, beginning to turn into the mind for anti corruption legally, for the proceeds, and soon began to come out on march to occupy the man's way. on the audio regina condemn demonstrates the student as an to revolutionary
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i. and then they decide that in me and frank donald to today they are no official rec calling of how many people are in 1989 a month. and no one knows me. and the congress body is, of course, trying to suppress all information about what happened. so the idea was since there, so many chinese people coming to hong kong, it would be very, very important to have a physical museum. the future full, the museum is pipe, uncertain, and please because the,
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the congress party use in the nations even though they are using it in a very arbitrary way. the red line can always ship and they can always strangle sol before. and the nation signal was an act that we started the process of trying to plan for. i'm use the 1st, we have been july, everything that we have. and so that you know that i'll be in the way. if anything happened to this museum in a way, what happened in 89 4th oh, after thing, after 42 years is the same regime. and they won't paula rate descent and democracy and soul. this is very much rather than to day because the fight is due on me. i have been trying for content for almost 40 years. for such a long time,
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i could see what has been life a phone call before the hand over and not the work. so i think, to some extent, my, my cartoon has recorded the history of transition. ah, this one is drawn and nearly 40 years ago. but it transition about the hong kong, moving back to china actually is just like from one case going back to the other case is a colony of china. and from the colony of u. k. cartoon has always been very powerful that been even the chinese government knows that to some extent, that quite afraid of it was quite a little bit of lucky for me. i'm currently working from daddy and danny. i think these are the only 2 newspapers that allowed me to go cartoon, but there are a lot of father young cotton where it's not a job and they were quite afraid of
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a new national security law. they don't want to draw the national flag or the hong kong stack and they won't play with the national anthem. they used to make fun of seeing things so right right now they are afraid of doing as trying to cotton their right life everywhere. and that we won't know where the red line moved on one side from rock direction. and it's actually the case and right now in hong kong, me. so it's important for us to, to keep on turing, i've got cartoon and to one day this is a, b, i. e, if the thing that they're, they're not going to do something i'm asked, but to me as a constant is of cost, we have to use this opportunity to, to, to continue to express those,
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instead of laying down our pan and surrender in 20, 20 june. sorry to leave the hong kong. definitely worried about my personal safety . i had been left at one of the largest national enemy by the state media for very long time with when you go, i couldn't have imagined to doing interviewing the okay to be wanted under the national security law and to become an activist. if you know the difference should be, she's going to vancouver, you the funds will all be. we've our funds. if you go around, we have come to find that we $25.00 people. so a p hope to vote country on the far we be good if you
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question keep and runs your way by you the junk build on that far. and in hong kong, you just can't talk genuinely about your thoughts towards the beijing government and what the status phone call of human rights activists. not only themselves being intimidated, cultured out the last one, including the wife, tutor, and not be intimidated valence or even also child. so for me, when i realized that i would be leaving hong kong issue complex statement about differing my type with my families. so i think i did a very difficult choice, but that choice was for the safety and well being of my family of all allow me to say that mr. nathan lau in front of you is most appro democracy activist is a fugitive from the law of hong kong. the beijing government has always been trying
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to miami as troublemaker fall. and in fact, her or anything that they could tonisha my reputation. of course targeting your individual it, but they are also trying to describe move moon, even in london. i still do rather the caution about my safety. we all understand how extensive china's reach could be thought being live enough. it's chris live and tried to be protecting myself, but official phone caught like the shop. my fisher is definitely, but in long term future, for me as an effort, i'm not my title to lose hope. my duties too, and how people choose and contains all of our fellows not to give up after almost 25 years of shipping and then hacking away at hong kong freedoms and
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autonomy. beijing has left their hands off. approach behind the pandemic proved a useful pretext to clear demonstrators from the streets. the new national security law has made it much harder for them to return. but the fight for hong kong is not over as lead truck yet from the june 4th museum, put it to the court before getting locked up to live in the truth. that's the path of democracy. i choose. you been watching a special edition of our program on hong kong. how was changed and where it was the next time? here at the listen, the ah al jazeera well need to are they going to left the middle east and built remarkable life?
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finding success in germany of the united states. yet never forgetting their homelands, or the rock and palestine inspiring human stories around the world, the designer and the atomic type analogy 0. i go to brazil as president to be in peace as anger grows about his handling of the cobra. 19 pandemic. ah, hello, i'm darn jordan. this is out there a life and also coming up 100 the told to leave their homes in canada as wildfires spread in the western province of british columbia. a 1000 businesses worldwide are affected by a ransomware attack on an american i. t company.


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